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  • incorrecteyeshield21
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Monta: See this new jacket? I just saw it in a store window and the colors actually gave me a headache.

    Monta: So naturally I bought it.

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  • emenheim
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Llamas at the base of Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador

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  • scenesandscreens
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Black Boy Joy (2019)

    Director - Martina Mossell Lee, Cinematography - Morgan Cooper


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  • charlttz
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    SPOTTED! CHARLOTTE JONES foi vista pelas ruas de nova york, você sabe, a sósia da ROSE PARK. dizem as más línguas que ela é INSENSÍVEL, mas também pode ser DETERMINADA. também ouvi dizer que ela tem 22 ANOS, está na cidade cursando ANIMAÇÃO e trabalhando como ESTAGIÁRIA DE DESIGN DE ANIMAÇÃO.


    nascida em auckland, na nova zelândia, charlotte é filha de mãe coreana e pai neozelandês. os dois grandes empresários que foram do “lixo ao luxo” com muito suor e trabalho duro. o que os fizeram se mudar para manhattan não muito depois, onde sua vida e a vida de sua família passaram a ser notícia por ali. ela sente muito orgulho de seus pais e de suas origens, os tendo como espelho para seu trabalho duro.

    desde nova sempre amou arte e animação. adora fazer desenhos e criar pequenos curtas de menos de um minuto, os quais posta em seu canal muito bem falado e famoso no youtube. seus pais não estavam muito certos sobre a carreira da filha e sua escolha de curso, mas deixaram que ela seguisse seu próprio caminho mesmo assim. quando conseguiu o estágio em uma agência de animação renomada, no entanto, eles ficaram orgulhosos e passaram a apoia-las ainda mais, lhe dando todos os materiais e meios necessários para crescer no trabalho.

    sempre foi tida como uma garota simpática e fácil de lidar. se você estiver perto dela, com certeza ela vai puxar assunto e talvez pareça tagarela até demais. além disso, dificilmente ficará entediado ao seu lado, por conta das ideias (as vezes absurdas) que ela tem do nada. porém, apesar de tudo, ela pode ser uma pessoa insensível na maior parte do tempo. também é extremamente ambiciosa e se ela precisasse pisar em você pra chegar em algum lugar, com certeza o faria. mas isso não a impede de as vezes repensar suas atitudes e se sentir mal sabendo que poderia ter feito diferente. toda a pressão de sua família em suas costas para que ela sempre seja o primeiro lugar em tudo e seja melhor que todos a faz recorrer a todos os meios possíveis para isso. além disso, se acostumou a sempre manter as aparências e fingir ser perfeita para todos, mesmo que esteja longe disso, apenas para evitar atritos com sua família. já que o menor problema pode fazer com que seja mandada de volta a auckland.

    › TRIVIA
    #xoxointro #oi tenho algumas connections na página ent simbora jogar <3 #qualquer coisa me chamem no chat e a gente monta algo do zero
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  • letterboxd-loggd
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lights of Old Broadway (Merry Wives of Gotham) (1925) Monta Bell

    July 17th 2021

    #lights of old broadway #merry wives of gotham #1925#monta bell#marion davies#conrad nagel#charles mchugh#frank currier #little old new york
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  • urbanculture-osaka
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    by FO Travel on Flickr.Dangerous mountain roads around Sorata in the Bolivian Andes.

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  • aquasandyled
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Monta going to pick up sena so they walk to school together.... thats simply too much...

    #personal#eyeshield talk #im fast looking thru the manga and boy #the sena/monta feels get me at the weirdest moments #theyre best friends hhhhhhh BEST FRIENDS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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  • dropsofletters
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #for now i can only say #upcoming dudes on this blog #metal band bassist!minhyuk from monta x #monsta* #and my jaehyun chaptered fic #asks
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  • scottsumrners
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    wait. montague is not pronounced how i thought montague was pronounced AT ALL

    #i thought it was montak. not monta-gue
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  • gypsy-native
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    by Siuloon on Flickr.Waterfall in Tamerza, the largest mountain oasis in Tunisia.

