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    20.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I just finished always, marinette on Wattpad and May I just say, I am very proud of myself for not crying. It was so sad but I made it through!

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  • ladbug
    20.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    I trust you

    #my art#ml#miraculous ladybug#mlb#ml art #im gonna have so many tags SORRY #ml fanart#marinette#marinette cheng #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#adrienette#adriennette#optigami#optygami#ml spoilers #ml season 4 #Fanart #miraculous ladybug art #miraculous#miraculous fanart #miraculous ladybug fanart
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    20.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Tethered Souls | a Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

    Tethered Souls | A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by kvbee1

    Ladybug and Chat Noir have been partners for years, but what will happen when one of them gets hurt in battle? Will Ladybug finally fall for Chat Noir? Will Adrien fall for Marinette?

    Excerpt: "Thank you, Princess," Chat said, keeping up his usual demeanor, "Now, would you mind filling me in on how I ended up in your bedroom? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I would have liked to remember any events leading up to me ending up in your bed." He continued with a wink. Marinette's eyes went wide and her face flushed, "Wha- no- you-" she huffed, shaking her head, her face only growing redder as Chat Noir's smile got bigger. Clearly he was enjoying getting this kind of reaction out of her.

    *I do not own Miraculous Ladybug

    Words: 27341, Chapters: 17/17, Language: English

    Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Plagg, Tikki, Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth, Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe, Juleka Couffaine, Rose Lavillant, Chloé Bourgeois

    Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug

    Additional Tags: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng Fluff, Hurt Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Has a Crush on Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Marichat | Adrien Agreste as Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Miraculous Ladybug Love Square, Post-Reveal Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32074897

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    20.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    ladynoir matching icons and headers

    like or reblog if you save/use

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  • lordmartiya
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lord Martiya’s Lilanette Week 2021, part 2: Sick



    Second part, after a timeskip where Lila has been friends with Marinette in her own unique way. And we get my comments about how the show handled a certain love story, and my solution to Volpina’s anomaly.

    06/21: Sick

    The previous day had been quite a trip, what with Luka getting Akumatized with truth-forcing powers and demanding to know Marinette’s secret. That the girls thought was her crush on Adrien. Lila, on the other hand, had some fun by flat-out telling him it wasn’t his business, the experience in lying and the anti-truth serum conditioning she had been given due her mother’s job combining to have her tell something that was truthful yet nothing Truth, Luka, or the Bowtie Terrorist (that pun never failed to get a laugh out of Marinette) wanted to know. The discovery Jagged Stone had a child from her former guitarist, on the other hand, had caught her by surprise – she had thought he’d be more careful. Then again Lila was a diplomat’s daughter, closer in carefulness to that Count of Fersen that had seduced half the noblewomen of Europe and even the Queen of France and managed to die childless, not a rockstar.

    Then Marinette entered the class just in time, and after looking at her once Lila knew exactly what she had to do: “Ms. Bustier, Marinette’s overworking finally got her sick, I’m bringing her back home for the day.”

    “I’m well!” Marinette protested.

    “Oh, look, Rose Bride.”

    Marinette turned where Lila had been pointing to, her stress making her forget that Chevalot was still at the hospital and Papillon had not Akumatized her since (though one of Mr Pigeon’s appearances had resulted in his birds discharging on her right as she came out of the tribunal), thus proving the Italian’s point. She didn’t make resistance as the Italian brought her back home and to her room – with most of the Adrien pictures long replaced by ones of her friends, Lila having helped taking them down… And relocating them into Tsurugi Kagami’s room as a prank, her ability to speak Japanese with the pattern traditionally attributed to kitsune and a precise description of the prank helping her getting the collaboration of her mother.

    “So, should I call your boyfriend and have him take care of you?” Lila teased Marinette after tucking her in. And getting caught by surprise when Marinette flinched.

    “We broke up.” Marinette explained. “I-I told him I couldn’t tell- Nevermind, we broke up.”

    Lila pinched her nose. If nothing else, that explained how Marinette had been pushed over the edge. As she thought about that, though, she couldn’t help but utter: “Seriously, just because you couldn’t tell him you’re one of Ladybug’s interns?”

