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    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    @earthssprout​ said:  little Ari brings Sonia an orchid; it holds several meanings, but the meaning of BEAUTY is certainly what inspires Ari. Sonia was the prettiest princess little Ari had ever seen! she hopes to have the same elegance as her someday. the petals of the flower are bright purple. she holds it up for Sonia to take!

    Unprompted IC Asks: Accepting from mutuals

    Sonia had just completed laying the finishing touches on the table when Ari had wandered over. According to the people who looked after her, the little girl was usually a shy sort unless the likes of nature and sweets were involved. Thus, Sonia took it upon herself to surprise her very new, very little friend: on a nice day, she’d managed to organize a tea party in the garden with a little help from her own staff: a shorter table to make it easy for Ari to sit and reach the snacks, two flower-printed china pots full of a strawberry and rose herbal tea and a rich drinking chocolate, and small treats perfectly sized for a child’s hands. Sandwiches with cucumber and dill, or salmon, or jam and butter, fresh lemon and lavender scones, and tiny sweets: miniature fruit tarts, petit four cakes decorated with leaves and flowers made from icing, cookies, and a few Novoselic chocolate truffles. Truly, Sonia thought she’d be the one giving the surprise.

    So she was pleasantly proven wrong when Ari approached her, holding out the potted orchid in her hands. “Ari-chan!” She beamed, setting the last of the chocolate truffles on the tiered tray of china plates, “Did you bring this for me? It is so beautiful, thank you!” She accepted the terracotta pot with both hands, careful not to drop it.

    “I wonder if this lovely orchid would like to join our tea party too? What do you think?” She asked her, her smile reaching from ear to ear as she set it in the center of the table. It was a far more lovely decoration than any bloom made of china or icing. “But I don’t think our orchid friend will like these cakes. Maybe you could tell me how to care for it properly? I’m sure you’re an expert in looking after such pretty flowers, Ari-chan. Would you like to come sit with me and tell me about it?”

    She hadn’t asked, but Sonia hoped the little girl did actually like fruit and chocolate desserts, and sandwiches, and lemon flavors. She’d be in a bit of a pickle if Ari didn’t care for such things. But in the presence of a gentle breeze, blooming flowers, and butterflies that seemed attracted to both the garden and the tea party, she hoped Ari would feel at ease.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#earthssprout #Non-Despair AU: Hope's Peak Academy verse #(Sonia is so surprised and happy! She loves flowers!) #(Especially when they come from Ari. And since I could picture her wanting to share a kid-friendly tea party with Ari...here it is)
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    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    @dxfiedfxte​ said:  Kink: Slow and Easy Or Rough and Fast?

    Send my muse a 🕯KINK⛓ and they’ll rate it! (Accepting)

    Slow and Easy

    not today satan | fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

    “I suppose if someone has never had sex before or is concerned about their comfort, then something slow and easy would be preferable. I would get rather bored if that was the only sort of sex a partner was interested in, however.”

    Rough and Fast

    not today satan | fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

    “There are plenty of constraints I enjoy. But time is not one of them. If one does not allow enough time, preferably a substantial amount, for sexual experiences then how is one entirely fulfilled, elated, and loved?”

    Note that she isn’t disagreeing on the ‘rough’ aspect of that scenario...

    #more-than-a-princess answered#dxfiedfxte #(Kink rating meme) #(In short: both. But if the latter leads to a shortened duration...yeah. That's disappointing.)
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    @psychcdelica​ said:  [Comfort] From Yukizome sensei :>

    Extensive Nonverbal Memes (Accepting!)

    “B-but it’s simply not fair!” Sonia wailed, barely able to hold back her tears. She wasn’t often one for tears, that was more Kazuichi or Mikan’s domain, but when people left it was terribly upsetting for her. Whether it was the changeover of staff at Novoselic Castle, her own parents going on a diplomatic tour, or her favorite teacher being reprimanded for her and her classmates’ misdeeds, she was upset all the same. “What I did to Souda-san’s invention was an accident! And he’s said he’s forgiven me!”

    Truth be told, she could probably cut off one of Kazuichi Souda’s limbs and he’d forgive her, or at least kick or step on him (and not by accident). But her military target practice, one of the Ultimate Princess’ tutoring sessions, had gone awry when her aim had been off, sending a missile towards Souda’s large robot he’d been building. A missile that had hit it, causing the robot to topple over and explode between the main and reserve course campuses and sending debris and shrapnel towards both buildings.

    And that hadn’t been the extent of it: while Akane and Nekomaru’s sparring threatened to destroy yet another classroom, one of Gundham’s beasts had bitten Hiyoko after she’d teased it mercilessly and in turn, she’d begun to berate Mikan once again as she’d tried to help. One of Teruteru’s dishes had gone bad, making Fuyuhiko, Peko, and Ibuki sick, and every vending machine Nagito visited began to spit out its contents for free. Vending machines the school used as revenue, and now were being taken advantage of by students of all classes. Mahiru, to her credit, had at least documented all of the destruction: and Chiaki, who calmly played video games behind her desk.

