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  • fsrintaro
    27.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago


    ## a/n. dimples are adorable!!! i have dimples, u have dimples, lets get married ye?

    the beauty of dimples, in and of itself, is that it relies on the ability of an individual to peer closely at details so as to be able to catch the dimples emerging from the soft skin of one’s face. and oh sweet lord, is MIYA OSAMU blessed with heart-melting dimples.

    you would watch from the side as osamu takes pictures of the lush green mountains ahead. any person would be standing in awe at the tranquility of the greens but no, your attention was solely captured by the dimple that peeked out as osamu squinted into the tiny viewfinder.

    the dimple sits perfectly under his right eye. the size of your thumb coincidentally akin to the size of his dimple. your hand — a perfect mould to his face. your palm easily fits to cradle his cheek tenderly and your thumb slotting easily into the crevice made by his smile that stretches to its corner.

    “what are you doing?” an amused voice broke you out of your reverie. unknowingly, you have outstretched your hand to feel his cheek with your fingers. he was initially taken aback by something poking at him while he was engrossed with the scenery, turns out it was just you unconsciously jabbing at the top of his cheek.

    “you’re just…pretty.” you mused, smoothing your thumb across his dimple which made him keen into your touch that delicately lingers at his dimple.

    the camera was no longer in his hands as they slung around his neck by a strap, his hands now finding its way to hold you at your waist. osamu knows that you adore his dimples, how could he forget you have always gazed at him while he laughs. smiling cheekily at you, he pokes at his cheek. “i’m pretty? or are my dimples pretty?”

    you giggled as you were caught, your body falling into a hug against osamu's chest. he just knows you so well — your thoughts, your yearnings, all easily read by him. while you love his smile for his happiness and dimples, osamu loved yours by a tenfold for many reasons. there are so many ways you smile. there were times you smiled with the lilt of your voice, or an unexpected bounce in your stride. there were times you smiled with your choice of words, or the way you pause to listen to him speak. yet, osamu's utmost favourite smile of yours is when you smile with arms that hug, that pulls him close — just like now.

    MIYA ATSUMU knows how to work his dimples to get what he wants. a flash of the dimples that are pointed on each cheek sends the crowd into shambles, as shrills and cheers roared from the crowd. it shows them that he was confident, smiling even in the face of fear.

    so far, atsumu has always used his dimples to charm others and he did charm you with a smirk that brought out the famous dimples that were hidden in his cheeks. it spoke a sense of mischief, of innocent fun, and in that moment he captured you.

    atsumu's deep dimples made an appearance so often that he thought you would have gotten used to it. it pops out as he chews at his food. it pops out as he rambles excitedly over how he felt powerful with his serves day by day. it pops out when he smiles against your lips as you share a long kiss that was deep-rooted in the love that cultured between the two of you.

    atsumu and his dimples were irresistible and you can never get enough of it.

    "baby," he whined, his lower lip jutting out in impatience. "i have to get to training!" it seemed like atsumu was complaining but really, who was the one that keep going back and forth as if he "forgot" something?

    grabbing his face, you sealed his lips with a kiss once again, a kiss that was filled with the sweetness of passion, a million loving thoughts condensed into a moment. atsumu started to pull away from the kiss but stopped when you called his name.

    “yeah, sweetheart?”

    “show me those dimples again,” you demanded.

    atsumu dipped his head and kissed the indentation at the base of your throat, before lifting his head to smile at you. the pads of your finger crept up to his face pushing slightly at one of his dimples. the warmth at atsumu's chest bloomed as he watched you fall in love with his dimples all over again.

    ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ likes and rbs are always appreciated!!

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  • tzuyuasui
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    IT'S. SIMPLE. Y, E, S, HEY

    My heart is POUNDING

    #kita shinsuke#hirai momo#myoui mina#atsumu miya#twice#haikyuu #the fact that they're all japanese makes this even better gxfngtxd
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  • nanamin-pointo
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hinata: So what should I call you?

    Atsumu: Everyone calls me Atsumu but you... you can call me yours.

    Hinata: 😳

    Atsumu: 😉

    Osamu, getting ready to choke Atsumu: This bloodline ends with me.

    #i am atsuhina trash #atsuhina#miya atsumu#hinata shouyou#hinata shoyo#miya osamu #osamu is so done with atsumu's shit #haikyuu#hq #incorrect haikyuu quotes
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  • hannamakki
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    their preferred forms of pda !

    ✸ ft. sakusa, bokuto, atsumu, oikawa, & matsukawa

    ✸ info & warnings: fluff, pda, lil suggestive for mattsun’s

    ✸ SAKUSA prefers linking pinkies. he really isn’t a fan of pda but he likes keeping you close so this is the best way to do so without drawing too much attention. because it’s not very noticeable, it’s a very intimate gesture to him. if he’s feeling a little bold, he’ll sometimes bring your fingers up to his lips for a short but sweet kiss.

    ✸ BOKUTO prefers giving piggyback rides. it’s super flashy, but he loves carrying you. it’s just the right amount of romantic and fun. he’s super silly and will run off or start spinning without any warning because he loves hearing your laugh. even though he’s not able to see you, your hold around his neck is really all the comfort he needs.

    ✸ ATSUMU prefers standing behind you with his hands around your waist and his chin resting on your head. he likes walking behind you because that way he knows you’re safe. but his favorite part of walking this way is that it’s as if he’s giving you a prolonged hug. what’s better than being able to feel your warmth even when you’re not still and stationary?

    ✸ OIKAWA prefers classic hand holding. he always reaches out for you as soon as you both are out of the door or car. if you’re beside him, you’re holding his hand. he likes swinging your joined hands between the two of you as you walk to your destination. sometimes he’ll stop just to twirl you around. he never fails to gently squeeze your hand before letting it go.

    ✸ MATSUKAWA prefers wrapping an arm around your waist. he’s always pulling your figure into his, as close as he can while still making sure you’re both able to walk properly. if he isn’t doing that, his hand sliding down to your hips and making its way into your back pocket. it’s unconscious, it does it on its own— he swears.

    thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3

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  • malibusmoke
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    More. More. More.    Atsumu × Male Reader

    NSFW, light degradation, use of ‘sir’, implied size difference, Top!Male!Reader, Bottom!Sub!Atsumu, cock sucking, fingering, anal sex

    Note: Cazzo. Trying to gain some footing since I’m brand new to this. Second fic.

    “Look at me baby,” you command, licking your lips as you bring your face between Atsumu’s legs. 

    “Y/N,” Atsumu moaned breathily; then gasped as your hot breaths skimmed his thighs. The elder Miya brother didn’t understan how he was in such a vulnerable position beneath him, with all of his usual sel-confidence and cockiness fading away. Your warm tongue gliding across the base of his straining cock was the only thing that mattered to him now. 

    He inhaled sharply and perspiration began to build across his skin. You gaze up at him from between his legs, staring into the brown half-lidded pools. The man before you was beautiful normally, but something about seeing him so needy and powerless beneath you ignited something inside.

     A wanton moan escaped Atsumu’s bitten lips as you took his throbbing length into your warm, wet mouth before humming in satisfaction as his eyes rolled back into his head. It sent vibrations through his leaking to his core at the sensation. 

