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    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday Minho! 🎉🐱🎂🐰

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    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    happy birthday to the best boy ):

    #lee know#minsung #happy lee know day!!!
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    like/reblog ♡

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    (๑•﹏•) STRAY KIDS HEADERS !!! 🍙

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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Soulmate Paradox

    AN: **Spoilers? for Squid Game

    saw a tiktok edit about if Minsung were to ever play the marble game in Squid Game AND I JUST TO WRITE ABOUT IT 🥲

    Genre: Angst, [Sad ending :( ]

    Warnings: None

    Word count: 1.7k

    “Please choose a partner to compete with in the next round”

    Minho turns to his left and sees a jumping smiley Jisung, grabbing onto Minho’s arms and flailing them around. 

    “Hyung! You’re gonna pick me right? We’re a power team don’t denyyyy” 

    Minho smirks in feigned annoyance and nods his head. Jisung leaves out a sigh of relief and shakes his hand with the elder’s. After everyone else had picked their partners, the instructors all then began guiding the players to another area to play the game. As they made their way there, Jisung continued on ranting about what they could do with the money if they were to win together.

    “We could save half the money and still buy anything we want! You know what I want? I wanna travel the world and see everything. And you’re gonna come with me! You could bring Soonie, Doongi and Dori too; I’ll bring Bbama. We’re rich so they’ll let us take our pets too!” Jisung continued rambling on to Minho. Hearing the name of his cats made a small smile grow on Minho’s face. They then finally arrived at the next playing room. 

    “Each team, please follow your respective instructors to your designated area of play.”

    Minho and Jisung (now practically locking arms courtesy of Jisung) followed their instructor to another corner of the room - which had the interior of an old home village.

    “Please take a bag each from the instructor in front of you” Their instructor then extends his arms and hands them a bag each. As the both of them open the small bags, they find 10 marbles inside. 

    “Marbles!! We played this all the time whenever we were bored, this is a sure win Hyung!” Jisung excitedly pats Minho on the shoulder with his bag of marbles. 

    “The rules of the game are simple. Each of you will be given 10 marbles in a bag. You may decide which marble game you wish to play with your partner. The player that earns all the 20 marbles by the end of 30 minutes - will be deemed the winner.”

    There was then a moment of silence amongst the players. Minho glances slowly at Jisung, only to face him having the same blank facial expression. Too many thoughts were running in both their heads, no one could say anything. Even with their dismay still processing, the instructors began to lead the individual teams to their respective places. 

    “So…” Jisung finally breaks the silence between the two. Minho then finds himself blankly walking towards a small flight of stairs and takes a seat, keeping his head low. Jisung follows him slowly and leans against the wall next to him. Jisung tried to read the expression on his partner’s face, but could not get anything out of it. 

    “What game do you think we should play..?” 

    “Let’s just do all or nothing. One game” 

    “What kinda game?”

    “Are you in a rush to kill me or something?” Minho jokingly scoffs at Jisung’s questions. All Jisung could do was laugh uncomfortably in attempts to break the palpable tension. Minho’s comment managed to ease some of it off. 

    “We have 30 minutes, let’s just play it near the end”

    “Well what are we supposed to do until then?”

    “Talk.” Minho bluntly replies before finally lifting his head to face Jisung, his renowned warm smile finally showing. Hearing his suggestion, Jisung sighs and slides down the wall. He then makes his way towards Minho and takes a seat next to him. 

    “Okay. What do you wanna talk about?”

    “I don’t know, We talk nearly everyday but never about the deep stuff. You can start with that; just tell me anything you want to”

    “Hah, anything?”

    “Yeah I mean, one of us is gonna die anyway, no point keeping a secret anymore” Jisung chuckles at how transparent Minho is about their inevitable fate. He straightens his back only to slouch again, visibly trying to remember something.

    “Right okay. Since you’re asking about a deep dark secret; I once use your toothbrush”

    “WHAT. You’re kidding right..”

    “Yeah, I actually used it more than once”. Minho goes wide-eyed after hearing Jisung’s confession. All he hears back is a stifled laugh coming from Jisung, finding Minho’s bewilderment amusing. Soon after Minho finally found the story amusing and laughs along. 

    “I did not expect THAT kind of confession but okay.”

