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  • wild-mare-of-prosecution
    17.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    We're Back! (Miraculous) - Top 5 Tumblr Trending Topics

    #Miraculous Ladybug spoilers #Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 #ML Season 4 #Glaciator 2.0 #MariChat
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  • crocojagged
    17.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Glaciator 2 got ml trending just with a trailer the actual episode release is gonna be crazy omg

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  • crizztelcb
    17.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Dearest family sinopse dropped

    "Galette day is eventful for marinette; tikki is acting very strange and four super villains show up; ladybug wants to establish herself as queen of the day."

    The frist part seems normal to me but the "ladybug wants to establish herself as queen of the day" I didn't get it, like queen of the day? What does this mean?

    The only ideas that i think it can be is:

    -mari trying to win a contest or something;

    -she will try to clean her image after tikki go out of control;

    -or maybe she will try to save the day without or with another miraculous.

    Paris probably got really scared after the luck charm appears, they already know that cataclysm is the destruction one not the ladybug, so they may stay it a feet back, I guess but still don't make that much sense to me.

    It also can be they just being like " she is the queen here she will fix everything in the end" makes more sense I guess.

    Or she can use the bee miraculous and have a name like queen bee but in another language it would be really cool, what you guys think?

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous#mlb #ladybug and cat noir #mlb season 4 #mlb season 4 spoilers #dearest family #ml dearest family #dearest family sinopse #ml#ml theory
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  • chatonnoir
    17.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    in the teaser it looks like André got akumatized bc he thought Chat Noir was cheating on Ladybug and honestly what a guy

    #ml spoilers#miraculous ladybug#glaciator 2#ladynoir#marichat #Glaciator literally in the middle of the battle: Ladybug this man is LYING TO YOU. DUMP HIM #what a hero
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  • blackbutlerfandomnerddomain
    17.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    ~ Soft Cuddles & A Silver Lining After A Storm ~ {Miraculous Ladybug: Lukadrigaminette Fic}


    Contains Luka/Adrien/Kagami/Marinette Don't like don't bug me please

    Mild swearing (Like Shit, Hell, etc.)

    Some unrequited love feels

    Lila's a bitch (always)

    Fluffy crushes

    Inspired by this prompt: https://ot3muse.tumblr.com/post/622907512043290624/a-hires-a-room-for-the-night-and-gets-a-single


    Marinette tapped her pencil against her paper as she pondered about the test's answer, the sunny blue skies shining out the classroom's windows, her baby blue bell eyes re-read the question in her head. Let's see, what led to King Arthur's reign to go down? She thought, chewing her bottom lip softly, looking at the page of the answer bubble dots; A: His nephew's/son's, Mordred's, betrayal B: His wife's affair with King Lancelot C: The War of Camlan D: None of the above

    She scans part B's possible answer and looks in front of her to the back of beautiful golden whips of hair. She ended up looking back down at her papers after a few seconds that felt like hours with a lump in her throat.

    Things have been complex with her heart and mind, always fluttering heavily whenever three certain people are around... And, yes, it's not just Adrien this time... and not just Luka anymore... Whenever Kagami would stand near her, Whenever Luka would smile so gently to her, Whenever Adrien lightly touched her when saying good morning... Adrien's soft green eyes glimmering like jaded spring waters... Luka's gentle fingers stroking her wrists and cheeks when she's sad and in need of a tune and a shoulder to lean on... Kagami's sweet scent of vanilla bean shampoo...

    All these emotions mixed with the typical stress of school life and the life of being Ladybug, the protector of Paris, makes it even harder to focus on one thing at a time.

    Is this was going through Queen Guinevere's mind? She wondered, her pencil twirling softly between her thumb and pointer finger.

    A buzz along with multiple bings from within the classroom removes everyone from their test. Marinette along with everyone else quickly checks their phone to see live news footage of a akuma attack by their school. A few seconds later the school's and city's akuma alert drill alarm goes off.

    In a flash everyone hurries out or hides some place in the school, Alya guarding the school's bathroom so Marinette can transform.

