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    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Service On Demand Application

    On-demand service applications bridge the gap between real-world infrastructure and digital instant networks to provide effective services. If you are looking for motivation to create something new, here is the nudge.


    For more details please visit: https://www.swayaminfotech.com/service-on-demand-app-development/



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    Get Grocery delivery APP for your Business.

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  • auxesisinfotech
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Latest Mobile App Development Trends for Fintech Apps

    The Fintech industry in India is thriving with a present estimated value of $31 Billion, which is likely to rise up to $84 Billion by the end of the fiscal year 2025. The digital revolution has brought in many new fintech features, such as the introduction of digital money wallets, cryptocurrency, etc. 

    In such a changing scenario, one has to ensure that the app development procedure is done impeccably to attract the right kind of audience and improve the standing of the fintech industry. 

    These latest finance app development trends can help you out in developing the best fintech app present out there. 

    Top Fintech App Development Trends  

    1. Artificial Intelligence

    AI or artificial intelligence has more to contribute to the fintech industry than you have imagined, owing to these distinct features - 

    It can detect any changes in your data patterns and manage the model. 

    Analyzing data to make intelligent business decisions. 

    It can be used for voice or image recognition. 

    In the Fintech app development industry, AI can be implemented for - 

    Assessing the potential of a finance product by analyzing the data. 

    It can aid in face recognition through features like image recognition. 

    AI-based chatbots are the best implementation for finance apps. 

    2. Chatbots 

    Another latest mobile app development trend is the implementation of chatbots for your fintech app. Your customers might come across numerous concerns or queries, and the best way to mitigate these issues would be to implement a chatbot. It can reduce the wait time for customers and they can get their queries answered and issues resolved in no time. 

    3. Blockchain 

    Blockchain has become a global phenomenon because of the impeccable security it exhibits in storing and sharing data. In the fintech industry, implementing blockchain during finance app development is the revolutionary change that this era has seen. Institutions can easily get rid of any forged financial documents and invoices with such a secure system available for use.

    Furthermore, smart contracts and automatic payment transactions are a few defining characteristics of blockchain that can define the finance ecosystem. When you avail of mobile app development services, you need to ensure the development agency is capable enough to keep you up to date with these latest development trends. 

    4. Voice Technology 

    With the immensely increasing popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, the era of voice technology is soaring high. But, how impactful it is to your finance app? The limits are yet to be explored. In the finance sector, voice technology can definitely make - 

    Performing the tasks easily with voice commands. 

    Transacting using voice commands. 

    Reduce the number of phone calls, etc. 

    When you avail of mobile app development services, you have to understand these latest trends and implement the best ones that suit your business demands. Then, achieving success through your fintech app will be a piece of cake. 

    So, watch out for these latest mobile app development trends and make sure you create a powerful fintech app for your business. In this pursuit, you may consider availing of mobile app development services and get the necessary help in creating a robust app. Auxesis Infotech might be your best shot in this case as the agency has years of experience in the development of finance apps.

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  • manpreetsposts
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    FinTech Apps – How to Build One For your Business?

    The FinTech apps industry is encountering rapid growth considering there’s an ongoing revolution in both customer behavior and the way businesses operate. Everything from banking to insurance to cryptocurrency is seemingly coming up with newer forms of ways to interact with its customers, majorly through fintech apps for mobile! Based on reports from Statista, over 65% of Americans plan to shift to digital banking exclusively by 2022. One of the major driving factors of such a trend is customer experience.

    The FinTech industry is quite varied, expanding over several sectors. According to insights and studies from CB, there are currently 41 VC- backed Fintech unicorns with a combined worth of $154.1 b. In addition, the market raised around $13.4 billion only in the first quarter of 2021.

    Moving on to the revolution in the FinTech market, we shall now highlight the importance of mobile apps in the industry, and then about ways to build an ideal FinTech app.

    Reasons Why You Need FinTech Apps

    The time to build a Fintech app is now! Apart from the growing numbers of the FinTech industry, here are three other compelling reasons why you should invest in a FinTech app:

    1. Financial Illiteracy

    It is a general assumption that people are now more aware of their economic warfare than ever. Especially with the growing student loan crisis globally, people focus their attention on managing their money now more than ever. However, the opposite holds. A survey from S&P suggests that around 57% of Americans are financially illiterate.

