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  • For those foreigners that still believe in the possibility of Felipe being completely unaware of his dad’s corruption, and that the son has nothing to do with the father:


    Edit: in a nutshell, in English:

    Last Saturday, Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial published the regulations of lúcuma Foundation, the Panaman offshore structure used to hide the donation of more than 60 million euros from Saudi Arabia. The document includes the signature of the former Spanish king and is stated that the main beneficiaries of the foundation are himself and current king Felipe VI.

    We just hope that this sh*tfest ends in a referendum. To dream is still free, right?

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  • The Duchess of Cambridge

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  • The San Myshuno Palace Releases Official Portrait of the Four Princesses of Windenburg and San Myshuno

    HIH The Crown Princess of Alderaan ( @threesimsroyal​ ) , TRH The Princess Royal, The Princess of the Isle, and Princess Victoria posed together for an official portrait following a Diplomatic Dinner at the Palace. Its reported that the Princess Royal has been living at Thurlby House alone for six months, while her husband is staying at Ancaster Hall, the couples country residence. Meanwhile, there are speculations that HRH the Princess of the Isle is pregnant, and cheating rumors still surround the couple. Princess Victoria is apparently cheating or broken up with her current beau, HH Prince Gabriel of Champes Les Sims. And lastly, HIH The Crown Princess, unlike her siblings, is currently living a happy and stable marriage. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess apparently visit Windenburg often. 

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  • King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia presented 2020 Solliden Awards

    On August 8, 2020, Saturday, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia presented prizes to the winners of this year’s themed gardens competition in Solliden Palace Park. The themed gardens competition took place on the palace grounds for the sixth time. This year’s theme was ‘Hemester’.

    Winner of Solliden’s prize was Helena Gustafsson. Winner of visitors’ prize was Lovisa Fogelström and Niclas Bernehagen won the digital prize. The themed gardens will be exhibited in Solliden Palace Park until 31 August.

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  • TRH took a carriage from the airport to Brindleton Palace, where the foreign royals will be hosted by Her Majesty The Queen.

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  • HRH the Princess Royal met with Head of the Women Suffrage Historical Society of Windenburg, Miss Hailey Carlisle

    HRH met with Miss Hailey Carlisle head of the Women Suffrage Historical Society of Windenburg. HRH is the patron of the organization and it is her duty to meet with the head of the organization every month. HRH often attends events for the organization as well, she visited the Windenburg Suffrage Museum two months ago. 

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  • I believe Shakespeare said something about crowns once or twice. 

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  • 8th of August 1503 saw James IV marry Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England. 

    The marriage was known as the Union of the Thistle and the Rose and paved the way for the Union of the Crowns.

    Henry VII, Margaret’s dad wanted to cement his reign in England, he was having bother with a Flemish guy called Perkin Warbeck who wanted to be King down there and James IV was backing the pretender so rather than go to war he tried to appease the Scottish King with his eldest daughter’s marriage. 

    It was thought the marriage would be good for both nations but James IV by this time was 30, and although unmarried already had five known illegitimate children, it is said he had fallen for Margaret Drummond, the daughter of a Scottish noble, indeed while the negotiations were going on for the Union of the Thistle and the Rose, Miss Drummond was giving birth to to their daughter. James moved mother and child to his palace of Linlithgow and showed them every favour, however Margaret and her sisters Eupheme and Sibylla died of food poisoning, rumour has it this was murder at the hands of either by English agents or by pro-English elements in the Scottish nobility. Some stories have even claimed that James and Margaret had already married in secret. After her death the king paid for masses to be said for her soul, and continued to support their daughter.

    With Drummond out of the way the marriage went ahead unhindered
    James IV was an intelligent man and saw it as way to protect his borders too, that and a large dowry of course, never underestimate the power of money! Margaret brought with her a love of the arts, she revelled in pageantry and brought a lot to the Scottish court. 

    There was a still birth daughter and the death of two sons in during infancy before the Queen Margaret gave birth to the future King James V in 1512, before his son reached his 2nd birthday Margaret begged James IV not to declare war on her brother Henry VIII, the armies met at near Branxton on Flodden Field on September 9th, James IV was killed, his son was crowned King of Scots on the 21st september. Much to the annoyance of some Scottish nobility who were aghast the sister of their enemy was now ruling Scotland, Margaret was declared Regent of Scotland, Queen in all but name, she brokered peace between the two countries, however she fell foul to politics by remarrying and losing the Regency, she lost her children, the young King and his brother Alexander Stewart, Duke of Ross born after Flodden were taken to Stirling Castle, Margaret left to return to england, by this time pregnant to her new husband, she gave birth to a gave birth to Lady Margaret Douglas, mother of another famous name in our history, one Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Mary Queen of Scot’s 2nd husband, if you are paying attention it means they shared the same Grandmother, our Margaret Tudor. 

    Margaret did manage to return to Scotland and after a coup regain the Regency, it’s a long story but shows you that even those more simplistic times, politics played an important role, Margaret died at Methven Castle, in Perthshire on 18th October 1541 as mentioned at the top of this post, her marriage to James IV led to the Union of the Crowns when her -great-grandson James VI took the throne of England.

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    On This Day In History ‪7th August ‬ 1549

    Five-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots set sail from Dumbarton, Scotland, for France. A marriage had been agreed between Mary and François, the Dauphin, so she was going to be brought up at the French court. Mary arrived at Saint-Pol-de-Léon, near Roscoff in Brittany a week later.Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots as a young child by François Clouet.