    Ladybug let out a breath of relief as the akumatized victim turned back to the nervous student before hand, everything back to normal with a flick of her wrist. Chat Noir smiles softly at his lady. "Another day's work done great, wouldn't you agree m'lady?" He asked with that same smile and hands on his hips. Ladybug smiled in returned and softly ruffles his hair in a way of a pet as she spoke softly, "That is right kitty." She glanced at her ear rings as she heard a deep, but before she could open her mouth to say her usual goodbye the fellow hero lifted his hand up, "It's alright m'lady. I'll see you soon. Just be careful, I see grey clouds slowly swarming over us." With that Ladybug looked up to see, in fact, the weather had turned chillier and darker with the setting sun.

    With another flick of the wrist of her yo-yo she was gone with her partner left behind on the roof of a building.

    Swinging to and fro as the air got chillier and chillier, her nose's tip and cheeks slowly turning pinkish with warmth, she quickly slipped back into the bathroom and transformed back. She grabbed her backpack and snuck out, Alya following in tow.

    Seems like school is done for the rest of the day, looks like the test will wait too. Marinette thought, her eyes flickering up to the sky, the crowd of people who stayed in the building during the attack hurrying around and away out the school. She softly breathed her warm visible breath onto her pink tipped fingers while her eyes never left the sky with cautions feelings of the clouds. "See you tomorrow Mari." Alya said with a wave and smile before turning and walking across the street, Marinette can only returned the smile and wave as she watches her friend slowly disappear.

    "Sure hope it doesn't rain too much."

    Marinette felt herself shutter away from the harsh cold words from her far left by the crosswalk. She didn't even need to turn around and stare at those dark greens stabbing daggers into her.

    Lila walked right to Marinette's side with the look of acted worry planted on her pretty little face. "And that akuma came out of nowhere. I studied so hard for that test too..." Lila said with her sympathy coated her voice playing her acting to only one. Marinette just stared ahead with crossed arms. If anything she could be certain Lila was the one who started the akuma attack with a lie and a flair of drama to have her spot light on her more.

    Slowly, the brunette finally got the hint and dropped the act just for her with a smug smirk soon on her face as her eyes turn ice cold. Marinette let out a sigh, "What do you want Lila? I don't want any trouble before walking home in a storm." "Nothing at all. That's the truth. I just wanted to tell you your parents are so nice for letting me hide out during the attack, since I was out helping the homeless." She said, a clear lie between the two girls of her skipping class. A giggle lets out of the hero in disguise, pigtails swinging some as Marinette sways her head towards her, "Helping the homeless or too busy not study-" Suddenly her smart ass words got caught in her throat as her eyes widened in saucers as her cheek went cold in pale. Lila simply smirked wider and deeper before she wiggled her fingers as she starts walking around and away from the girl.

    After the weight of her words left Marinette's small frame she starts running across the street down her road as millions thoughts cross her mind, but only one rings louder and louder among the rest: What did she do? What did she do?? What did she do?!

    By the time she came to the bakery and hurried up the stairs the first thing she saw just outside her apartment door and the entire last flight of stairs flooded with icy cold water.

    "We called the plumber and they said they'll come right over tomorrow afternoon." Said Tom as he takes breaks from blowing up the air mattress on the now closed bakery's floor. Marinette watched her parents get a special kit with flash lights, quick add water packs, etc. "How you have all this down here?" Their daughter asked with a small head tilt. Sabine giggled with a fond memory look in her eyes as she replied, "Before we officially owned the apartment upstairs we would often sleep in the bakery. We were finally managed to be sold the apartment when we got pregnant with you." Marinette smiled warmly as she looked at the blow-up mattress fit for two, her brain upset as she pieced the puzzle together... Lila flooded our home and nearly our bakery She knew that, she didn't have proof of it, but she knew it.

    "I think I should maybe stay at Alya's." She mumbled after looking at the scene again. Her parents stared at her surprised. "Do you want to? We could make room." "It's fine. I don't mind. I just need to grab some things from my room." Sabine and Tom looked at each other before nodding to their daughter. Marinette smiles and hurries up the stairs again, being very careful with the water and issue going straight to her bedroom.

    It's like walking through a small ocean... She thought as she looked at her feet lightly above the water in which was revealed to be from the sinks of the kitchen and bathroom. She let out a sigh as she went up her stairs, clinging tightly on the bar in case her now wet feet slipped, and made it inside her bedroom.

