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    (and Nino eating his Cupcake Peacefully🧁)

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    Chatober Day 24: Mister Bug We need more of him and Lady Noir...

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    "Quick! In here!" Ladybug grabs, er— Chat Noir's wrist, which is currently very slim and encased in red-and-black spots. Her own hand feels clunky and her feet are too big and her center of gravity is way off, but she gets her alien body to respond to her well-enough to drag her partner out of the path of the akuma and into the relative safety of a nearby alley.

    Chat flexes his hands experimentally, looking down at his— her body with curiosity. "Huh," he says with her voice, blinking at Ladybug with her own blue eyes. "This is new."

    Seeing her own body and expressions and voice from a third person point of view quickly gives her a headache. Ladybug grimaces and even that feels unnatural, pulling at the right muscles in all of the wrong places. Her skin itches.

    Noticing her less-than-pleased expression, Chat smirks, trying to lighten the mood. Watching her own face pull that look makes it worse. "Is my body that bad? You wound me, m'lady."

    She groans, hating the way that it makes her chest and throat rumble. Her voice is way too deep. "Okay, I don't know if I can fight like this," Ladybug says with Chat's voice. She places a hand over her — his — Adam's apple, trying not to hyperventilate. "My sense of gravity is so off. And, no offense, but I really hate this body. How am I supposed to be able to come up with a plan like this?"

    (Read on AO3)

    Even Chat Noir's suit is wrong. Their powers draw from the same type of magic, but his transformation clings to her like a layer of film instead of a second skin. In the early days, she'd envied his pockets and padding. Now, Ladybug's hearing is so good that it gives her a headache, she's far too tall, her muscle mass makes her movements feel clunky, her hair won't stay out of her face, and her stupid tail won't stop whipping!

    Ladybug is about to just rip it off her body when Chat takes her hands in his. "Hey, hey, calm down," he says soothingly. When Ladybug's discomfort only continues to mount, he clears his throat and tries again, deepening his voice as much as possible. "We've gotten through worse situations than this, my Lady. Take deep breaths."

    He sounds nothing like himself, but he at least sounds different enough from her for Ladybug to be able to close her eyes and pretend that everything is sort of all right.

    "Okay." Ladybug takes a deep breath and lets it out through her nose. "I'm fine. I'm okay. This is… manageable. Yeah."

    Chat is quiet while she catches her breath. "Would it help if we switched Miraculous?" He suggests.

    It's tempting to let him be Ladybug so that she doesn't have to deal with the planning and catching the akuma, but she reminds herself guiltily that Chat Noir can't be enjoying her body anymore than she enjoys his. Switching would probably benefit both of them.

    "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Close your eyes," she warns him. "No peeking."

    "I already know what I look like," Chat says with an eye roll. Nonetheless, he complies. If one of them accidentally looks down, their clothes might be enough of a giveaway and Ladybug doesn't want to risk it.

    They both have their eyes closed and Ladybug takes a deep breath. "Okay. Claws in," she says, hating the unfamiliar phrase and the unfamiliar voice. She hears Chat murmur, "Spots off," and there's a flash of red light from behind her eyes.

    She squeezes her eyes shut tight and shudders against the brush of fabric against her body instead of leather. The novelty of being in Chat Noir's civilian body is throwing her for a loop.

    "You wear jeans," she blurts out, not thinking.

    She can practically hear Chat Noir raising an eyebrow at her. "Yeah, I do. Did you think that I walked around naked when I wasn't transformed?" He asks jokingly.

    "No, of course not, I just—" Ladybug turns red with embarrassment, trying to shake that particular image out of her head. "Never mind. Hand me my earrings."

    The truth is that she actively tries to think about Chat Noir as little as possible in a civilian context, to the point that sometimes she forgets that he has a normal life at all and isn't just some cat boy summoned out of thin air to help her whenever there's an akuma attack. Guilt clenches in her chest and she pushes it away. Now's not the time. And it's better this way, anyway. If she thinks about him too much, she might accidentally stumble upon his secret identity.

