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  • today i have just been “wHEHEEEEEE hEEehehehehehehe aaaeee”

    #misc #just theres like background stress because school but in general i feel good #brain is like aaWAWeEahhahahahaha HHHAA!!!!!! !!!!!!!! #bursts of just hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!! #:]]]
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  • daougrhgrh my head hurts

    #i didnt do anything!!! why is this happening #misc
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  • when jack stauber said “Love’s the only medicine” … he was right! ^_^

    #chris noises #god i have so many thoughts about love #so many stuff happened in the past 24 hours #if ur reading this :) hope ur having a good day so far. and hope you had the chance to have some food today. #misc
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  • “yeah i listen to a lot of music” (plays the same song on repeat for 6 hours)

    #misc #i opened up the mgsv cassette mix playlist but actually it's just a david bowie night
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  • the ship dynamic that lives in my head absolutely rent free: sun and moon symbolism

    #bonus points if theyre soulmates AAAAAAAAAAA #misc#ship dynamics#memes #(?)
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  • i have to decide whether i want to play ffxiv or wow this month

    #misc #alex is behind me with his hand on the trigger but i fear no man
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  • love sending my friends absolutely awful shit on discord

    #love yall mwah mwah #mari talks#misc
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  • “you can see the passion in our eyes” “that’s the eyeliner”

    #i'm crying why is that so funny #j hope#v#bts#misc
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  • thank you @palimpsessed​ for tagging me!

    i’ve been kind of swamped with schoolwork lately lol so i haven’t had much time for making wips of any kind, but i did write down this concept when i was half asleep and i think it counts 😌

    snowbaz normal roommate (tentative) friends to lovers au, OR how simon’s sudden acquirement of a cat (pickles) leads to baz’s big dumb crush growing immensely and other various mutual big dumb feelings too i guess 

    i think i wrote this down when it was late at night and i was on the verge of completely knocking out. i posted vaguely about it on tuesday but now you get to see the whole concept :)! or as close to a concept as you can call this ajhfskd

    im not gonna tag anyone bc it’s almost 11 (and because everyone i know has already been tagged… 😅) but if anyone sees this and wants to do it please tag me bc id love to see what youre making!! 👀

    #PICKLES THE CAT MAKES A RETURN >:3c #thank you for tagging me!! i loved your wips <33 #snowbaz#wip wednesday#wip#tag game#misc
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  • Sorry friends, the Discord server will be accessible soon! I meant to share it today but I’m not done coding yet and I can’t have any distractions from new things until I’ve finished this chunk of content. 

    In other news, my Twine editor preview goes off the page even in the most zoomed out setting. So. There’s that. lol. 

    #soon #2 more sections to do #ssjdhfgsdjhfg#process#misc
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  • My favorite ship dynamic. 

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  • not to sound like someone’s grouchy old grandpa, but i fucking miss when computers just. like. had the shit you needed. and you didn’t have to go to some stupid app store to find minesweeper. or disable some default mode that doesn’t allow you to download things outside the app store. and your fucking solitaire game was not clogged with ads and attached to an xbox live account?? for some reason?? like i’m gonna pay for some premium membership or sit through fucking advertisements to plAY SOLITAIRE. ON MY COMPUTER. WHICH I JUST PURCHASED FOR A SUBSTANTIAL CHUNK OF MONEY. fucking christ i’m exhausted

    #i hate this i hate this i hate this #i just want to play pinball solitaire and minesweeper in PEACE #and reminisce about my innocent childhood days before i was aware of the capitalist hell society i'm trapped in #misc#personal
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  • do neurotypical ppl actually exist bc i’m starting to feel like they’re made up at this point

    #like. i literally can’t think of a single person i know who doesn’t have issues #idk man #seems fake to me #misc#my posts#textpost #shut up jo
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  • *makes an oc x canon pinterest board* *makes an oc x canon pinterest board**makes an oc x canon pinterest board**makes an oc x canon pinterest board**makes an oc x canon p

    #kirk out#misc #it's pirates this time lol
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  • okay so ive starting using the queue feature (after being on tumblr for like 3 years ha im so up with the times) and i need queue tag suggestions since i started using a tagging system a while ago. any suggestions? OH WAIT post cancelled i just thought of one

    #i know queue better than anyone #misc#kath rambles
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  • Who’s been neglecting Tumblr again? couldn’t be meee

    I’m gonna scroll and rebuild my queue again in the near future. Maybeee have new stuff to share?

    In the meantime, important tank tops

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  • Childhood pictures of Tom Cruise, digitally enhanced

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  • So I debated whether or not to post anything about what is going on with me lately. Long story short, my dad died suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks ago because of an accident. He was healthy and happy and I talked to him the morning of the accident.

    As soon as it happened I rushed to be with my mom, they live 400 miles away. I’ve been at my parents house ever since and tomorrow I am finally going home. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’m not sure how I feel other than sad. I’m still not sure I’ve fully processed.

    Anyway not sure why I felt the need to post but I just wanted to let people know I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, just a bit distracted right now.

    #misc#personal#death mention#tw death #sorry I can’t under cut #all I have is my phone
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  • Yeah so the private convos/headcanons of @tiny-wooden-robot and I are seriously enough to make me die; I cannot emphasize our combined thirst enough 🥵🥵

    #if y’all only knew the convo we are having right now of Kenshin/mc and voyeur!shingen #I need some alone time now lmaooooo #misc
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  • answer 30 questions and tag 20 people. thanks for the tag @the-bi-sokka-club​ !

    1. name: fly
    2. gender: nonexistent (she/they)
    3. star sign: aries
    4. height: 170cm
    5. time: 12:55pm
    6. birthday: 29 march
    7. favourite bands: red vox, go! child, nsp, bump of chicken, whatever the fuck nintendo composers have going on
    8. favourite solo artists: richaadeb, hatsune miku (shut up), annapantsu, freddegredde, insaneintherainmusic
    9. song stuck in my head: fukashigi no carte (from bunny girl senpai)
    10. last movie: detective pikachu
    11. last show: total drama world tour
    12. when did i create this blog: god idk like early 2017
    13. what do i post: i was a jjba blog and then i was an loz blog and then i was a pokemon blog and then i was an atla blog and now i dont care i just post what i want, whatever makes me happy
    14. last thing i googled: muscled torso (needed drawing ref)
    15. other blogs: i have a few sideblogs but they’re either old and i’m keeping them for notalgia, or they’re horribly cursed and i’m doing something nefarious with them
    16. do i get asks: very, very, very rarely
    17. why i chose this url: it’s my online handle and i want to have a singularly connected “brand” across the internet
    18. following: 565
    19. followers: 233
    20. average hours of sleep: anywhere between 6 to 8
    21. lucky number: 3, 64
    22. instruments: y'all assume i’m that talented (i played piano, cello and flute back in high school but have since forgotten, but i can sing)
    23. what i’m wearing: blue long sleeve, leggings, fun socks
    24. dream job: anything in the publishing industry, maybe streamer, idk
    25. dream trip: i’m so desperate to go to thailand again i miss it so much, also i wanna go to katsucon one day and that’ll be the only time i ever step foot in america
    26. favourite food: anything with beef
    27. nationality: australian (derogatory)
    28. favourite song: i can’t get over how good the cheese land theme was in mariokart 8 deluxe
    29. last book i read: other than fanfic, nick and charlie by alice oseman
    30. top three fictional universes i’d like to live in: i only, and i am saying ONLY want to live in the pokemon universe. no other universe. pokemon and pokemon only, please and thank you (also mayyyyybe the golden sun universe)

    not tagging anyone :)

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