    “Wait, what?”

    “Mapporca… You disappear at any Akuma attack, lie, lie, about why, and you’re too creative to wear Ladybug’s plain suit, the conclusion was obvious: you’re one of the temporary heroes and dodged Miracle Queen, at every attack you go to whatever place Ladybug told you to wait so if she needs help she’ll lend you a Miraculous. There’s nothing wrong with keeping this a secret, just the fact you told him you had it was an incredible sign of trust…”

    “You mean it?”

    “You weren’t cheating on him or planning other betrayals, and those would have been the only secret he was entitled to find out without your approval. It’s even in the word, its a secret because it’s called a secret, why would anyone try and find out?”

    “For the last time, it’s you who are weird!” Trixx said as he came out of the weird Ladybug-themed box.

    “For the last time, Trixx-” Lila started to reply as she turned, then she registered that TRIXX THE KWAMI WAS IN MARINETTE’S ROOM AND HAD COME OUT OF THE WEIRD LADYBUG-SHAPED BOX. And two other Kwamis, a red one and a green one, were trying to drag him back into hiding. And that was enough for Lila to break through the Quantum Masking – and put her right hand on her face.

    “I went full Countess of Montecristo on someone for months and it turns out she was just neurotic when she offended me…” she stated. “What’s happening here? And most importantly, why do you have such an unimaginative costume?”

    They exchanged explanations. On how Marinette had been bullied into near-depression by Chloè until she was given the Ladybug Miraculous and got the confidence to stand up to her and the other issues – including how the Miracle Queen debacle had resulted in the last Guardian (incompletely trained at that) sacrificing his memories to keep the Miraculous out of Papillon’s hands. In turn Lila admitted she had been telling the truth when claiming to Adrien her grandmother had been the holder of the Fox Miraculous and had trained her to succeed her as a heroine – that being how she could get around the limitations when Akumatized, she knew a spell that mimicked Mirage and was using that in place of the real thing – something she had done for a while her uncle found what kind of entertainment she used her illusions for, took away her Miraculous and sent it to the Guardian, and admitted that, in her quest for vengeance, she had been working with Papillon – though with plans to take him down at the end.

    “This little trick will take him out on the spot.” she concluded, showing the Alsetex 410 she always carried for defense among things for less tough opponents.

    “Marinette, I’m going with this idiot to make sure she keeps a conscience until she redevelops one.” Trixx said.

    “You do that.” Marinette said as she took the aspirin Lila had offered her.

    “Can I take Alya then?” the Pig Kwami asked.

    Before Lila could ask what Marinette had been thinking when she gave the one Miraculous that, once mastered, allows to see through Quantum Masking to someone who wanted to know and expose her secret identity the Ladyblog announced a new Akuma attack.

    “Why did you throw her an engine block?” Marinette asked as Lila was tucking her in after dealing with Lies – AKA Tsurugi Kagami (whose personal name was still ridiculous to Lila, as “Kagami” in Italian and Spanish sounds like “shit me”, thank you very much) upset at her relationship troubles with Adrien.

    “Because whole cars are designed with crumple zones to increase the safety of the occupants that make poor projectiles, while engine blocks are solid and dense and make excellent projectiles.” came the reply.

    “I mean, why so violent?”

    “Because I still hold a grudge for her becoming Onichan over less than what Bourgeois did to the fanclub without getting any of them Akumatized, because today I don’t want to keep you out there more than necessary, and because I spotted Alya and this way I’m establishing a narrative that won’t get her hurt over being replaced, one that features the heroine Volpina retiring after the mess with the Evrees out of PTSD and returning because there’s just no time for Rena Rouge to become as competent as needed.”

    “And what did you show her?”

    “Bourgeois’ little movie, the one that decimated Adrien’s fan club.” the one where she had her minion film her reading at Adrien those desert puns from Asterix and Cleopatra and getting him on his knees from the laughter. “Tsurugi is still convinced that Adrien’s facade is the real thing, if she find out early she was wrong there’s a chance the inevitable break-up won’t be too bad.”


    “Inevitable. Now rest, I want you back in shape.”

