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  • bodhvild
    16.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    HC modern au Angbang VI

    They are both hair obsessed, but in different ways.

    Long hair is a lifestyle and a life choice. Melkor thinks, in fact, that it's the easy way to keep it in order without spending too much effort and time. On contrary, Mairon thinks long hair suits him more than short, giving him a neat aspect and adding peculiarity to his personality.

    Mairon is blessed by nature with copper red hair. He share the colour with his Mom, but she always says that 'yours is far more gorgeous'. Used to be called 'ginger' since he was a child, he grew up almost hating his distinctive colour. When he was seventeen, he dyed it blonde. After some weeks of satisfaction for the change, he ended up not recognising his hair anymore: he went with shaving it completely, and let it grow anew. Since then, he has taken care of his hair almost obsessively, and unwilling to change his fabulous colour anymore.

    Melkor's hair is a long, silky, wild, black cascade, in Mairon's words 'the blackest black I've ever seen'.

    Rarely tied up or down in a ponytail, he keeps his hair most of the time loose: shiny, full and thick, it's a pleasure to admire (and he knows it too well). During summer, often the long sides are tied at the back of the head in a loose bun, thing that gives it movement and a less grave expression.

    Mairon's hair style reflects his mood, and sometimes also the occasion. Ponytails of every sort, buns, braids, half tied, completely loose, headbands, invisible hair pins... There's almost no limit for him. With his hair he can do everything and be everything, and all suits him perfectly.

    Melkor has the bad habit since childhood of curling it on his finger. That's way Melkor's long and straight mane tends to curl in loose locks in the the front. Mairon finds it sincerely annoying, but Melkor is not bad intended while doing it: he is just restless and unable to stay quiet. He has learnt to govern it a bit, though, but sometimes it's simply automatic.

    They both don't like it, when people feels free to touch deliberately their hair, but for Melkor the situation is just a little more simple : being tall and massive, no one really dares to approach him that closer.

    Melkor loves Mairon's hair in a way he never thought possible. He spends long, interminable moments before his partner wakes up just watching it, observing how it shines in a thousand of red reflections when the morning light hits his locks. Softly he runs his fingers through his hair, trying to not wake him up abruptly. He thinks Mairon doesn't feel it... But he does. Matter of fact, Melkor is the only authorised human being to touch his mane.

    Indeed, Mairon adores Melkor's hair too. He is the reason why Melkor's hair looks so luscious and is so healthy. He takes care of their hair with special and seasonal products.

    Sometimes, when they shower together, they give each other a massage with a mutual hair washing, a fantastic way to reconnect and pamper each other. With the warm water running over their hair and body, they hug and kiss. Or simply they sit on the shower floor in each others arms letting the warm water continue to run.

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  • strawberrieswing
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yeah i see the vision, the material, the absolute potential, the upcoming serve.....

    #where's my malina modern au #nadya talks into the void #malina#malina tag
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  • renee-writer
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There For You Chapter 10 A Late Night Talk



    They are the only ones up. Sitting across from each other. Claire sits cross legged on the floor and Jamie on the couch. They sit in silence for awhile. He can’t stop smiling and it isn’t just the news he is having a son.


    “What are you thinking about Fraser?” she asks with a teasing smile.


    “Come here Beauchamp and I will tell you.” The near kiss  from the gym is still between them as she gracefully untangles herself and stands. She keeps her eyes on him as she comes over.  Slipping down beside him, she arches her eyes. He swallows, her nearness making his hands sweat. “I had a huge crush on you in upper school. I don’t know if you knew that.”


    “I did.”


    “I thought you saw me as Jenny’s annoying kid brother.”


    She smiles, laying her hand on his leg. His heart jumps. “I did. Then.”


    “And now.” It is a whisper.


    “Now I see you.” She matches his tone as she leans closer.


    “Claire.” His voice is desperate. “I so want to kiss you. May I?”


