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  • theukone-news
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    В Британии выявлена новая мутация коронавируса

    У 16 заразившихся коронавирусом человек в Великобритании был выявлен новый, не известный ранее штамм. Он получил код B.1.621. Пока нет информации о том, что он опаснее других штаммов вируса. Новый штамм не имеет особых признаков, не приводит к тяжелому протеканию заболевания и не обходит защиту вакцинированных людей. Как пишет ИА ... Читать далее

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  • betsyworthingtons
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    One thing that is consistent with Erron from MKX to MK11 is that he always seems like he hates everyone and everything, he does not want to be anywhere he is in that moment, he just wants to get paid.

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  • thepanakinanakin
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    He about to bonk Johnny and send him to horny jail.

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  • milkteahood
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    MK guys headcanons

    Randomly kissing them

    Includes: Hanzo, Kuai Liang, Kabal, Kano, Erron, Bi-han, Fujin


    -he would be surprised and ask what’s gotten into you. Would then gently hold your hand and place a soft kiss on it.

    “Is there something bothering you” he’d ask while rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.

    “Can’t I kiss the man I love?”

    Would get a little shy at that and blush a lot, but will pull you in and kiss you.

    100% husband material, absolutely recommend

    Kuai Liang

    -he would get really shy and stare at you with widen eyes. Does not understand the concept of kissing because you’re just overwhelmed with love. He will blush so much you could swear the ice around the temple is melting. After clearing his throat, he’d ask why you would kiss him like that.

    “Because I love you so much”

    “Oh..I..” he’d cough “I love you too”

    Very very shy bean, 100% would recommend


    -preburn would be so proud. His darling kisses him because they love him so much? He’ll finally feel like his life is getting better. It would be a moment of shock for him tho. That’s when it hits him, he actually has someone who loves him

    -post burn would be confused and get slightly defensive. He’d think you’re only doing it out of pity. He would need a lot of reassurance and consistency is the key. If you keep on kissing him randomly he will eventually warm up to it and maybe even kiss you out of the blue. Will look for your touch a lot more tho and will always want to hold your hand.


    -he would stare at you for a second and then smirk and immediately kiss you back. It would quickly turn into a heated make out session with his hands exploring your body while you run your fingers through his hair.

    After you pull apart and tell him “you know I kissed you because I love you, right?”, weeell, Kano.exe has stopped working. He’s still getting used to the fact that someone loves him. And even more, he loves someone.

    “Um could you repeat that?” he’d ask

    “I love you, Kano”

    “Yeah..that sounds nice”. Will definitely blush but try to hide it.

    Erron Black

    -definitely used to random kisses because he does it to you all the time. With Erron is actually the other way around because he’s more likely to kiss you out of the blue than you are. He loves how shy you get whenever he presses his lips against yours.

    If one day you feel bold enough to kiss him, he will tease you so much about it, but will also completely melt.

    “Look at my sugar being so sweet” he’d say.


    -he will be confused to why you just kissed him. Then he will just look at you and wait for an explanation. Not because he didn’t like it, but because it took him by surprise and is now blushing. Him asking for an explanation is his way of gaining control over the situation.

    “Well I kissed you because I love you, so much Bi-han. I love you so much”

    He will inhale deeply trying his best to keep his cool. Will definitely fail so he’ll just pull you in a hug and hide his face into your shoulder.


    -his eyes would widen and he’ll just look at you for a while. He wouldn’t understand exactly if this is just another human custom he’s yet to adjust to. After you tell why you kissed him and mention just how much you love him, he will smile so brightly.

    He will also feel very grateful you chose to share your feelings this way and will gladly return the favor.

    “I am very grateful for the love you give me” he’d tell you.

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  • mintspider
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tigue's "Friendship" would absolutely be her pulling a hacky sack out of her hip pouch and trick kicking the beans around with her opponent.

    #oc headcanons#mk oc #mortal kombat oc #Tigue
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  • harrissa-hoe
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    thought of an outfit idea for MKA Suijin

    #lol she kinda looks Roman #mk#mk11#mortal kombat #mortal kombat 11 #suijin#mk suijin #mortal kombat oc #artists on tumblr
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  • swordsxandxshadows
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #IC {Aku}#ask#answered#daughterofnero #Extremely Exhausted Ask Meme #What Time is This...? {Undefined verse} #I just...I couldn't resist doing Dadku here #I was gonna set in MK Verse or something like that BUUUUT #-shrug- Leave it undefined XD #But yes have some Dadku for Ryu
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  • yuvon
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Johnny: Feelings? Nope, I'll replace them with jokes right away