    Unseen and unheard by the two humans, Tikki and Trixx were talking about something the former had noticed about her Chosen – namely a suddenly increased willingness to put up with Lila’s (admittedly now more subdued) antics.

    “People tend to believe what they want to hear, Tikki.” Trixx explained. “And Lila just said what Marinette wanted and needed to hear.”

    “It can’t be that simple, Marinette is too smart, too mature.”


    That single word left Tikki looking at Trixx in horror, reminding her how just how gullible people can be in the right situation.

    “Hey, don’t worry, Lila always had limits on what she’s willing to do, especially when she doesn’t feel threatened, and I know her buttons. She’s no danger to Marinette. If anything, Marinette could become a danger to Lila’s virtue.”

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  • 2manyfandoms2count
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Alix's rom-com night

    The June event of the @mlwritersguild was to create bonus content for one of our fics - I decided to seize the opportunity to finally sit down and write one of the bonus scenes of You can count on me (I will be there for you), and to do draw a bit of fanart to go with it (4 panels, including a Marichat piece)! Let me tell you that the Burrow is a pain to draw, but I'm actually quite proud of the result :)

    About YCCOM: It's an aged-up, one-sided reveal with "fake" wedding fic, based on Sallteas' art. The fic is 9 chapters and 20k words long. It was written before season 4, so it's no longer canon compliant in terms of who knows who's identities at the beginning.

    Synopsis: Ladybug's identity is compromised, and somebody is after her. After a lot of pondering, she and Chat Noir come to the conclusion that her best bet is for her to marry Adrien Agreste. It breaks her heart that she is not marrying Chat Noir, but she knows that she's buying them time to figure out who is behind the anonymous letters she's been receiving, and hopefully to find Hawkmoth. Whatever the situation might be, her wedding day should provide a moment of respite. And maybe it would have, had Chat Noir refrained from coming to visit her just before the ceremony...

    About Alix's rom-com night: it's a one shot that's chronologically set before the main fic, but I recommend reading it after reading the latter since it contains spoilers for it. It follows Alix (obviously), and includes Ladybug revealing her identity to Chat Noir and the set up of their "fake wedding" plan.

    Hope you enjoy!


    Alix opened her door and dropped her keys in the bowl as she kicked off her shoes with a satisfied sigh. Home, sweet home.

    Her studio apartment wasn’t very big, but then again, she didn’t need a huge surface when she had a whole extension waiting for her just a transformation phrase away. She’d mentally thanked Marinette more than once for choosing her to wield the Rabbit Miraculous, rather than somebody else, just for the savings she made in rent.

    She whistled happily as she made her way to her kitchen area, grabbing a bag of popcorn out of a cupboard and shoving it in her microwave.

    She deserved the treat. She’d been running around all week, trying to slide letters to her targets without being spotted, spending hours on end to find the perfect stationary, and then staying up at night to get the wording exactly right, a delicate mix of subtlety and threat to elicit some sort of response from them. It had taken a lot of trial and error, especially for Ladybug. Her friend had always been surprisingly oblivious on many fronts, and it seemed that her honeymoon phase with Chat Noir reinforced her optimistic ability to brush ominous details aside. It had taken three letters for her to start freaking out and to promise Tikki she would talk to her partner about them, whereas Hawkmoth had started the analysis phase upon the first one he’d received.

    Alix had only been mildly surprised by the identity of their nemesis when she’d decided it was high time she knew who they were facing; it was all too fitting that the man who leached off Paris’ most intense negative emotions should be the most embittered person she knew, and the one who, in retrospect, had been the cause of many an Akuma (she still shuddered at the what-could-have-been of Chat Noir’s akumatisation).

    The microwave dinged, bringing her thoughts back to her timeline. She took the bowl out and called for her Kwami.

    “Fluff, clockwise! Burrow!”

    A white portal appeared in the middle of her living space and she walked through it, emerging in the ovoid room covered in screens. She made her way to the furthest point, hung her umbrella up on the coathanger she kept in there, and grabbed a folding chair. It was a director’s seat which supposedly had belonged to a rising name in the cinema world before their career had been shot down for obscure reasons, but she didn’t really care about its story; she’d bought it for a very low price at a yard sale, and that was all that mattered to her.