    “Okay okay let me be real this time. You know what I want us to do? Go to Paris together.” 

    “Well that’s awfully random.”

    “Yeah well, Whenever we go on dates out together we’re always visiting different cafes and well, I thought it’d be such a fun thing for us to do that in another foreign city...we could try hunting down a cafe that has the best cheesecake and iced americano. Then we could walk along The Seine and finally be at peace from all the stress and chaos we go through you know?” Jisung blurts out all at once, pausing for a while to scoff to himself.

    “Now that I say it outloud it sounds kinda stupid-”

    “No. It isn’t stupid.” Minho cuts him off. He continues on, 

    “Sounds pretty nice actually. I’d like that.” Jisung sighs in relief and smiles at his partner, who was already smiling back at him. 

    “What about you?”

    “What about me?”

    “What’s something you’d wanna do when we get out?”

    “Don’t know actually. I never thought about it. It’s not like I have much to think about either.” Minho laughs softly as he plays with his fingers. Jisung takes his time to just look at his hyung, wondering what is going on in his head.”

    “Well that’s okay. My plan is solid enough for the both of us”

    “You’re right”

    “That’s a first.” Minho was about to retort at Jisung’s response but ended up just giggling away. The two of them then sit in silence, just enjoying each other’s presence that would soon be something of a memory. After some time Minho looks up at the giant digital clock and sighs at the amount of time they have left together.

    “There’s 8 minutes left”


    “Let’s play.” Minho gets up and wipes down his jogger pants, grabbing his bag of marbles and patting Jisung’s shoulder on the way down the steps. All Jisung’s eyes could do was follow his movements before slowly getting up himself, unprepared to see the result of the game they were about to play. They both now stand facing in front of a land of space with a wall at the end.

    “Let’s each throw a marble in this direction, whoever has their marble closer to the wall wins.” Minho explains to Jisung, gesturing the way to play. Jisung nods in approval and smiles at him, still saddened at the fact that there was no good outcome to the end of this game. Minho gestures to Jisung to go first, before stepping aside to let the younger take his throw. Jisung rolls the marble between his fingers for a moment,  staring blankly at the transparent ball with colourings inside. He looks at the path and takes a deep breath. Finally, he throws his marble - it rolls and creates a good distance between itself and where Jisung was standing. Not caring about the position of his marble, he turns to Minho.”

    “Your turn”


    Minho takes his step this time, holding his marble in hand and turning to Jisung one last time. He then turns back and stares at Jisung’s marble which sits far away from him. Minho then smiles to himself - before letting his hand go loose and dropping his marble right to the floor. 

    Confused, Jisung looks at the marbles, then to Minho. 

    “What the hell are you doing-”

    “I lost. You won.” 

    “What? You can’t do this. Throw it again.” Jisung quickly grabs Minho’s marble and shoves it to Minho. Minho let the marble fall out of his hands once again.

    “No, you won Jisung. I guess my hands just aren’t working right now”

    “You- you can’t just do this...Hyung!” Jisung begins tearing up as he continues to hit Minho against the wall he was leaning on. With shaking hands, Jisung picks the marble up once again and shows it to Minho. 

    “Throw it again. I am not having this…”

    “I only have you.”


    “The only thing I ever look forward to in life - is you.” Minho slowly smiles at Jisung, who still has his hands tightly grabbed onto his shoulders.

    “This entire game, I can’t even think of anything to look forward to, even if so much money to be won. I guess I just don’t care as much about anything. But you, you have dreams Jisung-ah. I see so much light and hope in you to do great things in the future.” Minho softly tells his partner as his hands slowly let go of him. 

    “Is that why you wanted to play this way? To make sure I'd win?” As if ignoring everything Minho had just said, Jisung screams in anger with tears running down his cheeks. Minho now had tears brimming his eyes. 

    “Go to Paris okay? Take Bbama with you - maybe Soonie, Doongi and Dori too. Find a nice cafe, drink iced americano and eat the best cheesecake in the city. Then write a song about it. A really good one.” Minho’s voice quavers as he stares into Jisung’s eyes, trying to enjoy the last moments left that he had to look at him. As if in defeat, Jisung finally lets go of his hyung completely, before hugging him tightly for the last time, tightly knowing this was his final goodbye.

    They stay in each others’ arms as the clock begins to tick to the final seconds left. 

