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  • hyunwoolips
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    CRAVING 🔞 ➳ when you’re desperate for one another ➳ [original] | [masterlist]  

    Your body is warm and worked up by the time Hyunwoo positions you with your knees against the messy bed sheets. With a firm grip on your hips, he pulls your naked body closer as he settles behind you, pressing his hardening cock against your swollen, hot folds. Foreplay and teasing didn’t last long when you crave one another’s bodies so badly. Neither did your clothes that are now a messy pile on the floor and you can’t help the moan that slips from your lips while you press yourself against him to beg him to continue.

    “Hyunwoo,” you cry out his name, rolling your hips against him to hear a groan in return. He grows impatient thanks to your own urgency, removing one hand from your hip to align himself with your entrance, teasing for a moment as he runs the tip along your slit just to coat his own flesh with your juices. You whimper his name again to hear him chuckle, all before he begins easing his hard and needy length inside of your heat. 

    “God,” you hear him exhale from behind, his voice deep and raspy when he speaks, “you’re so wet.” The words ring true as he pushes himself into you with ease, the teasing from before with kisses and touches here and there proving to have worked you up more than you realized. Who could blame you when you desire his touch so desperately? He thrusts into your dripping warmth so deep your legs tremble beneath you, a gasp falling from your lips a moment later. 

    With a groan, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer as your back arches. Your head falls back, moans filling the air as he rolls his hips and begins pumping his cock into you. The messy sounds of his length sinking into your arousal mix with the groans and whimpers between the two of you. Hyunwoo’s hand falls to your breast as his other arm remains holding you up right to keep you in place as he fucks you.

    The heat fills your body from his pleasure. Bliss surrounds you and clouds your head, only focusing on his cock thrusting into you so deep, but your body suddenly craves more. Without warning, you take his hand from your breast to guide him lower, pushing him between your quivering thighs so his fingers can find your clit. A gasp slips from your lips once again as he realizes what you need. His digits create patterns over your flesh as he buries himself into you over and over. 

    You dig your fingers into his skin while holding onto the hand between your legs. The pleasure becomes overwhelming, tingling in every limb as the heat of bliss surges through your body. Hyunwoo whispers in your ear between clenched teeth, telling you how good it feels, how wet you are, ordering you to come for him against his cock. 

    The tension in your body tightens as he speaks, and only a moment later you come unraveled. The warmth of pleasure spirals through you as you come undone with him thrusting into you from behind. He continues pleasing your clit, caressing your flesh as you cry out to him that you’re coming, a final gasp filling the room before you’re trembling in his hold from the overwhelming ecstasy. 

    Then you collapse to the bed and he returns his hold on your hips. He fucks you to reach his own end, sinking his cock into your soaked and dripping heat over and over as he digs his fingers into your flesh. You whimper again, feeling too sensitive yet just right, loving the feeling of him deep inside of you even after you’ve come. Hyunwoo groans before becoming breathless, lost in the way you feel around him and finally he’s reaching his own peak, spilling inside of you with heavy breaths as the pleasure consumes the two of you all over again. 

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  • onlyoneofyouuuuu
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    june is going to be INSANE for me

    The Bold Type - first ep may 27

    Love Victor S2 - june 11

    The Owl House S2 - june 12

    Elite S4 - june 18

    Motherland Fort Salem S2 - june 23

    maybe Feel Good S2, date will be released tomorrow 👀

    #and we also have monstax comeback #and we all know ooo are not going to let me breathe a day #i also have exams in june lol #i need to focus #and they drop stuff for half my fandoms #great#jothingz
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  • kpop-workshop
    17.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Introductions - Monsta X


    Brown bear hybrid

    Shownu is quite a shy, playful hybrid. He enjoys going for walks and lots of cuddles. Loves sitting in peoples laps and having his ears played with. Shownu is a very sociable hybrid and enjoys attention. Can sometimes become clingy. Does not like heights

    Sexuality: Bisexual, polyamorous, switch


    Snow fox hybrid

    Minhyuk is a very curious fox who enjoys exploring. Will frequently wander off and get lost, will need lots of care and attention. Minhyuk does not like being crowded, and will isolate himself when overwhelmed.

