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  • whatgoeswhumpinthenight
    19.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    So originally Mystique was just gonna be a throwaway character but I somehow found a better use for them. Anyway Mystique is a psychic elf of unknown origins and lover of Wraith before his capture and change into Mist. They first appear in The missing Mist Part 4

    #The missing Mist #OC Mystique
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  • whatgoeswhumpinthenight
    19.05.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    The missing Mist Part 5

    Part 1 || Previous Part

    Taglist: @whumping-out-of-time @yesthisiswhump

    TW: Kidnapping mention

    When Mist started to regain lucidity he recognized that there was a man writing down stuff on his clipboard, Mist was in an unfamiliar room, it was sterile and bland, Mist missed the warmth of his bedroom, especially waking up to the smell of coffee and Levi giving him a good morning kiss.

    “You seem semi lucid, now Wraith do you know where you are?” The brown haired man was asking him but Mist didn’t care, his mind was scrambled from whatever Mystique did to him.

    “When can I see Levi?” was that an internal thought or did he say that? Mist wasn’t sure which was which right now, it was like wading through glue to put thoughts together.

    “I doubt you will see him again.” Mist felt warm tears rolling down his face at this statement, normally  he would keep his composure but he just couldn’t, this was all too much for him. “hey hey hey, it’s alright, you’re safe now, he can’t hurt you.” Mist felt nothing but dread and contempt, hurt him? Levi would never harm him, if anything Levi would take a bullet for him. “Since you’re lucid enough for a conversation I should alert your team.” the brown haired man left, the only thing Mist had now was so many questions about him and Levi, why did these people see Levi as a horrible monster? why do they keep calling him Wraith? Where was he? while Mist pondered on these thoughts some people barged into his room and it felt like they were asking him a million questions a minute.

    “What all of us are trying to say is were glad you’re back Wraith.” Said a man who Mist assumed was the leader.

    “I don’t know who any of you are, you keep calling me Wraith but my name is Mist, I’m happily married to my Husband Levi.” Mist was afraid, while this group of people were murmuring between themselves the woman who kidnapped him came up to Mist, if he wasn’t restrained he would have tried to push her away, she was the last person he wanted to see.

    “Wraith, I don’t know what he did to you.” Mystique was crying, Mist didn’t get a good look at her but he came to realize she was some sort of elf. “I love you Wraith, please, don’t you remember what we had?” Something deep in Mist was gnawing at him, but he just couldn’t understand why.


    Day 84

    The bitch fucked with me so I took her toy to aide me, the plan is coming together, I just need to figure out where Mist is being kept in the E.M.R.C and then I get to let all hell loose.

    ~Dr. Malus

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  • jpierrepontcriss
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A DRAGON????!!!

    #narnia has everything #twink james mcavoy #gender stereotypes #liam neeson's fursona #white people with hair mats #The Mist #and the protagonist of my hoe origin story... ben barnes #i genuinely really enjoy this i wish i read these when i was a kid
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  • youmustinteract
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not me making another story based off of *reads hand* my.. bimbo outfits?

    #sugar baby who broke up with their guy leavs party only to find the world outside- once a clear breezy night- has fog thicker than foam #after a few seconds of breathing the burning air they enter the sewer system to find a way back home from that wealthy neighborhood #only to trip over a body. they arent dead- but they're just lying there not breathing well #sitting the person up and taking a closer look it becomes very clear they're in bad shape cause of the air #angry red swelling is only the beginning of the wounds that person recieved. broken blistering skin make way for bleeding open patches #they've lost so much blood from this. unless they get to er they wont make it. and they dont. their breaths get weaker and weaker #and it becomes clear the best course of action would be to let them go in peace. walking on the question becomes this: #where did the air come from? #anyways the mc makes their way back to their place and everyone over there is fine with the mist #and after testing a minute outside bc apparrently it takes a couple of second to figure out if you're immune or not: mc is okay uwu #which then begs the question: y tho #anyways the gas mask kid which im calling jared(2) for now is afraid to run a test which is underatandable. but he's looking for his brother #turnes out he's a runaway. after a big fight with his mother he ran off cause he didnt feel safe or loved #and he didnt go to his big brother cause he didnt feel he could rely on him due to him being away all the time #(he works like. 23/7 to support the family as a security guard for important people. but jared doesent know that) #(he just think he hates the family cause everyones always fighting. especially so when the big bro comes home) #jared tried to go home when he saw the smoke coming in and people getting hurt etc. but apparrently his mom and stepdad 'left' a while back #(the mom died and (douchbag)stepdad left for a new life. leaving the house nearly empty- only items that werent of value left) #grabbing an old gasmask his stepdad used for work jared wrapped himself in whatever he could find to cover exposed skin #and set out to find his brother in the city #<3 #the big brother's okay btw. he's also looking for his little brother. and they do eventually find each other with the main characters help<3
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  • mistmarauder
    19.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #bastards! #also i feel like a dumbass so 😂😂💀 #tulipsfrom-medusa#mist answers
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  • deadalyssa
    19.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Street#Fog#Mist#Dark #Photographers on Tumblr #Photography
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  • deadalyssa
    19.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Fog#Mist#Dark #Photographers on Tumblr #Photography#Night
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  • spiteweaver
    18.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    pastel goth bf/gf

    #flight rising#fr#future plans #they're gloom/mist/mist btw
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  • insomniac-hearts
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The morning mist Curls off the lake And I’m caught up In the ghost  Of you. Your transparent love Evaporating As quickly as the fog, And vanishing From my view. Your fleeting faithfulness, Or lack thereof, Has burned away, Only to settle over The next innocent Who has yet To escape From you.


