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    17.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #immaturity of thomas astruc #iota #not miraculous ladybug
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    17.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #miraculous ladybug#chat noir#adrien agreste#miraculous art#ml fanart#myart#i had #so much fun with the hair oh my god #this is the first time where i've enjoyed drawing hair so much digitally because i can never figure out how i want to colour it #ahhh
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    17.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Miraculous confession that was sent via Instagram messages: Adrien and Marinette will probably not get together for a while guys. Y’know why? Their dynamic is a huge reason why fans continue to watch the show. Just think about it. (Most of us) want one thing, for them to finally get together. What would happen if they got together now? It’d please the fans, yes. But it’d eliminate that reason for people to come back and keep watching. The show doesn’t have much of a foundation without their relationship. I honestly don’t think that anyone is here for the plot or the villains and whatnot. So it only makes sense for the creators to delay them getting together, in order to keep fans hooked longer.

    #miraculous#miraculous fanart#miraculous fanworks #miraculous incorrect quotes #miraculous kagami#miraculous ladybug#miraculous lb #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous love square #miraculous luka
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    17.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Based on a true story.

    #miraculous ladybug #i've tried watching it but the animation style freaks me the fuck out
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    17.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    gabriel was really just hanging in the attic in his hawkmoth costume while adrien was waiting for him at the parents career day huh

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  • k7l4d4
    17.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Miraculous: Tales of the Miraculous Superhero Team, Part 2

    With a gasp, an elderly Asian shot up, in near panic at the strange energies he had felt just recently. Clambering to his feet, he called out. “Wayzz!”

    “I am here Master!” The Turtle-like creature that appeared before him, Wayzz, was no bigger than Nooroo, yet seemed to carry more gravitas in his bearing. “I see that you have felt Nooroo’s distress. It is a most inauspicious day, for the Butterfly Miraculous to reappear, in the hands of evil.”

    With a grim, chuckle, the man, Master Fu, muttered his agreement. “Indeed my friend.” With a sigh, he wandered over to an innocuous seeming music box, and rapidly pressed a series of spots upon it. As he stood back, the Music Box unfolded, revealing the numerous hidden compartments, as well as the Miraculai contained within, three spots noticeably bare; the Turtle Miraculous, which he himself bore upon his wrist, the Butterfly Miraculous, and the Peacock. Those treasures represented, in his mind, his greatest failures, and his most tragic mistakes. With some effort, he shook off his weary grief, and turned back to the Kwami who had been his most faithful and stalwart of companions over the years. “It seems I will have to distribute some of these treasures, if we hope to resolve this new darkness.”

    Wayzz was surprised, somewhat pleasantly so. “You are not going to attempt to resolve this yourself?” Admittedly, this was the smart thing, for all his skill, Master Fu was no longer a young man, not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Master Fu softly smiled, touched at his friend’s concern. “I will admit, the thought had crossed my mind, but the pain I’ve been experiencing more and more frequently has convinced me that finding a new generation of champions is the correct course.” As he looked upon the treasures he so diligently guarded, Master Fu made his decision as to which ones would be distributed. “And besides, I’ve only gotten it wrong once.”

    While this did not do much to allay Wayzz’s worries, he was self-aware enough to concede that he would always worry on the matter. When he laid eyes on the Miraculai his Master had chosen to distribute, he could not hide the grin of approval, and slight nostalgia he felt at the sight.

    Fu saw his companion’s delight, and his faith in his decision strengthened. “Of course, what better way to counter such a varied assortment of foes than giving the heroes good luck,” he gestured to the red, black-spotted earrings, “and their enemies bad luck.” He finished, gesturing to the black ring with a green cat’s paw detailed on the face.

    Here’s part 2 of this rewrite, slow going, but I think I’m getting there!

