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  • mxfancafe
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MONSTAX_JH 🎗: MX Talk Tok Update 210505

    드디어 나도 인스타를 열었다.. ㅋㅋㅋ

    At last, I opened up Insta too..ㅋㅋㅋ

    [translation: mxfancafe]

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  • wonhoarctic
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    happy children's day! | lee hoseok (wonho)

    word count: 2.617
    genre: fluffy, but with some smut in the end
    pairing: wonho x fem!reader
    a/n: i saw hoho's baby picture today and his little arm cast, so it inspired me to write something, and part of this story is based in a story that happened with a friend but i also got some inspo from wonho in mx ray 2, so i hope y'all like it!! ah, and this is my first smut... i hope it is okay
    contains: a fluffy story in which reader remembers some moments from her childhood with hoseok, who used to play with her and was her first kiss while still a little, and is now her husband and the dad of her two kids, and they are going to celebrate the children's day with their children, also, in the end, they enjoy their time alone to make another baby, so it contains fingering, oral, filthy language, love making, overstimulation and smut galore, in general
    the flashbacks are in italic!

    i ran to look for a place in which i could hide, and his mom seemed to notice my struggle to find one, so she went to me and said "do you want some help to hide, y/n?", so i nodded, and she took me in her arms, and started to look for a place to hide me

    "here, if you stay silent, hoseok won't find you" she gave me a smile, which i copied and gave her a thumbs up, staying silent when she left me under her office's desk

    after ten minutes, hoseok was whining to his mom, knowing that she helped me, and his younger brother was already found, and was helping him to find me, and when he came to the last place in the house he hadn't looked yet, i ran, and stopped in the wall to save myself

    "it isn't fair, y/n!" he was pouting, and crossed his arms in front of his chest

    "but i won the game" i grinned, and he started to cry "you're crying again?! you're such a cry baby, seokie!" i provoked him, and it made hoseok cry louder, calling his mom, so she could catch him in her arms again

    "you helped her, mommy, you couldn't!" he threw a tantrum, while his mom patted his back calmly "i was finally going to win! but she ruined everything again! y/n always wins!" he was crying even louder than before, and it impressed you, he was only four, but was such a cry baby

    "hoseok, if you stay there, you won't be able to play more with y/n, it's almost dinner time, she needs to go home" his mom was trying to calm him, who was nuzzled against his neck now

    "i-i don't her to go, mommy!" he sobbed

    "so, go and play with her, so you won't spend time just crying, my love" she cooed to him while putting hoseok on the ground again, who already wiped his tears with his tiny hands

    "let's go, y/n! this time, you're the one who seeks!" he grabbed my hand, while we ran to the spot in which we were playing

    i dreamt about a flashback, specifically, one day which i came to his house when we were four and used to play together, and i smiled to myself, finding the same person who used to be a cry baby hugging me tightly by my waist while sleeping deeply, breathing against my nape

    i looked at the clock, realizing that it was only 2AM, so i snuggled myself even more in his embrace, starting to close my eyes and think about more of the two of us to finally be able to sleep more

    "be careful, you two!" my mom called, and his mom said the same thing, and they went inside of the ice cream shop while we were climbing trees and playing together

    when they came back with our favorite ice cream flavors, we climbed down and went to the table, sitting with them

    "hoho" i called him, it was another pet name i called him, just like seokie "you have a chocolate mustache!" i laughed, and his mom helped him to clean it

    "and you have a vanilla one" it was my mom's turn to help me clean the mess i made

    when we finished eating the ice cream, i looked at his arm cast, tilting my head to the side

    "does it hurt?" i asked

    "yes, but i'm unstoppable! i'm like captain america, who gets hurt all the time, but it doesn't makes him rest, i can still climb trees and run a lot, y/n!" he put his free arm in his waist, mimicking a hero's pose, and i laugh

    "yeah, i noticed that"

    we laughed together a little, and when we saw a couple kissing, he poked my shoulder

    "y/n..." he called


    "people do this when they are in love, right?" his little index finger pointed at the couple, which was still kissing

    "yes, mommy told me it is their way to show their love, respect and affection to their partner" i explained to him

    "can i... do the same with you?" he asked timidly "i want to show my respect and affection to you"

    "well... i also want to show you, so i think we can try" i smiled, and closed my eyes, pouting, waiting for him

    hoseok also closed his eyes and pouted, giving me a short peck, which made both of us blush and burst in laugh

    i woke up again, still smiling because of the flashbacks, and i turned myself to wake hoseok, leaving pecks all over his face, soon, he opened his eyes, giggling a little, and bringing my face closer to his, so he could kiss my lips one

    "good morning, baby" he said, his deep sleepy voice was evident, and i smiled

    "good morning, my angel" i scanned the room, finding some large packs and boxes "today is children's day, so... you'll need to help me carry those present to their rooms" he smiled

    "of course, let's wake up our babies" he pecked my lips once again, and put a shirt on, starting to carry all the packages that were for our younger daughter

    once we went to her room, seeing the three years old girl sleeping peacefully in her crib, and hoseok held her in his arms, whispering softly for her to wake up

