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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ➷ binibini | c.yj

    coming home after a long time away

    pairing: choi yeonjun x reader. genre: fluff. wc: ±1k. warnings: mentions of thunder. requested: yes. an: this sucks so much and i feel like i completely missed the plot, but oh well ㅜㅜ also, happy belated birthday yj~

    the little weathered wooden fence creaks with age as yeonjun steps into the driveway. the howling wind makes it rattle against it’s hinges and it’s almost taken away by a particularly violent gust, but yeonjun is in too much of a hurry to pay it any mind. rain drums against the roofs, patters against windows, clinks off puddles and soaks into his clothes as he fumbles with the house key.

    when he finally makes his way inside your quaint living space, it is dark and quiet. he drops his bags at the door and peels off his drenched coat, setting it on the hook, leaving water pooling on the floor. you’d probably give him an earful for this later. he gives the scuffed-up pine door an extra shove and the lock clicks into place, muffling the sound of the pouring rain outside.

    treading across the ice cold floor in his socks, he passes the kitchen silently and squints through the darkness as he wonders where you are. he’d been away for a little over a month — travelling from location to location for shoots, doing interviews and attending events at lavish, five-star hotels and infamous nightclubs — and he did love his job, he was chasing his dream after all. but at the end of the day, when all the bright flashing lights had dimmed down, he always found himself longing for the quiet neighbourhood, your quaint house on the outskirts that desperately needed renovating, the smell of lavender that always seemed to linger in the air and the feel of you in his arms as you napped on the sofa in the livingroom on late sunday afternoons, when the warm golden light kissed your skin in a way that was his envy.

    the thought makes his heart ache with renewed urgency, but his journey down the hall is one taken with care. piles of old books, rolled up parchment, wooden planks, crusty palettes, baskets of wool and other remnants of your varied hobbies — his peculiar little flower you were — line the path to the living room like an obstacle course, making a few feet seem like ten.

    he arrives in the doorway after stumbling over a crate of puzzles, and after making rather unexpected acquaintence with a set of beady-eyed string puppets he’d never seen before, he reaches for the light switch. after a few unsuccessful attempts, he fishes his phone from his pocket and turns on the flashlight.

    confetti and rose petals are scattered across the floor, encompassing the table in the centre of the room (which is really just a glass panel atop this huge antique chest you decided you just had to have) where heaps of his favourite snacks and a massive cake he presumed you had home-made, frighteningly, were situated. his lips curl at the sight of the messy pipe-work that was supposed be happy birthday yeonjun! in magenta icing, and he wonders if even that would edible.

    as he comes closer to the lumpy double sofa ahead of the table, he almost weeps at the sight before him. you limbs are splayed across the furniture in the most undignified manner, the band of the kiddies party hat you’re wearing is squeezing your face together, and his hoodie rides up your hips as you snore softly. he renders your magnificance unparalleled, you who his heart yearns for you even when you’re right in front of him.

    leaning over, he carefully removes the hat, trying his utmost not to disturb you, but you stir and his lip juts in a slight pout. with a yawn, you stretch upward before your eyes slowly flutter open.

    “yeonjun?” he hums in response, setting the hat behind him before pressing a kiss to your forehead. despite being half asleep, you smile, lifting your arms around his neck. “you’re home. and you’re wet.”

    he hovers over you and chuckles as you run your fingers through his hair — and then he pauses. time feels as if it has stopped completely as he observes you, every single feature, as if he is seeing it for the very first time. the weight of his eyes is heavy when you find them and you shift, heat rushing to your cheeks.

    “sorry i’m late baby, the roads are horrific,” he says between the kisses he leaves on your forehead, the tip of your nose, your cheeks, your chin and the corner of your lips.

    you huff at his teasing, giving his chest a shove “i would have forgiven you if you didn’t do that.”

    “hmm? i don’t know what you’re talking about,” he jokes with eyebrows feigning confusion. you shoot him a glare and he smirks, “you want a kiss?”

    “well now i don’t”

    light flashes into the room and you jump into his arms as the thunder roars. your eyes are squeezed shut in fear as yeonjun quickly lifts you into his lap, and he closes his hands over your ears before beginning to rock you slowly back and forth.

    “shh, it’s okay my love. i’m here”

    another clap of thunder comes and you flinch, gripping onto his shirt. he spots your earphones on the cabinet next to the sofa and makes a stretch for it before connecting it to his phone. he puts the buds in your ears, and his in his, then turns on the music.

    he sets you on the floor and you stare at him in confusion. taking your hand in his and fixing an arm around your waist, he brings your closer.

    “it’s a song i chanced upon in this souvenir shop that reminded me of you. i thought you might like it.”

    you rest your head on his shoulder with a smile as yeonjun sways with you to the music in the darkness.

    “i’ve missed you.”

    “me too, angel.”

    Oh, darling, dance with me now

    Under the rain, under the dark gray clouds

    If this my last day on Earth, then love me now

    Baby, I'll do everything to make you smile

    I know you love me like, I love you now

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  • binniebutter
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    your smile | choi beomgyu

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader, choi soobin x reader

    genre: angst, unrequited love, loosely based off of miraculous ladybug

    word count: 1.5k

    warnings: mentions of blood, violence (beomgyu go attac on binnie), also bad language ig

    summary: Beomgyu loves your smile more than he loves anything in this world. Too bad he's not the main cause of it.

    a/n: sorry I haven't been writing in a while but I'm back now yay! (this probably sucks i'm sorry it's been a while)

    Ethereal. That’s the only word Beomgyu could use to describe you. You were like an angel sent down from heaven. His love for you was too simple to put in one essay, but too complex to be described in one word. You were simply perfect.

    You were not someone with high end dreams, but with high end values. You were not a person who finds happiness in costly things but someone who finds happiness in mere things. You have a heart so pure and innocent that pagans wish to sacrifice it on an altar made of stone help what is this. It’s his second favorite feature about you, after your smile.

    To Beomgyu, your smile is one of the most beautiful vistas on the planet. No, in the whole universe. When you smile it gives him immense pleasure and he would give anything and everything just to see you smile again. He wants to keep you smiling always. That’s how overwhelming his love for you is. Hueningkai and Taehyun always tease him about you, thinking that it is just a mere crush, but they have no idea how deep his love for you goes.

    But alas, you would never know of his feelings because you were dating Choi Soobin. Hybe High School’s resident nerd and best friend to Choi Yeonjun, Hybe High School’s resident bully. Soobin was a nice kid, a little dumb in the head, but very loyal to Yeonjun. If Yeonjun hates you, then Soobin does as well. You could say that he was Yeonjun’s sidekick. But that was the problem. You deserved better. You don’t need a robin, you need a batman. Someone who can stand up for you. A hero. Someone like...someone like-

    “You?” The word was accompanied by a loud, dolphin-like screech that drew the attention of the surrounding tables.

    Beomgyu turned around at the sound of laughter with a horrified expression written across his face.

    “Was I-”

    “Thinking out loud again?” Yup,” This time it was Taehyun that interrupted Beomgyu.

    Beomgyu groaned in annoyance. His friends both gave him a pat on the shoulder as they sat on either side of him.

    “Cheer up buddy, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You just have a massive crush on a girl that is soooo out of your league. You also daydream about said girl all the time and----” Kai was cut off by Beomgyu’s cold glare.

    Beomgyu didn’t need another lecture about how you were out of his league, he knew. He knew that he would never be yours but it didn’t hurt any less seeing you laughing at something Soobin said or seeing you two walking down the hallway with your hands intertwined. Even now, as Beomgyu stares at you from afar, he feels his blood boiling at the sight of Soobin tucking your hair behind your ear. That tiny gesture causes a timid smile to form on your face. Your smile, the one he loves so much, doesn’t bring him joy at that moment.

    As soon as the final bell rings, Beomgyu’s up and out of his seat making his way down the steps and to the door. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the door because just as he reached the last step, Yeonjun stuck out his foot causing Beomgyu to fall and all of his papers to scatter.

    Seeing the scene unfold you immediately send a glare Yeonjun’s way before going to help him pick up his stuff. You send him a small smile hoping to comfort him. Little did you know how that tiny smile erupted a swarm of butterflies in his stomach.

    Picking up one of his papers from the floor, you take a little peek at it and notice something odd. Your name at the top of the page. Beomgyu catches you looking and immediately snatches the paper from your hands. You wince at his forcefulness and he feels instant regret. Before he can open his mouth to apologize, the paper is once again ripped from his hands.

    “Well, well. What do we have here hmm?” Yeonjun glanced down at the paper now in his hands. “A love letter? Does our cutie Gyu have a crush on someone?” Yeonjun mocked him.

    Beomgyu was scared. No, not scared, terrified. Why? Because that was exactly what it was. A love letter that he had written for you last night expressing all his feelings for you. He never intended for you to read it though and he’ll be damned if you do.

    “Give it back Choi.” It came out as a low growl. A warning tone.

    “And if I don’t, Choi?” Yeonjun spit back the name with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I might just help you out and read it myself,” he looks at the name at the top of the page, your name. A laugh rumbles out of his chest. “Wow. Y/n Y/l/n. Really?”

    Your head snapped up as soon as you heard your name. So you read it right. Choi Beomgyu, the cute, quiet kid in your class, wrote you a love letter. You glanced at him, only to find him already looking at you. You quickly averted your gaze to your shoes. You were flattered, but there was another feeling growing in your belly. Pity.