    “All players have 30 seconds left to play.”

    The duo took that announcement as a signal and finally let go of each other. Not being able to bear the pain anymore, Jisung looks at Minho one last time, before slowly turning away and following the instructor out of the playing room.


    Jisung stops in his tracks and turns to the direction of his name being called.

    “Thank you, for being my soulmate. I love you. Always.”

    Jisung turns back around. A loud gunshot is heard causing him to flinch and shiver. 

    “I love you too, Minho.”

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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Delimit // Minsung

    my fanfic on Wattpad, check it out!! 

    Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/249572587-𝕯𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖙-𝗹-𝗺𝗵-𝘅-𝗵-𝗷𝘀


    {Street Racer AU}

    18-year-old Jisung, a model student who majors in producing and music, had another thing he is very fond of.

    Street Racing.

    He's been racing since he was 16 and is very good at it too. Currently holding 1st place at District 9 under the alias J.One, changing his appearance.

    No one has ever beat him. That was until another teen under the alias Lee Know, a newcomer to District 9, does.

    Now he needs to make sure he keeps his spot, because the race of his life, is coming up in less than two months. And he wants to win it. No matter what.

    But so does Lee Know.

    The only problem is, there are a few people who want to 𝕯𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖙 that. In the worst way.

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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Felix: So? Did you kiss him?

    Jisung: No, the moment wasn't right.

    Felix: Uh-huh.

    Jisung: Look, Minho could actually be my future husband. I want our first kiss to be amazing.

    Felix: Aw, that's so sweet. You chickened out like a little bitch.

    #Felix#Jisung#Minsung#stray kids#skz#incorrect skz #incorrect stray kids #incorrect skz quotes #incorrect stray kids quotes #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop
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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
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    like or reblog if you save

    1st and 2nd headers by me give credit if you repost

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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Curse life for getting in the way of my totally necessary, unspeakably dire need to write fanfiction >:(

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    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Han: hey minho, want to hear a joke?

    Minho: sure.

    Han: what do you call a pile of kittens?


    Han: *cute smile* a meow-ntain 

    Minho: you’re so cute, Ji :)

    Felix: hey, i JUST said that to you yesterday and you told me to-

    Minho: fuck off, felix

    Felix: yeah, that! 

    #stray kids incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#stray kids#lee felix#lee know#minho#han jisung#quokka#minsung #minsung incorrect quotes
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    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #ask#anon #yall before i stanned skz i thought minsung was legit a member's name 😭😩
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    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    I'm reading a fanfic and I cringed so hard I actually threw my phone and now it's fucking cracked. thanks a lot @/hanjisungsslut, I love your work, but jesus christ.

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  • narsicen
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    A guide to finding a shooting star

    Genre: soulmate au! angst, fantasy au! fluff(?), romance

    word count: 4K+

    Part: 3/?, Check my masterlist for the earlier parts!

    Warning: panic attacks (just very slight) and outburst, no foul language but there's some shouting.

    A/N: I did not want to focus much on the panic attack because first of all, I do not and i do not fully understand how they work and i did not want to focus too much on the topic so please understand the author :’)

    Summary: Jisung’s guide to finding his shooting star. Minho has been searching a way and an answer to reach out to Jisung. Jisung also realizes the friends and the love and a home he has through all the times he didn’t have Minho’s hand, will Jisung finally take Minho’s hand?

    “The Chaos Chapter: Lo♡er = Lo$er”

    “Never look back”

    Jisung hunched his back over the sink, splashing water onto his face. Breathing heavily as he felt his system breaking down. Feeling the little droplets slowly run down his face, falling from his chin to the porcelain sink basin in front of him.

    The boy’s chest heaved slowly, gripping the sides of the sink with heavy eyes. He looked up from the drainage at the bottom of the sink, the only thing that occupied his vision while he was hunched over the school’s sink. His chest felt tight and held a deathly hold in its place, refusing to let the boy breathe any better.

    The loud silence filling his ears made the boy feel choked. The odd aura all around him felt so empty, something like out of an apocalyptic movie. His eyes traced the disheveled look on his face through the mirror, his body shakily tried to support him.