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  • thekingofwinterblog
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Missing the point- Comparing Attack on titan’s final ending to The Mist ending

    it was all for nothing. literarily everything the entire attack on titan built up was all for nothing. what every single sane fan predicted after the original 139 chapter came to pass. paradis was destroyed, its people genocided. Eren’s stupid, stupid suprise twist plan didnt work.

    there will undoubtedly be many, many who posts their own take on this ending in the future, but i just wanna go over how if this was the original mist ending the mangaka had in mind, then it missed the mark so far it isnt even funny, because it would seem Isayama didnt really understand why the ending of the mist movie was so powerfull.

    So, a quick recap(spoilers from here on) of the mists ending.

    the Main character David Drayton and his family and two aquentainces are stranded in the middle of a supernatural fog. now, they know that this fog is full of inhuman monsters thats killed quite a few people over the course of the movie. the story has gone to great lengths to make sure the audience knows exactly how screwed the characters are. they hear things in the distance. they understand that the end is coming. they are all going to die here. however, there is a catch. while they are all going to die, they need not actually die by the hands of these monsters, who will probably kill them in slow, gruesome ways.

    For as it happens, they have a gun. they have the option of going out quickly, and painlessly. one problem. the gun has only 4 bullets. in the end, the adults make a decision as the child son is sleeping. the one left alive, who did the deed is david drayton.

    after killing his family, David usurprisingly has a massive breakdown, screaming, crying, futilely trying to kill himself with the empty gun. in the end, he gets out of the car and screams into the mists “COME ON!!!” wanting to get this over with, and die as quickly as humanly possible, to ridd him of his guilt, after just having snuffed out everything he loved in the world.

    The sounds come closer and.... out of the mists rolls a tank. an american tank from the us army. 

    David just stares at it in numb confusion as it rolls by. the tank is followed by other military personal and vehicles. the mists begin to lift, revealing that the entire army is moving in to help with the situation, killing the supernatural invaders. this is completely logical, yet flies in the face of everything the audience expects, both from the perspective of a fictional work as a structure, and subverting the all too common idea in stories like this that the army is completely helpless.

    for david though, being saved by the army gives no comfort, and as he finally begins to really understand whats going on, he has another breakdown, as he understands that he just killed his family for nothing, absolutely nothing.

    the movie ends on this tragic scene, while two very confused and concerned army dudes walks up to him trying to figure out what is wrong. end credits.

    this was the ending that isayama said he wanted to emulate for attack on titan.

    Now, on the surface, this kinda looks like that ending. but only on the surface.

    because it misses the actual point that the mists ending had utterly, and fails to understand what made it such a powerfull tragedy.

    it wasnt just that david failed to save his family, it wasnt JUST that he himself killed them, it wasnt just that had he waited 5 more minutes, he and his entire family would have been rescued.

    No, what made it powerfull, was that we saw his entire journey, from start, to ending, and at the end, he was still there. the character that the entire movie had spent its time building up was completely, and totally destroyed as a human being through his own flawed, but human decisions, and at the end, it turned out that he, not the inhuman monsters, were the one who was the ultimate harbringer of his family’s ultimate destruction.

    and in the end, we got to actually see the complete destruction of him as a man, a father, a husband.

    the problem here is simple.

    we get none of that.

    Isayama wants his cake, and he wants to eat it too.

    He wants an ending where the entirety of paradis is destroyed, but he doesnt want to actually end this story on a tragedy, even though by all metrics, it was one.

    He didnt want to have eren die as a monster, so he throws in a chapter to humanize him, completely tearing down everything we thought we knew about why he did what he did to achieve it, and not have him die as a man who decided to brun down the world for very selfish, incredibly wrong, but also completely human reasons.

    He didnt want to have to portray armin as a complete joke, and have the attempt to make peace just completely fail, and the eldians and marleyans begin killing each other the moment eren was dead.

    but most important of all, he didnt want to end the story by having the characters who saved the world, dying from bombs from the sky, or machine gun fire from an invading army, having come to commit complete genocide on the eldians.

    so in the end, he tried to sidestep it all, by having the end come a few generations afterwards, when all the characters we had followed was long dead. and by doing so, he robbed the story of any sense of drama, theme, and any of the emotinal gut punch from the consequences of the character’s actions.

