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    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Yuma: Bite the vampire first to establish dominance!!

    Caswell: Yuma please we're in class!

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    06.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod Apk (Unlocked/Money/coins) Android

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    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • denkimystery
    29.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Todomatsu : Almost All Illustrations Artbook

    Todomatsu in his costume on the cover of the "Almost Almost All Illustrations" Artbook. It looks like a lot of the plushies have some bad gimmicks in them.

    Mod Note: The plushies shown in this set sadly aren’t actual real life plushies. The plushie that Todomatsu is holding is Bake-danuki from the Youkai AU. Here are close ups of the Takashi plush:


    トド松 : ほぼほぼ全イラスト集
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  • denkimystery
    26.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Denki Mystery Design Roughs

    This is the process of deciding on the character design for Denki Mystery. Toshio's face underwent detailed adjustments, right down to the direction of the slant of his eyes. On the other hand, Chorosuke, who is not here, was decided in one shot.

    Scanned by the lovely @0somatsu, you can find the rest of their scans over here! Thank you so much for letting me use them!!! These design roughs were included with the Almost All Illustrations Art Book.

    Mod Notes:

    Ozo’s initial clothes seem to be more in line with a traditional Japanese Taxi driver’s uniform. His hairstyle has been the same with comb over bangs, but his soft hair swapped with Hajime’s sharp hair at some point.

    Karatsugu initially had a different shirt, a light blue button up with the sleeves rolled up, this was swapped for his black polo in the final design.

    Hajime went through the most changes. His sharp hair was swapped with Ozo’s fluffy hair at some point. His wardrobe consisted of a straw hat, circle rimmed glasses, a shirt pocket and a wristwatch at some point. His eyebrows hasn’t been finalized and at some point was short and sparse like the eyebrows he has in the anime, the final product has him with regular eyebrows. Hajime’s round rimless glasses are later reused for his father’s design

    Toshio’s hairstyle had a minor change at one point. And true to the comment from the designers, His face went through multiple changes.

    Takashi’s only concept sketch is him without his personal effects, his hat and his beads.


    ラフデザイン集1: 伝奇ミステ
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  • denkimystery
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Almost All Illustrations Artbook Teaser Cosplay

    In celebration of Hesokuri Wars' 3rd anniversary, an Almost All Illustrations Artbook + Bonus OST CD was released. Attached with the teaser, cover reveal, info, preorder, reprint and bonus announcement tweets were photos of Denki Mystery cosplay!

    Ozo || Karatsugu || Chorosuke

    Hajime || Toshio || Takashi

    #Denkimatsu#Denki Mystery #Mystery Novel AU #Romantic Mystery#Osomatsu san#Hesokuri Wars#Cosplay#Ozo Akashika#Karatsugu Aogo#Chorosuke Midorito#Hajime Shisaka#Toshio Ogami#Takashi Momose#Osomatsu#Karamatsu#Choromatsu#Ichimatsu#Jyushimatsu#Todomatsu#Mod Pheo #This is honestly so cool #Like everything is so on model??? #It's a shame the heads were cut off cause I would LOVE to see the hairstyles for them #also this model has really nice hands omg #I do feel like Ozo should've had a slimmer shirt #cause it looks too loose. rather than unkempt he just looks sloppy
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  • callisto-rants
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    In light of this:

    The fact that Mitsuya is the president of the sewing club at school, there's absolutely 0 chance that he DOESN'T help all the girls with their cosplays. Look into my eyes and tell me that he's NOT in full Naruto cosplay.

    (also we stan Kazutora going full twink at a gay club vibes)

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  • denkimystery
    21.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Takashi: Denki Mystery (Rain Variant)

    Takashi grew up as the son of a coffee shop master in a rustic town close to Akatsuka Village. In the middle of a storm, he is startled by a strange shadow that appeared in the mist, and swings his bouquet of flowers in the dark. Fortunately, the black bat umbrella he threw out did not seem to turn into a sake cup.

    Mod Note: The written text on the promo images are just (from left to right):

    “Denki Mystery, Rain” “Momose Takashi” and then the hiragana for “Denki Mystery, Rain” and his name The kanji written in brush strokes is the kanji for Rain

    The stamp on the bottom right reads: “Hesokuri Wars”

    Trivia: The flowers he’s holding seem to be Chrysanthemums, Peonies or Begonias. The shadow that he saw in the mist highly resembles Shuten-Douji:

    Before revealing himself to be Ozo. Shuten Douji is Ozo’s representative Youkai, what this implies is unknown. There is also a Tanuki statue nearby, which just happens to be Takashi’s representative Youkai.


    トド松: 伝奇ミステリ(雨)
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  • denkimystery
    17.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Denki Mystery Series Winter Arc - 6th Episode: 『A Ray of Light』

    ー At the foot of Twin Peaks Mountain, Night.

    [The sound of footsteps sinking into the white snow is heard.]

    [A sharp wind blows through.]

    Ozo: No matter how many paths are made, isn’t this one kinda tough?

    Chorosuke: Shh! Be quiet.

    Hajime: Has anyone here ever attended one of these ceremonies before?

    Chorosuke: This is the first time I’ve attended a wedding, you know, since Dayoko’s the one getting married.

    Ozo: I’ve been wondering about this but is it just me or does it seem like there’s fewer people out and about lately?

    Takashi: I’ve been thinking about that too. I can’t really put it into words but it suddenly feels like there’s fewer people in the village.

    Takashi: I always see the same old faces in the cafe so it’s not that noticeable but it feels like a sign.

    Karatsugu: … I knew it, I had a feeling something was wrong. I don’t know the right way to describe this but it’s not just the population getting lower… it’s more like, it’s only been two months since I was last here… but the land itself seems to be aging quite rapidly. Deteriorating, changing for the worse.

    Hajime: It felt like years, no, decades even, had passed when I arrived. 

    Takashi: Eh~... Hey, I’m not getting any wrinkles am I?

    Karatsugu: Heh. Don’t worry, you haven’t changed at all.

    Ozo: Lately, when I try to ride my taxi back out of town, it feels like it’s really far away. I always thought it was just my imagination.

    Jyushimatsu: I see. Is that so? 

    [[Jyushimatsu shivers and rubs his arms to in a futile attempt to warm himself up.]]

    Jyushimatsu: It’s cold.

    Chorosuke: Dayoko, are you cold?

    [[Dayoko just smiles at her brother. Chorosuke smiles back.]]

    Twinkle~ [Something shines in the distance.]

    Ozo: Wh-What the hell? D-D-Did you guys see something light up on the mountain?

    Hajime: Yeah, something shined.

    [A rumbling sound slowly creeps up before overtaking the silence.]

    Takashi: WOAH! Wh-what was that? An earthquake?

    [A blinding light flashes from the mountain.]

    Jyushimatsu: Uwah! Bright!

    Karatsugu: Hold the hands of the person nearest to you!! Even if you can’t see, don’t get separated!!

    Ozo: Alright, we’re all connected!

    Hajime: Connected… 

    [[Hajime breathes a sigh of relief, his eyes closed still from the blinding light. He feels one arm slowly getting higher and higher. Trying not to let go, he grips firmly and before he knows it one of his feet is already starting to lift from the ground.]]

    Hajime: Eh!? Hey!? Who!? Who’s pulling me upward!

    Chorosuke: I-It’s me!! More like, my body is…!!

    [[Karatsugu peeks one eye open, his eyes getting used to the light he looks at his side and sees Chorosuke. No matter how you put it, his body is clearly off the ground, seemingly floating up in the air towards the skies.]]

    Karatsugu: Chorosuke!! Your happi, take it off!! Here.. this blazer, take it!

    Hajime: Here!! The sleeves, put your arm through here...!!

    [[Karatsugu lifts the blazer up and Hajime quickly grabs on to one side. They help Chorosuke quickly put it on and slowly, he lands back on the ground.]]

    Karatsugu: It’s quiet…

    [[After the light has disappeared and everyone catches their bearings, a snowflake floats down gently.]]

    Karatsugu: Snow…? It’s snowing?

    The sound of cicadas fill the air.

    Hajime: Cicada’s chirps… It’s hot. Summer…. in Akashika?

    Toshio: Niisan, are you okay?

    Hajime: It’s hot. Aren’t you sweating with that bag over your head...?

    Jyushimatsu: Niisan! Wake up! Wake up!

    [A piercing cold wind blows. The speed picks up and the gentle airy dance of the snowflakes is quickly replaced with harsh falling of snow.]

    Ozo: Wah, this is bad. What’s going on? Did we get caught in a snowstorm, it’s snowing like crazy!?

    Chorosuke: Dayoko? … Dayoko’s not here!? Where’s Dayoko!!?? I can’t find her!?

    [A piercing cold wind blows. The wind blows even harder, it’s starting to get near impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you.]

    Takashi: It’s no use, I can’t see anything, it’s all white…… Wait.

    [[Takashi squints harder and a faint light pierces through the snow.]]