    #mortal kombat#mk11 #mortal kombat 11 #mk #mortal kombat incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#johnny cage #mk johnny cage
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  • macaques-mentee-ying
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    This is basically how their friendship started and Macaque's redemption started, she bullied him into being a good person

    #monkie kid#monkey kid#mk#lmk#mk oc #monkey kid oc #monkie kid oc #lmk oc#mk macaque #monkey kid macaque #lmk macaque #six eared macaque #monkie kid macaque
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  • swordsxandxshadows
    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #IC {Ashi}#ask#answered#kathexismania #Swordplay Ask Meme #A Time of Kombat ... {MK Verse} #Another Time of Kombat ... {MK2021 Verse} #Have some bonding between surrogate Papa and Dottir 8U #Hanzo just like 'This is my daughter' #There is no arguing the point with him #Ashi is his dottir and fight him about it #That his girl #I hope you like Kath ;3 #I await more interactions between them both XD
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  • pompeiimp3
    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i hate mk fans theyll be like heres a mk playlist and its just bring me the horizon songs

    #its me im mk fan #isaac.pdf #im going to bed now night night
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  • catornek
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    (´。• ω •。`)

    #don't tell sky i was drawing #*wheeze* #i needed to doodle #mk#mortal kombat#mileena#kung lao#mk11#doodle#sketch
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  • some-weirdartist
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #mk#mortal kombat#mk11 #mortal kombat 11 #mortal kombat oc #korë nagako#art#my art#ask#starneko123 #sorry she looks sad #i was tryin to make her look like she's looking over people but I failed :/
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  • starneko123
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #korë nagako my beloved #mk raiden #crackship...kinda #crackship supremacy
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  • whatifxwereyou
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Firestorm Part 4: A Spider's Web

    Fandom: Mortal Kombat 2021 Liu Kang x Reader

    A/N: Sorry for how late I'm posting today. It's been a weeeeeek. But we're all good to go! Next week is going to be... fiery, wink wonk wink wonk. Enjoy some Lao!

    The Oncoming Storm Previous Chapter Chapter Index

    The corners of your vision were dark, like a scene from an old movie. Your body wouldn’t move. You felt pinned. Inhaling sharply in panic you couldn’t exhale. Something was above you. Something dark and foul. You were terrified. Its mouth was open in a wide grin, eyes fixed on you with wicked delight. Clammy, clawed hands grasped your wrists and held you in place but you couldn’t have fought them anyway. You were frozen in terror, like someone had paralyzed you.

    Cold yellow and white eyes flashed as they examined your features, scanned your face. The creature leaned closer to you and inhaled deeply, as if to smell your fear. Its breath was freezing and you managed to whimper in terror though your breath was so caught in your chest that you thought the pain might kill you before whatever this thing was did.

    Its breath stunk of death and the drool that dripped from his teeth fell on your face and made you want to gag. You tried to move, tried to fight, but your body felt suspended. You managed to clasp your hand into a fist and the creature screamed in your face and grasped your wrists harder, pushing you violently down.

    “You will bow!” It hissed in a horrific shriek.

    That had broken the dam. You thrashed, shrieked, pulled your wrists but it grasped you tighter and harder and laughed at you the entire time. You couldn’t escape. You weren’t strong enough! Your wrists were aching.

    “You will not see!” It was a hiss from all over the room. You couldn’t get away from the sound. It was in your head, rattling around. You closed your eyes tight and thrashed, fought, tried to use all you knew about martial arts to break free but nothing worked. When you opened your eyes again, the creature was gone.

    You were alone, sitting upright in bed, trembling.

    Your wrists were aching and you gasped greedily for breath. Then you held your head in your hands and sobbed into them. You had to take deep breaths. You were making it worse by hyperventilating. Deep breaths. You had to calm down. Your whole body was sore, like you’d spent time lifting weights far too heavy for you.

    It was still raining but nowhere near as hard as it had been the night before.

    Listen to the rain.

    It had to have been a nightmare.

    Nothing more.

    Your subconscious was terrible. Shaking from head to toe, you talked yourself down. It was a bad dream. With everything going on it was your mind playing tricks on you. The drool you’d felt was actually the rain. The oppressive feeling was just the whole… god-curse thing.

    You finally breathed and relaxed your grip on yourself.

    Rolling your shoulders, you leaned your head back and then froze as you caught sight of the rest of your room.

    Oh no.

    Apparently, the last few days had been a fluke when it came to your ink.