    Wayzz looked up at Marinette as she finally made it, noticing the wet stains on her pant legs. Marinette looked at her room and saw it a mess! Papers everywhere, her computer tipped over over desk, two of her pillows ripped open and thrown on the floor, her dressing mannequin tipped over. It's no doubt Lila was here. "What happened here?" She squeaked as she quickly cleaned up what she could. Well, at least the computer isn't- Oh nope there's a large crack. "Crap..." she muttered as she set it up again, Sass floating close to her. "A young woman came in during the akuma attack and started tearing apart the room." He explained with his head hung low in shame. Marinette looked at the tiny snake and softly rubbed his head with her finger as she spoke in reassuring words, "It's okay Sass. These are all fixable." Sass curls on her finger with a smile, the other kwamis float over. "That was so mean..." Said Ziggy (my fav btw) with a said pout. Marinette only nodded as she looks at one of the pictures that was thrown apart, luckily not torn apart since they're Adrien, her eyes stopping at a picture of her with Adrien, Luka, and Kagami at the park.

    Tikki flew to Marinette's eye direction and looked up to her miraculous holder. Before she could say a word, Marinette looked out the window and then she started putting the Miracle Box in a large zip up bag before placing some clothes and two clean shoes - Sneakers and rain boots for the rain - in said bag. She then grabbed her charger and her sketch book and pencils as she speaks, "I'm only happy she didn't find the box. Mom and dad will be having someone to fix the water issue and I can't leave the box here. I'll be staying at Alya's for the night, so you guys don't need to hide when around her." She giggles as the kwamis cheer in excitement. She then grabs her ear buds and slips out, the kwamis quickly hiding in the bag.

    "Laisse-moi te chanter D'aller te faire en, hmm, Ouais j's'rai polie pour la télé Mais va te faire en, hmm... Balance ton quoi, Balance ton quoi, Balance ton quoi..." Marinette softly sings along as she walks, having already called Alya about the situation in hand, now listening to some music on shuffle.

    She stopped when she felt a tap on her head which caused her to look up to see the sky starting to rain as she felt the wind grow colder and strong in the push of a breeze.

    Oh Hell!

    Marinette quickly starts running as more rain goes down and hard and starts going sideways from the wind. She knew she didn't have time to change into her rain boots as she just starts running to her best friend's home direction.

    She skidded to a stop when a bike stops in front of her. "Luka?"

    Luka looks at Marinette with wide ocean blue eyes, rain drops caught in her hair. "Marinette? What are you doing out here?" "I was trying to hurry to Alya's and got caught off guard... You?" Luka just tilted his head to a pile of pizza boxes in the back with his guitar case. Marinette nods and hugs herself tightly with chills, Luka meanwhile watches her face turn a natural cold pink. "Do you want me to give you a ride?" He asked before he pats the free space of his bike's seat. Marinette smiles softly before nodding and climbing on, Luka handing her a helmet.

    "I have to swing back Le Grand Paris Hotel first to drop the pizzas off." He warned before he started to peddle through the winds and rain. "That's okay!"

    Adrien looked at the gloomy storm outside with his green eyes through the hotel window, having being there for a after school photo shoot. It's not like he's unhappy he's out of his house for once, he just knows he's going to get a earful from his father about this as if the rain was planned by him.

    His eyes caught a flash of red running from the park to the hotel doors, following the blur as it moves. "Kagami?" Kagami looked at Adrien, her short black a complete mess, her face flushed in a way it nearly hides her freckles, rain stains all over her, she seemed out of breath as she clings her backpack in his hand. She looked like she went through Hell.

    Adrien walked over to her with the question, "Seeking shelter from the rain?" "Yes. I was practicing in the park. You?" "We were about to have a photo shoot here, but it got canceled." After a few seconds of silence Marinette and Luka slipped into the hotel's lobby, causing the two already nesting there to look at them. Marinette looked up and saw them through the raindrops in her eyelashes, her cheeks quickly heating up in red flesh behind her already warmed cheeks.

