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  • Misaki and dedue bear would be friends

    #bang dream#misaki #i dont remember her full name dont feel like searching it up #haha waot Nvm #okisawa misaki#michelle#dedue#dedue bear#dedue molinaro #these tags are a mess i dont care dhhd
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  • Usui x reader

    Who writes too many Usui stories. I dooooo but it’s fine because y'all like em

    Summary: Usui appears at the front door of your messy apartment.

    “Huh? Usui!? I didn’t expect you. It’s messy in here. You sure you wanna come in? And what did you even come here for?”

    E/C= eye color

    “It’s messy in here I should probably clean.” You yawned to had a long day of finals and wanted to sleep but you had the sneaking urge to clean your place and started to do so.

    “Ok! I’m gonna change then make myself some tea and clean up!” You changed into a pair of sweat pants and a long t-shirt.

    “Hm? Who’s at my door?” You asked yourself grabbing your phone off the dresser in your bedroom

    “Hello? I pray this isn’t my mother.” You mumbled.

    “Huh? Usui!? I didn’t expect you here. It’s messy in here you sure you wanna come in?”

    “Yeah.” He had his hands in his pockets.

    “And how did you even get my address. OH! It must of been when we’re worked on that assignment together. But I didn’t expect you to remember it.” You picked the glasses that were sitting on the coffee table in your living room.

    “Usui you want some tea?”


    “I’ll take that as a no.” He got up at and explored your messy apartment.

    “Usui? You ok?” You questioned him leaning on the door fame of your bedroom door holding the bottom and the handle of your grandmother’s old coffee mug

    “Do you live by yourself?”

    “I do in fact my sisters in college. I used to live in the town overs apartment building but I moved over here.”

    “So does that mean I get to do whatever I want to you?”

    “I don’t know what that means but if your asking if we’re alone. Yes yes we are.” You walked back into your kitchen to re fill your tea up in hopes Usui would follow you for a cup.

    “Usui! Are you sure you don’t want a cup of tea?


    "Alright I’ll stop asking. Come here for a sec.”

    He walked into your kitchen. Confused of why you wanted him in the room

    “I KNEW IT! So this is what you’ve been hiding from me.” He had a scar on his forearm you could see it though his thin uniform shirt. “He must have cut himself when he was helping me last week moving those boxes at school.” You thought too yourself why didn’t he tell you maybe he didn’t want to worry you


    “I’ll go get the bandages. Sit down on the couch.” “Why is he giving me the silent treatment. He’s never like this at school.” You thought

    “…….” He was like a dog he obeyed like one.

    “Roll your sleeve up or take the shirt off.”

    “Isn’t that embarrassing for you?” He asked with a smug look expecting you to be embarrassed.

    “No I used to fix my brother up all the time he got in to many fights as a little boy. My mother’s a doctor so when she wasn’t home and father got hurt I would fix him up as well.” This type of stuff wasn’t embarrassing for you. It’s not like your never going to see a shirtless boy. Gushing over stuff like that isn’t gonna get you anywhere.

    “Look at me and move your arm over.”

    “That stings.” You had alcohol on a cotton ball to clean his scar. It doesn’t look like he took much liberty to clean this off

    “Wow the great Usui being stung by alcohol. Well if you took more time to clean yourself up I wouldn’t have to do this.” You don’t think Usui took the time to clean cuts and scars. He probably thought it was a waste of time.

    “Your pretty good at this.” He was shocked at your nursing skills.

    “I told you when my mom wasn’t at the hospital she taught me how to these things and had to learn by-”

    “Does that mean if I get hurt your take care of me more often?” He lifted your chin to look up at his. He stared into your (e/c) eyes with a sly smile on his face. His meaning for this was to kiss you but you had your sly remarks

    “Sure~ that means I get to enjoy your company.” Usui blushed surprisingly. I don’t think he’s ever had anyone respond to him. Like you did

    “Oh ho ho ho? Usui blushing? HAHA! I get to see Misaki laugh at you at work tomorrow!” Usui was always at your job. It was so he could see you in your unforim it didn’t bother you. I mean this man staring at you just ment you felt more powerful around him. And him staring meant more blackmail for his book

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    Darker than black Shikkoku no hana - Yuji Iwahara

    #manga edit #darker than black #yuji iwahara #shikkoku no hana #misaki#misaki kirihara#kirihara dtb #kirihara misaki dtb
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  • {Misaki, it’s your birthday!!}



    {Please don’t tell me you actually forgot your birthday…}

    I was too busy studying I didn’t even notice.

    {Well now I’ve made you notice! Happy birthday!!}

    Oh! Thank you.

    #Misaki#Admin #{how does one even forget their bday? idk}
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  • As I promised about half a year ago.

    I’m just a little late.

    Just a little bit.

    But my real goal was to figure out a good process and get a bit better at digital coloring.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Technically it’s only three characters instead of six…

    But they’ve all got an alternate form, so it’s fine.

    Featuring the first chair flute who bullied the kid in the chess club, my father-in-law, and Garnet’s fusion with Sonic.

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  • @silvxcs

    “I… feel this so much, Sou-chan. The way the man you love looks at you and gets jealous and possessive~.”


    “It’s… I can’t deal it’s so sexy oh my god how is he even real??”  Souji’s not going to recover from that at all he’s never seen Ayato do that before his life is different now.

