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  • Wild Ones - Invite Me In [4K 60FPS] (live @ Union Pool 4/21/18)

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  • He could fight with his bare hands for clothes, shelter, harsh basics of survival.

    , Cassian learned, true wanting, was saved for ephemeral things: to know his mothers name. To make Azriel feel safe. To do better than those who had come before.

      To have a mate- he had wished on the stars, young and furious, prayed in bloody sweat with dreaming promise- that there could ever a be a person who’d want as much as Cassian wanted, to whom Cassian give and be nothing but his whole self.

    He didn’t need to touch Nesta to love her. To possess her in any way.

      He simply wanted, and it was the simplest thing in the world.

      Cassian loved her as Illyrians loved the sky. 

      The truth of Nesta’s expression escaped her skin, the bond a scant murmur of her voice.

    You came here for me.

    #angst break for #SO MUCH SOFTNESS #I really cannot describe part five well? #it is a ride...in every way...through several extremes #but we pause at intervals of plot for Cassian to be like #REMEMBER NESTA IS MY HEART AND SOUL #RIDE OR DIE FOREVER #Nesta knows it? #but takes time to get it #love she was always ready for #but her own value is a more complicated thing #see: daylight part 3 #and honestly #Cassian's issues with sex #are a mirror image of Nesta's issues with having a relationship #re wanting but fearing inherent destructive qualities #baby Cassian just wanted to be loved!! #and told it was okay that he had feelings!
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  • #so please don't read the tags if you don't wanna get spoilers for this #i mean it i am about to unburden my heart in here #okay so first off the set up necessary to get jongdae into minseok's little hostel #insanity i was so angry on his behalf i was ready to murder that receptionist lady #but it all turned out for good #i loved the inclusion of seulgi as the one who takes jongdae in #and his first description of minseok as the hottest man in south korea #i felt that! #even though the span of the story was really short the way it was written #xiuchen finding this easy rhythm with each other was really nice #and i loved all the other inclusions #i am biased but sehun as jongdae's surf instructor was absolutely amazing #and i loved the chanbaeksoo substory i feel like i wanna ask for spin off of their love story #they were such a good addition to it #and junmyeon the banker in his sleek silver audio i might have cackled at that #BUT okay back to xiuchen #i was so surprised how early on minseok made his move #but i loved it all #the way it was written really brilliant #like the writing directly mirrored the ease jongdae fell into with minseok so unlike the relationships he was used to from the past #and god when he agreed to leave #that talk they had in the kitchen before kyungsoo showed up #the rawest fucking thing i read in ages #minseok's line about only having a taste of jongdae #but not asking him for more #end me now it was so good #i had to cut this short because i hit tag limit with my rambling but thank you anon darling #fic recs
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  • #ii . honey your heart is made of gold ›› mirror . #can u believe.... how pretty she is omg
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  • me to me: okay Cian. remember. next time we come across an asshole npc talking shit about ashlanders or argonians, we keep walking. we can’t afford another murder bounty. got it?

    me: got it.

    asshole npc: argonians should still be slaves 🤪 ashlanders are savages 🤪


    #i can't tell you how many fucking house members I've murdered #i literally can't help myself #call me a bleeding heart leftist hippie but oppression is always bad! even against fictional people! #i can't fucking just let it slide i don't care if it's just a bunch of code on a screen #if I'm not cool with that shit irl why should i try to accept it in a game #idk. maybe this is dumb but like... it matters to me #talking to characters who were literally slaves only a short while ago breaks my fucking heart #talking to ashlanders who are literally having their sacred ancestral lands colonised by the great houses... how can i not start seething #idk. it all mirrors real life so much which just. hurts even more y'know #like this shit is real and has been real for so long and it's something i care about and i feek strongly about #so when i see a mirrored version of it in my fantasy gane with fantasy people it still makes me so fucking upset #idk #i love tes but fucking LORD man it's heavy #.txt #teso
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  • Jaskier writes (in character)

    ‘My soul, to the audience, is an open book’: The bard writes 📖 — in-character poetry written by my Jaskier muse who sometimes resides on this blog ;)

    ‘Toss a coin to your bard’: Poetry request 🖋— when Jaskier writes YOU poems :D

    ‘As you can imagine, dear reader…’: The bard speaks 🌼 — any other in-character content from my booiiiiii 💛💛💛💛

    I write (out of character/everything else) 

    ‘Nay, it was only the beginning…”: Fic 📖 - my fics/drabbles/oneshots

    ‘My heart resides on the tip of my tongue’: The bard sings 🎶🪕— songs from the OST and others that remind me of him/I could imagine him singing etc

    ‘Ooooooh yeah’: The bard admires himself in the mirror 😉 — pics of him lookin’ fiiiine and he knows it HAHA

    One time professor; some time bard; full-time chaos-monger: Headcanons/character stuff 📜 — a combination of my own headcanons and other people’s that I think are rad

