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  • the-parny
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Without any particolar reason, I drawn THE WANDERING NECROPOLIS!

    So, many centuries ago an ancient civilization built its graveyard on a fine looking hill... Little they did know that it was the carapace of the God of Eternal Return itself! Until one day when, full of corpse and mausoleums, the aforementioned God finally returned and started wandering...

    Now the ghosts of the Necropolis are more alive than dead, and they formed a society based on the size of their tomb.

    #drawing#monster#digital art#creature#kaiju#creature design#art#procreate#turtle#ghost #darkest dungeon style! #at least i hope so... #i'll draw the ghosts one day
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  • rcvishing
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    At origin, Agnieszka manifested in an early version of what would come to be her shadow form. She was unstable as a being; a fracture of the “Eve” vessel that splintered free when the stresses -both internal and external- became too great. Initially she had very little control over her state. She was bound to the walls and floor more often than not, and could only seem to willfully interact with things when she needed to hide herself and her sister. In time, with Katja’s help and power, Jagna coalesced into a proper form. This form mimicked the only “real” one either of them was familiar with: the semi-mortal, human-appearing vessel. Effectively, working together with the overabundance of power from their old form, they did as the ‘father’ had done, and built a body from dark magic and will. Once it was done and they were firmly detached from each other, they no longer shared power the same way and, stably bound to their own forms, cannot replicate this event.

    Her Mortal Form 

    —takes no power; it is her standard form, and what most people are used to seeing her as.

    Stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall; black hair, black irises, fair skin. By most accounts, appears and reacts to stimuli like a human body though she is disease immune and poison-resistant, rapid-healing, and has a greater base strength

    She also has a lower body temperature with less ability to self-warm. (She’s low key cold-blooded, yes.)

    When first created, she appeared to be around the age of 10; she aged and grew steadily, like a mortal, after this, and currently appears roughly 20 years of age.

    She has features that share some similarity to Katja’s (who still inhabits the original vessel) but which are undeniably softer and more gentle looking. This is possibly due to Katja’s feelings about and perception of her “younger sister” shaping the physical form to an extent.

    When invoking any of her powers strongly, she regularly experiences a “power bleed”, like her shadow form creeping in on the mortal one. Her eyes will seem to fill with shadow until they are solid black, and her hair sometimes takes oh a softer, blurred appearance, and begin to float as if she were underwater, and her hands and feet will start to turn black.

    She reverts to this form if she is badly injured or her power is low

    Her Shadow Form

    —takes a moderate amount of power to maintain; she adopts is frequently for convenience, fun, sometimes just because

    As stated, this is what form she took when she first became, but it is much more stable now. She has full control over it. 

    It assumes mostly the same shape of her mortal form if she is standing freely, 5′8″ and of similar proportion, but lacks clearly defined features beyond her eyes, which white out and glow. She can hide the glow of her eyes.

    She can stand freely, in a three-dimensional physical form, or be flat against a wall, floor, etc. like a mundane shadow. She cannot, by non-magical means, be forced out of being ‘flat’. 

    She can also (and often does) change her shape in this form and ‘melt into the shadows’ of a given space, no matter how large or small those shadows might be. This is not common knowledge but you can tell which shadow is her because if you move between the shadow and the object “casting” is, it wont fall on you; you can also point a flashlight at her and she won’t disappear - but she can change her shape so if she’s being tricky this one won’t help you.

    She cannot be touched (or injured) while she is ‘flat’ or in the shadows of other things, but also cannot interact with things without making herself solid and therefore vulnerable to some extent. (You can’t physically interact with her, but she can’t physically interact with you either.)

    When flat or in the shadows, she is still bound to the mortal plane and obeys its physical laws. She is the shadow in a room or wherever, cast on the ground, the wall, etc. She can go under, around, behind things, but cannot pass through them. She cannot fly, though could move up along a wall or tree trunk, etc., as if she were climbing it. If you managed to get her inside of something and then sealed it behind her, she would be trapped there.