    #miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug au #chlonette #marinette dupain cheng #chloe bourgeois #chloe deserves better #chloe redemption#canon rewrite #miraculous ladybug rewrite
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  • melloian
    17.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Character Bio 5

    Nathalie Sancoeur

    Age: 44

    Gender: F

    Race: French Species: Human

    Occupation: Assistant, fashion studio employee, Superhero (formerly), Supervillain (formerly), 

    Love interest: none

    Friends: Gabriel (formerly), Adrien, Emilie, Felix, Joanne, Ladybug , Mime, Duusu, Queen Bee, Ingenue, the people at Daroness

    Enemies: Miraculous heroes (formerly), Gabriel/Hawkmoth (currently) 

    Personality: Calm, caring, strict, Tolerant, Studious, serious, Painstaking, emotional

    Fake Personality: evil, strict, uncaring, Egocentric

    Bio: Nathalie is an assistant for Gabriel for taking care of the house and Fashion studio. She tries to work as hard as just can, just for the sake of it. However, she emotional due to her traumatic experience with Gabriel. She certainly wants him gone, but she planning on do so. As she planning she becomes a supervillain name mayura.

    As Villain: She really doesn’t have a goal at all, she just following what Gabriel wants. But she still just works at Daroness (faraway villain tower).



    When Nathalie was a teenager, she found a miraculous box on her desk in her bedroom. She thought her mother gave her this, so she decided to open the box and she found 2 peacock earrings. After opening it, a kwami came out. She was shocked. The Kwami introduced themselves towards Nathalie and how the earrings operated. Later that day, Nathalie decided to become a hero and name herself Beautstuna.


    Nathalie at first wasn’t very popular. She was extremely clumsy and easily damage things by accident. But by the time she became a young adult, many people loved her. She had merchandises, commercials, interviews, and fans everywhere. She even had her own tv show. She loved this life. (she was also assistant at this time) 

    Gabriel’s Family Incident 

    She heard an argument next door with Gabriel and Emilie. After Gabriel exited out the room, She asked what happened. However Gabriel didn’t notice her and just walked away. Later that night, Nathalie was walking in the hallway checking on Felix. However she heard coughing in Emilie/Gabriel’s room. She quickly went in the room and saw Emilie fall unconscious. She saw this and decided to call the hospital until Gabriel came into to room and charged at her. He told her to call no one or he’ll kill her. She was freaked out and ran out the room panicking. From that day forward she was still traumatized about it.


    12 Years later, Gabriel wanted more help, so he wanted Nathalie to join. However Nathalie refused which caused Gabriel to become angry. He started to pull one of her earrings but then stopped and asked if those were miraculouses. She feared that he’ll scream again so she said yes and lied about that she stole those miraculous. He smiled and once again wanted her to join him. She only accepted because she’s scared him. So, Gabriel gave her a powder for the kwami to eat. She kept it, but she didn’t let her kwami eat it just yet. She had no choice but to get rid of her hero identity completely. So she started to spread a lie on the internet that Beautstuna was dead. She also created a fake corpse and fake images to prove it otherwise. People believed it and started a huge ceremony for her funeral.  She made her cried because she had to lie just so satisfy Gabriel. Now, she told her best friend, Duusu that she had no choice but to corrupt him. Duusu understands that she can’t get out of this so he ate the blue stuff she gave him slowly awhile crying. Soon or later it corrupted him awhile she was crying. 

    She soon became Mayura.

    As Beautstuna

    Altered personality: determined, outgoing, Daring, cheerful, cooperative, Tolerant 


    Med durability


    Plucker - summon feathers

    Eyes of the feather - changes the user eyes and brainwash the person into doing something

    StepBeat - causes the user to dance and fight (dancing awhile fighting makes the user stronger and make the user more efficient in fighting)

    Empathy - can sense anyone emotions

    Body transmission - the user can control the body of an akumanzatied being.

    Sharper - Can pluck feathers from back and turn into swords or shards.

    Danca - the user dances which lures the person or species.

    Musictrail - sings a song that follows the targeted person direction (only used for if the user trying to chase some one). 

    PonciousKiss - The user sends a kiss that makes the person drownsy 


    Fletch - pluck a feather and  De-akumanize a person and prevent them from being akumantized for an current time.