    Or worse — she might find that she likes thinking about him.

    With outstretched hands, Ladybug and Chat Noir find each other, and the earrings and ring are summarily exchanged. There's a snicker from Plagg as he leaves Ladybug's side to go over to Chat Noir's.

    "There's something different about you, kid," Plagg says, amused. "Did you cut your hair?"

    "Oh, yeah, that's hilarious," Chat replies, and Ladybug doesn't need to see him to know that he just rolled his eyes. "Glad to know that you find this funny."

    "Don't be rude, Plagg," Tikki chastises. "They're both uncomfortable and stressed. We shouldn't make this harder on them." She nuzzles Marinette's cheek, and even though the line of her jaw is far too wide, the affection is nice. Marinette relaxes, scratching the top of her head.

    Plagg huffs. "Killjoys," he mutters. "It's at least a little funny."

    "I'm sure I'll find this funnier when I'm back in my body," Marinette says dryly. She pushes her earrings in, wondering for a moment how long Chat Noir has had his ears pierced for. Not that it matters. "Tikki, spots on."

    "Claws out," Chat says before Plagg can reply, and despite his complaints, there's humor in his voice.

    When the last of Tikki's magic finishes running over her, Ladybug opens her eyes and gives herself a once-over. She's Mister Bug now, apparently. Reservations aside, it does feel better to have her own transformation back instead of Chat's. Her costume isn't exactly like his was when he used her Miraculous. It's just her usual, plain spots over his body.

    Good to know that she apparently has an affinity for simplicity.

    In contrast, Chat Noir's incarnation of Lady Noire doesn't look very different. The only addition is a bell at the base of his throat. Ladybug finds herself smiling. Some things never change.

    Chat takes his baton into his hands, making a face at the sight of his slim hands and shorter arms. "This is going to be a mess," he announces.

    "We've been through worse," Ladybug says, echoing his earlier sentiment with a cheeky little grin. Watching her own face give her heart eyes quickly grows weird, though, and she pulls out her yo-yo. "Let's get this over with," she mutters. Throwing up her yo-yo, she lets out a cry of, "Lucky Charm!"

    A red-and-black spotted parachute drops into her waiting hands. Ladybug steps to the mouth of the alley, glancing out at the street. The akuma — creatively named Transfera — has a tunnel-vision view of her own goals, and quickly moves from person to person, switching bodies whenever she gets two people in the path of her beams. From what Ladybug can tell, she's an akuma that took "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" a little too literally, and she's looking for someone in particular. The fact that she has a target in mind is good. It means that she's barely paying attention to Ladybug and Chat Noir.

    And that short attention span is an exploitable weakness.

    "Put this on." She shoves the parachute into Chat Noir's hands. With a plan in place, she feels more confident and a smile comes to her face. "You know how I'm usually telling you not to get hit by the akuma?"

    He grimaces. "Why do I get the feeling that I already don't like this plan?"

    Regardless, Chat is still wearing the parachute. His faith in her is touching, and Ladybug shakes off her fondness to focus.

    Ladybug reaches for her yo-yo, stunned for a moment by the size of it in her bigger hands. She pushes past it and throws it out, attaching to the roof of a building across the street. Ladybug swings herself over to it, only to underestimate her strength and end up smacking into the side of the building. There’s the whir of Chat Noir’s baton and he goes flying over her head, letting out a startled yelp as he stumbles to catch himself on the roof. Once he has his footing, he comes over to help pull Ladybug up.

    “This is going to take some getting used to,” he says with a grimace. “Your proportions are all wrong.”

    The feeling is mutual, but Ladybug still rolls her eyes as she winds her yo-yo up again. “Sorry, next time I’ll try to hit a growth spurt before an akuma forcibly switches our bodies.”

    “Point taken.” Chat looks over at where the akuma wandered off to. It’s not far, and they can see the flashes of light from her powers over the tops of the surrounding buildings. “I’ll run ahead and get her attention. You circle around from behind to catch the akumatized object when I toss it to you,” he says with a cheeky little wink.