    She can pull people into their own cast shadows, but cannot change their shape or move this shadow the way she moves and changes her own; they will look like the shadow that they were casting on a wall or floor. The shadow will be fixed, and she has to “hold them there”. She can keep them there as long as her power and their need for food/water allow it, but “loses her grip” if the room or area becomes too brightly lit, returning them to their normal state. She has never attempted this with more than one other person, nor with someone who was not one of her siblings. (She could bring a mortal, but I don’t imagine it would be pleasant for them.. or possibly safe? It would be a desperate act.) This is, as you might have noticed, purely a defensive ability. She cannot escape places with someone she has pulled into their shadow, but she can keep them both from physical harm.

    She uses this form as a go-between of her two physical shapes. It is ‘home’, and makes the transition feel more natural. She could, technically, grow directly from mortal shape to demon shape, but wouldn’t choose to. It’s a mindset thing.

    Her Demon Form

    —takes a high amount of power and effort to maintain; she rarely takes this form

    This is a new shape, discovered after devouring Chernabog and her powers expanding. She feels even less at home in it that her mortal body, and is still learning about it.

    The upper part of her maintains a largely human appearance and doesn’t get much larger. 

    Her teeth sharpen, and she can dislocate her jaw as snakes do to take really big bites out of something. Her face gains a new shape and tissue to accommodate this comfortably. 

    Her hands keep their general human shape and dexterity, but are tipped with small claws.

    She gains a consider amount of “height” thanks to her lower half / tail, and stands between 6.5-7 feet tall when settled comfortably. She could potentially raise herself to something closer to 9 feet tall, but doesn’t generally. That’s intimidation behavior and she’s baby. 

    The scales of her lower half are tough, and resistant to small projectiles, but still vulnerable to being crushed or pierced by blades (and teeth.)

    Her wings are bat-like, with nerves and blood vessels throughout. The backs are tough, with light scaling, and can be closed around her upper body and potentially another person as a means of defense. The undersides are velvety to the touch and very vulnerable.

    She has three digits at the outside bend of her wings that function like a thumb, pointer, and middle finger of a human hand. They are tipped by claws that are for grip, but which she can very much scratch and gouge with.

    Other Notes

    Despite her mortal form serving as her ‘standard’ form which requires no power drain to exist, in her mind Jagna tends to think of her shadow form as her truest form. Having arms and legs that keep a firm shape seems weird to her. She clips corners and bumps into other people and knocks things off bookshelves and catches her sleeve on things and (etc.)- a lot. 

    She also likes to wear fluttery, layered clothing with lots of textures, they make her happy and feel more at home; same reason for her hair often being down and loose, though sometimes she will wear small braids or clips.

    She is always capable of making a scream which sounds like (this), but it is mostly heard from her demon form. The chances of her doing this from the darkness to scare someone are low, but never zero :)

    She can use her powers of emotional manipulation in her mortal and shadow forms, but not her demon form. She can still hide herself in shadows in her demon form, but it is considerably more difficult and draining; she is not likely to stay there. The demon form is for throwin’ down, not playing mind games or evading notice.

    After consuming the Chernabog, she gained umbrakinesis; for her, this manifests as an ability to make shadows darker, to summon them in places where there are none, and “pull them out” of walls to make them into solid objects. All of these will fade without sustained attention. Intensifying shadows is fairly easy, but forming them from nothing and pulling them out into physical objects both take large amounts of power and focus. She does not often have reason to call on these abilities, and isn’t very practiced with them.

    I have learned I am not very good at rendering snakes/scales. Her snake coloring is supposed to be based on the white lipped python. (This is a link to the image of that snake so if you don’t like snakes don’t click it.)

    #eye horror tw #body horror tw #ask to tag // #♦ ( HEADCANON / AGNIESZKA. ) #♥ ( MY ART. ) #long post // #im not putting a read more u can just have a text wall owo #If you reblog this I will curse you to always have itchy feet. Do not reblog it. :) #..........i feel like i am forgetting something but i dont know what so ...here goes i guess???? #i love my monster baby thank u for ur time
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  • alleiboro
    18.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Here is Cosmina, Biology Teacher and Hobbyist Photographer of the Meclenlane City Institute!


    •She’s a sea urchin monster girl.

    •Enjoys time with her students to the fullest. She believes that school has to be ACTUALLY fun and entertaining, and not just some boring lesson listening.

    •She easily gives good grades, and is willing to help her students come out of their shells.

