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  • It’s a problem if I’m not even mad

    It’s a problem if I shrugged that ish off like it never happened

    You use the word love often but you can’t seem to grasp the concept

    So many excuses when are you going to forfeit?

    Aren’t you tired of lying

    You give me every reason to walk away

    I wish it were raining to match how I feel

    Not in the mood for sun today

    Take your talking and keep on walking

    No gestures no effort being made here

    You really don’t see me for who I am

    So go away

    You’ve made that clear

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  • I don’t know who I am to you

    Other than another girl inexplicably trapped under your spell,

    But I’m crawling my way out

    No matter how much my bones want me to stay.

    My teeth are afraid to get out of here,

    But I’m going.

    I’m living.

    I’m running.

    I’m breathing.

    I’m not gonna let it kill me this time, dammit.

    I’ll start over as many times as I need to,

    Romantically hoping one day I’ll get it right.

    After all,

    I feel therefore I am.

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  • MC: *Pointing Indiscriminately* uh-oh looks like we’re on a kiss cam

    Ina: There’s no-

    MC: *Leans in*

    Ina: There’s no kiss cam at Applebees!

    #Ina x mc #Ina Kingsley x mc #Ina Kingsley#Queen B #Choices queen b #Romance#Professor #Queen b quotes #Mixed signals#Relationship goals #Queen b mc #Date
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  • Vampire: *flirts with me*

    Me thinking he likes me: *flirts back*

    Vampire: *hits me with✨Mixed signals✨*

    Me: CoNfUsIoN

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  • image

    A church by my house has a marquee that faces a busy road. Today, as I drove by I, read their latest message: “Pay attention to your destination, not your speed.”

    “Hmmm,” thought, “I wonder how the police department feels about that?” 😂

    No sooner had the thought passed through my head and I saw the flashing lights of a police officer with a car pulled over on the shoulder! I can almost imagine the driver’s frantic plea to the officer, “But, officer, the church back there told me…!”

    This humorous scene reminded me of two quotes:

    • “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.” —Francis of Assisi
    • “Where one man reads the Bible, a hundred read you and me.” —Dwight L. Moody

    May the “signs” of our Christian lives never send mixed signals to the people “reading” us.

    #Craig T. Owens #Dwight Moody #Francis of Assisi #speeding#mixed signals#clarity #faith in action #personal example
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  • Balance and Composure // Seahorses 

    I see the way you’re looking at me right now.
    I see the way, don’t act like you just found out.
    I see the way you’re looking at me right now.
    I see the way; For me, it’s up. For you, it’s always down.

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  • Ina: Hey, How’s The Homework Going?

    MC: Are You Flirting With Me?

    Ina: What?!

    MC: What?

    #Ina x mc #Ina Kingsley #Ina Kingsley x mc #MC x Ina #Choices #Choices queen b #Queen b #Queen b mc #Professor#Relationship#Romance#Mixed signals
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  • Your favorite songs play on repeat in my head,
    but you’re off thinking about your girl
    and I’m in bed, writing love letters I will never send
    to my own.
    I know what I want
    but you play these games
    that make me wonder if I should chase someone else
    without really wanting to.

    untitled. 8.28.20. ach.

    #amwriting#amwritingpoetry#poetry#female writers#female poets #female poets on tumblr #just wrote this #writing about them #writing about love #i love him #but i love her differently #does she want me or not #mixed signals #she said so #but idk what's real #writing for her #writing for him #love #i'm so confused
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  • Okay but Harry was still following Kanye up until he started making his weird Donald trump comments so ehhh

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  • I drifted away from you last night

    I no longer know what this is

    You are so blinded by yourself , it’s hard for you to see anyone else

    And I can’t compete with it

    I keep asking myself why I even love you and I can’t seem to come up with the answer

    I keep asking myself why I want to stand by your side when you are down and out and have nothing going for you

    Is it hope that keeps me here?

    For some reason I’d rather be alone if I’m not with you , which is so confusing to me because I can do better

    I don’t understand where we are going , for if you don’t try to succeed in life

    I won’t be here to just enable you

    I just don’t know anymore , it’s so sad and you don’t seem to take it seriously

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  • Mixed signals!

    MC: Do I ever cross your mind?

    Ina: No

    MC: *Pouts*

    Ina: You stay on it

    MC: *gasps*

    #Ina x mc #Ina Kingsley #Ina Kingsley x mc #MC x ina #Queen b #Choices queen b #Mixed signals#Professor#Myprof#Slowburn #Queen b mc #Choices#Choices quotes
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  • I don’t know how to tell you this

    We’ve been constant in being consistent

    We’ve been away and distance seems immeasurable

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  • Hear me out,

    Mixed signals hurt worse than unrequited love.

    It’s in hearing “I almost want you” over “I don’t want you”.

    It’s in the wondering.

    What makes me an almost?

    What is holding you back?

    What makes me not worth the risk?

    What about me makes you feel unsure?

    Are you not aware of how my eyes seek to memorize the outline of your face?

    Are you not aware about how I worry over every second of silence in concern for the hyperactivity of your heart?

    Are you not aware of how 9pm has become both the sweetest and most painful hour of my night as I wait see if you’ll message me?




    Is it really me or is it just you?

    Am I just a convenient boost to your ego?

    Am I just someone to remind you of how you can be seen and cared for?

    Am I no one special and if it wasn’t me, it could have been anyone else?

    Am I a mixed signal that you can’t decide on because of confusion within yourself?




    Is this a question of holding on or letting go?

    Of letting the universe or God decide on what comes next?

    Can I truly let you go after having been sustained on “I almost want you” for months?

    - (Anxiously) Almost Yours

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  • Mixed signals are straining. Am I your backup or am I what you want but your morale compass won’t allow? Is this what delusion feels like?

    #me#no sleep#mixed signals #I just want to confess #why won't you let me know #but wtf #not what you want
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  • End Of A Year Self Defense Family // I’ve Got An Idea… 

    I have my complaints
    I need more freedom; I need more space
    Kind questions, they only invade
    Stay off my preserve

    I have my complaints
    Your body no longer matches your face
    And our sex life is feeling your age
    And I’m starting to yearn

    I have my complaints
    One woman–it’s not a natural thing
    I could use a change
    Oh, it’s what I deserve

    I have my complaints
    I don’t approve of how you spend your days
    It feels like failure is what you prefer

    I have my complaints
    If you loved me, you’d handle this place
    And treat it as a trial you can barely endure

    I have my complaints
    Stayed behind while my friends explored
    I did it for love, but I’m no longer sure

    #end of a year self defense family #i've got an idea... #mixed signals#post-punk#post-hardcore#indie rock#emo#rock#indie#tunes#audio #favorite songs ever
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  • Mixed Signals

    I’m at my wits end

    Trying to manage what’s in

    My head and

    My heart

    They don’t match up

    I’m ready to erupt and give in

    Just give up

    One pulls me inside myself

    Pulling inward to scars of despair

    To the depths of

    Craving death


    At every thought

    At every turn

    As the only means to an end

    The other pushes me forward

    Day after day through



    Cravings to scratch at my wrists

    Pushes me to live through this

    No matter how strong the light pulls me

    I hate it

    I don’t want it to win

    I want to finally give in

    To the longings of darkness

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