    Eren doesnt die as a complete monster who was willing to do anything to ensure his people would live. the alliance gets to save the world, but dont have to face the consequenses of the fact that they had no plan, that instead happens to their grandchildren.

    In the end, attack on titan was a tragedy, where eren didnt achieve a single, bloody thing, making his entire journey pointless, as a child is about to enter his grave, and become the new ymir. the titan’s power will be born again.

    that should have weight. it should feel like a sad, sad ending. but instead, I, and so many others, just doesnt care. because the story doesnt care. because it wanted to end on a cheery, upbeat, bittersweet ending, when what this story needed was complete and total tragedy to work. It is all spectacle, no substance, and not particularily good spectacle at that.

    #attack on titan ending #attack on titan 139 #attack on titan 139 extra panels #the mist#terrible ending#terrible writing#isayama#dissapointment
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  • cryptid-currency
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Warrior cats Arc#8

    So I haven't seen anyone else talking about this but the eight arc of warrior cats has been announced. So far we only know about the first book River.

    A dark age has given way to an era of peace in the five warrior Clans, and with it comes a promise of hope. As their leaders deliberate on unprecedented changes to the warrior code, three young warriors set their paws on the paths that will decide their futures.

    In ThunderClan, warrior apprentice Flamepaw, a descendant of the legendary leader Firestar, struggles under the weight of his famous kin’s legacy, while young ShadowClan warrior Sunbeam has doubts of her own. But in RiverClan, medicine cat apprentice Frostpaw looks eagerly toward the horizon, awaiting the day she will be called upon to help her Clan—a day that may dawn sooner than she ever dreamed.

    Flamepaw: I'm not surprised that we are staying in ThunderClan nor that we are still sticking to the Firestar bloodline. I am a little nervous because Flamepaw's story feels eerily similar to Bramblestar but i'll give it the benefit of the doubt. I am wondering how they will do ths story though because Flamepaw looks nothing like Firestar. We know probably the most about him, he is the son of Sparkpelt and Larkwing and was fostered by Sorrelstripe for a while. He also has a sister named Finchpaw and is the foster brother to Baypaw and Myrtlepaw. He feels kind of cliche but I'll stay positive.

    Sunbeam: I already love her. Her name is super cute and she is really pretty design wise. I feel like she will be a leader, she gives me that vibe. I don't have a lot to say about her but she sounds intresting. We know that she is the daughter of Berryheart and Sparrowtail and is the sister of Needletail, Hollowspring and Spireclaw. As soon as I saw her sister was Needletail my interest was peaked. I'm excited to see where they go with this pretty gal.

    Frostpaw: The final character and the one I am most excited for. We finally have a RiverClan perspective (Not counting Stormfur, he wasn't in RiverClan at the time). Frostpaw is the most mysterious character of the three, we know little about her accept that she will be a medicine cat. She is the daughter of Curlfeather and and the sister of Mistkit and Graykit. I am genuinely excited to see where they go with this character and I'm very excited to see RiverClan finally.

    -So I'll say it, Mistystar is going to die and I don't know how to feel about that. On one hand she needs to die but on the other hand I don't want Reedwhisker as leader, he's boring and his whiskers are weird.

    -We better see Spotfur's kits, I want them to have the most ridiculous names.

    -I want to see more of Whistlepaw.



    -Sunbeam is a lesbian demigirl because I say so

    -I like the simple naming of River I hope that sticks.

    -There's not to much I can say, at least not until A Light in the Mist comes out. I will probably be updating this post once I have more info.







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  • tamaramuller
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    This IS Rhysand 👏🏼

    Art by the very talented @leuna.elurra

    #rhysand #a court of thorns and roses #acotar #sarah j maas #a court of mist and fury #acomaf #a court of war and ruin #acowar #a court of silver flames #acosf
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  • charlie-without-chocolate
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    wait eurovision is like, today?

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  • heartsoap
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    local man takes break from tormenting the people who killed him to feed some snails

    #cliff unger #i need this in tags so ppl can know im cringe #my snails r currently chilling on the lid of the tank so i cant give them any calcium or water or mist them 🤬🤬🤬
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  • ccsustainablebusiness
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Brasov, Romania Catalin Caciuc

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  • aquafaith
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #anti sjm#anti acotar#anti acomaf#anti acowar#anti acofas#anti acosf #anti sarah j maas #sjm #sarah j mass #anti tog #anti throne of glass #a court of thorns and roses #acotar #a court of frost and starlight #a court of mist and fury #a court of wings and ruin #acofas#acomaf#acowar #a court of silver flames #acosf #throne of glass
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  • iamathiefdiary
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Purple Mist, Blonie, Poland

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  • sinnhelmingr
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i lost my last one so i’m just going to go ahead and post a new one. i’m going to be largely mobile-bound for the next few days, lurking as the queue does its thing. considering every obligation amounts to sitting and watching paint dry, like this for me to message you about plotting over the next few days! all i ask is that multis please specify muse (one preferred but up to three is okay too) and that you bear with any gaps between replies, bc i might be juggling some things on thursday especially.

    #out of mist
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