    With Yukizome’s arms wrapped around her in a hug, Sonia sniffled and hugged her in return. When Headmaster Kirigiri had gathered what exactly had happened, something seemingly had broken within him. An expression of pain and disappointment that none of them ever thought, or wished, to reach. And while cleanup teams went to work, it had been their teacher who had been punished on their behalf: it seemed as if she’d be leaving. To study. To have her students placed under the watchful eye of a teacher who cared far less for them.

    “You shouldn’t have to be disciplined for the things we’ve done, Yukizome-sensei!” Sonia insisted, wiping at her eyes at the back of her hand as opposed to the handkerchief she should’ve used. “Can’t you, or the lot of us, convince the Headmaster for you to stay? You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had! We’ve ever had!”

    #more-than-a-princess answered#psychcdelica #.verse tbd #(Extensive Nonverbal memes) #(Chisa. Yukizome. Deserved. Better.) #(It would take her class to give Jin Kirigiri a full-on mental break.)
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    @madamhatter​ said:  “  you don’t get a choice this time.  i’m helping you.  ”

    Confrontations meme (Accepting!)

    "I swear, I'm just fine, Sophie! I can do it!"

    She hadn't meant to snap at her. At that point, Sonia would've snapped at anyone who interrupted her, whether it was someone as beloved as Sophie or someone she often couldn't stand. It just happened to be Sophie who had dared enter Sonia's bedroom in Novoselic Castle: a place that even her maids and secretary wouldn't touch. Not after the Princess of Novoselic had another row with one or both parents. For a multitude of reasons, she seemed to always be the black sheep of her family no matter what she did. That normally wouldn't have been a problem, if she hadn't been the one to inherit the throne one day. She could've gotten away with much more if she wasn't the heir.

    But the problem wasn't one of the many disputes, from national policy to personal interests. No, it was how Sonia reacted after: determined not to let an entire day go sour, she often threw herself into some sort of project. Some sort of improvement that, when she slept at night, she could look back on one good thing that happened that day that she made possible by her own hands. Even if those hands were woefully inexperienced and inept to handle the tasks at hand.

    Sometimes, it was a culinary adventure: a layer cake, a braised piece of beef, a pasta dish. All of which had caused damage to the Castle kitchens. Other times, she helped her aunt with her gardening, which resulted in overwatered plants at best and shriveled up flowers at worst. The last time, she'd decided to reorganize her closet, which had amounted to clothing and accessories stacked over a meter high off the floor and several days worth of cleaning for the staff.

    Today, it had truly reached new heights. Literally, as Sonia climbed down off the ladder she'd been on to reach the higher parts, and framed photo portraits, on her wall: she'd made it her mission that day to hide the sage green walls and her various birthday photographs, of the princess posed in a variety of poufy gowns and pieces of the crown jewels, with a deep navy blue instead. The color had been used to repaint her father's second office (the one he didn't entertain guests in: any color besides the Novoselic greens would be sacrilege) and she'd dug the cans out of one of the butlers' pantries. Now, armed with a single brush, she'd started with strokes over the painted walls and right over the portraits too, with navy, uneven stripes to hide away the Novoselic green. The tiaras. The bright smile she was asked to show in each and every photo. And with only a few bedsheets put on the floor to catch the excess paint, it was now dripping onto one of her wardrobes.

    "I'm doing well, you'll see! It'll-" Sonia continued, stepping onto the floor with a triumphant look that seemed far too premature.

    Especially as the jostling of the ladder had not only affected her safely getting down, but the paint can that had been perilously balanced on the top rung. The same paint can that hadn't been closed properly.

    The same paint can that now toppled over, spilling fresh, navy blue paint right on Sonia's head, drenching her hair, her hairbow, her face, her shoulders, that now ran down and seeped into her clothes, her socks, her shoes. Sonia herself froze as it splashed and dripped, her shoulders and chest convulsing in sobs she had swallowed but couldn't fully contain.

    "Today is...just not a good day," Sonia finally stammered, her lower lip quivering as she reached up to wipe away the paint that threatened to run into her eyes. "I could be doing better."

    #more-than-a-princess answered#madamhatter #.verse tbd #(Confrontations meme) #(Sorry about the delay on this! I was trying to think of a non-cooking disaster scenario) #(As we've written about those a lot)
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    16.09.2021 - 6 days ago
    @electricea​ said:  ✭♡☢⎔❆☤☯ - Also a lot of these symbols are just possible ideas so if there are ones that you wouldn't feel would work for them or don't wish to explore for whatever reason, I completely understand!

    Send a symbol for plots meme (Accepting!)

