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    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    This Classic Vanilla Cake pairs fluffy vanilla cake layers with a silky vanilla buttercream. The perfect cake for birthdays, weddings, or any occasion! | livforcake.com

    This Classic Vanilla Cake pairs fluffy vanilla cake layers with a silky vanilla buttercream. The perfect cake for birthdays, weddings, or any occasion! | livforcake.com from { { FeedTitle} }{ { EntryUrl} }

    #Liv for Cake - Classic Cake Recipes with a Modern Twist
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    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞   𝐭𝐨   𝐲𝐨𝐮.   /   𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚎𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐

    @trshmouth   whispered   ::   [   HUG   ]   our   muses   hug   each   other   /   ok   but   richie   does   the   sweep   u   up   off   ur   feet   bear   hug   bc   he's   annoying   and   loves   des

          𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤   𝐨𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐧   𝐡𝐚𝐝   𝐡𝐞𝐫   𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠   𝐟𝐨𝐫   𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬   &   𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧   𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐬   𝐚𝐭   𝐚   𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞   for   investigations   ;   this   one   landed   her   in   the   middle   of   nowhere   in   weston   ,   west   virginia   :   a   quaint   ,   quiet   little   town   with   a   notoriously   haunted   asylum.   by   the   time   she   finished   the   investigation   and   was   on   the   plane   back   home   ,   she   was   exhausted   both   physically   and   mentally.   she   missed   her   apartment   ,   missed   her   bed   ,   and   oddly   enough   —   she   missed   richie   tozier   !

          she's   sure   the   poor   elderly   woman   sitting   next   to   her   on   the   flight   home   is   growing   tired   watching   desdemona's   incessant   wiggling   in   her   seat   that   only   grows   worse   as   the   plane   taxies   into   the   gate.   her   tiny   feet   carry   her   to   the   baggage   claim   at   the   speed   of   light.   the   moment   her   eyes   land   on   her   friend   ,   it   is   practically   like   nothing   else   exists   or   matters   in   that   very   moment.   all   of   the   sudden   she   dons   the   brightest   grin   she's   ever   worn   in   her   entire   life   ,   prancing   over   and   immediately   throwing   her   arms   around   him.   

    (   you   would   think   the   two   haven't   seen   each   other   in   ten   years.   )

          giggles   spill   past   her   lips   in   endless   amounts   as   she   feels   her   feet   leave   the   ground.   she   can   feel   eyes   on   them.   the   sheer   feeling   alone   brings   a   teensie   bit   of   embarrassment   with   it   ,   made   evident   by   the   blush   creeping   'pon   her   cheeks.

          ❝   richie   ,   people   are   watching.   ❞   she   quietly   chastises   ,   but   makes   no   attempt   to   wiggle   out   of   his   grasp.   her   grip   on   him   tightens   for   a   second   ,   giving   him   a   silent   squeeze   that   says   ,   '   i   missed   you.   '   her   hand   ruffles   his   hair.   instead   of   choosing   to   say   those   words   out   loud   ,   she   teases   him   ,   ❝   you   act   like   i've   been   gone   for   ages.   it's   been   two   weeks   —   were   you   going   through   dessy   withdrawals   ?   ❞

    #me rambling bc i love theiR DYNAMIC SM #they give me sm serotonin ok!!!!!! #trshmouth #*    ⟢   𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄 𝟎𝟏   ⧽  ━━ main  /  modern. #*    ⟢   𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑   ⧽  ━━ answered.
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  • jadelynlace
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    NSFW Prompts / Ink Drinker Modern Vikings AU Request [Ivar x F!Reader]

    request by: @quantumlocked310 & @alexhandersen-marcoilsoe-fandom (I combined two!)

    author’s note: you can find the complete NSFW prompt list here, and you can find the request by the love of my life, I mean @quantumlocked310 here. the notes on this post contain the request from @alexhandersen-marcoilsoe-fandom

    content warnings: angry sex (spanking, doggy & creampies); prompts will be bolded.

    synopsis: Ivar wants to help you, and you just want to forget.