    Takashi: ... I think I can see a car’s headlights over there. Maybe… I think it’s those kinds of lights.

    [A piercing cold wind blows. The wind blows even harder, it’s getting harder to hear your own voice, only the sound of the harsh winds fill your ear. A shadowy figure can be seen in the distance.]

    Oiii… Oii-...-ii!

    [A piercing cold wind blows. The wind blows even harder, the temperature has dropped considerably, leaving the six brothers shivering. The silhouette starts moving closer and closer.]

    Ozo: Has someone come to save us!? Th-Thank goodness!!

    [A piercing cold wind blows. The wind blows even harder, the once blurry figure has started to become clearer.]

    Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo: Oiii! Are you guys ok!!

    Karatsugu: Ch-Chief!?

    Editor in Chief Matsuzo: I got a call at the company, from a girl, she told me where you guys were.

    Hajime: Who could that be…?

    Ozo: So, this old man is your chief…?

    Chorosuke: Dayoko’s missing...

    Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo: We’ll find her. But first, we must make sure you guys are safe first. What to do…! Mmmmmm…!

    Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo: In my experience… as long as it’s snowing, we should be able to hide. In the meantime…

    Jyushimatsu: Excuse me, are you Matsuno-san?

    Karatsugu: Correct. Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo Matsuno!

    Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo: You idiooot!! Call me Dad!!

    [A piercing cold wind blows.]


    ーThe Endー

    Original Event

    Summer Arc: 1 | 2 | 3

    Winter Arc: 4 | 5 | 6

    Mod Note: So I’m actually kinda proud of this chapter!! Not a lot of bumps in terms of translation. The chapter title is a direct translation of the Japanese title. But if you’re interested, the David Lynch movie that this chapter is referencing is actually “Premonitions Following an Evil Deed”, “But Mod Pheo!!” you say, “where did Ray of Light come from?” Well listen up dear reader, PFED is a movie made for an anthology called “Lumière and Company” the full title of the movie is “Lumière: Premonitions Following an Evil Deed”. “Ray of Light” came from “Lumiere” meaning light in french!

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  • denkimystery
    15.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Denki Mystery Series Winter Arc - 4th Episode: 『Shears』

    ー Midorito House, Front Yard. Winter.

    [[Hajime and Karatsugu had just arrived, while waiting for Karatsugu, Hajime enters the Midorito household when suddenly...]]

    A Voice: I knew it, an old fart like him! Big bwother doesn’t like him!! Absolutely not!!

    Hajime: … What the? 

    [[Ozo and Chorosuke pass by the front yard.]]

    Hajime: Ah, long time no see. What's going on?

    Ozo: Ah~, they’re here, they’re here. Yo, how are you guys? Hey, tell ‘em.

    Chorosuke: You have such a big mouth. Don’t meddle in the Midorito Family’s affairs. Are you trying to act like a big brother right now?

    Ozo: What you’re saying and what you’re doing are two completely different things you know. You say you care about your sister but is this how you show it?

    Chorosuke: Dayoko’s… fiance. Before I even knew it. From time to time, I thought she’d be calling somewhere else!

    Chorosuke: I thought it would stain my badge of honor as a brother to pry into it, so I left it alone, but then this happened...!

    Chorosuke: I knew it, it’s still too soon. My emotions and I are not ready for this at all.

    Ozo: Don’t say something like that! This is a cause for celebration! Isn’t it a bit wrong to talk about it like that?

    Ozo: Well, they’re older than me, but police officers are the elite of the elite around these parts.

    Ozo: So why not? Because you’re not rich? It’s fine! Your family has a mountain anyway.

    [[Karatsugu enters the front yard.]]

    Karatsugu: Ohh, I see you’re doing well Chorosuke. Here. Thanks for the invitation. Never thought I’d see the resident police officer get married.

    Karatsugu: … Hm? What happened.

    Hajime: … you’re only saying that now?

    Chorosuke: Ah… aah,

    [[Chorosuke composes himself quickly]]

    Chorosuke: you two must have come a long way. Please come in. … Dayoko, tea!

    [[Chorosuke leaves to help Dayoko, leaving the three in the front yard. Ozo starts leading them inside.]]

    Ozo: Eh? Ehhh~!? What’s that all about…. The mood’s been absolutely shit since he kept on bitching, I’m glad he’s finally been pacified.

    Hajime: When I think of a stereotypical patriarch of an old family and a tyrant, it’s an image of a prominent person in the village and a stern presence. … I guess those types really do exist huh? I see~.

    Chorosuke: It’s all over the place. Just who are you calling a tyrant who keeps on bitching? I’m perfectly calm! Here, tea!

    Gara! [[Chorosuke leaves the room after setting down the tea.]]

    Takashi: Aah!

    [[Takashi shows up from the other room.]]

    Takashi: I got here before you guys. Ughh, he’s been like this all day. … You guys didn’t take the train today?

    Karatsugu: I don’t like being in the trunk, so I brought my car. I also had luggage.

    [[Karatsugu and Hajme lift up the bags they were holding.]]

    Hajime: Alright, here. This one’s for Takashi. It should fit okay. Try it on.

    [[Hajime hands Takashi something from inside the bag. It’s clothes. Takashi leaves the room while inspecting the size. As he’s leaving, Toshio enters the room. He’s wearing a white button up shirt and matching black pants and blazer. It looks new.]]

    Toshio in a paper bag: 「Hellooo.」

    Ozo: Oooh, aren’t you looking fresh? I didn’t know you had something formal like that. Well, you’re from an old family after all.

    Chorosuke: Aah, speaking of formal wear. I’m wearing a kimono for the occasion, so I’m fine. You guys can just wear your suits.

    [[Chorosuke leaves the room as Takashi enters.]]

    Takashi: Yup, it fits just right, Hajime-kun. … Ah. There’s… something stitched on the inside of this blazer, … “Matsuno”.

    Hajime: Think of it as a magic tag, ah- err, actually more like a good luck charm.* Since we’re actually going up the mountain ourselves this time.

    Karatsugu: I’ll tell you the reason why. There was a man whose life was saved because he was wearing it. Here, put this on.

    [[Karatsugu hands Ozo his set of clothes.]]

    Hajime: What about Chorosuke-san...?

    Karatsugu: If you want we can bring the extra jacket? We can do that.

    Takashi: By the way, I noticed something in the journal that I kept.

    Hajime: What?

    Takashi:There was a page that said “Behind the scenes of New York, Zero point at 60”.** So I thought that it was about the cafe. Somehow, I’m not really sure. But I was wondering what was the point of running the store without relocating to where I can have more customers.

    Hajime: Surely, even if it was written alongside the old folklore stories, it could simply be a message left by someone at a more recent time.

    Takashi: One time, I actually followed what was written and walked around one corner of the Cafe*** and I found a big old warehouse.

    [[Chorosuke enters the room again, catching the tail end of what Takashi was saying.]]

    Chorosuke: A warehouse huh? I wonder who owns it… Well it’s time we get ready.

    Karatsugu: I should probably check it out later.

    Hajime: Zero point... ? As in a starting point of something?

    Chorosuke: I hope you’re all hungry. I’ve prepared a meal for you, but before that, how about a smoke?

    ーThe Endー

    Original Event

    Summer Arc: 1 | 2 | 3

    Winter Arc: 4 | 5 | 6

    Mod Note: The original japanese title of this chapter is “Pruning”. After searching around, following the theme of naming chapters after works of David Lynch, I found out that the title references “Absurda” meaning Scissors. I’ve compromised and used the title “Shears” which are specialized scissors used in pruning plants. In fact there are specific scissors for flower arrangement and bonsai trimming, those models are what Chorosuke specifically uses!

    * Hajime first says Fulu (呪符) which is, according to wikipedia, a term for supernatural taoist incantations and magic symbols as a Chinese Incantation. Usually in the form of written Talismans. He then corrects himself and says Omamori (お守り), Japanese Amulets that can be sold at Shinto or Buddhist Temples. You’ve probably seen them in anime they’re like a small pouch and are used to give protection, safety, prosperity or good luck. Although, the core of Omamori is not the pouch itself but the writings inside the pouch that are imbued with prayers. 

    ** Ok I have to apologize for this one, This is originally written in katakana, ニュウヨクノウラデウシロムキロクジュウホデレイチテン, converted it to hiragana and this was what I was given: にゅうよくのうらでうしろむきろくじゅうほでれいちてん, and then swapping out New York with it’s Katakana Spelling and swapping the hiragana I know that correlate to a Kanji I was given: ニュウヨクの裏でうしろむき六十ほで零地点. And that’s the best I could translate it while still making sense.

    *** He actually says house here, but he lives on the 2nd floor of the cafe. Just swapped it for Cafe to help the convo flow better but he does reveal that he lives in the cafe.

    **** Ok sorry about this chapter, I’ve been having a brain fart recently and some of these terms just aren’t making sense. There’s a part where they’re talking about some slang I think? The next chapter should be better. I’ll come back and revisit this chapter to fix some stuff i think could be better. If there’s any part that you’re confused about my ask box is always open!

    had to fix the formatting on some of these wwtf, tumblr hates html ffs

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  • incorrect-zexal-quotes
    12.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Yuma: Hey Caswell, what's the worst science joke you know?