    ✭ friends to lovers

    ♡ found family

    ☢ slowburn

    ⎔ one muse asking the other to stay the night

    ❆ our muses get shut in due to a storm

    ☤ one muse having to patch the other up

    ☯ alternate universe / separate fandom than both muses are in

    I wanted to wait until I’d posted the hospital starter to reply to this, as some of this is a bit more obvious after that post. In any case:

    Absolutely yes to friends to lovers, found family, and slowburn! All three plots/tropes are well on their way anyway: now it’s figuring out how these two get from platonic to romantic love. I know we’ve talked about it on discord, but I do think the thread we’ve got with Ryuji’s dad dying is a good opportunity for them to begin to realize this. And for Ryuji to ask Sonia to stay the night. Additionally, there could also be the plot where, still coping with the fact his horrible, abusive dad is gone and he’s not quite sure how to process it, that Ryuji just doesn’t want to be alone and wanders over to Sonia’s condo to stay. He might get sick from food poisoning if she tries to cook for him, but she’d never throw him out.

    As far as patching each other up goes, that’s sort of happening in the hospital thread but on a grander scale. And I’m weak for the trope of two muses trapped somewhere due to a storm or two muses trapped and having to share a bed. Combine them both and there’s plenty of awkwardness (and possibly drama and angst). 

    And of course, I’m all for AUs. And while I know we’ve got quite a few so far, I’m still interested in the Pirates of the Caribbean one we talked about briefly. Team “Let Ryuji engage in piracy!” over here. I’m also here for model Ryuji because I’m weak for rich people problems and fashion, and love when they collide.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#more-than-a-princess musings#electricea #(Send a symbol for plots meme) #(Ryuji bb she's got an entire cupboard of snack food from your shop) #(I think it's safe to say she likes you)
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    @electricea​ said:  “…Do I need to get the nurses to drag you out of here?”

    Hospital meme (Accepting!)

    Note: This starter/thread is partly pre-plotted, so it’s longer and with more details than usual.

    The constant beep of the ECG machine and the drip of an IV bag had been her only source of conversation for the past hour. Sonia didn't know what time it was, but considering how quiet the hallways were it must have been late. Time had all but stopped for her the moment she'd stepped into the shop and found him crumpled on his side in a pool of blood. And from the wound she'd pressed upon as soon as she'd found it, she could only have guessed at the time that it was his.

    She was proven right as soon as the paramedics descended upon the scene, a successful robbery for whatever Ryuji kept in the register that evening. Badly beaten and stabbed in the belly, she'd been commended for her quick thinking by both the team and the attending physician alike. Surprised by the foreign woman's knowledge, she quickly had to wave it off that she had diagnostic medical training (for wounds sustained in war, but they didn't have to know that). And while she'd already been quite rattled by the whole affair, when it was decided he was in need of blood and she was a viable donor for a transfusion, Sonia hadn't hesitated to offer. Disheveled, in a stained skirt suit and eyes red and puffy from her tears, her secretary and the hospital staff had voiced their opposition. It seemed no one wanted her help beyond the initial discovery.

    She'd switched her mobile to silent ages ago, save for Cecily's calls, and while that had quieted her family's inquiries it had done little for the ER director on staff that night, who hadn't hesitated to voice his complaints that utilizing her diplomatic immunity in Japan in order to stay well past visiting hours was an abuse of power. Sonia had barely hidden a yawn behind her hand: dressed comfortably for a change in jeans, sneakers, and an oversized periwinkle blue sweater, she'd been simply thankful that Cecily had enough foresight to pack three different outfits for the Princess to change into: something to lounge in, something to sleep in, and something smart to wear in case she was caught by paparazzi leaving the hospital. Now, she'd sent her secretary on a much-needed mission: to find a substantial meal so late at night. After donating blood, snack crackers and biscuits simply weren't able to tide her over and the strongly steeped green tea available did little for her appetite.

    With her legs pulled against her chest, Sonia lifted her head from where it had been resting on her knees. The click of the door to Ryuji's room had interrupted her now-familiar pattern of beeps, drips, and watching the rise and fall of his chest as he laid in the bed, unconscious after the emergency surgery.

    "I've returned," A crisp, though tired voice cut in, along with the rustling of a paper bag, "Though the director is still decidedly not amused that you're here so late, Sonia. He's threatening to phone the Minister of Health at a decent hour tomorrow. Later today, if we're being accurate."

    "Let him, Cess," Sonia replied, looking at Cecily with a tired smile and mirrored set of dark undereye circles. She'd been her secretary and assistant for the past ten years and was only eight years older than Sonia herself, making her far more like an organized, bossy big sister at times than a true subordinate. Her chin length chestnut bob was frizzy: her charge's consistent orders that evening had left her little time to smooth it out. Or take in the triple espresso she so obviously needed. At least from the smaller bag she carried, Sonia suspected she'd found a source for coffee during her errand. "If I remember correctly, the Minister of Health's daughter was rather enamored with Prince Liam on his last visit here to escort me to the State Dinner. I'm sure she'll put a stop to it if I'm the one being reprimanded."