    You couldn’t say you had better coping mechanisms, dark humor and caffeine fueled mock-heart attacks were usually how you dealt with what horrors came from work. Bottling things up, shoving them under the rug that simply could not hold much more. But you never called Ivar a name out of anger. Or out of any emotion other than petty annoyance because there were times you couldn’t believe “Jack Ass” wasn’t his legal name. 


    You’d been called that before, by patients, by your ex, by Hvitserk if there was a loving application to the wording and there always was. But with how the name dropped off of Ivar’s tongue over the phone, there wasn’t an ounce of love in sight. And when the line went dead after his small outburst Ivar knew something had nipped at you. He just wanted you to consider the problem from his perspective—Ivar wasn’t one to talk about his own mentality and although he wasn’t the best example, he still saw someone professionally. You lacked that luxury and he thought you should do it. And you thought you should not.

    “Why do you have to be a bitch about this?”

    Sigurd even sucked in a quick hiss when the words left Ivar’s mouth, and then when his brother pulled the phone away from his ears quickly, damage was done. Ivar mumbled something about a smoke, anger on his face as he stomped through the shop, but Sigurd couldn’t tell if it was anger for you or anger for himself.

    You were no happier when you went home after an unplanned extension to your shift. Taking a patient to the medical center almost an hour away on their own wish was your least favorite thing to hear when your shift ended five minutes prior. Anger might as well spill from your pores as you walked in to see Ivar at the dining table, a bottle of whiskey, two glasses, and eyes on you. And he looked pissed.

    “Sit down.” He demands.

    “Fuck you, Ivar,” You spit back.

    “No, you don’t get to do that if you’re going to be a bitch about this,” Ivar says and he stands. You can only laugh, spoiled and rotten as the joke rings through you and annoys you even farther.

    “Like you’re someone who talks about their emotions,” You say, stepping in through the threshold.

    “I never said I was,” Ivar starts. “But there’s someone who gets to hear them once a week and all I want is for you to fucking think about that. That’s all I asked. Because I only know half of what you see on a daily basis, and what I know ain't great, and I can’t imagine what else there is.”

    “Well, it’s a good thing you’re not a medic,” Your words come to be blunt as you walk past him.

    “Oh my fucking god,” Ivar groans and pushes the chair back to thunk his weight across. “Why aren’t you letting me help you?” His words come next and you hear the bottle being opened, and you hear the sloshing of the liquid across the lowball glass and then your hear him toss it back. “I just want to fucking help you,” And Ivar is speaking to the table top now, eyes pinching shut as he scrubs his hands to cover his face. There’s another pour into the vessel and he tosses it back again. “Call me when you want to talk.” He says as he stands, feeling far too unwelcome, pulling his leather jacket back on and fishing through his pockets for his lighter and final cigarette. You hear the stomp from his boots and the deadbolt unlatch and you turn stalk out from your room. Now with bare feet that waltz you back over to where he is, slamming the door into its home and Ivar turns. There’s a look of confusion on his face, unlit cigarette ready to fall from his lips as your eyes bore back up to him.

    “I’ve had a shit day—one where nothing goes right no matter what because some people can’t be pleased. Even when I drive them to the medical center, an hour away, and they have to wait in line to get checked in. Do not come over here to be a dick because I don’t want to talk to a shirk about the stupid shit like that. Have you ever seen a burnt body, Ivar? I’ll talk to a shirk about that—but not petty shit that comes with my certificate because it’s called petty shit for a reason.” You say lowly.

    “Then what do you want me to do?” Ivar replies.

    “Take the fucking cigarette out of your mouth.” And as soon as he complies you’re tugging his face down to yours. His hands move clumsily for a brief second, shocked in a sense with your change of emotions, and they finally latch on to your face. Your feet take you backwards, Ivar with you and you’re all but dragging him. There’s a wait for him to take control, and when you stand back alongside your bed simply looking at him, he catches his cue. 

    You’re spun quickly, pushed to bend across the sheets and his hand is over your pajama pants. Slapping a palm across your ass and the sting sends your mind back to the present and it makes you moan. It makes the sharp thoughts dull and you ask him for another one. And another one. A balancing act starts between both of his hands, swatting your back side again because with each time you moan louder, you get wetter and Ivar is still trying to quickly get his own jeans off with his free fingers. He watches you climb up the bed, leaving the shorts in your wake and your wiggling from your shirt, on all fours before him. His jacket lands somewhere behind him, climbing up after you and you’re covered by that man, his hand back along your ass as he slaps it to darken a brilliant shade of red.