    Yeonjun started reading the letter, but Beomgyu was focused on only one thing. Your face. You looked up again and this tame held eye contact. Beomgyu noticed that your face was flushed red and that you were fiddling with your fingers, which is something you only ever did when you were nervous. But what stood out most of all to him, was your smile. The one that he always admired. Your pink lips were curved downwards in a way that he could only recognize as sympathy.

    You didn’t feel the same.

    Of course she doesn’t fucking feel the same. She has a boyfriend you fucking idiot.

    Beomgyu became so lost in his thoughts that every word that Yeonjun was reading went in one ear and right through the other. Until he spoke four little words.

    “I love Y/n Y/l/n.” At those words your eyes widened like saucers. Love? You had thought (and hoped) that it was just a tiny crush that would go away with time, but looks like that wasn’t the case.

    It took only a second for Beomgyu to process those words before he flung himself at Yeonjun, landing a single punch square on his jaw. Now Beomgyu was not a very violent person (at least he’d like to think so, TaeNing might think differently) but he couldn’t help the anger flowing through him. He went to throw another punch when he was pushed off of Yeonjun by none other than Soobin. The bane of his existence.

    Maybe he should’ve stopped and thought about what he was doing but he was too far gone. He instead changed targets and attacked Soobin instead.

    Everyone knows of Soobin as a gentle giant and knows that he couldn’t hurt a fly which is why he just… accepted it. He had his arms in front of his face as some sort of defense but it wasn’t doing much to protect him. Beomgyu could hear your voice yelling at him to stop but that just angered him even more. You should be cheering him on, worried about him, but instead you’re worried about this pathetic excuse of a human be-

    He stopped his attacks immediately. When did he get like this. He looked at his hands covered in blood; not his, but Soobin’s. He then looked at the boy underneath him’s face and saw all the scratches his ring left. The ring that you gave him you gave one to the whole class.The ring that he had worn since middle school. He looked around at all the faces in the classroom. Their expressions were a mix of fear, shock, and anger. Finally he looked at you. There were tears welling in your eyes that he’s positive would break free if he had continued. You looked at him with fear and worst of all, disgust.

    “Get off of him freak!” Beomgyu registered that voice as Yeonjun’s. He was roughly pushed off of Soobin but he didn’t feel a thing. He felt numb. You were disgusted with him. You hated him. He felt like he had no more purpose in the world.

    Beomgyu straightened up and walked towards the door numbly. He should leave without looking back, he knows he should, but he couldn’t help but look back at you. You were frowning at him.

    Those beautiful lips made for smiling...were frowning.

    He turns around without a second thought and leaves the classroom.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ➷ when autumn comes | h.k.k

    pairing: angel!huening kai x reader.

    genre(s): angst, fantasy.

    word count: 1,3k.

    warnings: mentions of food.

    in which, in exchange for your happiness, he must leave you.

    an: this was supposed to be fluff 😭 it was also supposed to be for his birthday, but here we are. ty @minsunoo and @jay-kie for proofreading ❤️

    “you really think i should go?”

    you fidgeted with your fingers in your lap, rolling the fabric of the outfit you had bought just that morning between them. kai looked upon you in a daze. from the minute you stepped out of your room, to when you got into the taxi, and up until that very moment you waited outside the restuarant. in that magnificent floral sundress, that was only really magnificent because it was you who was wearing it, with your hair styled gorgeously and a simple, red carnation pinning the hair out of your beautiful, glowing face— you were ethereal. arguably more so than him. and he was an angel.

    “kai?” you blinked, cocking your head to the side.

    he gulped, tearing his eyes from you, turning his attention to the restaurant the taxi parked outside of. through the store window, he spotted a figure clothed in soft cream trousers and spotless white sneakers (he’d bet his wings they were new) fumbling with the breadsticks on the table and anxiously checking his watch. he flashed a smile at the waiter when they checked up on him and kai clenched his fists.

    how he longed to be the one sitting there.

    he shifted, putting on a smile and placing a hesitant hand on your shoulder. “come on,” he jerked his head to the door, “let’s go.”

    the breeze was cool yet comforting as it blew, caressing kai’s skin gently as he waited on the sidewalk. he took a deep breath, watching the blue sky fade into pinks and oranges with the last of the afternoon sun. you joined him after paying and tipping the driver, your shoes clicking against the cement.

    if anyone told you a month ago that guardian angels were real, and that yours in particular would stop at nothing until you were happy, or that you would end up falling in love with him, you would have punched them in the throat for talking to you in the first place. you didn’t need someone meddling the affairs you were desperately trying to downplay and ignore. you didn’t need friends and you didn’t need family. depending on other people made you feel weak, and you hated feeling weak.

    but kai taught you love. kai taught you love for yourself and love for others. that love is strength and power and, when strong enough, love was something that could change fate itself. kai wrenched open the iron gates encompassing your heart, convincing you to give life and people another chance, in doing so leaving his traces imprinted in every corner and crevice.

    even now, as you drank in the way the sun kissed his skin and set it aglow, the way the strands of his chocolate-brown hair danced along the breeze and the way he watched the gold-lined clouds with a small smile playing on his lips, your heart hummed in your ears his name like a mantra.

    you were envious of the sky he watched so intently. you’d come to hate the stupid colours, the stupid clouds, the stupid sun, the stupid moon and the stupid stars. looking at them reminded you that he’d one day have to leave — that his purpose here was merely to see you happy and then leave. you wished he’d see you. you dreamed of sharing a life with him, where his home was with you and not far away and out of reach, where your eyes couldn’t see.

    “you’re going to be late,” he spoke softly, turning to face you, “he’s been waiting for a while.”

    you glanced over your shoulder into the restaurant. right. it was no longer ‘one day’, but soon. kai’s last promise to you was to find someone who would love and take care of you; and then he’d leave. forever. you could already see kai begin to slip through your fingers — or had that process already begun from the moment he first walked into your life?

    your blood boiled, tears springing into your eyes. did he really want to go back? did he really want to leave you after all the time you spent together? did all the moments you shared together after the past month mean nothing to him?

    you gripped onto the strap of your bag. what was the point without him?

    “s-stay,” you mumbled, keeping your eyes fixed on your feet. they ached, if you were honest. the shoes were tight, and you would’ve never worn them in the first place if you didn’t hope to get a reaction out of him.

    kai’s eyes widened. to say your saying of the word caught him off-guard would be an understatement. it was as if you had read his mind, as if his desire to take you into his arms and run away with you was so strong he’d made it obvious somehow. but even if that were true, it wouldn’t make any difference. reality was still as it was — cruel.

    he brushed off silly, futile dreams and emotions with a laugh, “stay? during your date? he’d probably oblige because he likes you and is impossibly polite, but it’d be pretty detrimental to the development of your relationship don’t you think?”

    up until then, kai had been grateful for the blanket of obscurity the night provided. otherwise he’d fear you’d be able to see the bits of pain he was unable to conceal. but when a car zoomed by and it’s headlights lit up your face, in that split second, he saw yours.

    “you’re right,” you chuckled, turning toward the entrance. softly dabbing your eyes with your wrists proved futile; they just kept coming and coming. kai stepped infront of you, pulling his coat over your arms.

    as he cradled your face in his palms, his expression was unreadable. it less the fault of poor lighting, more that he didn’t want you to see. he didn’t want the knowledge of his feelings to give you hope for a future that could never be. “you were right, we shouldn’t have taken this dress. it’s almost autumn. you’re going to get sick”

    “and you won’t be there to take care of me this time, right?”

    kai squeezed his eyes shut and pulled you into his chest. he had been keeping it together all this time, he had no intention of letting that all go to waste at the very last minute. tilting his head back, in hopes that the tears rimming his eyes would remain hidden, he sighed, “soobin will be there. he’ll come running whenever you’re ill. he’ll share meals with you, he’ll go with you to that sketchy record shop you love with the attendant who looks like he smells like feet—”

    you smacked his back playfully, “gerald loves explaining the theory of vinyls to you, don’t be mean”

    “right,” he laughed. the feeling of his hand on the small of your back while the other caressed the back of your head brought your eyes fluttering closed. he looked up into the heavens, silently cursing whoever was watching for having written such an abominable fate.

    “he’ll eat what you eat and he’ll take you to meet his parents. he’ll grow old with you... isn’t that wonderful?”

    “i don’t need all of that, kai,” you argued, tightening your arms around him. “i just... need you,” a confession you whispered, but a plea you desperately hoped he’d hear.

    he pressed a kiss to your hair, giving your shoulders a final squeeze before he stepped away from you. he observed your face as if he was committing each feature to memory before brushing the dried tears from your cheeks.

    “i want you to remember this, angel,” he locked his eyes with yours, “i have been around for millenia. i have seen things of miraculous nature, things you couldn’t even dream of. i’ve protected countless humans, from kings to toilet cleaners. but i have never, never, seen anything like you, in heaven and earth. be happy, (y/n). you may not be able to see, or feel me, but i’ll be here. just as i always have”

    a gust of wind blew tree branches together, making them rattle as their browned leaves were sent sailing through the air. and before you knew it, he was gone. leaving a piece of his heart with you and taking a piece of yours with him.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ➷ in color | k.th

    pairing: kang taehyun x glasses!reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 577

    warnings: none !

    in which, on the verge of leaving you, taehyun makes an elephant-sized promise

    an: inspired from this piece from @minthoodie, and written for @mango-mina <3

    “okay, but what about this one?” taehyun sighed in response, fishing the laptop from your hands and placing it onto the bedside table beside him. you’d spent hours scrolling through an online fitness store, perusing the different categories for something you thought your boyfriend might like. he, on the other hand, would have simply liked to have your attention for more than five minutes.