    "Isn't that a rather fruitless endeavor?" The older woman asked, passing Sonia the larger of the two bags. The smell of carbohydrates, meat, and deep fry was enough for the princess to sit up straight, retrieving it as if it were the most delicious thing she'd ever encountered.

    "It is," Sonia confirmed, unpacking the various contents: chicken karaage, beef gyudon, tempura, among other things. For the first time since the doctor told her Ryuji would both live and not seem to be susceptible to sepsis, she smiled. "But it's in our best interest to not let them know that."

    Politeness temporarily forgotten, the princess ignored the current conversation in favor of the first bite of fried chicken. Chewing thoroughly, she hummed in delight before swallowing. "Cecily, if this doesn't qualify you to be knighted, I'm not sure what will."

    "Despite what your family and the Council think, I believe you acted correctly tonight," Cecily sighed, a similar relief washing over her: she'd taken her first sip of espresso. "Your calls have been rerouted to my mobile. And there hasn't been more than several minutes of silence."

    "I'll phone mother later, after I've slept, after Ryuji's woken up," Sonia retorted with a frown. She didn't think anything could spoil beef gyudon with pickled ginger, but she was proven wrong. But her hunger won out: physically and emotionally done in, she began to work on putting away the beef and rice.

    "It's the king this time."

    A thoughtful pause and swallow. "I'll phone after I've eaten," She decided, reaching for a piece of tempura. By the shape of it, Sonia guessed it was carrot or sweet potato.

    "I'm not going to offend you and ask, you know," Cecily continued quietly. Now with a little caffeine in her, she was far less grumpy. "Why is this man worth it. If he is worth it. Even though they will. Everyone will. You've acted so far against protocol that they're floundering back home."

    "I appreciate that," Sonia thanked her, reaching for another piece of chicken as Cecily pushed off and away from the wall she'd been leaning against. "Because he is. He's my friend. And he needed help tonight. My help."

    The princess's explanation was challenged by one raised brown eyebrow. Cecily, being as detail oriented and precise as she was, always had room for skepticism. Particularly when something was so clearly obvious to her and so opaque to the princess she worked for. "I'll wait at the end of the hallway with your security. Someone has to keep them from threatening to throttle the hospital director."

    "Thank you," Sonia nodded, smiling in-between bites as Cecily closed the door behind her. Maybe it was selfish, but she wanted to have Ryuji to herself when he woke up. Or maybe she didn't want to have to explain why a team of four accompanied her now at the hospital where he'd been taken, where she'd accompanied him. All she could do now was wait.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#electricea #Non-Despair AU: The Princess of Novoselic #(Hospital meme) #(I know I say it often but I think it bears repeating: please don't feel like you have to match my length!) #(I just wanted to cover everything we talked about plot-wise for this thread) #(And some of the implications of Sonia's actions thus far)
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    @chaosmultiverse​ said:  ✭, ♡ , ❖, ⎔, ☁ , ☯, ¶, (From Chiaki)

    Send me a symbol for plots you’re interested in (Still accepting!)

    ✭ friends to lovers

    ♡ found family

    ❖ platonic

    ⎔ one muse asking the other to stay the night

    ☁ one muse saves the other’s life

    ☯ alternate universe / separate fandom than both muses are in

    ¶ roommate AU

    Lots of options here! I’ll go ahead and say it upfront: I don’t ship Chiaki and Sonia romantically. While, depending on chemistry, I do ship her with other DR muses of various sexual and gender identities, I only see Sonia and Chiaki as a platonic relationship. Usually friends or very close/best friends, but friends and/or found family all the same.

    Otherwise, I could definitely see where one muse could save the other’s life. In canon (if we’re going to count DR3 as canon, some muns don’t!), that pretty much is what unfolds. But I think it could be applied to a post-SDR2 verse, in either virtual or human form, if something is threatening Sonia. Likewise, if she comes across human Chiaki alive post-simulation, maybe it’s her help and influence that gets Chiaki back out into the world?

    I’m not sure what AUs/separate fandoms you had in mind, but I’d be happy to consider them. Just know that I’m actually pretty out of the loop on current/popular fandoms so I may either decline or just need more information. And as for a roommate AU, I could see them living in the same dorm at Hope’s Peak or, in a university or post-uni setting, maybe Chiaki moves in with Sonia in her Tokyo condo so the girls don’t have to live alone? It would be a learning curve for them both, with very different lifestyles and priorities (despite Sonia being very well looked after by staff most of the time).

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    @cadcnce said:  Have you ever considered a verse where Sonia gets disowned from her family or otherwise estranged? What would it be like and how would she change if she didn’t have the wealth and status behind her?

    Unprompted headcanon asks: Accepting from mutuals!