    “Sounds like a plan. Race you to her, minou.” Ladybug jumps to the building ahead, and with longer, stronger legs, she sails further than she thought she would and lands wrong. Her ankle throbs before the magic of her suit dulls the pain.

    Her sour mood is again picked up when Chat Noir lands inelegantly next to her. He grumbles as he trips over his long braid, and Ladybug laughs. It still feels wrong, but it brings her some comfort to know that she’s not the only one struggling. As in all things, they’ll face this together.

    As promised, he runs off ahead of her to intercept the akuma. Ladybug watches her own black braid whip behind him until he's out of sight. This is an experience that she does not want to get used to, that's for sure.

    Shaking her head, Ladybug slowly makes her way after her partner, careful of her new proportions. The gracefulness that comes with her transformation doesn't seem to apply here, and she doesn't need Chat Noir complaining about her "damaging the merchandise" when he gets his body back. She uses her yo-yo to swing around a building at the end of the block, sticking to the side and peering out at the akuma.

    While Chat Noir (or, Lady Noire, to an outside observer) jumps around the akuma, confused and panicking civilians dot the streets. It's not hard to tell who's had their body switched. People are staring at their reflections in store windows and stumbling like they've never walked before. Chat is doing his best, but he keeps narrowly missing the akuma's blasts. The parachute on his back isn't helping matters.

    Ladybug takes stock of their surroundings with a thoughtful frown. She knows what she needs to do, but it's the timing that bothers her. She'll have to have this exact, because it'll be her only shot.

    Dropping down from the building, Ladybug picks up a pebble, watching the civilians. She hates to involve them but, well…

    When the fight strays close to an elderly bystander, Ladybug straightens up, pebble in hand. "Chat Noir!" She calls, chucking it at him. "Now!"

    Thankfully, she managed not to overshoot it, and the pebble sails gracefully into his right hand. "Cataclysm!" Chat smirks triumphantly as the pebble falls to pieces in his fist.

    The akuma stares, then bursts out laughing. "That's it? That's the best you two can do?" She gloats. "Getting your Miraculous will be child's play!"

    Using her weapon — an oversized bubble wand — Transfera finally manages to hit Chat Noir. The fact that he doesn't even try to dodge it doesn't register to her. He shudders as the effect envelopes him in a large bubble.

    Transfera directs another bubble at the elderly man from earlier and laughs. "Like taking candy from a baby. Or a useless ring from an old man!"

    Ladybug lines up her yo-yo and, at the last second, let's it fly. She wraps it around Transfera's waist and, with a single hard yank, pulls the akuma right out of the sky and into her own bubble, knocking the old man out of it in the process. "Do it, Chat!" She cries, and the akuma doesn't have time to so much as protest before the bubbles burst in a flare of light.

    By a narrow margin — only a fraction of a second — Chat Noir manages to pull the cord of the parachute before his consciousness is ripped from Ladybug's body and slammed into the akuma's instead. Ladybug leaps at her own body, using the akuma's surprise as an advantage. With the parachute covering her, Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around the bottom of it, effectively tying it off at the bottom like a sack. Transfera squirms in her makeshift prison, trying to get Cataclysm to work, but with that effectively neutralized, she has no way out. And like this, there's no risk of her exposing Ladybug's identity.

    Chat Noir floats over to her in the akuma's body. "You know, on second thought, I sort of like being able to fly. Maybe we should stay like this," he jokes.

    "We have power ups that let us fly," Ladybug says flatly.

    "Ah. Right." Chat places both feet back on the ground and hands over his bubble wand. "Here. Now can you please stop glaring at me with my own face?"

    "With pleasure. I miss glaring at you with my face." Ladybug takes the wand from him.

    "I miss your face, too," he sighs.

    That comment goes ignored. "Ready?" She asks, kneeling next to the squirming parachute. Chat Noir nods, and backs up with the akuma's body. "Miraculous Ladybug!"