    Caswell: What's a vampire's favorite protein?

    Yuma: What?

    Caswell: Hemogoblin!

    Yuma: That's pretty good.

    Caswell: Nah...it sucks.

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  • denkimystery
    04.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Denki Mystery Series - 2nd Episode: 『Character*』

    ー Akashika Station Platform, Noon

    Hajime: It’s so hot. You said you didn’t want to see me off. … Will the store be ok?

    Takashi: Well, I’m free. So. You know.

    Hajime: Oh, I see.

    Takashi: Business is fluctuating tho~uugh.

    Hajime: Ah… Sorry. Can you handle it? I’m not good at worrying about people.

    Takashi: Well, it’s so-so. I have an aunt you know. She wants me to keep the store running.

    Hajime: I see, so it’s all good then. I’m glad you have an aunt, that’s good to hear.

    Takashi: The resident police officer comes by to eat some donuts. They’re just pancake mix that I fried up though, hehe!

    Hajime: I didn’t know they were made with pancake mix. They tasted so good. … So, will I be able to fly?

    Takashi: Hey, the officer being able to fly has nothing to do with my donuts!

    Takashi: Seriously, Shisaka-san you were making a joke with such a straight face? … Fufufu.

    Hajime: Just Hajime is fine.

    Takashi: Alright, hehehe.

    Karatsugu: Phew, … most of the vending machines here are sold out. Here, have one. It’s hot.

    [[Karatsugu hands Takashi a can, it’s started to sweat.]]

    Takashi: Eh, me? Th-thank you. … Eh!? Beer!?

    Karatsugu: It was the only one they had left. Here, you too.

    Karatsugu opens the other can of beer and hands it to Hajime.

    Hajime: Ah, thanks.

    Karatsugu opens his own can,

    Karatsugu: Ah, bubbles!

    And takes a big gulp.

    Karatsugu: Phew!

    Takashi follows suite and takes a gulp

    Takashi: Phew~! Delicious!

    Hajime: Mm, it’s cold and delicious.

    Karatsugu: It’s coming.

    Hajime: … Ah… the train.

    The sound of the train riding the tracks fill the station as the train approaches the platform.

    Takashi: Well, have a safe trip big brothers. Thanks for the beer.

    Karatsugu: See you soon.

    Hajime: Yeah, see ya.

    The doors close after Karatsugu and Hajime step into the train.

    Karatsugu: …….

    Hajime: …….

    Karatsugu: …… What a peaceful landscape. I can’t believe we went through a horrible experience, it’s like a dream.

    Hajime: … You’re right. Ah… Look. … A paper bag waving in the fields.

    …… -chimatsu-niisan!……

    …… -ramatsu-niisan!……

    …… -ye-bye!……

    Karatsugu: Heh. Are you alright? I heard somebody shout matsu, matsu.

    Hajime: …….

    Karatsugu: Ah, a tunnel.

    [[The idyllic view of the countryside is replaced by darkness.]]

    Hajime: ...Taboos can be seen as a kind of rules that occurs naturally in a group as a result of their faith.

    Hajime: Bad things don't always happen. It could be that they avoid something, like a song of magic incantation.

    Karatsugu: Well, that’s just superstition.

    Karatsugu takes a swig from his can of beer.

    Karatsugu: Fuu…. … But whether it’s legit or not…

    Karatsugu: Even if a good thing comes out of it... it's not a good thing that it's forbidden because some people don't want it to happen.

    Karatsugu: I don’t like it. [he says as he takes another sip of his beer.]

    Hajime: …… Eldest son, you didn't come. I was expecting you to come.

    Karatsugu: No, he was there.

    Hajime: … Eh? Really?

    Karatsugu: When you were waving, a taxi stopped on the other side of the road. I couldn't see the inside, but I’m pretty sure it was him.

    Hajime: … so that’s what happened.

    Karatsugu: … swallow Hm? … You’re not drinking your beer. If you don’t want to finish it, let me drink it. Here, give it to me.

    Hajime: Ah, sorry. I’ll drink it.

    Hajime downs the rest of his beer.

    Hajime: Phew… Thanks for the drink.

    Karatsugu: … Ahh, that’s right! I have to return your notebook, remember?

    Karatsugu rummages through his blue messenger bag. He pulls out a notebook and hands it to Hajime.

    Karatsugu: Thanks for lending it to me.

    Hajime: I know you haven’t fixed your voice recorder. It’s a spare. Use it, when you need to take notes in the case of an emergency.

    Karatsugu: I know. The Editor-in-Chief also scolds me a lot for not using a notebook. I get it, excuse me.

    Hajime: Take it, take it. … Wait, eh? It’s not that you didn’t lose it but you really don’t have one with you? … Eh. Don’t you need a notebook to have something to write on?

    Karatsugu: This voice recorder is my partner-in-crime.

    Hajime: Wait, I mean. Your “partner-in-crime” broke at a crucial moment and didn’t work. Did you not worry about that at all?

    Karatsugu: Up until now, this is the first time I’ve done an interview alone.

    Hajime: Eh. So it’s true that you’re really a newbie? If so, then you should always carry a notebook. As a regular member of society, it’s not my place to say this either.

    Karatsugu: Heh! That’s what the Chief told me too. He’s always been a memo-man just like you. But I'm sticking to my own style, with my partner-in-crime.

    Hajime: I mean, it’s not like your partner, broke and didn’t work at a crucial moment. This is the second time I’m saying this.

    Kurukurukuru…! Gaga...

    Hajime: Hm? What was that?

    Hajime looks at the source of the sound. Karatsugu’s bag. The reporter digs through his bag, looking for what made the noise.

    Karatsugu: Aah! Partner! You’ve come back to life!

    Hajime: It’s back to normal… Is it rewinding by itself or moving in a strange way? Strange.

    Karatsugu: Yeah, it is. But it's strange. It shouldn't have moved at all, but it's like it's recording...

    Karatsugu plays the tape on the voice recorder.

    《...gaga. pi.. O×△O… matsuno… tsumo. bassho~mu~tsu….. pipi...》

    Hajime: .... What was that. Ah. We’re almost there…. the station.

    ー Station Platform

    Karatsugu: Phew, … I didn’t notice that time had passed!

    Hajime: ... Humans, too many.

    Karatsugu: ... what to do, I'm going to stop by the editorial office for a bit and then go home, but if you want to eat…

    Hajime: …….

    [[The lack of reply catches Karatsugu’s attention. He sees Hajime blank faced staring at something.]]

    Karatsugu: Hey, what’s wrong? … You okay?

    Hajime: Huh? … I thought there was an elevator over here, but...*

    [[Karatsugu follows Hajime’s gaze. There’s nothing.]]

    Karatsugu: You tired? The stairs are this way, come on.

    [[Karatsugu pauses, looking at Hajime’s face.]]

    Karatsugu: … what’s wrong? You’re sleepy.

    Hajime: Huh?

    [[Hajime feels wet pooling in his eyes, threatening to break and fall.]]

    Hajime: Tears are…

    [[Hajime quickly wipes them away.]]

    Hajime: Let’s take the stairs.

    Karatsugu: You must be hungry. Sorry, I need to stop by the editorial office first.

    Hajime: Mm. I’m fine. … You think your editor-in-chief would get mad if I come along?

    Karatsugu: Heh. Bingo. You’re sharp. But that's not all. You love books, so I thought you'd be interested.

    Hajime: Mm. I’m interested. … I hope he doesn’t get mad at you.

    ー “Matsuzo Monthly**” Editorial Department, Night

    Karatsugu: Chief! I’m back from the interview. … Heh! Wouldn’t it be a topic of conversation over here, too? … the gruesome and mysterious incident in the mountain village!

    Karatsugu: What is the secret of the villagers with the same face!? A report written by one of the parties involved in the case! This is... sure to be an intensive serialization!

    Hajime: Eh... you’re writing about it?... Do you need money right now?

    Editor-in-Chief: What are you going on about? Where did you go to cover this? You, I’m talking to you***.

    [[Karatsugu wilts from his original enthusiasm, his voice smaller than when he first entered.]]

    Karatsugu: Akatsuka Village… A village in the mountains…


    Karatsugu: Wow! You’re mad!?

    Hajime: He suddenly got angry.

    Editor-in-Chief: Mmmmmm... What’s wrong...? I told you that I lost one of my men. That's where he went missing!

    Karatsugu: Eh....

    Editor-in-Chief: Phew, but it's good to see you back. It's quite chilling…. Hm? And you are....

    [[Hajime shies away from the attention looking down, bowing.]]

    Hajime: Uhhh, my name’s Shisaka.

    Editor-in-Chief: You, let me see your face properly….

    [[Hajime lifts his head from staring down.]]

    Editor-in-Chief: Ah… You’re.... What in the-!?