    I’ll answer this in three ways, depending on how much detail you or other people want to read:

    Short answer: Yes, but in very specific contexts. No, she’s not great at looking after herself (she doesn’t magically learn how to cook and clean like Cinderella). 

    Medium answer: Yes, but I don’t write those too much because of headcanon lore I have for Sonia and her family, much of which hasn’t appeared on the blog (yet) in either threads or in headcanon posts, as well as the fact that in many canon portrayals (fanart, fanfic, other roleplayers) it’s already been done. A lot.

    Long answer:

    I’ll need to break this down a few different scenarios.

    In a non-Danganronpa canon (that is, no killing game) and with my headcanons, Sonia being disowned or estranged from her family would result in her Uncle Arthur in power. He hasn’t appeared much in threads yet (mostly as I haven’t had a good reason to introduce him), but this is not a good thing for the country Sonia’s father, King Alexandre, is trying to create and that she wants to uphold and expand upon. The only people who want Arthur in power are Arthur and his very wealthy and powerful supporters. A lot of his reforms would strip away what makes Novoselic special and a wonderful place to live for people of all backgrounds and walks of life, and unless I’m writing a storyline where Sonia has to stage some sort of coup to get her back into power, it’s a real downer of a plot. @electricea and I have briefly chatted about this as an AU, albeit with a happier ending. Because princess movies are a weakness.

    Now, Sonia is threatened to get disowned or estranged in some verses, or at least is very much seen as a disappointment in the eyes of her family. In most verses I have with @madamhatter​ , this is the case due to narrow-minded traditions of what a queen’s role should be. 

    But going past my regular non-canon verses, Sonia does actually get disowned and estranged from her family in my Talentswap verse where she’s the Ultimate Mafia Boss. When I started writing for this blog 2.5 years ago, talentswaps for Danganronpa muses was a popular option: a lot of blogs had at least one, of not more, possibilities for different talents for their muses. However, this plotline has yet to get played out because while I plotted it with a mun, that particular blog isn’t currently active and hasn’t been for awhile (which is too bad, it would have been a really great story!). Sonia being estranged would have been Sonia’s choice, and while she wouldn’t have had the power, she’s far more sharp and shrewd in her Talentswap verse: she makes sure she’s taken care of (while fucking over the rest of her family, to boot). Mostly as she has to go into hiding in order to survive. She does have several professions afterward, mostly for personal fulfillment rather than needing to pay bills. 

    ***Friendly reminder I do have a Talentswap verse option available with plenty of its own contained lore. It’s also a much darker storyline for a non-canon/non-killing game verse, if that’s possible. That’s not for everyone but it’s available!***

    The last point I want to make regarding my headcanons though: in most of my Sonia verses, she’s not exactly on the best terms with her family in entirety. She begins to understand more about why the dynamics are so unhappy and uncomfortable the older she becomes (her thinking is far more black and white at 15-17 than it is at 23-25, for example, as she understands a bit more about life and how the world works). So while she’s not fully cut off, she’s not exactly in some of her family’s highest favor. A lot of this has to do with lore I have for her that, again, hasn’t had an opportunity or reason to appear in threads yet: such as, why she attended Hope’s Peak Academy in the first place (no, you cannot ask her point blank about this until reasons resurface. She’s actually held to an agreement where she cannot talk about it). 

    Finally, I don’t really explore this option, especially in canon verses, due to other Sonia portrayals. As much as I can explain this without SDR2 spoilers, a lot of fanart, fanfiction, and roleplay portrayals here feature Sonia being estranged/disowned by the end of the game and having to make a life elsewhere, with her friends or a certain organization (the FF). When I decided I wanted to write for Sonia 2.5 years ago, that was a plot option I simply wasn’t interested in exploring because it just had already been done. A lot. In most post-SDR2 portrayals I’d seen.

    Inversely, not a lot of portrayals focused or wanted to focus on the royalty aspect, on what her life was like as a member of a Royal Family and how that changes and develops both post-canon and in non-canon, post-Hope’s Peak verses. And I wanted to explore that instead.

    I do have one option on my wishlist where this happens, but it involves finding the right muse and mun to write it with. Mostly as I’m looking for time-travel with mechanics similar to Outlander, cross-century romance, and to a degree, soulmates. And I just haven’t found someone familiar with it and interested in writing it long-term. 

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    @electricea​ said:  🎃

    Things to do in October starters (Still accepting!)

    In theory, they were carving pumpkins. In theory.

    In truth, Sonia was making a mess on the floor of Ryuji's apartment. She'd agreed to help him with his task: to make some jack-o-lanterns to decorate the windows of the convenience store with. She'd been ecstatic when he'd asked, volunteering to acquire what they needed if the shop didn't stock them: carving kits, pumpkins, large spoons for removing the innards, paper and pencils to trace their designs before adding them directly to the pumpkins' rinds.