    “Right, where are you…” She muttered, scrutinising her surroundings, until she found the screen she was looking for.

    She unfolded the chair, zoomed in on the empty (for now) rooftop, propped down in her seat and threw a fistful of popcorn into her mouth, waiting for the show to start.

    Unsurprisingly, Ladybug was the first to arrive on the scene. She paced around, mumbling to herself as she wrung her hands together. Alix felt a pang of guilt as she watched her rehearse how she would break the news to her partner, but reassured herself that the ordeal would soon be over.

    Finally, Chat Noir landed beside Ladybug, and she flung herself at him, holding him so tight he had to untangle himself from her arms to breathe.

    “Well, well, well, my Lady, I know I couldn’t make it to patrol last night, but I didn’t think you’d miss me this much,” he chuckled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

    Alix rolled her eyes at just how lovestruck he looked as he did so. How could her friends be so sappy, and yet still be at square one in terms of knowing who the other was?

    Some might have said that it was romantic, that they loved each other regardless of who they were; but those people did not have to deal with the constant end of the world threat.

    “What was so important that you couldn’t just text me?”

    Ladybug took a deep breath. Her fingers slid along his arms as she relaxed her embrace, taking his hands in hers at the end of the line. “Somebody knows my identity,” she said quietly, looking down. “And I don’t know who they are.”

    “What?!” Chat’s voice detonated in the previously peaceful quiet of the evening, making a couple of pigeons take off in a loud flutter of wings.

    “I’m so sorry, I must have been careless when I got home one night, they must have seen me, I bet it was last week when I was tired and I-”

    “My Lady, no offence, but I don’t care about the when and why, just... are you okay?” He tilted her chin up, gently turning her head to each side, checking for any signs of injury.

    She placed her hand on his, making him stop, and gave him a soft, sad smile. “Yes, Chaton. Just a little rattled; you know you were the first person I wanted to reveal my identity to. Not including Bunnyx, although technically I never told her who I am.”

    “And technically, I’m still the only person who knows who you are,” Bunnyx smugly commented between two handfuls of popcorn. “Now come on, I want to see how you react when you reveal your identities to each other.”

    “How do you know somebody knows, though? And do you have any idea what their intentions are?”

    Ladybug’s expression darkened. “I received some letters. They’re not signed, but they’ve got enough butterflies on them to make me think that even if they’re not from the biggest pest in Paris, then they’re probably from somebody who’s up to no good.”

    Chat Noir swore under his breath, then regained his countenance. “So, what do we do now? Do you think we can hunt down the bugger?”

    “We definitely will, but…” Ladybug bit her lip, and Alix leaned forward in her seat. This had to be it. “Chaton, I think the time has come for me to tell you who I am.”

    “YES! Finally!” Alix cheered, almost spilling her popcorn bowl.

    “Are you sure, my Lady?” Alix didn’t have to be on site to tell that Chat Noir’s heart was beating faster than usual; the corners of his mouth twitched as he repressed a smile, as though his excitement could make her change her mind.

    “Yes.” She nodded. “I really want you to know.” In case something happens to me, Alix was pretty sure her friend had left unsaid.

    “Okay, okay.” Chat Noir took a deep breath, buzzing with anticipation, so much so that he apparently missed the whole subtext of her previous words. “Do you want to do this now? And how do you want to do it? Do you want me to close my eyes? Are you going to write it on a piece of paper for me to read? Are you going to detransform? Should-”

    “I was thinking the latter, and yes, now,” Ladybug said timidly. “Up to you if you want to look or not.”

    “For some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t.” He took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles without breaking their eye contact, then took another deep breath and closed his eyes, a blissful smile on his lips. “Ready when you are, my Lady.”

    “Ok, here goes.” She let out a shaky breath and called off her transformation. The soft pink glow engulfed her and receded, her suit melting away to reveal her true appearance.

    “Wow, Marinette, you actually broke out your favourite dress for this? Glad to see all of this isn’t affecting your ability to think straight.” Alix smirked. If her friend had gone home after a long, stressful work day, and found it in her to change and doll herself up to make a good impression on Chat Noir, things couldn’t be that bad. She had to agree that her dress, simple, white, with little red hearts embroidered on it, was perfect for the occasion, though.