    Those sharp and deadly webs of ink had filled your room. The only space free was your bed. There wasn’t even any room on the floor next to it this time. Leaning back against the wall, you sighed. Your hands ached in remembrance of the last time this happened. Getting rid of it had left you bruised and honestly, your hands were still sore. You were tired of being sore.

    Did you really have it in you to get rid of it again? It wasn’t like you had a choice. You couldn’t even consider crawling through the ink to get out of it. The only other option was to go out the window and that wasn’t an easy feat either. You didn’t feel up to either task.

    In fact, you felt hungover. Once again, you got all the drama and discomfort without any of the fun. Life wasn’t fair. You just had to deal with that. If you didn’t get rid of the ink then there would be no food, no proper clothes, no cleaning up. Someone would come find you eventually and then you’d have to explain what happened.

    You rubbed your hands together and kicked off your blankets then sat on your knees. To work. You weren’t quite sure what you’d done last time to make it go away. You’d just hoped that it would. So that’s what you’d do again. Hold out your hand to the ink and hope. It seemed ludicrous now that you were trying to do it again. You adjusted the oversized shirt you had worn to bed and then held your hand close to the ink. You closed your eyes, took slow breaths, and then focused on your arcana.

    It was a part of you. While often it felt like the hands that had tainted you were using it against you, it was still yours. You had proven yourself capable time and again and this would be no different.

    Energy, dark and twisted, all yours, surrounded you. It bent to your will with a thought. Peaking an eye open, you expected the ink to be gone but it persisted. Tangled webs still spread throughout your room, dangerous and sharp. Your fingertips were black with ink as though you could write with them. You’d try that another time.

    Closing your eyes again, you focused again on the arcana you’d already spread throughout the room and trying to get rid of it. There was a pulling sensation deep inside of you, as if something was trying to tug your spine up through your chest and then like a thousand rubber bands were wrapped around your ribcage and pulling them out of place. You hunched forward in pain and then pulled your hand back with a yelp as the ink sliced at your palm.

    Whining, you held your hand close and looked at the superficial cut. “Ow.” You placed your palm to your lips and sucked away the blood drawn. Still nothing. Damn. Ink was everywhere.

    There was a knock at your door.

    “Uhh…” You said loud enough to be heard on the other side of it.

    “Y/N?” Kung Lao’s voice called to you. “You awake?”

    “Umm, yes.”

    “You sound weird. Why do you sound weird?”

    “Well, I’m having a problem.”

    “…a lady problem?”

    “What? No.” You laughed in disbelief and heard Kung Lao breathe a sigh of relief. “I’m stuck.”

    “What exactly does that mean?”

    “I’m… it’s difficult to explain. Just know that it’s true.” You covered your legs with the blanket again.

    “I’m coming in.”

    “Yeah, good luck with that.”

    Kung Lao opened the door as much as he could, which wasn’t much, and stared in a surprise. His jaw dropped.

    “Wow, you really are stuck. Are you practicing in here alone again? Liu told me that you were doing that, by the way.”

    “Umm… no. I had a nightmare.”

    “Oh. Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, it was just a nightmare. And I’m very stuck. I can’t seem to get rid of it… and I’m a little nervous so trying has been… well, trying.” You had to peek beneath some of the ink to get a clear view of Kung Lao and even then, you couldn’t see him properly.

    “So this is how you deal with nightmares?” He tapped his hat against the ink and looked impressed by how sturdy it was. They looked frail. Thin and spun but sharp and solid.

    “I don’t have any control over it, Lao! I woke up and it was like this!”

    “But you can get rid of it, right? And if you pass out, I’ll just take you to the infirmary afterward.” Lao shrugged as if that were no big deal.

    “I don’t know, honestly.”

    “Can you at least try?”

    “I already tried!”

    “Well, get up and try again.”

    “I’m not wearing any pants.” You pouted and he laughed.

    “I’ve seen your legs before, Y/N. Come on.”

    “Yeah, when I was nine.”

    “Have they changed much? Should I be worried? What’s wrong with your legs, Y/N?”

    “Focus, Lao!” You laughed and then climbed out from beneath your blankets and sat on your knees again. “Okay. I’m going to try.” You closed your eyes and focused again on the energy of your arcana. You could feel it swirling around you, like a warm welcoming wave. You could have reached out and grabbed ink out of thin air and made whatever you wanted with it. It was a good feeling. A warm feeling. A stark difference in comparison to the cold and clammy misery you’d woken up to.

