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    A minifigure request from my new Instagram, Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. I based this look on her from the first movie.

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  • “Masks go on. Finnick adjusts Peeta’s mask over his lifeless face.”

    Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay pg 284


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  • “I kneel beside Boggs, prepared to repeat the role I played with Rue, with the morphling from 6, giving him someone to hold on to as he’s released from life.”

    Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay pg 278

    Iconic Katniss. Brave, strong, compassionate Katniss.

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    Oh hey! How’s it going? Let’s finish strong! Simple prompts this week since I’m on vacation until January 3rd!

    Week 25: Ch 19-21

    🎨 You’re a painter. You’re a baker. This whole section just wrecks me! Let’s blog, create and reblog all things about Katniss listing adorable things about Peeta! Do you have something to add to her list?

    🎨 All the new Everlark Fanfic! Let’s blog, reblog, support, read, comment and like all the amazing blogs and authors out there creating new content! Comment on this post with your blog and/or link where you’re sharing your new Everlark content!

    🎨 Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Create, blog and reblog all the Everlark Christmas and Holiday posts you can muster up. Dig deep and share!

    🎨 Lamb stew. Flirting, happiness….all of Katniss’s memories. Have you tried any of the THG recipes? Share your posts and photos!

    🎨 SQUAD 451. There are some awesome and amazing characters in Mockingjay. They all play a part in bringing down the Capitol and Coin. Who were some of the people that affected you and have also stuck with you through the years.

    I love hearing your thoughts! Don’t forget to tag everything with Toastedthg! 

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  • These are the best things I read, watched, and listened to during the past week. Let me know what you think of my picks!


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  • Guess what dumbass just saw the entire hunger games again and it’s gonna be crying all night about it. It’s me, I’m the dumbass

    #ah yes #the good thg depression #can't wait for next year tho #bby finnick deserved the world #thg #the hunger games #mockingjay #q: my dumb vents
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  • Decided to rewatch the hunger games movies with a grain of salt and…

    I really want someone to break down why the movies set people off but instead I’ll say why it sets me off, hopefully Lindsay Ellis style.

    Cinematography- this is always a big one for me because I’m such a sucker for good beautiful cinematography so when I see it done so averagely in a movie that deserved better it pisses me off. IDK why I want to compare The Hunger Game movies so much to The Handmaid’s tale but I do. These are two dystopian stories told from the first perspective of women. The cinematography from the first episode of the show was praised and rightfully so considering how beautiful it was and how greatly it complimented the story.

    Cast- I think some cast members were perfect. Cenna, Haymitch, President Snow, Rue and of course Effie. However, they should have worked harder with the big three. Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. They just didn’t represent the age that they were supposed to be. Like y’all, Tom Holland is like 22 now, he’s older than these three characters are supposed to be. I don’t remember how they chose the casting and tbh I’m too lazy to look it up. But I think they went for Jennifer Lawrence after she won the Oscar for Winters Bone and honestly the movie was the perfect audition tape for the movie, considering setting, the story and the tough acting necessary. And honestly, rewatching the Hunger Games movies Jennifer Lawrence did a great job, she has the range. But now it feels a little like Scarlet Johansson in “Ghost in the Shell”. She was just not right for the part. Katniss Everdeen is supposed to be at least half Native American same as Gale, from the descriptions in the book but instead they went for full on white because I think at the time it wasn’t really something that was plausible or bankable, to have your protagonist be a POC.