    Pulling off his tip with a loud pop, you move your face up to his neck, nipping at Atsumu’s ear.

    “Tell me what you want, ‘sumu,” You growl lowly, as his fingers trace lightly over the muscles of your back. The smaller boy’s face flushed in submission beneath your well huilt form, as he mindlessly bucked his hips at loss of contact. 

    “ Y-Y/N...please I-I-hah” His ords caught thickly in his throat as you pushed your hot erection agaisnt his leg. He craned his head downwards, blonde hair brushing against your neck as he stared at the unearthly sight before him. 

     You smirk at his wide eyed face as he gazes at your flushed cock, and grind up against his own- the red flush spread from his cheeks to his bare chest. You pin his arms to the mattress as he attempts to cover his face.

    “Ah-ah, you look so pretty like this Atsu.” You teased, his hips grinding back into yours. “So pretty underneath me, how's it feel? Being such a desperate whore for your own teammate?” 

    He bit his lips at your words and averted his lustful eyes as you sat up off him. Tracing your fingers back down to his thighs you teased your fingers over his puckered entrance, fingers slick with your own pre cum.

    “I want you please please- Y/N please!” He blabbered as you pushed a finger into his tight hole. He moaned shamlesslely as you began to stretch him out. It went in easy enough and you soon slipped in a second finger, scissoring him open.

    “S..sir! Just put it in!” Atsumu’s voice strained into your ear as he reached down and traced a finger around your tip. You groaned and looked at him. You knew he needed to be stretched to take your cock, but if he was going to be so needy…

    You grab your shaft and line it up at his fluttering entrance, slathering lube over your length. The cold sensation sent shocks up your spine as you teased him with the tip. 

    His calloused fingers slide upyour chest as he looks at you patheitcally. With one sharp motion you bottom out in his warm, tight little boy cunt. Groaning and throwing your head back you begin thrusting in and set a brutal pace. Atsumus eyes widened in shock and he grabbed at your back and shoulders so desperately it was sure to leave marks.

     Your fingers traced up his chest as wet slapping filled the room before tweaking on Atsumu’s sensitive buds, a whine to escaping his rosy lips, “Yesss! Sir!,” He hissed in pure bliss as your thick cock pounded into his prostate.

    “Good boy- nha- I want to see you break under me as I make you cum.” You groan. He was just so hot around you. So hot and wet and tight. You didnt know how long you were going to last. 

    Moans and shaky breaths soon developed into whines and needy begs for more, Atsumu trying to impale himself onto your cock with every push back. You could feel the pleasure build up, a thick bubble of heat that grew with each thrust, cries out on pure need from Atsumu only adding to the flame.

    The need in you was almost too much now, and you growled into his ear and pounded away into him without mercy, “Oh, please, yes, fuck!,” Atsumu rambled as each brutal thrust hit his prostate spot on. You could feel his walls tightening around your cock as he continued to dissolve into a blabbering flushed mess, “-hahh! S’good, God, please... Y/N! Sir!…”

    Something snapped inside of Atsumu and hot roped of cum painted his stomach. He was clenching down incredibly tight on you now but you railed him through his orgasm, even as he begged you to stop in his overstimulated position. 

    The air grew hot, heat and musk clinging at your skin. Moans and heavy breathes were soon drowned out by the slamming out the bed against the wall. You were sure it would leave dents. Atsumu raised his perfect ass to meet your driving hips and you felt your climax quickly approaching. Thrusts became uneven, rapid and more forceful.  

    You bit down harshly on Atsumu’s shoulder as the bubble inside popped, tearing a passionate moan from your throat while your body shuddered. 

    You peppered soft kisses across Atsumus fucked-out face, but your own thrusting neither stopped nor slowed, in fact, you sped up. “Y/N” soft whimpers came from Atsumu’s shuddering form and you pulled you cock out of his ass, before roughly flipping him so his back was pressed against you chest, legs pulled up and staring at the ceiling. You slide back in with far more ease this time. You grabbed his pretty little cock and began pumping it as you ruined his ass. His next orgasm came fast and his mouth opened to let out a silent wave of sock. 

    Atsumu’s back pressed against your chest, head thrown back into the nape of your neck and shaking everytime you bounced him up and down your cock. You bit harsh marks on his neck, licking up the blood that pooled. ‘Cum for me one more time baby,” you groaned as he arched back.

    He opened his mouth to say something but all that came out where blabbers and pleads as you rammed into the tight heat like a jackhammer, “Cum for me. Now Atsumu.” 

    Atsumu couldn’t understand you in his fucked out state, but all he could think of was he needed more. More. more. more. He bounced his hips back against you, swallowing you to the hilt every time in a desperate chase to orgasm. His final orgasm hit him, covering your bedsheetsin the pearlescent white liquid. 

    Him cumming around your cock was all it took, and you groaned when thick white cum filled up his hole. White blinded your vision and your body jerked uncontrollably. You let yourself slip out, pulling atsumu’s hips up to watch your load of cum seeping from his abused hole. 

    As you both came down from your highs, Atsumu curled into your side. The blonde boy tilted his head and kissed your lips softly. The flustered look on his face was priceless, more than worth all of the effort it had taken to get him to submit to you. Atsumu was adorable, and he mumbled your name a few times before dozing off, cuddling your chest.


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  • sailortaro
    27.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    many omis

    #featuring like 5 different art styles oopth #why am I so inconsistent whyyyyyyyyyy #my art #haikyuu!! #hq #haikyū!! #hq fanart#sakusa#sakusa kiyoomi#sakuatsu#miya atsumu#atsumu#haikyuu fanart#procreate#digital art
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  • luvbub
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #haikyuu x reader #kuroo x reader #atsumu x reader #matsukawa x reader #Kuroo Tetsurou#Miya Atsumu#matsukawa issei#kuroo fluff#atsumu fluff#matsukawa fluff#haikyuu fluff #hq x reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu imagines #written by bub
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  • sugamintchocochip
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Their vows when they’re getting married

    Pairing : Akaashi, Kuroo, Tsukishima, Tendou, Sugawara, Iwaizumi and Atsumu

    a/n : listen I was feeling very fluffy so here. Also @sorukeiji @melsun @kairakeiji @mysterystarz @infxrity @risumu & @sunkeiji look I wrote yalls mans✨

    Akaashi Keiji

    “I was never a man of many words. And, speaking my emotions was something hard for me. Because I thought it would annoy everyone. But then, I met you, darling. And you proved to me that, I could be heard. You proved to me so many things and I, I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful that, every morning, I get to wake up to your beautiful face and bed hair. That, you’re the one who makes my coffee when I’m tired, reading on the couch. That, I’m the lucky one who has the chance to have your hand running through my hair, and I could go on for so much longer but it’ll only bore our guests. So, before I end this, i just need you to know that, I love you. I have always loved you and, I’ll love you forever.”

