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  • Anyone else want to go Xue Yang on Sect Leader Yao so he can never speak again? Seriously, all he does is incite violence and murder.

    Man, JGY may have done some nasty things, but you can’t just set a mob on someone because witnesses with sketchy stories and no evidence say they’re evil. Like, the audience knows he’s guilty as fuck, but as far as everyone else knows he just happens to have a lot of tragedy surrounding him.

    It’s especially galling because we saw the exact same thing happen to WWX, except he was a victim of circumstance and bad decisions with good intentions, protecting innocent people.

    Even though JGY is guilty, we’ve seen what happens when you condemn someone without evidence. JZX and JYL, Wen Qing and everyone Qiongqi Path, they all died because people made assumptions about WWX and refused to hear him out.

    Tldr people need to stop condemning and persecuting others based on rumor and hearsay and zero evidence.

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  • Dr. Frankenstein: Wait! You must not understand. This means I’ve discovered eternal life. You can all live forever!

    Pitchfork Wielding Mob: NO! We’re angry so we want everyone to die. Starting with you!

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  • on the kurtis conner / dean hebscher / justine belle drama

    you know, i’m starting to get rlly annoyed w/ how ppl are dragging kurtis conner into dean & justine’s drama when it’s not his fight to fight.

    here’s my take on the situation: i genuinely believe that dean lost his head for a minute there & let his newfound “success” (lmfao) get to his head. do i think he’s an inherently bad person? no. but am i defending his actions? no, bc he said shitty things that were kinda misogynistic but mainly just plain rude. he made jokes in poor taste bc he got a bit cocky & thought that he was funnier than he was, which happens frequently.

    that doesn’t excuse his actions but in no way is it appropriate for ppl to send him such uncivil hateful comments. cancel culture & mob mentality is so prevalent these days, but it is extremely toxic & doesn’t allow the capacity for the “wrongdoers” to grow & learn from their mistakes.

    he’s apologised & taken accountability of his actions; now you either stop supporting him if that’s what you feel is best or you warily give him a second chance. i never stanned him to begin with & don’t intend to start now, so i’m not too fussed. my point is that continually shitting on him isn’t going to achieve anything now so ppl need to just move on (this does not mean blindly stanning him again or trying to justify his past or future actions henceforth).

    now we get to kurtis. kurtis has not done anything wrong, let’s get this clear from the get-go. i may be a stan but that doesn’t mean i condone anything & everything that my “idols” choose to do. however, this is dean’s mess & justine has stressed that kurtis has never participated in similar behaviour to dean.

    he didn’t make an apology vid bc it’s not him that needs to apologise, which is smth that ppl need to understand. he apologised about blocking justine on social media & highlighted that he only did so due to a separate misunderstanding (whether you believe it or not, justine has not said anything to the contrary & appears to still respect him). he didn’t have all sides of the story & when he did, he made a distinction between him & dean (i.e that he doesn’t agree w/ dean’s shittiness by any means).

    what more is he supposed to do? ppl called it damage control, but kurtis apologised v maturely & respectfully, taking accountability for his actions, and he’s not even the one who wronged in this situation.

    another point ppl bring up is how kurtis, someone has made numerous vids accentuating his staunch alliance for women’s rights, could ever be such good friends w/ somebody like dean. well, it is entirely common for ppl to present different parts of themselves to different ppl; so i don’t consider it unfeasible to imagine that dean puts on a v different face w/ kurtis than he does w/ justine (maybe he thought that she wouldn’t call him out for it).

    let’s not forget that dean has also demonstrated jealousy when it comes to kurtis’s success & made disparaging comments abt his fans; i sincerely do not believe that kurtis, or anybody for that matter, would be happy if they knew that their best friend made such comments about them. kurtis seems unaware of what kind of person dean can turn into sometimes (not to demonise him like a cruel monster, bc he’s not even if he’s made some bad mistakes), and unpleasant ppl can be all too good at disguising their true colours.

    i can see why kurtis might have been initially unreceptive towards justine considering that he’s been friends w/ dean for so long & justine for such a little amount of time; but once he had the facts, he acted accordingly & ppl were going to shit on him if he hadn’t addressed the situation either.

    it’s disheartening to see a huge influx of inflammatory comments on kurtis’s recent vids all relating to dean, bc kurtis is his own person & just bc his friend has said fucked up things, it does not mean that kurtis shares the same views. sometimes we aren’t always entirely aware of the ppl that we surround ourselves w/ or we can deceive ourselves into thinking that that one friend isn’t that shitty until they do smth majorly wrong, propelling us into action.

    as much as i do believe that justine handled the situation respectfully & gracefully, i do think that she should have properly engaged with kurtis about her concerns with dean’s behaviour, and also had a candid, important discussion w/ dean himself in private before taking to youtube w/ the receipts. i feel like this could have been an issue that was possibly sorted off-camera; or at the very least, kurtis could have been properly informed about this before she “exposed” dean as this would have made the situation much less messy in the aftermath.