    Sweeping feathers -  clean all the damage and reserve the effects

    TrueLock - transforms to turn form (an unlocked from from bondship)

    Main ability

    Lucidization -  can  control a person by using a feather to control the people in positive emotion. The person that the user picked will serve them for ever long the user want them to serve. If the user agrees, they will create sentimonster which the user can get inside to control.  It can also create a separate entity from the person emotions that controls differently without a person controlling it.

    The user can also cancel Lucidization if it affects the wrong person.

    Weapon: Fan and Heels..

    Item: Grapple hook (she unlocked it by true bondship)

    Beautstuna (true form)

    Altered personality: the same

    Everything is the same but more enchanted and stronger.


    High durability

    Shine from above - creates a light that shines at the person, making them unable to see.

    Guard - put a feather on a person which will  from any evil substance  permanently(can be used once per transformation.)

    Eye Wise - Power that used by the eyes that will teleport some one to different location

    Midas Touch - turn anything into gold by zapping. 

    Main ability: 

    Eyes of the peacock - grant others enchantment and grant Luck.

    As Maryua (corrupted version of beaustuna)

    Altered personality: nothing since its a corrupted form 

    Everything is basically the same, expect she no longer have an grapple hook or true form. She also have less power then before, so she can’t use half it anymore.

    Main ability:

    Amokization -  can  control a person by using a feather to control the people in negative emotion. The person that the user picked will serve them for ever long the user want them to serve. If the user agrees, they will create sentimonster which the user in trapped inside to control.  It can also create a separate entity from the person emotions that controls differently without a person controlling it.

    The user can also cancel amokization if it affects the wrong person.

    Neo-ster (akumanzatied form)

    Altered personality - gloomy, emotional, strict, Insecure, hostile,  sloppy, Cantankerous

    cause of akumanzation: gabriel screamed at her for no reason causing her to get scared and get upset.

    Goal: To make the whole world feel sad

    Akumantized object: her glasses


    Very fast

    the horns on her head can zap people into becoming sad

    can drain people happiness

    weakness: if she use too much power she ends up becoming drowsy

    Ingenue (self amokzation(in the past))

    sentimonster personality - generous, caring , determined, confident, Persuasive

    cause of amokzation: she needed a helper

    amokzationed object: a tall doll she made.


    can change forms

    night vision


    laser beams

    speedie - can make herself faster


    have sticky bombs

    (this sentimonster pretty much  have its own feelings, control and etc)

    Bugappero (self-amokzation)

    sentimonster persoanlity: have none

    cause of amokzation: she wanted to help with destroyer

    amokzationed object - golden bug



    Purple goop ball that can be shot, and when its shot, it will burn anything to crisp like acid.


    Relationships (main ones)

    Nathalie & Gabriel

    Nathalie was hired from Gabriel which she works for him. She take care of his kids, work in fashion business and etc. She obey him in every way because she that he will kill him if she disagrees. She however is trying to plan against him. She have been building a ray gun that will make people disappear. She hates him for what he done and his personality. Before this all happened, she used to care about Gabriel before the family incident. 

     Betrayal Arc

    When she was finally done creating her ray gun, she soon went up to the butterfly tower. Gabriel notice she was up here and so he tasked to do something, however Nathalie denied. She told him everything about what he did to her and others. She soon pull out a ray gun at him. Which causes him to snapped and charge at her and punch her extremely hard. She fall unconscious awhile Gabriel grab her gun. At night, she soon left the house completely, and go live somewhere else.

    Nathalie & Felix 

    Nathalie loves Felix like a son. She feels sorry for him because of Gabriel’s treatment. She tries to make him feel better the best way she can.

    Nathalie & Adrien

    Nathalie loves Adrien like a son. She pretty much worries about him, due to Gabriel’s influences. She tries to tell what Gabriel did, but Adrien doesn't want to hear it. She feels bad because Adrien is fully gullible to Gabriel and she can’t do nothing about it.

     Chat noir

    She really don’t want to hurt him, but she have too because of Gabriel. She used to teach him how to be a hero (like ladybug) before they can go as they own.

    Nathalie & Ingénue 

    Nathalie created Ingenue for helper. Every since she was created, they have been friends. Ingeune usually catches the bad guys or distract them. Outside of being heroes, they usually just hang out together. But now, she was forced to deactivate Ingenue because she had be a villain for Gabriel. Nathalie cries and misses her. 