    “You can open your eyes now, Chaton.” Marinette gave his hands a squeeze.

    Chat Noir obliged, blinking slowly as he took in her appearance, her identity, her. Marinette squirmed under his gaze, his expression not giving away any of his thoughts.

    “H-Hi,” she stammered when she couldn’t take it anymore. “I, erm, I guess I should introduce myself? We’ve run into each other before, when we were younger, and even if you actually had lunch with my family that one time, I guess it’s been a while… My name is-”

    “Marinette. Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” Chat’s smile finally broke free, spread from ear to ear, almost literally illuminating his face. Alix wondered if anything could ever wipe it off. Love and admiration twinkled in his eyes as he picked her up and started spinning her. Marinette wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling giddily, before Chat Noir closed the gap between their lips.

    Bunnyx modestly looked away, allowing them to have their moment. Her eyes landed on a rerun of Plagg putting an end to the dinosaurs’ reign.

    “I should have known that it was you, Princess.” Chat panted slightly as he carefully set Marinette back on the roof. “Everything makes so much more sense now, I-”

    “Before you finish that thought, I can’t know your identity.” She placed her index finger on his lips. “Yet, of course.”

    “What?” Chat froze, and so did Bunnyx, her hand pausing midway between the popcorn bowl and her mouth. “But why?”

    “I don’t know what might happen to me, but I don’t want to put you in any danger.” Marinette cupped his cheek. “And I don’t want to lose my memories of you. Of us.”

    “Oh for Kwami’s sake.” Alix rolled her eyes. “Boo!” She threw a fistful of popcorn at the screen as her friend continued to list all the reasons Chat couldn’t reveal his identity.

    “My Lady, Marinette, if you’re worried about your safety, maybe we should do something about it. I could move in with you, or in a flat nearby, maybe, stay transformed or wear a mask at all times so you don’t know who I am, we can figure it out… Of course I know you can protect yourself, but I could stand guard while you sleep, or...” Chat raked his hand through his hair as he thought.

    “You know I love you, Chaton, and that’s why I can’t let you do that! You can’t live like that, I can’t ask that of you. Not to mention how difficult it would be for me, do you really think I could resist having you so close, and not trying to get a glimpse of who you are?” She joked, trying to diffuse the sudden tension.

    “Then we need to get you a bodyguard,” he insisted.

    “I thought about it, but… Well, I can’t really afford it, and how could I justify suddenly needing personal security? I’m just a designer, and nothing I’ve ever done has been avant-garde enough that I should be worried about my safety.” She shook her head.

    “Damn, I knew I should have targeted Chat Noir,” Alix swore under her breath. “He would’ve had to reveal his identity, and she definitely wouldn’t have been a pushover on her kitty’s protection matter. Come on Adrien, do something.”

    She could tell that he was up to something just by looking at him. He’d been silent for a little too long for it to be natural. Cogs turned in his head, making him squint. He let go of her completely and paced around the roof, almost pulling his hair out as he did so. Alix sensed that whatever was on his mind was going to be big. She leaned forwards in anticipation.

    Finally, Chat Noir came to a halt in front of Marinette, the fever in his eyes and his dishevelled hair making him look slightly unhinged.

    “Buguinette, I think I’ve got a solution,” he whispered.

    “You do?” Marinette’s voice was full of hope, although she looked slightly concerned about him.

    “You’re probably not going to like it,” he warned her, lifting a finger.

    “Beggars can’t be choosers.” She shrugged, taking a step forward.

    “Right.” He gave her one last look, an opportunity to stop him before the words tumbled out. She nodded encouragingly. “Okay, here’s the thing. I have it on very good authority that Adrien Agreste is being pressured into getting married by his father.”

    “I see Gabriel’s just as delightful as always,” Marinette shook her head.

    “Unlike good cheese, he definitely doesn’t get better with time.” Chat smiled bitterly, eyes losing focus a little.

    “What’s it got to do with us, though?” Marinette prompted, placing a hand on his arm.