    but anyway, i don’t consider justine to be in the wrong here & i love how her innate goodness shines through in her vid. it’s commendable that she respects herself & other women enough to call dean out on his bullshit, even if i feel that others have blown it out of proportion once that happened. but that’s the internet for you.

    the bottom line is that kurtis & dean are separate beings, and that this is dean’s issue which he needs to sort out, so continually dragging kurtis into this is unnecessary, redundant & counter-productive. so if you have anything to say, direct it dean’s way bc he’s the one who needs to hear this; but keep a civilised discourse & allow things to progress from now on. what’s done is done: rehashing the same issues isn’t going to rework what has already occurred.

    as long as justine, dean & kurtis (to a lesser extent than the first two) are cool with each other, then we should be cool with moving on too. the internet can be incredibly aggressive & ppl just need to take a deep breath & calm down.

    #kurtis conner#dean#justine belle #bestie picks bae #drama#cancel culture#mob mentality #the internet needs to calm down #this isn't kurtis's fault #civil discourse is appreciated #youtube #i think dean's a bit of an asshole but not an evil person #nuance exists #we don't know everything about these people #let's just let it rest #commentary#discourse
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  • I will be the first to admit that I am in the minority because many films I am a fan of are universally hated. There have been times that I feel bad about myself because I love them due to the bandwagon of hatred so many people and heartless critics have said and given. I need to turn my eyes away from the hatred and embrace what I love and as someone in the LGBT community this experience should be easy for me considering I need to think like this on a daily basis just to survive. There have been times in which I am ashamed to say I complied to what society expected from me having to hide my true self away, but as a whole I reject the very notion, stand up and refuse to be silenced. Part of who I am and what I am not only on tumblr, but in MY personal experience has been and is standing up against hatred. Why are there “better love story than Twilight” jokes? Two words: Mob mentality. “GAAAAAY”? Yes AND…loving it! Well actually I’m BIIIIiii, but I still accept the offensive names people call me whenever I kiss another man in public.

    #lgbt #things everyone hates #mob mentality#bandwagon effect
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  • Christ, this shit is too real. 

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who’s experienced this, but nah. It’s a pretty widespread phenomenon these days. Times, they really have changed. 

    It makes me sad.

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  • The funny thing about cancel culture is that 90% is the time, the people participating in it have never heard of the person being cancelled.

    “Oh, this person I’ve never heard of did something bad? Better retweet a bunch of memes making fun of them without doing any fact checking!”

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  • image

    This is now my go-to comment when people’s gut reaction to change in a show, game, etc. is to complain.

    #rocko’s modern life #rocko static cling #fandom#fandoms#mob mentality
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  • You’d think since we’ve so drastically changed their outlooks on socio-political issues in only the past few years, we’d be more civilized Abt encountering ignorance in others…..but I guess not 😳😳😳 We’ve grown out of a lot of things, but not out of the mob mentality

    #word vomit #stream of thought #idk im just saying whats on my mind #mob mentality#ignorance#bruh moment
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  • Okay but: the news about Epstein’s ‘secret diary’ is now a week old, and as far as I can see, it hasn’t been reported by any serious newspaper, anywhere. It’s trending on British tabloids and Infowars, and that’s about it. What that means: either it’s fake, or this thing is more complex than ‘Here are the names of the BAD PEOPLE’. So if you want to doxx someone, please pick a person we know deserve doxxing, like Henry Kissinger (found out today he’s still alive, how in the fuck) and let’s avoid creating mobs before we know what’s actually going on, okay? Thanks.

    #jeffrey epstein#news#conspiracy theory#mob mentality#cancel culture#tumblr problems#look #are we really saying elie wiesel bought children here? #based on infowars? #come on
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  • “The mistakes of some overzealous interviewers and the instance by a few of the literal accuracy of unfounded bizarre allegations of satanic ritual abuse fueled the backlash, letting it influence public opinion.” 

    Kenneth V. Lanning

    FBI Special Agent, Retired

    Behavioral Science Unit

    Quantico, Virginia.


     “The  senior  Supervisory Special Agent of  the  FBI  in  charge  of

    “Satanic   abuse"  investigations  is  Kenneth  Lanning,  FBI  Academy,

    Quantico,  Virginia.  As  the  MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL  APPEAL  reported  on

    January 18, 1988:

       Lanning said he was perplexed by the growth of such stories  with

       no evidence to support them. "Some people believe there is large-

       scale abduction of children,” Lanning said, “that individuals are

       going  around  snatching little children, keeping  them  captive,

       transporting them to other locations where they’re being murdered

       in  Satanic rituals. Is that possible? I guess it’s possible.  Is

       it probable? I don’t see any evidence of it.”

        While  Lanning has patiently repeated this authoritative  statement

    any  number  of times since then, it seems that anti-Satanism  fanatics

    are  determined not to hear it. I understand that some of them, furious

    over  this  “inconvenience”,  have simply labeled  Lanning  a  Satanist

    himself  (which he is not) and continued their campaigns.  This  is  in

    keeping  with  medieval practice, in which anyone daring to  defend  an

    accused witch was simply accused in turn.”