    Kuroo Tetsuro

    “When I first saw you, I felt like all the oxygen in the room left. The second time I did, my heart accelerated so much I thought I was having a heart attack. The third time, I walked into a wall because I was so captivated by your beauty, the team never let me live it down. The fourth time, you needed help with your physic assignment so you went and asked me for help. And the fifth time, was when I finally asked you out. And from then, we started seeing each other every day. Slowly, we started to hold hands on our way to school. Slowly, we would go to the other‘s house and cuddle on the couch, watching the worst k-dramas we could find and eat popcorn until we would feel sick. And slowly, we told our first I love you’s. Which continued into so much more to even explain. So I’ll finish here, Kenma always kept telling me how long my speeches were and now I realize what he meant by that. I love y/n, and that for the rest of my life.”

    Tsukishima Kei

    “I always disliked people. They were always too loud and annoying. Too noisy or touchy. Yet I could never dislike you. Even if I tried, it was impossible. When I realized it was because - this is gonna be so fucking cheesy gosh- I fell in love with you, I wanted to slap myself because before, I thought falling in love was useless. But you had to bump in my life and shake me, emotionally and physically, to tell me that, being in love with you was the best thing to ever happen to me. So, I guess that I could thank you for that. anyways, thankfully I didn’t fail english unlike the two volleyball freaks, else I would’ve probably embarrass myself in front of everyone here like they did. But yeah. I may not be the best to show it but I love you y/n. And for both of our sakes, I’ll love you until the end.”

    Sugawara Koshi

    “It started, no sorry, we started when you ran into me because you were going to be late for history class. You apologized so many time since you made me spill my water on my shirt. And I remember clearly that I had founded you so adorable in that moment, I wanted to know more about you. So I told you that, as a way to apologize you could give me your phone number. And you did, thankfully. With you, I never saw the time pass. Until I was on my knee, asking you to marry me. It was then only that I realize just how much we grew together. And also how much I hope we’ll grow older until we’re wrinkled and almost ghosts. Because y/n, you’re the one for me. I knew that the day you spilled that water on me. Sounds cheesy, love at first sight as they say, but it’s true. And i wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.”

    Tendou Satori

    “As you know, I used to be bullied for how I was a long time ago. People called me weird and a monster. Never wanting to be with me saying how they would catch whatever i had. It felt like hell really. But then, you came. And you never feared me or found me ugly. Every day, you tell me how beautiful you think I am. How much you love me. And this is why I call you my paradise. Because you truly are one. And, to think I get to call you mine brings so much emotions in me. The fear that, one day I might lose you. The joy I get whenever I see you calling me. The love I feel, when you cuddle me. And so much more. And yes, sometime, I may joke that Mikasa is my one and only but trust me when I say this, you are. Which is why I’m standing here in front of you, at the altar, a few minutes away before sealing our promises with a kiss. I love you y/n, my paradise.”

    Iwaizumi Hajime

    “I have always been told that, it seemed as i never cried. But yet here i am crying in front of god knows how many people because I’m about to be married to you, y/n. And I always used to be ashamed of crying. Thinking it would make me look weak, when it actually only makes you stronger. And you’re the one who teached me that. You also teached me how to love someone correctly. How to love you. And I have to admit. Not a single day goes by where I don’t think that i actually deserve you. Because y/n, you’re so much more than me, than everything. You’re perfect to my eyes and the fact that you even said yes a few months ago blows my mind. Some people say that you only dated my for my arms. And maybe that’s true but even so, I love you so much y/n. Even if the only reason you dated me was for my arms, I love you and that, forever.”

    Miya Atsumu

    “I hate to say this, especially the day of my wedding, but, I guess I should thank Samu for making me confess to ya.... because else I wouldnt be here right now. So yeah I still owe him onigiri but anyways. I love ya. You always supported me, in my worse and bests. Ya never stopped being here for me and im so thankful for that. I might not always been the best boyfriend every day but, I promise to be the best husband all the time. And, I also lie a lot. But everything I ever told ya, how much ya mean to me, how much I love ya, how much I need ya to survive, it’s true. All these words are the truth. Because, a good lie should never be repeated multiple times. Especially not every day. And these words, I know for sure that, every day without fail, I tell them to you. Which is how you know they’re the truth. Y/n, id truly be nothing without ya so, thank you for accepting my confession, all those years ago. I love ya.”

    reblogs are appreciated :)

    tag list (open) : @kabieroun ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @t-mitsuya ; @maixcore ; @ovurtime ; @escapenightmare

    #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #tsukishima kei #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima#akaashi#Akaashi keiji #akaashi x reader #sugawara#sugawara koshi #sugawara x reader #iwaizumi#iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi x reader #tendou#tendou satori #tendou x reader #atsumu#atsumu miya #atsumu x reader #kuroo#kuroo tetsuro #kuroo x reader #anime #Haikyuu x reader
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  • i-thirsty-boi
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Update on writing process

    Hey, I’m still in the process of writing the SakuAtsu fic I promised. It’s turning out to be a lot longer than expected in length (currently at about 7k words), so it’ll take longer than promised to finish. I am still working on it though, so it will be uploaded at some point!! 

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  • tomankitten
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    with: your favorite adorable, painfully handsome, silly + clingy professional volleyball player boyfriend, atsumu miya. <333
    a/n: for my bby ains, pls enjoy these snuggles from ‘tsumu bcus he loves your ridiculously beautiful self more than life.


    it’s barely starting to get chilly outside, the crisp fall air feeling far more comfortable than the frigid bite of winter that’ll be coming in a few months, but ‘tsumu still pulls you in close; as soon as your eyes flutter open he’s nuzzling into you and whispering in your ear, “are ya still warm, baby? do we need to hide under the covers for a bit?” it’s really just an excuse, he just wants to stay in bed with you and keep you all to himself for a little while longer.

    you can’t help but giggle to yourself because he’s so adorable even when he’s half asleep, placing rough kisses all over your neck and mumbling on about how much he missed you while you were asleep even though he was snuggled up against you all night. he’s always flirty & just so protective over you— he just wants to make sure you’re always feeling content, safe and happy when you’re by his side.

    “what should we do today, angel? anything ya want.” it’s his day off & you rarely get to spend time together lately with it being the middle of the season and him constantly playing or training. “anything, ‘tsumu. as long as i’m with you.” so you settle on grabbing a coffee, getting your nails done & seeing where the day takes you.


    the day starts off with you two grabbing your favorite drinks, a double shot for you and a half-caf for ‘tsumu bcus this man is always bouncing off the walls with his natural energy anyways. one time he wanted to try an iced coffee with a doubleshot bcus that’s what you always get and he ended up staying up all night talking about some wild conspiracy theories he watched on youtube and you went to work the next day running on a whole 20 minutes of sleep— never again.

    next stop is the nail salon & are we really surprised ‘tsumu likes getting his nails done with you? he picks out your new color before hopping into his seat, getting his usual pedi while he waits for you and making small talk with the nail techs— let’s just say you’re used to people ogling your 6’2” gorgeous professional volleyball player boyfriend, so it makes you smile when you notice everyone in the salon admiring how handsome your baby is even when he’s acting so silly.