    "wake up, yoona, mommy and daddy have a lot of presents for you today!" he cooed when she woke up, kissing her chubby cheeks, and i couldn't help but smile at how she looked exactly like her daddy when he was three

    our daughter eyes seemed to light up and be full of hearts when she looked at the packages placed in her crib, smiling with the pacifier still in her mouth, and we smiled too, helping yoona to open her new toys

    and we went to our five years old son, seojun, room, waking him up and also giving him his presents, which were the ones he wanted so bad when he saw in the tv, but one of them surprised me, he wanted a toy version of captain america's shield, saying that he wanted to be a hero like cap — and daddy looks like cap, so he wants to be like hoseok, and it also remembered me of hoseok when we were five

    we took the kids outside, lunching together in a kid's restaurant they wanted so bad to go, and it was cute to go, because hoseok went to play in the ball pit and in the cave with them, and being honest, i never saw either him, or the kids, so happy like that, so it also made me happy

    after that, we had some ice cream, in the same shop our moms used to take us, and we sat in the exact same place we had our first kiss, and our first date as a couple, officially, was there too, and our sons seemed happy to listen to our story, especially yoona, who repeated lots of times that daddy is mommy's enchanted prince

    "enchanted prince?" hoseok laughed "i don't think so, but your mom is my princess, and, she is also my soulmate. right, honey?" he leaned his head on my shoulder, and i blushed slightly before answering

    "i think that's right, maybe i am a princess..." i put my index finger against my lips, pretending it was a secret, seeing yoona's eyes sparkle even more "and, if you behave yourself right, when you grow up, you'll be a princess to" hoseok laughed in disbelief of my tale, but nodded

    while the kids were on the playground, we sat together to look at them, cuddling each other in the park's bench, kissing and hugging each other tightly, as if we were still teenagers, who weren't married and parents of two kids, also, who weren't afraid of pda

    "i just wish we had a third..." i said, and he laughed

    "another baby? i'd love that, and you look so good when you're pregnant y/n... i mean, you're pretty all the time, but when you're growing our babies, you look so, so good..." he kissed my forehead

    "it won't harm to try having another baby... i think we can discuss that later, honey" i cooed "sex after two kids is different, we can't appear bruised, or moan too loud when they're around..."

    "but they're going to sleep in my brother's house today, aren't they?"

    "they are, but... planning another baby is a huge decision, you know?" he nodded "are you really sure about it? because i'm on my fertile period, so... we have huge chances of making a baby... and i don't want to have one if i'm the only who truly wants it"

    "baby" he raised my chin so i could look at him "i really want a baby, you know i love kids, and that i've always dreamt about having a huge family" hoseok smiled

    at the late afternoon, we packed our kids things together, helping them to also get their toys, while waiting for hoseok's brother to pick them

    "remember to brush your teeth well and not sleeping too late, okay? pick all your toys, eat well and behave, if there's anything you need, or if you want to come back home, you can ask uncle to call daddy or mommy, okay?" he instructed both of the kids, holding yoona in his strong arms, while i cuddled seojun in my arms, asking him to take care of himself and his younger sister "we love you" both of us said to the kids, as their uncle was already there, and helping to pick their things and get in the car "take care!" i said, my mother heart swelling at the view of my babies sleeping alone, even if it was with someone who i blindly trusted

    "so... now we're alone, hm?" hoseok was already hugging me from behind, peppering kissed all over my neck

    "hm... you seem horny, honey" i teased him, laughing slightly

    "six months without sex are enough to make horny like that" he pouted, throwing me over his shoulder, and moved us to the bedroom "i've missed you so much, y/n... you don't have any idea of how much i've missed having sex with you, too" while he was hovering me, his lips were still on my neck, kissing it while talking

    "me too..." i sighed, throwing my head back slightly, so he could have more access to my neck, even if i was already laying in the bed "but having kids it's rough when you want to have an active sexual life" i laughed

    "but it worths a lot, right?" his kissed were already between my breasts, while his hands were taking off my shirt, tossing it on the floor with my help, and we did the same with his, too "having kids is the second best thing that happened in my life... the first was our marriage" he laughed

    "for me it's the same" i said with a smile, soon switching our positions, so i could be on top, straddling him, rubbing myself against his semi-erect member "you're already becoming hard, when i was the one who was being teased?" i teased him, seeing his bottom lip tugged between his teeth to contain himself to moan while i rubbed myself in his hard on

    "it pleasures me a lot to see you getting pleasure with the things i do, you know?" he laughed a little, and shifted our positions again, taking off my bra, and holding my waist for dear life, kissing me like it was his last time, breathing me like oxygen, and being honest, not only the lustful kiss, but the feeling of my already sensitive breasts pressed against his chest was making me even wetter "you're so sexy, y/n..." he said, his voice was already deep of lust, his erection more evident after the kiss

    "shh" i blushed "shut up, and make love with me, y-your idiot!" i murmured, seeing him laugh a little, while kissing my chest area, inching closer to my nipples every minute

