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  • 7.8.2015


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  • I spent a lot of time on prompt generating websites trying to get something that pushes me to write. This one dialogue just had pokeshipping written all over it, so I went for it and lo and behold, it’s a crackfic in every sense of the word.

    Please don’t have expectations from this.

    Kinda PG-13 for language and suggestive themes, so I’ll put it under the cut.

    Dialogue prompt: “I don’t really think before I act. It’s part of my charm.”

    Pairing: Pokeshipping

    It was his fault, as always. Misty racked her brain and tried to remember a time when they hadn’t ended up in a situation because of him and she came up with nothing. It was his fault that were handcuffed together and thrown under the deck of a dingy ship that reeked of suspicion from miles away. It was all his fault, and yet next to her Ash Ketchum was peacefully snoring away, with his head resting on her shoulders as if that was the most natural thing to do after being abducted in a foreign land on their first date.

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    This cat is stronger than my anti depressant

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  • Morning landscape photographer

    Alexander Plekhanov

    In the early morning, when many are still sleeping, you can see a lot of interesting things. Fog and morning light, luminous autumn leaves in the crown of an oak tree, foggy rhythms. All nature is bent and wants to touch the fog above the water, absorb this light.

    Autumn morning in the city of Krasnodar, in the park Sunny Island.

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  • Mysterio with little baby is cute and cheesy (cheesy = good) but I love drama and I love the idea of Quentin not meeting Misty until she’s almost a teenager and Misty realizing the suave supervillain she read about in her mom’s book is…you know. Quentin Beck lives in a motel and has had “revise death certificate” on his to-do list for about a year. He’s definitely not suave

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  • Yesterday was my 20th anniversary with Ash and Misty. And it was Tanabata festival in Japan. ♥

    ~ July 7th 2000 - July 7th 2020 ~

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    “Mysterio’s daughter is a magician? Of course she is.” <- Irony because Mysterio actually hates that Misty practices magic


    Mysterio loves Misty more than anyone else in the world (this is canon, they said it just like that in the comic) and it seems like he is doing his best to protect her

    #ben reilly#scarlet spider#quentin beck#mysterio#misty beck#misty #misty calls herself mysteria but i dont like that so i dont use it
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  • Misty by Junica Hots

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  • Hello! Welcome to Kit’s Shrine and home. Everything is still being built page wise but I thought this would help keep my main from getting too cluttered! Happy to have you here! 

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  • Misty, Loch Ard, Scotland

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  • My Pokemon Art Compilation

Don’t talk bad to me about Pokemon.. i will cry

    #pokemon#marnie#pikachu#team yell#creepypasta#myart#ash#misty#brock#meowth#vileplume#scorbunny #pokemon is the whole reason I wanted to learn art #I gave up dance lessons because it clashed with SMTV live every Saturday morning #I used to have pretend pokemon battles in my back garden #this series is very dear to me
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  • This is a birthday gift for @sfcabanasstarcgs​. Happy Birthday!

    Sarah was a woman whose ever goal is to help get rid of demons and monsters from other dimensions. She has held fire welding powers that can scorch any immortal out of existence. Times like these are the reason why Sarah was a natural born hero. But this time, something else was coming towards her. It’s her birthday and she is turning nineteen today. Of course, Sarah didn’t want to celebrate that kind of stuff. She thought that it was a waste of time and that she could fight demons, ghosts, and monsters. But all of that will change when she doesn’t hear back from her friends, Cera, Ecole, Mike, and Misty. 

    At Cera’s house, the gang was making a plan to throw a surprise birthday party for Sarah. They also knew that Sarah doesn’t do birthday parties, but Cera thought that she could use one. “Let’s go over the plan gang.” She said, getting out a list. “First, I take Sarah out of her house and go have some fun. All three of you are going to go inside and decorate the place with all the party stuff Mike bought. 

    “It was expensive, but worth it.” He proudly says. 

