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  • Un perrito es el animal más fiel de este planeta .
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  • Moms and Robots

    I noticed that the voice actresses for the Mom characters in the Loud House and the Casagrandes previously voiced Robot Characters: Jill Talley (Rita’s voice actor) voiced (and still voices) Karen in Spongebob, while Sumalee Montano (Maria’s voice actor) voiced Arcee in Transformers Prime.

    So here are Rita and Maria along with Karen and Arcee. Moms and Robots!

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  • image

    بعد ماخلصنا مشي نرجع سريع سريع على المذاكره

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  • There has been some debate over whether parenting makes people’s lives fulfilling and filled with joy or whether parenting makes people miserable and unhappy. Depending on how much sleep your child has let you have the night before your answer may vary.

    New research has shown, however, that some mothers may be unhappy because they simply take the job too seriously. It’s called the parenting paradox.

    In a study published in Springer’s Journal of Child and Family Studies, moms who ascribed to an “intensive parenting” approach to raising their children reported being less satisfied with their lives. Intensive parenting is defined as believing:

    • Mothers are the most necessary and capable parent
    • Happiness is derived primarily from children
    • Parents should always provide the kids with stimulating activities that aid in development
    • Parenting is more difficult than working
    • A parent should always sacrifice their needs for the needs of the child

    More than 180 mothers of children under the age of five were surveyed. About a quarter of the women showed signs of depression. Mothers who believed they were the most essential parenting reported less satisfaction with their lives and parents who believed parenting is challenging were more likely to be stressed and depressed.

    “If intensive mothering is related to so many negative mental health outcomes, why do women do it?” the study’s authors write. “They may think that it makes them better mothers, so they are willing to sacrifice their own mental health to enhance their children’s cognitive, social and emotional outcomes. In reality, intensive parenting may have the opposite effect on children from what parents intend.”

    Perhaps the key to happy parenting is to know that dad’s also a capable parent, parenting’s great, but not the only way to be fulfilled in life, taking care of your own needs is just another way of making sure the child is also taken care of and instead of running the kid around to multiple enrichment activities all day you can skip music class for a day at the park every now and then.

    Apart from it, we used to take life too seriously.  Our culture happily insists on blasting out every idea, suggestion, or advice as though if you do not do this thing, you are DOOMED.

    Like, if we don’t read to our child 25.8 minutes every single day, they will not love reading when they grow up.  Or if we don’t provide the correct amount of protein and carbs and fats to our kid, then we are  dooming them to a lifetime of obesity and health issues.


    Is there an iota of truth to these tales?  Sure, but honestly, this age of over-information is KILLING us WAY more than any of the suggested solutions to modern problems!  And, it’s not because we are neglecting to “get outside more” and rue the day.

    It is because we are STRESSED out from feeling like constant failures at everything, because there is always some voice/opinion/post/Pinterest image/video, etc. telling us that we are failing in something for someone ALL. THE. TIME.

    So, we are calling foul.

    We are done.  Fried.  Finito.  Finished.

    We are not playing these games anymore.  Our brain, heart, and being cannot handle the world’s crap any longer.  And, sweet mama, we are giving you permission to do the same!

    Don’t Take Life Too Seriously, Even Though EVERYTHING Demands that You Do

    But yes, the lessons are not over yet.

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  • Me: finishes a book *goes out of my room*

    Mom: go get my earbuds pls and don’t get the floor wet with your tears

    #this actually happened #my mom said this #i was reading The Great Gatsby i think #mom #my moms so used to me crying after every book I read she's not sympathetic anymore #love her tho #great gatsby#bookworm problems#fangirl problems #it's the same with movies #fandoms
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  • she runs a shoddy-looking diner but she makes good food and loves her son

    #i love cool moms hi #idk her name #im just tagging her mom for now lmao #mom#oc#the dump#max
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  • The Moms of the apocalypse! Honestly, I did not choose the colors on purpose, it kinda happened lmao

    also, those hands need work, but oh well I’ll try to do better next time

    so these are the worst mom ocs I have, they’re the reason why my main oc’s are so messed up!

    So from purple to red:

    Tsuki’s mom, Mei-Hua, hates kids in general and is a hardcore gold digger, kept the child so that she could also keep the rich husband, never faithful, always vile with her words towards Tsuki.