    The ladybugs wash over her, and Marinette gasps as if she's been plunged in ice water. Switching bodies feels as weird as it did the first time. She closes her eyes to ride out the nausea, and when she opens them, she's on the ground. Her colors are black again instead of red, but the relief of being in her own body again outweighs that.

    She lifts her head in time to see Mister Bug retracting his yo-yo. "I love getting to do this," he says happily, snapping the wand in half over his knee. A blackened akuma flutters out, and he quickly purifies it with a giddy, "Bye-bye, little butterfly."

    He stretches out his own body, then comes over and offers Lady Noire his hand before helping her up.

    "Well, that was interesting." She smiles. "Let's never do it again."

    "Agreed." Mister Bug sighs, tired but relieved, and holds up his fist. Lady Noire is happy to return the gesture.

    "Pound it!"

    It's while Mister Bug is helping the akuma victim to her feet that Lady Noire gets intercepted by Alya. It's hard to tell if she had been switched with anyone or not, thanks to her raw enthusiasm, but she'll tell all of the details about this fight to Marinette later, for sure.

    "Wow, did you two swap Miraculous? You look amazing, Ladybug!" Alya gushes, getting close to get some nice shots of Lady Noire's transformation.

    "Lady Noire, actually," she corrects cheekily, even as her ring beeps in warning. "And we really should get going."

    "Oh, what's the harm in a few pictures?" Mister Bug says as he rejoins her. He strikes a few ridiculous poses that makes Alya laugh, and Lady Noire groans to hide her fond smile. "Make sure you get my good side. Not that it's hard — every side is my good side."

    "I'm not sure how she's supposed to get a good picture with your ego in the way, Bugaboy," Lady Noire teases.

    He shrugs. "I guess she'll have to make do with some good pictures of you. You look meow-vellous in my colors, minou," Mister Bug says with a wink. Those green eyes staring at her from behind her own mask ought to be illegal — and that, combined with his smirk and the fact that he just called her kitten makes Lady Noire's face burn.

    She huffs, turning away with a whip of her braid so that he doesn't see. "I suppose one picture couldn't hurt."

    "Or two!" Mister Bug chimes in, setting a hand on her shoulder and giving finger guns at Alya's camera.

    Alya snickers, snapping half a dozen photos in the span of a couple seconds. "Lady Noire, are you sure that you have the Black Cat Miraculous right now? Because you're so red that you still look like Ladybug to me."

    Marinette makes a mental note to murder her best friend later. Assuming, of course, that she survives this impromptu photoshoot. Mister Bug puts an arm around her shoulders and she feels her soul leave her body.

    "Don't be fooled by our color palette swap," he declares passionately. "M'lady-cat is still the brains of our partnership. If it hadn't been for her level head and quick thinking, we — and many Parisian citizens — would have had to get used to life in a new body."

    Lady Noire softens. Ordinarily, she'd tease him and find some not-so-subtle excuse to pull herself out of his embrace. But today, she relaxes against his chest, giving Alya's camera a smirk of her own. "He's just being modest. No matter what colors we're wearing, I wouldn't be able to do this without my partner. And I wouldn't want to, either. It's battles like this that remind me why." She turns her head and has to lean up to whisper in his ear, saying, "Now who's red in the face, Bugaboy?"

    The way that he looks at her is entirely too soft for what's supposed to be a teasing moment. Mister Bug is blushing hard and looking at her like she's just handed him the stars, and Lady Noire is struck by the sudden thought that she doesn't want him to stop.

    It would be entirely too easy to kiss him.

    Instead, Lady Noire forces herself to pull away. Her teasing remark from seconds ago means nothing, because she can feel that her face is flaming. "W-Well, we should get going!" She says to Alya, voice high-pitched. "We need to switch back before our transformations give out. Come on, chaton!" She reaches for her yo-yo to make a quick escape and fumbles, confused by the absence of it by her side.

