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  • The price to pay for all this online righteousness

    Imgur comment thread, yes another one– but I have a pretty captive audience, and people to direct things at, so it’s like– I’ll put up major shit on there just automatically. 

    The article is formatted how it is, because of Imgur’s character limit. These all follow one after the other, but they’re in these little chunks at the limit of 140 characters.

    I started this by attacking someone for calling themself an “ally” of gay people. Like they deserve a title for being a regular, MODERATELY decent person. I hate that shit with liberals– I can’t stand it. Thank you master, oh thank you. You deign to grace us with your favor. Your scraps have saved my gay soul.

    Anyway, this shit goes deep AND IF YOU’RE AT ALL INTERESTED IN IMGUR– THIS IS SOME SHIT FOR YOU. Cus that place is ker–fucked. It applies to a lot of the rest of the internet too, but Imgur is really bad about mob mentality, and a false sense of virtue. But everywhere has that last bit, cus… millennials. Truly the angels from on high– always doing good in the world, and making sure to believe they’re good people, whatever the bloodshed.

    –Thread begin–

    My fucking pastor is like this. It’s just his aura. Every second he expects to be worshipped for helping the gays.

    As an actual Christian, if you hold your hand out for riches every time you do something good– just stop. You’re in it for evil reasons.

    Here’s the thing with these people: They’re like animals. They leech off a cause for moral points, and if challenged, they bounce off like a

    pinball. Then they try to score moral points again– and eventually, when they’re like 80, they realize how meaningless it all was.

    We’re going to have millennial “boomers” who sit there defeated and don’t know what the fuck to think. Am I a good person? *Screeching*

    YES!! I HAVE TO BE! Wait… I don’t actually know… Every one of you, ESPECIALLY you Imgurians, are setting yourself up for this crisis.

    Hear me now, before you’re rotting away– you need to try to be a good person. **Effort. Not choices.** Maybe I can save a few of you.

    Next time you burn someone at the stake for being a bigot, think of the EFFORT required to not do that. Then do not do that. Baby steps. 

    Y'all apparently think the guys throwing stones at the sinner were the good guys.  

    If persecuting the bad guy made you a good person, don’t you think we’d be in paradise by now? Or does it not work that way at all?

    If you think you’re building your character by persecuting others, IMGUR FOR FUCK’S SAKE, you’re doing the POLAR FUCKING OPPOSITE I ASSURE.

    Are we being becoming better people, or are we GETTING BETTER AT PERSECUTING?! BRAIN TIME EVERYBODY.

    Animals, truly. You think chasing your impulses makes you a better person. Who the fuck could be that stupid, Imgur?

    Next time you hit downvote on a -50 comment, picture it in real life. Screaming and throwing rotten food. Is that what you want to be?

    If so, step back and look. Float up in your mind a look at that crowd. Is that what a good person would do? Now imagine their expressions.

    Demons, every one of them. Welcome to the true face of humanity. If you want to be a good person, get a million miles away from that, today.

    And if you think jumping in with the comment, slamming a spear into his side, makes you a hero– time to scratch out your eyes and repent.

    This is something I know for a fact– it takes the tiniest little factor for the mob to go from righteous to monstrous. It’s razor wire.

    If you’re part of a mob, as you so often are on Imgur, it takes just a flicker of defiance– one wrong word– to switch to witch burning.

    Now you sit on this wire, a speck of dust away from burning someone alive, and you would ever think you’re a good person.

    It’s. Not. How. One. Is. Good. This is not how it’s done, okay. Stop believing you’re good for this. It’s impossible. You *cannot be*.

    If anyone followed this, the wool is lifted. “How could we ever think that way?” Carry on wayward children.

    –Thread end.–


    Edit: De Wa. Idk if I’m getting this right, or it’s just one bitch, but apparently this fucks Tumblr’s shit up royally, lol. Righteousness is the most favored fruit of the wicked man, as one especially persistent internet crusader taught me.

    #imgur#mob mentality#sjw #if this makes you hate me you can bet the fucking bank i hate you
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    Started reading this yesterday and I haven’t made much progress. Not because it isn’t good, but because so often I stop to write down quotes and take notes. Every other paragraph has me going “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

    “Outrage is weakness. It is the muting of rational thinking and the triumph of emotion. Despite what you’ve been hearing and seeing as of late, it is not a virtue. It is not something to be celebrated, nor praised, nor aspired to. It is a deeply human emotion—even understandable at times—but rarely is it productive, virtuous, or useful.”

