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  • pawjamas
    16.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    feeling better btw lol…talking to gf helped i was just honest w/ her and my fear of unintentionally hurting her when my mental health gets rlly bad andthat i’d drive her away bc of it and she told me i wouldn’t and called me sweetheart.

    #@ myself don’t let past poor relationships dictate your expectations & fears for your current ones !! #instead just let whatever happens in them occur naturally and don’t fret too much if you make mistakes #bc they will inevitably happen and both sides make mistakes. its abt communicating your concerns & trying to do better both for yourself #and the other person as well. bc you both only have good intentions and want the best for each other #ok redirecting of negative thoughts in the tags done srry #diary 📖
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  • byxallxmeans
    16.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    @livxlafxluv​​ asked: “Hey, you’re supposed to be on my side!”

    "Oh, I am, am I?" BB was still DISHEVELLED & MESSY, smell of arousa still lingering in the atmosphere with an absolutely FURIOUS Murasaki stood before them. Sei had told her to HIDE. Aaaaaaand, well... BB hadn't done that. "Last I checked Ms. 9.7 -- Sorry -- 9.9 Tits has and always will be an agent of CHAOS. I'm on no one's side! Not even MY OWN!!" That and she was still bearing grudges at being rated and considered LESS THAN MURASAKI. A point only proven when Sei had explicitly told her to HIDE so that Sei's chances with Murasaki wouldn't be RUINED by the whole... Finding a topless BB in Sei's bedroom thing. Yeah. That would definitely be a problem. WHOOPSIE. "Yeah. That's right. Murasaki. Yours really AREN'T the only big tits she's wanted to put her mouth on. Only takes a TOUCH to get to a big fat 10!!” Was BB committing RELATIONSHIP SUICIDE right now? Did it even really matter? Heart raced. Head hurt. Body shook. Yet again BB was just the OTHER GIRL. (Wait why did that bother her so much?)

    Shake of her head. Murasaki refused to even LOOK at the two girls before her. "On your side? As in. Supposed to help you hide the fact you already have a girlfriend while EXPLICITLY trying time and time again to engage in sexual relations with me?" Arms were folded, lips curled down. If anything Sei had GOTTEN THE TRUTH OUT OF HER. Though, Murasaki would STILL find a way to deny it. After all, why did it matter to Murasaki if Sei was fucking some ten cent bimbo? They WEREN'T fucking themselves, right? And Murasaki kept INSISTING that they never would. That Murasaki didn't LIKE SEI LIKE THAT. Jealousy and arousal and something akin to a VENGEFUL SCORN burned inside of Murasaki all at once. "Well, did you, Lady Shonagon? Wrap your mouth around her bulbous fake tits?" Damn. The fact she'd even CURSED AT ALL. Murasaki needed to calm herself down.

    "Hey. Watch that 'pretty' mouth of yours. These tits are as real as real gets. Come on, like your tits were REALLY that big back in 1005. Japanese. Nerd. Bitch." WELP. Shit was getting CATTY.

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  • kigozula
    16.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    True Love: Sokkla Saturdays 2021

    Day 3: TDOBS: Sokkla happens AU // Grand romantic gesture

    This might be my favorite prompt^^ I couldn't wait for this, it was the first one I've written. Looking forward to read other's as well!!

    She was too fast, too agile, and too skillful.

    They could barely keep up with her.

    Sokka started climbing up to the hole to catch up with his friends and the clever princess. Just as he reached the top, he saw Azula "jump-flying" towards him.

    As confused and exhausted he was, he tried to find a solution to their current situation. He needed to catch her this time. Their time was running up and he needed to finish this. The beautiful princess was strong and fast, but he was strong himself as well. He was a man, and he could do this...

    Azula was pretty satisfied with her plan so far. Team Avatar was getting tired, and the eclipse would be over soon. They fell straight into her trap. Just a little longer and the mission would be complete.

    With the help of the Dai Li agent, she jumped towards the hole where the tall warrior boy was looking at her confused. He was clearly annoyed and clueless. What would he do now she wondered with a smirk.

    He ducked back while she reached him, flying over him elegantly.


    Sokka could feel her nice scent. Everything happened sudden, when Azula felt two arms hugging her waist and two strong legs trapping hers between them. They fell hard on the ground. First, Sokka was under her, but he immediately turned themselves around so that he would lay atop her, in control of the situation.

    Time seemed to stand still for a while. Both out of breath and shocked, their faces only inches away, looked into each other's eyes.