    the volleyball season takes a toll on his feet and you laugh so hard every time he screams when the nail tech tries to scrub away the callouses on his feet— and i mean he literally screams cus he’s so ticklish and you have to bury your face in your free hand after a few minutes of laughing to avoid the embarrassment of being associated with such a goofball.

    atsumu always compliments how sexy your nails look when you’re done and says it’s his favorite color yet, obviously bcus he picked it out. makes you promise to give him a back scratch before bed and of course you agree bcus he’s just too cute as he pouts while waiting for you to answer.


    atsumu loves taking a million pictures of you when you’re out and about, so of course he asked you to put on your cutest, coziest outfit today so he could take a new photo of you for his phone background. ends up taking 100 pictures of you before you even get to the apple orchard— pictures of you sipping your coffee while driving, a photo of him snuggled up next to you and trying to hide under your scarf; he’s just silly and loves making memories with you even if it’s just the little moments.

    once you get there and park your car on the field you visit the little shop to look at some snacks and cute souvenirs before buying your bags and heading out to look at the trees, your hand in his as the cool air chills your fingers and the tips of your ears.

    as soon as he notices you’re getting a little chilly he wraps your scarf a little tighter around you and squeezes you to him— “can’t have my pretty baby gettin’ cold can i?”

    you’re stretching up to reach the most perfect apple you can find, finding it just a little out of reach and atsumu has to fight every urge in his body to throw you on top of his shoulders so you can reach it, knowing he wants to snap a picture of you in this moment before he does.

    as he snaps the picture of you and looks at his phone, he can’t help but ask himself how he got so lucky— how’d he find someone who puts up with all of his clinginess and excited energy? someone who loves him so much for all the things he always suspected got on peoples’ nerves. don’t you get tired of him sometimes?

    but he knows you don’t, he knows you love him— the way you snuggle into him each night as if he’s the only thing you need in the world is enough to let him know. you love him unconditionally— you always have.

    “uh-tsumu, a little help?” your words snap him out of his daydream and he smiles as he runs towards you, throwing you on his shoulders so you can reach.


    obviously insists on having matching outfits so everyone knows you’re together. won’t leave the house until his hair looks just right and pouts before reaching the door, wondering if he really wants everyone to see how gorgeous you look or if he should just keep you all to himself tonight.

    halloween party you guys go to is pointless bcus all you do is flirt and make out with each other the whole time. you last about two hours before you decide to just go home and go trick or treating by yourselves so you can be together.

    atsumu eats all of your fav candy out of your bucket and literally lies so sincerely when he says it wasn’t him— like he literally will not admit he did it even when you find the wrappers in his pocket. “baby a swear it wasn’t me! samu must have been here— a would never do that to ya angel.”

    you roll your eyes and ignore him for 10 mins before he’s pulling at your shirt sleeve and looking up at you with those sad puppy eyes. obv can’t stay mad at him bcus he’s way too cute.


    atsumu does the same thing every night when you two come home— runs you a hot bath and adds those oils you love so much. cups the water and lets it trickle over you as he rests his head on the edge of the tub, telling you how much he loves you and how pretty you are.

    you love to come home and snuggle up in an old volleyball shirt of his, the tattered name “miya” printed on its back. it’s an old gray tee with a few holes but it’s broken in to perfection and the most comfortable thing you’ve ever felt— and there’s something about his name printed on the back that makes you feel safe, a reminder of all of his accomplishments and how far he’s come.

    “baby, why don’t ya wear some of my new stuff to bed? this looks so cute on you, doll but i’ve got nicer things,” he says as he tugs at the shirt. “no babe, i like this one.” he pouts as he nuzzles into you, his voice muffled. “a wasn’t even very good back then, still figuring out my sets and stuff— don’t know how i even got ya.” you laugh bcus you both knew he’d go pro even before it happened, he’s always been the most talented player in the world in your eyes and you’re just grateful you got to watch him grow and see all of the special moments along the way.

    a/n: my writing inspiration is out of control with fall & winter coming ahhh someone help me. <333
    #— 𝓳𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓪𝓵. 🗝 #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines #atsumu x reader #miya atsumu x reader #hq x y/n #hq x you #hq x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x you #atsumu fluff#atsumu headcanons
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  • akaashiscupofwater
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    atsumu: 😏i can make u squirt bb

    the ketchup bottle hes holding:

    osamu: god i fucking hate eating with u

    #this is why nobody likes you atsumu jeezus christmas nuts #atsumu#osamu#miya twins #(im sorry for this but i made myself laugh w it so)
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  • haikyuuublog
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Atsumu: You may be in Omi’s DMs

    Atsumu: But I’m on his nerves

    Atsumu: We are not the same

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  • akaashiscupofwater
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    skdljadsjkl yes atsumu helping osamu w the shop when he has down time makes me very happy but also all i imagine is that scene in zach and cody where they throw flour and eggs at each other bc they cannot get along ahaha

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  • atsymu
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    sinner — miya atsumu.

    nsfw 18+ minors dni. f. reader, exhibitionism since it’s a halloween party, breeding, slight size kink, semi-clothed sex, slight angel/devil roleplay ig?
    note. so this was the sole reason i returned to this blog honestly but maybe the horny in me will keep me here a little longer idk hmph :<

    your pouty lips babble out a strangled whine of his name when you feel atsumu’s fingers flex tighter into the flesh of your ass under your skirt, pinning you even harder against the cold wood of the bedroom door behind you and you’re thankful for the thumping of the loud music outside.

    his large hands keep your hips pressed tightly against his own while his fat cock continues to dip in and out of your cunt, the slight burn from the stretch of taking him only adding to the pleasurable fogginess of your mind as he restlessly ruts into you.

    your eyelashes finally lift as you blink away the tears that glisten in your eyes, admiring the sight of the blonde infront of you— atsumu is almost hunched over you, the sheer width of his shoulders and back making you feel tiny.

    his hair is mused underneath the plastic red devil horns still surprisingly stuck in the bleach blonde locks, a contrast to the halo that’s haphazardly thrown on your head. and even paired with his flushed cheeks you can still make out the specks of red glitter along his cheekbones and roots, travelling down to decorate the hard muscle of his chest that peeks out from under his shirt where he’s left it unbuttoned.

    your breathing hitches when he tears his eyes away from your puffy cunt to meet yours, a handsome smirk immediately decorating his lips as he deliberately slows his pace— pulling you even closer to his chest as he lets out a breathless rasp of a chuckle, brushing the blunt head of his cock against the spot inside of you that he knows will have you creaming around him.

    “ya like what ya see baby? shiiiit— ‘cause a sure do.” atsumu’s tone is soft and smooth, an almost hard contrast to sinful way his hips are moving against yours, paired with the playful glint in the chocolate of his eyes.