    Before she can be embarrassed by her flub, Mister Bug hands over his yo-yo. "Trade you?" He offers, amusement and fondness dancing in his eyes. He still looks very much like he wants to kiss her. Like he could watch her fumble over her words and trip over air for the rest of his life.

    "Yes! Thank you!" Lady Noire says entirely too loudly, forcing a laugh. She takes her yo-yo and passes Mister Bug his baton without managing to drop it. Before she can say something else that doesn't make sense, she lashes her yo-yo out and pulls herself up to the nearest roof.

    "Do yourselves a favor and just make out already!" Alya calls after them, her laughter quickly lost in the rush of the wind past Lady Noire's ears. Marinette knows her well-enough to know that their entire exchange is going to be on the Ladyblog in the next fifteen minutes.

    They land with a surprising amount of grace, being at home in their bodies outweighing the slight discomfort of using a Miraculous that isn’t their own. It’s silent between them as they move, running as far as they can until their transformations wear down. Lady Noire wants to speak up, but she’s not sure what she should say. It’s not as if she’s never responded positively to his advances before, so she hopes that she doesn’t have to explain herself.

    They find a gap wedged between two buildings to squeeze into, and like this, pressed nearly chest to chest, the bad luck of the Black Cat Miraculous catches up to her.

    “So…” Mister Bug stares like he’s never seen her before. There’s something suspiciously like hope in his eyes. “What was that back there? Despite what Plagg likes to say, the Miraculous doesn’t actually turn you into a flirt.”

    Shit. Of course he had to ask. Lady Noire chews on her bottom lip thoughtfully, ignoring the very limited space between their bodies and the way his gaze is drawn to the movement. “Maybe… Maybe you’re more charming than you give yourself credit for, Bugaboy,” she says, because it’s all she can say. The words feel hollow.

    He frowns marginally. “And the other boy?” His voice is feather-soft yet it still makes her wince.

    “I still love him,” Lady Noire whispers. She thinks of Adrien and can’t make herself shut her heart to him. “I think I always will.” What she doesn’t say is, “But I think I love you, too.”

    She doesn’t need to. Mister Bug nods in understanding. It would be unfair to date him, knowing that she can’t give her heart to him entirely, but she still wants to. She wants him so badly sometimes that it aches.

    He wears jeans. Does he wear jeans everyday? What color are his shoes? Does magic make his eyes that green, or is that natural? Does he have freckles or moles that his mask hides? What sort of shirts does he like to wear? Graphic t-shirts, or polos, or button-downs? Does he like plain colors, or flannel, or corduroy?

    “Can I kiss you?” Mister Bug asks, staring at her intently. It's hard to put one word on the emotions in his eyes. Heartsick, if Lady Noire had to guess.

    She doesn't trust herself to speak, so she nods. The few times she's ever let herself think about kissing Chat Noir, she always imagined that he'd be rough and passionate. Diving right in with everything he has, the way he does with everything else.

    The kiss is nothing like that. It's slow and gentle. She hates to use the word tender, but that's really what it is. Her eyes slip shut as her Miraculous beeps its final warning, and she feels magic tingle her skin as it washes over her. Marinette brings her hands up to cup his face, running her hands over the mask that she's never touched before. It breathes like he does, warm to the touch. His soft exhale against her lips makes her shudder. Then her hands are bare along his skin as his own transformation peels away, magic tingling her skin, and it's suddenly far too intimate.

    Marinette is the one who breaks the kiss. It doesn't change anything between them, and she feels a pang of regret go through her. Maybe, if it weren't for Adrien… But Chat Noir deserves better than maybe, maybe, maybe. So this is all she can give him. This is all she can let herself take. And it's not enough, not by a long shot, but it'll have to be.

    "Your ring," Marinette murmurs, pressing it into his palms. His ungloved hands are touching hers and she wants to tangle their fingers together and memorize every last inch.