    Plot- it truly is bizarre and so meta that IRL the producers of the movies decided to up sell the love story as much as they did. But people fighting against their government is a harder sell of a movie than a love triangle, especially out of a YA book with a female protagonist (very sexist of the industry honesty, never watched or read the Maze Runner but I know this was mostly marketed as a teen boys kinda book and even though the hunger game books are deep as fuck it still felt like it was marketed towards young girls and therefore when the movies came out they thought this is what they needed to sell to us to make money considering how good Twilight did a few years back, a very teenage girl story) . Again, bringing it back to the Handmaids tale SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 1, you always get the sense that the relationship between June and Nick is less out of love and more out of necessity and survival. In an unfeeling society they feel the need for each other not out of love but out of human necessity. I think a lot of it is helped by the fact that the show is actually narrated by the main character which brings me to my next point:

    Point of view- it is such a disservice that there was no narrator. They have very little to work with in the movie because Katniss, although the accidental leader of a revolution, doesn’t act much on what she think, she processes. She actively even tries to show as little emotion as possible. This is not a character to easily portrayed in film and have your audience still root for them. If we’d gotten a narrator, we would be able to see that she has more in common with June in Handmaids tale in season 1 with her personal relations and with Jyn from Rogue One with how she begins to rebel. Katniss is a reluctant rebel. She wants to keep her head down but she’s young and she still has a very full heart. This is why her age is important. She may have already been through shit but she STILL feels very deeply. She’s young enough to feel the pain of losing someone she cared for deeply, Rue and then in the end of the games be played and pushed to kill Peeta or die. And also killing that boy that killed Rue pains her. It’s the first person she actively killed. All of these make her see how the society she’s living in keeps pushing her and others in the society to participate in these killings then be told to carry on as if it was nothing and at the end of the Games she’s had it because she knows it IS something, she’s aware Rue meant something to her family and to her, Peeta meant something to her, the boy that she killed meant something to his family. Her big fuck you is the berries. She didn’t expect to even survive them. The rest of the nation sees this and a revolution begins. But 👏🏼we 👏🏼don’t 👏🏼get 👏🏼the 👏🏼dept👏🏼 of 👏🏼these 👏🏼moments 👏🏼as 👏🏼we should. We don’t know what her thinking process is as it is portrayed!

    Last words, the movies sacrificed a lot in the name of money and bankability. I think we’re going to have to expect this out of a lot of adaptations. Right now the movie industry is really going through it. The newest blockbuster movies are becoming less experimental and more passable (for more info look up Nerdwriter1’s video “the epidemic of passable movies”) in order to get as many people to see it as possible. Whoever is making these movies is all about making sure they’re a safe bet.

    AND THIS IS WHY I TRULLY truuuuly hope to some day see some new adaptation of the Hunger Games or maybe even the prequel coming in May as a TV show! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    So I’m back on my bullshit officially, so here’s a The Hunger Games themed mood board.

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    the girl on fire

    #i reread the first book so i wanted to draw her #the hunger games #fanart#my art #artists on tumblr #mockingjay#catching fire#thg#katniss everdeen
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  • It’s 3:35 AM and I just finished the hunger games book 1…

    I’ve already read this book like 3 times but maybe like 10 years ago idk why I wanted to now, maybe because 2020 is fast approaching maybe because the movies were playing and they just straight up didn’t give them justice idk..

    BUT now that the entertainment industry is changing so heavily. I really think the show would hit hard if it was made into a show instead of 4 movies. Now Hollywood sees that shows are also if not more profitable than movies. For the hunger games they pulled the same gimmicks as Harry Potter and then the fact that they rushed to make a YA book adaptation soon after twilight just really shows. They extended things that didn’t really make sense. The first and second movies are condensed AS FUCK. Then the third and fourth are slowed waaay too much. I thought they should have stuck to one or the other.

    So rereading the first book I realized if in the right hands the first book could have been stretched out into maybe an 8 episode series. Life on the districts the training before the games the games the things we didn’t see because of the point of view. I also don’t think a narrator would have been a bad idea. For a movie yes but for a show? I mean it feels more okay for a show (handmaids tale is the main one that comes to mind but there’s so many others).

    Idk I’m holding out hope considering how big TV shows are right now. I mean someone finally caved and made a tv show of watchmen!

    And now a new prequel book is coming?? Hmmm I think it could happen. Idk how the book will be tbh I never had beef with the books it was always with the movies especially the last two.