    Michael A. Aquino

    High Priest, Temple of Set

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    #mob mentality#miri #star trek TOS #Star Trek liveblog
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  • Tumblr call-out culture creeps me out more and more recently

    To quote a recent CNN article on online mob mentality,

    “People are accused publicly, called out on social media. Pictures are posted. Rumors are circulated. Jobs are lost and reputations damaged. Sometimes the people being shamed are bad people. But always the shaming circumvents due process, precedes true justice, and serves mainly to inflate the sense of self-importance and egos of its progenitors”

    Some people I support and admire have been attacked, and I feel uncomfortable sharing space with some of these people, don’t know how much longer I’ll stay. At least I don’t share any of my work on my other blogs here anymore

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  • (didn’t know james charles until 2 days ago, don’t care for him at all, he seems like a vapid, stupid kid and I hate today’s make-up trends, they make you look like a sweaty underage wax doll.) That being said,

    I believe that a 49 kg 19 year old kid can be a predator, seriously, no sarcarm, really, but where are his victims? have the stories been confirmed as true? I heard two versions of the waiter story and in one of them the waiter apparently made out with James for an hour. If that’s the case, well, he could still be straight I guess, but was definitely not coerced.

    So how is he a predator? He seems like a real jerk and completely clueless, but it sounds to me that people are ending his career on vague rumors. Isn’t it easier to just say you don’t like him?

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  • Just because i’m very mad about it and that it’s the perfect exemple on WHY puritanist mentality like tumblr that is all about throwing around words like “pedophile” or “abusive” all the time and for any reason is WRONG. 

    A few days ago, an 80 year old man stopped his walking to look at children playin in a school courtyard in my country. Like most people do, especially old people.

    A group of teenagers saw him watching the kids and decided that, well, an adult watching kids play ? He HAD to be a pedophile !!!! Because why adults would interact or even just watch kids if not with ill intents, right ? 

    So, full of their all mighty righteousness they decide to confront the poor old man.
    They push him around, they call him a pedophile and they rough him up. 
    They do it SO WELL, even as he protests, that he falls badly and knock his head on the hard ground. 
    They run away before the police can arrive and the man dies from the trauma.

    Now a group of teenagers KILLED someone and are facing charges for aggravated assault, without intent to kill, resulting in someone’s death. And why ? Because internet told them that an adult just being close to a kid is wrong. 

    That’s what you get when you constantly tell kids that everything is wrong and that they are intitled to punish people on their own lttle biased morale and as they see fit without ever facing consequences. 

    That’s what you get when you decide that everybody and their mother is a pedophile just because it gives you an excuse to be cruel to them.  

    That’s what you get when you vilify any normal and regular behavior and attitude and twist them to mandatorily be bad. And constantly search new way to call out people for any absurd reason you can find. 

    So. Maybe instead of attacking fictions all the time, constantly vilifying people who are in no way guilty of anything and just having fun in a way that can’t hurt anybody. 

    You could check your attitude and realise that making a mob of entitled people that think they can assault anybody on just the sole basis of “i decided i had the power/right to do so” because of some abstract and FALSE moral high ground, is dangerous and will only lead to that kind of situations. 

    Ho, and before someone goes “but what if he was a pedophile indeed”, our police checked thoroughly, HE WASN’T. He was just a poor man that got killed for daring take a moment of his day to enjoy the simple happiness of watching kids play.  

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  • Look at that beautiful line of bushes by the house. The only problem was (he realised afterwards) that squirrel actually lives in a kind of tree house. Oopses. I’ll refer to this in the next comic just for continuity’s sake.

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  • and holy hell what a nightmare. 

    When it first happened in 2016, i thought it was just a fight that went too far and that the two would settle it in court and that would be that. i did not know, however, the disturbing, grotesque abomination that was the whole situation. i’m disturbed, disappointed, but sadly not surprised and i have a feeling that no one will learn anything from this. Has my generation really been reduced to mindless emotional zombies that will go into any fray they are pointed at? can we truly not reason? do we truly just believe anything we hear or see? i did some digging on this Amber Heard situation, and the response was putrid. harassment does not rectify a situation. Sending death threats to those who support someone is not justice. Threatening the family of the accused is not heroic. Obliterating someone’s career on claims is not just. i will say that we are far too emotional and far too quick to jump into a situation. Where is the critical thinking skills? where is the compassion? where is the intelligence? do we really believe that immediately condemning someone and every person they have ever come in contact with is right? Threatening to murder, wishing rape and poverty on them? and for what? so we can feel good about ourselves? so we can feel like we are superior? that we are “woke” on our thrones of “purity?” i will be the first to admit that i struggle with my emotion, but i fight them and reserve judgment, because otherwise, i am no better than a blind rampaging animal in a small antique shop. All i ask is that we think about this, just take a moment to think before we act. But who am i kidding, maybe it is too late for us. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed beyond repair.

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