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  • violasmirabiles
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ok wow. so i had a dream where i was on a roadtrip with two other people, staying over at various hostels and relatives and friends. i had a laptop with me, on which i had Somehow acquired a New Writing Program, and also a notebook full of stuff i wouldnt have liked for anyone to see (couldve been a diary, probably partly was, but also like, fic drafts). and a suitcase of other stuff.

    so some things that happen are

    while staying over somewhere, i get a few ideas and start working on like three or four files on that Writing Program™®©

    we spend an evening at a Big Old Nice Place (like a beautiful old building, maybe a hotel? ballrooms and shit) and theres a lot of people present, a lot of them teens and young adults. theres a Big Party™©®. people are Big Partying. a lot of people are drunk. me and my roadtrip crew are staying at.... like a hostel a few blocks away

    theres a Fire during the Big Party, which of course causes Big Panic. me and my crew are alright, we get out and away, but some people arent so lucky. some are stuck in flames. the Fancy Building collapses on some. some are walked on and suffocate. were all very upset, especially one of the people im travelling with. he tries to run back in, we have to hold him back. theres screaming. tears. somehow we get far enough that we cant see the building, get more drunk and try to comfort our distressed friend while sitting by a Body Of Water (river? lake? sea? we just dont know) and deliberately avoid any news reports about the situation cos we need to rest and Continue The Trip

    while trying to Get Some Rest that night i hear a noise that vaguely sounds like someone typing on a laptop. short little spurts. im like huh what the fucks that I Am Looking Directly At It (the laptop) and theres no one there. dont care enough to get up tho and fall asleep

    next we go to a place that we were TOLD was a summer cottage but actually was a whole HOUSE by a. lake or sea we just dont know. a BIG house and a separate sauna building (also BIG) and another separate building for. fuck knows what. this was a fucking estate. the place was HUGE and all in this modern semi minimalist architecture and colors that claim to be Inspired By Nordic Nature when in reality they're just. grey. and sludge. and a different grey. and baby shit greenish brown but turn the saturation all the way down so that you can barely tell thats a color. no nature anywhere near, just fucking gravel. which was called the garden. there was nothing growing in there. and of course the lake-or-sea. and this place was seemingly owned by a relative-by-marriage of mine, who in this dream acted like another relative-of-marriage of mine who doesnt even know the person whose body she was using as a host in this dream, and who is, how do i say this nicely, a total cunt

    presumably wed been invited to visit but the owner was a.... well she was a massive cunt from the second we arrived. talking shit about me specifically but also was very unhappy that my friends were there. she did say she had the sauna warm for us though so we were like hell why not.

    i got lost trying to find the sauna. i mean there were several completely identical buildings that couldve been saunas scattered across the property

    eventually though the owner demanded we all leave and claimed wed been Disruptive somehow. threatened to call the cops. i had to make a dash to one if those identical buildings id entered trying to find the sauna cos id left my notebook in it, and, well, didnt want anyone else to see it

    were sent on our way on tiny rowboats. the fucking owner pushes me into my boat, throws my suitcase in after me, misses, and the suitcase hits the water. with my laptop in it.

    i catch the suitcase, tell the owner to fuck herself, and we get away

    we spend the night in another hostel-ish place

    by some miracle my laptop isnt dead

    like, i check, turn it on, can write and use the internet and everything, nothings lost


    it.... does, however, make that Typing Sound again when im off doing other things

    this time im actively thinking about edgar allan poe the raven

    so i check. the Writing Program is open and it looks like someone other than me is currently writing a note in the margins of one of the files or otherwise editing it

    which i, half-jokingly, say out loud. like wouldnt it be awkward if someone other than me was editing my own files now.