    Then you tried to will the ink away and gasped as the air was stolen right from your lungs. You fell forward on the bed, grabbing it in a panic to stay upright. Coughing, you tried to catch your breath.


    “Whoa, whoa, hey!” Kung Lao was searching through the ink as if trying to find a way through it to get to you. If you couldn’t fit then he certainly couldn’t. He was way larger than you. You held you hand up to let him know you were okay and focused on breathing. You were suddenly nauseous, lips tingling as if you’d pushed yourself way too far.

    “That didn’t work.”

    “I see that.” Kung Lao took off his hat and scratched his head comically. “I don’t think I can even get my hat through there to get to you.” He tried to crack the ink with the hat but instead he was repelled backwards as if striking metal. “You should try to make these when you fight.”

    “Only if I want to kill somebody.”


    “I’m going to try again in a second.”

    “Don’t go anywhere.” Kung Lao walked away without waiting for you to respond. Like you could go anywhere. You were stuck. It was embarrassing but also kind of hilarious. You had trapped yourself in your room while you’d been sleeping! Hopefully, Kung Lao wasn’t off finding someone else to observe your shame.

    “I guess I’ll just keep trying.” You would do so until it either went away or you passed out. Either would solve your problem, you supposed. Closing your eyes, you took deep, calming breaths and willed away the nausea. If you meditated for a few seconds then maybe you could harness your energy a bit better. You could do this. Your arcana was there. You knew you could create with it so why wasn’t it going away?

    Then suddenly something crashed heavily on the bed behind you and you screamed, turned, and struck blindly. Kung Lao had climbed in through your window and was now slammed back against the wall laughing. “Y/N!” He laughed with wide eyes and you fell over, practically wheezing with laughter. “Wow!” He rubbed the spot on his chest where you’d struck him.

    “You scared me!”

    “I just climbed through your window to help you and you decked me!”

    “Yeah, well I also had a nightmare about a gross man crawling over me so excuse me for my instinct to fight when some dude jumps through my window.”

    “Gross man?” He frowned.

    “Focus, Kung Lao.” You gestured behind you to the ink sprawled throughout your room.

    “Right. One problem at a time.” Kung Lao adjusted himself on the bed and set his hat aside. “Try again?”

    “Yeah, of course. I… I did it once. I just don’t know how I did it that first time and then the second time was when…”

    “Yeah, when Raiden shocked you into heart failure. Hard to forget.” Kung Lao positioned himself behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders. “Lean on me if you need to.”

    “Just keep me from falling over with my ass in the air, please.”

    “Tempting. No promises.”

    You swatted blindly behind him with a laugh then closed your eyes and cleared your throat. This was distracting. Kung Lao was distracting. You rolled your shoulders and, realizing that you had some nerves about it, Kung Lao spoke quietly in your ear.

    “Inhale deeply.” He encouraged. “Exhale slowly.” You did as he guided. He helped you find your focus again. Your heart had been racing after you had decked him. “Become more energized with every breath you take. Allow your energy to grow. Encourage that energy…” You focused on Kung Lao’s words, on your arcana, and on the ink that you could visualize spread throughout your room. You were genuinely surprised that he had guided you so easily through meditation. Kung Lao wasn’t exactly the most patient guy you’d ever met.

    In your mind’s eye you could see the ink emerging from your sleeping body like an explosion. At least this time it hadn’t stained everything you owned. If you could visualize it leaving your body then maybe you could visualize it returning to you too. Visualize each strand leaving the room in an explosive burst into your hands instead of your body. You didn’t want to hurt Kung Lao if you could help it and you didn’t want to become a human bruise either.

    Then, as though someone had thrown bricks right at your hands, you fell back against Kung Lao. Your moment of peace was gone and replaced by aching in your hands. You hissed in agony and shook them out. Kung Lao wrapped his arms around you protectively. He was looking down at you with a wide smile, impressed. It was a goofy sort of look and you admired him from below.

    “Wow, just like that, huh?”

    You swatted at his arm. “That was a lot of work, okay?”

    “Didn’t look like a lot of work.”

    You swatted at him again and he mouthed ‘ow’ as he often did. “You’re ridiculous, Lao.” He hugged you close and pulled you against his chest. Sometimes you forgot how strong he was and you were comforted.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I’m okay. Thank you for helping me.”

    “I’m supposed to help you train today. Are you up for that? You’re all… clammy.” He patted your bare thigh and you swatted his hand away then snatched your pillow and pulled it into your lap.