    Karatsugu: I knew it, didn't I? Heh! Chief! This is Hajime, my brother.

    Editor-in-Chief: Mmmmmm... I don't know where to start.... Are you being chased? You with the same face. I'll give you my business card. I'm the editor in chief here.

    [[The chief hands his business card to Hajime.]]

    Editor-in-Chief: I'm Matsuno Matsuzou. I am your father.

    Hajime: Uwah, it’s got two “Matsu"***** characters in it.

    Karatsugu: Defeating taboo with another taboo, even demons would run away from such a name. Come to think of it, chief, you have such a name.

    Editor-in-Chief Matsuzo: You, you really don’t listen, do you.

    ーThe Endー

    Original Event

    Summer Arc: 1 | 2 | 3

    Mod note: The title is originally 字母(じぼ), can be translated to either letter or alphabet. The title is a reference to David Lynch's 1968 work "The Alphabet". But to make the title make sense to the story and it's climax, i opted for "Character", which could be interpreted as a character of the Japanese writing system (like Kanji, since technically kanji aren't letters. They're logograms.).

    *This could be a prolonged side-effect from the mushrooms. The elevator he's seeing could be a reference to the enemy base from the Angel event. The background used for the station Hajime and Karatsugu are at is the same train station background which was introduced in that event. The elevator is in the middle of a busy crowd and has HELL written on the screen.

    ***** Matsu as in 松 the taboo from Akatsuka Village.

    **It doesn’t use the Matsu Pine Kanji, 松, opting for the Katakana writing instead, マツソ.

    ***The editor in chief specifically says “Omae.” which is a very rude way to refer to someone. I added a few words so it reads as scolding from a superior.

    ****Chief uses the term Bakamon, which is a reference to a very old joke in Japan.

    also there's a part here where they talk about Ozo, I think what happened was that Toshio rode in Ozo's Taxi following the train, as he put his head out the window to say goodbye, his paper bag must have flown in the wind, that lead to Hajime noticing it in the first place. a little bit later Karatsugu notices the taxi outside the window. I'm not sure though, those might be two different moments. I've posted the transcript if you'd like to make heads or tails with that moment.

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    01.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Denki Mystery Series - 1st Episode: 『Six Men Getting Sick』

    ー Midorito House, Eve of the Jyushimatsu Festival

    A Voice: ... Come to think of it, the owner of my cab company… I wonder if he’s one of those people who's into the occult?

    Ozo: I only come to the office sometimes. And whenever I’m there that’s all we talk about.

    Ozo: Like, strange stories of this area? I’ve heard a lot about that too. I've heard it all from that person.

    Takashi: Ah! I know who you’re talking about. He came to my store, too. He kept chattering on and on about how I should get out of this place before I am unable to leave, and then he just left.

    Hajime: Wow. Is that person a local from here?

    Ozo: No, it's nothing like that. I heard that he came here a long time ago, and then he was given the job and entrusted with the company. You're very curious, aren't you.

    Karatsugu: I wonder what he was doing before that. He’s not from around here, but he knows a lot about it, right? The stories of this place, I mean.

    Ozo: Come to think of it, people wouldn't talk so openly about that kind of stuff if they were from here. I wouldn't ask or deny it, though.

    Ozo: He said I drive too rough, so he started calling me “Cowboy”.

    Toshio: You sound like a villainous pro wrestler. It’s kinda cool.

    Ozo: Right? But I'm not that buff! … Phew, that was a nice time. It's been about half an hour since we got back from the factory?

    Ozo pops open a beer. The sound of the fizz is replaced by the sounds of him gulping his drink.

    Chorosuke: It’s a bit late, but we've prepared a midnight snack.

    Ozo: Whaaat, I didn't think the Master was here, but he cooked for me? That's very kind of you.

    Takashi: Let me help, Chorosuke-san.

    [[Takashi gets up to help Chorosuke set the food down.]]

    Takashi: Wah, this looks so good.

    Ozo: Ahhh! I'm so hungry!! … Ah, can you let me borrow your phone before we start?

    Chorosuke: Sure, be my guest. … Dayoko, escort him please.

    [[Ozo follows Dayoko out of the room.]]

    Toshio: You have some for me too? Wah... It's mushroom soup! Looks good.

    Chorosuke: Everyone, you must be hungry. After you eat, let's rest for today. We still have tomorrow.

    [[Ozo comes back to the room.]]

    Ozo: Thanks for letting me call. It was the president. I told him I was sick.

    Ozo: Since we have a private gathering tomorrow, I told him I was gonna stay up and he replied with a resounding OK. Heheh!

    Ozo: If it had been the old lady in the office, she would have told me to go home for sure!

    Takashi: That’s the normal reaction. I think you're being underestimated by your president.

    Karatsugu: Well, let's eat before it gets cold. Thanks for the food.

    Toshio: Thanks for the fooood!

    [[Toshio shoves a spoonful into his mouth, chewing eagerly. Everyone else follows suit.]]

    Hajime: These mushrooms are delicious.

    Chorosuke: These are the mushrooms that my student grew. He often gives me some, they are very fragrant and delicious.

    Toshio: Are there other ways to eat it other than miso soup?

    Chorosuke: You can also roast it, it’d still be delicious.

    「Thank you for the meal.」 Everyone says when they’re finished.

    Chorosuke: Did you all like it? Then, let's brew some tea. ... Dayoko, your big bwother*** will also help.

    [[Chorosuke leaves the room.]]

    Takashi: … Huh?

    [[Takashi’s gaze is pointed down. Staring at something.]]

    Takashi: ……. Jyushimatsu-niisan, why are you buried in the ground. Heyyy… Ah, another Jyushimatsu-niisan.

    [[Hajime looks at where Takashi was looking at. There’s nothing but the floor.]]

    Hajime: Ta-Takashi-kun? What’s wrong? … Are you ok!?


    Ozo: … Hm? When did I get back to the car?

    [[Ozo notices he’s not alone, looking into his rearview mirror he sees someone on the passenger’s seat.]]

    Ozo: Customer-san, why are you wearing a paper bag?

    Ozo: … Hie! [Ozo flinches as the customer removes his paper bag.]

    Ozo: … You look just like me…!?

    [[Toshio seems to be struggling.]]

    Toshio: Uwah! What’s this thing in front of me! ... A big dog!

    Chorosuke: Dayoko! I won’t hand Dayoko over to you!! Dayoko!? Where-? Dayoko?

    Karatsugu: ... huh. I feel like my back is…

    [[Karatsugu focuses on the feeling in his back before realizing that it’s sharp and he’s in deep pain.]]

    Karatsugu: … W-Waaah!! I-I’ve been stabbed! I’m dead! I’m cuuursed!

    Hajime: Eh... Where am I?

    [[Hajime looks around.]]

    Hajime: It’s pitch black.

    Hajime: H-HIEEEEEEE!!! [[All of a sudden Hajime screams. Thrashing and flinging.]]

    Hajime: H-Help meeee!!! SOMEBODY, HELP ME!

    Takashi: Waaaaaah…!! … Huh. What was that?

    Ozo: Wah! What the-? A-are these mushrooms safe to eat!? I just had a scary dream!****

    Chorosuke: Huh? What’s the matter? Nothing happened to me, I’m fine. Here, have some tea.

    [[Chorosuke starts pouring tea.]]

    Toshio: I'm fine too.

    [[Toshio starts munching on some of the snacks Chorosuke offered with the tea.]]

    Toshio: Delicious! Where did you get these snacks?

    Ozo: Eh ~ !? You're always eating them, so you've built up a tolerance? I don't remember it clearly, but I was really scared!

    Toshio: Aah! Are you okay, Karamatsu-niisan? The corner of the desk is digging into your back.

    Karatsugu: Eh!? The corner of the table? … Ah, thank goodness. I thought I was stabbed in the back…

    Hajime: Haa~. [[Hajime releases a sigh he’s been holding.]]

    Hajime: …. What was that. Just now. I’m not immune to these mushrooms… What did I just see…? Th-That was scary.

    Toshio: Aaaa, that was delicious. … Well, I’m going home now. I’ll see you all tomorrow. My big brothers and Todomatsu!

    Takashi: I'm getting a little used to it. That “Todomatsu”. Jyushimatsu-niisan.

    Ozo: You live on the other side of the mountain, right? Why don't you just stay the night? Or, do you want me to drive you home?

    Toshio: The roads are dangerous at night. I can take a shortcut.

    [[Toshio stands up quickly in one fell swoop.]]

    Toshio: Nanna is waiting for me.

    Chorosuke: Here you go. Didn’t something break just earlier?

    Toshio: Thank you, Choroma- Chorosuke-san. Todomatsu, my bigger brothers. Good night!

    Thump, thump... Rustle, rustle, rustle. [[Toshio takes off running, his footsteps landing heavy on the dirt path. Soon after he runs through the bushes and into the forest.]]

    Takashi: Ah…! He jumped into the bushes. I-I hope he’s ok.