    “Oh yeah.” A groan as he frames he face, lowers his lips, brushing across them causing her to groan too before he moves deeper in, pressing tight against her. Her mouth opens up, inviting him in. He growls as he takes her up on it slowly slipping his tongue past those wonderful  lips. Her tongue meets his, running across it.


    She is suddenly pressed down on the couch as he deeply kisses her, his body straining not to do more. When he moves away to let them breath, she presses up and kisses his neck.  “Oh God Claire!”


    “Please!” her body, moving under him makes it clear what she asking but it is to soon.


    “I want..”




    “To take you out on a date.”


    He moves them apart. Sitting up. Sees her laying breathless with her lips swollen up with his kisses was almost a temptation he couldn’t resist.


    “That,” a pulled in breath, “would probably be good. Dam!”


    He laughs a bit shaky. “I so feel you.”


    “No but you could.” He moans.


    “Dinna tempt me lass. I have wanted you as long as I can remember.” A deep breath. “But that is why we can’t just. You understand?”


    “I do.” She sits up. “So want to go out tonight.” They both laugh.


    “This weekend. Tis only three days.”


    “I guess we can wait.”


    He smiles. “Aye. I need to go.” He stands. She does with him. They walk to the door. “I will see you tomorrow.”


    “Yes.” He leans into kiss her goodnight. It is sweet. They move apart, eyes shut. “Good night Jamie.”


    “Good night Claire.” She leans against the door after he leaves before slipping onto the floor her hand hovering over her smiling lips.

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  • kumaronoa
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ~ successfully passed the audition  (╯✧▽✧)╯

    Sera for my Dragon Age actors AU ;D 

    #dragon age#sera #sera dragon age #dai #dragon age inquisition #fanart #dragon age fanart #sketches#actors au #dragon age modern au #doodles#my art #she and solas will be friends ok #cole and cullen next
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  • sukisimpsstuff
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #atla#ask #thank you for the ask I loved it #tiffanyy-21#halloween#atla universe #atla modern au #katara#master katara#yue#princess yue#toph#toph beifong#suki#atla suki#aang#avatar aang#azula#princess azula#mai#tylee#jet#sokka#zuko#ty lee #i won't tag ships because this is not a post about the ships uwu #with matching I also mean the same Colours #uwu this was really fun thank you for asking
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  • lucent-knight
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Eustace was harsh at first but then he started to dream and believe. Later on he became the voice of reason and a guide. Eustace scrubb was someone who made mistakes but learned and grew.

    #eustace scrubb #narnia modern au #narnia #the chronicles of narnia #narnia aesthetic#narnia au#narnia moodboard#narnia movies#tcon#tconedit#narnia edit #the voyage of the dawn treader #the silver chair #the last battle #aesthetic#moodboard#jill pole#the pevensies
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  • fishfingies
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Seladon my beloved

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  • amymel86
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Some people really be out here writing fic to create beautiful worlds with their words that make your heart both soar and weep.

    Then there’s me; a smut goblin, trying to push the realms of ridiculousness to see how many dirty things I can get my otp to do to each other.

    #yes I'm back to writing that modern alpha/omerga au #it is ridiculous what I'm gonna have them do tho folks #and dirty#oh dear
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  • thesunwillshineonusagain757
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙼𝙰𝙽𝚈 𝙻𝙸𝚅𝙴𝚂 𝙾𝙵 𝙻𝚈𝙰𝙽𝙽𝙰 𝚂𝚃𝙰𝚁𝙺 ➥ The rebel ➥ 1/∞

    Lyanna Stark, the only daughter of Rickard Stark known for being beautiful wilful, she had always been a mystery to everyone, because of her controlling father, after the death of her mother, Rickard tried to mold his children to be his ideal of perfect. Needless to say Lyanna didn't fit, as the years went by Lyanna's wilder side came out, causing her to be described by many as a wild and boyish young thing.
    The wolf blood in her was strong, so strong that her thirst for freedom created a rift between her and her father, it became so unbearable that she left home at sixteen. Little was known about her during those years when she was missing, until she returned to the limelight at the age of twenty as the leader of the band Winged Outcasts, of which she was the vocalist of.
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  • hmshermitcraft
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hermitshipcanon #349

    EX and Hels know that at some point, the “real” Scar was replaced by a changeling. They pretend not to know, though, because the “real” Scar was a massive jerk. Their Scar is sweet and creative and a little scatterbrained, and he’s the one they love.

