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  • Sneak Peek | The French Press


    Her name sounded like flowing caramel when he said it, bringing back all sorts of memories from the last time they’d met in Vienna.

    “Dolohov,” she spat back at him, not wanting to give him even an ounce of satisfaction knowing how he still affected her. “Chloroform, really? Are you guys getting tips from 50p paperbacks now?”

    He laughed. “It’s actually a cocktail of our own invention,” he answered. “Chloroform takes too long. I thought you of all people would know that.”

    “You have some nerve,” she said, the hard bite of anger bleeding back into her. “Kidnapping me after you already used me. Sleeping with me to get my laptop is low, even for a Death Eater like you.”

    “What can I say? I promised I would see you again,” he said, not apologetic at all. “And don’t act as if you didn’t fully enjoy being used.”

    Hermione could feel herself flush. He was right. She hadn’t minded the sex one bit; he had been the best lay she’d had in years and it would be a lie to say that she hadn’t come back to the memory of the night over and over and over….

    “Well, I hope you enjoyed the fruits of your labor,” she answered, standing up and pressing her hands to her hips. She felt a bit silly standing in her gown having this argument. “Tell me, did you even get past one layer of encryption?”

    Dolohov made no secret of trailing his eyes over the curves of her body, before meeting her eyes again. “You are good at what you do, Hermione,” he conceded. “But we did get through the first layer.”

    “And now you are on babysitting duty,” she said, triumphantly.

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  • Ahhhhh…just had the thought of a RasTene college AU fic.

    Ras is failing a class and meets Tenebria in the local coffee shop. Thankfully she’s good at the class he’s failing and agrees to tutor him. Then they start meeting every Wednesday at the coffee shop for tutoring sessions. (on main April 2020). 

    Eventually, these become less tutoring meet ups and more like coffee dates.

    That first text (not shown: the text that comes in a half hour later asking if he is free for 12pm Wednesday).

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  • I don’t get why she’s so underrated.

    Hanji stans? anyone? 🤓


    <3 Marry me, Hanji-san! <3

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  • Summary:  

    He is mild and he is meek, he is Momo and he is what I seek.

    Suki always wanted three things in life. One was to become a professional soccer player. The second was to live in a cute apartment filled with succulents. The third was to get a cat.

    Momo probably wasn’t anyone’s first pick as a pet but Suki was determined to get this cat to love her as much as she loved him. If only he’d accept he had a home now.

    Fandom: Avatar The Last Airbender

    Characters: Suki, Momo, Sokka, Aang

    Relationships: Suki & Momo, Suki & Sokka, Momo & Aang, Mentioned Aang/ Katara, Past Suki/ Toph

    Other Tags: AroWriMo, Oneshot, Modern Setting, Modern AU, Transgender Character, Aromantic Character, Trans Suki, Aromantic Suki, Lesbian Suki, Aro Trans Lesbian Suki, Trans Aang, Bi Sokka, Queer Toph, Cat Momo, Dog Appa, Pet Adoption 

    Warnings: Brief Mentions of Sex, Minor Swearing

    Word Count: 6.7K

    Chapter Count: 1 (Oneshot)

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  • Sixty-Eight:

    Resting, Steve was thankful for epidurals. They sure did make labor easier. Made them better. So much better. Made it so Steve could actually get some rest as his body prepared for the arrival of Kit. And resting was exactly what Steve did. Only half-aware that Bucky was marking him and that his husband was talking to someone else.

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    I got tagged by dear @elveny​, and @kunstpause​, and have another snipped of the current chapter of Unleashed to share. I actually had 50K words pre-written, but just decided to tackle the new chapter entirely from scratch.


    ‘I’m so sorry sir. Can you…uh… can you please wait here for two minutes? The drink will be finished right now.’ The staff member asked him politely, and still slightly nervous. He probably was still a student that just wanted to earn some bucks while he worked here. No wonder that he was nervous about getting orders wrong and possibly getting fired by his Boss.

