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    Supernatural + Cherry blossom (Lukagami Week Day 2 + Month Day 14)

    The Tsurugi company is having their annual cherry blossom picnic as tradition and it’s Kagami’s first time joining in. This is the chance to get to know her co-workers as well demonstrating herself as a charismatic leader. Which is why it’s a problem for her. Luka knowing the importance of this for Kagami, had offered her to coach on how to be friendly and be engaging within conversation such as telling an experienced related to the event. Luka playfully messing around since what else was he was going to do, even putting a cherry blossom on Kagami’s head without her knowledge which secretly help improve her image and impression from her co-workers.

    A/n: A continuation of #ghostau that I haven’t post the first part here but these time, Luka is helping Kagami instead for her job. It’s a way to repay her for helping him investigating his mysterious death.


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  • summary and notes

    A miraculous ladybug one shot. This is a typed of version of an amazing role play I was part of in the Tumblr chat called Miraculous Ladybug. Owner: @fleur-de-jasmin-fdj

    People who participated in the role play are myself @pixigirl,@janani and  @fleur-de-jasmin-fdj

    CN= Chat Noir

    LB= Ladybug

    RR= Rena Rouge

    (Patrol Night)

    LB: hello Chat

    CN: M’lady

    LB: guess what? I brought passionfruit macaroons, your favourite.

    CN: You know me so well. Come sit *pats the ground next to him*

    LB: Of course I know you, you are my partner after all. *sits down and gives him the box of macaroons*

    CN: a whole box, yum.

    LB: Don’t forget to share

    CN: Haha never!

    LB: kittyyyyyyyyyyyyy I want some too ya know

    UUhhhhhh fine

    Thanks *grabs a macaroon*

    *starts humming the tune from chat blanc*

    *drops macaroon*

    Everything alright bugaboo?

    *staring at Montparnasse tower*

    Y-yeah. Why do you ask, everything is fine… great even

    Bug you dropped your macaroon

    I did? Oh yeah there it is *she says as she stares at the broken macaroon on the ground*

    *Chat stares at her*

    *finally notices he is staring*


    Your eyes are beautiful


    Your eyes are beautiful too. I like that they are green and not blue… I mean they are always green

    Umm thanks m’lady

    Your welcome kitty *scratches behind ear*


    Your cute is all

    No, you are

    No, you are

    Aww thanks

    Your welcome chaton. So how was your day?

    Better now I’ve seen you

    Your such a flirt

    No, I’m not. I’m chivalrous

    Are you sure


    *laughs* Why are you so adorable

    It’s a gift

    *rolls her eyes* Well it’s a lovely gift

    Awww *grinning*

    *thinking: why is he so cute when he smiles*


    Umm, have you finished your macaroon?

    Yes, I did. Delicious as always.

    Glad you’re liked them

    I like you… I mean what?

    I like you too… umm, race you to the Eiffel tower. Ha

    *LB beat CN to the tower*

    You’re beautiful


    Your beautiful too.

    Oh, I forgot Rena will be joining us tonight I asked her to meet us here.

    You should save some macaroons for her

    Too late *shoves remaining macaroons in his mouth*


    RR: Hey guys.


    *slaps chat’s arm* Hey Rena

    You’re still cute


    Ewww you two. Chat your such a flirt

    I know right!


    *sees LB blushing*

    What, It’s true.

    Fine then

    How was your day Rena?

    Pretty good thanks.

    That’s great. So glad you could come today and Chat is very sorry for eating the macaroons. Aren’t you chat *nudge*

    Yeah sorry *cute pouty face*

    That’s okay. I’m sure he was a very hungry kitty.

    *Why is he so cute when he pouts LB thinks*

    The view from up here is beautiful

    You’re my best view

    *smirks at the lame joke*

    *LB blushing so hard she looks like a tomato*

    Am I interrupting something???


    Oh really?

    Really. There’s nothing to interrupt *still blushing*

    Ok then whatever you say

    *glares at Rena*

    Your so cute when you’re angry

    I am not *nudges his shoulder*

    Why did you give me that look?

    You know why

    *turns her face*


    What’s so funny

    Your face is still red

    What! My face is not red

    Yesssssss it is

    *glares* no it is not humph

    You know what?

    What is it?

    I’m outta here. I’m gonna leave you two love birds alone

    *blushes* B-but

    Thanks, Rena

    *slaps CN*

    …a few moments later…

    I have something I need to tell you bugaboo

    What’s up kitty?

    *grabs both her hands*



    You wanted to tell me something

    Oh yeah sorry sometimes I just get lost in your eyes

    *blushes* I get lost in your eyes too occasionally

    I think… I think I love you….r macaroons. *CN thoughts: Aww man that was so dumb Adrien. Seriously man up and do it already*

    *disappointed* thanks

    What’s wrong?

    Nothing. Why do you think something is wrong

    You just seem a little disappointed

    *why does he always know what I’m thinking*

    It’s not important *fake smile*

    Everything is important when it comes to you. Come on say something.