    Nathalie & Mime

    She knew mime every since she was Beautstuna. She remembers he was tough to defeat. Every since she now worked at Daroness, she was confused that he acted completely different outside his criminal acts. However, she was just as worried when she realized that he was only a villain because of Gabriel. Which she was happy when she heard he later betrayed him. 

    Nathalie & Duusu

    Nathalie loved Duusu. They became best friends every since they met. She used to talk to him about her problems. However, after she give him the corruption powder, she missed his original self. She have full control of him but its not what she really wanted.

    Full body

    (Hair down)

    As a teenager

    As beautstuna (teen) 

    Other information

    She keep Merchandises of herself in her own room and have other merchandises of other heroes.

    She finds Mr pigeon annoying

    She heard about wang Fu, but she doesn’t know how he looks like

    She really didn’t know Emilie much

    She is one of the villains who doesn’t remember their akumantized form. The others being Mime and Ha-endor.

    She have 2 types of glasses

    She have a few gray stirngs

    jeez i forgot to add other stuff to other bios ;-;

    i will have a infomation of true forms, later

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    17.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    ugh it’s 3:51am and I don’t want to sleep but I also have to but I just want to live in the miraculous ladybug universe

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  • buggachat
    17.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Part 55 of my bakery “enemies” au!

    First / Prev / Next / All

    #ml#miraculous ladybug#miraculous#adrienette#adrinette#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #my art #bakery enemies au #but WOULD that doorbell wake your parents up marinette? #or would you have to go downstairs and ring THAT doorbell? #or is it just a million light switches that all look different and also maybe a thermostat? huh marinette? huh? #do you even have a doorbell? #or are we all just light switches? #i cannot describe you guys the anguish i felt of ''FINALLY im done talking about her apartment'' #and then i opened up my WIP of this page and #remembered that i'd been planning on them talking about doorbells in this page for. #months. #i promise this page is just the worst coincidence imaginable this was alwasys going to happen #im losing my mind
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    17.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    You’re the Soul to my Mate (Chapter 8)

    His lips tasted of strawberries, like the ones we had before, and I'm sure mine did as well. They were plump and soft and just the right shape.

    He bit my lip, his teeth tugging on it as he pulled away, his lips leaving a trail of fire burning down my neck.

    What's happening and how did you get here? You ask so I shall answer, it started in the school cafeteria...


    “Adrien!” I shout his name across the cafeteria, earning weird looks in return. It was lunchtime and he finally showed up. I wanted to know what happened after he got home last night.

    “I’ll be right back,” I told Marinette and Luka, who was already sitting at a table, saving our spots, waiting for me to join. I jog up to Adrien, shyly giving him a peck on the cheek, letting out a meek ‘Hi’ afterward.

    He just chuckles in response, leading me over to the table where Marinette and Luka are sitting.

    “Hi Rien”

    “Hi babe,” both Mari and Luka greet simultaneously, I still want to know how they do that, “Hello, good afternoon,” he says sitting down next to me.

    “What happened after you got home last night?” I ask the burning question that I’m sure all of us want to know.

    “Oh,” he laughs, “he let me off with a warning, considering the situation,” that’s a relief, “You?” he questions, “You looked a little worried too, were you in trouble?” he asks.

    “Same as you, he just told me to call if it happens again,” I explain, my dad is, chill but when it comes to my safety then he goes all mama bear mode.

    It's really hard for him because he has to take on the role of two parents, the mom, and the dad. I try to make parenting me as easy as possible so he doesn't get stressed out. He doesn't deserve that from me, not from anyone.

    “Well that’s great,” Adrien cheers, “because I was thinking that we could do it again, but at my house?”

    My eyes go wide at this, didn’t they say that Mr. Agrest never left the house? That means that I’ll have to meet him, I’ve barely gotten to know them, how am I supposed to meet the parents?

    This was the part that I was dreading, having to meet the parents. I’ve always been self-conscious, whether it was about my looks, personality, or how I dress.