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  • teehewz
    16.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Enjoying a chill evening with musical goblin.

    I haven’t been drawing many finished pieces but I’m a mad sketch machine. I’m letting myself obsess about our silly little AU because times are hard, I’m sick and I should be doing stuff for work OTL

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  • fishfingies
    16.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Been a minute since ive drawn my favorite twitch streamer

    #skektek #skektek the scientist #the dark crystal #tdcaor#modern au#skeksis#skekekt
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  • togacaffe
    16.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    chapter two — a good book


    taglist :: open

    @lagrimasdeglitter @josiecantread @chawyn

    #🍨 querencia#snk smau#aot smau #armin x reader #armin arlert x reader #armin arlert #aot x reader #snk x reader #aot imagine#smau #modern!au #modern au#modern armin
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  • sugas-psycho
    16.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    playing Mario karts with the Hashira

    Here is you and each of the Hashira playing Mario Kart together because, why not and I don’t have a sleep schedule. So, enjoy!

    Warning : cussing in Sanemi’s part other than that, n/a

    Genre : idk fluff ig? Also, moder AU since, from my knowledge, Mario kart didn’t exist in the era of kny🙉

    Paring : Giyuu, Sanemi, Shinobu, Iguro, Rengoku, Muichiro, Mitsuri and Gyomei

    Giyuu :

    - He gives me boomer vibes ngl

    - you’re trying to explain the game and the controllers and he’s just like “O-O ok…”

    - when you start to play, he’s falls somewhere the minute it starts

    - the second round, he doesn’t fall, but, he accidentally goes backwards

    - the final round, he actually does the race, but is in last place

    - he sucks at video games and it’s funny to see his face while he’s struggling lmfao

    - after, when he lost every games, he’ll pout in a corner somewhere

    - give him cuddles and maybe he’ll recover haha

    Sanemi :

    -damn, good luck

    - he’s so aggressive

    - will yell at anything that gets in his way


    - yes, he is actually the one who put it there

    - if he loses, especially if it's to someone random or a computer

    - he’ll blow up the Nintendo switch

    - but if he loses to you, he’ll just straight up ignore you for about a day until he misses you (which he won’t admit and cover it up with a “you were to loud so I came so you could shut up)

    Shinobu :

    - ok, I don’t care what yall will say, you lose against her all the time

    - and she’s so annoying about it too everytime you like, fall or slip

    - “ara ara y/n chan, did you drink last night to fall in that pitch like that~?”

    - “ara ara y/n chan, maybe you should go to the eye doctor. That banana peel was very obvious to see~?”

    - but, if I’m the world, it happened that she lost

    - she pouts while you just say “ara ara Shinobu chan, what’s that? It seems that you lost. How sad~”

    - if you tease her more she’ll ignore you so give her cuddles, and then tease her. Like that she can’t escape

    Iguro :

    -good luck at making play with you

    - it’ll need lots of patience and begging of you

    - he wouldn’t have play if it was for Kaburamaru hissing at him to play with you when he sees your puppy eyes

    - 0/10 for effort of trying to win

    - “oh no. I lost. How sad. Guess I’m going to go back to my way more interesting things I was doing before”

    - fake cry to make him play some more and make effort to actually try to win

    - he can’t stand you crying so he’ll play hehe

    - gets hella mad when he actually tries to win but loses

    - kaburamaru and you just laugh at him (as much as a snake can laugh) getting mad and frustrated over bombs and turtle shells

    Rengoku :

    -mr sunshine and rainbows here probably let’s you win

    - of course, you’ll notice it so you’ll pout because you want to play for real

    - but he still wins anyway

    - he’ll laugh at your mad face while you’re asking for another round

    - so when he loses, he’s smiling and it’s the kind of smile that’s like “I’m so proud of my s/o! They actually beat me! Never thought someone could ever do that! They deserve head pats!”