    Buts its nothing you should worry yourself about. You know what… *pecks him on the lips and runs away immediately because she doesn’t want to admit that she loves him – she goes and hides in an alley and fumble as she gets out her communicator to call Rena*

    *shocked but tries to follow her – he is unsure where she went but knows at least what direction*


    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Help me. I’m in love with chat noir

    I knew it!

    *from a distance chat hears her talking and edges closer because he doesn’t want her to know he is listening*

    I kissed him and an away so I’m now hiding behind a dumpster in a random alleyway. What do I do!?

    *RR is dancing because all her dreams have come true*

    Rena be serious, I need help. He’s going to hate me because I ran away and he’s trying to find me right now. OH no, what if he does hate me then I’ll never be able to have three kids and a hamster. Noooooooooo

    Just tell him the truth. I’m sure he loves you back

    Ok ok. I can do that. Thanks, RR for everything. Bug out * hangs up*

    *comes out of the blue* I love you too mlady

    *jumps high* aaaaaaaahhhhh

    *CN catches her when she comes back down*

    Chat you scared me! Wait more important: you heard me!!!!!!!

    *Holding her in his arms* Every word

    *blushes* I love you too chaton, but are you sure?

    Ladybug I have loved you since the day I saw you. I love you more than anyone in the world. You are the yin to my yang. My everything. I would die for you, I mean I almost have, quite a few times actually.

    *blushes redder than a tomato* I love you too chat noir. You have a heart made of gold, you make me feel special. You make me happy.

    *puts ladybug down and kneels on one knee* Ladybug, bugaboo, will you be my girlfriend?

    I would love to. *jumps on him*

    *kisses each other*


    Yes, bug?

    I want to know who you are so we can go on real dates and introduce you to my family and friends. I would like to meet yours too.

    You DO NOT want to meet mine

    Yes, I do. They can’t be any worse than Gabriel Agreste.

    Claws in *destrasform* Yes they can, because he is.


    Umm surprise

    *Kisses him*

    Wait who are you?

    Oh yeah. Spots off



    Nothing. I just couldn’t imagine anyone better behind the mask *kiss*

    *blushes and embraces*

    Umm you know when I rejected Chat Noir, I did it because I was in love with Adrien.


    So I rejected you for you

    Haha I am pretty great

    Without a doubt


    Let’s go handsome.

    -the end-

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  • Self Indulgent Miraculous Ladybug AU but Nathalie is just a normal person who doesn’t have a crush on her boss and doesn’t know of his plans to revive his wife.

    Basically, Good! Nathalie AU.

    #idk if mayura exists... #maybe I can have Good!Superhero!Mayura as a treat- #Nathalie/Mayura tag pending #❣️ Crush F/O #shallow rambles#Miraculous Ladybug #miraculous ladybug au #Nathalie deserves love :) #and a raise #and a GOOD SPOUSE #NOT GABRIEL #I'm not sure if emilie is dead or just in a coma......
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  • The Wall  Mask Between Us.

    What do you mean I’m 15 days late? That’s wack lol.


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  • Yesterday I found out that Noelle Stevenson, the writer of this


    Is also the writer of this


    And since I already headcanoned that Adrien is a Tangled fan, I present to you the follow up:

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  • Rating: T

    Summary: Nino’s invited his friends for a nice night of darts with him and his father. Nothing could possibly go wrong…right?

    Slot: 1-2.5k fic

    Written for an anonymous donator for the @mlbforblm drive as a pool request!  The donations go directly to Color of Change, an organisation for racial justice, and don’t pass through our hands at all. I’ve still got slots open, so come and commission me or another of the amazing contributors!

    AO3 link

    “I can’t believe you guys agreed to this,” Nino says as he follows his father Mehdi into the small building, Alya’s fingers linked with his. Marinette and Adrien trail behind, murmuring to each other about something to do with roofs and picnics, but Nino doesn’t pay them much mind because short of being secret superheroes, there’s not much they can do about a rooftop picnic. Hmm. Maybe he should ask Ladybug for their Miraculouses and take Alya on a rooftop picnic one night. Alya’s always loved leaping and sprinting through the city, with the wind streaming through her bushy brown ponytail, and his stomach flutters at the memory of Rena Rouge’s impish grin during their flirtatious banter, while Chat Noir turns his charms on Ladybug, and she facepalms –

    “Like we were gonna leave you to deal with this by yourself,” Alya’s saying when Nino finally manages to drag himself back down to earth. “You’ve helped me babysit the little demons so many times. What’s one night of darts?”

    “Trust me, dude, after this, you’ll be begging for a whole week with E-squared,” Nino says. Alya rolls her eyes at his nickname for her sisters, but her mouth twitches so he figures he’s not in too much trouble. “He reckons he’s the next Phil Taylor.”

    “That doesn’t seem so bad,” Adrien pipes up.