    “that’s enough, (y/n). i refuse to let you buy me anything,” he propped himself up on his elbow, the pout set on your lips having little effect on his conviction. he picked the glasses from the bridge of your nose and set it atop your laptop, lightly brushing the crisp remnants from the corner of your mouth before scooting closer and resting his arm on your hip. “how about we get that pretty dress we saw last week, hmm?”

    you nuzzled into his chest, the familiar smell of peach blossoms pleasing your senses in such a way that made it nothing short of addicting. “no, we often times means you. i don’t need that dress. you, however, could use some new gloves.”

    taehyun always respected your space and admired your demand for financial independence, but he hated that you never let him spoil you. you always said that you didn’t need anything and that you could make do with what you had, but the minute your salary was deposited into your account for the month you looked for ways to spend on it on him; for things he didn’t even need.

    he wanted to do more for you and in wracking his brain, consulting his friends, his sister and his parents, he realized that he wanted to give you everything.

    “we’re going on tour in a few days,” taehyun stated, somewhat awkwardly.

    you leaned back to look at him with a frown, “why would you remind me?”

    you huffed, rolling away from him and folding your arms across your chest. you knew this was an experience he had been anticipating for years, and admittedly his busy schedule kept him away from you enough to be used to it, but the thought of him being so far away for months was upsetting. so much so you thought you’d splurge on gifts for him to make you feel better.

    your little tantrum made him chuckle with a tinge of sadness. he reeled you back into his chest and placed a kiss on your shoulder. he’d miss you too. so much so it kept him up at night. so much so he, who was known for keeping a level-head, had made a rather impulsive decision.

    taehyun reached into his pocket, a smile curling onto his lips. he rested his head in the nape of your neck and whispered, “hey, i was thinking. about when i come back...”

    he took your hand in his and you tensed when you felt cool metal slip onto your finger. your heart felt as if it would burst at any moment, heat rushing to your face and your head spinning. he intertwined your fingers, the apples of his own cheeks dusted with light shades of pink.

    “when i come back, how about we have a change of scenery? instead of this apartment and my dorm, something slightly… bigger? instead of online fitness stores, something slightly… whiter?”

    you sniffled, swiftly burying your face in his chest, “no” when he said nothing, you laughed, “no, not white. i’m thinking something in color.”

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ➷ a star called you — chapter 50: “a star called you”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader.

    genre(s): angst, fluff, slice of life, band txt, college au, smau.

    word count: 1,8k.

    warning(s): mentions of alcohol, mild language.

    synopsis: yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

    an: a huge huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support i've recieved for the past two months !! this is the first smau i've ever written, so it's like my baby 😭 it's riddled with mistakes and things i wish i could have done better, but ultimately that's what we're here to do. we live and we learn !! i hope you guys enjoy this chapter !! 💞 i hope this is good enough!

    you took a breath as the elevator came to a stop, heart hammering in your ears. the doors rolled open and you gasped. the beautiful rooftop bar in itaewon was just as you remembered it: the mellow lighting from the walls and the bar the centre, the minimalistic tables and the cushioned moon chairs scattered across the floor in a way that didn’t seem organized or cluttered, but like home. the height of the building opened up the sky and you could see the stars as they glittered and gleamed, something otherwise next to impossible in the city.

    subin, who had been anxiously checking his watch as he awaited your arrival, perked up from his spot at the bar when you walked in and jogged toward you.

    “you’re late,” he offered you a smile, his stating of the obvious clearly more directed to your two friends standing behind you. haewon simply ignored him and walked themself to the bar, while suhyeon merely returned his smile with an accompanying flip of their finger.

    “it’s my fault,” you chuckled, your shoulders easing as the atmosphere felt a tad more comfortable. you gestured to your outfit in explanation, “i don’t usually do all this.”

    “we literally had to force them into it. never again i tell you,” suhyeon declared, playfully bumping your shoulder with theirs before they moved off to join haewon at the bar.

    some popular korean rnb music played on the speakers as subin navigated you through the restaurant. you would have thought the front section completely empty if it were not for your eye catching the few couples smiling softly and enjoying each other’s company in the tables fixed into their own little corners. you noticed a few more people sitting around the bar when you passed by, sharing drinks and jest, throwing their heads back in laughter. majority of the customers were packed at the back of the restuarant, some standing with anticipation radiating off from them, surrounding a little platform you figured was the band stand.

    “you don’t seem all that surprised to see me,” subin remarked as he pulled back a seat at a table just before the crowd, gesturing for you to sit. you obliged and subin called for drinks.

    “no thanks, i’m fine. i don’t have a high tolerance,” you said, slightly embarrassed. “and why would i be surprised? you are part of alice, aren’t you?”

    he chuckled, “i guess you’re right. as for the drinks, how about just a little? you know, for just in case?” you looked at him quizzically and he waved you off, “stop being so skeptical! live a little!”

    “i don’t need to drink alcohol to enjoy myself,” you rolled your eyes. he sighed, pouring only a glass for himself when the waiter arrived. you tried squinting through the crowd and then frowned. you turned to subin, “i thought this was a company event? so why are there some students from my campus here, too?”

    subin swirled the alcohol around in his glass, ice cubes clinking together, a smirk pulled onto his lips. the volume of the music lowered until it was drowned out the buzz of the crowd; that too toning down as feet shuffled onto the bandstand. he looked toward the crowd and took a sip of his drink, “do you really think this is happening... just because?”

    you were startled when the lights suddenly went off. the chords of a guitar you know all too well are struck, the high reverb making the windows rattle and adrenaline rush through your veins. bright white floor spotlights turn on and you slowly raised to your feet, your ears ringing with excitement.

    “goodluck, sweetheart,” subin whispers as he leaves, smiling at your back in farewell to his first love.

    the silence breaks with five voices coming together in perfect unison, echoing through the universe like a call to all those lost and in pain, like a beacon of strength and hope. and then kai and yeonjun bring the first verse, lyrics which comfort and soothe your worries and fears, telling you that they will never let you feel such despair again.

    you realized, as the masterpiece that is dear sputnik resonated through your system, that you missed this. you missed seeing them play live and not through the television screen. there was nothing quite like witnessing their passion before you, feeling it clench your heart and take your breath away.

    and then you spotted beomgyu. his fingers moving gracefully across the guitar, his damp hair falling across his face, his eyebrows pressed together as he immersed himself into their performance — he was an utter work of art. that dangerously addicting smile rolls onto his lips as a few people in the crowd scream his name; it’s almost time for the bridge.

    “are you breathing?” haewon grins in amusement, and again, you almost don’t hear them over the crowd and your racing heart. you turn around and make a mess of an attempt at a response, making them chuckle, “you really are so very grossly in love with him”

    beomgyu puts an arm around taehyun and they laugh as they step up to the microphone for the bridge. beomgyu’s darts across his lips and he pushes back his bangs, forehead glistening under the moonlight, his eyes glazed over with adrenaline desperately search the floor. he grabs onto the microphone and, just before he sings, his eyes lock with yours. your breath hitches, fingers clenching onto the sleeves of your shirt.

    he froze in place. there they were. those eyes. those eyes he searched for in a crowd even when he knew you weren’t there. those eyes that made him feel like someone. tears sprung into his eyes and he completely missed his cue. the boys quickly realized the situation and extended the instrumental in relief that you actually came. beomgyu took the mic from it’s stand, eyes not once leaving yours, and slowly made his way from the stage to you.

    the crowd parted and his heart ached as he took in your magnificence. your pretty brushed back hair that let him see more of your face, the beautiful sundress you wore that was only really beautiful because it was you who wore it, and the way you looked at him like he was the only one there.

    back then he could only look up to you from the field as you cheered him on from the bleachers, secretly hoping that you’d be able to feel the way he felt for you without having the courage to approach you himself. but that wasn’t happening today. today, in front of your friends, in front of the company and underneath a sky of stars making the heavens his witness, he’d make sure you knew just how much he loved you.

    your eyes widened when he took your hand into his, lifting it to his lips. his thumb brushed across your knuckles and he intertwined his fingers with yours. his lips curled in a smile, but his eyes were nothing but sincere as he lifted the mic to his lips and sang,

    “in a crumbling world,

    i found a star called you,

    i need you, my love ”

    over a hundred times. that’s the amount of times you had listened to this song. you had heard this song over a hundred times, yet in that moment you swore it felt like the first time. those beautiful lyrics were a mere container for the raw emotion poured into them, emotion that left your chest throbbing and tears brimming your eyes. the band stopped and beomgyu pinched your chin gently.

    “i’m sorry,” beomgyu started, giving your hand a squeeze, “i’m sorry for being a terrible boyfriend. for arguing with you and embarrassing you in front of all of those people, for the horrible things that i said, and for not appreciating the effort you made trying to understand me and coming to that party for me.”