    “Oh, Agreste, you absolute genius, I think I know where this is going.” Alix took another handful of popcorn.

    “Oh, yes, right.” He cleared his throat. “See, Adrien’s not dating anyone at the moment…” Right, Alix snorted. “And he’s not really planning on starting a relationship with his father breathing down his neck, but, well, he happens to owe me a favour, and I’m sure that he’d be more than happy to put his security detail to good use…”

    “So you’re suggesting that I marry Adrien.” Marinette deadpanned.

    “Well, er, I actually thought you could just date, but thinking about it… It would be less strange for you to request a bodyguard if your relationship was more serious…” He trailed off.

    Alix was impressed by how well he concealed his emotions. His poker face was truly exceptional.

    “And you think Adrien would be ready to marry me because of a favour he owes you?” Marinette crossed her arms over her chest, pursing her lips and squinting at him as she tried to pick at his lie.

    Alix winced for Chat. Maybe he should have waited a bit before blurting out the (as it turned out) probably only sane option in that situation so he could work out all of the details for himself. Marinette was very good at trying to shake plans to see how solid their foundations were.

    “Please. Adrien had a crush on you when you were younger, if anything I could probably smuggle it as another favour, given how perfect the fake scenario would be. Although I guess that since you also liked him… It might just cancel out.” He tapped his lip pensively.

    “Adrien had a crush on me?” Marinette frowned. “Oh, you must mean Ladybug. I think Nino mentioned it once.”

    “Well, yes, but he also had one on you, Marinette.” Chat stepped forward, mischief twinkling in his eyes as he poked her on the nose.

    “Really, now,” she muttered to herself.

    “The main reason he didn’t act on it was that he thought you loved somebody else.” Chat smiled ironically.

    “Wow, what a pair of idiots.” Marinette chuckled.

    “You don’t know the half of it.” He kissed her forehead.

    “But you know what?” Marinette didn’t pick up on her partner’s comment. “I’m actually glad we didn’t get together. It probably would have delayed us getting together.” She pressed a peck to his lips. “If we’d gotten together at all in that timeline.” She smirked.

    Alix snorted. Out of all the timelines she’d watched unfold in an attempt to keep things in check, there wasn’t a single one where Marinette and Adrien, Ladybug and Chat Noir, didn’t end up together, and not just because of her interventions to help them, and the rest of the planet, stay alive.

    Marinette’s face fell at Chat Noir’s lack of response. Alix knew her friend didn’t particularly believe in soulmates, but she understood that she would have liked a sappy Chat Noir special comment on how he’d told her he’d grow onto her anyway, and that she would have soon discovered that the Agreste boy had nothing on him. She assumed that he was too busy restraining himself from saying the wrong thing.

    “Actually… What about us, then?” Marinette cleared her throat and looked up at him, eyes glistening slightly in the half light.

    “My Lady… If you really think that you being a divorcée will spur me away…” Chat Noir looked down at their entwined hands, locks of blond hair falling in front of his eyes, concealing his giddy smile from her. You sneaky cat, Alix thought.

    Marinette followed his gaze, letting out a long sigh as she watched their hands sway lightly. Alix knew her brain was probably trying to find all the flaws in the plan. She crossed her fingers, hoping that it would be enough for her friend to accept. It was perfect, whether they got their act together and figured everything out before the event, or not.

    “Fine,” Marinette finally said with resolve, making Alix mentally thank whoever was out there. “I’ll do it on two conditions.”

    “Anything, my love.” Chat let out a sigh of relief.

    “Firstly, we’re honest with Adrien from the get go. No lying about anything.” Chat nodded along. “Secondly, we get cracking on finding Hawkmoth, and after we do and the divorce is settled, if we even get that far with Adrien because obviously if everything is settled before the wedding we won’t be going through the whole plan…” Chat smiled fondly as she took a deep breath. “After all that, we are getting married.” She gestured between the both of them.

    “My Lady, are you proposing to me right meow?” Chat Noir all but purred.

    “I guess so.” Marinette shrugged, a smile and a blush spreading on her cheeks.