    ‘I hope he doesn’t mess ours up.’, she mumbled towards Adhlea, not receiving any answer though as the other woman stared at the stranger who took a step to the side, waiting at the counter for his drink impatiently. Every word that she could’ve said got stuck in Adhlea’s throat at once when she recognized the sharp profile that showed his well-defined cheekbones. Oh, and she would recognize the voice everywhere. She just wouldn’t have thought that she would meet him in such a place, seeing him in a casual attire even. A casual attire that suited him so well, and she found herself gawking at the cream-coloured jumper that he wore, combined with a grey overcoat, and a pair of dark-coloured trousers. But what managed to truly gather her attention, was the pair of rimmed glasses that sat on his nose. Creators, she wouldn’t have thought that he could look even more attractive than he did in the club.

    ‘What’s wrong?’ Eirlana asked in confusion as she became aware of her friends stupor. It was clear that something was off with her, her gaze focused on the front of the waiting line. Though, gazing was probably a bit harmless to say, because Adhlea wasn’t only looking… she was clearly staring at someone. And, not only a mere someone as it seemed. No it was the elven man that she spotted before in the line, though she hadn’t gawked at him like Adhlea did now. ‘Do you know him?’, she added quietly as she wondered about that. Adhlea didn’t know any men, at least not that she knew of. Well… not apart from the mysterious guy from the club that just entered her friends life not too long ago. 

    ‘Is that him?’ Eirlana added with widened eyes, now staring at the stranger as much as Adhlea did.

    As for the tags:

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    Idea that’s been on my mind for years. Modern AU of the Right and Left Hand of the Divine.

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    “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    And they really made it!

    They had actually solved an old cold case. What joy overcame the entire team. Many of them had not been in the team long enough to know the whole story down to the last detail, but they knew about it. 

    Trevelyan was a new member of the team back then, full of energy and keen to solve cases and this particular case was a shadowy point in his young career and some of his colleagues and superiors despaired of this file. 

    But now the new forensic scientist had taken up the cause, had pored over books, read the marginal notes and re-examined old evidence. And, he had found what he was looking for. 

    He was a far too modest man to take all the credit alone. He knew full well that years of groundwork had helped solve the case, as had the simple fact that times had changed rapidly. What possibilities they now had to pick up traces. Modern forensics was like a magnificent puzzle, like a weird but interesting construct - not immediately obvious, but there was always a solution, it just had to be found, maybe not today, but possibly tomorrow. 

    And this time the puzzle fell into place. 

    Beforehand, there was great excitement. People were questioned, new witnesses were sought. It had been a long time, some of those involved had already passed away, some simply did not want to be remembered, they had personally come to terms with the unsolved case. Some residents blamed the team of the time, the sheriff and deputies were simply not capable of solving this case. Behind the scenes, there was talk of hanky-panky, bribery, dilettantism. But it was simply the times, the lack of technical tools. The knowledge acquired was once already considerable, but nowadays there was so much more.

    Even Vivienne was called in. She was a great help, she didn’t know the case from the beginning, but the file had already caused her sleepless nights and headaches in her time. 

    Cold cases were really the worst! 

    It was nice to see Pavus and Vivienne sitting together and talking and making progress. A great team, albeit a totally mismatched pair. As colleagues they acted very matter-of-factly and politely and courteously, but during breaks they seemed very distant, sometimes you thought they were deliberately picking on each other, so different were their personal views on trivial matters.

    The mayor himself, some high officials and members of the municipal council invited to a small ceremony of honour. Chief Rutherford and his coroner were the invited guests. 

    Both were absolutely embarrassed to be honoured alone for this teamwork. Everyone from the department, all the former members of the team, all the witnesses, the medics and many private people who had been involved and were parts of the solution - what was with all of them? 

    It was so typical! Only the people who were presentable, eloquent and dapper were invited. The press was also invited and even a camera crew from a television station.

    The hosts didn’t want to honour, they wanted to show off. They weren’t proud of the hard work of the deputies and sheriffs in this country, they were proud to have cracked an old mystery. 

    There were more silly half-truths in the papers about the success of this single case than simply a few nice words about the skill of the executive power in the state. 

    The night before the tribute, Dorian and David spoke on the phone. 

    “Hi honey, how are you?” David’s distinctive voice made Dorian smile on the other end. 

    “Honestly, far away from brilliant.” Came the reply. 

    “I almost thought so. You were very quiet in the office today, you seemed insanely tense. I’m so sorry.” David sighed.

    “You’re sorry? You’re sorry?” Pavus spoke up.

