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  • penguinooooooo
    22.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    i can't stop reading wenzhou fics *hasn't finished woh yet*

    #one of my fave authors for cql had a bunch of them and they were all modern aus so i went down a wormhole :( #i need to finish the show soon tho #anna's ramblings
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  • rcquital
    22.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #[ musings ] dorime #modern au clive when hes an ex-intern from the world times #hed stay on the acc when he gets fired #and accidentally tweet about his struggles as a gamer on it
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  • artemiseamoon
    22.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Fic Moodboards 💚

    Story: Riders of the Storm

    (I’ll add all Moodboards to this post)

    I am taking tags for this one
    #arte moodboard#Moodboards #Vikings lost boys au #lost boys au #modern sihtric #fic: riders of the storm
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  • stormlit
    22.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    if @highaver makes a tl au that means i’m also giving georgie one afc ri.chmond say hello to your no nonsense (but compassionate) impulsive sports medic

    #OOC. #tbd // #layla doesn't get an au i just need her to bond with ted over baking #i write so few modern characters alkjsdfh #anyone at the club wanna adopt an 11 y/o who wanders into the stadium one day and they find her hidden away like 3 days later
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  • xskywalker21
    22.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Ahsoka tried making a cake shaped as Artoo for Anakin.. it didn’t come out well.

    I’m surprised my eyes came out well 😭 I hate drawing the rest of the face so I just added the mask lmao

    #anakin skywalker#ahsoka tano#star wars#clone wars #star wars the clone wars #anakin and ahsoka #my art#modern au
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  • hot-auntie-dany
    22.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    You Belong With Me

    How about we kick off this weekend early and properly? Chapter 3 of You Belong With Me is live! Enjoy fam!


    She’s so easy to talk to, if he’s in a mood to talk at all. Her voice is as soothing to him as the sounds of a Northern summer night. And, unlike Daario, she doesn’t turn every conversation around to make it about herself. He hasn’t shared his entire life story, but it’s not hard to imagine doing so, because he trusts her and feels safe with her. And he’s pretty sure that this time, it’s not something he’s deluded himself into thinking it is.
    It feels real.
    He’ll miss it when he’s gone.

    Thanks once more to the gorgeous @jilliebaby for the beta help!!

    #jonerys#Jonerys fanfic #Jonerys modern au #my wips #ao3 user reddragon1995
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  • bayadek
    22.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Costest on Questor Valdemar from my partner <3 Image for our with him ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE

    Model: my partner <3

    Makeup: my partner

    Photo and edit: me

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  • tomionefinds
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Over Your Dead Body by midnight5776

    E | WIP | 70k

    All Hermione wants to do is what’s best for her Tom. He’s her best friend, her protector, her stepbrother. Since the day he moved in, Tom’s looked after her. Now, as Tom’s urge to kill has become too strong to overcome, Hermione is going to do everything in her power to keep him from ever getting caught.
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  • siredcrab
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    today I offer you even more modern Laurent sketches

    #Laurent of vere #captive prince#capri#lamen#modern au #laurent x damen #skeches#doodle #artists on Tumblr
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  • midasinc
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    modern combeferre has a letterboxd acc that he RELIGIOUSLY documents every film/tv show he watches. he’s had it since 2013 and there’s thousands upon thousands of reviews on his page

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  • bayadek
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Vulgora say "I will destroy you"

    Young Vulgora, from an alternate universe that my partner and I created <3

    #pontifex vulgora #the arcane game #the arcana #my modern au #vulgora#nix hydra
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  • missmonsters2
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x you #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff x y/n #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha romanoff fanfiction #black widow x reader #black widow imagine #scarlett johansson x reader #scarlett johansson fanfic #avengers iamgine #modern avengers au #mm: answered#anon #mm: my fics #mm.drabble.nat
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  • 221bbakerstreet
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    modern ryuutarou

    [id: a drawing of susato mikotoba with short hair, golden ring earrings, a collared shirt, a saturated pink bow, a grey vest with golden buttons, and a brown blazer. they look to the side with a neutral expression and a hand in their blazer pocket. end id]

    #courtrecord.png #susato mikotoba#ryuutarou naruhodou #the great ace attorney #tgaa modern au tag #dai gyakuten saiban #majorly idc but. #preferably dont use she/her for susato on this post
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  • ebeedrawing
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Grandpa is picking up the children from school today

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  • purpleseahorses
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    i’m very glad a lot of people like this au. i have literally a whole notebook dedicated to this au it’s such a comfort.