    “Wow, then, I’m definitely putting Adrien in charge of the proposal planning,” he replied with a smirk.

    “Chaton!” She stomped her foot, her mildly amused smile cancelling out her frown.

    “What?” He teased her.

    “Will you? Marry me?” She held his gaze.

    “Do you even have to ask?” He chuckled. “You know, my Lady, I’m pretty sure that, in my head, we’ve been married since that speech you gave on the Eiffel Tower during our very first fight. Well, I’ve been married to you; you do whatever you please.”

    “You’re such a dork,” Marinette laughed, brushing her nose against his and throwing her arms around his neck.

    “And yet you still love me.” He pulled her closer.

    “Unfortunately, I do,” she sighed dramatically before pressing a kiss to his lips.

    Alix dismissed the screen. She’d seen what she wanted, and it seemed like a good place to stop; a happy, sappy ending. Also, she’d finished all of her popcorn.

    Everything was on track, her friends would start their Hawkmoth hunt, and soon everybody in Paris would be able to live without fear of their own negative emotions.

    (Of course, that was the theory; she’d soon find out that she’d underestimated Adrien’s will to organise the perfect wedding for Marinette, and that, my friends, was no small oversight.)

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    #once i told my friend i like happy endings over sad ones and she was like ‘but those r less artistic’ #shuttt#mewtuals #castle.answers #also my little embarassing secret is the first time i heard drivers liscence was in a miraculous ladybug amv JSBSJSHSIS
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    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m finding Hawk Moth deeply fascinating as a villain, but not because of his vaguely implied tragic backstory. With the power of the Butterfly Miraculous, he can turn anyone into a supervillain, with seemingly no limit to the powers they can be granted. Yet despite this, Hawk Moth fails to use his power with even the slightest amount of foresight. He simple akumatizes people at random, then complains when he loses.

    And it’s the lack of planning that really does him in, because many of the Amukas are incredibly dangerous, but fail due to Hawk Moth’s general mismanagement. This can be proven via the power of my Akuma Tier List, wherein I prove that I could do better than Hawk Moth more often than not, the Akuma should have a good shot at victory.

    This ranking is based on both how successful an Akuma was at achieving their goals, as well as how useful their abilities are for acquiring Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculous. It’s not completely objective, but that’s part of the fun. Plus it opens up more avenues to dunk on Hawk Moth, the grown man who cannot outwit a pair of teenagers. So let’s go!

    A Tier

    Copycat, Lady Wifi, Pharaoh, Darkblade, Vanisher, Antibug The Puppeteer, Princess Fragrance, Volpina

    The A Tier is for winners. Or rather, for Akumas who were within a hair’s breath of victory. Either they were in a position to acquire a Miraculous, or got very close to ”solving” the problem that lead to them getting akumatized. Most of the mind control Akumas are in this tier, since if you take control of a hero, you should be able to get their magic item. The deceptive Vanisher and Volpina also make the cut, with both of them almost getting Ladybug’s Miraculous. Tragically, Vanisher picked up a flower, while Volpina was defeated by a pigeon, and they didn’t have a backup plan for when the deception stopped working. The evil knock-offs also end up here because they both managed to defeat Chat Noir. Somehow.

    Condolences again go to Lady Wifi, who actually defeated both heroes, but then lost because Hawk Moth gave her a stupid command. The man literally forget what his goal was, and let victory slip through his fingers in much the same way a brick slips through. Also it says a lot that The Puppeteer, an actual child, got so close to victory.

    B Tier

    Stormy Weather, Rogercop, Evilustrator, Horrificator, The Mime, Guitar Villain, Simon Says

    Most of the B Tier Akumas have powers that should be pretty useful, but they never get round to using them in a decisive way. Either they have an ability that could incapacitate the heroes, a mind control power that never connected, or they’re just a stronger than usual combat Akuma. There’s a pretty varied set of powers here, from immobilizing goop, to the ability to summon any object provided you can draw it. Logically, Hawk Moth should probably focus on the instant-win mind control Akumas, but most of these ones aren’t bad ideas, the execution is just lacking.