    Jisung clutched his chest in hopes to help the pain subside. It grew unbearable as a few tears streamed down his face, wincing as the thoughts in his head clouded into one big bunch, nothing seemed to look normal to him for a moment. The boy tried his hardest to keep his thoughts at a steady pace only failing as he lost his grip, weakening at the moment and falling to the floor with a thud.

    ‘Ji! JISUNG?’ Chan’s faint voice grew as he approached the bathroom door just behind Jisung with hurried footsteps.

    Chan swung the door open in haste, seeing the limp body, falling on the floor and shivering slightly gave a surge of alarm to the older boy as he rushed over.

    Reached out to gently pat Jisung’s back, his other hand carefully hooking up the other boy under his arm to help him sit up, letting the younger boy lean on a bathroom cubicle wall, hurried inhales only made it harder for the both of them to breathe.

    ‘Jisung!’ Jisung grew weak as he held onto Chan’s forearm.

    ‘Easy easy, deep breaths Ji, count to 10.’ Chan stayed with a gentle tone, rubbing Jisung’s back momentarily. Eyes scanning for a window or anything to help the other feel less choked.

    Jisung steadied himself as he tried to breathe slowly, following the older boy’s instructions.

    ‘Let’s just head over to the treehouse and you can recollect your thoughts there?’ Chan eyed the younger boy who tried his best to stand up on his own again. Asking for Jisung’s approval to the suggestion he gave which showed in his tone.

    The younger boy wordlessly nodded his head shakily, his eyes shut closed, holding onto Chan’s arms as he tried his best to find composure when standing up. Allowing the other boy to slowly guide him out of the bathroom.


    ‘I’ll go ask Aunt May for something warm for us to drink, then I can walk you home if you want, cool?’ Chan’s soft voice sounded faint from the other side of the treehouse

    Jisung only nodded in response as he sank on a bean bag sack, wrapping himself up in a blanket he found positioned near him on the floor.

    Chan sighed to himself, turning his head back to his feet as he trudged down the wooden staircase down the treehouse

    The latch leading to the inside of the tree home closed shut, the little scuffled thud from the thick wooden trap door made the boy sighed in relief, he did appreciate Chan’s efforts, though sometimes he liked the quiet space around him more. Especially after what had happened to him.

    Jisung stared at the ceiling, inhaling the faint wooden smell that surrounded him mixed with the after-showers of the rain.

    Taking in a deep breath, wanting to find rest and escape in sleeping. Jisung decided to stretch his legs in hopes of helping him to sleep better.

    In the process, he felt a heavy stack of items tumble down from the force of his foot. A few hollow and solid books flew open on the wooden flooring,

    groaning as he sat up to fix the stack and set it aside. Closing and stacking books onto each other one by one. He wondered when did Chan get so into books considering how Chan is.

    Jisung had no intention to snoop around the things of others especially Chan’s but something seemed like it wasn’t Chan’s book.

    The golden letters engraved onto the dark brown leathery cover seemed worn out; the leather-covered book felt unusually familiar to him, but none of his memories contained touching a book like that.

    L.M.H. The golden letters indicated, sitting down on the hardwood flooring, crossed-legged. The boy ran a finger on the golden letters before flipping open the book to reveal countless words with days listed out, as well as the time the person had written their entries, but all of these adventures stopped on May 18, 2018.

    “L.M.H”’s last entry.

    The countless stories went on and on enticing the boy who read story after story. His mind only wandered off to how familiar names were written here. His name was listed as well.

    ‘May 2, 2016, 5:53 pm’ the boy read out underneath his breath

    ‘Hey diary, or journal, whatever you are. Hello. It’s me again, Minho. I came back to say today was pretty eventful.. I guess. Today I went to Jisung’s house, right after going to Felix and Seungmin’s baseball practice. Crazy how someone can hit those things that fast with a single wooden stick which is fairly heavy in my opinion. Anyway, they won their practice match and I left them some bread from Hyunjin’s parents’ bakery. (PS I got Seungmin’s least favorite flavor by accident. But he told me it didn’t taste too bad so that’s a win for Minho today.)