    He takes it, handing her earrings back to her in exchange. "Thank you," Chat Noir says, and she can tell that he's not thanking her for the ring. He takes a deep breath. "I should go." She hears what he doesn't say: "I should go, before I do something stupid. Like stay."

    And he's right. He should go before she does something even stupider, like beg him to stay.

    She says nothing, and Chat Noir takes her silence as answer enough. He mutters, "Plagg, claws out," and then his weight is pulling away from her. Marinette immediately feels cold without Chat Noir in her space, and she bites her lip to keep from blurting out everything she shouldn't say.

    When the sound of his baton is too far away to hear, Marinette lets out the breath she was holding and sinks to the ground. She puts her earrings back in and pulls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.

    "Tikki," she says miserably as her kwami fishes through her purse for a cookie, "is it possible to be in love with two people?"

    Cookie in hand, Tikki perches on Marinette's knee, looking at her sympathetically. "I don't see why not," she answers gently. "I don't know much about romantic love, but love is one of the most endless things that a person can feel. If you're in love with two people, you certainly wouldn't be the first."

    Marinette groans. "Great. What am I supposed to do now?" She stares out at the horizon, and for the first time, can't decide which head of blond hair she'd rather see.

    "I don't know," is all Tikki says.

    They sit in silence until Tikki has recharged enough for a transformation. The akuma has been defeated, yes, but when Marinette gets home, she feels like the furthest thing from a winner.

    Day 24: Mister Bug

    Chatober 2021 Prompts : [Day 1] ; [Previous] ; [Next] ; [Day 31]

    #miraculous ladybug#chat noir#ladybug#ladynoir#chatober2021#chatober#my writing#mister bug#lady noire #bodyswap trope time!! minor warnings for dysphoria if that's something that gets to people #reverse crush?? small brain. MUTUAL crush???? galaxy brain. #i will never stop clowning for pining ladynoir bye
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    might try some new stuff next time around ._.

    #ml#chat noir#adrien agreste#ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #nino lahiffe#alya cesaire#tikki#wayzz#lady noire#mister bug#kwami swap#my art#sadie doodles #trying that out for an art tag i guess #ml fanart #also i don’t know how well the whole TUMBLR blah blah blah thing is going fo saying that i drew this ???? #might mess around with that later though #anyway #have these babies #ladynoir#djwifi#adrienette#adrinette
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    request: Hii this idea is gonna be something I don’t think you’ve written before but maybe if the reader were the ladybug or person that chat blanc was after and just wanted their love gave into chat blanc and they kinda just live together in the sunken Paris? It’s ok if you don’t want to write about it I know it’s a bit weird

    requester: nonnibabe

    note: i think this idea is so cool! this is a little bit more poetic than what i usually write on here and i hope you all understand the imagery and the scenery of this.

    warnings: destruction, betrayal, word: hostage, slight angst maybe??

    links: masterlist + request guidelines + last post + taglist

    it was like you were in a nightmare. paris was falling apart, people were screaming, crying, praying, wishing, hoping for this to end, for the superhero they once admired to die in the fiery flames of his own creation. you could not believe nor understand the betrayal of their words, and their hearts. how many times has chat saved them? saved paris? he even saved shanghai and new york? and now they turn against him like it was his choice to feel overwhelmed. how can you say he’s a villain and the rest, that were subject to the same infection, victims of an unfortunate attack? chat blanc needs help, just like everybody else did, but he saved them, and they return the favor by scrutinizing him? paris soon had a bright orb enveloping it; you weren’t effected by it though, you were orléans, watching the news in the safety of your hotel room. you saw paris destroyed right before your eyes, the places, and people, and views, and life, that you loved, all torn to shreds in a flash. when you had arrived back in paris to see the destruction yourself, it became utterly clear, you could never walk the streets of paris again. stepping on cars, building remnants, and even the metro, you made your way to the rooftop Chat Noir first confessed his undying, encapsulating, love for you. and you saw your lover there too, singing a broken tune only a broken boy could sing. “little kitty on a roof all alone without his lady-” “you aren’t without me.” Chat turned to look at you, and you the same, staring deeply into a pair of eyes you don’t recognize. you slowly, involuntarily, unintentionally, step away from him, but he runs into your arms anyway. “i thought that i had- that i had- killed you!” his sobs echoed throughout the empty city. he shook in your arms, his tears dripped onto your clothes, as you pet his hair, which looked foreign but felt familiar. this was a horrible sight to see, an even worse one to live through. and you wondered how many people were crushed at the sight of their villain-ized lovers. “chat noir… please come back to me..” you whispered, and he pulled away like you had burned him. “is that what you came to say? just like ladybug did? if so, then you don’t deserve to live here with me.” it was at this moment you became evidently aware that ladybug’s earrings were laying right beside where chat blanc had been sitting. he followed your gaze and and grabbed them, turning back to you, he held your wrist and placed the jewelry in your hand. “i got these for you, my love.” and though you knew you should put them on and save him, you found that these foreign eyes, eclipsed you completely, and this broken boy, holds you hostage in a cage you don’t think you want to leave.