    #seahorse au#trans alexander#alexander hamilton#john laurens #john is a himbo #himbo dad#hamilton lams#modern lams#lams #alex and john are gonna be parents #omg there’s a bump
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  • depressedhatakekakashi
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Gai would binge eat hot cheetos & takis on the daily like it's his life source in modern au
    Kakashi, Asuma and Yamato judge his eating habits
    Asuma and Kakashi aren't one to judge though, Kakashi would probably binge eat salt and vinegar chips. Asuma's breakfast is cigarettes and coffee.

    Asuma has the least room for judgement. Gai's eating habits may not be the healthiest, but at least he's not assaulting his lungs with smoke every few hours just for some nicotine.

    Kakashi has a little more room for judgement, but not much considering the fact he'll usually be sitting on the couch beside Gai binging on Salt and Vinegar chips and sushi while playing all sorts of video games. Sometime's they'll have competitions to see who can eat more, and Gai still doesn't really understand how Kakashi keeps winning.

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  • livvyheronstairs
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I wanted to do this. So I’m doing this. You don’t need to have read Believer or Haunted to understand since this is a modern AU but there are some references. The characters are still Shadowhunters, Matthew has already stopped drinking in this and while Belial will be mentioned, the background to this will be different. There might be some shifting POVs and the living situations are a little different. Here is the link to the post about their attire. Enjoy 😈


    Ainsley Ashwood x Matthew Fairchild


    Ainsley was stressed out. It was no secret to anyone. She had been stressed ever since Belial had disappeared into the wind. Since the Prince of Hell had promised to come back for James and her.

    She couldn’t quite seem to stay still. Everyone watched as the half-Indian paced in front of the board strung up with multiple coloured strings -her own system which everyone had adopted- and how she would start biting her nails or gnawing her lower lip.

    It was after much consideration and a game of rock paper scissors with many rounds, that everyone decided Matthew should take her out of the Institute and try to calm her down.

    Unfortunately, her thoughts still ran wild as Ainsley paced the floor in front of the fire in James and Matthew’s shared penthouse. She just couldn’t seem to get the demon out of her mind.

    “Mon ange,” Matthew sighed, leaning forward, elbows on his knees. “It’s going to be okay.”

    He had watched her pace for an hour straight, mumbling under her breath. The boy had been trying to focus on what she was saying but his attention kept snagging onto her long legs and the way the hem of her plaid skirt kissed her thighs.

    Ainsley sighed and came to sit on the table in front of him, placing her head in her hands. “I’m sorry,” she said in a muffled manner.

    “It’s alright,” Matthew gently ran a hand over her arm, fingertips light. His green eyes were looking at the fire over her shoulder, trying very hard not to look at the sliver of brown skin revealed from the slightest raise of her arms.

    Out of all the days she could have chosen to wear this particular skirt and this particular sweater, why did it have to be today? Matthew already had a hard enough time keeping his hands to himself and not pinning the girl against a wall and kissing her senseless. Her clothes and their proximity were not helping in the slightest.

    “I hate that it’s affecting me so much,” the girl grumbled. She raised her head, big, amber eyes looking right at him. “I hate that he has this power over me.”

    Matthew cupped her cheek. Her skin was so soft as it faintly glowed in the firelight. Her long eyelashes kissed her cheekbones, strands of her hair framing her heart-shaped face. They looked brown in their current lighting with glowing bronze highlights as the flames in the grate flickered, brushing her shoulders.

    “Ainsley, you have every right to be worried. But we’ll stop him.”

    “I know that,” the half-Indian girl insisted. “But I-“

    “Yeah,” the boy smiled sadly, his thumb gently stroking her cheek.

    “I need a distraction,” she exhaled, her hands slapping down on her thighs. “Distract me? Please?”

    Matthew blinked before nodding. He leaned back slightly, removing himself but not the incessant will to kiss her. The blond cleared his throat, getting up and holding a hand out. “You up for a game of pool?”

    The penthouse was very big. Big enough to have a pool table sat on one side of the drawing room. Matthew and James had moved in here after a lot of begging to their parents but eventually it was accepted.

    Adults sometimes came to randomly check on them but the boys had quite a lot of freedom. Thomas, Christopher and Ainsley were often over, each having some of their own things stashed around the house. It was their own thing.

    The pool table was a favourite for everyone but especially Ainsley and Matthew. They would often start a friendly game that would escalate to a competition to prove who was better. Usually their friends were there to stop them from going too far.


    “Ha!” Ainsley mocked, as yet another of her balls went into the hole. Matthew stood on the side, face both annoyed and amused as he watched her. “And another one for me.”