    Sexuality: Bisexual, polyamorous (only when comfortable with the person/people), sub


    Panda hybrid

    Hyungwon is a very lazy, laid back hybrid. He will usually be seen sleeping at the bottom of a bed or in his treehouse where he goes if he feels stressed. Hyungwon is very quiet and shy, and does not like loud noises; he is startled very easily.

    Sexuality: Pansexual, sub


    Alligator hybrid

    Kihyun is a very playful hybrid, enjoys swimming and taking long walks on the beach. Kihyun loves thunderstorms and sunsets. Kihyun does not like to be pestered, he may get agitated and snap if annoyed.

    Sexuality: Bisexual, polyamorous, sub


    Snow tiger hybrid

    Jooheon is a very hardworking, excitable hybrid. He enjoys being in the sun, and loves to watch the sunset. Is prone to accidents, will frequently walk/bump into windows and doors. Jooheon does not like the rain or being cold.

    Sexuality: Homosexual, polyamorous, switch


    Puffin hybrid

    Changkyun is a very curious hybrid who enjoys collecting things to find out about the world. He enjoys flying and will be very protective of his belongings, no matter what they are. Changkyun also loves to go for walks in the grass. He does not like loud noises, and will hide at any sign of danger or aggression.

    Sexuality: demisexual, polyamorous questioning, switch


    Quokka hybrid

    Wonho is a shy hybrid, but enjoys making friends. He is quite sociable when he gets to know you, and loves being picked up and cuddled. He also loves travelling in other people’s pockets. He does not like being left on his own for long periods of time, and may become attached quickly.

    Sexuality: Bisexual, switch

    @campctrl-cb @oc-acehouse @four-straykids-apocalypse @leliananoir @caregiverjongseho @yanderesungie @foxyu-channie @your-chatbot-boyfies @mermanyuta-cb @minji-oc @ateez-treasure9au-chatbot @hybrid-ateez-straykids-nct @ncitymafia

    #hybrid!monstax #introductions
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  • kpop-workshop
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey, nice to meet you! We're the new girlgroup in town. We hope we can be good friends!

    Hello! M Hansung! M looking forward to meeting everyone~

    Hello! We're Monsta X and Lola! We hope to find some new friends here!

    Fem!Ateez and Hybrid!MonstaX coming soon!

    (transferred from @femteez-cb and @hybridmonstax)

    #fem!ateez #hybrid!monstax #teaser 1
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  • vickieprints
    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hey guys!  I opened my own etsy shop! Come and check it out - > https://www.etsy.com/shop/VickiePrints?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

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  • monstaxs-world
    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago


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  • blog-amelli
    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    #belaruslovekpop #belaruslovemonstax

    210514 #몬스타엑스

    데뷔 6주년 기념 이벤트





    Happy anniversary 🎉 💗

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  • joof
    13.05.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • onlyoneofyouuuuu
    13.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Jooheon, I.M and Hyungwon (형원) on the credits... *screams into the void*

    #monsta x#mine: monstax #monsta x one of a kind #one of a kind #monsta x comeback #EXCUSE ME CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING????? #THE CREDITS???????????? #we changkyun during the live said that we were going to see the credits #and jooheon wss so excited about it #YOU GUYS I LOVE U SJZGJZH #JOOHEON AND I.M WRITING LYRICS/COMPOSING/ARRANGING ALL OF THEM BESIDE BEBE??? #I AM SO EXCITED TO LISTEN TO THEM #I CAN'T WAIT #LOOK AT MY BABIES TAKING THE SPACE THEY DESERVE ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS #i'm already proud #ksgsisgskhskshsk #as one of my moots pointed out WE ALSO HAVE HYUNGWON writing the lyrics to BEBE and SECRETS
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  • wonhotulips
    12.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    BENEATH THE COVERS 🔞 ➳ when he gets distracted with giving you pleasure before bed ➳ [original]  | [masterlist]

    The moment Hoseok slips beneath the covers to settle between your thighs is when you can’t help but to giggle. The two of you were supposed to be sleeping nearly an hour ago, but kisses turn into touches that turn into him getting frisky before bed. Now as his lips smooth the goosebumps along your inner thigh, you can’t find it in yourself to complain. 

