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  • mikaberries
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #uhmmm if you knew me #i’m the least mob mentality person ever #stay sending me anons ig #mika gets bamboozled
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  • tobi-smp
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #not to be dower anon #people who convince themselves that their hate is justified through their morality #usually have a very difficult time seeing past it #mob mentality certainly doesn't help #and neither does the dopamine rush divorced from personal consequences #Anonymous
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  • bitransdoof
    17.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    “GET HIM!!”

    #The mob mentality of this town is …what I was expecting honestly #Roger needs that button that says ''I really don't want to be here right now'' #**Ria watches Pnf
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  • crying-over-really-dumb-things
    16.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    So I want to talk about something that’s been kind of... bothering me I guess? Something I’ve noticed that’s not great about the video essay community on youtube. Video essayists are very popular, some like Big Joel and Dangelo Wallace get hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers. And they get popular for a reason, they present their ideas, critiques, and observations in a calm, well worded manner.

    But when a woman does the exact same thing (Lindsay Ellis, Jenny Nicholson, Sarah Z) the internet seems to look for any and every reason- and occasionally making evidence up like in Sarah’s case- to label them as problematic and deplatform them. Tweets and quotes from videos will be taken out of context or completely misinterpreted. Any attempts to defend themselves are met with absolute vitriol.

    In Lindsay’s case, she made a video response where she addressed every single thing people have ever yelled at her for on the internet over the past ten years. She apologized for ones where she actually messed up and explained the ones that were taken out of context or misinterpreted. In regards to her Raya tweet, she noted that Honest Trailers made the same observation as her, but he received little to no backlash. (Tw: rape) Another of the things being used against her was the rape rap. She went into detail, reliving her and her friend’s experiences being raped in college and explained that the rape rap was intended to be a private thing between friends where she was using humor to cope with her trauma. It was then posted without her knowledge or consent.

    The reaction to her video from the majority of people who had been going after her on twitter and tumblr? “The video is too long for me to watch, but I’m reading the title cards in the description and I’m going to make assumptions about what she says in this video.” At this point this isn’t just ignorance on their part, they are purposefully allowing themselves to be misinformed, because they don’t want the past few months of harassment and slander to suddenly turn out to have been a mistake that they then have to take accountability for.

    It’s just. With the women video essayists, anytime they make a slight misstep, there’s an immediate explosive reaction. No one asks “why did you say this?” they just immediately assume, yes this person is awful and now I’m going to harass them endlessly and if they leave social media to escape the hundreds of thousands of tweets and messages, that means we were right and now we’ve won! There’s this weird atmosphere of people going after these women with this assumption that they are actually secretly evil, you guys, trust me, I know someone who was a friend of a cousin who knew her and they said she’s a total bitch.

    They say they’re doing this because they want a person to acknowledge they’ve made a mistake and they want them to learn and grow from it. But when a video essayist makes a video essay in response, they don’t want to hear what they actually have to say. What they want is a mindless tweet apologizing for everything they’ve ever done that the comments can then rip to shreds and say is just performative.

    And all this isn’t to say that there isn’t hate directed towards men who make video essays. Anytime anyone is in the public eye there will be people out there who hate them for the sake of hating them, and want to try and take them down. But I have never seen them face the site-wide absolute loathing and disgust that these women receive on twitter and tumblr.

    I just think it’s telling that it seems to be more often that it’s the women in the video essay community that get this shit thrown at them.

    #tw: rape#this is#exhausting#please just #stop holding women to different standards #and at least give people a chance to explain themselves #and if their reasons are shitty and they actually are garbage people then yes I understand the necessity of deplatforming them #it’s seeing all of this play out online so often that makes me finally understand what my 11th grade english teacher #explained to us about mob mentality surrounding witch hunts throughout history #how a group of people who individually would most likely never act in a spiteful or vengeful way towards another human being #can be spurred into a rage by just a few voices spewing hate #and suddenly be okay with watching someone be burned alive #and yes that’s an extreme comparison #Lindsay Ellis like Contrapoints before her #will be fine in the long run #but as of right now? #she’s suffering after publicly reliving her rape because the twitter mob simply wanted to see her suffer #here’s hoping she never looks at twitter again for her own sake #jesus fucking christ #y’all don’t know how to fucking behave yourselves #lindsay ellis#jenny nicholson#sarah z#youtube#discourse
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  • fideidefensors
    15.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    just wanted to talk about some numbers/clickbait stats i see circulating a lot, in the tudorsphere--