    As weird as it might be considering their current situation, they both always knew that the other was attractive, but right now, they were amazed. Especially Sokka was extremely marveled by her beauty. They could feel each other's breaths and even everything else since their bodies were pressed tightly together.

    Azula's eyes started narrowing and she started moving to get out of his grasp. He immediately stood up a little, so that he wouldn't press so much against her. His hand held her pinned down on her shoulder and he grabbed his sword and held it over her heart, so that she would stop moving.

    Aang and Toph reached them. Sokka looked at Toph, put his sword away and slid his strong arms around Azula's waist. In a matter of seconds, without Azula and Aang being able to process it, he stood up fastly with her in his arms and pinned her against the wall, not too harshly though. He didn't want to hurt her intentionally. Toph bent the earth and trapped her arms, so that she would stay put.

    "Sokka is your name right?" Azula asked a smirk spreading across her face "What do you think will happen now? Do you believe your antics scare me?"

    Sokka narrowed his eyebrows and came closer to her, his hand on her shoulder again.

    "Listen now Azula" Sokka replied with a slight growl "Don't make this any more difficult! Where is the Fire lord?" spelling the last words slowly.

    Azula just kept smirking which drove Sokka mad.

    "Tell us where he is now!"

    "Sokka, this won't help, she isn't going to tell us anything" said Aang.

    Sokka looked at Aang and turned to Azula again. An idea coming into his mind. He didn’t know if this was crazy, but he wouldn’t let this day go to waste. And he wouldn’t let the princess win, no matter how attractive she was.

    "You know what? Don't tell us where he is" he said to Azula.

    She watched him a bit confused now. Now his lips curved into a slight smirk.

    "I have a better idea" he said and turned around again.

    "Did you guys bring those metal handcuffs? The ones the mechanist gave us?" he asked.

    His friends just stood there for a moment, clueless of what he was planning.

    "Yeah, but she is already trapped, and she can't bend" Toph replied.

    "Just give me one of them" Sokka said.

    Toph handed him one of the handcuffs. Sokka looked at Azula and she started laughing.

    "You are funnier than I took you for warrior boy, you think metal handcuffs will scare me now?"

    He smirked again "Yes, I think they will. These are made from the hardest metal, not even an excellent bender like you can escape those"

    Azula stopped laughing altogether and was surprised by his comment about her being an excellent bender. On the other side she was thinking about if he was going to do what she was thinking he would do. No, he wouldn't dare that right?

    "Since the eclipse is over soon and you as good as sabotaged my whole plan, I will make the best out of the situation”

    With every word he uttered, everyone else grew more and more confused.

    “You are coming with us princess!"

    "WHAT!?" yelled Toph and Aang in unison.

    "Are you out of your mind Sokka?" Aang asked

    "If we take her, we can try to make a better plan on how to destroy the fire lord. I don't know, maybe she can even help us" he whispered towards his friends.

    "I’m hearing everything you say oh “whisper-master! You are going to regret that. Besides you aren't going to accomplish anything in your favor with this plan of yours" Azula interrupted.

    "Yeah, we'll see that princess" he replied smiling.

    Azula found him weird.

    “Do you really believe you’ll be able to kidnap me and get out of here without anyone catching you?”

    She wouldn’t admit it, but his open-mindedness and self-confidence made her unsure. Would he really do that without getting caught. She would fight him anyway, but part of her wanted to see if he really could get away with this. Even if he sounded funny and weird, he was an intelligent man.

    "I am not too fond of this idea, but I also think she could be of use" Toph commented.

    Aang thought for a moment and looked at Azula, then to Sokka "Alright, let's go"

    Just as Azula tried to protest, Toph moved the rock wall behind her, so that she would fall unconscious. Sokka turned around and looked at Toph with narrowed eyes.

    "What? She would have made everything more difficult. I didn't hit her hard, it is enough for us as long as we reach Appa" she said.

    They freed her hands from the earth only to cuff them with the metal cuffs. Sokka held her carefully, not to hurt her any further and threw her body over his shoulder, since it would be easier for him to run and safer for her to not hit her head.

    He felt weird, carrying someone for the first time, and a beautiful woman, the fire nation princess too boot. The more he thought about it, the more he was asking himself if this was really a good idea or not. They would try their best to get information out of her. And of course, he would give his best, that no one would hurt her and that she wouldn’t hurt anyone either. He was responsible for her, and he would treat her well, no matter if she was the daughter of the man who led this war.

    Flying on the back of Appa, Sokka watched Azula the whole time. She was still unconscious. The rest of the group weren't fond of the idea at first. But his father, now left behind, said he trusted Sokka's instincts and knew he would do the right thing. Katara agreed after a while too, halfheartedly, yet trying to trust her brother as well.