    “Hang on,” He says lowly by your ear and he can’t help but dip his fingers between your folds, parting you to see how wet you’ve grown for him. A moan slips through your mouth as he does, pulling his fingers back and sliding your juices across his shaft, lubricating his journey and there’s a final slap before Ivar pulls your hips back. As you arch your back in response he grabs a hold of himself, nudging your thighs to part with his knee cap and there’s no slow pace as he pushes himself into you. Spreading your walls roughly and the tip of his cock pushes against your sweet spot instantly, melting into the sheets and your hair is yanked forcefully from his grasp. “I just want to fucking help,” He grumbles from behind you, gritting his teeth and he wants to stay mad at you but the ways your body conforms for him makes it a battle he’s willing to lose.

    “Harder,” You beg and he hasn’t even moved yet. “Ivar, harder,” And he watches your fingers dig into the sheets as his free hand grips your hip bone. “Please—I need you so badly,” You whimper and that catches him. “Just make me forget,” The first thrust he offers you snaps you up the bed, rutting the headboard to bounce back off of the wall and you moan. “Harder,” Comes your plea and he drops your hair, free hand taking home to your other hip for leverage and he pulls back to slam into you even harder. The wetness radiating from your cunt echoes to meet the noise of the headboard as Ivar fucks you, your mouth dropping open and the angered thoughts from the prior hours are all gone. Taken up by the pleasure as his body meets yours, torso coming to cover you and Ivar reaches forwards, bending your body so your back meets his chest, and his lips can rest on your ear.

    “I want you to forget everything and everyone else, but me—and this,” Ivar whispers in your ear, craning your chin as his hand slithers to grab your throat, sending his point home as his cock pierces you, causing you to whimper as your only way to respond. “And I want you to come all over me,” He grumbles, his voice faltering as his hips stutter, trying to starve off his own end to make you meet yours first. You can only nod in response, not even sure that he sees it as your climax creeps across your skin. Taunting you just out past your grip and the frustration makes you whine.

    “Harder—‘m so close,” You whimper and one of Ivar’s hands drop suddenly, pushing against your clit and that sends you to cry out, dropping forwards as his hips moves as fast as his tired body will let them. Snapping up as his wrist moves to try to match it and he feels your walls grab him like a vice, a scream of his name rolling off of your mouth as you lurch in his grasp, soaking him and the whole complex surely hears you come. Crushing aftershocks of your orgasm ripple against Ivar’s shaft and there’s a few final slower thrusts, stuttering as he halts when he comes, the sound of his long groan heavenly on your ears while his arms all but crush you. Panting soon echos between the two of you and Ivar’s quite certain his back popped out of place with the force of his orgasm. As he trails his lips to your temple, gone slick with sweat that lingers from his own hair line, you finally apologize.

    “Don’t need to be sorry—I get it,” He says quietly and the grimace from his earlier words are lightyears away. “Just tell me what you need so I can do it,”

    “This,” is all you can reply.

    “This might have to wait like an hour,” Ivar mumbles, his lips moving to your shoulder blade. “I can’t feel my back,” His confession sends laughter to ring from your lips, his echoing not too far behind and its the first sliver of decency you’ve actually felt since you left for work that morning.

    “Bring the whiskey back,” You say, turning your head to seek out his lips and when they plant along yours you can’t help but hum. 

    “Don’t like it when you’re upset,” Ivar adds, slowly creeping away from you, slipping back out and you climb through the sheets. In the plush oasis you curl around with the duvet, watching Ivar pull back as his eyes scan to find the path where his clothes were haphazardly flung. Red boxers are back on and he’s looming back over you, grabbing your cheeks to push them together with his fingers as he places his mouth on yours. “You’re not a bitch,” He tells you as his lips move only millimeters from yours.