    - so now it’s your turn to laugh

    - “hehe, see Kyo, told you I was better at Mario Kart than you~”

    - “HAHAHA *head pats you* you are you are, good job! But I still want to do another round! I need to keep trying to beat you!”

    - you’re amazed of how chill he is

    Muichiro :

    -pls help this boy, he’s so confused and lost

    - like, how do you throw a turtle shell? How do you activate your parachute?

    - took a lot of time to explain everything to him but he did it in the end

    - now, he did it, but he lost

    - you giggle silently at him getting mad

    - but you were shocked and erupted in laughter when you saw him throwing the controller and saying “I hate this game…”

    - he’ll pout somewhere outside so good luck at finding him

    - when you do you’ll need to give him cuddles and an apology for laughing at him lmao

    Mitsuri :

    -we all know she’s an angel, and it shows

    - gleams with joy when you ask her if she wants to play Mario Kart with you

    - nods at every instruction you gave her on how to play

    - when she lost, she’s like, w o w

    - “wow y/n chan! That win was amazing! You need to teach me more and play with me more so that one day I can be on your level!”

    - you just gave her a hug with a straight face and said “Kan, did it hurt?” (yes I’m going there)

    - “*hugs you back* did what hurt y/n chan

    - “when you fell from heaven”

    - she’s so confused at why you would tell her that pick up line


    Gyomei (might be a little OOC cuz idk a lot abt him. Forgive me pls):

    - it’s, hum, complicated

    - I mean, he’s blind so, normal

    - but, Gyomei being Gyomei, can still play. I mean, he fights demons without seeing, you can’t tell me he can’t play Mario Kart

    - at first you were shock that he could play, especially beat you

    - but now you didn’t care. You lost so you decided to get revenge

    - and you were proud of yourself when he lost that round


    - “That was good y/n. I am praying to win next time we play”

    - and then you see him cry

    - “Gyo, are you crying because you lost?”

    - “yes”

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  • ferret-not-microwave
    16.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Les Amis Modern AU: What They Wish Others Believed About Them (Part 2).

    [I kind of wrote this in response to some general trends in characterising the Amis. There are some stereotypes which I'm not quite comfortable with. ]


    • They get weirded out when people always expect them to present femme, wear flower crowns, flowing ponchos and skirts. They do love these, especially flowers. But they barely get time to slip on a T shirt over a pair of shorts and tie up their hair in a messy knot before going out for last minute groceries. Some days, they actually like wearing plaid shirts, hoodies, berets and jackets. And they did have a "I'M BORED WITH MY LONG HAIR LEMME CHOP IT OFF" phase. Or multiple such phases. They look amazing, both ways.

    • They wish people stop perceiving them as tiny and fragile. They are actually pretty regular sized. They are actually taller than R and Joly, as tall as Marius and Courf, and can give a mean right hook to anyone who threatens to assault them and people around them. They get slightly miffed when people don't expect them to pack in a punch to defend themself.

    • They really wish that people didn't assume that they have the solution to all their emotional problems. They are a mess too, yannow? With lots of tea, a few potted plants and a decorative skull. And they really wish that they could have a meltdown in front of some people in turn.

    • They aren't always all calm and zen. Woe betide anyone who interrupts Jehan in a writing session. Or a proof-reading session. Or catches them hitting their head on the corner of the table while trying to clean the dust under it. And woe especially betide anyone who interrupts these activities of Jehan to pine for the umpteenth time.