    Adrien was the first to smile and wave small, "Hey Marinette. Also hiding from the rain?" Marinette softly giggled shyly as her knees stay glued to each other, her voice mumbling out of her throats and lips, "S-Sort of... It's a long story... Luka's just giving me a ride to Alya's and we're taking a detour." Luka nods with a smile as he heads to the elevator with the pizza bag.

    Kagami never once stopped looking at Marinette while she and Adrien watch Luka disappear. "Why are you going to Alya's doing a storm?" She asked suddenly, which caused Marinette to stammer more, "W-Well... as I said it's a long story-" "We have time it seems." Marinette looked at Kagami and Adrien, silently cursing that Luka had left her high and dry to the two beauties of knights.

    Luckily, by a wing of lucky faith, a new voice spoke up behind all of them, "Mr Adrien, a room had been made for you as request by Miss Bourgeois." Said the lobby's head. Just like Chloe to help Adrien out Marinette thought though she didn't complain. It saved her a few seconds and it helped Adrien. Luka was walking back by this time, and she could easily see his eyes were upset when they looked outside the hotel's lobby window.

    Adrien looked out and frowned. "It looked like it went harder. Marinette said you're taking her to Alya's, do you think you could make it?" Luka didn't even have a sign of fake optimism when he shook his head and spoke, "Not a chance. The tired would be heavily damaged. Unless Alya's parents pick her up..." He trailed off the last part with a sigh, the look of guilt filling the blues of his eyes. Marinette looks at him and softly put a hand on his shoulder as a way of comfort. "It's fine Luka," She started. "You still helped the best you could." "Thank you Marinette..." The blonde of the four looked at the two and at Kagami before walking to the lobby's desk. "Excuse me, but could I request a change on the hotel room booked for me?"

    By this all of them turned and looked at him in confusion. He continued, "I was hoping to maybe request a room with a few extra beds. If not then a large bed and large couch if that's okay." Marinette walked over with a question stuck to her throat, "What are you doing Adrien?" The boy smiled brightly, "I figured we can all share a room. After all we're stuck here for a bit. If you guys don't want to I understand."

    It's not like I don't understand... Thought Marinette But it's with all three of you in the same room as me?!

    "Get out! Marinette Dupen-Chang stuck in a hotel room with all three crushes? For a whole storm??" Alya snorted when during the video call while Marinette had called her as she hid in the hotel room's bathroom. Marinette's cheek felt so hot as she pouts, "It's not funny Alya. This is so crazy! What if I mess up??" "Girl, you don't need to worry about messing up after these guys have seen you stammer, fall, trip, and so much more and still stick with you. Do you have the Miracle Box hidden?" The young Guardian nods. Alya nods back. "Good. Keep it hidden until then. Promise me to come over after the storm lifts?" "Yes. I promise. And I promise to keep you updated."

    With that the call ended and Marinette slumped back with a sigh which quickly turned to a embarrassed groan. Tikki lifted her cute head up and smiled, "Cheer up Marinette. The storm will soon be done and you have nothing else to worry about!" Marinette smiled a bit and gives Tikki a small peck on her spot.

    After a few more breaths she slowly crept out of the bathroom. All the three remaining parties finished setting the couch up to be a bed for most likely Luka and Adrien to share.

    Adrien looked up and smiled, "Hey Marinette. We were all talking and we were wondering if you'd like the bed for yourself?" Marinette's bluebell eyes widened a bit before she looks at Kagami, who's nor wearing her skirt's shorts and a bathrobe as a form of sleepwear. "What about you Kagami? Where would you sleep?" She asked. Kagami shoot her head, some drops still sparkling her hair as she spoke, "I'll be fine sleeping on the floor. This hotel has many pillows and blankets. I'm used to sleep on the floors in some studios when it's late and I'm tired." "Oh..." Marinette softly rubbed her arm, pausing when she felt warm arms hug her slightly and looked to see a hood given to her and Luka stepping back with a smile and soft tune, "You looked cold. You can have my jacket for the night."

    Marinette softly smiled and nodded before carefully making her way to the single large bed separated from the rest by one sliding door, Kagami in tow.

    Marinette jolted awake when hearing a clash and a bang. Quickly she covers her head with a pillow as tears formed her eyes. I always hated storms... She sniffed slightly as she peeks from the pillows to see movement in the dark room. "Marinette?" The undercover hero bite back a whimper in her throat when Kagami's voice spoke out in the darkness. "Y-Yeah..?" She whispered. She felt the bed shift and a weight formed next to her, Kagami's voice speaking again now closer, "Are you scared?"

