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    25.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • severnrose
    27.07.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i swear im nice im just shy and socially awkward #...and two of my big three are scorpios... #maybe thats why??? #btw hi bestie!!! #chat with severn #moonstruck-rk
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    15.05.2021 - 4 monts ago
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  • j0succ
    07.05.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #nat.txt #moonstruck-rk
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  • itachiyama
    04.05.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #love letters #return address: moonstruck-rk
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    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #winter's ask box #biscuit♡
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  • uvosbby
    25.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Matchup Event!

    Ayo I’m back with another event!!

    For this event I’m doing matchups (may or may not be inspired by seeing other people do them 😂)


    -If you want to participate, send in an ask telling about yourself! Such as personality, likes and dislikes, favorite hobbies, etc (name is not necessary!) And so I can give you a more accurate matchup, plz send your sexuality/what kind of people you are attracted to! (Yet again this is optional if you want a more accurate response!)

    -Send in with your ask whether you want a matchup with an HxH or KNY character, or both!

    Aaaand I think that’s it! This event is open until August 5th!!

    Tags: @moonstruck-rk

    #hunter x hunter #demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba #kny#hxh#event#writing event
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  • bee-s-honey
    14.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • uvosbby
    13.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • arcanestage
    13.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I dare you to post three of your f/o's and let your moots and followers to guess what characters you're into. Tag your friends to challenge them

    made a new post but i was tagged by @moonstruck-rk 🙈

    i see a pattern in mine...... welp

    tagging: @bowandcurtsey @elysianluv @ckjwnnbc @shannonanagains @thoughtfullyrainynightmare @clovertitan @iwastedanotherday i’m curious to know yalls type 🥰 i think i know what nati’s is but GO ON

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  • conflatemochi
    28.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Thanks to @aly-kurta I am scarred for life mentally

    May have to sign off to custody to @moonstruck-rk

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  • animeyanderetalker
    26.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Small challenge. Give me one Anime character who you think looks really hot, but they have a total messed up personality so you can not stand them at all and think of them as a total asshole.

    I’m going to start with him👇. He is to start with fucking delusional and do you remember that he was ready to kill his own sister if it meant saving his own ass? Do not care if the criminal rate decreased a lot, he had no right to play god and he didn’t even only kill people who were criminals. Naomi was no criminal and he killed her for a completely selfish reason.





    @whoever feels the need to do it

    #a talks#anime#hot❓yes #but the personality is just🤬 #light yagami
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  • aly-kurta
    24.06.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • bee-s-honey
    06.06.2021 - 3 monts ago


    ☾.·:·.𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙 𝕦𝕡 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥.·:·.☽

    That's it I'm doing a matchup! Please contribute this will be so much fun for me! In honor of 100 followers♡

    Currently CLOSED

    How it'll work and rules:

    ☽ You give me any necessary details listed below and additional ones you feel comfortable with and I'll give you 1-3 characters (you choose) from one OR each show (which means total is 6 characters, 3 from each show listed)

    ☾ You don't have to give exact age but you must tell me if it's from: 13-15, 16-18, or above 18

    ☽ You can request platonic but if it's not specified I will automatically go romantic

    ☾ Optional prompts for if you don't know what to tell me: Personality type, kins, self-ships, hobbies, biggest dreams/goals, how you generally feel about life itself, 10 words to describe yourself, what you look for in someone, physical appearance, what you think your best attributes are and what others do, How you'd treat your romantic/platonic partner, Semi-daily/current state of living/how you go about your time on the pretty floating rock in space,

    ☽ Below I mention secondary options tell me if you want them as a possibility

    Fandoms/characters I'll be offering:

    "secondary" means I want you to tell me if you want those as options for me to choose from or only the primary ones. Basically adding numbers to the dice if you will🎲

    ☞ HxH

    Primary: Kurapika, Chrollo, Killua, Gon, Leorio, Illumi, Hisoka,

    Secondary: Machi, Shizuku, Shalnark, Milluki, Ging, Bisky, Feitan

    ☞ Sk8

    Primary: Langa, Reki, Cherry, Joe, Adam, Miya, Shadow

    No secondary


    @aly-kurta First ask even sent ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    @suchagoodgirlxoxo First sk8 ask!

    @potatosheepchild 3rd ask- Second hxh ask

    @pastelbear12 4th ask-another hxh

    @moonstruck-rk very quick hxh matchup

    @rollingpenguin hxh ask done

    @011tsukishima last hxh ask from the first few days!

    Anon- another hxh matchup! First actual anon (since I didn't know how to turn it on until recently bonk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Anon- Second hxh one of tonight! I'm glad turning anon on could get me more people y'all are a blast

    Anon- third hxh one of this second wave of requests

    Anon- hxh matchupp

    @mhyxnv - Hxh matchup

    Anon- last hxh matchup of the second wave

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  • conflatemochi
    29.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Just thought of something a little fun to do (not sure if this sort of thing has been done before but it probably has)

    If you have multiple f/os list them in the tags and have your followers tell you via Anon who they ship you with the most and why


    If you just have one f/o, list them in the tags and have your followers via anon tell you why they think you two would make a good pairing (also applicable to polyships as well!)