    Chorosuke: Ogami’s fine. Oh, and he’s always running around in the mountains.

    [[Dayoko walks in to tell Chorosuke something.]]

    Chorosuke: Hm, what. … Aah. Thank you, Dayoko. Everyone. The bath is ready. Please, help yourselves.

    Ozo: Ah~, I'm going to catch my breath ‘cause my eyes are getting tired*****!

    Chorosuke: Eh!?

    Ozo: If we're going to talk about scary stories, how about we tell a “Hundred Stories” while drinking?

    Chorosuke: Can you stop doing that I don’t want to get in trouble if something weird happens!?

    ーThe Endー

    Original Event

    Summer Arc: 1 | 2 | 3

    Mod Note: This came from the Stories that came with the Akatsuka Mansion Attraction from Trashneyland. All 4 and 3 star attractions have 3 stories, often related to the theme of the building. (ex. Akatsuka Mansion has 3 stories related to Denki Mystery. Geruge Castle also has 3 stories related to the Geruge Set).

    The original title is 二豎(にじゆ)と六人の男 (lit. The Evil Spirits of Illness and the Six Men). *Nijiyu (二豎) is a term that originated from the legends of Zheng Chenggong. Unfortunately it’s all in Chinese and I’m already at my wit’s end so I can’t give you an exact origin lmao. I’m not sure what exactly happened but there’s this Duke who was cursed to not be able to eat anything new. He is feeling ill, he dreams of his illness and the doctor says that the illness can’t be healed because the cause is somewhere even his medicine can’t reach. That’s my rough understanding of what happened. Anw, that illness became known as the Nijiyu. Edit: I looked up David Finch's filmography again and turns out that the original title is referencing his 1967 work "Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times)". I've changed the title to make more sense to English readers, but I've kept the original title in the mod notes. If the stage names are references to David Lynch's movies then the story names are references to David Lynch's short films. And unlike the stage names, the titles of each story is relevant to what happens in the story.

    *** Chorosuke uses Anii-chama again. Which is a cutesy way of saying bigger brother: Nii-san > Nii-sama > Anii-chama. He’s acting like a sis-con btw.

    **** If you haven’t noticed, their mushroom trip is based on their original attack sprites. Ozo’s hallucination is a combination of his (Taxi + Passenger) and Toshio (Removing Mask)’s attacks. Karatsugu, Hajime and Takashi are slightly different from their original attack sprites (Karatsugu doesn’t write a dying message, Hajime doesn’t wield an axe and bolo, Takashi isn’t screaming). Chorosuke and Toshio’s hallucinations are original. Chorosuke is hallucinating about Dayoko being taken away and Toshio’s hallucinations involve a big dog, most likely the Inugami Youkai.

    *****I think the original text is an idiom? I don’t know what it exactly means though so I did my best approx.

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  • denkimystery
    29.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Takashi: Denki Mystery (Winter Variant)

    Takashi grew up as the son of a coffee shop master in a rustic town close to Akatsuka Village. He is frightened, not knowing if the Toshio that suddenly popped out of the snow is real or not. Because his brother can't help but go crazy in the cold.

    Twitter Description:

    The six of them gathered again to Akatsuka in the middle of winter, and are shut in by the snow. Fear of déjà vu and snow also known as “Rokka”*. Is this place part of reality?

    Mod Note: Rokka can mean Snow or Six Flowers.  六 means 6, and  花 means flowers but 六花 together is snow. There is a song called 六花, and the English translation they used for it is Snow Flower.



    Twitter Transcript:

    真冬の赤ツ鹿へと再び集い、雪に閉ざされる6人。 既視感の恐怖と雪の異名「六花」。 この場所は現実か?
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    Etymology of the Denki Mystery Names

    Finally making a terminology page, and I wanted to make this its own post!

    Ozo Akashika [赤鹿大蔵]

    Ozo's birth name Osomatsu, uses hiragana, おそ, so instead of finding a different reading for his birth name, he was given a phonetically similar sounding name using Kanji.

    Ozo comes from 大蔵. "O" comes from 大, meaning great or big. 蔵 means warehouse (pronounced as "Kura") but read as "Zo".

    Akashika comes from 赤鹿. 赤 means Red, pronounced as "Aka". 鹿 means deer or buck pronounced as "Shika". His last name means Red Deer or Red Buck. His last name is also used for a lot of places in Denki Mystery and with a little tweaking, is a pun on Akatsuka.

    Karatsugu Aogo [青戸唐次]

    Karatsugu's birth name, Karamatsu, uses katakana, カラ, so instead of finding a different reading for his birth name, he was given a phonetically similar sounding name using Kanji + a new Kanji.

    Karatsugu comes from 唐次. 唐 means foreign, sudden, bogus or may refer to the Tang dynasty (pronounced "Tang") but read as "Kara". 次 means next or second pronounced "Tsugi" or "Tsugu".

    Aogo comes from 青戸. 青 means Blue, pronounced as "Ao". 戸 means door (pronounced "To") but read as "Go". His last name means Blue Door.

    Chorosuke Midorito [緑土丁呂介]

    Chorosuke's birth name, Choromatsu, uses katakana, チョロ, so instead of finding a different reading for his birth name, he was given a phonetically similar sounding name using Kanji + a new Kanji.

    Chorosuke comes from 丁呂介. "Cho" comes from "丁" and has different meanings, leaf, 4th rank, street and even number. 呂 means spine (pronounced "Ryo") but read as "Ro". "介" means to assist or protect (pronounced "Kai") but read as "Suke".

    Midorito comes from 緑土. 緑 means Green, pronounced as "Midori". 土 means earth, the soil not the planet, (pronounced as "Tsuchi") but read as "To". His last name means Green Earth.

    Hajime Shisaka [紫坂一]

    Hajime's birth name, Ichimatsu, uses Kanji, 一, so his name is just another reading from his birth name.

    Hajime comes from 一. Although 一 is usually read as "Ichi", meaning one, it can also be read as "Hajime", meaning the beginning.

    Shisaka comes 紫坂. 紫 means Purple (pronounced "Murasaki") but read as "Shi". 坂 means slope or hillside (pronounced "Saka"). His last name means Purple Hillside.

    Toshio Ogami [黄神十四雄]

    Toshio's birth name, Jyushimatsu, uses Kanji, 十四, so his name is just another reading from his birth name + a new kanji.

    Toshio comes from 十四雄. "To" is another reading of 十 (read as jyu for Jyushimatsu). The reading for 四 is still "Shi". 雄 means "great man" (pronounced as Osu) but read as "O".

    Ogami comes from 黄神. 黄 means Yellow (pronounced "Ki") but read as "O". 神 means God, pronounced as either "Kami" or "Gami". Interestingly his last name is phonetically similar to 大神, Okami, meaning Great God. His last name means Yellow God.

    Takashi Momose [桃瀬百々史]

    Takashi's birth name, Todomatsu, uses katakana, トド, so instead of finding a different reading for his birth name, he was given the most special treatment. He was given a name that COULD be read phonetically similar to his birth name + a new kanji.

    Takashi comes from 百々史. 百 means a hundred (pronounced "Hyaku") but read as "Ta", it could also be pronounced as "To" or "Mo". 々 isn't actually a kanji but a punctuation used to repeat the letter before it, "Ta" is repeated with "Ka" and "To" is repeated with "Do" and "Mo" is repeated with "Mo". 史 means history or records (pronounced as "Fumi" or "Fumito") but read as "Shi". Notice how Todo is incorporated?

    Momose comes 桃瀬. 桃 means Peach, pronounced as "Momo". 瀬 means rapids or current, pronounced as "Se". His last name means Pink Rapids. You can also read his name as Momofumi Momose, a joke that Hajime made in chapter 2.

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    Denki Mystery: Six Idol Statues of Taboo - Chapter 11

    ー [Akatsuka Village]

    Ozo: Eehh!! Mr. Police, are you kidding me?The golden statue is ours, but can't sell 'em off?

    Ozo: Because it will be stored as a cultural artifact? Fu~! I thought it'd be a get-rich-quick opportunity!

    Ozo: Look at this! Haven’t you noticed? My taxi? It's a model 210 (NEET)*, okay? Don't you think that's harsh?

    Hajime: Well, I'm kind of the same way. I'm not a college student or anything. What will I do if my father doesn't come back?

    Toshio: Ahaha! That’s horrible!

    Toshio: Anyway, let's get together again. In about two months.

    Takashi: Okay. Two months later… It’ll be… exactly 24 months since then.**

    Ozo: Will you write about this? About what just happened?

    Karatsugu: Heh. I won't, maybe when I'm strapped for cash?

    Hajime: You won't write. Maybe not. You won't.

    Karatsugu: I have no money. But don't you think you've got an irreplaceable treasure called a brother? Buraza?

    Chorosuke: If the six of us get together, we can do something. I'm getting that kind of feeling! Yup!

    Hajime: Well, sextuplets are hard to come by.