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  • TRH The Prince and Princess of the Isle Inspect the Courland Regiment

    In HRH The Prince of the Isle’s capacity as Duke of Courland, he inspects the Courland Regiment yearly. The inspection of the guard takes place at the Courland Palace each year. Today he was joined by his wife, HRH the Princess of the Isle who was also dressed in military uniform. It has been pointed out by spectators that you can see a little bit of what looks like a baby bump. Is HRH the Princess of the Isle Pregnant? Will Princess Mary and Princess Madeleine be joined by a sibling? The public is dying to know!!

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    1921. HRH Princess Edith announced her engagement a few months ago, and since then she’s had to face serious rumours about her alleged romantic affair with a royal guard member. This matter has led the monarchy into the greatest scandal since Princess Sybil refused to get married back in the 1890s. But where do all these rumours come from? Is there any truth in them? Let’s rewind on the young princess’s life and try to figure it out. 

    Princess Edith was born in 1900 at Bayrón and was the 4th child of TM Queen Edith II and King Joseph of Brosnia. She was christened HRH Princess Edith Olivia Alice of Cleavreau. She spent her childhood with her sisters at Cleavreau Palace, and was considered to be a shy and quiet yet kind little girl, always outshined by her older sister Princess Susan, who stood out the most among the four sisters.

    She moved to Deveraux with her younger sister, Princess Marge, in 1914 when the war started to live with her brother and sister-in-law, the Duke and the Duchess of Deveraux. It is known that since then she developed a great relationship with the Duchess, who became like a mother and a confident for her. After the war, she suffered the loss of her sister, P. Marge, in 1919. Soon after that, the gossip about her supposed romance started and spread really quickly. Despite all this, she recently announced her engagement with Lord Holden Northup, Viscount of Monteroble and heir to the Earldom of Lucréte.


    (above, some highlights of Princess Edith´s life: her First Holy Communion, her work helping the nursing corps during the war and the Victory Parade when it was won.)

    So, where do these rumours come from? How did this all start?

    According to an unidentified source that is supposedly close to the royal family, Princess Edith was devastated after she lost her sister during the flu pandemic. She knew her mother The Queen was also deeply sad after this event and so was Lady Deveraux, so she felt she needed to carry her grief on her own to avoid bothering them.

    In this situation, the source says, of extreme vulnerability, she was seduced by a member of the royal guard serving at Deveraux. She has, since then, been exchanging romantic correspondence with him and sneaking out to meet him. The lovers kept their relationship in secret for as long as they could, but one night they got caught up exchanging notes by an unknown member of the Deveraux household, possibly a housemaid, who professedly started all the rumours when she told other housemaids.

    The gossip arrived to the court and the highest members of the brosnian nobility, and kept growing and growing for weeks before her Royal Ball last year, where she was suposed to find a suitable husband. Her lack of interest in her suitors made the situation even worse, and the rumours where spread all around the country. 

    The Queen, before this circumstances that were damaging all the royal family’s public image, made the decision to accelerate her engagement to Lord Northup despite P. Edith’s initial refusal. She convinced her daughter to accept his marriage proposal and try to stop the accusations she was suffering, and the princess eventually agreed. However, several months have passed and there’s still no official date for the wedding and it has only recently been announced in the brosnian newspapers, so it feels like it’s taking too long to happen.


    (above, the engagement portrait that was recently published in the newspaper to announce the future wedding)

    Of course these are all rumours, no one really knows if they are true or not, specially because the identity of the alleged lover has never been discovered and there hasn’t been any public statement about it. Either way, this has caused a great damage to Princess Edith’s public image that will only be repaired when she finally marries. 

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    The Moment by James Ward (1831)

    “The monarchy is so extraordinarily useful. When Britian wins she shouts, God save the Queen; when she loses, she votes down the prime minister”. ~Winston Churchill

    This painting of a huge snake about to attack a white horse was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1833. In the past, the painting was thought to show Napoleon’s Arab charger, Marengo - hence the title Marengo and the Serpent on the frame. However, it is more likely to show George III’s horse, Adonis. Ward consistently used allegory in his paintings, so this work may be intended to show the power of the monarchy (the horse) being threatened by the government (the serpent) as it prepared to widen the franchise by passing the Great Reform Bill in 1832.

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  • The Royal Family At Home

    The Royal Family has realesed a series of personal paintings of the family enjoying time together around the newly rebuilt palace. The public gets a rare chance to see a casual side to the King and Queen and their children. 

    The family has been spending alot of time in the palace, instead of on royal outings since rumors the sweating sickness has been spreading closer to Windenberg. The King is known to have a fear of the sickness as he lost his father and brother to the mysterious sickness in his youth. It is said the King has many doctors and herbal remedies around the palace to stave off the sickness.

    The country is hoping it will pass through like last year, until then the place is closed to the public and courtiers that don’t already reside here. 

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    1921. Devastating news came this morning from Deveraux; the Duchess, Lady Deveraux, had a spontaneous miscarriage last night and lost the child she was expecting. The pregnancy hadn’t even been announced officially yet, apparently only the closest relatives were aware of the situation.

    The Duchess is safe and healthy according to some local sources, who assure that the local Deveraux doctor had to rush to the castle in the middle of the night to attend her. This would have been the third child to be born in the Duke and Duchess of Deveraux family.

    Let’s hope Lady Deveraux recovers her health as quickly as possible and finds comfort in her family and friends to accept what’s been God’s will.

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