    To start this off I’ll tag @saori-sins @aly-kurta @pastelbear12 @moonstruck-rk @dreamysunset @sheerxfiction @dukina @moodybluesbabe but anyone is free to do this as well!

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  • uvosbby
    12.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Yandere!Muzan x Reader HCs

    Was this requested? No. Do I believe people want it? Yes. Am I writing this at 1am when I should be sleeping? Yes.

    @moonstruck-rk​ 😏

    Warnings: Blood mention, physical abuse, psychological abuse, extreme yandere themes, mentions of dub-con, smut

    -Yandere Muzan is absolutely horrifying. He is every sane person’s nightmare. And if you catch his eye to the point he becomes sickeningly infatuated with you... well, your fate is sealed.

    -There is no escaping from Muzan. He will hunt you down if he has to just to have you all to himself. He actually prefers if you put up a fight when he tries to kidnap you to make it all the more fun because he knows he will win. Whether you’re a human or a demon, he’s more powerful than you and will kidnap you no matter what.

    -Once he has you in his grasp, he will keep you locked away in a large room with a chain around your neck so you can’t go anywhere. If you try and scape multiple times even with the unbreaking chain, he might break one or both your feet to teach you a lesson.

    -Don’t think he keeps you in a dark, dingy room. No, no Muzan spoils you, giving you a fancy hotel-like room with all you need to live and thrive.

    -If you’re human, he will turn you into a demon so you can never die. If you’re already a demon, then he doesn’t have to worry about you dying.

    -Extremely controlling and possessive. He’ll never let you see anyone other than him. He’s your world, the only person you will be with for the rest of your life. He doesn’t put a curse or anything on you because he knows you can’t ever leave him, and he doesn’t want you to die by his hand, even if the sadistic thought may cross his mind every once and a while.

    -If you disobey anything he tells you to do, you will be punished. If you try to leave, you will be punished. If you try to trick him in letting you out, you will be punished.

    -However if you are good for him, show him the love he wants from you, he will give you praises and rewards as if you were a pet to him.

    -Muzan isn’t always cruel though, very often even if you are stubborn he will be relatively calm and patient with you, often reading to/with you even if you don’t want to, it does help calm you down

    -Muzan has been around for over thousands of years. He’s had lovers before, so he knows what he’s doing, but he’s never had anyone he loves more than you in all his years

    -The first time he goes to be intimate with you, he’ll probably force you to be with him if you don’t comply, or at least he will pressure you with intimate actions such as marking your neck and body with teeth marks, making you bleed occasionally, and tease you until he knows that deep down you really do want to be with him

    -He takes you as he pleases, whether it be rough and fast or slow and sensual. It depends on his mood and you have no say in how he does it.

    -He has more stamina than he knows what to do with. He can go up to ten rounds with you without stopping and can have multiple orgasms. He’ll go until you’re so filled you have his seed leaking out of you onto the bedsheets.

    -More than often he will give you aftercare, grooming and praising you while holding you almost painfully tightly against him, telling you how much he loves you and that you’re only his, forever his.

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  • dukina
    05.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    🔮 《 αμοιβαία 》 ⎯mutuals


    ☪ 【 υπενθύμιση: 】 ―reminder: Before requesting to this amazing and talented moots of mine, always check the rules and everything first but if you're a minor or still underage, please do not follow and interact for those who are tagged as 🔞 for your own safety~!


    ☪ 【 συγγραφείς: 】 ―writers:

    @qui-02   ―(bnha, hq, jjk)

    @errorpeachy   ―(hxh, bnha, kny, soul eater, ohshc, tbhk)

    @saxu   ―(jjk, hq, aot, fmab)

    @illu-n-killu   ―(mostly hxh)

    @peanutbutterstuffedbagels   ―(aot, naruto, hxh, death note, kny, tpn)

    @crimsonbows-and-arrows   ―(only aot)

    @magnolia-penn   ―(hxh, bnha, jjba, kny, ???)

    @charming-2d-boys   ―(hxh, jjk)

    @sekceesimps   ―(hxh, hq, fmab, jjba, genshin impact, bnha, black butler, seven deadly sins)

    @demon-hugger   ―(hxh, jjk, black butler, black clover, danganronpa, kakegurui, naruto)

    @whoopsieintheuniverse   ―(any anime)

    @portormaid   ―(hxh, aot)

    @pastelbear12   ―(hxh, ???)