    Toshio: Yeah. Something will definitely happen for sure.... Maybe even a good thing.

    Takashi: ... Yes! Maybe something good will come of it… We're sextuplets after all!

    Ozo: Isn't it!? We're sextuplets, right? That's just... awesome, right!?

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

    Mod Note: *Ozo’s Taxi number is 2-10 which can be read as

    *二ー十 _(ni-ー-to) _aka NEET. Edit: Clarification, while Ozo's taxi plate says the same thing 2-10, the model of his car is also a 210.

    **Takashi is referring to Toshio's promise back in chapter 1. They only met 22 months later by complete coincidence. Not the original promised time, 24 months.

    This is the last chapter! I’m going to be making a Terminology page and a Summary so Far Page! I’m going to be adding more to the Cast page and translation pages so please watch out for that! I might have to change the blog theme, someone dm’ed me that they couldn’t open the pictures using tumblr’s photo viewer, and this theme only gives me 4 custom links so please watch out for that as well!

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    Denki Mystery: Six Idol Statues of Taboo - Chapter 10

    Ozo: Ehh!! What are you going to do with us? You think I raised you guys for this!? This is bad!? What the hell do you think you’re doing!

    Karatsugu: Oi, tied... !? Ehhh!? Would you like to have a priest turn us into gold!? Alive!? Either way, it doesn’t matter!?

    Chorosuke: Hey! How can you do something like this? I'll tell the media! Oh no. I can't tell if I'm not saved, right?

    Hajime: Shit. Sacrifice. Was it supposed to be like this in the first place? No, definitely not.

    Toshio: Alright!! Are you going to make me an offering!? You’ll regre-!! I will definitely do it!

    Takashi: Don't get me wrong!? I don't think this will happen, like at all, I didn't expect it, right!?

    Hajime: If you think you're writing me a letter, then... that's pretty badass.

    Takashi: What I’m saying is!! You’re wrong!

    Ozo: Eehh!! Were you one of their evil minions? You've brought down your own brothers, who have come all this way!? For buried treasure!?

    [[Ozo pulls one of his best scandalous faces.]]

    Ozo: You’re a sly bastard!?

    Takashi: Like I said!! You’re wrong! Look!? We’re tied up together?

    Karatsugu: There’s a fire!? Will we become golden statues? I got it! Scoop! He who became a Golden Statue... Me.

    Chorosuke: Hold it!? I was fine with the way things were!? I'm the head! Dayoko!! It's your brother!!

    Booooooo~ Barabarabara~ [[The blow of the wind and a distant whirring are heard throughout the forest.]]

    Iyami: Sheeeeeeeeeh!!! There are stones*!! Sheeeeeeeeeh!!! It hurts! Sacrifice... a new golden statue!!

    Ozo: Woah!? Th-That’s a hell of a wind!! What in the-!! Do you hear a tearing sound? What the… What a sound!?

    Takashi: Wh-what!?... Stone? They’re falling from the sky... *

    [[Takashi looks up at the skies. Searching.]]

    Takashi: It’s raining.

    Drop, drop, drop. [rain is trickling down from the sky.] Zaah--

    Hajime: The fire went out in the rain. Thank God ... ··· Ah? Look. A police helicopter ...!

    Toshio: Mr. Police!! Hey!!

    Takashi: Don’t think too much about how the police officer is floating in the air…

    Karatsugu: And with this! We’re saved! ... Heh. Even if I miss the scoop, my heart is... golden.

    The sound of the helicopter’s blades fill the air.

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

    Mod note: not much is happening here. The group gets tied up by Iyami, who is still under the effects of the mushrooms. About to succumb to the fire, it starts raining and then they’re found by dekapan.

    *Stones falling from the sky is probably a Tengu Tsubute, a phenomenon where invisible rocks fall from the sky. According to the myth, whoever gets hit by the stones a tengu throws is bound to have terrible misfortune. Strangely enough, no signs a stone ever existed will appear, no bruises no wounds and no stone left behind. Although it is literally called “Stone thrown by a Tengu” (choro) other mischievous youkai like kitsune (ichi) or tanuki (totty) are also suspected to be the ones to throw the stone to remind humanity to behave.

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    Denki Mystery: Six Idol Statues of Taboo - Chapter 9

    ー [Akatsuka Village.] Day of the Jyushimatsu Festival, Night.

    Festival noises fill the air, whistles and fireworks setting off on the distance.

    [The group is currently walking towards the mountain.]

    Ozo: The festival procession is headed to the top of the mountain, right?

    [[A few heads nod in agreement.]]

    Ozo: Okay, we're going this way. Let's get away from the festival crowd, okay?

    Karatsugu: Got it.

    [[A moment passes. The group walking, trying to avoid the big crowd.]]

    Karatsugu: Is the origin of this festival really mountain worship? Isn't it rather something that began with fear?

    Chorosuke: Enshrinement or Fear. It could be both…

    [[Chorosuke suddenly stops in his tracks.]]

    Chorosuke: Oh, a path over there!? Do you know which way to go?

    Hajime: The Myoujin Torii gate just before Twin Peaks, is poised to face the mountain of the deity. There doesn't seem to be the Honden Hall, just the Haiden Hall.

    Toshio: I can see the flames of the torches going up the twin peaks in the festival procession! Oppai! Oppai!

    Hajime: Looking at it now, it sure looks like that... good for you. Wait. Right now, our main concern is the Kitsune of the Masha shrine**. Its tails point all the way to the front. Look.

    Takashi: Isn’t it just a design thing?

    [[Takashi goes silent for a second, trying to recall something.]]

    Takashi: Ah, the song “Don't hide your head…”. Does that mean it has a secret hidden in its tail!?

    Toshio: The tail is pointing to... That way over there!

    [[Eyes follow Toshio's finger. There is the start of an off beaten path hidden by some bushes.]]

    Toshio: There's a hidden path to the foot of the mountain. Let's go that way!

    [[Toshio takes off, leaving everyone to follow in his trail.]]

    Takashi: Eh!? Getting into these bushes!? I don’t want to! Ew!! Is this really a hidden path, or rather a trail made by wild animals?

    ー [Deep in the woods.]

    Ozo: Look. Can you see anything? Half broken ... temple? … this atmosphere is perfect!! Wanna do a hundred stories* here?

    Karatsugu: Hey!? … What if we end up really summoning a spirit? This is in a blind spot from the mountain road, but what is this? An old Hokora shrine**?

    Chorosuke: Wawawah… Hold it! Isn’t it kinda chilly? There's something dangerous about this place, you know? I wonder if it’s okay to be here? Won't we be cursed?

    Hajime: Shinto Buddhist temples and shrines are not uncommon. There are both shrines and temples for Inari worship. But, in the era of the separation of Shinto and Buddhism…

    Toshio: It was destroyed by someone. Someone was enshrining it carefully... It's kind of sad.

    Hajime: Many buildings have been destroyed without a trace. Maybe it's better that, at the very least, they're still intact. I can't say for sure if the state of this building was the cause of that era, though.

    ー [Inside the shrine.]

    Ozo: It's dark. Can you see anything? Flashlight...

    [[Searching for his flashlight, Ozo turns it on.]]

    Ozo: ... Woah! ... What is this? What's going on?

    Karatsugu: Th-This is a big bIG BIG SCOOP!? M-Mummies??? Th-th-the real thing!?

    Chorosuke: One, two, three… What the-, there are six of these!? No way!? Six mummies spirited away into this hiding place!?

    Hajime: ... Let's open it.

    [[Hajime starts unwrapping the bandages on the head of the first mummy.]]

    Hajime: ··· Th-This is? A horn!??

    Toshio: Eh!? There are horns!? Oni demon!? Mummified Oni demon***!?

    Takashi: A regular mummy is already scary enough! But an Oni mummy!? Youkai!? Why don’t we stop!? Can we go home already!?

    Ozo: Wait. It… It's shiny? Let's undress it some more!?

    [[Ozo takes the bandages from Hajime and starts unwrapping even more.]]

    Karatsugu: This is...? Not a mummy? Something more like, an artifact... a golden statue for idolatry ...?

    Chorosuke: Golden statue? N-no way, you don't think it has anything to do with the story of the buried gold?

    Hajime: It’s quite possible. Maybe it's buried gold that has been molded into a different shape. Or it may be this is the true form of the treasure in itself…

    Toshio: Ah! Someone’s coming!

    Takashi: Please, give me a break already!

    ー [Outside of the shrine]

    Iyami: Sheh-sheh-sheh-sheh~... You six sextuplets.... I’ve found you, zansu!

    Ozo: You look weird…! Did you eat your weird mushrooms again?

    [Iyami’s eyes look fuzzy, her stance is unbalanced. Suddenly she starts swinging her log around.]

    Iyami: Woo hoo! I've found it, zansu!!! Sheh-sheh-sheh-Sheh~!!! … The secret of the buried gold! … The Sextuplets!