    I went to Jisung’s home and I found him reading something, well feeling around the Braille words so not exactly reading. He had another book beside him which he asked me to (he just told me to read it against my will) (not really against my will, he did that face so.) read the book, it was odd because I’ve read it to him nearly 2 times that week. Who knew he liked it so much he had to ask me to read it again. But I read it anyway and something happened to me. I sort of fazed out of myself. I don’t know why. But one thing that did happen was something that occurred to me

    I was nearing the end of the story and the last few words I read before “fazing out” (I don’t know if that’s a word but deal with it) was something in between the lines of ‘like the moon surely rising when the sun sets, like fingernails grow, like the trees as they undress layer by layer when the winter comes; like how you give meaning to my memories.’ Something something.

    I don’t know. I had a feeling I was going to lose something somehow and that worries me. Did I forget something today? Or? I don’t know, I tried racking my brain for anything. Nothing.’ The boy read out a few scribbles here and there; the black fading ink ran across the few remaining lines to the story. Then he spots words at the bottom of the page to be read.

    ‘Well I don’t know what else to say aside from that, farewell or goodbye journal/diary I still don’t know what you are. Thanks for listening to my daily life story today. Weirdly enough. You seem more open to my story than myself. I hope life treats you better than the author of this journal/diary.’ It finished.

    Jisung had a fairly new train of thoughts about this new finding of his and.. moving onto the next few pages, soon the book turned thinner and thinner as each page he flipped led to the last remaining pages, breaking the momentum of his thoughts.

    ‘May 18, 2018,10:36 pm’ it read


    ‘Jisung, sorry for the wait, Aunt May needed help making cookies so I stayed behi-‘ Chan’s words got cut off as he looked up from the tray of drinks and a platter of freshly made cookies to see Jisung sitting on the floor reading something he should have told Jisung earlier. His eyes widened slightly from the realization and at the sight of Jisung reading it.

    ‘What is this..- Chan..? Why is this with you?’ Jisung kept his gaze on the book, holding onto it with shaky hands. A tear or two had slipped out of Jisung’s eyes as he tried desperately to process what he had read.

    ‘Ji. It’s not what it looks like, let me explain.’ Chan walked over to Jisung’s side slowly, placing down the tray to the side.

    ‘No.. no.. no! Why do you have this here!’ The younger boy’s outburst made him close the book abruptly and scurry away from Chan, gaining the distance between the two


    Jisung looked at Chan with widened eyes, looking at him in betrayal and horror.

    ‘Jisung. Let me explain.’

    Jisung stood his ground, away from the older boy, leaving the silence for the other to explain himself.

    ‘I wanted to tell you about this but with all that you’re going through right now was not going to help you-‘

    Chan was cut short by Jisung again


    ‘JISUNG I DIDN’T JUST DO IT FOR MYSELF.’ Jisung stays quiet this time

    ‘I LOST SOMEONE SPECIAL TO ME TOO. WE ALL DID.’ Chan balled his hands into fists from a certain frustration, with Jisung and with himself. Raising his shoulders subconsciously.

    ‘MINHO WAS IMPORTANT TO THE TWO OF US AND WE BOTH WERE LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. WITH HOW YOU- I-‘ Chan stuttered at the end of his sentence as an overwhelming feeling buried somewhere in him was surfacing.

    Chan closed his eyes painfully as he sighed deeply, relaxing his shoulders from his outburst

    ‘Of course, I wanted to tell you this. Of course, I wanted to give you the answer too! But did you think I want you to go through anymore aside from what you’re going through right now?! You had a panic attack a few hours ago and it’s getting worse these days. As someone who’s your friend do you think I want to put you into more trouble?!’ Chan motioned to Jisung in between his sentences to emphasize how he felt, the older boy poured out his feelings of distress and worry.

    A moment of silence embraced the two boys as both their anger bubbled down.

    ‘… I’m sorry Hyung..’ Jisung muttered after their sudden argument with each other. Looking down in guilt at his lap.

    ‘Don’t be. I’d be mad at me too.’

    Jisung stood up to sit next to Chan again, with a sense of guilt for assuming such things about the other.

    ‘… did you read the letter at the back of his journal?’ Chan avoided Jisung’s eyes by looking down as he played with his fingers, awaiting an answer from the other.

    Jisung turned his head from looking at Chan to the book in his hand, his thumb slowly rubbing on the cover, recalling what the letter stated. Jisung nodded reluctantly to Chan’s question.

    ‘I did.’

    ‘Do you want to talk about it?’

    Jisung shook his head hesitantly, he decided to process this alone, with his feelings.