    “Right. Ecole and Misty, after you’re done decorating. Drive down to the bakery to grab the cake I ordered for her.” The cake they had picked out was a pink rectangle shaped cake that had the words “Happy Birthday Sarah”. “I already paid for it, so your job is to pick it up and bring it here.”

    “Does it include the candles?” Ecole asked. 

    “I paid for the candles too.” The candles that Cera got were two candles that had the numbers one and nine on there indicating that Sarah is turning nineteen years old. “It will be seperate from the cake.”

    “What about me?” Mike asks. “Do I have to stay in the house?” 

    “Yes, your job is to make sure that we didn’t miss anything in the decorations and find good hiding spots for you, Ecole and Misty once they come back.” 

    “Ok then.” Mike says, understanding. 

    “Now, I’m going to pick up Sarah from her house, are you three ready?”

    “Yep.” Ecole says gladly.

    “I am.” Mike said with confidence. 

    “Let’s do this.” Misty said, full of excitement. 


    At Sarah’s house, Sarah heard a knock at her door. When she opened it, she was very surprised to see Cera. “Cera? What are you doing here?” She asked, unexpectedly.

    “I wanted to see if you were doing ok.” She happily answers. “You know, since it’s your birthday.” 

    “Actually, I might have to tell you that-” She was going to say, but Cera cutted her off.

    “I know that you don’t celebrate birthdays.” She said, sympathising. “But I think you should try to. I know a place where we can eat lunch at.” 

    “Well…..” She thinks about it. “Sure, why not?” She and Cera take Sarah’s car and they drive to the diner that they are planning to eat at. Mike, Ecole, and Misty sneak into Sarah’s house with boxes of decorations. 

    “Ok guys, I’ll get the stringers up.” Ecole says. “Who’s going to do the balloons?”

    “I’ll do them.” Misty insists.

    “Then I’ll put up the table cloth and the solo cups.” Mike says as he pulls out the stuff from the bags. 

    “Let’s get working for a couple of minutes and me and Misty have to go get the cake.” Ecole said. She got the stringers and taped them to the ceiling. Misty was blowing up the balloons, which was strange because they were floating up. Did Misty have strange lungs? It didn’t matter to both Mike and Ecole since she’s a kitsune disguised as a dog. 


    At the diner, Sarah and Cera were eating lunch there. Sarah had a hamburger while Cera was eating a cheese sandwich. “Are you having fun?” Cera asks, friendly. 

    “I guess so.” Sarah replied, bored. 

    “You know, you can try to think positive. It’ll help.” Cera suggests. 

    Sarah sips her drink which was lemonade. “I just don’t see how birthdays can be this fun.” 

    “Well, what do you do during your birthdays?” She curiously asks. 

    “I like to fight.” She answers with courage. 

    “Fight what?” 

    “Monsters, demons, ghosts. All of those nasty looking creatures.” 

    Cera sips her coffee. “Wow, you have a busy schedule.” Of course, this is not what Cera was planning at all. She wanted Sarah to feel joy on her birthday, not bored and lame. “How going to the park, maybe that can cheer you up.” 

    “Maybe.” Sarah says with little care. 

    “Good. Now, I’ll pay for the food since it’s your birthday.” She politely assists. 

    Sarah sighs in a happy way. “Thanks.”


    After they were done with the decorations, Ecole and Misty drove down to the bakery to grab the birthday cake. “Hi there.” The employee greets. “What can I get for you today?” 

    “Hey, I’m here to pick up a cake for Sarah Cabanas.” Ecole says, telling the man about the cake. 

    “Right, It’s in the back. I’ll get it for you.” He said as he went into the backroom. Ecole and Misty stare at each other in excitement to see what the cake looks like. The man walks back with a white cake shaped box that must have their cake inside. “Here you go. One birthday cake.” 

    “Thank you.” She opened the box to see a cake that was very pink and did have the words “Happy Birthday” as Cera described earlier. “This looks amazing.” 

    “Don’t thank me, I just give out the cakes.” He said with a chuckle. “Oh, and here are the candles.” He gives Ecole the two candles with the numbers one and nine. 