    “Do you wanna know how many times he doesn’t hit the dart board? And then says that he’s just waiting for his lucky break?”


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    #miraculous ladybug#aotq fic#mlbforblm#nino lahiffe#alya cesaire#marinette dupain-cheng#adrien agreste#djwifi#adrinette#humor #adrien is an idiot #but we love him for it #clumsy marinette strikes again #nino is a lovestruck dumdum
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  • So we have the MariChat fanfic/comic cliche with the balcony, right? Marinette talks about how great Adrien is and Chat Noir is like “he must be an idiot”.

    (It may not be a cliche, but it happened in the fan comic “What is Love”, and that’s good enough for me)

    At least 6 months later, the reveal happens. No alternate timeline, no memory loss.

    Suddenly, Marinette gets mad at Adrien.

    “What did I do? Is it because I didn’t like both sides of you? Is it because you hate me? Is it because I couldn’t recognize you? Is it because I’m dated Kagami?”

    Marinette cries and hugs Adrien as she whispers “don’t ever talk talk bad about yourself, you may not feel like it, but you’re everything to me”

    Adrien tries to remember when he talked bad about himself. The only time he can remember was over half a year ago as Chat Noir.

    “She really does care about me,” Adrien thinks to himself, “both of me.”

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    Marinette: If I had a euro for every time a supervillain confessed their feelings for me, I’d have two euros.

    Marinette: Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

    #marinette specifically #copycat went after her ladybug persona #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng
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  • #caline x nathalie #asks#nathaline#miraculous ladybug #fandom approval pending
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  • Marichat Embroidery Part 2


    Sorry for not doing anything yesterday. Was cleaning to oblivion. Anyway, I finished the outside lining and finished Cat Noir’s suit. What do you think, huh? I used grey thread for the inside of his suit because the black thread will drown out the detail. Thought I’d change it so it’d show. Tomorrow, I aim for the entire inside to be completely lined and can get ready to start filling. Wish me luck!!

    Also, the challenge is still going. Choose a word that Marichat means to you. Only one word, please. Comment it below and if it matches my word, you’ll get to choose your favorite quote from any of the four ships to be embroidered on it. Good luck and good night!!! Bug out!!!

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    Now I have an image in my head of them all swapping powers for a day

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  • Felix’s greatest party trick is stay straight-faced throughout every horror movie, no exceptions. It’s not scary, there’s nothing there to startle at. Just pixels on a screen, artificial terror like cheap shots and jump scares. 

    After all, the real horror in movies comes from the hyperrealistic, the persistent terror of what exists in the world. Felix is all too familiar with it. 

    Happy @felixmonth, y’all! 

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    #Notte Writes#Fanfiction #Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction #ML#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous: Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Felix#PV Felix#Felix Agreste#Marinette Dupain-Cheng#Nino Lahiffe#Chloe Bourgeois#Nathaneal Kurtzberg#Felix/Marinette#Felinette #Movies Are What You Make Of Them #Marinette Is A Saving Grace #Fluff#Monster Movie #Felix Month 2020 Prompt 14 #Felix Month 2020
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    Adrienette before battle.

    Rough sketch before bed!(I’m bad at side proportions??)


    Also Kwamis!

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  • Miracle Queen and Queen Bee!

    👑 🐝 if you like what I draw please consider commission me or supporting me via Ko-Fi!

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  • So I borrowed this image from @lovesquaretrashandbeyond‘s LadyNoir day 14 (Chat Blanc) edit because I noticed in this screen shot his ring it on the wrong finger. Normally he wears it on his right ring finger, and I’m sure this is probably just an animation error or decision made for visibiity but do you think Adrien…tried to deakumatize himself by simply pulling off his ring like when it slipped off in Lady Wifi? Do you think he tore it off in the hopes of returning to himself? Do you think he threw it away because it caused all these problems, only to hunt it down again? Do you think he slipped it from finger to finger, idly playing with it day after day after day?

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  • LadyNoir July - Day Thirteen and Fourteen: Cuddles and Chat Blanc

    Didn’t think I forgot about yesterday, did you?

    I was a little preoccupied and figured it would be easier to combine yesterday and today. As a result, “Cuddles” and “Chat Blanc” which can sort of be tied into my ‘RE//SET’ Chat Blanc canon divergence AU. It’s rated M so it’s not for everyone, but short and long, Chat Blanc gets the earrings, but doesn’t use the wish thus resulting in Ladybug staying for years with him and his Miraculous transformation changing while he spends years as a cat.

    Anyway, tomorrow’s “In Sync”. Might do a drabble for that, but we’ll see! Later!

    #ladynoirjuly#ladynoir#ladynoirjuly2020#miraculous ladybug#doodling do #miraculous!au #RE//SET #chat blanc!au #ladybug#chat noir#chat blanc #aged up au #canon divergence au #idk where my mind was when writing it #but i did #identity reveal #already been don
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