    Chan observed the other’s action from the corner of his eye, he nodded his head in understanding, straightening up his back as he shifted around before standing up, turning around to lend a hand to Jisung.

    ‘I’ll walk you home, it’s getting late, we have to prepare for the project tomorrow.’ Chan flashed a smile; hopeful, tired but calming, sending a wave of relief over Jisung somehow.

    Jisung accepted Chan’s hand, using it as a way to help himself up,

    ‘yeah.. I should get going.’ Jisung muttered out as he shrugged off the blanket onto the bean bag he sat on formerly.


    The sweet smell of autumn breeze flew into the treehouse’s open windows, filling the air with a sweet maple scent

    The 7 boys lounged around the treehouse doing what seemed interesting to them at the moment

    ‘Are you guys coming to my baseball practice? I know you guys have that Halloween project to do or something.’ Seungmin threw the baseball in his hand into his glove on the other hand. The faint squeezing of leather sound erupted every time he did that gesture

    Keeping a steady gaze on the ball that flew a close distance, landing in his leather glove while waiting for an answer from the others.

    ‘I’m free later.’ Jeongin chirped up from the other side of the treehouse, slightly raising his hand, smiling brightly.

    ‘I don’t have anything better to do anyway.’ Changbin added while he scrolled through his phone aimlessly, tapping twice every once in a while.

    Seungmin looked over to Jeongin and Changbin before flashing a small smile, nodding his head, ‘sure, maybe bring an umbrella, the bleachers are getting renovated and the forecast said it might rain so pretty self-explanatory.’ Seungmin said before returning to his former action.

    ‘I'd love to go but my parents need me back at the bakery’ Hyunjin sighed exasperatedly, putting his hands to his face to muffle out a few incoherent words.

    ‘That’s fine, you should help your parents. I heard they’re planning to hold a booth at the Halloween dance thing.’ Seungmin stopped what he was doing and glanced over to Hyunjin and flashed a small understanding smile as Hyunjin pulled his hands further down his face to take a peek at his best friend.

    ‘I can fill you up if Seungmin got a home run or not.’ Jeongin rocked slightly on the hammock he laid on. Hyunjin nodded gratefully to his two best friends, thankful they both got his back.

    Felix bounced up from his seat on a bean bag as he sat straight, one hand holding his phone up close to his face as he waved his other hand to grab the other’s attention, the rest of the boys either looked up from what they were doing or glanced at the boy momentarily to show he had their attention.

    ‘Guys! I heard from the school board on the night of the dance they might be expecting a meteor shower! So they added an extra segment to the schedule on that day for the meteor shower, that’s so cool!!’ The boy exclaimed with excitement lacing his voice, he looked away from his phone with a bright smile looking for any reactions from the others.

    Jisung blinked twice after processing the information that was passed on from his friend, he closed the comic book he had in hand slowly as he scanned the room for Chan.

    ‘Do you want to go see it?’ Changbin asked Felix from his separate bean bag across Felix. Felix nodded his head ecstatically. ‘More than ever! The last time we went to watch a meteor shower was during 2018.’

    ‘I don’t know, I’m not sure if I can go that late, I promised to meet someone there so.. I’ll try to see if I can join you.’ Seungmin apologetically looked at Felix before resuming back to what he was doing, Jeongin glanced at Seungmin from the hammock then stammered out, ‘S-same.. I don't know if I’m able to go then. I… have plans with another person too.’ panic in his voice, rather he seemed to try to think of a counter plan against someone.

    Jeongin turned his head to the other side as he gazed out the window, something, clearly, bothering him.

    ‘I don't know, Lix.. probably have to help my parents at the booth’ Hyunjin sighed to himself, abruptly lying down on the ground, pulling a comic book from the floor to his face. ‘I might never be able to escape from them.’ He added, making a fake crying noise to accompany for ‘dramatic effects’

    Felix frowned slightly at the three who refused to come along. Changbin shrugged reluctantly as he leaned back in his bean bag to continue scrolling through his phone, ‘I can come, I don't go home early anyway.’ He muttered

    Felix brightened right away at the other boy, grateful at least one person desired to join him.

    ‘Uh well I guess me and Jisung can come as well, I mean I don’t think we have anything better to do at the party aside from supervising the event itself.’ Chan stated as he sighed midway to completing his sentence, crossing his arms in the process.