    Azula was interesting thought Sokka to himself. Not only her beautiful looks and marvelous bending. She gave him an energy he couldn't quite describe and never felt before. They barely knew each other but he felt responsible for her. Responsible to not let any harm come to her. A warmth was born inside of him and without his control and realization, he smiled warmly at her lying figure. He believed amazing things were going to happen from here onwards...

    Maybe she would become part of their group one day, who knows. Everyone could learn to look at things from different perspectives. All logic was against what he was feeling, but he couldn’t help it. His rage turned into hope and warmth.

    Next to him, Aang sensed the energy and didn’t dare tell him anything about the dream he had some days ago of him with Azula. He smiled too and kept flying Appa, also having a good feeling about this.

    Far away behind them, a prince was flying towards them with a balloon. Well, that would be a crazy ride…

    #sokkla #sokkla saturdays 2021 #azula#sokka#kigozula#TDOBS #Of course they will end up as a couple one day! #shouldn't even be a question=DD #how I WISHED this would've happened... #imagine all of them together #and then zuzu pops up too #and is angry that Azula joined them first #Zuzu could be a reason for Sokkla to bond faster #at least he would've done something nice for his sis once in his life #endless better posibilities with a happy azula and SOKKLA #Azula would say something like traitor! to her dear brother #I've read this so many times #and corrected it so many times #but every time I see new mistakes
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  • guillermogoth3000
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Honestly at this point all of them just need to understand WHY they do what they do. Why did Guillermo stay even after Nandor released him? Why doesn't Laszlo hate Colin Robinson anymore? Why does Nadja worries about Nandor? Why do they live together even though they have other options? The moment they realize that they're family and this is the answer to all those questions this show will be completed

    #what we do in the shadows #wwdits #i just need someone who asks them all these questions #it can be Jenna😭 #and also it can happen in s4 #i just hope this show won't go on and on until the humor isn't funny and the plot is boring #because many shows do this mistake
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    Data Transfer https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/

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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A reminder – I don't promote mental illnesses of any kind. If you're trying to recover, please leave this blog immediately.

    If you're in need of help use these:

    The National Eating Disorder Association


    The National Alliance on Mental Illness


    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    or reach out to the local emergency lines of your country in serious crisis

    US, Canada and Mexico — 911
    countries in EU — 112
    UK — 999 or 112
    Russia — 102 or 112
    Brazil — 192 (ambulance)
    South Africa — 10 177
    Australia — 000
    New Zeland — 111
    India — 112
    Japan — 110
    Republic of Korea — 119
    China — 119
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    #younglabs #positive parenting tips #parenting websites India #early childhood care and education #social and emotional development in early childhood #best parenting styles #parenting mistakes #advice for new parents
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  • byxallxmeans
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    @livxlafxluv​​​ asked: @ Murasaki, Do you want Sei to like your tits? Cuz it sure seems you do

    “Don’t say such proposterous things!” Murasaki was BUH-LUSH-INNGG~~. And now she was pouting. And growling and glaring at everyone in the room. “Why does everyone insist on trying to tease me about this SLANDER & HEARSAY?!” Maybe because it was true and she was in denial? As Sei would say: She’d been giving off major tsundere vibes for weeks now. (Since VALENTINE’S in any & all complete honesty.) “Is it really that unusual for a woman to feel hurt by someone else thinking her breasts are too GINORMOUS to the point of SCARING potential suitors!? -- HMPH!!” Eyes closed, hot air exhale, turning cheek in the most passive aggressive manner possible. “Sounds like Sei WANTS ME TO WANT HER to like my tits. She IS the one who put you up to this, isn’t she?” Sigh. That girl... She really was wreaking HAVOC on Murasaki’s head and heart. Why’d she have to be so damn PERSISTENT?

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  • selfshipprompts
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #this is really sweet thabkyou anon! ♡ #f/o imagines #self shipping community #cc imagines#fo imagines#submissions#anon #THANKYOU* my phone doesnt correct my mistakes anymore i make them too often gfhhgf
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  • chaoticgouda
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    my brain is very gradually poisoning me against it (again)