    “I’ll be the first to admit that I am,” You say, cheeks still squished together and Ivar can’t help but smile. He’s back a few seconds later with the bottle, tossing it to roll along the sheets and you’re quick to take a hearty swig. “Is he taking new clients?” You ask as he climbs in beside you.

    “She is,” Ivar says back, palm out reached and you hand him the bottle.

    “You have a lady therapist?” You say and he nods, setting the bottle back on the night stand. 

    “We’ll talk about it in the morning,” Ivar tells you and you turn, moving to rest back along the sheets and his head comes down on your chest, slinging an arm loosely over your waist as he gets comfortable. And then he’s squeezing you closer as your hand take to his hair. “Wait—hold on,” Ivar says after a minute, laying back next to you and you’re suddenly pulled, laid across his chest as your naked body moves limply and he snickers at how easily your limbs are oozing. His arms are around you then, pushing hair from your face as he curls the ends around his fingertips, sliding those same digits down your spine, the swell of your bare ass, and then back up again. The warmth of his hand presses against you as you rest over him and he pulls the covers back over the two of you. “That’s better.” Ivar whispers and he presses his lips against your hair.

    “Thank you Ivar,” You say from your spot.

    “You’re welcome baby, get some rest,”

    “I love you,” and Ivar squeezes his arms around you once more as you say that, the words always sounding better each time you speak them.

    “I love you too Y/N,”

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    full masterlist can be found here.

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    let's settle this. Glenn Scholars of Tumblr: how much older than Felix do you headcanon Glenn to be?

    #fe3h#glenn fraldarius #felix hugo fraldarius #in my modern au i've got him at 9yrs older and born end of july #i know it's free real estate/all speculation but i'm curious what other people think
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    19.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    STORMBRINGER CH 7: The room of War

    The tension in the room is so thick I could cut it with a knife and spread it on the glazed buns Josephine graciously offered to each of us, probably with the intent of easing the tension or avoiding it from escalating any further. You can’t argue if your mouth is full of bread, can you?
    While it helped to keep the poison from being spewed, it did nothing to stop the daggers being glared from my side of the room to the other, where Leliana remained perched beside the Herald. I could not walk to him without getting by her first, and I bit my piece of bread with defeat. There goes my plan of using him as a meat shield in case things went further downhill. Would Solas be too willowy to serve as a shield from an airborne dagger?
    I’m idly watching Ornay obliterate his third plate of buns when intense bickering fills the otherwise silent halls of the Chantry. It doesn’t take long for a pissed Cullen, followed by an equally angry Cassandra barge in the room, leaving the door open for a smug-faced Varric walk in shortly after, strutting in a deliberately leisurely pace. He closes the door with a flourish, and bows to Josephine.
    “Ambassador! Excuse my lateness for the celebration, my fashionably late timing was terribly miscalculated. I suppose it’s time to brush up on my party etiquette.” He looks around the room then “Now, to what do I owe the honor of being summoned to this enchanting Circle of Joy?”
    “Our… Visitor.” Josephine points at me with her board “She insisted having your presence was important for the information she need to relay.” Varric looks at me then, quirking an eyebrow in interest.
    “Ah. I don’t believe we have met yet, my lady. I’m Varric Tethras: rogue, storyteller, and occasionally unwelcome tagalong” I can’t help the snort or the blush creeping up my cheeks when he winks at me. No matter how angry I was, the fangirl is still strong on my veins.
    “Pleased to make acquaintance, Varric.” I say with a tad more excitement than I intended, and from the way he straightens and preens, I know my eyes must be shinning like stars. It’s Varric, damnit!
    “A fan, I take? Shall I get my quill ready?”
    “A fan, yes. But not the type you’d expect.” I’m pulled out of fan zone by a cough reminding me of the rest of the room. “Alright. Everyone here, time to talk. Huh.”
    I chuckle nervously, pressing my back on the wall and rubbing the heel of my hands on my eyes “I know this might be hard to believe, and I can offer all the proof you need if you ask nicely, so please no hurling spells or blades my way before I can finish it, thank you. I am a seer, and I bring news no one in this room is going to like.”...

    You can check the full chapter by clicking HERE!