    “b-beomgyu,” you breathed, tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. you wondered how long he’d sit up at night, thinking about what had happened and being hard on himself because of it. you wondered what his face looked like when he sent those letters to the show, telling you to cheer up and be strong.

    he cupped the side of your face and brushed away your tears, “i love you, yn. so much. you kindness, your selflessness. the way you trigger me with that person from anthropolitics,” he joked.

    you laughed, “anthropology, beomgyu.”

    “yeah, yeah, smarty pants,” he rolled his eyes playfully, the tops of his ears dusted pink. he tucked hair behind your ear and took a breath before continuing, “who else am i supposed to banter with, if not you? doing anything without you feels wrong. not saying goodnight to you at the end of my day leaves me awake, feeling like there’s something missing.” he sighed, a tear rolling down his cheek, “other people... they look up at the north star to help them find their way home, but i look for your eyes in the crowd and when i find them i’m there.”

    “cheesy idiot, i forgive you,” you sniffled, stepping into his arms as the crowd, you both completely forgot was even there, cheered. taehyun and the boys gave one another high fives, relieved that the two of you had reconciled. you leaned back, “i’m really sorry that i didn’t talk to you either. i felt like it was selfish to impose my feelings on you, but i realize that that is what relationships are all about. leaning on one another on times of difficulty and sharing joys and happiness,” you lowered your eyes in shame of your mistakes before lifting them to plead with his, “you forgive me, too?”

    beomgyu smiled, leaning forward and planting a kiss to your forehead. then the tip of your nose. then he looked into your eyes and slowly tilted your head back before he pressed his lips to yours. he took your lip between his and tightened his arms around your form. you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back with everything you had.

    a droplet of rain landed on his face, making you both break away in surprise. within seconds it began to pour and the everyone shrieked, all rushing to the elevator to get off the roof.

    beomgyu held out his hand and grinned, turning back to you, “sorry i waited for the rain”

    you both burst out into laughter and you shoved his chest playfully, “is anything you say original, angel313?” beomgyu’s face fell and you giggled, ruffling your hair until it was hanging over your face. you stood tall and pushed out your chest, “hey poppy! i’m so in love with you, i can’t stop thinking about you and so i’m writing this letter!”

    you squealed as beomgyu chased you through the rain, “i never said that! get back here right now, yn!”

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    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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  • ye0ncore
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    — txt’s reaction to them saying something hurtful their s/o in an argument

    pairing: txt x female reader
    genre and rating: angst, fluff, g/pg
    warnings: strong language, angry txt
    a/n: hello loves! i fell in love with the way the last reaction turned out i just had to make another! i’m sorry about not posting for a while! i just started my senior year so things have been a lil hectic. please bear with me lol. i love you guys <3

    reaction below the cut <3

    — yeonjun

    as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he was apologizing

    you and yeonjun didn’t fight very often

    you two were very good at talking things out

    but when you blew up his phone after he didn’t come home when he was supposed to, things escalated quickly

    “stop being so fucking annoying! you’re so clingy.”

    when he realized what he said, he immediately ran over to you

    “baby holy shit i am so sorry.”

    “i didn’t mean that i’m so sorry, love.”

    he spent the rest of the night and a few days after making it up to you

    he hated to see you upset

    and he hated the fact that it was because of him even more

    — soobin

    soobin was always very careful about what all he said to you

    he promised himself to never let himself go too far

    but when he happened to get a little jealous of you and one of your close guy friends, he didn’t exactly stick to it

    “who knows maybe you were out cheating on me when you were out all day with him.”

    your face fell, and you obviously found it incredibly insulting

    when he saw the look on your face, that’s when it clicked in his head

    he didn’t know whether to come up to you or give you space

    but the second he saw the tear slip down your cheek, he was by your side

    “baby please don’t cry. i’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve that.”

    he knew in his heart that you would never do something like that

    so it broke his heart that he could ever say something like that

    — beomgyu

    beomgyu’s heart literally shattered

    his face fell, immediately making his way to you

    it was a very rare occurrence that you and beomgyu argue

    but when you do, it gets bad

    he can be very stubborn, and so can you

    so when you mentioned him hardly being home, he didn’t hesitate to fire back

    “yeah well at least i’m actually doing something. it must be nice to just sit on your ass all day, huh?”

    you and beomgyu both knew that that wasn’t true

    yeah, you didn’t have a job

    but you always did your best to make sure things were done around the house, and making sure beomgyu had everything he needed

    you were always out trying to help him with anything, and he knew it

    he immediately went silent

    “baby holy shit i am so sorry.”

    “i know that’s not true, i just got caught up in the moment. i didn’t mean it love, please.”

    did whatever it took to make it up to you

    — taehyun

    taehyun, like soobin, was always very careful with his words while in an argument

    he never wanted to cross the line, and he never wanted to make you upset

    unfortunately, that’s exactly what he ended up doing

    this argument had been coming and you knew it

    it’s inevitable when you have an attractive boyfriend who just so happens to be an idol

    jealousy happens and sometimes, it can’t be helped

    you had gotten upset over a bunch of girls flirting with taehyun

    usually he understood, but for some reason, this time he wasn’t very understanding

    “can you just calm tf down? you’re being a little too clingy for my liking right now.”

    both of your faces fell

    all you did was nod, mumble a soft ‘i’m sorry,’ and walked upstairs

    you thought he would need space

    he immediately ran up the stairs after you

    the only thing going through his head was ‘how bad did i just fuck up?’

    taehyun would do everything in his power to make you feel better

    he just wanted to see that cute ass smile again. he hated that he was the reason that you were upset

    — hueningkai

    kai doesn’t have much experience when it comes to stuff like this

    the both of you hate arguing, so you both do your best to make sure one doesn’t break out

    unfortunately, this one couldn’t be helped

    you had been incredibly busy as of lately

    you were a full time student with a job and a sport so you didn’t have much free time

    you didn’t see kai as often as you used to

    this ended up sparking a lil disagreement

    you told him you would come to one of his shows, but something came up at work so you had to go

    kai was understandably very upset, but he lost it a little bit

    “you know y/n, if you don’t care then just tell me. there’s no need to sit there and lie to me.”

    all you did was freeze and stare at him like he was crazy

    it took kai a second to realize what he said

    but by the time he did, you had already walked away

    he blew up your phone with calls and messages, trying to apologize

    he was freaking out and he felt absolutely terrible

    “baby please. i am so so sorry, i don’t know what i was thinking.”

    “you care more than anyone, and i know that. please just come talk to me.”

    kai spent the next few weeks making it up to you, never letting himself get that angry again

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    27.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ➷ a star called you — chapter 49: BONUS

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): fluff, crack, college au, band txt, smau. wc: 588. warning(s): none. an: HEHEHE surprise! 💘 this scene takes place two weeks prior to chapter 49! listen to: right here.

    [11:55 pm] — “are you sure you’re okay with this?” suhyeon asked, their tone skeptical but their eyes soft with concern. they had expected you to take a few days off to recuperate, especially since the rest had given them an in-depth run down on what had happened that sunday evening, so when you showed up at the station that tuesday afternoon they were rather taken by surprise.

    you were in the booth five minutes before the show was to start, flipping through the script, when suhyeon posed the question. you nodded with an enthusiasm you hoped would reassure them, “i’m fine. this is my show. i can’t leave them hanging all the time you know,” you smiled. you continued to scan through the page between your fingers, before the conversation you and taehyun shared flashed across your mind. you bit onto your lip and waved to get suhyeon’s attention, “i- um, i’m not okay. but i’m getting better. the show helps take my mind off things for a while.”

    suhyeon’s eyes crinkled as they smiled and gave you a thumbs up. sharing how you were feeling would take some getting used to, even now the thought that you were being annoying still plagued you, but you would take small steps to get better. you promised you would. for taehyun, for his family, for your friends, for beomgyu— for yourself.

    haewon signalled that you were about to go on air and you got ready before they began the countdown. the second you went live you felt refreshed. you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to have the same energy you always did, but it was as if those listeners who you knew nothing of gave you all the energy you lacked. through reading their stories, you realized — as rewarding as it felt to know you were helping other people, they were a healing force to you too.

    you made the decision then, that that is what you wanted to do forever.

    “we have a little more time before the show ends, let’s read some more messages!” you scrolled through the monitor, stopping at at a familiar name that made you grin, “angel313! it’s always so nice to see you! i hope you’re feeling better these days!! their message reads:

    hey poppy! it’s always wonderful to hear your voice. i was a little worried when you couldn’t make it yesterday. everything’s okay, right? it’s okay to take a break from time to time! don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t forget to eat and sleep well, too! i know sometimes it’s hard to put oneself first and how hard it can be to really love yourself, but i think i speak for all the listeners here when i say you are a gem. gem’s are precious and shine brightest when they’re taken good care of! so always do what’s best for you! do everything you want, speak your mind, love who you want and... leave if they’re not healthy for you! i know this is technically not about me, but i’m always hoping for your happiness, poppy-d! i hope you look up to the sky tonight with a smile on your face. fighting!!”

    you took a moment to still your thumping heart, tears brimming in your eyes. you looked over at haewon and suhyeon, and although the edges of their lips were pulled up, their eyes seemed to be glimmering too. you took a breath, “the last song for today will be angel313’s recommendation, right here by keshi!”

    back to chapter 49 !!

    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    27.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ➷ a star called you — chapter 49: “angel313”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

    previous || masterlist || next || bonus !!