    “t-tsumu—“ is all you can muster back, your nails clawing at the fabric of his shirt covering his shoulders as your eyes roll back, shoving it down to reveal more of him as you grab at the new smooth skin, the desperation of your actions causing a chuckle to rumble through atsumu’s chest “heh, pretty lil angel, s-so desperate for a little sin, t-that it? yeah?”

    the blonde groans, leaning over you as he tries to bite back his own moans, feeling you thrash under him with every stroke “yeah, baby? feels good don’t it? fuckkk—yer always so fuckin’ tight no matter how much a fuck ya, let me hear ya, princess.”

    atsumu grunts, clenching his teeth when he feels your thighs tighten around him, locking up beneath his large palms. “ya love this fat cock, don’t ya, angel?” he doesn’t even give you time to reply, fucking into you impossibly deeper as he continues to hammer away at the sinful spot inside of you, babbling a few hushed praises between pants as he nears his own orgasm.

    you whine and grind up against him, greedy for another release. you feel atsumu’s fingers trace along your thigh until you feel his thumb flick over your puffy clit, the sensation immediately throwing you closer to the orgasm you crave until you’re kicking your legs at the overwhelming pleasure.

    “who owns this fuckin’ pussy, baby? fuuuuck—who d’ya belong ta—shiiit—“ his words are more breathless this time, almost desperate as his thrusts turn sloppy. his fingers nails digging almost painfully into your skin as you feel the growing wetness spread between your thighs with each snap of his hips.

    “yours atsumu—“ is all you can manage before you hear the blonde growl above you “that’s f-fuckin’ right, princess.”

    atsumu lets out a breathy whine as he slams one of his palms onto the door behind you, steadying himself as his orgasm rips through him, groaning as he milks his cock inside of you. the sensation causes you to shake as you come undone beneath him, thighs trembling as you gush around him, his cock continuing to slide in and out of you.

    your legs quake when you finally feel him rest you back down with a satisfied sigh, blinking down at you through the sweaty blonde locks that have fallen over his dazed eyes as he adjusts the horns on his head with a pink cheeked smirk, leaning in slightly to place a soft peck on your swollen lips.

    “heh—ya ready ta party now, gorgeous?”

    #%dreaming#hqintheclub #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut#hq smut #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x you #haikyuu imagines#atsumu smut #atsumu x reader #hq x reader #miya atsumu x reader #miya atsumu smut
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  • pain-in-the-ass-kuroo
    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    *atsumu going to osamus restaurant right after practice*

    Atsumu : hey-

    Osamu with a face of pure disgust: you look disgusting

    Atsumu annoyed: no more than you, you'll scare your costumers away with that face

    Hinata to sakusa and bokuto: did atsumu-san just roast himself?

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  • trueshellz
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Day 26: Atsumu + temperature play

    Previous day | MASTERLIST | Next day

    Warnings: wax play, ice play, sub!Atsumu kinda, painslut!Atsumu, female reader, massaging, kissing, mild assplay, male oral (A/N: please don't use normal candles for wax play, they are too hot and will burn you)

    Summary: Atsumu's favourite way to de-stress...

    Atsumu loved massages, giving and receiving. There was nothing better than having your hands all over him after a game, feeling your body on his back as you rubbed and kneaded the knots there. The giggling noises you would make when he spouted gibberish from pure pleasure. Or when he was massaging you, feeling your soft skin under his calloused palms, rubbing the oil into each part of your body and paying more than special attention to the curve of your ass and breasts. Feeling the hum of content when he rubbed your aching body, smiling to himself as your hand would reach for him, tugging him down to sleep.

    But these candles were something else entirely.

    Sitting on his ass like you usually would, the candle burning on the bedside cabinet as you massage him gently with your hands first. The tuft of blonde hair on his arms as he lay down, dim light hitting the hard muscled planes of his back sculpted from hours and hours of hard work. Skin golden from his time travelling and spent in the sun, round ass and thick thighs as a result of the sport and simply itching for your teeth to sink into.

    So you did.

    "Hey! I'm not food!"

    Grinning when he didn't even lift his head, grabbing the candle and holding it above his back before pouring gently. You felt him tense when the wax splattered on his skin, a small gasp before he relaxed again. Hands moving as you massaged him again, thumbs digging into the knots in his shoulders before working up to his neck. Repeating the motion a few times, his gasps and moans getting louder each time as the warm liquid met his skin, the heat radiating from him when you skimmed your hand over him.

    "Fuck, babe. Feels so good."

    Grabbing a piece of ice and putting it in your mouth, trailing the piece from the nape of his neck and down his spine, over each vertebrae slowly until your reach the cleft of his ass. A hiss and gasp when the cold met his warm skin, you saw his hands clench and unclench as you left it on one spot before moving it down and letting it sit. His asscheeks flexing as he tried to move it, instead moving it closer to his puckered entrance and raising his head with a groan.

    "'S cold. Fuck. Move it, please?"

    Hands gripping his ass, watching the solid melt away leaving a puddle on your boyfriends skin you tapped him and made him turn over before repeating the movements. Warm wax on his chest, dripped around his sensitive nipples as you ground down on his hard dick, length pressing against your clit and forcing him to clutch your hips as he flopped back on the bed. Rubbing the oil into his skin, down his pecs and abs seeing them illuminate and glisten, hands trailing down and raking your nails on him before grabbing another ice cube and shuffling down his body.

    Atsumu barely had time to regain his senses before he felt something cold and wet around his dick, back arching as he grabbed your head with a whine. Heels digging into the bed, he had to bite his lip to stop the sounds threatening to come out his mouth. Widening his legs as he forced himself to look down, your pretty eyes staring back at him as he shook his head at you and the mischief dancing in your eyes. Your mouth moving up and down on his dick, ice melting and leaking out the sides making your slurp more than usual. His hips moving and thrusting up gently, pushing the hair in your face back as he increased his movements until you came off with a wet pop.

    "Still got a bowl of ice left, baby. Don't be coming down my throat quite yet."

    #⛓kinktober#atsumu miya #atsumu x y/n #atsumu x you #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu x reader #miya atsumu x female reader #miya atsumu x you #miya atsumu x y/n #atsumu imagines#atsumu fanfiction#atsumu scenario#atsumu hcs#atsumu haikyuu#haikyuu atsumu#atsumu headcanon #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagine#haikyuu headcanon#haikyuu hcs#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu scenario#haikyuu fanfic#haikyuu fanfiction#haikyuu scenarios
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  • hinatastinygiant
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Infiltration - Thirty Seven

    Finally, Sunday, the day of Atsumu's revenge arrives. He spends most of the late morning rushing around his house getting ready. You watch from the sofa under the guise of being distracted by your phone as he unlocks a tall safe and pulls out two guns. You watch as he tucks them somewhere onto his waist before quickly gazing back down when he spins towards you. On your phone, you search for Osamu's contact.

    Y/N: "Hey Samu. He's about to leave."

    Your eyes lift up once more while you wait for his response and you observe Atsumu grab a box of 9mm ammunition which he then hides in the inside of his jacket. Right after, your phone dings and distracts you once more.

    OSAMU: Good.

    You roll your eyes at the obviously thoughtless response.

    Y/N: "I'm worried about him. Can you give me a ride to block 12?"

    Y/N: "Please."

    Just then, Atsumu rushes up to you and plants a quick kiss on your forehead. You let go of your phone, dropping it down to your chest so he's unable to see your conversation with Osamu. Luckily, he thinks nothing of it.

    "I'll be right back," he whispers, "And when I do, it'll be all over with! Be good while I'm gone, okay?"