    Marinette went to say something but cowards more away in the comfort of the bed when thunder happened again. She hated the fact she was so scared right now, she hated that she was back to a child's fear of the dark when she fought Shadow Moth and his Akumas many times even when he was just Hawk Moth.

    Slowly, she felt the weight disappear and then heard the sliding door opened. "Huh...?" She looked up, "Kagami-" She let out a loud shriek when lighting crashed louder than the rest.

    Soft footsteps didn't reach her. Not the soft comforting words of her friends. Nothing.

    "It's okay Marinette... We're here."

    Marinette sniffed as she opened her eyes slightly as someone snuggled next to her left. She felt a slightly heavier weight lay on her right and the scent of vanilla sneaks to her nose as smaller hands rub her back.

    "Breath in... Breath out... Everything will be okay Marinette..."

    Soon she heard someone humming, Luka's soft rumbles of his throat and closed lips, humming a calming melody as Kagami's fingers rubbed small circles on her back and head and Adrien held the two girls close...

    Slowly, the worry disappeared as she more focused on the softness and warmth of the touches and the kindness of the voices... As she drifted more and more to sleep...

    @lukadrigaminette and fellow shippers, I challenge someone to continue this with me!

    #adrien x kagami x luka x marinette #lukadrigaminette#fanfiction#mlb fic#ot4#my ot4 #fic cover request #lots of gifs #Youtube#casting #marinette dupen chang #adrien agreste#luka couffaine#kagami tsurugi#lila rossi#alya cesaire#miraculous kwamis#mlb spoilers #mlb season 4 #my version of a season
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    17.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    The Glaciator 2.0 trailer out here looking wild, and honestly, living for our home girl breaking the laws of the road and learning how to drive early-

    #Ladybug in a sports car is the highlight of this season and she looks so badass while doing it #miraculous spoilers#miraculous#season 4#mlb #mlb season 4 #memes#miraculous ladybug#miraculous memes#gabriel agreste#hawkmoth#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #ladybug#lucky charm#lucky charms #ml season 4 #Mayura#nathalie sancoeur#marichat#glaciator 2
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    17.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago
    #miraculous ladybug#ml#mlb#ml spoilers #miraculous ladybug spoilers #straight marichat to the veins #marichat#glaciator 2#video #with quality animation 😭
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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chloe definitely had a hand in those posters bc what adult would do that

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  • ladytheebug
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    no thoughts, just Ladybug driving a lamborghini aventador

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  • plaggrestes
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i think this photo accurately describes adrien throughout the entirety of season four so far

    #ladybug being late to patrol in truth? head in hands #the kagami situation in lies? head in hands #getting judged in a movie theatre in gang of secrets? head in hands #getting turned into a pigeon in mr pigeon 74? head in hands #almost getting his miraculous taken by the guardian in furious fu? head in hands #kaalki making his foosball table disappear in sole crusher? head in hands #being put in a cage in queen banana? head in hands #i know gabriel agreste hasnt came out yet but HEAD IN HANDS. #getting yelled at by his father in mega leech? head in hands #when he tried to cataclysm himself in guiltrip? head in hands #getting friendzoned by ladybug in crocoduel? i mean he’s used to it but head in hands #feeling sidelined in optigami? head in hands #sentibubbler (no explanation needed)? head in hands #when scarabella showed up in hack san? head in hands #the entire adrinino scene in rocketear? head in hands #not knowing his dream in wish maker? head in hands #breaking his wing in simpleman? head in hands #i can’t believe i typed all of those out… Head In Hands #ml spoilers#ml spoiler#glaciator 2#adrien agreste#chat noir#ml#miraculous#miraculous ladybug
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  • pollyannawog
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Welcome to the suffering buddy :’)

    #polly draws#miraculous#miraculous ladybug #miraculous season 4 spoilers #miraculous comic#luka couffaine#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #viperion#ladybug#chat noir#cat noir#love square #can't wait for the next time luka gets akumatized its bc he physically cannot stand to see this shit anymore #This comic is So Lazy I made it instead of writing a 5 page anthro paper so I should go do that now haha
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  • thelibraryloser
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    in the midst of all our celebration do not forget to do a quick wellness check on all your Ladrien friends

    #we love you guys #your time will come #marichat#ladrien#miraculous ladybug#ml spoilers#glaciator 2 #glaciator 2 spoilers
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  • overworkedunderwhelmed
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Is it too much to hope they're on their date watching the Ladybug and Chat Noir movie where Chat Noir is just ripping it apart mercilessly? Of course, he knows what's coming as Gabriel made him voice Chat again.