    Other findings also reveal that the financial literacy rate among Americans has decreased from 43% to 34% since 2009. This implies that about eight in ten Americans have some sort of debt and that their finances are one of the major sources of their stress. These numbers are shocking even among millennials. About 76% lack basic financial education, making the scenario all the more difficult.

    Hence, this depression makes for the huge potential for mobile apps. If an app can help people manage their finances without knowing all the financial jargon, it will be a huge hit.

    2. Open Banking

    The next major reason for the rise of FinTech apps is the shift towards open banking. Considering how businesses evolve their working during the pandemic, banks are bringing their services to their people by going all digital.

    Not only does digital banking enable interconnectedness, but it also incentivizes the data. Using this data, they remain relevant to their customers. Open Banking also helps in building complex FinTech solutions to manage financial data.

    3. The Domination of Mobile Phones

    Currently, there are more than 6.3 billion unique mobile phone users across the world. The usage of apps is hence, growing at a much faster rate than predicted five years ago. It is also safe to mention a strong demand for automation and the availability of mobile solutions for almost anything, especially related to finance. As of now, there are only limited bank managing apps, apps that support online payments, and for making budgets.

    How To Build An Ideal FinTech App

    In this section, we walk you through the different steps of creating a FinTech mobile app solution. This app development process is common for various industry sectors, including cryptocurrency, banking, credit score management, security, and investments.

    Let’s go through the steps one by one.

    1. Choose a niche

    The first aspect of a Fintech app development is the niche. Decide on the several functionalities of the app. Your app value proposition should align with the process of development. Some of the common functionalities of an app for increasing ROI for landlords, for instance, is:

    User authentication and encryption

    Secure hosting

    Checking credit score

    Payment gateway

    Access to banking data

    Real-time transfers

    Chat to communicate with users and customer support

    Just like that, the list of your app functionalities will provide a blueprint for the niche you want to target and the marketing activities you want to follow. Also, it will help you have an idea of the app development costs. As experts in the FinTech app market, we recommend you have a clear understanding and solution proposal to make the development process all the more streamlined.

    2. Choose Technology Stack

    An important aspect of developing FinTech apps is choosing the right language for them. Currently, there are multiple languages available for developers to use. However, the selection must be based on factors like the project’s deadline, complexity, preference, the developer’s expertise, and much more.

    Here, we highlight some of the top-notch developing languages for coding apps divided among native apps, cross-platform apps, and progressive web apps.

    Native Apps:  These apps are usually built following the technical guidelines of a particular OS. This means they do not provide a cross-platform function. They have the smoothest performance and the greatest user experience.  

    Ios-based: For these native apps, you can use Objective C, Swift, Apple XCode, and IoS SDK.

    Android-based: You can go for Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, and Android SDK.

    Cross-Platform Apps: The next important apps we are going to talk about here is the cross-platform app. They usually require a small developer team and expertise in languages like React Native and C#. In addition, if you want to go for a hybrid app, you must choose an app development partner with expertise in HTML 5 and PhoneGap.

    Progressive Web Apps: For Progressive web apps, other effective technologies that can be used are Node.js and C++.

    3. Ensure Legal Compliances

    Once you’re through your app niche and features, it becomes critical to ensure that the legalities are in place. Based on the geographical area you want to release your app in, legal compliance may vary. So, you need to check on security aspects of client’s identities and carefully work around the same.

    4. Create or

    Hire a Team

    Now, this may seem like an easy step to achieve, but it is not. Amongst all of these steps mentioned above, this is the most crucial one as it will change the face of your app. Your team should collaborate with you like a partner and provide you with the best solutions specific to your business challenges.

    UI/UX Design: An ideal UI/UX design is essential for all Fintech applications. Since the user interacts with your design, your app developers need to ensure that the app is easy to use, explicitly functional in all aspects, and is devoid of needless features. Some of the must-haves for your UI/UX design are:

    Colors in alignment with the branding, and yet not too dull or too bright.

    Straightforward user journey

    Accessibility of different options shouldn’t be hard to discover

    No useless or crowding of features.