    "I will," you smile sadly. "If you need anything, call me."

    "Of course," he grins. "Well, I'm going to take off now!"

    With that, Atsumu pulls away from your reach and walks around the backside of the sofa on his way out of the house.

    "Be safe!" you shout.

    He waves and quickly runs out of the house. You then pick your phone back up and dial Osamu. You do most of the negotiating over the phone, but after a bit of convincing, he agrees to pick you up from the house.

    While you wait for Osamu, you rush over to where you saw Atsumu pull out his guns. On the inside of a closet, there's a large black safe that you find most unfortunately locked.

    "Dammit," you curse as you hit your hand against the metal box.

    Before you can think too much about what the code could be, the doorbell rings. You step away from the safe and go to answer the door. On the other side of the threshold is Osamu's completely detached face. Though when he sees your pissed-off expression, he's inclined to look a bit confused.

    "I came like you wanted. Why do you look so angry?" he asks.

    "'Tsumu's got his guns locked in a safe," you sigh. "I can't get into it."

    "Oh, that," Osamu nods as he walks past you and into the house. He walks right up to the safe and quickly inputs four numbers. The safe buzzes happily and the door unlocks.

    "What the hell was it?" you question in awe.

    "Our birthday."

    You find yourself at a loss of words for a moment as you process how utterly stupid yet effective the passcode was. On the door you see a sniper lined up and you grab it.

    "Woah, now this is pretty cool!" you mumble to yourself.

    Osamu reaches up onto a high shelf and grabs a small cardboard box of 7.62mm ammunition.

    "Here, you'll need this," he says as he tosses you the little box.

    "Thanks," you nod as you stuff it into the pocket of your jacket.

    "You're welcome, now let's go."

    You nod and close the safe door. You then follow Osamu out of the house and down to his car, making sure to lock up behind you. He takes the sniper from you once again and throws it on top of the back seats with the explanation that you were going to "do something stupid and get hurt". Your eyebrow twitches at his obvious lack of trust in you, but listen nonetheless. Like Atsumu previously told you, not everybody trusts you yet.

    When you finally get to block twelve, Osamu parks behind a building on the opposite side of the street from the lab and just a little ways away. He then grabs the snipper he'd previously dumped in the back and holds it up. He gives you a brief explanation on how to use the thing, considering you've never used a sniper before.

    Once he's done lecturing, he then hands it over to you with a quick, "Good luck."

    "Aren't you staying?" you ask worriedly.

    "No chance," he shakes his head. "I don't have a death wish like you and that idiot."

    "What kinda gang member are you?" you groan.

    "The kind that doesn't have a death wish," he says emotionlessly.

    "You should at least stick around. He could get really hurt or..."

    "Fine!" he reluctantly gives in. "Get out of my car."

    With a small smile, you agree and do as he's asked. Together, you walk with him towards the door of the building you're at, but it's locked. You ball your hand into a fist and smash the window to the right of the door, allowing you to reach around and unlock it from the other side. Osamu looks impressed as you smile and offer him to step in first.

    He's then the first to find the stairs which you use to climb up to the roof. There, Osamu takes the sniper from you and sets it down carefully, even loading it for you. When you peer through the scope, you look around and spot Atsumu walking towards the lab.

    "'Samu I see him!" you gasp excitedly.

    "Great now calm down or you're going to get us caught," he sighs.

    "Sorry," you shake your head. "I now have a visual on the building."

    "Good. Keep your eye on the door in case the Shiratorizawa boss walks out."

    You nod, understanding the task.

    "Hey, 'Samu, what time is it?" you then question.

    He looks down and pulls back his sleeve to reveal his watch. "Quarter past twelve," he tells you.

    "Perfect," you hum as you keep your focus on the lab door. "He'll be here any second."

    Infiltration Masterlist

    #atsumu miya x reader #miya atsumu x you #miya atsumu x y/n #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu self insert #y/n#atsumu miya#miya atsumu #haikyuu x female reader #x fem!reader #hinatastinygiant#fanfiction series#ao3#wattpad
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  • http-koxume
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    — this is a text you’d receive from atsumu if y’all were in the same zoom class

    based on a convo between me and @bakugosfieryasshole

    #you cant tell me i’m wrong #this was the first thing i thought of when i got it LMAO #atsumu x reader #miya atsumu #miya atsumu x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smau #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n
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  • willowfolksong
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    today was a fairytale (feat. Osamu, Suna and Kita)

    - Atsumu Miya x Reader

    - SFW

    Yachi's your best friend and you love her, but she's the worst when it comes to stressful situations. You can see her from the corner of your eye, with her face so close to the screen that you could count her eyelashes, yelling something about how you have to calm down because everything will be fine.

    She is the first one that needs to calm down.

    "This dress is horrible," you cut her off, and she finally flops back into her seat once more, nervously playing with a lock of her hair. "It's horrible and it's too late to change, Yachi"

    Yachi shakes her head vigorously and gets dangerously close to the camera again "The dress is perfect!" she yells into the mic "You look great!"

    "I don't" you complain, and spin around in front of the mirror to your right for some emphasis. The floaty skirt of the dress opens up around you, but instead of feeling like a princess, you feel like a giant glitter cake "I'm going to take it off"

    Right at that moment, you hear your mother's voice from downstairs "Honey, your date is here!" and the color leaves your face.

    Yachi screachs like a banshee. "It's here, it's here, it's here!"

    You run to your vanity mirror to check if your mascara still looks good, and if your lipstick hasn't stained your teeth. You're still not at all sure about your look, but you don't have more time.

    When you come back and grab your phone, Yachi has a huge smile on her face "Good luck! Please, please, please tell me how everything went as soon as you get home! I can't wait to know all the details !"

    "I will, I promise"

    "And be very careful!" it's the last thing she says to you before the video call ends.

    You put the phone in the bag that you thought best matched your dress, take one last suspicious look at your reflection, and open the door of your room, taking a deep breath.

    "Okay. How about this one?" Atsumu asks, coming out of the bathroom wearing the third t-shirt of the day.

    Osamu looks at him for a few seconds before looking down at his phone again. "Same as the other one"

    "Same?" Atsumu asks, turning around to look in the mirror "Same better or same worse?"

    "Just same" Atsumu groans and crosses his arms.

    "But wich one?"

    Osamu looks at him bored "Do ya even know what 'same' means?"

    Atsumu throws his hands in the air and finally gives up, sitting down on the bed to put his shoes on "Forget it. I'll keep this one. Dark gray looks good on me."

    "If you say so" his brother stops in the middle of tying his shoelaces to look at Osamu, alarmed.

    "Don't ya think so?"

    "I mean ..." Osamu shrugs, and secretly grins when Atsumu clicks his tongue and goes back to tying his shoes, frustrated "If ya say so"

    Atsumu doesn't changes t-shirt again, but spends twenty more minutes in front of the bathroom mirror, straightening his hair the way he thinks will look best, only to come out looking exactly the same.

    Osamu knows how important this date is to him. Atsumu has had a crush on you since the beginning of freshman year, when you helped him with his Literature homework, and Osamu was able to witness the incredible miracle of his twin brother finishing a book. Atsumu told him at the time that it was the plot that hooked him.