    C Tier

    Mr. Pigeon, Dark Cupid, Kung Food, Gamer, Animan, Stoneheart

    C Tier Akumas can probably get the job done, but their abilities aren’t that good. There’s a path to victory, but that path is probably “beat up the heroes then steal their Miraculous“, rather than anything faster. Really, half the reason these are even a threat is because Chat Noir isn’t willing to Cataclysm what is technically an innocent person, meaning they actually get a chance to fight the heroes. Of course, Kung Food and Dark Cupid technically have mind control powers, but they aren’t very reliable. Especially Dark Cupid - sure, the heroes might decide to fight each other. Or they might decide to terrorize Paris, which isn’t helping.

    D Tier

    Bubbler, Timebreaker, Pixelator

    The D Tier Akumas are, ironically, more powerful than most the C Tier. However, they’re powerful in the wrong way. While Bubbler and Pixelator can capture the heroes easily, it’s not in a way that makes it easy to retrive the Miraculous, which is the whole point of the endeavour. Plus, Chat Noir can destroy both the prisons, making them a lot less effective than they might otherwise be. Timebreaker, meanwhile, has a power that erases people from existence, taking any Miraculous with them. Which is great if you want to destroy the Miraculous, but if you want them in order to obtain ultimate power, it’s something of a terrible no good idea. Making Akumas that go against the goal of acquiring the Miraculous is pretty good evidence that Hawk Moth is quite planning his evil scheme that well.

    F Tier


    The F Tier Akuma, Reflekta, is interesting in just how close she is to being an actually good Akuma. Turning people into copies of yourself, while certainly disruptive, does not advance Hawk Moth’s agenda in anyway. It makes acquiring the Miraculous impossible, and since she’s created out of a desire to be seen, it’s unlikely that she’d use her power for deception. Indeed, a transformed hero could just hide among Reflekta’s other victims, and now she doesn’t even know who to turn back. If she could control her victims, she’d be golden, but she can’t so she’s kind of completely useless. Somehow, Hawk Moth missed entires worlds of photography, vanity and goth themed possibilities, and honed in on “evil jester what makes more evil jesters“. What is this guy even doing?

    #miraculous: tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous ladybug #dunking on hawk moth
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  • peachcitt
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chapter 20 of double dare is out!! today’s @ladrienjune prompt was: escape

    you can read it here

    #miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug fic #ml#ml fic#ladrienjune#my writing #we are 2/3 of the way there wtf. literallt wtf #guess i should figure out how this is gonna end! #just kidding i already know. maybe. you’ll find out ;)
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  • judefranknoir
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    S4 Theory-- Lila will get akumatized again and do a passable imitation of being redeemed at least to Ladybug, and will receive a protection charm. Lila will then somehow get the information about the charm and the charm itself to Hawk Moth or Gabriel which will result in an identity reveal that Hawk Moth is Gabriel to her. With the charm in hand, Hawk Moth will find some way to offset the charms, resulting in mass akumatization and a loss of faith in Ladybug.

    #Miraculous ladybug theories #miraculous ladybug theory #mlb season 4 #lila rossi
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  • broadwaytheanimatedseries
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sabrina Raincomprix Angst:

    No but you don't understand i NEED to see Adrien Luka and Alix all coming together to play this song while Sabrina sings about her relationship to Chloe and how much she needs it to end so she can heal and move on -

    Please i need this so badly.

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  • zivazivc
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    either plagg would hate roaar OR they’d just be the Worst™ together

    #they are cousins 💕 #ml#miraculous ladybug#plagg#roaar #black cat miraculous #tiger miraculous#cat miraculous#kwamis#my art #i started drawing something angsty and my brain inserted this in front of my eyes to stop me #i put them in my redbubble store for anyone who's interested
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  • dimcanopus
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    smol juleka running after luka with a knife bc he said her vibes were like an untuned guitar

    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine#juleka couffaine #i wish we got some sibling shenanigans #bc despite everything we know so little abt the dynamic between them #knip rambles
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    chat noir layouts (icons and headers)

    like or reblog if you save/use

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  • frenchifries
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    imagine never being able to see your dad because he says he's busy with work but actually he's just standing in a dramatically lit attic all day waiting for people to get mad

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