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

    Mod notes: The Honden Hall is the Main part of a Shinto Shrine, it is where the God being worshipped resides. Since the object of worship is the Mountain itself there seems to be no need for a Honden. The Haiden is the worship Hall. It's where rituals and ceremonies are held.

    *This is p common knowledge if you watch anime that touches on horror and stuff but 百物語怪談会 (Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, lit. A Gathering of Hundred Supernatural Stories) is a game where you and a bunch of people take turns telling supernatural stories in a room lit by lanterns. It is customary to stop at the 99th story out of fear that you may summon something by that 100th. This is connected to the Aoandon (Karamatsu’s Yokai), where blue paper lanterns are lit instead, and by the 100th story an Aoandon (lit. translated to Blue (Ao) Lantern (Andon)) appears. The entire game is similar to telling spooky stories around a campfire in western culture, minus the spirits thing ofc.

    ** To my understanding a Massha shrine is a shrine taken care of by a larger shrine. A Hokora shrine is a smaller Shinto shrine. They’re both smaller shrines but the difference is that Massha shrines have Kami deeply related to the bigger shrine, while Hokora shrines are standalone shrines independent of any larger shrines. Explains why the Massha shrine was found near the village but the Hokora shrine was found deep in the forest. It’s not shown here but the Hokora Shrine has a Tanuki statue beside it, and the Massha shrine, a Kitsune.

    *** ok i know how repetitive some words i use, like oni demon, kitsune mask, hokora shrine and massha shrine. (like oni means demon etc.). But for justification’s sake, I didn’t want to just use the word demon, cause it wasn’t any kind of regular demon, but specifically an oni. Same with Kitsune, not just any fox but specifically a kitsune. Also Massha and Hokora are stand alone words but you wouldn’t be able to know what exactly they are unless i put shrine in front of them so hopefully i cleared things up?

    #Denkimatsu#Denki Mystery#Romantic Mystery#Osomatsu san#Hesokuri Wars#Translation#Event Story#Ozo Akashika#Karatsugu Aogo#Chorosuke Midorito#Hajime Shisaka#Toshio Ogami#Takashi Momose#Osomatsu#Karamatsu#Choromatsu#Ichimatsu#Jyushimatsu#Todomatsu#Mod Pheo#Youkaimatsu #Ayy!! 2nd reference to youkaimatsu! #sadly the mummies are just golden statues and not the actual youkais themselves! #although this gold statue thing is connected to the Phantom Thieves set and the Mafia set
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    24.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Denki Mystery: Six Idol Statues of Taboo - Chapter 8

    Chorosuke: I've always wondered about the name "Jyushimatsu Festival". See, in this area, 'Matsu' is a forbidden word, in a sense.

    Chorosuke: If all of us really do have “Matsu”* in our birth names, it would be terrible! Horrible!

    Hajime: A word whose only trace is in the name of a bizzare festival? This would be the first time I’ve seen the Jyushimatsu festival in person. They wear masks and parade around, don’t they?

    Takashi: I only see them once every year, but they wear oni demons and kitsune masks and chant things like "die, die**". What even is that?

    Hajime: It is true that some of the festivals are called strange festivals, and there are some festivals that get rid of impurity by cursing with such a curse word.

    Toshio: There's something that I’m worried about. My father is the head of the Ogami family and the priest of the festival, and every year he always does preparations. The day before the festival in an old factory on the outskirts of the village, in addition to the ritual tools of the shrine, he also prepares something else…... which is today.

    Karatsugu: An old factory!? What kind of factory was it? Is it currently being used? Finally.... a real case to report!?

    Chorosuke: Is it the Flag Factory? Mr. Flag, though he gets called "Man with the Red Flag" a lot, uses it as a pencil factory.

    Ozo: Isn't there also a warehouse on the factory grounds? The pencils there are often used for participation prizes. We can go if you're curious? Like, right now.

    Takashi: Sure. It's a bit scary, but... but can we even all get in a car?

    Toshio: One person can fit in the trunk. Maybe.

    Karatsugu: Eh!?... Why are you all looking at me? Why!? Ehhh!?

    ー Hatabou Factory, night.

    [All of them are walking towards the factory.]

    Ozo: Wow. As expected, the factory at night is spooky, isn't it? I wonder what strange things we can see here!?

    Hajime: No sign of anyone. Well, it doesn't look busy enough to keep the factory running all night.

    Takashi: In the past, they used to run all night long. They used to run breakfasts at our store too, for people who worked the night shift looking for something to eat...

    Karatsugu: What did they used to make before it turned into a pencil factory? Did the previous master ever discuss it with the regulars? … Just curious.

    Takashi: Huh? Papa never talked about those kinds of things with the customers often. Well, it was a better time for the economy. I wonder what they were making?

    [While Takashi and Karatsugu are having their conversation, Ozo stops in front of the factory, struggling with something.]

    Ozo: Hnggh? This door won’t open!?

    Chorosuke: Stop!? You're trespassing!?

    Hajime: We've already come this far, we're practically trespassing already..

    Chorosuke: No, that's not the case at all!? Once you get inside it's an entirely different thing, you know what I mean? We can't just wander in you know!?

    Ozo: Oh! You think we can climb the fire escape? … Wanna go?

    Karatsugu: It seems that way. It's too dark to see much from above, but… sounds like it’s worth a try, right?

    [[They start climbing the stairs nearby, much to chorosuke’s reluctance.]]

    Takashi: Phew! Just how many floors even are there!?

    Chorosuke: Seriously! Wouldn’t it be bad if we get caught? ... Well, maybe since we’re outside the building? Our chances would be better…

    Karatsugu: Alright! We’re almost at the rooftop.

    [Slowly everyone starts clambering to the roof top.]

    Hajime: Phew. That was a tough one. Hm? One more rung up the ladder ...? Is it the height of the factory sign?

    Toshio: Maybe there are some remnants of the past. Shall we go?

    Hajime: I can’t see it that well. Is there any light nearby...

    Ozo: I have a flashlight!

    [[Ozo turns on the flashlight he's been holding and shines the light on the signboard.]]

    Ozo: Huh? What's all this?

    Hajime: There are signs of repainted letters on the signboard. I wonder what?

    [[Hajime takes the flashlight from Ozo. Carefully scanning each letter the light heads further right, stopping on "F".]]

    The “F” in “Flag Factory” seems to be just a paint job, covering some parts of the original letter.

    Karatsugu: Is the name reworked from something else? "Flag" ... "Black"? It's a bit too on the nose.***

    [[With everyone's attention on the signboard. Takashi takes a step back. Out of the corner of his eye he notices something.]]

    Takashi: Ah! Turn off the flashlight! A car is coming!

    [[Hajime fumbles with the flashlight to turn it off. Everyone crouches down to peer over the rooftop.]]

    Takashi: ... It stopped.

    [[The doors open and a familiar face gets off.]]

    Takashi: Is that... Papa? No, it’s… the head of the Ogami.

    Hajime: Uh, you know. The woman holding a log next to him…

    Chorosuke: No, he’s a man.**** Grows mushrooms. One of my students, Iyami-san.

    [[Iyami and Priest Ogami enter one of the buildings.]]

    Chorosuke: They went into the warehouse. … Huh?

    Ozo: They came out so soon? Wait.. what's with the sudden increase in the number of people!? Are they saying "It's the eve of the festival, Dayooon!"!?

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

    Yes the name is from the Jyushimatsu festival (Jyushimatsu Matsuri) is from the titular episode from season 1. The kanji for “matsuri” used here is 祀り and not the usual kanji for festival (祭). 祭 means festival but 祀りmeans enshrinement. This is a clue to the weird happenings in Akatsuka Village. What is being enshrined? Why is the whole town involved? The specific matsu that Chorosuke is talking about is the 松 from Jyushimatsu and not 祀 from Matsuri.

    ** Todomatsu uses the hiragana spelling “しねしね” (shi-ne-shi-ne), since he doesn’t know the meaning of what they’re chanting.

    *** Flag “フラッグ Factory is phonetically similar to Black “ブラック” Factory. In fact, if you remove the diacritic in ブ and add one to ク, you get Flag. Also yes, black factory references the original black factory in season 1.

    **** Chorosuke,,,,,,,,,,, sigh,,,,,,,, can’t I enjoy a piece of japanese media that ISNT A LICK OF TRANSPHOBIC????? I’m gonna keep the direct translation, but I’m fucking SIDE EYEING THE WRITERS. There is no need??? For transphobia??? “Haha this “woman” is “actually a man in a dress”” jokes aren’t funny. Disclaimer, every time Iyami is mentioned I’m gonna try my best to use gender neutral language and if push comes to shove I WILL use female identifiers.