    Silence at the other end. 

    “Sorry, David, I didn’t mean to get loud. You should be apologised to! Jesus…”

    “If you mean the nonsense in the papers, forget it. They set out a long time ago to either rip our department to shreds or shower it with saccharine praise over nothing and nothingness. Pahaha…” David laughed into the phone. 

    “I can read between the lines, these are direct attacks on you, some of the team have been denounced! It’s a disgrace!” Dorian puffed angrily. 

    “Some of us just don’t conform to the community’s world view. Wrong gender, wrong education, wrong inclinations… it’s all cold coffee, darling." 

    "David, you’ve been a deputy for so long. Have you never doubted your job?” Pavus asked disappointed. 

    “Nope, never! I sometimes despair at the stubbornness of some people, but not in mankind itself. It is important to me to provide law and order, I took an oath and I stand behind it fully, Dorian." 

    Trevelyan sounded so honest and so down to earth that it made Dorian’s heart heavy. He liked this normal guy so much that it almost hurt. But the circumstances here in this small county sometimes made him so angry that it was unbearable. And it was not only this tiny county that almost made him despair.

    Texas was beautiful!

    Texas was fascinating!

    But Texas was also just the opposite - uptight, arch-conservative and cruel to dissenters. 

    "Dorian, darling, give yourself a good night’s sleep and tomorrow everything will look very differently. You’ll bring everyone to their knees with your charm and sharp wit, I’d love to be there… tehehe. You will rock it, honey! Now sleep tight and sweet dreams. Love you!” And David kissed loudly into the phone. 

    Dorian would have loved to tell David how much he loved him and that he wanted him to be by his side tomorrow, but he was far too blocked and so he only wished his colleague and boyfriend a good night. 

    Dorian Pavus was a clever man, well-read, full of energy, curiosity and drive, but real life, everything between people and love were still great mysteries to him…

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    Highlands and Horses Chapter 16 Back to Work

    The snow melts enough for them to get out. It is a bittersweet moment. Yes, they need to return to work but, to leave the little bubble they had created was difficult. She holds tight to his hand as they head back to Rebuilding Trust. His thumb runs constantly over her hand. They pull up and he gets out to open the door for her. Taken her hand, he lifts her up, just as  Isobel leads Amazing Grace out for her morning exercise.

    The horse neighs loudly at seeing Claire. Jamie laughs. *Seems someone missed you.” She grins and heads that direction. Amazing Grace moves towards her at the same time, moving farther away from her stall then she has since she arrived at the center. Isobel can barely keep up with her as she trots towards Claire.

    *Oh lovie! I’ve missed you too.” They come together and Amazing Grace nuzzles into her neck as she hugs her on, patting her and softly talking to her. Tears run down her face. It is a major breakthrough for the horse.  She looks to see Isobel and Jamie crying also.

    “Well, seems we should go away more often.” Jamie says through his tears. “I wonder if Donas will be as happy to see me?”

    “Jamie man, glad to have you and Claire back. Donas has been Donas. Fergus is chumping at the bit to work with him but we haven’t allowed him.” John says as he exits the barn.   He then sees Claire and Amazing Grace.

    “She trotted out to her!” his wife tells him.

    “Truly. How brilliant is that!” he comes over to where they all stand.

    “It really is.” Claire says. “How is Marsali?”

    “Butting heads with Jenny. It is a bit entertaining to watch.” John replies to Claire.  “She will be happy to have you back.”

    “Good. I will check on Hope and prepare for her. Come love, let’s get you exercised. “ They walk out towards the far paddock as the others watch, in awe.

    “She is truly a gifted horse whisperer. Did you tell her how you feel?”

    “Of course he did my love. Can’t you tell how relaxed she is. I bet she got some good loving.” Isobel says with a smile.  Jamie blushes but nods.

    “I did and aye, she has as have I.  She loves me too!”

    “Wonderful!”  John throws his arms around his friend.

    “It is amazing. I need to check on Donas.  Thank you guys for seeing to everything in my absence.”

    “Seems the snow storm was much welcome. You are quite welcome. Anytime. You know that.” He smiles at them both before heading to see to Donas. The beast  greets him with the same disregard he always does. Jamie is in such a good mood that he just laughs at his reaction.

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