    Idk if I’ll read the other books again but this ones fucking WILD 4/4 till the end of time man!

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  • Hey, y’all! This is from my youtube channel. I con’t know how many Hunger Games fans there are on this blog, but I thought I’d show you what I made. I kept noticing that all the Hunger Games audiobooks that were out were either narrated by men (which is just downright silly) or by women who were very much older than Katniss, and I finally got so fed up I decided to do something about it. And it turned out well! I also have a chapter 2 on my channel. Go take a look!

    Enjoy! (it works best with earbuds or headphones)

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  • hits hard that even the hunger games listened to their audience and did an all star season 

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    Can we just acknowledge the fact the Peeta is a whole victor and is still tied down to only having the burnt bread from the bakery

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    Hey! How was your weekend? Our Thanksgiving was great. We played Jackbox and Rockband. Then, my daughter, her bestie and I went shopping on Black Friday. We got towels and random things. It was all around fun. One of my sons turned 16 yesterday and we watched some great football! I hope you had a great week. Did you read any MJ or fics? Let’s chat!

    Week 24: Ch 16-18


    • 🌲 Always. Let’s reblog and create the “Stay with me? Always” moment. Let’s blog art, fics, gifs and everything we love about this moment. It was brought back as a flashback in MJ1 and it was so good. Thank you, FLAW! Even better than the purple hazy dream!
    • 🌲 Jo. Let’’s blog all things Johanna. She’s prevalent in the book as Katniss’s friend and sidekick, but a lot of that was cut out and sometimes even isn’t discussed. Why is Jo such an important character for Katniss and in SC’s storytelling?
    • 🌲 Katniss’s recovery. We see Katniss growing, learning and becoming the Mockingjay here. It’s a rest, recuperate and strategizing period. Katnisss is working towards leaving and assassinating Snow. This period of time is almost forgotten in a lot of aspects and I think there were a lot of missed opportunities in the story. What would you like to have seen added here during this time period? What do you think SC did well?


    • 🌲 That’s what Peeta said. One of my kids randomly made a bread joke and said, “That’s what Peeta said.” I thought that was hilarious and knew it would be a great prompt! So create your posts with the tagline, “That’s what Peeta said.”
    • 🌲 Christmas fluff and fics! Tell me what you’re reading! Check out @everlarkholidaystyle and @everlarkchristmasgifts for some fun Everlark happenings! If you’re sharing Christmas Everlark, send me an ask and I’ll make sure to add you!


    • 🌲 Send some Christmas Asks!

    Let’s chat! Message me. Tell me how you’re doing. I love hearing from you. Don’t forget to tag everything with #toastedthg. I’ll queue it up to post this week!

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  • THG trilogy ending was personally my favorite ever. I loved it the first time I read it. It’s a bittersweet ending. I will never understand why more than half the people who read it hated it so much.

    #thg#catching fire#mockingjay #it was perfect #it’s literally about healing and rebirth after enduring serious trauma #bUt kATniSS diDn’t wAnT cHiLdreN #stfu
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  • Katniss Everdeen today

    Katniss Everdeen tomorrow

    Katniss Everdeen forever

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  • It’s been years since the last Hunger Games movie, years since I’ve read the books, but whenever I hear the HG soundtrack, see a clip or read a line, it makes me so goddamn emotional like no other book or movie ever made me feel.

    #hunger games#mockingjay#suzanne collins#jennifer lawrence #the hunger games #katniss everdeen#thg#catching fire #maybe with the exception of an endgame that was an emotional ride as well #but hg have some nostalgic feeling to it #something really deep
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    Day 29: BFTbookchallenge: Remember When ____

    I remember when I first read this trilogy and I love it now as much as I did then!! 💜

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  • I just finished rereading the hunger games trilogy and now I’m fucking crying my eyes out ‘cause I miss my parents peeta and katniss SO MUCH. 😩

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