    It’s always been about something, and even thinking about meeting their parents sends my anxiety skyrocketing through the roof. But what he says next soothes me.

    “It’s time for fashion week in London, so my dad has to go and I managed to convince him to let me stay,” he says excitedly, god he is so cute, “So I was thinking that we could have a sleepover tomorrow when he’s gone.”

    Marinette sighs, “Adrien, you know that he would say no to that. I mean, you were probably already pushing it when you asked to stay here.” She says knowingly, “Who says he has to know?” He replies mischievously.

    Luka looks at Marinette, “Yeah Mari, who says that he has to know?” He repeats smirking, “He is leaving for a week and he would have to take Natalie with him. Right, Adrien?”

    “Right” Adrien confirms, “And Gorilla wouldn’t tell on us, right Adrien,” He asks looking back at Adrien, “Right” Adrien replies nodding.

    “So we should do this because what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right?” He looks at Mari innocently, “And if he does manage to find out we can just blame it on the bond. We just had to be together.”

    “Sounds like a good excuse to me.” Adrien agrees, “So what do you say, Mari?” Luka pushes a stray strand of hair behind Mari’s ear, “Can we have the sleepover?” He asks, voice seemingly deeper than before.

    She barely managed to sputter out a few words before taking a deep breath, “Sure we can but,” She is quick to retreat, “only if Aline is okay with it,” the boys look at me with pleading eyes as if begging me to say yes.

    How could I say no to them now? So I did the only logical thing to do, I agreed.


    Once school was over, Gorilla all dropped us off at our houses to get clothes and necessities, plus I had to tell my dad where I was going.

    I walk into my house immediately seeing my dad in the living room doing some paperwork.

    “Dad?” I ask, he just hums in response as to ask ‘What’s up'. I walk further into the living room and sit down next to him, “Can I sleep over at Adrien’s house?”

    His eyes immediately snap up to look at me, “And who exactly is this Adrien?” he asks skeptically, “He’s one of my soulmates, remember? I told you I found them all.”

    “Oh right,” he takes a minute to think about it, “Uh, sure go ahead. Just don’t do anything.” He says playfully pointing a finger at me, but I know he’s serious.

    “Okay, I wasn’t planning on it,” I respond giggling at him.


    Once I packed my things, I called Adrien to come to pick me up. We drove to his house and let me tell you, it was a mansion. They are rich.

    We walked into the house and up to his room where Marinette and Luka were already waiting, playing video games. These three and their video games.

    When we opened the door, quite loudly might I say, Mari paused the game and turned around to look at us with a smile on her face, "Hey," she greets softly, "Come sit," She says patting the seat next to her.

    I walked over and sat down next to her being offered a controller which I denied, "I don't feel like playing right now. I think I'll just watch instead"

    We continued to play video games, well they continued, I just sat there and watched occasionally cheering them on. They just finished the last round, which Luka won, Adrien got up pouting claiming that he cheated.

    "I didn't cheat, you just suck at this game" Luka stated smugly, Adrien continued to cross his arms and pout until Marinette mentioned food, he perked up at that.

    "Food? Let's go get food." He suddenly gasped, "We can cook!"

    "Well, let's go," Marinette told him, smiling at his antics. We continued to walk down the stairs into the kitchen, seeing the chef getting out ingredients, which I am guessing is for dinner.

    "Oh children, I was just getting ready to make dinner, I hope you're hungry" she stated smiling at each of us.

    "Greta, we actually wanted to cook tonight," Adrien claimed smiling sweetly, hoping to convince her to let us do the work.

    She looked skeptical, as she had a right to be, I had no idea how to cook, it was always my dad's job, but she eventually left us to do the dirty work while she took a break, leaving us with the information that she was going to make pasta tonight.

    We took the ingredients, letting Mari take the lead as she has the most experience with cooking.

    It was all going smoothly until Adrien thought it was a good idea to smear the pasta sauce on Luka, "Oh it is so on" he said, grabbing some flour and throwing it at him.

    But Adrien dodged in time for it to hit Mari instead, and let me tell you, she was not happy. And that set off a chain reaction.