    “Instead of seeking understanding, people are increasingly interpreting the actions of others in the least generous way possible and assuming the worst of intentions.”

    “We aren’t acting as a culture that is mature or enlightened or educated, we aren’t acting worthy of this beautiful country and political system that we inherited from our revolutionary ancestors. Rather, we don a mantle of fragility, of anger, of childishness, and are utterly shameless in doing so.”

    “The basic message is this: If you’re losing your cool, you are losing. If you are triggered, it is because you allowed someone else to dictate your emotional state. If you are outraged, it is because you lack discipline and self-control. These are personal defeats, not the fault of anyone else. And each defeat shapes who you are as a person, and in the collective sense, who we are as a people.”

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  • THE DEN 

    The strength of this film is the acting, as it elevates the material past the average short films that litter the web. Believable, compelling, and tense is what the actors bring to their roles and to the dark story, as we once again learn that all too important lesson that humans are the most disturbing/terrifying thing walking the Earth. 

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  • And thus began the age of persecution,

    the tyranny of mobs with scant knowledge

    of history calling the shots, finding witches

    behind every tree, racists behind every rock,

    toppling statues of Ulysses S. Grant,

    and who is next?

    Grant had one slave, before the war,

    for one year, and then he did this:

    I Ulysses S Grant of the City and County

    of St. Louis in the State of Missouri, for

    diverse good and valuable considerations

    me hereunto moving, do hereby emancipate

    and set free from Slavery my negro man William.”

    And then he won the war for the North,

    ensuring the freedom of all slaves forever.

    That done, he wrote this:

    As time passes, people, even of the South,

    will begin to wonder how it was possible

    that their ancestors ever fought for or justified

    institutions which acknowledged the right

    of property in man.”

    Keep your purity tests in your pockets,

    right next to your stones, unless you

    are without sin.

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    “<Our ancestors> were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion…NOT for the right to vote for whoever the white liberal said Black people are supposed to vote for.

    I don’t make every decision based off my color!

    The most RACIST thing anybody could tell me is that I’m supposed to choose something based on my race. ” – Kanye West.


    #black lives matter #2A #freedom of speech #all black lives matter #all lives matter #racism#george floyd#rayshard brooks#police brutality #blue lives matter #defund the police #its a dangerous myth y'all #facts#groupthink#mob mentality#us protests#africa#kenya #black girl magic #black women #all black women matter #kanye west #common sense matters
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  • “If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.” - George Washington 

    Alright folks, I’ve gone back and forth about making this post but here goes nothing. Over the last few years I’ve gotten very interested in politics and current events, and I’ve noticed that people always say we need to have a discussion about issues the nation is facing but we never actually do. I think this is for two reasons: the first is that unfortunately our current culture doesn’t seem to be interested in civil conversation, the second is that people genuinely do not have any clue how to have a civil conversation. 

    I think “cancel culture” and mob mentality cause more harm than good because it’s unforgiving and shutting down conversation before it ever really begins. I think it’s easy to follow who you like on social media, block who you don’t and fall deep into an echo chamber where you never hear a view that challenges you or makes you think. I think people get comfortable with their views and assume they’re always right, and on an extreme level people will cut off or try to destroy the lives of family members, friends, neighbors or community members because they’re seen as “evil” for having the wrong opinions. And of course, it’s okay to discourage “evil” people from joining the conversation regardless of how true the claim is. I think it’s easy to let your emotions take over on social media and not care about facts (I am guilty of this! But I recognized it was a problem and I worked to fix it.)

    I think people mistake social media activity as having a conversation. In both a political science class and a community development class I took the book Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam was brought up. Americans are spending less and less time together in their communities. Maybe in the past Americans could socialize with people with different backgrounds and still look at them and think “I disagree with you, but I can respect you. I don’t hate you because I know you’re a good person. We can still be united.” But because Americans aren’t spending as much time together and because it’s easy to be comfortable in your echo chamber a lot of people do not know how to think critically and have discussions with people who disagree. In college I took a diversity class and a class that focused on issues within communities. The diversity class was like the majority of other classes I took: discussion was discouraged, the professor acted like everything was understood and agreed on from the start and anyone who questioned anything was looked down upon. One kid did try to respectfully counter some points but was always shut down and labeled a bigot. As I was walking out with my friend one day he stated that “the class seems to be on the same page, it’s great”. Keep in mind, that was the diversity class. On the other hand the issues within community class was based around discussion. We learned how to talk and share our views, and more importantly we learned how to listen. That was the only class of it’s kind I took in four and a half years of college, and it was by far the most useful.