    ‘Putting the LUTE in absoLUTE talent’: Crack & shitposts 😂 — lol there will probably be a whole lot of these

    Build me up buttercup 🌼 — aka whenever I’m just shamelessly 😍 over him lmao 💛

    #‘My soul to the audience is an open book’: The bard writes 📖 #‘Toss a coin to your bard’: Poetry request 🖋 #‘As you can imagine dear reader...’: The bard speaks 🌼 #‘My heart resides on the tip of my tongue’: The bard sings 🎶🪕 #‘Ooooooh yeah’: The bard admires himself in the mirror 😉 #One time professor; some time bard; full-time chaos-monger: Headcanons/character stuff 📜 #‘Putting the LUTE in absoLUTE talent’: Crack & shitposts 😂 #Build me up buttercup 🌼 #‘Nay it was only the beginning...”: Fic 📖
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  • #Cat Got Your Heart // bloodshotstare #Smoke n Mirrors // Magic Anon Curse #Duet // thread #Open Mic Night/nsfw
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    • Daphne: Potter's dyin' for peace like isn't he? It's all he ever goes on about. I hope it works out for 'im.
    • Astoria: Aye, I kind of hope it works out for all of us, Daph.
    #derry girls#Snap-crack-pop #c: The inventor of the mirror poisoned the human heart (Daphne) #c: Chase your stars – life is short (Astoria) #daphne greengrass#astoria greengrass#Harry Potter #Harry Potter chat #Harry Potter lol #Harry Potter funny
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  • Climbing up Death Mountain.

    #Let's Play LoZ A Link To The Past #Let's Play LoZ ALTTP #ALTTP#Let's Play#LP#Silentsenior09#SilentS#SS #video game commentary #October 2020#Death Mountain#Link#Elyk #Wandering Old Man #Magic Mirror#DeadRoc#Boulder #Piece of Heart #top of mountain #falling#StephenVlog
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  • i should not have spent so much time on this

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  • Throwback to when our VIP met Demi Lovato!

    #demi devonne lovato #demi lovato #meet and greet icons #meet and greet #demi lovato concert #concert#concert tickets #demi lovato tickets #mental health#anyone #sorry not sorry #confident #I Love Me #i'm ready #In the Mirror #Lonely Hearts #ok not to be ok #still have me #Fall in Line #I believe#Sober#solo#throwback#throwback thursday
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  • alice q. tags

    #✕··· ❛ a girl as blue as magic ❜ ⸢ mirror ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ what you bring back may never be the same ❜ ⸢ aesthetic ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ i’ll tell you this but only once ❜ ⸢ drabble ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ down to the bone ; you hold your truth ❜ ⸢ about ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ tragic backstory unlocked ❜ ⸢ headcanon ¦ alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ won’t you come see about me ; i’ll be alone dancing ❜ ⸢ music ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ teach me softly how to love ; tell me why the heart quickens ❜ ⸢ desires ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ wear it well ; wear it proud ; this pain is only yours ❜ ⸢ interactions ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ she is wildfire and she is coming to devour you whole ❜ ⸢ wishlist ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ hold back ; don’t hold back ; they’ll judge you all the same ❜ ⸢ starter call ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ our roots are so tangled ; our pain is one ❜ ⸢ dyn. atomancy // charlie quinn ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ bitterness is born of experience ; it is the privilege of one who has truly lived ❜ ⸢ dyn. atomancy // eliot waugh ; alice quinn ⸥ #✕··· ❛ i hope you never doubt again that even when you are in pain ; that you are a miracle ❜ ⸢ dyn. atomancy//penny adiyodi ; alice quinn ⸥
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  • Normally I try to avoid talking about anything that doesn’t relate to things that can either affect my work or my muses, but I have a friend irl I live with. And as much as I love her like a sister I worry about her. Like if I talk to her about politics she seems to like everybody, and I’m over here thinking ‘I really hope someone doesn’t fuck you over. Obviously she can like who she wants, I respect that, but if you aren’t gonna do your homework and see who’s actually worth your respect or even at that vote…maybe avoid it. 

    #⁽ᵒᵒᶜ⁾ ᶦ ʷᵃˢ ᵛᵉʳʸ ᵛᵉʳʸ ᵖᵉʳˢᵘᵃˢᶦᵛᵉ #(in short if you have this mindset then it makes it easier for these people to fuck you over) #(I have no faith in any of these people) #(and I've learned it the hard way) #(have suffered for it even) #(and I know if she's not careful one day someone is gonna walk all over her and use her good will and kind heart) #(because her heart's in the right place) #(and some people are gross and disgusting and will use that against you) #(and you have politicians making false promises but none of them truly deliver) #(but I worry for anyone who mirrors the same mindset) #(PLEASE PLEASE BE SAFE) #(because I was like you once) #politics mention tw
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