    The blond rolled his green eyes as the young woman smugly grinned. “Alright, alright. I get it.”

    The half-Indian girl grinned widely at him. Something changed on Matthew’s face. A look in his eyes, a shifting of his smile. “What?” Ainsley furrowed her eyebrows with a confused smile, leaning her hip against the table. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    The blond cleared his throat, looking away and grabbing his glass of water from the shelf he had placed it on. “I’m not looking at you any differently than usual.”

    “You are,” the girl insisted.

    In moments like these, Matthew could be two feet away from Ainsley -like he was at that point in time- but feel so terribly faraway. The still crackling fire cast a golden light over his side, making his hair glow dark gold and his eyes look like emeralds. The chain that hung from his belt loops glinted against his tan trousers.

    The half-Indian girl had to keep from letting her whiskey eyes wander the uncovered skin of his chest. Why he refused to button that stupid stripped shirt of his to the top was beyond her.

    Matthew seemed to hesitate before shaking his head. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”


    “Mon ange,” he cut her off, a smile pulling at his lips. “Really. It’s nothing. Now, can you…”

    The girl rolled her eyes but responded to his vague gesture towards the billiards table. Her eyes analysed the placements of each of the balls. Only one solid left before she had to pocket the 8-ball. Unfortunately, said ball was in a rather risky position, rather close to on of Matthew’s stripped balls.

    An idea lit up in her brain.

    Ainsley sat on edge of her he table, passing the cue behind her back. She wanted to show off. That was all it really was. Win and show off.

    So she inhaled deeply, concentrating and correctly angling her cue stick. And then she struck the cue ball.

    Ainsley jumped off the table with a happy laugh at managing to hit both her solid, followed by the 8-ball, effectively naming her winner.

    “Did you see that?” She beamed up at Matthew who only gaped.

    “No,” he shook his head. “No, there’s no way you hit them both like that.”

    “I did,” the half-Indian stuck her tongue out at him teasingly. “I won.”

    “Rematch,” the blond instantly protested.

    Ainsley rolled her eyes again but her wide smile stayed on her face. She turned around to the table, already moving to take the balls out of the pockets. “Fine.”

    Matthew moved to help her.

    Their hands brushed as the pair both went for the same pocket, eyes snapping over to each other. “Sorry,” they both stuttered, shifting away only to somehow end up bumping into each other.

    Matthew had Ainsley trapped against, the table, towering over her. Both the young adults only gazed at each other, their hearts pounding.

    Ainsley wasn’t too sure who moved first. Maybe it was him. Maybe it was her. Whatever the case, they met in the middle.

    Explosions went off in her body, her hands reaching to Matthew’s chest and moving upwards until the curled into his hair. The boy’s hands burned into the bare skin of her waist as he pushed her back against the table, lips lazily slanting against hers.

    Ainsley relished this feeling. She never wanted it to go away. Their lips moved together, her more shyly and clumsily. The girl hadn’t kissed anyone before.

    She squealed in surprise as Matthew hoist her up and sat her on the edge of the pool table. The blond looked at her nervously also, his hand almost shy and hesitant as he pushed her hair out of her face. “Is this okay?” He whispered.

    “More than okay,” she murmured back, pulling him close again until their lips met.

    Matthew instantly kissed back, one hand burying itself in her hair, the other comfortably digging into the skin of her midriff. He stood between her thighs that were more exposed by her skirt riding upwards.

    The girl hummed as the blond’s lip moved down to her neck. She whimpered slightly as Matthew gently bit down at her sensitive skin, her hands gripping his hair. Ainsley’s chest rose and fell heavily as she felt herself losing every ounce of control and rational thought. She was ready to let want and desire take the reigns.

    She wanted Matthew. She wanted him very very much.

    Her hands shakily pulled his shirt out from where it was tucked into his trousers. She pulled it over his head and let it fall to the ground at their feet. Ainsley relished the feel of the muscled planes and slopes of Matthew’s body. Her fingers grazed over skin she had only ever dreamed off and fantasied about, feeling old scars under her fingertips as the boy’s lips met her again.

    The girl pulled away from him, hands moving to take her sweater off when Matthew stopped her. “Wait,” he breathed. His green eyes almost looked nervous, face open and vulnerable as it so rarely was. “Have you done this before?”

    “Had sex?” Ainsley questioned, blinking in surprise. When Matthew nodded, the girl shyly shook her head.

    The boy’s calloused hand stoked her cheek, lifting her gaze back to his. “Are you sure you want this? You don’t want to save your first time for someone special?”