    A year later, Osamu has no doubt that you're the one who hooked him instead.

    He follows an incredibly nervous Atsumu to the entrance door, all the time snickering behind his back, and hides his phone just as his brother turns to look at him, standing on the front steps.

    "Okay, I'm goin'"

    Osamu nods "Then just go already"


    Atsumu doesn't moves.

    "Are ya nervous?" Osamu watches as his brother's expresion goes from surprised to outraged and then to a poorly feigned nonchalance in a fraction of seconds

    "Me? Nervous? Please" he scoffs "If I don't get nervous at games, why would I was goin' to be nervous for a date?"

    "A date with the girl you've had a crush on for a year"

    Atsumu huffs "Doesn't makes any difference"

    "Alright fine, if you're not nervous just go already"

    Atsumu narrows his eyes and looks at him, suddenly suspicious "Why do ya want me to leave that bad?"

    Osamu sighs, leaning tiredly against the door "I don't know, maybe because I've had to deal with ya all day?" he says "And also because if ya keep waistin' time, your date will start to worry"

    That makes Atsumu react "Shit, you're right"

    Osamu watches his brother run down the street, and takes out his phone to call Suna as soon as he diassapears. The middle blocker answers on the first ring.

    "He's finally gone now" Osamu tells him "Let's go"

    "On our way"

    The amusement park is crowded with people that came to enjoy the rides, but are probably there for the fireworks too. It's one of the most important events of the summer after all, and with the park so close to the beach, it's the perfect place to see the explosions of color light up the sky at nightfall.

    Waiting in line to buy tickets, you're much more nervous than when you left the house. It's hot, and your hair has stuck to the back of your neck just because you thought wearing it down would be a good idea in the middle of summer. You bite the inside of your cheek and glance at Atsumu. You're surprised to find him staring intently at you.

    "Big line, right?" you say conversationaly, but Atsumu doesn't even bothers to look around.

    "I don't mind" he tells you, grinning and oh he doesn't have the right to look that gorgeous "This way I have more time to look at ya before we get on the rides"

    You feel your face instantly combust into flames.

    "Oh ... well. Thank you" you clear your throat, awkwardly fiddling with the strap of your little purse "I suppose I have more time to look at you too, then. You look very handsome "

    Atsumu chuckles and rubs the back of his neck in response "Yeah well ... look everything ya want"

    A couple of people behind you, Suna pretends to barf without taking his eyes of his phone "Did he seriously said that? That's so cheesy"

    Osamu snickers "Yeah, he gets like that when it's about her"

    Kita, who has been busy scanning the crowd, looks at the both of you and frowns "I still think we shouldn't be doing this"

    Suna ignores him, and Osamu just shrugs "I wasn't goin' to miss the opportunity to see my brother act like an idiot on his first date."

    "Okay" Kita says "But why are we here?" he asks, pointing at Suna and then at himself.

    "Well, me comin' alone would've been weird" Osamu explains, even tho Kita still doesn't looks convinced "I wasn't just goin' to be followin' them around the park by myself like a stalker"

    "And why didn't Aran came?"

    "He didn't answer the phone" Suna answers "Clearly, he was the only one smart here" he adds next in a whisper.

    "Where do ya want to go first?" Atsumu asks you when you finally manage to enter.

    You're completely distracted by the rides and all the junk food that it's practically mandatory to eat when you go to an amusement park. The crispy smell of roasted apple and popcorn hits you like a whip, and you ignore Atsumu's question in favor of silently praying that he doesn't hear your stomach growling.

    And then he disappears from your sight, and you feel his hands gently lift your hair and tie it into a ponytail.

    You try — though you fail miserably — not to think too much about the feeling of his fingers sliding across the skin near your throat. "You looked uncomfortable" he tells you, still behind you. You can feel his breath close to your ear, sending chivers all over your arms "I thought ya would enjoy better with your hair up"

    You gulp and try not to choke on your own words "Thank you, really. I just don't know if I look too good like this"

    Atsumu reappears besides you again, smiling "Ya look perfect. Let's go"

    You actually have many questions for him, but end up only being able to ask him about the hair tie, because the smell of burnt sugar and butter and the fact that your hands touch everytime you walk thru the crowd, aren't making you any favors at all. He happily tells you that he always has one around for when his hair gets too long before he has the chance to cut it, all while buying some popcorn for you two to share on your way to the bumper cars.You laugh, and soon are thanking him for it, because your hair isn't getting in your face while you bump into other cars, with Atsumu loudly screaming instructions neither of you are following, way too fixated on going straight to other people's cars just for the fun of it.

    A couple feets outside the ride, both Osamu and Kita look at you, while Suna watches a video on his phone about scary park rides moments.

    "They look like they're having fun" Kita says, and both him and Osamu watch as the popcorn you bought early ends up spilling all over your dress in one crazy spin.

    "Yeah, they do"

    Besides them, Suna hums "Do you guys want to hear about ten ways to die in a roller coaster?"

    With your dress kind of ruined but a wild smile on your face, you make your way with Atsumu towards the watergun game stand. You feel a bit better, and Atsumu keeps making you laugh with every word he says, which in all honesty is not that hard. He has exactly that dumb sense of humor you really like, and he's so beautiful that your brain has set 'laughing' as your default answer for most cases.

    The watergun stand is empty and the employee seems very excited to see you. The display of stuffed animals and other trinkets behind him is huge, and you feel slightly overwhelmed while looking for something that could possibly make you want to play. Atsumu seems even more excited than the guy that handes the watergun to him tho, and it's getting ready to shoot at the targets before you even know it.

    "Wich one do ya like?" he asks you, closing one eye and aiming at the target directly in front of him.

    You bite your lip and examine the plushies even more carefully. You're not really a big fun of stuffed animals, so it's hard for you to pick one you would would want to have at all costs "I don't really know..."

    Atsumu softly nudges your side and when you look at him, he's giving you that boyish grin you can't even directly look at without melting into a pile of fluffy goo on the floor "Come on. Chose. I'll promise I'll win it for ya"

    And then he winks

    You quickly look back at the stuffed animal selection to try and find anything at all. Finally, something on the corner catches your eye.

    "That one" you announce, and Atsumu nods.

    "An excellent choice, miss!" the seller chirps "A cute choice for a cute lady! Whenever you're ready, sir"

    Atsumu misses the target on the first shot. He still looks confident, and dismisses it with a wave of his hand "I was just warmin' up"

    You smile reassuringly, and he tries one more time. The shot of water misses again, and this time, the guy from the stand shakes his head and clicks his tongue "Well, just two more tries, now!"

    "I know that!" Atsumu growls, and holds the watergun even tighter.

    You don't know if he'll miss again or not, but he certainly looks sexy with his brow furrowed, and that concentrated face you've only seen on his games before.

    You can't help but swoon internally.