    Kenno’s mom, Hebiyama, a mad scientist who got an “accidental” second pregnancy, and decided to use this child for her own experiments, even going as far as to, after the birth, keeping him in a cage to try out stuff with him, like a lab rat.

    Clara’s mom, Melinda, got into a problematic marriage after the death of her first and true love, decided to take revenge on her ex-husband by keeping Clara and treating her like a maid, beating her and yelling at her every time she did something wrong.

    Rhona’s mom, Breanna, was a noble lady who had to give up everything upon the birth of her child to live as an outcast just bc Rhona was born different. Wanted to kill the baby but couldn’t bc the husband was afraid that they’d be cursed by killing their own kin.

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  • My M🖤🖤D
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  • Thanks mom, thanks dad. You made me have a depressive episode.

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  • even my mom hates me i really wanna die i really really wanna die

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  • To everyone talking shit about Sophie Turner being pregnant because of her age, how long she’s been married or the effect on her career: SHUT YOUR JUDGEMENTAL MOUTHS.

    Just because starting a family young is rare and does not seem right to you, does not make it WRONG.

    Maybe becoming a mother and raising a baby NOW with the the man she loves is what Sophie wanted.

    Maybe being a mother NOW is what is fulfilling for her as a human being.

    Maybe the timeline of when you start a family is NO. ONE’S. DAMN. BUSINESS.

    Women get enough crap already. Just be happy for her.

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  • The last of the topics that I want to discuss from my original post about the resentment I harbor toward my mom and how I blame her for a lot of the negative things from my past is the idea that she pitted my brother and I against each other. 

    I go back and forth on whether I think that this is something that she consciously did. I’ve talked at length lately about how I was made by my mother and brother to feel like an outsider both in our home and in the world at large. They have very similar personalities and so I always felt like my brother was “right” and “normal” and “likable” and I was the opposite of all of these things. From the moment my brother came into the world I felt like I was in competition with him. I obviously don’t remember meeting him for the first time, I was only fourteen months old, but I do have fairly early childhood memories (2-ish) and in them, he was already my competition. 

    We never had similar interests and we were always encouraged to have our own identities and be our own individual selves. That’s not a problem in itself except that I was told throughout my childhood that my interests weren’t normal and the narrative surrounding me was that I just wasn’t as likable as he was. To this day my brother attempts to use these tactics against me… the only difference is that now that we’re adults I’ve learned that I am actually the likable one. 

    Maybe these issues have more to do with the way my brother was born a competitor and from the second he came into the world seemed to view me as his mortal enemy. But I can’t help feeling like someone had a hand in fostering that. To me, that someone was my mother. 

    Like I said, to this day my brother tries to use my supposed abnormality and unlikability against me - and when he makes these comments my mom will do one of two things. 1) she’ll defend him and try to define what he “really meant” (what he really meant is that he’s an asshole, but that’s neither here nor there for the point of this post) 2) she’ll join in the chiding and then throw in a light-hearted “lighten up, Linds!” (because obviously the problem is mine). That’s not anything new, not something she just started doing now that we’re adults. That is something that has persisted throughout my life and it’s left me with a lot of resentful feelings. 

    The fact of the matter is that my brother and I were made to be enemies. We were told throughout our childhoods that it was normal for us to have sibling rivalry and to fight like mad and ultimately that we shouldn’t like each other. We were told we were different and rather than being taught to love and embrace the other’s differences, we were told that our differences put us at odds with each other. We didn’t come up with that on our own, and if we did, it was never corrected. And so, I find that I blame my mom for that. 

    I blame her because she was someone to blame. I blame her because I can’t blame my dad. But in this instance, in particular, I blame her because when I look back at those experiences with my adult eyes, her involvement is what I see. Of course, I can acknowledge that it’s hard for me to look at this objectively and maybe it’s a cycle where my resentment feeds my view and my view feeds my resentment… That’s why I’m trying to write all of these things out now so that I can make sense of them and be able to let go of that resentment and move forward into a better, healthier relationship with my mother.


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  • I am taking my mom to get an MRI today, taking as in she is using me for my LIFT lol, and she picked the office that is literally the one furthest away from us lol. But what’s funny is it is right across the street from where we used to live with my uncle like I can see it from where I am sitting, lotta memories from this place we’ve just never had a reason to come back

    Also look at these cool picture I took!



    Can decide which one I like more

    #sierras lift adventures #mom #which one do you guys like??
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