    the noise stops. then. "that is exactly what im doing."

    haha what the fuck

    the noise introduces itself as like. a personal assistant that comes with the Writing Program. polite. suspicious. gives me a finnish Some Guy name. then a fucking pop-up appears and then theres a Video Connection. dude looks and sounds like bob odenkirk. speaks finnish very clearly but also in a way that makes it obvious that its not his native language. im like what the fuck because im alone in the room and this was after a shower or something so i was also naked. he claims he cant see me, just the Writing Program, and he can hear me. i do have a pleasant voice, so he says. very pleasing to listen to

    haha hh ha okay. so exactly what the fuck were you doing with my files

    oh he was you know. doing some beta reading. discreetly adding edits, designed to be so subtle i wont notice. its a Thing, like a service that this Writing Program provides. everyone gets a personal writing assistand, and this Finnishname Someguy Saulgoodman Ass Man is mine

    so the sound ive been hearing is him writing his edits?

    yes it is

    and theres a reason for why its these short quick spurts too

    see, he isnt entirely familiar with the source material. which, of course, was under the fucking north star cos i surprise no one even in my dreams. incidentally the previous time i wrote fanfiction in my dreams it was under the north star as well

    so basically hes been doing background reading while beta reading my fic, but hes reading the trilogy in finnish, and while his professional finnish is very fluent, there are some cultural things and vocabulary he isnt familiar with. hes struggling trying to find information

    so im bored and im like. what are you having problems with. see if i can help. remember, this is a dream, and somehow at this point im half assuming the dude is Forced to do this, stuck in the Writing Program whether he wanted to or not

    so he quotes me a couple lines from the work hes currently working on. theres something in there, in dialogue, that doesnt make sense to him. and someones choice to do This instead of That is confusing to him. he sounds genuinely puzzled when i explain The Cultural Subtleties to him

    this goes on for a while. im sitting there, i hear him type, pause, type again. he shows me a line hes having trouble with, or a screenshot taken while trying and failing to do research on a specific thing. i explain as well as i can. im wondering why ive been hearing the typing noise all the time even when i didnt hear the guy himself but im too tired to think too hard about th

    wh. wait what suddenly the guy is editing all of my text files and naming himself as their owner, somehow effectively making it impossible for me to edit any of them

    hey what the fuck, i say

    yes? 👁️👄👁️

    you know what im talkin about. are you getting off on this or something

    y e s 👁️👅👁️✊💦

    complete with sounds, comments about my secksey secksey voice, and more. no video thankfully

    however at this point im naturally trying to force quit the Writing Program and unsurprisingly that doesnt work. even less surprisingly, my laptops flooded with popups and spam and if i take my eyes off the mouse even for a second in accidentally clicking something

    cant force close the laptop either



    and i hear the typing sound still. fuck. fuck

    wait how do i still hear the typing sound -

    aaaand scene. woke up. the sound came from the fan pushing air against an empty 10-pack face mask pack and also a paperback cover so theyre kinda flapping weirdly. ive been typing this out for an hour i woke up at like 5:20. im still fucked up because of this i havent had a dream this Active in a long time

    #specifically muistan kysymyksen 'mikä on preetin ammatti. mitä se tarkoittaa. mitä se tekee. onko se sama kuin torppari.' #'miksi näitä on näin monta erilaista... no se nyt on kai... kulttuuri...' #dream tag
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  • tyrian-bizkits
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Eyeshield 21, Chapter 173 - Page 7 (?)

    Admittedly one of my favorite pages.

    #eyeshield 21#es21#mamori anezaki#raimon tarou#monta#ikkyu hosokawa #manga color edit #bizkit colors #two good bois being absolute cute #i rest my case
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  • lairreparablefugadeltiempo
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Lights of Old Broadway (Monta Bell, 1925)

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  • annja514
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ES21 bb roundup : Monta

    ❤ MAX cutie bb!! ❤

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