    • They don't always entertain valentine poetry requests just because they specialise in Romanticism. "Romanticism with a CAPITAL R", they yell, "ALSO includes poems like the Masque of Anarchy, and novels like Frankenstein! I'm NOT reading hours of Schlegel for this!" Some of their slam poems are fierce af , and rip the establishment a new one. Also, they don't write poems on every available surface (because they usually hide the more private and sweet poems).

    • They wish that people wouldn't hover around them like helicopter parents when their date is edgy ( *Montparnasse*). They can take care of themselves, and will definitely come to people for help if shit hits the fan (that never really happened though). They want to let people know that toxic people can also materialise without leather jackets and piercings.

    • They also want to let people know that their relationship dynamics with 'Parnasse is regular af, and not any chewed-out Sinner and Saint trope.


    • Is impatient. Anyone would be impatient if they are working their arse off in three part-time jobs, an Etsy business, classes and assignments. AND Les Amis work. He's tries not be rude, but is often blunt and brusque and has no time for the wounded sentiments of those he calls out for their privilege. Feuilly is hardly the quiet, angelic figure people initially think he is, and can be quite fiery in meetings. He feels frustrated when people don't quite get it.

    • He goes out of his way to help his friends. That doesn't mean that he is a handyman for free. He does not have time to fix every article of machinery or furniture his friends happen to damage, definitely not for free. And his friends know that, and never stress him out. He does give them a lot of discounts, though, and is always there for any emergency.

    • He finds a lot of rich-people-food tasteless. Lavender tea blends? Perfumed water. Champagne? Meh. Caviar? Nevermind. Canapes? Why?

    • He's always afraid that his friendships will fall apart. He cannot hope to attend all meetings, let alone movie nights. He's terrified of dinners and parties, because he's worried about expenses. He cannot trust simple acts of service from his friends because he hates charity. He's also a little self-conscious about his old thrift-shop clothes. He's always terrified of losing his jobs. It takes a lot of time for the Amis to convince him to trust them, and they try their level best to make sure that they don't hurt him in any way, and help him as much as he permits (sometimes even more).

    • He is learning how not to judge people for their apparent privilege without knowing their life-stories, and, whenever not tired, takes an active role in trying to know people's histories.

    • Education is rough for him, because most professors insist on standards of work presentation which are usually learned by really privileged people. Even if he is low-key a genius who learns really fast and gives tons of content in his paper, he gets mediocre grades because of vague things like "colloquialism usage", "cluttered style" and "unacademic presentation".

    • Sometimes has meltdowns and panic attacks, particularly at the end of the month. Feuilly knows what homelessness is like, and does not want to repeat it again, even though he's financially in a better place than before. He wakes up with nightmares about being passed out at the back of a subway train.

    • Feuilly is an old soul. He knows when an Ami is sad, or in trouble. But he'll wait till he knows they are ready to tell him what's wrong. It can sometimes seem bordering on tough love. He hopes that no one thinks him to be insensitive because of that.


    • Likes bar brawls only when it involves kicking someone's ass for being creepy, homophobic, sexist, racist and similarly-ist assholes. He absolutely does not like gratuitous violence for its own sake. And FFS, he doesn't really like Tarantino.

    • Wishes people don't look at him weirdly when he is doing regular stuff like groceries, parking his motorbike, playing with Gavroche or Azelma, or going plant-shopping with Jehan. He knows that people stare as though he was a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off in a reassuring display of toxic, hypermasculine machismo. He hates that. -_-

    • Similarly, he hates it when people assume that he's all brawn and no brain, particularly after knowing him to be a law school dropout. He has a grim satisfaction in seeing a newcomer to the Musain look at him agape, expecting him to be some kind of tropey backbencher only there for brawling, but finding him actively engaged in articulate brainstorming while the others nod enthusiastically.

    • He likes bar crawls. That doesn't mean he encourages R to drink. He's done a LOT of work helping R to work on his drinking problem and was one of the happiest when R got his first bronze sobriety chip.