    #this isn’t like a cry for help or anything and I’d rather not be messaged about it haha #I just want to vocalise something I’m worried about and get it off my chest #negative #anyway you know when you can feel yourself falling into old patterns and beginning to distrust everyone around you? #and like assuming that they hate you or think you’re stupid and awkward and you’ll never be on their level #and because of the way society perceives intelligence and bc of your anxiety and self esteem dulling you. you seem dumber than you actually #-are. I had a co-worker confirm that once funnily enough. i said ‘you know. I think people here believe I’m dumber than I actually am. #because of how I behave and all.’ and she said ‘yes. you do come across that way.’ #which hurt at the time I guess. but I suppose we’re all faceted beings. and these facets come in different shapes and reflect the light #in differing ways. and perhaps forcing everyone to reflect the light in the exact same pattern is an impossible task #anyway it’s disenheartening to know that I’ve spent almost eight years in a job that eats away at me. because I love parts about it. I love #working with kids. I love making them laugh and having them run over to give me a cuddle every morning #I love watching them grow and learn and develop their own personalities. I love watching them feel safe and loved here. #But I find the increasing paperwork and reduced staff and pressure to like..... Approach my job in a ‘normal’ way increasingly hard #I hate making the same mistakes year after year. I hate seeing students become more competent in certain areas than me. I hate other #I hate other people constantly checking on me to make sure I haven’t screwed up. and nothing it’s because I WILL screw up somehow #anyway wow I have ranted for fucking ages huh. ENJOY MY MUSINGS I GUESS #people
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  • toldasor
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So the dodo brothers with their plane will take you to islands where the season and time of day are tge same, meanwhile kapp'n's tiny boat can apparently time travel

    #don't mistake my irreverent tone for displeasure #hyped for the free update #thr direct was cool #acnh#animal crossing
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  • cloud-ya
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #if mihoyo will pull that shit after i was saving for it for few months i will show them how much of a mistake throwing hov out of meta was #honkai impact
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  • aplaceofnonsense
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #watching chaos walking was a MISTAKE #a bIG MISTAKE #i literally looked up any animal trigger warnings #saw there weRE TWO #and kNowinGLY continued watching #it is all i can think about now #it ruined the entire film for me and i knew it was going to happen #so yeah note to self #even if two actors you really like are in a film together #maybe DONT WATCH IT #if it has TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR YOU #like im actually incredibly sensitive to animal death esp doggos so....yeah #anyway! #i need about a million hugs and 72 hours to just #Not Exist#thx#ignore me#placeofnonsensetalks #tw animal death talk #tw animal death mention
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  • woebegonesharks
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    why isn't there an undo button for sharing information about yourself

    #why can I not just! shut the fuck up! #the line between 'making polite conversation' and 'fucking god dammit why am I talking' is so thin #this is all so stupid #I told my roommate that I got my sunglasses bc of good omens which!! why would she give a shit #first of all #second of all oh my godddd this is why you feel like no one takes you seriously asshole #you make it so easy #... #I recognize I'm overreacting #hence ''this is all so stupid'' like I Get It #it's just you make the same goddamn mistake over and over and it becomes. frustrating. #vent#delete later #actually just save to drafts probably #.idk feel quite shit gonna try to forget about this and go to sleep
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  • sayedvlogs
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Mistakes that will kill your business

    Mistakes that will kill your business

    Mistakes that will kill your business Table of Contents Fear of doing any mistake 1. You are selling yourself short 2. You are working for free 3. You don’t have an agreement 4. You compete with others 5. You are a people pleaser 6. You don’t manage your finances Final words Below, you will find six mistakes you should avoid whether you are a freelancer or a business owner. Every mistake in…

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  • davejolina
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Day 16 | ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS | scars, aftermath

    slowly, he sinks into despair

    his scars a constant reminder

    of his own miscalculation

    Veld, FF7, self shot

    ((i finished this at 1am but by gosh I am calling it done))

    #whumptober2021 #no. 16 #day 16 #on a need to know basis #scars#aftermath#cosplay#ffvii #ffvii before crisis #before crisis#veld#verdot#finalfantasy#ff7 #i nearly didn’t make it in time #please forgive any mistakes #ffvii veld#ff7 veld
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  • eunoiastarz
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    as much as I love giving balthazar a pathetic little house cat he would simply not have one

    #he gets an african serval <3 #I don’t know how the fuck to draw those cats but just know I spent a good 25% of my thoughts on them #n e ways ignore all the mistakes blah blah love light and all that #the baggy jacket was not very intended but yk I think he deserves it #mm ​I need to do another study my accuracy levels keep going down #okayokay gn#->#spn angels#balthazar
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  • cornerstonc
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #my brain as i'm writing: hey use the word hemorrhoid in that metaphor there #me: what why #my brain: bc it Makes Sense #me: #me: oh god it does #IT'S NOT HAPPENING but i'm sitting here just cradling my head like 'my writing career was a Mistake' #tbd
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