    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 48: “soulmates”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 47: “not daijoubu”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): angst, fluff, band txt, college au, smau (this chapter is semi). wc: 1,8k. warning(s): mentions of food; cussing; physical fighting; mentions of alcohol. an: sorry this is so late !!

    soobin’s face twisted in disgust as he stepped into the room, the pungent stench of alcohol burning in his nose. he’d opted to sleep in yeonjun’s room the night before, thinking beomgyu probably needed some time alone. but with all the beer cans littered across the floor, he realized it probably wasn’t the best decision.

    he disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a clothes peg clamped onto his nose, empty trash bags and those lavender scented candles you had gifted beomgyu for his studio. he lit them and began cleaning up the space, cans clanging together as he tossed them in the bag. beomgyu stirred, the sounds thundering in his ears and going straight to his head.

    “what are you doing?” beomgyu grunted, his voice hoarse with thirst and fatigue. he made a shaky attempt at lifting himself up and just about managed to roll himself over when he fell back onto the mattress.

    soobin sighed, walking over to slap beomgyu’s legs, “come on. time to get up.”

    he moved onto the desk, clearing the dirt from it in one swoop, and then paused. beomgyu’s song book laid open on the desk beneath other lose pages scribbled with words – or perhaps they were shapes – that soobin couldn’t decipher. amongst the pages of the book itself was where he found it— between more intricate squiggles, dirty fingerprints and dried alcohol stains— in the corners, across the borders, in nearly every other line: your name.

    soobin’s heart ached for his friend. he spared another glance in the direction of the defeated figure resting on the bottom bunk and wished he could do something.

    “it’s two o’clock. in the afternoon. you need to wash up and eat something,” soobin shook beomgyu’s legs again before reaching for the curtains. beomgyu hissed, the light rushing into the room stinging his eyes and the sound of the hooks against the railing ringing in his ears. he mustered all the strength he could and rolled over onto his back, clutching his head.

    he grumbled, “we don’t have any schedules today, right? let me go back to sleep, i’m tired.”

    more than his throbbing head, more than his aching limbs and the nausea pulling at his gut, he wanted sleep to numb misery he felt when he thought of you. no amount of alcohol could make him forget a single detail of the night before. the pain embedded in your stunned features, eyes that searched for any sign that he hadn’t meant what he said and that he was the same person you had texted mere hours prior.

    he groaned, running his fingers through his hair and tugging at the roots in frustration. he had taken it too far. he could only stand there, watching as you ran off taking a chunk of his heart with you. he desperately wanted to run to you, but the thought that you didn’t want to see him and the hurt that he felt when you acted like you weren’t important to him held him in place.

    soobin rolled his eyes, “yeonjun made you some bean sprout soup this morning. i’ll warm it up while you wash up,” beomgyu didn’t move a muscle. “there’s someone waiting to talk to you at the park down the—”

    he shot out of bed like his life depended on it. he ignored the sounds of people calling out after him as he ran, bolting out of the door, sprinting down the stairs and zooming through the parking lot. after a narrow escape from an oncoming car, he made it to the park, pausing to catch his breath.

    he’d apologize. he’d get on his knees. he’d beg. he’d plead with you to stay with him. he didn’t care who saw, he didn’t care if his reputation was ruined forever— he only cared about you, what you thought and if you’d ever be able to forgive him.

    “woah man, you look terrible.”

    beomgyu froze, clenching his jaw. he lifted himself from his hunched over position and looked subin dead in the eye, “what are you doing here.”

    subin stayed quiet, observing the guy infront of him with an amused smirk. an action that infuriated beomgyu.

    “you thought it was yn didn’t you?” he eyed his mismatched shoes, the costume from the night before now creased and disheveled, his tousled hair, the heavy bags under his eyes and his paling complexion. he bit back the pang of guilt, “you really look like shit.”

    beomgyu choked on bitter laughter, “no thanks to you. tell me, how does it feel knowing you’re a potential homewrecker?”

    “a homewrecker, huh?” subin took a step closer, “atleast i didn’t make them cry.”


    it all happened in an instant. beomgyu grabbed onto subin’s shirt, chanelling all his anger and frustration into his fist before smashing it into the side of his face. subin stumbled backward, wide-eyed. beomgyu cursed, grabbing onto his fist and wincing in pain. he just about got it when subin rammed into his chest, tackling him onto the the hard cement pathway.

    beomgyu wasn’t the only one who was frustrated. subin had to come to terms with alot of ugly truths about himself and his mother last night. he had just about let you go, even going as far as to give you and beomgyu a chance to see one another, yet he had to witness you crying and in pain as a result.

    “you’re such a fucking asshole, all they wanted to do was make you happy!”

    beomgyu shoved him back, throwing another punch, “you don’t know shit! this is all because you had to get involved in things that don’t concern you!”

    “i care about yn! of course i’m going to want to protect that from shitheads like you!”

    “wake up, you bastard! you’re the shithead! you had your chance and you fucked up, now you want to fuck with me like a sore loser!” beomgyu growled, grip on subin making scraped knuckles whiten.

    subin scoffed, “you think you’re so much better than me, choi? then why did you tell them the words you should know would hurt them the most!”

    they continued for what felt like hours screaming at one another, throwing punches and taking them. a small crowd of spectators who murmered amongst themselves had gradually formed at the scene, but was quickly dispersed by the three boys lurking behind the scenes to ensure nothing got to out of hand.

    when they finally had enough, subin and beomgyu rolled onto the short blades of grass completely worn out and out of breath. both had their fair share of cuts and bruises, and subin’s clothes were now no more orderly than beomgyu’s. after a few moments of silence and staring blankly into the blue sea above, subin left to the convenience store adjacent from the park before crossing his legs next to beomgyu and offering him an ice cream. beomgyu glared at him, but took it anyway.

    “i’m sorry,” he raised an eyebrow at subin. the latter chuckled, “i mean it. you’re right. this is my fault.”

    beomgyu peeled apart the packaging and took a bite of the ice cream, turning his attention back to the sky above, “if you want me to tell you it isn’t, i won’t.”

    subin grimaced, “of course not, i—”

    “but it isn’t completely your fault either,” beomgyu cut him off, swallowing another bite of his ice cream. subin’s eyes twitched in surprise and beomgyu continued, “i... said something i shouldn’t have. not being able to see them, struggling to adapt to the work load, dealing with all this criticism— i was happy to see them, but seeing you there kinda pissed me off you know. the fact that you’ve been spending so much time with them annoyed me too. and then they said... i guess i just lashed out. which is definitely no excuse. i knew what i was saying... i wanted to see them hurt. seeing them try to keep it together bothered me. it was as if they were really showing me this is me and this is you,” tears sprang into beomgyu’s eyes, “i’m so stupid.”

    beomgyu brought his arm over his face, but subin could see the tears running down his face. he placed a hand on his shoulder. beomgyu attempted to stifle his sniffling and subin smiled sadly. “i accused them of not trusting and not loving me enough, when all i did was hurt them and show how little trust i really had in them. they even made all that effort to come and see me but i...”

    “as phony and it sounds, love makes people crazy,” subin started, stretching out next to beomgyu, “i admit, you had every reason to worry about me in the beginning. i wanted to get yn back, no matter the lengths i had to go to to do so. i was a terrible boyfriend to yn back then, so i wanted to show them how much i changed. that i now could do whatever i wanted— or atleast, that’s what i thought. i even turned to my mom for help when things didn’t end up going my way,” he frowned, upset with his foolish actions, “but i was wrong. even after doing everything in my power to tear you apart, even after spending time with yn again, i just realized how much they really like you. you’re all they ever talk about and no matter what i did, perhaps without even realizing it, they just kept liking you more and more. even in observing you, how hard you worked to make time for them and how you’d light up when they texted or called, or even when they were mentioned in conversation. i was an idiot, and i’m really sorry, beomgyu. turns out i haven’t changed at all,” he sighed.

    beomgyu kicked subin’s leg and he yelped in pain, “you deserve that.”

    “right, right,” he nodded. “i came here to apologize on behalf of my mom as well. she took things too far last night – uh, recently, too. i try to stop her and i am really mad at her, but in the end it is my fault for getting her involved. i’m sorry.”

    “she seems like the control freak, condescending, winner-complex type.”

    “a real pick me girl,” subin snorted.

    “like mother like son, i guess.”

    “hey!” subin glared, shoving beomgyu playfully. then he took a serious tone, “how are you going to fix things with yn?”

    beomgyu’s face fell. “i don’t know. maybe some time apart would be good for us.”

    “you don’t look like you mean that.”

    “i don’t,” beomgyu mumbled, putting his head in his hands. “i already miss them so much. but... i just don’t want to screw up again. they’ve been through alot and my idiocy triggered all of that pain. i want to give them time to be sure. this isn’t about me.”