    Osamu is shaking with repressed laughter in a bench behind the two of you. "This is so painful to watch"

    "He's not holding the gun right" Kita points, and goes to stand up "Maybe we should give him some pointers"

    Osamu stops him with a hand on his arm "We're undercover, remember? They can't know we've been followin' them"

    Kita blinks, and then slowly sits down again "Oh"

    Suna snorts and opens his phone camera. He hits recording just as Atsumu misses one more time "This is priceless bribing material right here"

    "Are you recordin'?" Osamu asks, and Suna angles the phone to the right so the younger Miya can see both Atsumu and you on the screen, right over the timer of the video "Great. Remember to send that to me later"

    "Tought luck, young man!" the guy says, while Atsumu reluctantly hands him the watergun back "Would the lady like to try?"

    You look back at Atsumu for a moment. He's not looking at you, pretending to be distracted by something on another near stand. There's a furious blush dusting his cheeks, and his brow is still furrowed. You look back at the seller.

    "I'll try, yeah"

    Atsumu's head snaps back to you "Really?"

    "Yeah. Why? Don't think I'll be able to?"

    He doesn't says anything else, and you take a deep breath before getting in position.

    You hit every target.

    The Jackal plushie sits on your lap while you devour your ice cream a couple of minutes later, and discretely try to figure out what Atsumu's thinking at the same time. He's been silent since he congratulated you and offered to buy some treat for the two of you.

    "Atsumu" you call him "Everything alright?"

    He finishes what's lefts of his ice cream and throws the cone on the trashing bin beside the bench. "Yeah, totally. Why do ya ask?"

    "You seem kind of down since we left the watergun stand"

    He looks at you, and then sighs and stretches his arms over the back of the bench. You still, trying not to think about his arm on your back.

    "Well, I play volleyball" he says, head throwed back and eyes on the sky "Thought it was goin' to be just the same"

    You chuckle, and watch as his throat bobs before answering "It's not really the same tho"

    "Yeah, yeah. I see that now" he pauses, glancing at you from the corner of his eye "I wanted to impress ya, but it turned out to be the other way around"

    You smile softly at him, and then look back at the plushie on your lap. It's a small little jackal with black hair and golden eyes, and it kind of reminds you to that picture you once saw of the twins when they were babies, thanks to Osamu's intent on showing you how Atsumu — and by extension, him— used to look.

    You place the plushie on Atsumu's lap "Here. I want you to have this"

    He looks genuinely surprised, and sits up straight to scratch the back of his neck "Why? You won that"

    "Isn't there a professional volleyball team named after a jackal?"

    Atsumu perks up immediately, eyes sparkling "Yeah. The MSBY Black Jackals. They're the best"

    Your smile grows wider at his enthusiasm "Well, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to be a part of it one day, and I want you to have this to remind you of that"

    "Ya think I'll become a professional volleyball player?"

    "I do. Don't you?"

    Atsumu doesn't misses a beat "I do"

    "Then why wouldn't I think so too?"

    You think time slows down in that moment, when Atsumu places a hand on the plushie's head and his eyes bore into yours with an intensity you haven't seen before. You wouldn't mind staying there forever, on a park bench with a butter stained dress and Atsumu by your side.

    "Thanks" he says at last, and his voice is deeper than usual "I appreciate this"

    When the afternoon comes and the sun threatens to disappear behind the sea, Atsumu and you have already tried almost all the rides in the park. You're pretty sure your hair is as disheveled as Atsumu's is, after getting off the roller coaster laughing like little children, but you no longer care about that.

    Once again, you find yourself wishing this moment would last forever.

    "If we go to the ferris wheel now, we can see the fireworks from the top"

    "Really?" you ask excitedly, and can actually feel Yachi's screams in your ear about how absolutely shojo manga is watching the fireworks with your date on top of a ferris wheel.

    "Yeah!" Atsumu says, and for the first time since you got to the park, he takes your hand in his "Let's hurry up so we don't miss it!"

    The ferris wheel is a huge ride standing right in front of the setting sun, with little passenger cars of all colors. The line gets huge soon after you get in it, but you and Atsumu luckily manage to get a seat in a bright pink car that starts it's slow way up a couple of minutes later.

    You're sitting next to the window, Atsumu right next to you, and in the middle of the ride you turn around to find him staring at you.

    "I had a lot of fun today" you tell him, and he smiles and moves a bit closer to you.

    "Yeah, me too. We should totally do it again sometime"


    "Yeah? So you'll come on another date with me that is?"

    You laugh, and Atsumu pushes a lock of your hair behind your ear and leaves his hand there, a warm touch at the base of your neck.

    "I will come on another date with you"

    "I'm glad"

    The car arrives to the top, shaking slightly and making you place a hand on Atsumu's chest for support. A loud voice from somewhere down announces that the ferris wheel will stop until the fireworks are over.

    Soon after, the first sparks of lights ignite the summer night sky.

    You really want to turn around and look at them. You know they're beautiful — you can see them in the reflection of Atsumu's dark eyes. Instead you move a little bit closer to him still, your hand sliding to the place where his heart is.

    "Do you feel it?" he whispers, and you weakly nod, closing your eyes at the feeling of his fingers caressing right behind your ear, and slowly moving to your jaw.

    His breath is in your lips.

    You don't know if he's talking about the fireworks.

    You can only feel his heart beating in his chest, in tandem with yours.

    "This was a beautiful and productive summer" Kita says, a soft smile grazing his lips as he watches the blue and yellow fire flowers opening up in the sky, and then falling to the ocean in a millions of little stars.

    Osamu clicks his tongue and moves to the opposite seat "Are they kissin' or not?"

    It's harder than what he thought to try and see what's happening behind the glass on the back of your car.

    Maybe he needs glasses.

    He turns to Suna, taking pictures of the fireworks besides Kita "Can ya see anythin'?"


    "Ya didn't even looked"

    "I don't really wanna see Atsumu sucking face with anyone"

    " We should go home after this" Kita says, and Osamu lets out a defeated sigh and gives up on trying to spy on you "It's getting late. And they'll probably be heading back too"

    "Yeah, yeah. Let's go home"

    You're both quiet on the way home, not holding hands anymore but standing very close to each other. There's something about the night, and the moon glowing softly over you, that makes you believe a little bit about fairytale magic.

    Even more when you finally reach your home, and turn around on the front steps to see Atsumu with his hands on his pockets, quietly staring at you.

    "Thank you for inviting me" you tell him, and his quiet contemplation is broken when you let your hair down and take his hand to slide the little black hair tie onto his wrist.

    He grins, and winks at you playfully "Anytime"

    "I hope so"

    You both laugh, and he takes a step back without turning around "I'll see you at school, then"

    "Yeah, you will"

    He nods, and then turns to go. You take it as your cue to go inside and start opening the door, just to be cut short by Atsumu's hand on your shoulder, spinning you around to kiss you.

    "That's for the ferris wheel" he says against your lips, and then kisses the smile from your face once more and the tip of your nose before bouncing back and yelling you goodbye as he goes away.

    You stand on your door, frozen in place and with your heart threatening to escape of your chest, and only manage to take your phone out of your purse to send a quick text to Yachi.

    To Yachi: I feel today was like a fairytale ...

    Atsumu: * prepares to go to bed *

    Osamu: * starts playing the video of him losing on the watergun stand *


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