    Ainsley stared right back at him, amber eyes big and adoring as she grabbed his face, smiling lovingly at the blond. “You are special. You’re everything.”

    Matthew studied her face. He searched for a lie or something that told him to stop. He found nothing but the beautiful face of the woman he loved. He placed a kiss on her temple, long and careful before reaching down and pulling the girl’s navy blue sweater off her frame.

    His eyes hungrily took her in. They wondered over her strong and lean frame, the flat stomach indent with a soft six pack, the perfect curves of her breasts clothed in a black bra, the brown skin pulled over her sharp collarbones. The scars from previous runes sat next to the stark permanent Marks on her skin. He enjoyed watching how her chest rose and fell under the circles his thumbs drew on the inside of her thighs.

    He could feel himself growing more and more wanting of Ainsley as he kissed her lips. There was a new element to this kiss. A sort of unguarded passion that wasn’t there before ruled his movements. It followed him as Matthew kissed down the other side of the young woman’s neck to her shoulder. He continued his downward kisses, between her breasts and over her stomach until he was on his knees, leaving love bites and breathlessness in his wake.

    Matthew looked at Ainsley for permission to take her skirt of her. The girl managed a jerky nod as she buzzed with excitement and anticipation.

    “You have no idea how crazy this skirt has been driving me,” he confessed, pulling the fabric off Ainsley’s legs.

    The half-Indian leaned back onto the pool table, her hair sprawling behind her and legs falling onto Matthew’s broad shoulders. Her foot traced the top of his back as he removed her black underwear. She suggestively hummed. “Maybe I should wear it more oft-“ Ainsley cut off with a surprised moan upon feeling Matthew’s mouth on her.

    Her hips bucked forward as she writhed under his touch and feel. Ainsley’s hands gripped at Matthew’s blond hair, her lip bitten in vain attempts to keep quiet. She moaned and gasped under the feel of his warm tongue and light kisses until her legs tightened around the blond’s head, an unhinged gasp leaving her as she arched forward. Ainsley felt her frame shake as one hand tugged at Matthew’s hair, the other keep her somewhat upright as she leaned on her elbow, knuckles white against the side of the pool table.

    A sudden coldness hit Ainsley as Matthew moved. Luckily, it wasn’t too long before he pulled her up, kissing all over her face. Ainsley hummed, pulling his head closer until their lips melded together once more, urgently. Her hands trailed down to this trousers. She popped the button, pushing them down. Matthew helped her, his boxers going with them.

    Her hand shakily grabbed him, Matthew gasping in surprise against her lips. Ainsley took it as a good sign and moved her hand slowly. The boy groaned, leaning his forehead to the half-Indian’s neck, her hand driving him insane. “You are so beautiful,” he groaned, gently biting into her skin. He seemed to busy himself with removing her bra and throwing it somewhere, taking his time to kiss and suck at both breasts to distract himself.

    Ainsley wasn’t complaining though. She leaned her head back, whining as her hips moved slightly, trying to find some kind of friction.

    “Do you think the table will hold?” Matthew wondered, coming back up to kiss her and grip into the girl’s waist.

    “Yes,” she answered immediately. Cordelia may have mentioned that her and James liked the pool table when no one was around.

    Matthew pulled back with furrowed eyebrows. “That was a quick and certain answer.”

    “I may,” the girl raised her caramel shoulders, hands now draped over the blond’s shoulders, “or may not know about a passionate tryst that occurred on here.”

    The blond furrowed his eyebrows as the half-Indian girl kissed his jaw and the strong muscle of his throat. “Wait a minute- James and Cordelia?” Ainsley only hummed to which he grumbled. “Oh, I do not want to think about that.”

    Luckily the young woman had a solution. She pulled him into a passionate kiss, her legs wrapping around his waist and hips rolling to his. Matthew instantly kissed back, his mouth opening wide to hers. He pulled away after a second, almost dazed. “What were we talking about?”

    Ainsley giggled sweetly with an adorable shrug. Matthew smiled back, kissing her again. This time his face when he pulled back was more serious and shy, his thumb tracing her cheekbone. “Are you sure you want to do this? We can still stop if you want to Ainsley.”

    Ainsley thought about it. She thought about it long and hard before kissing the boy. “I want this,” she whispered against his lips. “I want you.”

    After a couple more seconds of hair tugging and passionate kissing, they pulled apart with soft and loving smiles at each other. “Can you just hand me your stele first?”