    “you sure you’re not just scared?”

    beomgyu smiled, “i’d be lying if i said no.”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ➷ a star called you — chapter 46: “snack cupboard”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader (x best friend!taehyun in this chapter). genre(s): angst, fluff, band txt, college au, smau (this chapter is semi). wc: 1,1k. warning(s): mentions of food; mentions of death of family members; mentions of bullying. an: i teared up a little writing this :(

    [11:45 pm] — with haste, taehyun pulled the strap of his backpack over his shoulder and paid the cab driver his due. he jogged up the sidewalk to your old house, stopping before the porch momentarily to take a look at the place.

    even in the dim light the moon provided, he could see how weathered down and discolored the roof had become. the walls had long cracks along their surface and their worn coats of paint bubbled and peeled from them. moss and mould lined the gutters and the windows, and the rickety wooden porch creaked as he stepped onto it.

    he sighed. this dilapidated structure you had once called home had only remained yours because of your unwavering refusal to your families’ consistent attempts at getting you to sell. as young as you were you argued that you’d take full responsibility for it, even going as far as to refuse his parents’ help to tend to it until you were able. you weren’t ready to let go of those four walls which held so much memory— it was the only thing you had left of them.

    taehyun would always find you here when you were having a hard time. you’d be laying on your back in the living room, among the furniture draped in white sheets, staring up at the ceiling in silence. you seldom cried. actually, he thought, the last time he’d seen you actually cry was on the day of your parents’ funeral. no matter what anyone said or how awfully people bullied you, you never cried. even with subin, you’d probably only teared up at most. which was probably why the sight of you earlier was that extra bit of force packed in the punch beomgyu got from him.

    he should probably withhold that bit of information from you.

    he treaded carefully along the floorboards until it made it to the livingroom, craning his neck as he searched for your shape in the darkness. when he didn’t find you, he frowned. taehyun continued through the house and fished his phone from his pocket, dialing your number. just as he hit voicemail for a second time, he caught a glimpse of something in the backyard.

    it took some force to wedge himself through the crack in the stubborn backdoor, having to leave his backpack inside. the old metal swingset screeched as you absentmindedly pushed yourself back and forth. you were still in your costume, except for the wig, which along your cellphone, was thrown on the grass infront you. your eyes were fixed on something in the nearing midnight sky, it’s light casting shadows below your swollen eyes. his heart ached.

    he sat in the swing beside you and pushed himself as you were. “have you eaten something?” he asked, trying to find what it was in the sky that had all you attention. you shook your head in response and he nodded in acknowledgement, “i brought some snacks from the convenience store. i haven’t told my mom we’re here yet, but when you’re ready we can get you a proper warm meal.”

    there was silence for a moment. “he’s right you know,” you said, your voice hoarse and scratchy. taehyun tensed, gripping onto the chains. “i am exhausting. i’m horrible for not talking to him and telling him how i felt. i just assumed i’d be bothering him or getting in the way. i never imagined that’d hurt him. but now that i think about it... i guess that would have hurt me too.”

    “yn,” taehyun turned to you, pulling your swing toward him, “yes, you sucked at communicating. but he was out of line. what you’re doing right now is just another repetition of this sick cycle where you think you’re to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life. subin was a jackass and beomgyu was a dick, you might have made some mistakes too but that doesn’t change that they were wrong.”

    you grinded your teeth, fighting back the tears forming in your eyes, “but if i didn’t act the way i did then—”

    “stop! stop it!” taehyun yelled. your eyes widened as tears rolled down his face. he took your arms into his hands gently and snifled, “i hate seeing you like this! i hate that you hurt yourself like this every single time. do you know how painful it is? i always have this hope that one day you’ll be able to see that you aren’t alone. that it isn’t wrong to feel wronged, to feel upset and lonely and angry. that it’s not a bother to share your feelings and thoughts when things are hard— especially to people who care about you! and you aren’t some outsider yn! you’re my best friend in the whole entire world, my family. we’ve been together for our entire lives, my parents love you, my sister loves you— i love you! even hobak,” he chucked between sobs and you finally cried for may have been the tenth time that night.

    “and it’s not just me, yn,” taehyun continued, brushing the tears from your eyes, “suhyeon, haewon, kai, soobin, yeonjun, beomgyu— we all love you so much. we’ll bitch about things, because you really do stupid shit sometimes, but that fact will always remain. and it’s because we love you so much that it hurts when you always want to keep things to yourself— it’s like you’re building this wall around yourself and locking us out.”

    you nodded, scrunching up your sleeve in your hands before wiping your nose and face. taehyun pulled you into a hug that felt so warm, you almost started crying again.

    “i can’t believe i was trying so hard to be perfect for him, because i was so scared he’d end up leaving me, that it just had the complete opposite effect.”

    taehyun shook his head, hugging you tighter. “it’s going to be okay, i promise. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a person as – healthily – obsessed with you as beomgyu is. you helped him through some really dark times you know.” you leaned back, lifting a brow. taehyun chuckled, shaking his head, “that’s a conversation for the two of you”

    a chilly breeze brushed passed you, sneaking into your hoodie. you tucked your hands into the pocket and lowered your eyes in a frown, “i don’t know if i’m ready to talk to him yet.”

    “that’s okay,” taehyun smiled, patting your head. “take all the time you need. he’ll need some too after that hit”

    your eyes widened with worry, “what?”

    taehyun laughed, getting up from the swing and lifting you up with him. “come on, i brought some extra clothes for you to change into and some towels in case you hadn’t freshened up.”

    “maybe we should see if yoon mina's still around here, her house wasn’t too far from—”

    “if you don’t shut up!” taehyun blushed.

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 45: “hocus pocus”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): angst, fluff, band txt, college au, smau (this chapter is semi). wc: 1,7k. warning(s): mentions of food; not proof read. an: i'm sorry 🧎🏻‍♀️

    [08:10 pm] — you had no idea why you expected the event to be like every other halloween party, the type normal people would throw. when subin lead you into the venue, it felt like walking into new york’s le bernardin with the downlights and the fancy decor, the waitors clad in sharp black uniforms and masks, the expensive looking food and wine on every table, and the soft melodies of the piano in the far corner. aside from the little touches in the table centerpieces, the only thing remotely halloween about the place were the employees themselves in their costumes.

    “you enjoy yourself at these kinds of things?” you asked subin in a whisper, stepping a little closer to him. you’d only been there for a minute and the lavish atmosphere was already suffocating you. he glanced at you over his shoulder and chuckled.

    “no, actually,” he sighed, making sure to keep to the sidelines so nobody would notice you as you searched for beomgyu, “i’d normally be at home right now. i’m here only to help you.”

    you gave a little shriek as a waitress appeared out of nowhere and squeezed your eyes shut. when you opened them again, you found yourself up against the wall with subin’s eyes staring into yours. his hand had slipped behind your head to cushion the impact, contributing to the rather awkward position. people who were seated close enough to witness the scene had their eyes peeled, so you gave him a light shove and pulled the hood further over your head.

    subin cleared his throat, averting his eyes. “sorry”

    “n-no, it’s okay. thanks,” you smiled.

    you continued through the venue, giggling at a few outrageous costumes, gasping at some amazing ones and arching a brow at a number of those who were just... questionable. when you felt more at ease, your eyes surveyed the entire hall until they came to a halt with your feet.

    opposite the piano, they sat a tiny table for two where the most expensive-looking cuisine was saturated upon. the floor where they sat was elevated above the rest, almost as if to denote the veneration they so demanded. and the costume they chose to apparel sang no different tune.

    “your mother’s here?”

    subin stopped, looking to you before following your gaze. his jaw clenched. “unfortunately. she’s suddenly become oh-so invested in the show biz”

    she laughed at something the man beside her said and your teeth sank into your bottom lip. that laugh. it was the same as you remembered it. as if you were ever able to forget the way she slapped money in your face. you’d gone to subin’s that day to apologize and in hopes that he’d forgive you, but she told you to get lost, mocking a fourteen year-old with that very laughter for having no parents and no family that wanted them.

    “i’m starting to think this is a bad idea,” you gulped, breaths shortening as you dug your nails into your palm.

    subin frowned, grabbing onto your shoulders. “hey? you’re going to be fine, alright? we’ll grab your boyfriend and get out of here.”

    you took a deep breath and nodded. it was going to be okay. she could do nothing to you. that was a long time ago. you had changed. you had beomgyu. and like a sign from God, a striking red ensemble caught your eye by the bar and your heart leapt.

    “it’s yeonjun! let’s ask him where the other’s are!” you grinned, starting towards him with subin at your heels.

    you followed after yeonjun, always just missing him as he jogged on. he stopped at a towards the left of the hall, and you some feet behind him, laughter sailing throw the air as he lifted the drinks and showed them to the rest. a grin tugged at your lips and you were sure your heart would burst. his back was facing you as he stood, long soft locks brushing the collar of his jersey, the big bold number four staring you right in the face.

    you pulled back your hood excitedly, not sparing a second thought about who was there, who saw you— you didn’t care. he was here. subin smiled next to you with a tinge of sadness, but pushed you forward nonetheless.


    he threw his head back in laughter, stepping back to reveal ryujin sitting at the table beside him. her hair was done up in a bun and her costume mirrored yours exactly. you looked from hers to yours with a throbbing in your chest. you stood there, frozen once again at the sight of ryujin resting her head against him, keeping an arm around him before letting it drop. she looked at him with a look in her eyes that was all too familiar to you. it was a look you imagined you had when you looked at him.

    you took an unsteady step back and tripped into the tray of a waitor, sending glass, cutlery and yourself crashing to the ground. everyone’s heads snapped in your direction, including beomgyu’s. he squinted, then his eyes widened. he rushed to your side, but subin was there just a second sooner.

    subin helped you up and you gave him a half-hearted smile. beomgyu seethed, “what are you doing here?”