    Jisung hummed in response to Chan’s statement. Felix rambled on about his excitement but soon those noises turned to nothing but blurred out sounds to Jisung, he too was bothered by something, resulting in him hiding his interest in a different topic, he stared intently at his comic book to act as if he was reading.

    A meteor shower?


    ‘Honestly, someone would have thought that while selling “blood puffs'' you'd at least dress up appropriately.’ Seungmin teased his best friend as he took a bag of his own “blood puffs” from Hyunjin’s booth. Emphasizing how odd Hyunjin’s costume attempt of a Vampire (?). Hyunjin sighed at the joke made by the younger boy. ‘Haha very funny, that’s the 10th time someone told me that tonight.’

    Hyunjin raised his brows unimpressed at the fact while taking out another batch of freshly stored blood puff onto the tray in front of him for display. Seungmin laughed, he seemed to enjoy his friend’s embarrassment more than he should.

    ‘Hey you can’t talk, who even comes to a Halloween party looking like Dumbledore’ Hyunjin bit back at his friend to avenge himself but Seungmin brushed it off, rolling his eyes before patting Hyunjin on the back for extra luck. ‘You should read up on our monthly book selection, the wizard of Oz isn’t a total joke.’

    Hyunjin only rolled his eyes at the statement as he focused on counting a few bills to check how much he had earned, making a face in the process, supposedly to annoy the other boy. Seungmin mocked the older boy’s expression before walking off to another place.

    Hyunjin grit his teeth after his best friend walked off somewhere, deeply annoyed with his antics, before tending to another group of students, which he spotted Jisung in the clutter, looking clueless amongst them. The bunch of students huddled around the stand, pushing Jisung to the front. Facing Hyunjin, blinking his eyes before turning all around him in confusion.

    ‘blood puff?’ Hyunjin asked as he scoffed at the confused boy in front of him.

    ‘Well.. I guess..? Make that 10 I’ll give the rest of the crew a treat.’ Jisung nodded as he watched Hyunjin put a few puffs into a paper bag before handing it to Jisung.

    Jisung thanked his friend and wished him luck before walking off, a puff in his mouth.

    Jisung tapped Chan on the shoulder before offering the paper bag of puffs to the older boy. ‘What’s going on?’ Jisung mumbled while chewing the remaining puff in his mouth.

    ‘Nothing much I guess. Maybe we should have dressed up, we don’t even have much to do.’ Chan sighed to himself before shoving a puff in his mouth too.

    ‘.. well we should start preparing for the meteor shower viewing right?’ Jisung yawned mid-sentence, stretching his arms.

    ‘I can ask the other guys to help me. You should take it easy, go help Hyunjin or something, he could use a hand. Just come back.. uh… around..-‘ Chan shifted the paper bag into his right hand as he lifted his wrist to check the time. ‘..11:00? Yeah around 11:00’

    Jisung opened his mouth to counter Chan’s suggestion, only to leave it agape as Chan cut him off with a goodbye and a small wave, disappearing into the crowd of classmates. Jisung sighed slightly before trudging back to Hyunjin’s stand.


    ‘You’re here early.?’ Jisung only nodded to the question of Chan

    ‘Hyunjin ran out of puffs so.. he closed down the stand early, he’s just washing up or something.’ Chan made a small ‘o’ shape with his mouth, nodding in understanding.

    ‘Well.. I think we can just help Felix and Changbin at the front table set up some more music or the lights or something.’ Jisung nodded reluctantly, drawing a hopeful smile to the other before navigating through the crowd to the front.

    The boy wandered through the crowd before spotting a pirate and a supposed wolf huddled over something, their backs turned on Jisung.

    ‘Don’t do that! The queue might disappear!’ Changbin warned Felix as he messed around Changbin’s phone; searching for a specific song on the search bar.

    ‘Don’t worry about it!’ Felix’s grin grew as he tapped hurriedly around the older boy’s phone, Changbin hauled himself to his tippy toes as he tried to level Felix’s shoulder to see what the younger boy was doing.

    Jisung looked over from Felix’s shoulder with gleaming eyes as he saw the various selections of music choices displayed. The sudden pique of interest of the boy made the boy subconsciously grab onto Felix’s shoulder to get a better look at the options on the screen.