    Matthew obeyed, pecking her lips before grabbing his discarded trousers and pulling a pen like stele out of the pocket. He watched as she grabbed it from him and brought it to her skin, drawing out a birth control rune on her side. When she was done, the stele was put down on the table and Ainsley nodded at Matthew, excited and nervous.

    She held onto his strong shoulders as the blond kissed her again, moaning as he bit onto the skin of her jaw and neck. “I’ll go slow,” he whispered. His green eyes came to gaze right into her amber ones, his hand pushing her disheveled hair aside.

    Ainsley nodded. She sighed shakily as she felt him, carefully pushing in as though he were scared to hurt her. Her nails were drawing blood from where she dug them into his shoulders. “Are you okay?”

    “Can you-“ Ainsley gasped slightly. “Can you move?”

    Matthew obliged, his movements slow and careful. It only took two snaps of their hips meeting for the girl’s eyes to close, rolling back. “Holy fuc-,” she moaned.

    This encouraged Matthew, making him move slightly quicker, his own pleasure climbing on him. Their lips met before trying to explore new territory. The sharp collarbones and soft necks, the hungry lips and gasping chests. The blond hissed in pleasure when Ainsley gently but down on his chest. Her legs and arms were wrapped around his back, hands furiously tugging at his hair as his own fingers singed her bare skin. He touched over her chest and stomach, ran hands over her lean legs and squeezed at her thighs, lips sloppily reached hers again.

    Ainsley gasped and mewled under him. He had never quite realised how vocal she would be with her pleasure. If anything, he was always certain he would be the louder of the pair if they ever were to have a relationship. This was a pleasant surprise but Matthew was well aware that the next time -if there would be a next time- the half-Indian girl would definitely top him.

    He didn’t mind at all. All he wanted, all he’d ever wanted was her. He didn’t care whether it was with her on top or beneath him.

    The room was filled with the sound of their pleasure, curses spilling from their lips with heavy breaths. Soon enough, their movements became erratic and desperate. Matthew seemed to be trying to keep from losing all control and senselessly ravaging the girl. Ainsley admired him through hooded eyes. His sweat covered muscles pulled taut, his hair a mess, his lips red and swollen from their kissing.

    God, Ainsley loved him.

    Her body shook as she reached her high, barely keeping from screaming the blond’s name.

    Matthew spilled himself inside of her right after. Both of them panting, foreheads leaned against one another. The boy gently kissed her lips, a sweet and innocent kiss during which he cupped her face as though he worried she would break.

    Ainsley didn’t mind. She just kissed back, pushing her sweat slick body towards him, feeling the exhaustion creeping into her bones and drooping her eyes.

    Ainsley didn’t know exactly how she got where she was. Last thing she remembered was Matthew’s sweet kiss on the pool table after their tryst. A blush burned her cheeks as she thought back to it.

    The feel of Matthew’s hands touching her, how his muscles felt under her own hands, under her lips. She thought of his sweet words and kindness. Of the vulnerability and shyness he had displayed, never trying to pressure or force her into anything she didn’t want.

    This was so much better than anything Ainsley had imagined in her mind when she was alone in her room, pleasuring herself with her own hand and moaning Matthew’s name.

    Speaking of Matthew, Ainsley gently sat up from where she was on the sofa. A blanket her been thrown over her, her own petite frame covered by Matthew’s striped shirt. She blushed again at just how much she was enjoying the feel of the shirt. She loved the fabric the brushed her limbs and how it smelled like him. Like pine and vanilla and that sharp cologne he’d stolen from his brother. Like Matthew.

    The half-Indian girl looked over at the pool table, only to see Matthew’s frame on its other side in front of the tall window that gave a view over the city -they were so high up that no one could have seen them.

    “Hello,” she spoke from her spot on the sofa.

    Matthew turned, blinking before smiling at her. “Hello.”

    She held her hand out with a shy smile. “You’re too far.”

    The boy smiled, walking over in nothing but a pair of black sweatpants, letting her see the grooves at his hips and marks and scars splashed over his frame. Ainsley got to her knees on the sofa’s arm rest, wrapping her arms around shoulder with a smile. Matthew kissed her forehead. “Are you alright?” He whispered, gently cupping your face.

    Ainsley nodded. “More than alright.”

    They shared a smile before he glanced down at her lips, almost contemplating whether or not he should kiss them. The girl answered by gently kissing him herself, movements slow and measured. Matthew’s arms circled her slim waist, pulling her closer to his bare front.

    Their foreheads pressed together as they pulled apart. “What are we, Matthew?” She wondered quietly.

    This didn’t come as a surprise to either of them. They had been circling each other for some time now. Playing this game where they got close and pulled away. This was bound to happen at some point.