    #Denkimatsu#Denki Mystery#Romantic Mystery#Osomatsu san#Hesokuri Wars#Translation#Event Story#Chorosuke Midorito#Hajime Shisaka#Takashi Momose#Toshio Ogami#Karatsugu Aogo#Ozo Akashika#Choromatsu#Ichimatsu#Todomatsu#Jyushimatsu#Karamatsu#Osomatsu#Mod Pheo #I'm so disappointed honestly #Iyami is a trans woman in this au PERIOD. #She is not a man in a dress smh!!! #Until I hear it from her mouth anything otherwise then will I change my view #but don't think i don't see the transphobic connotations either way!!! #Also lmao at karatsugu in the trunk. i finally understand all the fanart now
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    Denki Mystery: Six Idol Statues of Taboo - Chapter 7

    Chorosuke: Use this outhouse* for tonight. This used to be my father's study. Don’t mind the idol merchandise, it's just a hobby of mine.

    Karatsugu: Is the second generation of heresy blooming in the flower arrangement world an idol otaku**? mumbling Heh, somehow I was able to find something interesting for the article.

    [[Karatsugu shifts his attention from the box of idol goods to a piece of decoration in the room.]]

    Karatsugu: ... This flower arrangement? ... It’s a bit plain.

    Chorosuke: It's my work. Something like “wabi” or something like “sabi”***. I was aiming for something simple and that kind of thing.

    Hajime: Wouldn’t you be better suited for tea ceremonies instead?

    [[Takashi enters the room, inspecting the room where they will be sleeping.]]

    Takashi: … This building was built before there was electricity, so there's a cord that's wired in afterwards... Huh? What's that stuck between the gaps in the wall?

    Ozo: What's this? Just 'cause there aren’t any trash cans nearby? You can’t just shove it in here, okay? Right, Choromatsu~****?

    Chorosuke: It wasn’t me! Rude... Huh? I didn’t notice this at all? What is it?

    [[Chorosuke pulls the thing out from the gaps.]]

    Chorosuke: … Looks like a piece of paper.

    Toshio: Isn't this a torn page from the journal?

    [[Chorosuke hands Toshio the paper.]]

    Toshio: … Song lyrics. I know the song. It's called "Don't Drink too much Sake~”

    [[The page with the song on it gets passed around the room.]]

    Takashi: … I was right! These lyrics… they’re the same ones I know. I always thought they were weird though.

    「Don't drink too much sake or you'll into a demon.

     Don't sleep under a sleepy blue light.

     Don't stretch your nose towards the heavens.

     Don't hide your head but hide your tail.

     Don't bark like a dog in vain.

     Don't be a foolish tanuki by recklessly fooling around.」*****

    Ozo: I heard that saying lot when I was a kid. Don't stretch under your nose, wasn't it******? Turns out I was wrong! Bwahaha!

    Chorosuke: That’s not it, it’s because of the nose. If you stretch it out under your nose then it has a completely different meaning******. I mean this song! Wasn’t the purpose to promise us to be a good little boy?

    Karatsugu: I thought it was to be a bit eco-friendly, like, you shouldn't drink too much or sleep with the TV on, and that kinda stuff…*******

    Takashi: I always thought it was the "Don't be a foolish tanooki by messing around with Iyami"*******. It's like... they were all meant to be warnings, weren't they?

    Hajime: Six Sextuplets, Six Taboos… I feel like the very existence of this song is a testament to the existence of something else important.

    Toshio: We're not demons or tanukis right now though. Six… Does this have to do with the story of the six mummies? There’s a picture in the journal...

    Karatsugu: Mummy? What’s the story? This smells like… a result of a crime!? No way, a big scoop!?

    Hajime: In my father's research, there is a story about idolatry******** in this village. However, it is said that the mountains enshrined in this village are only natural objects. Mountain worship*******...

    Toshio: You mean like Twin Peaks*********! The mountain that looks like oppai!

    Hajime: Yes, worshiping oppa-...? … No.

    Hajime: The records ostensibly only tell the story of the mountain worship. But ... It appears again and again in the folklore and rumors of the region. The word 'six' and idolatry. The story of a child who was spirited away, hidden by a god. Rumors that they may have been worshipping not the mountains itself but things that come from the mountains.

    Ozo: What? What comes from the mountains? Like a monster bird?... a tengu, maybe? There were stories of kidnappings happening on that mountain.

    Toshio: Or from even beyond the sky, for example.

    Karatsugu: Spirited away… like being abducted by aliens, or something like that?

    Hajime: Well, it's just an impression of a series of stories. UFO beliefs and sacrifice stories are not uncommon in the world.

    [[Hajime’s face turns somber.]]

    Hajime: ...And then there's the story of the buried gold. In fact, after I started looking into it, my father disappeared.

    Karatsugu: The disappearance of a professor and stories of buried gold...!? No matter how you look at it, it's a news flash! Am I able to strike gold so easily!? Please allow me an exclusive interview....

    [[It seems like the conversation has drifted off from there, taking this cue, Chorosuke starts setting the futons.]]

    Chorosuke: Tomorrow is the day of the festival for most of Akatsuka. Strange things can happen at any moment. Let's all be careful.

    Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

    Mod note: * Someone was kind enough to correct me! Chorosuke says 離れ, which is a type of outhouse separated from the main house, sometimes literally. They can either be annexes to the main building or built separately.

    ** Karamatsu uses the term Doru-ota ドルオタ, which is slang for Idol Otaku (Aidoru Otaku).

    *** Wabi-sabi is a type of aesthetic in Japan that’s all about simple, natural, modest, humble, etc. I reccomend to search it up if you’d like to know more.

    **** Chorofappyski lmaooooo, also Ozo calls Chorosuke "Choromatsu" here, there aren't many situations where Ozo is given a chance to refer to his brothers so I'm not sure if he's switched to the matsu names or is simply teasing Chorosuke since they're apparently brothers.

    ***** A lot of things got lost in translation here! For context these 6 lines are a reference to Youkaimatsu. Osomatsu = Shuten Doji, an Oni or a demon leader with a penchant for sake. Karamatsu = Aoandon, a spirit that appears after a game is played, usually blue paper lanterns are used to give the room a chilling atmosphere. Choromatsu = Daitengu, a greater tengu, their beaks are humanized into long noses. Ichimatsu = Nine-tailed Kitsune, shapeshifter, the most powerful a kitsune can be. a . Jyushimatsu = Inugami, a dog spirit that possesses people. Todomatsu = Bake-Danuki, fat nuts, they cause mysterious events. There are multiple puns in the original song that I wasn’t able to translate cause either a) i didn’t get it, b) it didn’t fit. The tanuki line has a pun about Bake-Danuki and Baka (idiot), hence the foolish tanuki.

    ****** I have NO idea what they’re going on about. It’s probably a Japanese idiom I don’t know about. Something about noses. They’re talking about the 3rd line. But Ozo says that it reminds him of an idiom when he was young. Chorosuke corrects him with the ACTUAL idiom (鼻の下を伸ばす, used to describe “a man whose face is loose to his woman of choice. to ogle. To have a lewd look on one’s face or To be sweet to women.”) Edit: The line in the song means to not be rude, stretching your nose to the heavens is to not pay respect to other people (like turning your nose up high), streteching your nose under is the idiom i explained above

    ******* Karatsugu is specifically mentioning the 1st and 2nd line of the lyrics. Takashi misremembers the last line of the lyrics, he thought the lyrics were “Iyami o baka ni shita tanuki.” when they are actually “Muyami ni baka shite tanuki ni naranu”.

    ******** Jesus christ I have GOT to find a better way to annotate this. Hajime specifically uses the word 偶像崇拝 (pronounced ぐうぞうすうはい), which is often used in negative context like criticism of idolatry. I mean that’s what japanese wikipedia told me lmao. There’s an emphasis on the worship of concrete images made from clay, wood, steel or perhaps… gold. In the next annotation, Hajime uses the term 山岳信仰 (pronounced さんがくしんこう), its where the mountain itself is the subject of worship. Originally done by people close to the mountains who revered them for their natural, bountiful and harsh environment. They believed that there was a spiritual power in the mountains. Ok that’s all I just got all of these from JP wikipedia. Smh, I didn’t expect to do research on japanese theology haha.

    ********* Alright that’s it, next post i'm revamping my annotation system. Edit: found a more accurate translation. 双子嶽, pronounced futagotake, is literally translated into Twin (Futago) and Peaks (Take), Twin Peaks, the very piece of media that Denki Mystery takes inspiration from.

    #Denkimatsu#Denki Mystery#Romantic Mystery#Osomatsu san#Hesokuri Wars#Translation#Event Story#Chorosuke Midorito#Karatsugu Aogo#Takashi Momose#Ozo Akashika#Hajime Shisaka#Toshio Ogami#Choromatsu#Karamatsu#Todomatsu#Osomatsu#Ichimatsu#Jyushimatsu#Mod Pheo #I wonder if anyone reads the mod tags #i  provide trivia down here too you know! #Like how the name of the burger shop that ozo goes to is called Matudo! #And how every father except for suuji's is confirmed dead #and spoilers!! i can post spoilers here too you know #i wont though lmao #anw if you read these send me an ask like Hajime is my chonker catboy #it'd be our own inside joke #also hajime is so different from ichi omg. hes like a new character #he's like the nerd now. and he doesn't have that many cat related aesthetics
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