    I am a 23 year old woman in New York who happens to be a conservative/libertarian. The majority of the actors/actresses, authors, musicians and athletes I follow are liberal. The majority of my teachers and professors were liberal. The majority of my friends are liberal. I think there is a huge echo chamber on social media, and I want to try to be a reasonable conservative voice because it’s scary to see the direction the nation and the world is heading in. We need more discussion, not less. If anyone wants to have a civil discussion my asks and messages are always open, and I’m going to start to share more of my thoughts because I don’t want to watch the nation and the world burn down and not do anything. This is small compared to others in history but I don’t want to be kicking myself for not speaking up when I should have.

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  • While police brutality does exist and happens far more than it should, and the police shouldn’t abuse their power and should be held accountable for their actions in the same way a civilian should, not all police officers act this way.

    If any of you on here are in the police force and haven’t been violent or racist or anything of the sort, and are risking your lives in these riots and getting people unnecessarily attacking you and being violent towards you, I am sorry. I am thankful that the police exist and I appreciate what the majority of them do to keep civilians safe.

    Anyone who is violent, which includes rioters attacking police unprovoked, and also people who steal should be held accountable. Just as people shouldn’t assume someone’s character based on race, they shouldn’t do so based on job title either.

    I keep seeing more and more people condoning and encouraging violence towards the police, the majority of whom have not been violent, while also stating that if you disagree with violence you’re a terrible human being and are somehow part of the problem and are racist. (Also yes, during the riots there have been examples of police being violent unnecessarily, and they should be held accountable for this, and there are going to be more examples of this in a riot where there is a larger sample size of people and police.)

    For any of you who are going to say, it’s not all the police, but too many police, or that this is inevitable. Well, the same argument could be made about why police tend to arrest black people more than other races- because statistically they commit the most crimes, but does that mean they should be more violent and suspicious towards black people because of this? Of course not. So why should all the police be treated in the same violent way, due to some violent police?

    Why should civilians not be held accountable for their actions? For some idiotic reason people are assuming that it is fine to be violent if you are doing so ‘for a cause’ - to show you’re against racism, and that you’re against police brutality. You can be against these things whilst not being violent. Do you really think being violent means you are morally superior to racist people, or violent police - whether the police actions are racially motivated or not? You really think you have a moral high ground here? You’re really going to sit here and tell people that if they disagree with the riots that they are on the side of the oppressor, that they are now racist, and are somehow morally inferior than someone like you, who condones violence towards most innocent people, and based on assumptions of their character from their job title. It is absurd.

    Violence is not justifiable, and should be held accountable by law, no matter the reason behind it, or who the person committing the violent act is. If you think differently, I advise you to rethink your morals, and get out of this mob mentality.

    #police brutality#riots #cant believe i have to say violence is wrong or that not all the police are violent or racist #but no one else is saying anything about this on here #mob mentality#racism#text#woke culture#wokism#activism
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  • Everyone is priveleged in ways they did not earn and disadvantaged in ways they do not deserve. That’s why oppressor/oppressed thinking is so dangerous — it leads to everyone against everyone.

    These points are being exploited in protests by radical leftist ideologues with their own agenda and carried out by senseless mob-mentality sanctioned violence, or even worse: the rationalization of economic terrorism; so I foresee this situation taking a turn for the worst before it gets better.

    #jordan peterson#mob mentality #class based guilt #marxism #protests and riots #justice
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  • All people who face unproven accusations deserve the benefit of the doubt, including Biden.  However the rush of Democrats from #believeallwomen toward #ibelievebiden and sentiments like “accountable and electable” shows that the mainstream left sees sexual misconduct accusations as a political tool.  Not that this should surprise anyone at this point.  But on the optimistic side, maybe they’re just waking up to how this can turn against any man.

    If this episode has any lasting effect on US politics, I can only hope it buries the idea that helping victims and being nonjudgemental toward the accused is a zero-sum game.

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  • Like i am honestly just amazed at what the “mob mentality” can make people do

    #this is why jm so obsessed with cults #mob mentality#cults#tiger king#donald trump
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  • The thing about those who are so completely and utterly dyed-in-the-wool about anything is that they will never hesitate to just drag your ass without even bothering to read between the lines first.

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  • The one major thing that prevents “woke” SJWs, edgelord anti-SJWs, and metal elitists from being… strictly speaking… cults is that these aforementioned groups lack a centralized cult leader, but there is definitely a lot of mob mentality and group-think at work.

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    Mob Mentality illustration, 2015. Art by Drug Dogs

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