    @f33itan   ―(hxh, bnha, kny, tpn, aot, kakegurui, danganronpa, jjk, black butler)

    @feifood   ―(hxh, bnha, hq, jjk, kakegurui)

    @some-weeb-chick   ―(hxh, bsd)

    @uvosbby   ―(hxh, kny)

    @zelsvxii   ―(hq, bnha, bsd, jjk, aot, hxh, death note, ???)

    @kaelicious   ―(hxh, bnha, bsd)

    @thedancefloorsilly   ―(only hxh)

    @yonnawritingg    ―(jjk, hq, ???)

    @uniquabackyardigans   ―(hq, ???)

    @ereeen-jeaageeer   ―(hq, ???)

    @lilies-and-rosies   ―(only hq)

    @xetou   ―(hq, bluelock, csm, one piece, jjk, bnha)

    @sensitiveorange   ―(???)

    @fanathedeer   ―(jjk, black clover)

    @k0benii   ―(only jjk)

    @p1nkbaby   ―(jjk, hq, bnha, ???)

    @honouredsatoru   ―(only jjk)

    @feitan-apologist   ―(only hxh)

    @g4rous   ―(jjba, kny, opm, jjk)

    @ghosts-and-animals   ―(kny, bsd, ???)

    @luo-not-lou  ―(bnha, hxh, hq, obey me, kny, fmab, kakegurui, jjk, ???)

    @pillowedpink  ―(hxh, hq, kny, tbhk, opm, bnha)

    @killuaembarrassed  ―(only hxh)

    @trish-writes  ―(hxh, jjk, hq)

    @kenmasbaby  ―(hxh, bnha, hq, ???)

    @comradepitou  ―(only hxh)

    @c-aermis  ―(bnha, aot, hq, tokyo ghoul, kny, assassination classroom, jjk, bsd, ???)

    @crushzone  ―(hq, bleach, death note)

    @tea-and-swords  ―(only black butler)

    @athenspalace   ―(hxh, jjk, aot)

    @mynx   ―(bnha, ???)

    @bearandbirdfan   ―(any fandom, ???)

    @gothhisoka   ―(hxh, csm)

    @tojisbaby   ―(jjk, ???) 🔞

    @crispycrimebrulee @pannacottapanic   ―(hxh, jjba) 🔞

    @mianavs   ―(hxh, hq, bnha) 🔞

    @moonstruck-rk   ―(hxh, kny, jjk) 🔞

    @saori-sins   ―(hxh, yyh) 🔞

    @conflatemochi   ―(only hxh) 🔞

    @write-like-you-mean-it   ―(hxh, hq, aot, tokyo ghoul, bnha, jjk) 🔞

    @penrose-quinn   ―(hxh, jjk, jjba, kny, bsd, any, cowboy bebop) 🔞

    @pupimouto   ―(hxh, jjk, naruto, aot, bnha, soul eater, bsd, ???) 🔞

    @acekou   ―(hq, aot, bnha, bsd, mystic messenger, obey me, jjk, genshin impact) 🔞

    @kure-san   ―(bnha, jjk, aot, hq) 🔞

    @sirthisisa-wendys   ―(jjk, aot, kny) 🔞

    @sookyshima   ―(hq, aot, jjk) 🔞

    @fushigurocockslut   ―(jjk, hq) 🔞

    @noritoshiikamo   ―(only jjk) 🔞

    @dayflowerdreams   ―(hxh, genshin impact) 🔞

    @viixens   ―(hq, bnha, kny, jjk, aot, hxh) 🔞

    @sasso-oda   ―(only jjk) 🔞

    @bokutomessy   ―(naruto, hq, death note, bnha, aot, hxh) 🔞

    @krazykento   ―(jjk, aot, hq) 🔞


    ☪ 【 καλλιτέχνες: 】 ―artists:


    ☪ 【 οι υπολοιποι: 】 ―others:


    ☪ 【 γρήγορη σημείωση: 】 ―quick note: if you are one of these three groups and I didn't or forgot to tagged you, please do not hesitate direct messaging me then we'll talk~!

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  • uvosbby
    29.04.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #hunter x hunter #uvogin#silva zoldyck#ging freecss #uvogin x reader #silva zoldyck x reader #ging x reader #prompts#zodiac prompts
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  • f33itan
    25.04.2021 - 4 monts ago

    100 Follower Event Masterlist

    finally finished these!

    Emma x @aly-kurta !

    Shalnark x @pastelbear12 !

    Tanjiro x @boku-no-yaiba !

    Machi x @conflatemochi !

    Chrollo x Anon !

    Shizuku x @jayjayjewell !

    Akaza x @thedevilprobs !

    Feitan x Anon !

    Muzan x Anon !

    Shinobu x @saturnalia-n !

    Obanai x @moonstruck-rk !

    Mitsuri x @yyyyikees !

    Leorio x Anon !

    Feel free to send in regular requests now!

    #f33itan's 100 follower event
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  • conflatemochi
    19.04.2021 - 5 monts ago
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