    It would just be pure joy for him to both make valid complaints and get Marinette genuinely laughing right along with his quips (and facts).

    #ml spoilers#miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir#marichat #ml glaciator 2.0 #ml fanfic gone canon
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  • rainbow-arrow
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i want more adrien and alya friendship moments but with her being marinette’s secret keeper i don’t think it’s gonna happen for a while :(

    #let's go #mlb season 4 spoilers #mlb#miraculous ladybug #adrien and alya supremacy #jfdsklafjaskl #remember when nino went on a date with marinette #what if we got That lovesquare #and alya and adrien #jdkalfjasl #i love djwifi don't get me wrong #but like. Consider #adrien agreste#alya cesaire
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  • autumngravity
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I would give anything that in Glaciator 2 Adrien was still dating Kagami. Because then when LadyNoir are nominated for best Couple, Ladybug and Chat Noir start complaining to the press and Ladybug is like "Were not even dating" and Chat says "Yea I'm dating someone else" in a total Adrien move and the press goes hog wild. Cut to Chat Noir and Marinette having their friend date and now the whole of Paris thinks Chat Noir and Marinette are dating. So now Adrien is dating Kagami and Chat Noir is (fake)dating Marinette. High jinx ensue.

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  • chicoriii
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Season 4, Episode 19 - Simplificator (Simpleman)

    Geez, unfortunately I lost the first half of this post accidentally which hurts also because I feel a bit sick since yesterday (nothing serious, just a cold). Luckily, it wasn't lots of text, as there's not much to say about this episode. Now I need to write it again. It's rather going to be shorter than version I lost, as I feel tired.

    So it was the first typical filler episode that could happen in any other seasons. I have nothing against fillers, as long as they are decent enough. This one wasn't bad, though it would not be among my favourite ones. Still I think it was better than many this season's episodes. And to be fair, I would prefer more fillers like that that the whole mess that's happening in season 4.

    It was also more comedic episode, and I'm not a fan of them, I have never liked humor in this show much. There are kids shows or movies that could be really funny for me, like Phineas and Ferb. The only more comedic episode of Miraculous I really liked was Reverser and even that had one super idiotic thing I hated (that one about sending trash to the moon). Humor in this episode is more appealing to kids, in my opinion.

    So it's continuation of Marinette being dumb if she can't even hide the Miracle Box well, knowing Manon will be there. I don't get why she could not take the kids with her. But I'm surprised that her grandpa wasn't angry that he was forced to babysit four children. I thought it would be reason why he got akumatised. The real one was rather weak, but it wasn't untypical for this show. Still Animan had the dumbest motivation to get akumatised.

    I don't like Simplificator (the original name is much better) design but his power was even cool. There were much more uninspired akumas this season like Rocketear.

    The battle wasn't interesting much, as the whole situation wasn't funny to me. Also it seemed to be far-fetched that the kids weren't affected by the Simpleman's power at all. I know they wanted an episode in which the children are saving the world, which is not a bad idea, but there should have been explained in believable way. I assume it's a statement like "children are not making things complicated", but I don't think it's true in real. Kids are different, some see things as simple, some not.