    So we ended up making a mess in the kitchen from the food fight and now we're cleaning it up. And it's a big kitchen. A very big kitchen.


    It was about midnight when we finished cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. We ended up just eating fruit and making smoothies for dinner.

    I looked around at all of us "We all need showers" I claimed laughing.

    There were multiple rooms in the house so we didn't have to wait for turns, we could all shower at the same time. Once we were finished we all went to Adrien's room to watch movies until we got tired.

    Mari got tired first, she got up stating that she was sleepy followed by Adrien agreeing right after.

    I got up to go to the restroom and when I came back they were both knocked out with Luka sitting on the bed waiting for me. We ended up going to a guest room down the hall attempting to watch another movie.

    Turns out that was a bad idea because that's how we ended up here, on the bed in the guest bedroom, me on my back with Luka on top, and us making out.


    Word Count: 1,481

    Character Count: 8,016


    *I took Adrien’s name and gave him a nickname. His name ends with Rien, so I’m using that, leave me alone.

    I want to write smut but I don’t know how or if I should do it for this story because, isn’t this a Disney show?

    I will post another chapter later. I really mean it this time. Just not at this moment because I have to babysit for my sister and I don’t know how long it will be. But I promise, I will update again.*

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    17.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    ~ Bakery "Enemies" AU by @buggachat but it's vines ~

    Reading this comic always brightens my day. I hope you enjoy! :)

    #miraculous ladybug #bakery enemies au #adrinette#buggachat#miraculous memes#ladybug#chat noir#adrien agreste #marinette dupen chang #miraculous#miraculous au #thank you for this amazing au i love ittttt
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    #chloe bourgeois#miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng
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    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Don't ever touch me again. Don't ever speak to me again. Don't ever look at me again. - Kagami

    #this is like #exactly how i feel when im in public transport and someone i dont know sits next to and tries to talk to me #same goes for public settings #and it even applies to family events #im not sorry #i never wanted to be there i was dragged along #:)#kagami miraculous#miraculous quotes
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  • kenna-nor
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    New AU 😈

    Might write fanfic for this one, which I actually write all the time but don’t publish anymore, I think I’ll start doing that though?

    #yes adrien is a literal cat boy #no you don’t get to know why yet #not telling you what’s up with double marinette either yet #miraculous ladybug#miraculous #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir#adrien agreste#ladybug#cat noir#marichat #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #marichat may 2021 #marichat may
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    PubMed open in one tab, Miraculous Ladybug Wiki open in another tab.

    It is Wednesday.

    #hello yes i am adult licensed healthcare professional #with a 401k and a chat son to protect #miraculous ladybug
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    here is part 2 to my au thingy that i should probably name. send me name ideas maybe?

    the boy is conflicted still

    no warnings


    (on patrol)

    chat noir: hey bugaboo?

    ladybug: yes kitty?

    chat noir: we should tell each other our secret identities

    ladybug: *sigh* chat we've been over this a million times. no one can know who we are, not even us

    chat wanted to argue that she told him already. obviously he can't do that

    chat: but why? wouldn't it be better to know? we could strategize more subtly, we could do team strengthening exercises and stuff. or what if..(he considered his next words carefully) we unknowingly get stuck together somewhere and can't transform (he winces, hoping its not too obvious)

    ladybug: (she seems to ponder this for a moment) i don't know chat. it could be risky

    chat: risky how? whats the worse that could happen?

    ladybug tenses for a moment, her expression is grim.

    ladybug: you could get akumatized and (she swallows, remembering chat blanc) tell hawkmoth both our identities then he'll be that much closer to getting our miraculous.

    chat got the feeling there was more but didnt think much of it

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  • annoyedpringle
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    man I love marinette so much like I think if I could make any fictional character real I’d choose her

    #I just read the saddest fuckin fic #and I only want happiness for her #could u imagine having mari as ur bestie #getting a HUG FROM HER? #goodbye #I just know she gives good hugs #miraculous ladybug#mlb #marinette dupain cheng #the miraculous adventures of ladybug and chat noir #the tales of ladybug and cat noir
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