    • In fact, Bahorel is notoriously good at dancing in a bar, and often goes for the dancing only. In bars, he takes care of everyone - including the DD who lingers in the corner with a beer and their phone, uncomfortably anxious, and desperately needing company (looking at you, Ferre).

    • Dropping out of law school has made him really uncertain about life. For the first few months after dropping out, he regretted every bit of it, cried himself to sleep after feuding with his anxious family over the phone, and had quite a few suicidal thoughts. It's not that he's completely certain that life is okay now, but he's much happier studying journalism.

    • As a kid, he hated his height and build because he was considered too big for a certain really cute boat ride in an amusement park. He also had eating disorders in high school.

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  • moku-youbi
    16.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Alright Untamed fandom, where do I submit and/or beg for my fic ideas? 

    I DESPERATELY need a Leverage AU for this fandom (and for Word of Honor, too, but that’s going to be a separate post), you GUYS!?! Tell me you can’t see this:

    Lan Zhan in the role of Nate--maybe as a detective of some fashion instead of insurance investigation. Or maybe he works as head of security for his very wealthy family. And for a while he’s so sure that he’s doing the Right and Honorable and Just thing, hunting down these criminals. And he’s got some serious angst over his friend Wei Ying who was head of security for the Jiang until he stole some huge corporate secret and sold it to their competitors before disappearing into the criminal underworld. And Lan Zhan’s seen him over the next few years, only very briefly, when their paths cross from opposite sides of a heist and Wei Ying says he’s been framed, but no matter how often Lan Zhan tries to convince him to come home and set things right and face punishment. Because even if he hadn’t done the original crime, he’s clearly doing crime (and being gay, but that is neither here nor there) and he has to take responsibility and Wei Ying’s like no thanks, bro. So then Lan Zhan finds out something that sort of shakes him to the core, like maybe some sketchy things his own family have done, or that they were in on framing Wei Ying along with the Jin, whatever, not sure on the details. But he quits and starts having guilt over the fact that he just assumed the worst about Wei Ying, and also, all these awful things that Wei Ying has done since? Are him trying to clean up messes made by the Wen and Jin and Lan.

    After some soul searching, Lan Zhan starts digging into all the shit that these major corporations have been up to, and starts identifying the people who’ve been hurt by them and have been fighting back on their own, and decides to bring them all together. There’s:

    * Meng Yao (fucked over by his father and out for revenge on the whole wide world, and who would be the perfect confidence man, lbr and very brainy, yes, but no where on the level of...) * Nie Huaisang (hacker extraordinaire, able to get any information on anyone or anything in basically 10 seconds or less, and able to use that to manipulate every scenario perfectly to his whims--he doesn’t NEED to steal, you’ll give him exactly what he wants without you even realising it...look, he doesn’t need to be doing this, but he is pissed over what happened with Wei Ying and the Wen are constantly flexing on his brother, and also, it’s fun!) * Wen Ning (who to everyone’s astonishment is the best hitter in the game, started helping Wei Ying shortly after his fall from grace, has issues galore with basically every sect, but he’s really only in this for his family and Wei Ying) * Wen Qing (who comes part and parcel with WN and WY because these assholes always end up needing to be patched up, and also, need a voice of sanity and reason) * Xue Yang (who just likes shiny things and fucking shit up and bewilders everyone over the fact that he can steal, like, anything and has warehouses full of treasure, but just squats in a ramshackle abandoned building and spends all his money on candy and baked goods) * A-Qing (who is Xue Yang’s thief and con-woman in training, and who will mercilessly use her youth and anonymity with the main companies to bleed them fucking dry)

    And Lan Zhan can’t get ahold of Wei Ying at first, but after the team’s first job, oh you better fucking believe Wei Ying is interested now! (okay, he was interested as soon as Lan Zhan spoke to the Wen siblings, but he was waiting to see how things fell out and if this was some sort of trap that he’d need to spring them from). They’re in the middle of some elaborate heist and it’s all about to fall apart, and Lan Zhan is as close to freaking out as someone like Lan Zhan can be, and Wei Ying just strolls in and saves the day with his devastating smile.