    I wonder what was the big deal with the whole "I can't have a boyfriend as long as I'm Ladybug" drama from early season 4 if that hasn't changed Marinette attitude towards Adrien at all? Was it just a drama for the sake of drama, right? She's still dreaming about being with him, she still wants to confess to him. It's like Truth and Gang of Secrets didn't happen (I would be happy if the latter didn't in real ;)). But I'm really not surprised, Marinette is written extremely inconsistent this season, like many other aspects and characters. That was logical that if after Truth she is convinced that she can't have a boyfriend, she will try to be just friends with Adrien and that would let her to talk to him normally more often, as it's been shown even in season 1 that she can do it as long she's in "being Adrien's friend" mode. I have written a post about it in which I was almost sure that development in Adrienette will happen this way, but that was back then in those beautiful days, when I was still unaware that season 4 is going to be as much inconsistent and illogical mess as it is. There's not only zero development, I have a feeling Marinette is dealing with it even worse than before, seeing how she's running away from Adrien in Wishmaker, though she wasn't even thinking about making any romantic gesture towards him at that moment.

    If I wasn't as much disappointed by season 4 as the whole and Ladynoir drama didn't kill the ship to me, I would be very angry about Adrienette current situation. Not only lack of development, but also lack of relevant and really exciting moments between them. And I'm even somewhat glad that nothing happens between them, since Marinette's love towards Adrien can't be realistic to me anymore because of her terrible attitude towards Chat Noir since Optigami. She clearly shows that she doesn't need Chat Noir when she has Rena and she forgets that he exists when she should not of she really cares about him.

    And seeing that I don't believe that Ladynoir mess is going to make their relationship better. People seem to be sure that will happen, because it appears to be logical, but personally after Hack-san, I have no faith in writers. Adrienette development seemed to be totally logical as well, and what? Nothing happens. I don't believe that Ladynoir drama is there for any different reason than just for the sake of drama, like that one with Marinette crying because she can't have a boyfriend. At best they will bring back the old status quo, but not exactly because there's still Rena. Marinette definitely isn't going to take away the fox Miraculous from Alya all by herself no matter what will happen, because it would hurt her. I don't see Alya stopped being a permanent Miraculous holder unless things like Lila stealing the fox or Su-Han telling Marinette to do that would happen. But even if, Alya will remain having all the Miraculous lore knowledge that Marinettte has, access to the Miracle Box and knowing Ladybug's identity, she will still have a huge advantage over Chat Noir.

    Some time ago I've seen someone claiming that it looks like there would be no development in the Love Square before the identity reveal, only then every problems will be magically fixed. I wasn't thinking like that back then, but now I feel the creators have no intention to develop their relationship significantly in any of the sides before the reveal. I no longer expect any nice things I'd love to see in this show, I prefer to have zero hopes.

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  • copdog1234
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Can't believe André is gonna get akumatized because he's a Ladynoir stan.

    #ml spoilers#miraculous ladybug#ml#marichat#ml glaciator#glaciator 2 #andre the ice cream man #ladynoir #ml love square #adrien agreste #marinete dupain cheng
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  • rainbow-arrow
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    List of Miraculous Season Four Based Entirely on the Appearance of Luka Couffaine*

    *updates to follow

    Truth- Yes! Lies- Kinda Gang of Secrets- No Mr. Pigeon 72- No Psycomedian- ???? Furious Fu- No Soul Crusher- Kinda Queen Banana- No Gabriel Agreste- ???? Mega Leech- No Guiltrip- No Crocoduel- Yes! Optigami- Kinda Sentibubbler- No Glaciator 2- No Hack-San- No Rocketeer- No Wishmaker- Yes!! Simpleman- No Qilin- No Dearest Family- No Ephemeral- Yes Kuro Neko- ???? Penalteam- ???? Risk- ????? Strike Back- ????

    **kinda meaning he's there, but little to no words are said

    #let's go#mlb#ml#luka couffaine #mlb season 4 spoilers #well in ephemeral it's confirmed viperion is there #viperion#miraculous ladybug #i don't mean to say the ones he isn't in Doesn't matter #but seeing as he Knows the lovesquare #i just think something's Only going to happen if he is #season started out with a bANG AMIRITE #anywho this is mostly for me #ml season 4 spoilers #ml spoilers#mlb spoilers
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  • bugaboo-and-kittynoir
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    are you…serious?

    h e ‘ s l o o k i n g a t h e r

    he looks at her like that like are you serious i just can’t handle it especially when it’s MARICHAT OMG

    …yeah i’m not gonna make it through this one.

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  • arcanejude
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    her face realizing chat visits other girls on their balconies after glaciator 2

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