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    06.10.2020 - 7 monts ago

    MODS POST THIS ONE SORRY || CH4 Trial || Kou || RE: ya know

    It’s like ice in his veins — heavy, cold, sharp in the heart, and so damn familiar. It’s not the first time he’s been accused of murder. It’s not the first time it’s been in tandem with someone he... ... Quietly, he rolls up his sleeves, and tugs off his other glove for good measure. There’s absolutely nothing. Other than the same long since healed scarring on the one arm, Kou’s show of a scuffle begins and ends at bloody knuckles and a split lip — and anyone in his investigation group will remember there was nothing anywhere else when he removed his shirt to stupidly enter the pond at CC’s request. He keeps his gaze on the podium in front of him, rubbing uncomfortably at his scarred arm as he speaks. The tired sureness in his voice while recounting to collected alibis earlier is gone. “I — that’s not — that’s not what I meant. I-I _said_ I went into the kitchen after Chuujou left. I said — I said that already. I was just asleep when she — when the murder happened. That’s what I meant. Then - Then I went to the - the kitchen, and Eve — he came in around ten minutes later, a-and we went to the - the room with Tominaga-san, like she said. Then we... We both left around - I... I-I guess it - it was four something..? And I — we were just going back to sleep.” Kou stops rubbing his arm, only for his fingertips to dig into it a bit. “So, it — I— I-I said my-myself that I don’t have anything for when the murder happened. But I’m... I-I’m not injured, either. Not that I would be, wearin’ all that. These gloves are, uh — they’re surprisingly thick. That’s why I wear ‘em.” It’s so damn familiar. He finally looks away from his podium, looking in Eve’s direction. Nothing is said at first — all that’s offered is the palpable anxiety written on his face, clear as day, and growing second by second. He doesn’t want to doubt Eve, but he knows better. Takao knows better. ... Better than to chance it. “I — I-I know you’ve been fallin’ all over the place lately. You could barely stand up with the poison. I keep havin’ t’ fix you up.” He puts his hand on his face, resting his cheek into his palm. ... The anxiety on his face fades, and he smiles — tired and defeated, with a sigh to follow. “...Makes you easy t’ frame, when you keep hurtin’ yourself like that in front’a me.” He looks away, a glance spared in Tomio’s direction before he looks away from him too — there’s a clear shame, but it fades too after a second. “I... Y’know — we mistrialed in my game once. Fourth trial, just like this. I shot one of the bastards who did it in the leg. I just — I-I really hated it, y’know? And then it — in ours, it got someone else killed.” And finally written on his face — resignation. “...So, I...” He looks at Eve — smiling, but with a sad, apologetic twitch. “...I’m sorry.”

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