    But they weren’t together. Not officially.

    Matthew stroked her cheek lovingly. “What do you want to be?”

    “Something. Everything.” Her amber eyes looked right into his green ones with unadulterated love and want. “A future.”

    “Then let’s be that,” the blond nodded. “A future.” There was a slight pause before he added. “You got that this was me asking you to be my girlfriend, right?”

    Ainsley let out a giggle before leaning forward to kiss his soft lips again gently. “Yes,” she chuckled. “Yes, I understood that.”

    “Good,” he chuckled, going to kiss her again.

    Ainsley happily kissed back, a devious thought going through her mind. She moved Matthew over to the sofa, their lips still locked before pushing him down onto the plush cushions. In the blond’s surprise, the half-Indian girl straddled him, kissing down his neck.

    “Again?” Matthew chuckled, fingers lightly trailing up the girl’s legs.

    “Well, I’m much less experienced than you,” Ainsley pouted mockingly. “I have to catch up somehow. And are you really about to complain about the fact that you’re about to get some twice tonight?”

    “Oh, I’m not complaining,” Matthew smirked, pulling the girl’s head down to kiss her. Ainsley obliged immediately, dragging her hands down his hard chest as she felt herself growing warm again.

    And then the phone rang.

    “Block it out?” Ainsley offered.

    Matthew made a face. “It might be important.”

    “More important than the half naked woman on your half naked lap?” The girl raised her eyebrows.

    “Under normal circumstances,” the blond said, moving to grab his phone that sat on the coffee table, one hand securing the girl in his lap, “no. Unfortunately, these aren’t normal circumstances. It might be news about-“

    “Okay,” Ainsley nodded, not wanting to hear the demon’s name. Matthew settled back onto the sofa, the girl still on his lap. The boy took her hand and kissed it, making her smile.

    He then said. “And it’s not like I’m leaving you with nothing.” His hand had moved up her thigh until it reached its willed destination. Ainsley gasped, gripping onto Matthew shoulders with one hand. The boy reached up and whispered. “Try not to be too loud.”

    And with that he picked up as if he wasn’t currently fingering the girl.

    “Took you long enough,” James’ voice came through the phone.

    “Sorry,” Matthew apologised. “My phone was in the other room.”

    His green eyes twinkled as he saw Ainsley bite her lip, her grip on his shoulders tightening as she tried to keep quiet.

    “It’s fine,” James sighed. “How’s my sister?”

    “Ainsley? She’s fine.” Matthew looked over at her, a smirk tugging his lips as he took in the cleavage showing through the opened buttons of his shirt and her soft caramel legs that glowed under the flickering firelight. More than fine. He thought. “I’ve been keeping her distracted. Any news?”

    “No.” His parabatai’s voice made Matthew suspect that James was passing a hand over his face. “You mind letting her stay the night? If she comes back, I’m worried she’ll just go into worry mode.”

    “Yeah, it’s no problem. Why would I refuse to let Ainsley stay longer?”

    As he snuck as look in her direction, Matthew saw the girl struggling not to make a sound under the practiced movements of his fingers. He felt himself growing more and more aroused as he watched her, her hand coming to her mouth to muffle the whine that escaped her. He could just imagine all the sinful things they’d do with the penthouse to themselves for the whole night.

    “Thanks, Matthew,” James said. “I’ve got to go. You will both be okay?”

    “We’ll be okay.”

    And with that the Herondale offered a farewell and hung up. Matthew wasted no time in throwing the phone aside and pulling Ainsley hand off her mouth to hear her pretty little whine. “Now,” he gently bit down on her collarbone. “Where were we?”

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    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Invader Tak au: Dib x Mimi

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  • silvercrane14
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #yeah uh. remember when I said don’t get attached to 86 characters #DONT #DONT GET ATTATCHED TO 86 CHARACTERS #crane answers #marce i love you #86 spoilers #86 eighty six spoilers #also omg you started it? :D #yeah… #I miss kaie :((( #she deserved better #she’s alive in me n jolteon’s modern au tho!!!
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  • nothininteresting8
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Parents Gotta Stick Together

    -Pairing: GN!Reader x Modern!Anakin Skywalker

    -Genre/Warnings: This chapter mentions death from childbirth so if that upsets you please don’t read

    -Words: 2081 

    -Summary: Single parent you makes friends with single parent Anakin and you both find ways to support each other as single parents but will feelings develop?

    "Baba!" Your 7 year old son Karter comes running through excitedly, you look away from the report you're doing on your laptop for work. "What's up Kart?" You tilted your head and smiled at him "Luke and Leia gave me a party invite for Saturday!" He held out the said invite and you took it from him and read it.