    “they wanted to see you. since it’s been a while. but clearly you’re preoccupied,” subin cocked his head to the side, keeping a hand on your shoulder. people around you were beginning to whisper amongst themselves, making your chest tighten. you didn’t want this.

    “i’m fine,” you smiled, more at beomgyu than subin. “i just—”

    “who’s this?” ryujin arched a brow, stepping up beside beomgyu and placing an elbow on his shoulder. you clenched your fists, taking a breath.

    beomgyu shook her arm off his shoulder, a frown still etched into his face. “why are you with him? why didn’t you tell me you wanted to see me? did you think i didn’t want to see you?”

    “no, beomgyu,” your breath hitched, “it’s not that. i’m fine. don’t worry. i’ll just leave. i’m sorry.”

    subin’s arms kept you in place, refusing to budge as he and beomgyu stared one another down. “dude, do you really need them to spell it out for you? what about them looks fine?”

    “well i’m sure yn can tell me themselves. right, yn?”

    the others had now all raised from their seats, taehyun gripping onto beomgyu’s shoulder, telling him to deal with it later. from her little place in the corner, subin’s mother sipped her drink and watched the scene unfold before her with a satisfied smirk.

    you pried subin’s hands from you and looked at him with pleading eyes. “subin. i’m really fine. none of this is important to me. it’s his life and i shouldn’t get in the way of it.”

    beomgyu’s face fell. slamming his glass down onto the table, he grabbed onto your arms and spun you around. his eyes were burning fires of anger, frustration, jealousy and unshakeable hurt. did you have any idea the gravity of the words you spoke held?

    “what do you mean get in the way of it?” he yelled, shaking your shoulders, prompting taehyun and subin to both take a step toward you protectively. you tried to calm yourself, holding onto your façade until the very end.

    he laughed bitterly, “was i in this relationship alone? was it just me who felt like i could confide in you with anything and everything, no matter how bad it was? was i the only one who trusted and loved? that’s what it is right,” he laughed again, “i’m nothing to you? i’m just the illusion of this person you created who’s so perfect that you can’t be yourself infront of? that you can’t trust with how you’re feeling?”

    “beomgyu.” taehyun warned.

    “this is between us!” you flinched at the roaring sound of beomgyu’s voice.

    “b-beomgyu, it’s really not like that. i just... i don’t know...”

    “spit it out!”

    “what do you want me to say!” you screamed, and the chattering hall that you had completely forgtten about fell silent once more.

    “that it’s hard not being able to see you? that i saw you with her that night and it hurt me so much that you let her treat you like that? that i was really looking forward to tonight, and then what? you yell at me because i could have told you and you could have gotten out of it? HOW BEOMGYU?” taehyun looked taken aback by your sudden outburst, but it seemed to only make beomgyu angrier, “i’m supposed to tell you it feels like shit coming here to find you laughing with her again, wearing that costume that we agreed to do together? well i CAN’T beomgyu. i can’t because this is what you want and standing in the way of that is selfish.”

    beomgyu scoffed, shoving you away. he ran his hands through his hair in frustration. he hated that you were looking at him like he scared you, he hated that you felt you couldn’t talk to him, he hated thinking that his words hurt you, but he was hurt too. he hated that the person he saw with subin that night was you, he hated that you felt you were being selfish, he hated that the most selfish thing you did was assume the way he felt.

    and he wanted to hurt you.

    he looked to you, then at subin. “clearly it’s easier to talk to him than it is to me so why don’t you just go. this conversation is pointless and you and your self-righteous attitude are exhausting to be around.”

    your stomach twisted and you felt sick. tears burned at the edges of your eyes before pouring down your face with all the pent up anger, frustration and hurt you tried to bury away. with the last of your strength you turned on your heels and ran. you ran and ran and ran. not knowing where you were going, only that you wanted to go very far away.

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 44: “boomer”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 43: “a bad tamale”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

    an: uh oh! the big bad filler chapters are back :o + there's been a change to one of the sc's!

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    taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    —txt's favourite part of your body❀

    note: this is gender neutral but soobin's has talk about boobs, please skip it if it will make you uncomfy!


    he's a butt guy

    he just really likes your butt

    just kinda taps it every once in a while

    like "hey I'm still here."

    and also like "hey you have a nice butt :]"

    you walk past him


    he just likes butts okay

    ..he thinks they're cute


    he's a boob guy

    not in a sexual way though

    small boobs? nice

    big boobs? nice

    flat boobs? niiicee

    in soobin's book all boobs are good boobs

    soobs 4 boobs 2021

    all boob owners do this thing were you just kinda? hold your boob?

    soobs likes doing that

    like holding your hand but less sweaty

    he doesn't even realize he's doing it

    and he's like "oop that's a boob. that's a boob--in my hand....sorry bout that."

    but doesn't let go?


    an elbow guy?

    he likes joints its weird

    like he'll tap your knee to test your reflexes

    and giggle when you kick your leg out

    just likes to hold your wrist

    and feel your pulse

    really enjoys playing with the skin of your elbow

    just absent-mindedly playing with your elbow skin no big deal


    this shit

    this fucking shit

    "I love every part of you"

    no but honestly

    he likes your hands

    he likes how they fit in his and all that junk

    but he likes to crack your knuckles

    and try to make a map on your palm





    bellies are the besties

    he loves patting your belly

    and resting his head on it for a nap

    and the way it looks when it's full of your favourite foods!

    he just thinks it's really cute and soft and he loves it okay

    #moacabin#txt#txt imagines#txt fluff#txt headcanons #txt x reader #txt scenarios #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together
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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 42: “big brain era”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): fluff, band txt, college au, smau (this chapter is semi). wc: 1,1k. warning(s): food pictured; not proof read, typo in twt too lazy to change. disclaimer: NO i do not support idolxidol shipping! this is just for the purposes of the story. an: i'm gonna pull a cia and dip after this so don't hate me too much 😁

    [06:11 pm] — “so what did you want to talk about?” you asked after shoving your phone into your pocket with a huff. taehyun was like a doting mother, which was rather ironic considering the way he always ruthlessly blunt with no remorse. you’d eventually concluded by the time you got to high school (and after incidental and intense exposure to japanese pop culture) that taehyun was simply, just tsundere.

    subin caught the light chuckles slipping from your lips and stole glimpses at you from the corners of his eyes. you seemed comfortable, or atleast that’s what he was hoping for. the look in your eyes when he had arrived to pick you up from the store was still fresh in his mind: surprise mixed with the tiniest bit of anxiousness that you attempted to conceal with a smile. it was a god-sent that his sister made him babysit, otherwise, if he had been alone, he was sure you would have run away.

    his hands tightened around the steering wheel and he sighed, “we’ll talk when we get there. it’ll only be a minute.”

    you kept your eyes on the passing buildings outside. the sun had just tucked itself beyond the mountains and night fall was quickly decending upon the city. the sinage of the stores lining the street were beginning to flicker on and the pavements were beginning to fill up with those coming from work, from school, and those heading out with or to friends and family.

    the temperature was starting to drop, so you rolled up the window and glanced toward yina, subin’s niece, in the backseat. she was fast asleep, features relaxed peacefully, worn out from all the excitment, the sight making you smile fondly. if it weren’t for her, you couldn’t imagine what would have happened. despite reassuring your friends and taehyun that everything was okay and that you were fine, truthfully, being with subin made you feel uneasy.

    the car turned, rolling down an incline and into the underground parking lot of a building. when the realization that it could only be Alice that you had arrived at, adrenline pumped through your veins and the edges of your lips tugged into a huge grin. this feeling chases away any worries and concerns plaguing your mind, to make room for but one nearing reality: you were going to see beomgyu.

    the minute subin turned off the engine you would have charged for the elevator you’d been eyeing like a bird of prey, if it were not for the fact that he kept the car doors locked. you fiddled with the handle before snapping your head in his direction with a peeved pout.

    his laughter echoed off the walls in the parking lot, “we still have to talk, silly.”

    “o-oh, right,” you blushed, slowly reclining back to the leather of the seat and hoping it would swallow you whole.

    subin prayed the overhead lights didn’t show the begrudging expression forcing it’s way into his face no matter how hard he tried to remain unstirred. did he ever make you feel this way? he didn’t know whether to believe he did or didn’t was better, either theory made him upset.

    “i wanted to aplogize,” he started, gulping before he continued, “for what happened in the past. i was really immature. a-and stupid,” he frowned at the steering wheel, his breath becoming unsteady, “i didn’t deserve you— i still don’t. you opened up to me and told me things, things that take alot of courage to share, and i threw all of that back in your face. i was insecure because to me you were someone... perfect. i didn’t think i was good enough and yet i had the audacity to act like i was”

    you nodded along as he spoke, the tension in your shoulders slowly easing. he went quiet for a moment, before he turned to face you fully, the leather beneath him squeaking, “i know i don’t have the right to say this, but i still love you. the parts that are the same and those that have changed. through all these years, i guess i didn’t think about it because i just thought i’d never see you again. but when i saw you again... i didn’t want to let you go.”

    teeth sinking into your bottom lip, you squeezed your eyes shut and sighed, “subin...”