    so, the first one, is that henry viii was responsible for ‘72 000 executions’ in his reign. this is batshit and implausible for a few reasons; i can link an article that goes into why more, and i believe i have earlier, but just on the face of it, beggars belief. now, if you estimated that henry viii was responsible for a more general death toll of around 72k, that seems more plausible, including casualties in war, etc. for context, the conquest of tunis by charles v alone resulted in the massacre of 30,000 people. henry did not engage in as many sieges as charles v, but enough that i would think 72k would be a modest estimate to include all ‘state deaths’ including executions.

    this one is more readily believed because i think, people tend to inflate the number of executions that were connected to the english reformation/oath of supremacy , and heresy, in the henrician era. they were brutal and horrific, but not as ubiquitous as they are often depicted as. around 200 were executed as a result of the pilgrimage of grace, there were around 22 catholic martyrs ‘of significant name’ in henry’s reign otherwise.

    the second, is that in 1531, a mob of “seven to eight thousand londoners” arrived while anne boleyn was dining at a friend’s house along the thames:

    It is said that more than seven weeks ago a mob of from seven to eight thousand women of London went out of the town to seize Boleyn's daughter, the sweetheart of the King of England, who was supping at a villa (in una easa di piacere) on a river, the King not being with her; and having received notice of this, she escaped by crossing the river in a boat. The women had intended to kill her; and amongst the mob were many men, disguised as women; nor has any great demonstration been made about this, because it was a thing done by women.

    i won’t go that into the implausibility based on the details and context (it is from an unknown source, it does not appear in any other dispatch, when you’d think a mob of this size would be hard to hush-up even if there was an attempt to do so, moreover the motivation....londoners might have indeed felt sympathy for koa, but how had this overtly affected their lives enough to stir such a reaction, for so many to risk execution this brazenly? no raise in taxes had resulted from it, the dissolution of the monasteries had not yet begun, etc); although i might later, i just want to talk about the numbers in and of themselves.

    simply put, 7000 women (plus men disguised as women, i guess) is an insane number, especially considering the population of london at the time was 50,000. to believe this, you have to be credulous enough to accept that fourteen percent of the population of london turnt up at the bank of the thames to kill anne boleyn, consequences be damned. i can believe a mob of women might have turned up to heckle or maybe even kill her, had the report been more around 700, but seven thousand is, again, insane.

    #i think the detail given is that they were willing to risk this because the king wasn't there with her which is like......... #i mean yeah maybe; mob mentality is definitely a thing; there is a feeling you are not going to be caught and strength in numbers and all #that... yet it's also like. #if caught the risk is huge; how did they know henry wasn't there (a connection with a servant; maybe?) #*palace servant #i don't actually believe henry would've let it lie 'because it was a thing done by women' if these women had like #weapons; lol #which you can assume by 'intended to kill her' #would he have risked a coronation two years later if eight thousand londoners had shown up to kill her? idk. #brings up a lot of questions that make me think it either did not happen or it happened but to a much smaller degree #than is reported #anne boleyn#henry viii
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  • lovties
    13.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    tumblr is so beyond exhausting at this point . semi hiatus until who knows when . uplifting your friends doesn’t have to mean degrading others . preaching kindness but practicing bullying isn’t okay and we should all stop excusing such behaviors . 
    #not a fan of mob mentality #or not holding your friends accountable #this goes for me too #going to work on me for a lil #i encourage some of u to do this too :) #<3 #see u later..maybe #will still b around to rb #but no writing
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  • luvesongs
    10.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    twitter is so toxic it's filled with fake woke energy with a sprinkle of victim complex

    #mostly because there are incredibly impressionable kids there #not saying what they have to say is invalid kids' opinions should be listened to and respected #but mob mentality + cancel culture is so normalized there? and that's not healthy? #some things people get cancelled over really do rub me the wrong way #and i think people on twitter have a hard time differentiating things people do that make them PERSONALLY uncomfortable #vs something that is actually offensive and bad #im just saying i think there's a fine line between something offensive and something someone personally finds 'weird' #bubble types
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  • cyber-phobia
    10.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I'm fearfully watching the chapter count for Mob Mentality steadily go up