    “Hoseok,” you exhale the name breathlessly, already lost in the way his lips feel as he brushes over the thin cotton of your panties. He has disappeared beneath the covers but his mouth tells you exactly where he is and what he plans to do to you. 

    “Hm?” The seemingly innocent response vibrates against your slit as he presses a kiss between your thighs. The sensation warms your body to its core. A wave of heat rushes from between your legs to reach your fingers and toes. Of course you could never deny him the pleasures of tasting you, as well as the own bliss he offers in return, of course. 

    With fingers tucking into the waistband, he tugs the flimsy cotton down your hips, your thighs, until you’re kicking them off to somewhere else, leaving you bare beneath the sheets. You hear his groan at the sight of an awaiting slit needing his mouth. Your legs fall open to give him a better view of your bare pussy, assuming he can even see what he’s doing in the already dim lighting seeping beneath the covers. 

    His mouth pressing to your bare slit tells you, of course, he knows what to do and what you want. Your head falls back against the pillow, eyes closing for a moment to focus solely on the way his tongue drags across your skin. A lick over your slit sends shivers down your spine that is quickly replaced with heat spiraling from between your thighs to reach every limb. He repeats the motion with a groan, dipping his tongue into your pussy for a moment before dragging a slow lick to your clit. 

    “Hoseok,” you coo, gathering up the strength to reach him, though those pesky covers are still in the way blocking your view of him eating your pussy. Quickly, you push them back, coming face to face with a grinning Hoseok between your thighs. He looks up at you the same moment he presses an open-mouthed kiss to your flesh. It’s slow and erotic, watching him taste you while keeping eye contact. Watching him eat your pussy while knowing he loves every second of it, as do you. “Don’t stop,” you whimper in a breathless release, hands reaching to entangle fingers in his hair. 

    It’s all the motivation he needs, reaching with one hand to slip two fingers over your slit. He parts your folds, pressing his tongue to your throbbing, aching clit to finally give you some sense of relief. He teases and toys with the swollen bud, earning every whimper, every moan, every slow and breathless release of his name he loves to hear so much. The sight is just as erotic to him, watching your head fall back and your eyes screw shut, feeling your fingers tighten their grip on his hair. 

    “Tastes so good, baby,” he groans between your trembling thighs, lost in the moment and in the taste of you. “So wet,” he mutters again, easing his tongue down to your cunt to gather up the juices spilling out for him, before returning to your clit once more. He circles your flesh with desire before massaging your clit with the flat of his tongue. He draws out deeper cries of his name as he tastes you, licking your pussy just the way you need to stumble closer to the edge.

    “Fuck, Hoseok,” you can’t help but moan, rolling your hips against his face, feeling the heat swell and the tension coil. Sounds of the mess he’s created between your thighs fill the room, mixing with the whimpers and moans falling from your lips. All you can do is shut your eyes with your chest heaving, feeling so, so close to the peak of release thanks to his mouth on your body. “Gonna… gonna come,” you gasp in a final warning, heat surging through your body, pleasure swelling to every inch. 

    Hoseok holds you close, keeping hands on your thighs as you tighten around him. He rides out the bliss right along with you, licking your flesh, swallowing every drop of honey that spills out. You grind yourself against his tongue, wanting every single ounce of sweet release until you can take no more. It all becomes too sensitive so suddenly, and quickly you push his mouth away in a breathless giggle. 

    Hoseok eases the tension as you come down by pressing kisses to your inner thigh. His hands soothe circles into your skin until you’re no longer shaking. You’ll have to remember to pay him back the next time he’s trying to sleep and you’re the only feeling frisky. 

    #wonho smut#monstax smut#wonho#monstax#wonho imagines#monstax imagines#wonho scenarios#monstax scenarios #wonho x reader #monstax x reader #wonho x reader smut #monstax x reader smut #wonho smut imagines #monstax smut imagines #wonho smut scenarios #monstax smut scenarios #wonho reader smut #monstax reader smut #wonho x reader imagines #monstax x reader imagines #wonho smuts#monstax smuts#wonho fics#wonho fanfic#wonho fanfiction#monstax fics#monstax fanfic#monstax fanfiction
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