    The party was being held on Saturday at 12pm at a local softplay. You nodded "alright you can go, do you know what they like?" You always felt the need to get kids proper birthday presents even if you didn't know them "Leia really likes toy guns and Luke really likes teddies!" You once again nodded "I'll keep that in mind, but for now go get into your jammies and I'll make dinner once I finish this report" Karter grinned and ran off towards the stairs.

    Saturday Morning

    Saturday came and you were in the car on the way to the softplay. Karter was bouncing in his seat in excitement and he was holding onto the gifts you had gotten for the Skywalker twins, you had gotten Leia a nerf gun (you hoped her dad wouldn't hate you for it) and you had gotten Luke an alien teddy since you remember Karter telling you about the conversation him and Luke had at school about aliens. You pulled into the parking lot before getting out and going to the back and releasing Karter from his car seat. He quickly jumped out before grabbing the wrapped gifts and the cards for the birthday kids.

    You held the door open for Karter and walked in after him and when you turned to the desk a lady stood smiling "hi there! How can I help you?" You smiled back "Hi! I'm here for the Skywalker birthday party" you showed her the birthday invite and she nodded letting you in "sure! Everyone's just in the birthday area over there" she pointed in the direction and you saw a lot of adults over that way and you gave her a smile of appreciation "thank you" Karter was the first to run over there.

    You smiled as Karter approached the twins' dad "here are Luke and Leia's presents!" Your son was brightly smiling and Anakin gave him a smile back "thank you Karter" you looked at the parents and spotted your best friend. "Scott" he looked up at you and smiled "hey Y/N" you sat down next to him and Karter quickly shoved his jacket and shoes next to you before going to play. "I thought Ruby was going to bring Ali to the party" he shrugged. “She said her boyfriend surprised her with a trip and “I knew you were going to be here so I thought why not" you gave him a sympathetic smile.Scott's ex Ruby tended to leave Ali with him a lot, not that he minded but you wished she would take more responsibility for her child because Scott didn't get out much. "I'm surprised to see you here, I thought you had work" you grinned proudly "I actually finished all my reports early so I get the weekend off and I couldn't let Karter miss this birthday, you know how close him and Luke are'' Scott had a look of understanding on his face "that's true but I thought you wouldn't come because you've never spoke to their dad" you were about to say something before you heard the very man's voice. "Your Karters parent right?" You looked up at Anakin nervously and just awkwardly grinned.

    "Yup that's me" you stood up and held your hand out to shake and he accepted and shook your hand "I'm Y/N" you introduced "Anakin'' he simply stated and you stopped shaking his hand before it got awkward "thanks for bringing Karter, Luke was really excited to have him here" you shrugged "it's no problem at all, Karter was excited to be here too" you both kind of just looked at each other before Anakin placed his hand on his neck. "I should probably go greet the parents who have just arrived" you nodded promptly "oh yea of course no problem" you quickly agreed and he walked away. You sat back down and glanced at Scott, he looked like he was about to laugh “shut up” you grumbled but he just let out a chuckle “you’re lucky I’m here, who would you talk to if I wasn’t here?” you looked around at the other parents before responding “Ashley” but Scott rolled his eyes “she hates you ever since Karter gave Crystal chicken pox” you huffed “alright fair point”. You then thought of a way to tease him “Have you messaged Jax yet?” he looked embarrassed before giving you a grumpy look “Just because your neighbour is hot and he gave me his number doesn’t mean I’m actually going to text him” you gave him an exasperated look and exclaimed “That's exactly why you should text him!” but Scott ignored you as Ali ran over to the table “Hey whats up Princess?” Scott asked the girl, she was red faced which was probably from running around. “Crystal keeps running away from me” she huffed and pouted and her father instantly looked annoyed but covered it up with calmness “Why don’t you go play with Karter and Luke? I’m sure they’ll let you join” Ali glanced at you when Karter was mentioned and you nodded in agreement. She nodded quickly before taking a drink of her juice on the table before running off. After a couple minutes of silence you then gave Scott a questioning look “Have you told her about what you and Ruby talked about?” Scott didn’t look at you but he shook his head.

    “I don’t think she’ll understand not seeing her mum anymore, this is why I want Ruby to spend as much time as possible with Ali, as well as the court case is soon and I know your looking after her on that day but I don’t want her to feel like I’m taking her mum away from her” Scott explained and you nodded your head in understanding “I think you and Ruby need to talk to her together after she gets back from her trip because it’ll be better for Ali in the long run if you break it to her before the case” Scott didn’t say or do anything but from the way he was just looking forward you could tell the cogs were turning in his head and he was processing what you said.