    #mob mentality fic #wip #rip to future me you fucking pancake #look what youve done
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  • girlvader
    10.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #it was someone i didnt talk to or really like anyway so its all good anon #thank u for the mob mentality tho i appreciate it unironically #im sure that'll be important in the future lmfaoooo
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  • blossumss
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    What kind of people even use Twitter??? The people on their are so vindictive and purposefully misinterpret shit to get mad about lol like I get that’s were the Pop Culture™ is at but who tf would want to be surrounded by that bs

    #I feel like cancel culture seems to only affect leftist creators who get picked on by other lefties who are crazy bitter #cancel culture doesn’t actually work against people who are powerful and actually have reactionary views #the mob mentality is crazy #rambles
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  • prison-mikes-bandana
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    *old man voice* ‘Back in my day you had to be proven guilty in a court of law to be guilty’

    #I hate mob mentality #cancelled #trial by media #due process #trial by social media #funny#Twitter mobs#evidence #guilty until proven innocent #I wonder how much shit I will get for this post #guilty #old man voice #social media#accusations
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  • critical-hazbin
    25.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Nicholas Jordan did visual effects and development on the pilot. He responded to Joe Grant’s post saying he and his girlfriend were also treated poorly while working on the pilot.

    #hazbin critical#vivziepop critical#news#spindlehorse critical #they haven’t elaborated further yet #mob mentality... jeez
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  • rudystree
    24.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #we do not need a mob mentality to make personal decisions #ask#elaine chats
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  • cherievsbullies
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hate Is Contagious!

    It’s one of the reasons bullies are able to unite people who think like they do and win over bystanders and members of authority. It’s the reason why entire schools, workplaces, and communities will repetitiously mob a single targeted person. Understand that hate builds on hate. Hate also helps to mask the insecurities of each member of the hating group. And all haters have insecurities, but not…

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  • loseweightthings
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Colin Allred: Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 insurrection's 'rage and mob mentality'

    Colin Allred: Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 insurrection’s ‘rage and mob mentality’

    But on January 6, 2021, after witnessing the horrors of a deadly, armed insurrection at the US Capitol building, he deemed that — in that moment — such a tradition was no longer appropriate, or indeed practical. “When I heard the attackers trying to get in,” Allred explained, “I took off my suit jacket coat, stood up and was prepared to fight or do whatever I had to do if somebody got on the…

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    #Colin Allred: Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 insurrection&039;s &039;rage and mob mentality&039; - CNN #sport
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  • santoshbvn
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 riot's 'rage and mob mentality'

    Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 riot’s ‘rage and mob mentality’

    However on January 6, 2021, after witnessing the horrors of a lethal, armed riot on the US Capitol constructing, he deemed that — in that second — such a practice was now not applicable, or certainly sensible. “After I heard the attackers making an attempt to get in,” Allred defined, “I took off my swimsuit jacket coat, stood up and was ready to struggle or do no matter I needed to do if anyone…

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    #Colin Allred: Ex-NFL star Congressman bewildered by Jan 6 insurrection&039;s &039;rage and mob mentality&039; - CNN #sport
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  • bolandoando
    21.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    🙂🙂🙃🙃 x

    #what tf is happening in florida #mob mentality is insane
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  • owlf45
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    everyone shut up Cyber dropped Showman fic and I refuse to shut up about this 

    #live blogging till i drop #ive been meaning to binge all of cyber's fics anyway #well i already read Tenth so now its just mob mentality and this #yes i will be overanalyzing the shit out of this dont @ me #sorry for people who followed me expecting a quieter blog but i am going to post so much about this you dont even understand
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  • sixfeetlow
    15.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    omg i wonder how your average tiktok teen that loves hank green now would react to the episode of becoming youtube about nerdfighteria.... time rly is a flat circle

    #i haven't seen that ep (or indeed any of becoming youtube) in a long time #but i remember it being a lot about fandom mob mentality and running jokes into the ground and flooding comment sections #like. not super complimentary iirc #but nerdfighters were just an example of a phenomenon that would only grow exponentially in culture over the next few years #god i would LOVE a becoming youtube sequel but i don't want ben cook to make it #i want a woman in her 20s who grew up on youtube to make it #someone who actually gives a shit still y'know #like tiffany ferguson would be amazing #or casey aonso or someone like that #bri babbles
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