    #modern girl in thedas #fic update #dragon age fanfiction #dragon age inquisition #character: ellie montes #character: ornay#ao3#writblr#varric tethras#josephine montilyet
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    My Modern Horizons 2 tokens are now available on my etsy! Come check them out if you're interested!

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    # P R E V I E W - U S E R G R O U P S

    Interested in what the usergroup set-up will look like on Bare My Teeth? We decided to use the Nine Enneagrams as inspiration and paired them with a selection of herbs.

    These usergroups are not entirely completed yet as you might notice. We're still working on giving them aesthetics and all that fun stuff.

    Have an aesthetic idea? Feel free to PM it to us via Ask!

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    Modernist Sunburst brooch by Tiffany & Co, 1970s

    18kt yellow gold (£10,500, 1stdibs)

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    Incorrect Animaniac quote #14

    Wakko: Teachers tell me every time someone drives with a gas cap on, an angel gets its wings!

    Yakko: Your teacher's full of shit!

    #animaniacs 2020 #animaniacs incorrect quotes #animaniacs#incorrect quotes #source: rocko's modern life #rocko's modern life
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    Download Free Bunny Hopster Svg: Crafter File Here>> https://ift.tt/3vLyWYa

    #Free SVG Modern Files | Make Your Design More Attractive svgdesign
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    Download Free Daddy'S Little Fishin' Buddy Crafter File Here>> https://ift.tt/2TMavwD

    #Free SVG Modern Files | Make Your Design More Attractive svgdesign
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    Download Free Whatever Sprinkles Your Donut Svg Cutting Files Crafter File Here>> https://ift.tt/3wMVyZG

    #Free SVG Modern Files | Make Your Design More Attractive svgdesign
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    #the terror fic #joplittle#modern au#thomas jopson#edward little#FTAGH#prompts #my beautiful boys trying so hard
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    Encaustic Floral 1 - Flower painting by Kathy Morton Stanion by Kathy Morton Stanion


    This is an original encaustic work of art (wax with pigment). Size: 8" x 8", (Window 3.75 x 3.75) Hand …
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    inside of sirius black’s instagram

    #sirius black #sirius black imagine #sirius x you #sirius x y/n #sirius orion black #the noble house of black #remus lupin#james potter#peter pettigrew #the marauders era #the marauders #marauders modern au #social media au #fake social media #smau #harry potter imagine #harry potter #harry potter smau
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    In case you wondered what me and my fiance talk about.

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    no thoughts head empty (yakuza bfs edition)
    #blood tw / #v;modern
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    Devil’s Trap - A Modern Day S1 Reboot RPG


    Let me introduce you to Devil’s Trap where we take things right back to the beginning. Devil’s Trap is a reimagining of the cult TV show Supernatural set in the modern day. We aim to deliver a unique experience where players are free to explore the world of Supernatural in an entirely new way. Want to play as Joe Harvelle the son of Ellen Harvelle? Go for it. Want to play Jessica and have her survive that fatal encounter with Brady? You’d be absolutely welcome.

    In the world of Devil’s trap tensions have begun to build. All over America individuals in their twenties have begun manifesting unusual abilities. Some are keeping a low profile and hoping to stay out of the limelight while others have used them for crime and other misdemeanours. Even worse skilled hunters have begun to notice an alarming increase in the number of demonic possessions, as on an average year they’d hear of three maybe four tops while this year there have been twenty seven known cases. Hunters are on edge and some are talking about banding together to stop this threat before it can unleash hell on earth, but will it be possible to unite a people as independent and solitary as hunters to do what’s needed?

    As for the Winchesters, Sam is currently at Stanford living a life of perceived normality with Jessica and Brady. John is still hunting the thing that killed his wife while trying to keep his boys safe. And Dean is out on the open road hunting independently or with his dad when the need arises.

    What will happen next? Will good triumph over evil as the fairy tales tell us, or will life prove to be a lot more complex than a fairy tale? Join us and find out.

    #site ad #other forum host #modern fantasy rp #fandom premise #real life faces #submission
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    Our favourite space in the studio! 😍

    Who’s up for a fresh cup of coffee at our beautiful coffee bar?

    Our amazing location on an upper floor also lets us have a view of the canopy of trees outside. It’s truly so soothing! ✨

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