    So the gang saves the day and makes the bad guys pay, and then they decide you know, there are a lot more assholes out there pulling things like this, and we’re really good at screwing them over. 

    I just want all the found-family feels, and the reconciliation, and the romance. How Yanli finds ways to send care packages to Wei Ying through Huaisang and trying to let him know she believes in him no matter what. And someday after the initial confrontation with the Jin/Wen/Lan, just stopping by the team’s headquarters on the regular to feed them when they’re so busy planning they forget to take care of themselves. The eventual confrontation of Wei Ying and Lan Zhan with their respective brothers and adoptive parents/uncle. Meng Yao getting the love and recognition he deserves after his father is arrested. The crew picking up new members here and there, like XXC and SL who are some sort of law enforcement, and...not so sure about this at first, but eventually end up looking the other way (and maybe adopting A-Qing and inexplicably becoming enamored of Xue Yang). Wei Ying and Lan Zhan rescuing A-Yuan at some point when taking on the Wen, and him being raised by his two dads and the craziest and most loving group of Aunties and Uncles.

    Some of them go more ~legit after things fall out. Like Meng Yao is way more appropriate to run the Jin than his brother, and they both know it. And Huaisang has to keep an air of respectability about himself, and Wen Qing is a legit doctor, okay...but they still help out on the regular.

    Look, I would write this myself, I WOULD. Except 1.) I know no where NEAR enough about Chinese culture to do it justice, and 2.) ever since I started my ADHD meds I’ve been...incapable of writing? (which goes hand in hand with 2 actually, because researching feels daunting). So *hands* someone make it a thing??

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  • wrxthfulguard
    16.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    (X) @deathxdefied​

    “... Not interested in playtime, I’m just a busy man seeking shelter for one night... I won’t cause any trouble.” Although Don wanted to turn and leave, there was something in this place that was just preventing him from doing so... He wasn’t here on a case nor an infiltration for the hacker collective... Rather, his penchant of being a magnet to the paranormal drew him here. 

    The doll’s eyes looking up at her owner didn’t faze him in the most, but it did remind him to keep alert and on guard.

    “I’ll pay for the room if I have to, I just ask for absolute privacy so I can rest without any disruptions.”

    #deathxdefied #wrathful personified (IC) #v; fire in the streets (modern! AU) #horror cw #resident evil village spoilers #re village spoilers #resident evil tw
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  • tcssaiga
    16.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i need au ideas for inu...

    #( modern & yokai verses are already a thing ) #( but idk what else... ) #( send help ) #( persona AU? possibly ) #( i don't know a lot abt many other popular fandoms to make an au for em tho ... ) #( like bleach or genshin or whatever the kids are into these days lmao ) #»  ✦  «  ━━  the  hand  that  feeds.  ╱  ooc. #TBD.
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  • bunny-hoodlum
    16.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I've been thinking for a while that I need to figure out what modern day Uzushio is like in my fic 21 Days, so I decided to overlay Hainan Island over Uzushio from the Naruto map and this is what I have so far. I think rather than come up with a name for every location, I'll just figure out which ones actually matter and name them as needed.

    The big blank area to the Southwest is the Hinoku Military Base btw.

    I was thinking the bigger pink dot on the Northern shore was where the royal castle was and stuff.

    I can thank Skillshare for its map making tutorials, because this ended up being a lot easier than other times I have a go at fictional maps, lol.

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  • sn4pe
    16.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Snockhart is such a superior ship

    #im in a modern au rp rn #and its snockhart #and #theyre just so good together ffs #snape#severus snape#lockhart#gilderoy lockhart#snockhart#snapedom#pro snape#ship
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