    ‘He-! Oh! Sungie! When did you get here?’ Felix looked over to Jisung on his other shoulder, losing his attention, which let Changbin grab his phone from Felix’s grasp

    Felix only gasped dramatically at the other boy dressed as a pirate who scurried to check his playlist. ‘Hyung-‘

    Jisung saw the two have another squabble right then and there, nothing too serious, just playful banter, making the boy chuckle to himself at his friends.

    ‘I’ll set up the lights over there, so you know where to find me.’ Jisung interrupted their conversation, smiling sheepishly at them, ‘do you need help there?’ Changbin offered as he settled down his phone on the table just behind him.

    Felix, seeing a chance, hastily threw the older boy off guard as he swiped Changbin’s phone off the table to his hands. ‘No, I think you'd be too busy getting your phone back’ Jisung laughed again as he watched Changbin try to tackle Felix for his phone.

    ‘I’ll leave you guys to it then’ Jisung said lowly, hoping they’d at least be notified that he left to do the lights. Seeing a slight nod from Changbin in acknowledgment, seemed to assure Jisung at least one of them heard what he had said.

    The boy turned around, waddling through the crowd to the other side of the school campus ground. Hands stuffed in his pockets as he admired the way everyone seemed to have a friend beside them. Talking to them. Maybe even doing stupid dares together. Like every other pair or group of friends do.

    Jisung faintly smiled at the groups he passed, laughing a bit to himself as he saw some of his classmates goof off doing odd dances. Waving to others from afar in the process too.

    A small smile drawn on his face was far less from having something behind that smile. He felt awfully tired today.

    As he approached the control panel connecting to the lights, supposedly it was out of their budget, but it was worked out in the end, might as well use it to its best ability.

    He scanned the numerous buttons and switches all displayed on the board, each one having a small directory embedded on the top of the button or switch. He pursed his lips, thinking of which one he should touch first. Sighing in relief as his first decision led to a subtle mood change in the lighting.

    As he fiddled around with the control panel he eventually lost track of time, trying to find the best light combination to fit the mood.

    A few murmurs started to brew up from the crowd as the murmurs turned into chants, increasing in volume and in number. The whole bunch of students on the layout of the campus ground started counting down to the numbers decreasing on a projected timer at the front.

    Jisung, being pulled out of his thoughts, noticed the uniform sound and swiftly turned his head to the crowd. Shifting his weight back and forth on his feet as he tried to find the source of where they were all looking at. Landing his eyes on the projection.

    He hastily packed up the mess he made in the station before hurrying around the corner to find his group of friends. Squishing through the students, muttering apologies whenever he accidentally stepped on a student’s foot or bumped into them too hard.

    ‘Jisung! Over here’ He heard a sharp mutter from a corner of the campus. Turning around to see Chan waving at him with a bright smile, he stood still as he admired the scene. As Jisung struggled with his own problems, he noticed while ago they were all pretty far away from each other, ever since they started to drift away, somehow, seeing how all of them stood close with a bright smile or just a small subtle smile.

    Maybe it is true, friends always have each other. If seeing all of them made time just to meet up to wish on a few falling meteors. Jisung thought it was something he’d want to treasure even if he wouldn’t remember any of them.

    Jisung’s subtle flat smile turned upwards into a gentle grin, he jogged over as he was welcomed by his group.

    ‘You’re just in time, I like the light combination by the way.’ Jeongin greeted Jisung with an accompanied pat on the back, Jisung only smiled back before nodding his head, ‘took me a while to get it right.’

    ‘Guys look up ahead!’ Felix exclaimed happily as he pointed up in the sky, a few of them moved forward to get a better view.

    Jisung only stood in awe beside Chan, who simply flashed a flat smile, crossing his arms as he noticed an unsettling feeling of nostalgia somewhere buried in him. Something, or someone to remember.

    The other boy’s felt different emotions at the same sight, same time, same way.

    Jisung looked at the sky with his hands clasped together, somehow even he felt more than he thought he could, over a sight of a few flashing lights.

    His heartbeat on his chest, somehow the sight would have caused something along the lines of serotonin or maybe even dopamine, adrenaline maybe? But something about this made him calm, hopeful, and familiar.

    ‘Lee Minho..’

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