    But nearly every possible mishap had...well, mishapped. One pumpkin had a rotted-through center so it was rendered unacceptable. Where the others were concerned, the tiny serrated blades that came with their carving kits had snapped the moment they'd tried to cut into the tops of the pumpkins, leaving the two having to carefully extract the broken knives from the pumpkins with proper kitchen knives. Scooping the innards had been another problem in itself: there had been far more strings, mush, and seeds than either of them had expected, and plenty of it now had traveled off the tarp they'd set down as a workspace. And on her cheeks, her nose, her hair.

    Still, she was determined. Even if her initial ideas had been, politely, vetoed: hockey masks, Freddy Kreuger's glove, Jigsaw's face. It needed to remain more family-friendly, fun, spooky instead of scary: it was a family store, after all. "There!" She announced, triumphant, as she pushed the last bit of cut-out rind away from the rest of the pumpkin, sitting back to admire her work. "Ryuji-san, I think I've done it! A haunted house, complete with a graveyard jack-o-lantern. For the store!"

    She smiled up at him, fingers and arms and back aching from being hunched over her work for so long. However, the pumpkin in question likely deserved to be sent to a graveyard after what Sonia had done to it: one could sort of make out the chimney and the tower on the haunted house, but otherwise it seemed rather lopsided. Rather like a blob with some windows and perhaps a door a little too far to the right to be functional. The graveyard's headstones were all irregularly-shaped as well, despite Sonia having copied the design from the paper to the pumpkin precisely.

    "Isn't it lovely? Everyone will enjoy such a spooky home!"

    At least there were half a dozen pumpkins still waiting for their designs to be carved, as well as more simplistic design options: perhaps she should've stuck with a cat, or a spider, or a ghost. Her jack-o-lantern designs thus far were frightening, but not in the way Sonia had intended.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#electricea #Non-Despair AU: The Princess of Novoselic #(Things to do in October starters) #(She's a mess. But she's a proud mess!) #(She does probably need to at least become acquainted with a damp towel though.) #(I feel bad for Ryuji and his home right now)
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    @electricea​ said:  13. Is there one trope you can’t stand?

    Meme for Roleplay Muns (Accepting!)

    Generally, I think tropes are tropes for a reason: they have appeal, particularly to a wide audience looking to reinterpret them with their own muses. Instead, when it comes to things I can’t stand in RP, most of my dislikes revolve around writing style and formatting and various accepted trends and attitudes that some muns exemplify. I think with the right mun, with great writing chemistry IC and a good rapport OOC, most tropes can be a lot of fun to write! But here’s a few I’m just not interested in:

    - Talentswaps beyond the talentswap verse I already have for Sonia.

    - Coffee Shop AUs and School Life AUs where nothing happens. Now, it’s not to say that nothing happens in a school day or a slice of life story, but there needs to be some sort of conflict, raised stakes, something to keep me invested in the plot. Even if it’s silly, embarrassing, or just plain light, there’s got to be some conflict involved. I get burnt out often trying to come up with reasons for muses to interact at school, which is why a lot of things revolve around eating/the cafeteria, schoolwide events, “the teacher needs you,” etc. I’ve found that threads die fast if someone just comes up to my muse, or she to them, and asks them about their hobbies, etc. without an event or problem to propel the thread forward.

    - (most) soulmate AUs. Particularly if these are unplotted. In general, I don’t like the idea of my muse must fall in love with another, especially if I’ve never written with that mun before and have no idea how we’ll write together.

    - Sonia in ships where she’s, without fail, constantly the one taking care of her partner. There’s some ships I won’t even write at this rate because that’s been the only dynamic the other muns have wanted to play: Sonia looking after her loved one emotionally, physically, mentally, and often at her own expense with the other half of the ship never wanting to grow or evolve beyond being cared for constantly. That’s not to say that Sonia’s not a caring muse: she absolutely is and absolutely will sacrifice quite a lot for her family and friends, and at her own expense. But this gets so tiring to write after awhile: not everyone is a cheerful, happy ray of sunshine all the time, but not everyone is depressed, helpless, and always in need of looking after either. The moment I feel a ship is heading towards this trope, I tend to lose interest.

    - Kindness and friendliness = physically and emotionally weak trope, or an undeveloped female character trope. No. Just no.

    I think most of the other ‘can’t stand’ things fit with what I said above: writing style, formatting, prevalent trends and mun attitudes on tumblr, not necessarily tropes.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#more-than-a-princess musings#electricea #(Memes for Roleplay Muns) #(Thanks for the ask!)
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    Anonymous said:  A puppy or a kitten for a kissu

    Send two names and my muse will say which they’d rather kiss. (Accepting!)

    “Oh my, that is truly a dilemma!” Sonia appeared to be quite vexed by the question. On one hand, puppies were enthusiastic and cheerful at all times, full of energy and love. On the other, the purrs and playfulness of kittens was heartwarming.