    “i-i’m not finished,” he frowned. he hestitated, then put a hand on your shoulder, “i was a really bad boyfriend, but i didn’t break up with you because of... you. my mom—”

    “i know,” you smiled, genuinely, placing a hand over his before removing it from it’s place. you still couldn’t believe you weren’t guilty, “it’s okay. i was really foolish too. you only did what you did because i wasn’t considerate enough of the way you felt.”

    subin’s frown deepened and he clenched his fists. he might not have been the only one who made you this way, but the fact that he contributed at all frustrated him.

    “yn, no, you—”

    “let’s go before we miss him, yeah?” you patted his shoulder before stepping out of the vehicle. subin groaned internally. he felt like he hadn’t made any progress. after running his fingers through his hair a few times, and making sure he didn’t wake yina, he stepped out of the car.

    he was in the middle of locking the car, when he found you frozen in your tracks. he arched a brow, walking toward you and tapping your shoulder. you didn’t even flinch. he followed your eyes to the scene infront of the glass doors to the company.

    ryujin skipped out with her arm hooked into beomgyu’s and her head resting on his shoulder as they both shook with laughter. a black van pulled up that subin assumed had come to pick her up, and beomgyu pulled away from her, patting her head with a smile. in the middle of their parting conversation, ryujin reached up and brushed some of the hair from his face. subin’s eyes widened and he could feel your shoulders shake.

    subin looked back to them just as ryujin got into the van, but she paused, leaning back to look him dead in the eye. she waved, mouthing, thanks for the recommendation.

    beomgyu followed ryujin’s eyes and scowled finding subin standing there. he waved goodbye as she left and walked over to him with his hands in his pockets. subin panicked, looking around him, but you vanished.

    “fancy seeing you here,” beomgyu squinted into his car and grinned, “new partner? ready to leave yn alone now?”

    subin gave his shoulder a hard shove, “keep acting so friendly with other people and you’ll find out.”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 41: “party pooper”

    pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): fluff, band txt, college au, smau (this chapter is semi). wc: 1,5k. warning(s): mentions of food; not proof read. an: i'm rEALLY not happy with this one, but it's been days so 😔.

    [11:47 pm] — beomgyu shuffled into the dorm with fatigue swelling in his eyes and weighing on his limbs like bricks. the room was dark, save for the light from the television, and quiet, other than the sound of the movie the boys had gathered in the living room to watch. he passed by them silently, not wanting to disturb them and be bombarded by the numerous questions their worry had prepared for him.

    he flopped onto the bottom bunk with a heavy sigh. apart from the minute naps he took in the studio, beomgyu hadn’t had proper sleep in days. from adjusting to taking lectures online between shoots and meetings, to being pushed by the pd to keep writing songs for their next album between their performances and interviews— the time he had to himself just kept getting less and less. and with their practice sessions for the next album starting soon too, he had just no idea how he was supposed to do it all.

    burying his face into the pillows, he sighed again. perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad if he didn’t stumble across those few posts on sns. the pressure and criticisim the company dealt him with would have been easier to swallow if didn’t see those posts. the ones calling their music medicore and tasteless, and the ones lambasting him specifically; saying the band would be better without him and that he was holding them back from reaching their true potential. those words left obstrusive and destructive thoughts swirling around in his mind, turning earnest advice from teachers and experts into serious assault of his self-esteem.

    he knew it wouldn’t be easy, but never imagined that things would get so hard. was it worth it? was this what he really wanted?

    soobin’s head peeked through the crack in the door and his heart ached to see beomgyu so worn out. he startled beomgyu with a slap on his legs and sat down on the floor beside him.

    “wanna talk about it?”

    beomgyu shook his head. “i’m fine. just really tired.” he answered, his voice muffled by the pillows.

    soobin ran a hand through his hair, contemplating how best to word his next question. this was the first time in a while that beomgyu had been back at the dorms before twelve, so he didn’t want to hinder his much deserved rest. but at the same time, he didn’t want his friend to regret too much either.

    “so... did you talk to yn?” soobin put forth carefully. beomgyu lifted his head and turned to face him with an arched brow. even in the darkness room, soobin could make out the bags under beomgyu’s eyes and the exhaustion dwelling within them.

    “what are you talking about? talk to yn about what?” beomgyu sat up straighter, rubbing his eyes and frowning at soobin in confusion. he genuinely had no idea what he was talking about. he hadn’t spoken to you since that morning, and he couldn’t recall anything grand happening during the day that necessita— oh.

    beomgyu groaned, slapping his hands onto his face before falling back onto the mattress which creaked as he did so. your date tomorrow. he had been so excited to go costume shopping with you (well maybe not the costume shopping really, he just wanted to be with you and hold your hand again). he’d convinced himself that he could push through all of this because of this one day he’d get to spend with you.

    or that was, until the company told him they’d reschedule the band’s off day because of a shoot being moved up and because they wanted beomgyu’s input on a song for another one of their artists.

    beomgyu unlocked his phone with an urgency that made soobin question whether he was the same deflated person from a second ago. he clicked into your texts and a wistful smile rolled onto his lips.

    he hit the video icon and listened to the dialtone, eagerly waiting to see your smile greeting him. he missed you so much. more than you would ever know. sometimes more than even he could comprehend.

    when you didn’t pick up, he pouted, fixing his eyebrows together before calling again. were you asleep? as far as he knew this was too early for you to be asleep, so the next plausible explanation was that you were busy. but with what?

    he was on the verge of dialing a third time when soobin burst out laughing. beomgyu glared at him and he lifted his hands up in defence, “no, no. that’s not it. i just think it’s hilarious how i know what they’re doing but you don’t.”

    “ya!” how was that not supposed to supposed an outright jab? so what if he didn’t know what you were doing every minute of the day. he wasn’t controlling, nor a psycho, nor a mixture of both. right?

    soobin sighed, cocking his head toward the digital clock on their shared desk where the screen read in bright red numbering: 11:24. with a gigantic drawn-out gasp, he jumped up and frantically searched his pockets for his earphones. he fished them out and jammed them in the port, clicking onto the radio before inputting the correct frequency.

    hearing your voice after a few seconds of white noise was like a breath of fresh air. his shoulders relaxed as he sunk back into the covers and soobin grinned, nodding before excusing himself.

    beomgyu’s eyes fluttered closed and it was as if you were right there with him, like he could reach out and he’d feel the warmth of your skin. it put his mind and his heart at great ease, listening to you talk about something he couldn’t really catch because he was so caught up in the sound of the voice he had missed so much.

    “we’re almost at the end of tonight’s show, so you know what that means!” you spoke with cheer and enthusiasm— he could just see the way your lips were curling, making him put on a smile of his own, “send in your letters – i’m here to listen to anything everything you’d like to share – and we’ll be back after untitled, 2014 by GDRAGON.”

    as the song played, for the first time in what felt like forever, beomgyu logged on as angel313 and his fingers raced across the keyboard. he’d nearly let the username slip in conversation a few times, but he was grateful that he didn’t. there was something about supporting you in this incognito manner that was rather thrilling, especially since any response you gave would be an honest one unbiased by you knowing who was asking you.

    “welcome back, and good evening to those who’ve just joined our orbit, i’m poppy-d and this is dear sputnik!” the intro played the end portion of the song kai wrote and produced before fading back into your voice. you gave the most heartfelt advice you could as you went through the messages people sent in, but his heart fluttered most when you read his username.

    “our last letter comes from someone we here at sputnik radio have missed so much! angel313, it’s been a while and i hope you’re doing okay,” you spoke with so much warmth it was practically a crime, “their message reads:

    hey poppy! i haven’t sent a letter in a while, i hope you’re doing okay. lately, i’ve been questioning alot of things. myself in particular. i’m working really hard towards this dream i have, but sometimes it just... it’s too hard. i don’t feel like i’m good enough, and like all this effort is worth nothing. in addition, i’m worried that this person i love alot will start becoming distant from me because of all the time i spend working. what do you think i should do?”

    you were silent for a moment and beomgyu bit onto his thumb. “that sounds really rough, angel313. i’m really sorry that you’re going through such a tough experience, i truly am. telling you to not feel pressured, or to try to not think would be like putting a tiny plaster on a stab wound, but i will say this: the fact that you’re even trying to achieve your dream? that’s enough to show that you’re way stronger than you think you are. you’ve been working and trying so hard, making so many sacrifices, takes so much courage. i’m proud of you for that, angel313!”

    tears streamed from beomgyu’s eyes, dripping off from his chin and soaking into his t-shirt. he gripped the sleeves of his coat and wipped them across his face, but they just kept coming. “if you don’t succeed the first, second, third time, i’ll still be proud and will believe in you and i believe that you can do whatever you put your mind too! even if you feel like you can’t carry on anymore, i will applaud you for your grand efforts! so never mind what everyone else says, or the pace they’re going at, don’t give up on yourself! and i can promise you, that person that you love? if they’re worthy of receiving your love? they’ll feel exactly the same!”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 40: “lover not a fighter”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    taglist: @yeonieluvs @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 39: “asanoya”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

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    taglist: @yeonieluvs @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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    ➷ a star called you — chapter 37: “air supply”

    yn and their friends run the campus radio for which yn is the host of the evening show "dear sputnik", where they share stories and hope to create a healing space for all students— even though many don't listen to it. little does yn know, their biggest fan, angel313, is choi beomgyu— the boy they've silently had a crush on for the past four years.

    an: this chapter and the next is quite light-hearted and tingz buut we're moving into possibly the final chapters so do with that information what you will (:

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    taglist: @yeonieluvs @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)

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