    #LOL son#silvxcs#Misaki #he's not okay lol
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  • @silvxcs

    “Papa Ayato-san it is~. They’re right. Mother for Sou-chan and father for him.” Parents… what love from them feels like also – not a known feeling, but it’s fine and he keeps his small smile on.


    A soft, embarrassed cough.  “I…that would have more to do with Adrian’s will.  For all we know he simply trusts Souji, and with good reason.”


    “But Aya… Aya you’d make a great dad… A-Aya??”  He’s not sure why Ayato’s turning away from him, but now he’s concerned.  Did he say something wrong??”

    #no honey he can't deal with how cute you are #npc: Ishikawa Ayato #silvxcs#Misaki
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    wasn’t gonna post this but you know what why not

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    Tested a different art style with this one! I’m so hyped for new TWEWY content! Can’t wait for the anime!

    #twewy #the world ends with you #iaww #it's a wonderful world #sks #subarashiki kono sekai #twewy anime #twewy the animation #neku sakuraba#neku#sakuraba#shiki misaki#shiki#misaki#kiki's doodles
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  • omg so here r some of my fav harohapi cards (doing 2 each 1 idolized one not)

    Fav Misaki cards


    The Other Me

    Ok so first off this card literally makes me teary eyed!! she’s so pretty and she’s so happy and everything is just right in the world with her and her fursuit !! I dont like the idolized version as much but it’s still v cute!!! 


    Sewing Together

    OK THIS ONE I JUST ADORE?? Michelles outfit is literally so cute!! her little scrunchie her shoes!! and the background is cluttered with stuff but it’s got a really nice fun vibe to it yknow !!!? everything on this card is so detailed down to the fabrics and soles of the shoes and i think that’s just so beautiful

    Fav Kanon Cards


    Ever-Shining Sun

    Sleepy stretching Kanon and aya as a whole plus!!! the energy just has this “wow go us…now lets take a nap” energy type deal and i really adore that, the way the sunlight is shining on them in what i assume is a dark library is just so comforting to me? also!! kanon is literally sparkling like omg… <3 the idolized version is adorable to but this card just feels so cute.


    One Step Forward

    Ok so let me start off with this was my FIRST and i mean FIRST bandori card i ever got from a gacha so im heavily bias here!! the unidolized version is very cute but i’ve always just loved the circus set!! the elephant, cat(?) and lion are all very cute!!! never cared much for the card itself ngl. just holds a very soft place in my heart and I needed an excuse to put it here!! cuz it means a lot 2 me :) 

    Fav Kaoru Cards


    HaroHapi Thief

    I have this card!! it was one of my dream cards and let me tell you the rush of happiness this card gave me!!! kanon being held by kaoru is just so cute, like.. kanon really went O////O emote and I just adore everyones phantom thief outfits ^_^ 


    The Star of the Show Appears!

    I really do not know what to tell you other than I am just in love with kaoru this card perfectly depicts her in every way it possibly can you can FEEL her horse girl energy, you can feel her saying shake spear to you like, please marry me also the way the background horse and bird are so detailed is so beautiful? not to mention all the glitter on her suit!!! . 

    Fav Hagumi Cards


    I’ll Teach You!

    underrated girls sleeping on eachother . this proves they are best friends!! to be honest hagumi was a hard one because unlike the others i quite prefer her idolized versions compared to unidolized!! i dont have anything to add really they’re just cute n hagumi is too!! 


    Matching with Himari

    This was a really hard one bc i love love love hagumis cards that are idolized and this is no exception!! its just the fave of them all i can currently find!! ^__^ i love the little hearts flowers and notes etc. all around chisato and hagu also her little bear shoe.. and hat… “come on this way!!!” like a child first going to a mall . i think thats how id describe this card and i think thats just adorable. 

    Fav Kokoro Cards


    Racing With Mr. Fishy!

    This ones probably a suprise!! but omg the little michelle fish and the way her hair is done just makes me feel warm and happy inside!! I don’t have much to say other than she’s just purely adorable. and the fish!!!!!! omg the fish!!!!


    Welcome Everyone!

    THE BUNNY HAT THE DETAILED BACKGROUND THE OUTFIT EVERYTHGIN I JUST omg… shes so cute shes so adorable!!!! ^__^ very cluttered again but I think thats just a theme in harohapi!!! i dont have much to say other than cute!!! ^_^

    anyways thank u for reading if u read all this i probably wont do another post like this for awhile i just wanted to talk abt harohapi to be honest!! 

    #.txt #bandoriposting #new taggg ^_^ #long post#harohapi#misaki#kanon#kaoru#hagumi#kokoro#orange #ask 2 tag with anything else u might need
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  • When you look at me, what is it that you see


    #my art#Misaki #My warrior of light #icebeast #Warrior of light #miqo'te#Blood#FFXIV #Final Fantasy XIV
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  • i’m on episode 2 of maid-sama! and i would just like to say,,, i am a misaki kinnie,,, i too hate cishet men and want to step on them 😃😃

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  • Todo lo que daba por sentado se ha ido

    No hay sonido en la voz
    No hay color en la luz
    Hay temperatura, pero no hay calor

    Misaki Takasaki © le pertenece a Musawo Tsumugi, todos los derechos reservados

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    Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

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