    Develop an MVP

    The next step here is to start with a Minimum Viable Product, justifying the solution you want to provide with the app. It ensures that the app is running well and adding value to your customers, as planned. In addition, an ideal MVP can help create room for efficient feedbacks and scope of improvement.

    6. Improve and Support your

    FinTech app

    The last step in the app development process is to keep upgrading and to improve your app with relevant functionalities, as per the feedback. The work of app developers does not end with the development and deployment of the app. Also, you can add newer features from time to time to attract more people.

    As experts in the mobile and enterprise field, we have helped multiple FinTech companies to achieve higher ROI with their mobile apps. Get in touch with us to have a solution-centric approach for your Fintech business challenges.

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  • auxesisinfotech
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Complete Guide for Developing A Travel App

    Did you know that about two-thirds of people rely on using travel apps so they can easily plan their travel itinerary and enjoy worry-free? 

    Travel apps are becoming increasingly popular by the day, and every business in this industry has to have one for increased ROI. If you are wondering, why should I invest in an app if the website does the same thing, you might be repeating the same mistake plenty of other businesses are doing. 

    A mobile app is apt for travel bookings as it is handy, fast, has a simple UI, and provides a great user experience. With the right mobile app development strategy and unique features, your travel app could become the number one choice amongst travelers. 

    Features To Include In Your Travel App

    1. Reservation & Bookings

    Travel apps allow one to make reservations for tours, travel, hotels, etc. in advance so travelers can easily plan their journey. Now, one might be willing to opt for a package while others want to travel independently, bookings and reservations are done in both cases. If you hire an app development company for the job, make sure you ask them to simplify the reservation process for candidates. They should be able to apply multiple filters and search for their desired travel plan. 

    2. Travel planning

    Planning trips require excessive research on travelers’ part as they aren’t fully aware of the travel destination. They have to look for hotels and homestays in addition to the transportation option, weather forecasts, and other travel-related possibilities. A travel app can be a traveler's savior as it lets them plan their travel itineraries effortlessly and all the needed information is readily accessible. So, including this feature during mobile app development is a must. 

    3. Recommendations, ratings, & reviews 

    Since you are allowing travelers to book for hotels, restaurants, travel, etc. on their own accord, you should also provide them with genuine reviews and ratings for the travel products and services. It is the best way to engage your travelers more in your mobile application as they will see the ratings and reviews and then decide as they please. 

    4. Map integration 

    Maps are an inevitable part of a traveler's journey. You should know how to integrate these maps during mobile app development so that users find it easy to map the location of a specific hotel or tourist attraction. For instance, one should be able to point to a particular region on a map and look for hotels, tourist spots, adventurous activities or sports, etc. using the map. Besides, the map should be simple and easy to use. 

    5. Emergency assistance 

    Traveling to new and unfamiliar places comes with attached perils. There may arise situations wherein a traveler or group of travelers are stranded alone, weather conditions could go wrong, one may encounter theft or pickpocketing, etc. Being stranded in an unfamiliar place with no knowledge of the place or language could become a tragedy. To secure your traveler’s journey, your travel app should provide them with emergency assistance, should they opt for it. This secures their travel plans and they consistently don’t have to worry about such mishaps. 

    How To Monetize Your Travel App?

    While an app development company can guide you throughout the development and design process and build a powerful application for you, monetizing it is your business idea. You should be able to think of ways that allow you to provide travelers with an improved experience while you still earn a fair share of income via the apps. 

    Here are a few monetizing suggestions you might consider during mobile app development and earn more with your travel app. 

    Paid downloads - You can charge your users to download the application on your device. But, this can be a success if your brand is well established.  

    Advertisements - You can add relevant advertisements to your app to generate money. 

    Premium features - You may keep some of the features free while making the advanced features premium. 

    Affiliate sales - It is possible to earn affiliate commissions on the travel and hotel bookings your customers make. 

    These are a few ways of monetization that might help you earn money with your travel app. So, when you approach an app development company, make sure you ask them to include these features while you strengthen your monetization plan. 

    You can provide better customer assistance and earn their loyalty by investing in a travel app. And these are a few reasons why you must have a travel app. Now, to ensure the app is developed just the way you want, availing help from a professional app development company is a must. Auxesis Infotech might help you in this scenario with their improved service.

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