    "i love when you act as a tsundere, my love, it's cute... how can you be the cutest and the sexiest person alive at the same time?" he asked, and i was going to laugh, but a moan came instead, feeling his mouth latch around of my nipples, his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud, gently biting, sucking and licking, giving attention to the other with his fingers, earning some moans from me "you like that, hm?"

    when i was going to answer him, his kisses had already passed from my torso to my inner thighs, which he was kissing hungrily, leaving me with some high expectations of him eating me out like he always used to do, making me wetter by any second

    "my good, you're that wet, just for me?" he said, inching closer to my womanhood, licking a long stripe suddenly, making me moan louder and flinch a little, it had been a while since i last experienced being pleasured, or pleasuring myself

    again, when i tried to answer him, he was already devouring me, eating me out like his life depended on that, as if he was starving, all i could do was roll my hips in his tongue, moaning loudly, feeling his warm and wet muscle against my clit, sometimes feeling he suck it gently too, and suddenly, i felt two of his fingers entering me, which surprised myself a little

    after having two kids, i wasn't that tight anymore, even if he said that, it was comfortable being stretched like that, so i couldn't help but moan even louder, calling his name in despair, trying to get my sweet release, and he seemed to notice, since his fingers pace speeded up, and one specific suck he gave on my clit made the coil in my belly untie, bringing me to my orgasm, which he happily helped to ride out

    "you taste so sweet, honey~" he cooed, licking my juices in his lips, going back to kiss me, and i didn't mind tasting myself in his tongue at that moment, all i needed was to be fucked by my husband

    "alright, now, we need to take care of you, seokie" i said, stripping him of his underwear, the two of us sharing a smile, before he pushed himself into me, both of us moaning with the stretch, the overstimulation's pain starting to take place, i wanted him to stop, but it was so fucking good to feel himself inside me, all i could do was moan

    "i guess we're a great team, right?" he laughed, kissing me once again to swallow my moans, thrusting against me, holding my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers

    it didn't took long for him to find my g-spot, and he seemed to notice, because i moaned even louder, feeling my thighs quivering, and he started to thrust harder

    not much longer, his thrusts started to get sloppier, and i felt his sticky and hot cum cover my walls, so i thought he'd stop, but...

    "why are you wasting it?" he referred about his cum oozing out of my cunt "you'll need it all to grow our baby, honey, you can't waste any drop" his fingers entered my cunt again, making me whine in response, not knowing if i really wanted more or no "here, i'll put it back on you"

    yup, i guess we're going to have a long night...

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  • capaimagines
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Prompt Requests!

    Hello, all!  We have many exciting things coming up!  We have gotten through our last round of requests and this time around, we’re going to do something a little different.  Instead of writing full-blown fics, we’re going to take a break from that this time around and do little blurbs/prompts!  We’ve created our own prompts list that you can read after the break!


    1.     “I hate you.”

    2.     “Leave!  Get out!”

    3.     “I never wanted to hurt you.”

    4.     “You were just a toy and I played you.”

    5.     “Hold my hand, you’ll be fine.”

    6.     Nightmares/bad dreams

    7.     “You lied.”


    1.     “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life.”

    2.     “I’ll be forever yours.”

    3.     “I stole your sweater because it smells like you.”

    4.     “Let’s dance!”

    5.     “Cuddle me, dammit!”

    6.     “I’m safe in your arms.”

    7.     “I might like you, but I might love you.”


    1.     “Make me.”

    2.     “I can’t be professional anymore.”

    3.     “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?”

    4.     “I’m purposely making you jealous.”

    5.     “I want you.”

    6.     “If you don’t shut up I will shut you up.”

    7.     “Such a tease.”

    Pick a number or two!  We will have it be three numbers max.  These blurbs will be posted in between our larger fic posts just so there’s still some content for ya’ll to read through.  Please let us know what member or members you want included.  Only for groups we currently write for (ATEEZ, Monsta X, TXT, BTS, Stray Kids, Wonho, GOT7).  Please try not to be too descriptive as we are keeping these little writings 500 words or less.  

    Depending on how many requests we get for these, it will be open longer than normal requests. 

    Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you’re just as excited for upcoming fics as we are! 🖤

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    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • monstaxeurope
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    210429 - Hyungwon for Urban Decay - W Korea

    Monsta X Official Twitter account
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  • dailykoreanpop
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    MONSTA X’s Joohoney Opens Personal Instagram Account

    All the members of MONSTA X are now on Instagram!

    Joohoney is the final member of MONSTA X to create his own personal account on Instagram. On May 5, he posted an animation of his childhood photo with the caption, “Today is Children’s Day.”

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by 주헌 joohoney (@joohoneywalker)

    MONSTA X is currently gearing up for a comeback with their new mini album “One of a Kind” on June 1. Check out Joohoney’s new Instagram here!

    Credit: Soompi 

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  • monstaxeurope
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    210428 - Kihyun on Beauty Killa Live with W Korea

    Starship Ent. Naver Post.
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