    reblog and tikki will give you a cookie <3

    taglist: @emmacata @the-corner-redacted @tamakii-amajiki @putting-the-fun-in-dysfunctional @storm-xv @lerivaleriano @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo @oyasumimosura @itszero16 @tbehartoo

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    You know what.....

    They came out two years ago

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    #i'm not saying the french dub is superior but the french dub is superior #ladynoir#chat noir#adrien agreste#mister bug#miraculous ladybug#hes babie
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    Some unification designs for Adrien with the Ladybug and Cat miraculous! 

    Click here for more unification designs

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    Happy October 17th!

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    This is the piece I made a while back for @theladynoirzine​

    There currently a leftover sale! 

    so if you still want to get a copy, this is your time 👀

    sketches (I really like the sketch of this!) and alt version that was discarded are under the cut

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    Halfway there!

    And there could not have been a more perfect pairing than Ladybug and Mister Bug to mark that halfway point in my opinion - Pairing #25 is here and it’s spot on! 

    #mlb fanfic#ML fanworks#ml ladybug#mlb #ml love square #miraculous mister bug #Tea Challenge
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    Look at this goofy bitch

    #it didn't get very cool out tonight #so I was burning up in that head #my glasses have anti fog but it eventually got so hot that they fogged up almose instantly whenever I put it back on #but! some kids saw me and thought I was cool #One kid went 'BUG! BUG!!!' #One passed me several times and greeted me with a bunch of different names. including 'mister fly' and 'bug' #Some little girl pointed at me and said 'mama mama! a alien! a alien!' #A mascot and one of the zoo workers actually stopped me and asked to take my picture! I don't know if it's gonna be posted anywhere #Halloween#Halloween costume#moth
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    Misterbug x Ladynoire dtiys for my instagram!! <3 (my instagram is cakebvnny)

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    🐞ladybug infestation🐞

    repost from twitter - october 2021

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    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Oh yeah, Mister Bug… 😌🤙

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  • miraculousfanworks
    11.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    Chat Noir and Rena Rouge are arguing about who made the best replacement Ladybug when Ladybug overhears Rena Rouge: it was me Chat Noir: no, i was the best replacement ladybug Ladybug: 😒seriously Rena and Chat: 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ Ladybug: 🤦‍♀️neither of you were the best replacement Ladybug: 😏multimouse was

    via Jasmine

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  • my-miraculous-love
    04.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    These three with the Ladybug Miraculous

    They all look great!

    #Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Marinette Dupain-Cheng#Adrien Agreste#Alya Cesaire#Ladybug#Mister Bug#Scarabella #Which of them wore it better?
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  • polkadotbrat
    03.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    it is easier to imagine adrien as mister bug than chat noir. you know?

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  • golgezuktirah
    03.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I don’t think it’s supposed to go like that

    #mcc bugs#halo#mister cheif #is it a bug or a feature
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  • ehlihr
    30.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    more kwami swap love square swap nonsense

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