    For someone who grew up without a pet to call her own, it’s a difficult choice.

    “I want to kiss the animal who needs love the most! So many animals are beautiful and deserving of such respect and affection. Unfortunately, unless I ask Gundham to introduce me to new friends, I mostly see puppies and kittens at various cafes. I should like to visit one very soon, though! Would anyone care to join me?”

    #more-than-a-princess answered #(Kiss preference meme) #(Give. This. Lady. A. Pet. To. Love!) #(though in post-tragedy verses she adopts a makango who's lost without her mate) #(pretty telling for that verse tbh) #(And she's adopted a kitten with Shirou in that Fate/DR verse) #(And a cat with Nagito in their arranged marriage AU)
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    @trinitytalents​ said:  1. What is your favorite trope to rp?

    Memes for Roleplay Muns (Still accepting!)

    This question has been answered here.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#more-than-a-princess musings#trinitytalents #(Memes for Roleplay Muns) #(This one's short but it was easier to link it)
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    @madamhatter​ said:  ☠ - visit a cemetery at night

    Things to do in October starters (Still accepting! Let’s start some autumn/spooky threads!)

    "Did you know," Sonia began as they turned a corner on the cobblestone path, "That visiting cemeteries was not only for burials in the 19th Century? It was both a practical solution to a growing problem as well as a popular past-time. After graveyards began to overflow with the dead, countries throughout Europe needed a solution as cremation was expensive and impractical for many. So turning recreation spaces into proper graveyards was the answer: mourning in style became quite popular after the death of Prince Albert, and while my ancestors resisted becoming absorbed into the British empire by war or marriage, British and French style was the most covetous back then. So Novoselic adopted the tradition of cemeteries too: as places to mourn and to engage in thoughtful recreation, like picnics or walks like this."

    She smiled, hoping her explanation wasn't too much for Sophie beside her to endure. Death, and the world beyond it, excited and thrilled her in ways few things did (and she was excited about quite a lot). And while she tried to remain quiet, respectful, it was a challenge for the princess to wipe the smile from her face. She'd linked Sophie's arm in her own, happy with the woman she loved falling into step with her as she took her on an autumn outing: a peaceful walk in the early hours of the evening around one of the capital of Novoselic's most lovely cemeteries before a quiet dinner downtown. Far away from Novoselic Castle in a quiet room where they wouldn't be subjected to interruptions, inquiries, disapproval of any sort.

    Truly, Sonia was just happy Sophie had agreed to a date. While she thought she was dedicated to her studies, Sophie inhabited another plane of existence entirely when it came to devotion to her work. One of the blonde's slender hands came to rest over Sophie's, the one linked through her opposite arm, as they walked past elaborate tombstones and mausoleums alike.

    "And while I enjoy the atmosphere here, especially during this season, I like reading the various memorials the most," She explained, pausing in front of one of the mausoleums. Devoted to a merchant family beginning in the 1860s, according to the plaque, the most recent entry housed a famous opera singer from Novoselic who had passed at 95 years old, after delighting audiences across the world. "I like to imagine the sorts of people who rest here as they lived, what they did to fill their time and helped them feel accomplished, happy, in their lives. My family's all buried at cathedrals or country estates, on view only at certain times of the year. But here, all sorts of people have found their final resting place. I like that: that no matter how one lived, we are all equal, and at peace, in death."

    #more-than-a-princess answered#madamhatter #.verse tbd #(Things to do in October starters) #(Take your girlfriend on an October date? Take your girlfriend on an October date!) #(Sonia doesn't need a crown to feel like a princess or queen: she already feels invicible with Sophie on her arm.)
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    @despairfiles​ said:  1, 2, 4, 25

    Meme for Roleplay Muns (Accepting!)

    1. What is your favorite trope to rp?

    Does the slow-burn romance count? Because I love that! Otherwise, I adore things like reunion threads (school reunion, friendship/romance reunion), sharing a bed, Historical AUs, crossovers, and generally just getting out of day-to-day school threads at Hope’s Peak, SDR2 in-game threads, or coffee shop AUs. I’m usually pretty amenable to different tropes and storylines as long as my writing partner and I get along well, both in terms of OOC communication and IC writing.

    I guess I’m saying I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ trope. I think it’s far more dependent on the muse I’m writing Sonia with and their portrayal, as well as a good OOC relationship with the other mun. 

    2. Name 3 things you admire about OCs.

    First and foremost has to be the creativity and the dedication to creating muses entirely from scratch. As someone who only writes canon now but used to write OCs, there’s something to having a blueprint of sorts when you write a canon muse (protag, side character, or otherwise). You have something to work off of, and in turn, something other muns will expect from you when you write a canon muse.

    In turn, you don’t have those expectations when writing OCs. You have a lot more freedom, but you also have a lot more responsibility to creating a character and their entire universe (whether it’s a contemporary setting or something completely out of this world!).  