    “Thanks, I hope you have a nice day.” She says her goodbye to the employee. 

    “You too miss.” He waves. 

    Back at the car, Ecole puts the cake in the passenger seat next to her, making sure it won’t fall onto the floorboard. “Misty, can you tell me when the box is going to fall off?” She asks the dog who is in the backseat. 

    “Sure thing.” She carries out. With the cake now being delivered to Sarah’s house, they both believed that the birthday party would be the best.


    It was an hour later after they went to the park. Sarah and Cera were walking around, feeding the birds, and got an ice cream cone. It was very peaceful and quiet for the both of them and wondered why they didn’t do this sooner. Now, Sarah was driving back to her house and plans to make something to eat there. “You want to stay over at my house?” Sarah insists. 

    “I would love to.” Cera knew that she was going to her house in any way. But what Sarah wasn’t going to know was a surprise waiting for her at the door. 

    At the driveway, Sarah gets out of the car and sees that the van was parked next to her car. “Huh, did the guys get here too?” 

    “I think so.” Cera acts like she didn’t know about it. “Let’s go check if they are inside.”

    “Maybe, my door is unlocked.” Sarah tells Cera about her mistake. 

    “You should lock it everytime you leave the house.” Cera advises. “You may attract intruders.” 

    “Yeah.” She said, regretting as she opened the door. “We might not know what surprises are lurking in the shadows.” When she turns on the lightswitch next to the door, Mike, Ecole, and Misty jumps out behind the furniture. 

    “Surprise!” They all said in a cheery tone. 

    Sarah was startled, but not much. Then she looked around her room and saw all the decorations and the birthday cake on the table “What’s all this?” She asks, dazed. 

    “We are throwing you a birthday surprise party.” Cera explains. “I thought you should enjoy one since you haven’t gotten one in years.” 

    Sarah was now blushing. “Wow. I don’t know what to say.”

    “You don’t need to.” Mike says, holding her hand. “Just enjoy the party.” 

    And that’s what she and the rest of the gang did. They danced, played games and talked and laughed. Sarah got the candles on her cake that she thought was the most amazing looking cake she has ever seen in her life. When the fire was burning the candle wick and melting the wax, the gang sang the birthday song and Sarah closed her eyes as she blew them out with a wish in her head. With that, Sarah cuts the cake and takes a huge slice of a corner. The rest of the gang took a slice and ate it while sitting on the table.

    Next was the presents. Sarah opened the first present which was from Mike. He had gotten her socks with pink stripes and gems that reminded her of her favorite TV show, Steven Universe. The next gift was from Misty which made Sarah confused on how she picked this out, but either Cera or Ecole must have gotten it for her. It was a brand new leash that she can use on Misty when they are going on walks. But her real present was when Misty transformed into a kitsune and gave her a birthday hug. Then there was a present from Ecole which was a device that can help her control her powers more. It would be very helpful for Sarah since she couldn’t control her anger when she was dealing with demons and monsters. The last present was from Cera which was a shiny necklace that had bright diamonds in the middle and a silver chain. Sarah was really grateful for the necklace and puts it on her neck. Then she stood up and gave everyone a hug as she thanked them. 

    At night, they all sat on the couch watching reruns of Steven Universe as Sarah was wearing her favorite Steven Universe pajamas with those socks Mike had given her. The rest of the gang was sitting close to her, snuggling soft under the blankets. “Thank you for the best birthday ever.” Sarah said, cheerfully.

    “Anything for you.” Cera replies. “I’m just glad you were enjoying this.” 

    Sarah laughs. “I am.” What had she missed all of these years? Did she avoid all of this without a thought? Sarah had no idea that birthdays were that fun and she was very thankful that she had friends who cared about her that much.

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  • #foggy or #misty? #collingwood A good day for a movie (at Collingwood, Victoria, Australia)

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    Misty is looking at cats of tumblr posts with me.

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