    Soon the kids were called for food and they all ran down. They ordered and after the kids got their food it was quieter than before only hearing conversations and other kids in the softplay screaming, Karter was sitting next to you eating and Luke had decided to sit with him and Ali was sitting across from you three, sitting next to her dad. Karter, Luke and Ali were talking to you and Scott about the game they were playing “Yea we're looking for the wookie!” You and Scott feigned shock at what Ali said and you commented “But that's such a ferocious beast!” Scott then chimed in “You guys must be super brave!” and the three nodded while beaming with pride. You had always found the games kids made up to be adorable since it brought such happy smiles to their faces. You saw Leia approaching the table and she turned to Luke “Luke why aren’t you sitting with me and crystal?” she questioned “because I wanted to sit with Karter and Ali so we could talk about our game” Luke explained to his twin and Karter and Ali looked disappointed thinking Luke was going to move but soon a man you recognised as the twins uncle approached Leia. “Leia honey, Luke doesn’t need to sit with you, he has friends remember” Leia looked like she remembered something and nodded before heading back to her seat. The man you knew as Obi wan looked at you all “Sorry about her, she likes to have Luke attached at the hip” you give him a friendly smile “it's no problem, it's understandable to want her brother to be with her on her birthday” Scott smiled as well before Obi wan went and sat back down next to Anakin.

    Soon Luke had to move next to Leia when the cake was about to be brought out and everyone, even the parents were singing Happy Birthday to the Skywalker twins. A while afterwards everyone started to leave and kids were handed party bags as they headed out “do you wanna come over?” you asked Scott as you helped Karter zip up his jacket “No sorry can’t, gotta get Ali ready for a sleepover with her cousins” you nodded and smiled “well enjoy the peace and quiet then” just before you left, Luke ran over and whispered something in Karters ear and you son nodded before continuing to walk. You wanted to ask what it was but you let it go assuming it was some silly secret between 7 year olds.

    On the way home, Karter dug into his party bag happily. Once home you let Karter run upstairs to play while you sat on the couch and turned on the TV. You thought about the party and you couldn't believe this was the first time you spoke to Anakin, especially since Luke and Karter were basically best friends but you didn’t really speak to any other parents except Scott and you used to be friends with Ashley but ever since the chicken pox outbreak she refused to speak to you. Karter came downstairs “mummy can we watch captain america?” you shrugged and then patted the spot next to you “come on then” he grinned brightly and then ran over and sat next to you.

    You started the movie still in thought.

    Monday Morning

    Karter was looking up at you with a begging look “promise me you’ll wear it mummy!” you sighed in defeat “I promise that for the full day of today at work, I will wear the kandi necklace you made me” he grinned brightly “thank you” you chuckled before you took a piece of fluff that was on his uniform. “Love you!” He quickly hugged you before running into the playground “he’s a great kid” you hear someone from beside you say and you look to find Anakin looking in the direction Karter had run, you followed his gaze and you spotted Karter and Luke in an excitable conversation. You nod in agreement “yea he is so’s Luke, he must have a great mum” Anakin went silent before explaining in a slightly pained voice “his mother’s not around any more, she died when the twins were born” you felt horrified at yourself. “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume!” you quickly blurted out and he shook his head with an understanding look “no it’s alright, I didn’t expect you to know since you don’t seem to listen to Ashley’s gossip” you shrugged “yea we don’t talk so that would make sense why I didn’t hear about it from her” you both went silent after that. 

    Anakin spoke up “that’s a nice necklace you have” you smile softly “yea Karter made it for me, he was insistent that I wear it at work so they know I’m his baba” he chuckled “it’s an interesting title, how did he pick it up?” you shrugged simply “well I didn’t feel comfortable with mum or dad so my ex suggested teaching him to call me baba and it worked” you glanced at Anakin and he had a small grin on his face “well I’m glad Luke picked a best friend with a great parent” you give him an appreciative look before looking at your watch and seeing the time. “Oh shit! I should go but it was nice talking to you Anakin!” you exclaimed before rushing away and into your car and starting it up. 

    Anakin watched you drive away with a smile on his face, you would be a good friend to have. “Anakin!” He turned his head to find Obi wan with a raised eyebrow “you ready to head to work? I’m sure Windu won’t appreciate us being late” Anakin quickly nodded and made his way to Obi wan’s side.

    “Yup lets go!”

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