    •Despite her short stature, she’s 42.

    •She’s inspired by my Photography teacher.

    #artist #artists on tumblr #drawing#digital art #my ocs drawing #my oc art #my oc#original character #melancholy of meclenlane #monster girls #monster girl oc #sea urchin #sea urchin girl #monster oc #sea monster oc #sea monster#teacher oc
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  • ange-lica-3
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Going back to the tiktoks I made hehehe this came to my mind 😌.

    I made a few changes for the monster because the first time I made it was for a tiktok but now I was able to work better in him

    Anyways I found a name for the guy and it’s trazak lol

    So there is obviously some history behind all of this but I’m not good at making stories so any awesome writer who would like to collab with me, I’m open hehe :))))

    Some personality context, Ophelia might seem like the innocent and cute normal fairy but she is the whole opposite she is nice and everything but she can be mean and really really honest lol

    And trazak might seem intimidating and rude but he is not hehe he is really sweet but so serious and quite and might seem like he doesn’t care but he does and he is a romantic but hides it 🙃



    #my art#angies art#angie rants#ocs personalities#ish lol#tiktok #tiktok art challenge #fairy oc#monster oc#ocs art#oc artwork#fantasy#fantasy art#fantasy oc #I’m really happy on how it came out haha #I think they look cute with different aesthetics #and unexpected personalities
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  • atomic-chronoscaph
    18.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    art by John Kenn Mortensen

    #john kenn mortensen #don kenn#horror art#fantasy art #sticky note art #post it art #creepy#spooky#monsters#nightmares#art
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  • kombination-of-lifes
    18.09.2021 - 56 minutes ago
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  • poyoechro
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    finished her. i need to stop posting wips lmao. design and art on the left by myubeans on dev.

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  • zookcan
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    It’s time for more MHS2 art, featuring memes and movie references. Bottom one was more rushed hence the line isn’t as consistent but I was kind of following the pose of the meme itself. Mari hated Navirou when they first met but now she’ll defend him with her life.
    Also the game gives me some huge Moana vibes.
    #mhs2 #monster hunter stories 2 #monster hunter #wings of ruin #my art#My posts
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  • hermit-gray
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Monster drawing

    #digital art#digital illustration#oc art#oc #artists on tumblr #art share#art #black and white art #black and white drawing #monster#monster art#monster drawing
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  • monsterkinsworld
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Godzilla has the battle axe

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  • rieha
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


    I’m an octane simp now gamers

    #riehas art#wip #I know hes floating atm but hes going to be kneeling on a bed #its gonna be a floor mattress and theres gonna be monster cans and stim everywhere #cant tell me octane wouldnt live like that akljshdl #apex legends #ALSO I know his tummy things are missing its because I forgot about them since i'm always looking at his fast fashion skin
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  • grins-doodles
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wow, my animating skills have really improved! The bottom one only has 3 more frames, but it feels smoother! I messed up a little bit, but overall im pretty happy with how my boy Charlie came out this time.

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  • swag-a-muffinz
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I am the sinner that walks the grass path. Burning amber is all that's left from my foot steps.

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  • kevanhom
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Manda from Godzilla Singular Point!

    The crustacean characteristics of its redesign are interesting.

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  • less-depresso-more-espresso
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “If there’s anyone I’d want to be like this with, it’s you. You’re the only one I trust that much. You’ve seen worse.”

    "...I guess we're both the monsters now."

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  • roseyblogstuff
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wanna smell like a monster yourself? You can get your own bottle of Monster Sweat for only $9999.98! Get yours today! :3

    Side note: Even though Craig has turned into a child, he still has all of his memories. So even if he acts like a kid because of the potion, he still remembers everything, and still has some of his adult mentality in that head of his.

    #my art#TMH #TMH ch 2 #chapter 2#Tweek Tweak#Craig Tucker#kenny mccormick#Butters Stotch#south park #south park au #Tweek's monster hotel au #Tweek's monster hotel comic #Tweek's Monster Hotel #sp monster au #south park monster au #Monster Comic#Monster#Monster Craig #south park Craig Tucker #south park Tweek Tweak #south park kenny #south park butters
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  • deletavio
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    new pfp. always feels good to draw him with all those teeth X)

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