    “I’m up for trying but I’ll have to take it slow.” You felt much better now that your room wasn’t filled with ink and you didn’t have to consider abandoning it and all your worldly possessions to your arcana. “Wait, do you mean like… the kind of training that Raiden wants me to do or…?”

    “Combat is more my thing. We’ve gotta keep you strong. I can take it easy on you. Don’t worry.” He smirked but you were already tired thinking about it. “Ready?”

    “I need pants, Lao.” You laughed and pushed him off of you and toward the edge of your bed. He sighed dramatically and placed his feet on the ground.

    “Fine. If you must.” He summoned his hat back to his hand and then slipped it on his head, tucking the strap beneath his chin with a little wiggle. “Meet you out there.” He smirked and then left you alone.

    You flopped back on the bed in exhaustion. Then you sat up and meditated to calm the remaining nausea. Then you got cleaned up, dressed, and grabbed food before going to meet Kung Lao. For the first time in a long time you felt uncomfortable being alone. Thankfully, you weren’t alone for long. Soon enough you were in the fight pit practicing with Kung Lao. You focused on forms and technique since you were weary. You were slow which you hated. It was difficult to get used to being so limited by your body and mind. Up until recently you’d done this everyday teaching others at every skill level. You’d never thought that you’d miss the energy you used to have.

    “You’re slow today.” Kung Lao stopped you, hands folded behind his back. He hadn’t even broken a sweat.

    “I’m sorry. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” It was a lame attempt at a joke. Kung Lao even gave you a look of disapproval. Like he had room to talk. His jokes were terrible.

    “I need you to get back to where you were, Y/N.”

    “I know. I’ll get there. This isn’t me giving up, Lao.” You sat on the steps of the fight pit. The drizzle that had fallen earlier had stopped and was replaced with partially sunny skies. Dark clouds loomed in the distance, likely the last remnants of the storm that had blown through like a whirlwind. Kung Lao sat next to you with a thud.

    “We done for today?”

    “I don’t think I have more in me. I’m sorry. I want to do more but… I’m tired.” You smiled apologetically. “I’ll try again after I rest if you insist.

    “No, it’s fine. We can do something else.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’m sure. It’s fine. Rest is important.”

    “Good.” You yawned and stretched your arms over your head. “Have you seen Liu today?”

    “Yeah, he’s having a long day.” Kung Lao whistled low as though he were very much not jealous of Liu’s day. “He and Raiden are trying something. He wouldn’t give me details but I didn’t ask for them either. I offered to help but Liu sent me to find you instead.”

    “Oh, so you two are taking turns keeping an eye on me now, are you?” You narrowed your eyes at him. He shrugged and then averted his eyes. He stunk of guilt. You knew why now but it was still hard to be mad at Kung Lao, honestly. He was too… cute.

    “It’s true he asked me to but I would have found you anyway. Who am I kidding?” Kung Lao clasped his hands together, elbows on his knees, tapping one foot. “I always seem to anyway, don’t I? Even when I didn’t realize it was you.” He smiled at you but you averted your eyes. You supposed that he did. He always had.

    “Thanks for sticking with me, Lao. Even though I’m less fun than ever today.”

    “I’m having fun.” He pouted his lower lip. “Are you not having fun?”

    You rolled your eyes at him. He knew exactly what you were talking about.

    “Oh, right, the whole gross nightmare thing.” He considered. “That’s not so fun, I suppose. And you punched me. That wasn’t fun.” You smiled. He always brought mirth to the moment, even when things were their heaviest. You were forever grateful to be reunited with your Kung Lao. “Come on. I’ll walk you back to your room and we can find a way to spend the rest of the day.”

    “Food, I assume?”

    “How’d you know?”

    “I remember you very well, Kung Lao. Even as kids you liked to eat.” You teased. You joked on your way to grab food which you brought back to your room. Then you spent the afternoon playing games and eating. It was just the afternoon you’d needed after your horrible nightmare. Kung Lao stayed until late then left to get some sleep. You weren’t sure you would be able to do the same after the morning you’d had.

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    I’m drinking send me dumb MK shit

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    ive been toying with the idea of canvas being an amoral scientist type and they give vile useless upgrades every time theyre the one to rebuild him

    #however the skull emblem on vile mk. ii’s helmet was entirely by his insistence #(canvas voice) what are you 12 #(vile voice) i have dreams where im still in school does that count #i dontbeven know if reploids go to school
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    #noyas.asks #its.troy <3 :) #i feel sick in a good way #like... #/really/ heavy butterflies... #no bc i squealed abt it... #mk i think im done now
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