    Second is the ability for OC-writing muns to place their muses (for the most part!) in a variety of different canon verses and having them all work. With canon muses, especially popular canon muses, it’s easier to get away with not knowing a lot of different franchises in order to write with others. Chances are, your writing partner will know something about your muse and fandom. But OCs don’t have that leverage when it comes to seeking out writing partners, and in turn craft plenty of different universes to write in.

    And third would be the tenacity muns of OC muses have in going out and forging bonds and friendships with muses and muns of all sorts, canons and OCs alike. We’ve all seen the PSAs of “don’t discriminate against OC muses” and I’ve seen that bias play out on my dash. And it can be disheartening to find a blog you really want to interact with, especially a canon blog, and that mun simply isn’t interested in writing outside of their fandom at all or won’t accept OCs.

    But those OC muns who keep going despite the bias, despite being automatically labeled as a self-insert or Mary Sue? Incredible. I love it. 

    4. What old character would you love to bring back?

    Ooh...what a question.

    Well, I think in the right setting, I’d love to devote a bit more time to Fujiko Mine from Lupin III. I have a Fujiko blog, but with a small fandom and a lot of attention towards romance and sensuality with Fuji-cakes, it’s a little disheartening for me to write her most of the time. I’d like to write her more with the right muses and muns interested and willing to write a longer storyline, really. She’s a very flirty, sensual muse who uses her body to get what she wants, and writing her can be a bit of a challenge when muns might expect instant shipping or smut with her.

    But she’s shrewd, manipulative, an amazing shot, and has plenty of skills that help her hone her various burglaries and thefts. She’s also blunt, manipulative, snobby, and puts herself first in every situation. She’s...well, a lot.

    Otherwise, most of the muses I’d want to bring back are more dependent on the muses I could write them with. I’d bring back Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion if I had a Ryoji Kaji and/or Ritsuko Akagi to write with. I’d bring back Julia from Cowboy Bebop if I had a Spike Spiegel and/or a Vicious to write with. At least at the start, there’s just those canon dynamics I haven’t explored in years that I’d love to delve into again!

    And if Riverdale hadn’t gone to shit in later seasons, I’d consider bringing back Veronica Lodge. Either in her Archie Comics or Riverdale incarnations (though I’m more inclined to the latter).

    I can say for certain that I’ve got no interest in bringing back my Harry Potter muses...ever. Long before the author pulled her shit, the fandom was already troublesome enough. So I’ve said farewell to Hermione Granger, Narcissa Black/Malfoy, and a group of OCs I wrote for about 10 years.

    25. One thing you’d like new roleplayers to know?

    The most important thing I’d say to new roleplayers is to learn what you want out of RP. There’s a lot of different styles of writing, storylines, characters, etc. And it’s perfectly okay to change your style, preferences, etc. as you grow and spend more time in the RPC! But if you stay true to what you like and want to do, you will have a good time.

    Additionally, write what you want to read and write for the sort of blogs and muses you want to write with. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone is learning, no matter how talented you believe they are. Being intimidated will ultimately hold you back from having a good time: as long as you’re adhering to rules/preferences, jump in to interactions! If someone says no, there’s plenty more writers here to write with.

    And finally, it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes replies just don’t come easily: maybe you’re burned out. Maybe you’re stuck. Maybe you need a mental health holiday and binge your favorite game/TV show/movie/book. Maybe you need to plot with another mun to get some ideas. Or maybe you just need to log off and spend some time away from tumblr.

    All of these options are valid and should be respected. But I’d still recommend never to stop writing completely: this hobby is for everyone. All ages, all styles, all writing experiences.

    You belong here. I can’t wait for Sonia to meet your muse(s)!

    #more-than-a-princess answered#more-than-a-princess musings#despairfiles #(meme for roleplay muns) #(Thanks for the asks!) #(Writing these during the Met Gala carpet arrivals so it's a little slow)
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    @bxbygxngstx​ said:  " that's it. i'm done being cute about this. who the hell are these bastards, and what the hell do they want from you?! "

    On the Run Prompts (Still accepting!)

    With the door finally closed behind her, Sonia let out the heavy sigh she'd kept in the moment she felt the paint hit her skin. Her only regret, as she took refuge in an empty classroom, was that someone had to see. She'd tried to show and share the beauty, joy, success, and happiness of her home country to her friends while pointedly ignoring the more unsavory aspects. But some of them had followed her even to Japan, under the guises of cafeteria workers whom, instead of presenting her with her lunch that day, had tossed red paint all over her and shouted about how the Novosonian aristocracy, including the Royal Family, were taking opportunities and too-high taxes away from the people who needed the money and resources while, in turn, they simply got richer and richer with no real work to show for it.

    She didn't know how to explain just how much work her family did: at least, not while she was tongue-tied in shock as red paint dripped down her blonde hair, her cheek, her Main Course uniform and finally seeping into her loafers. Their country came first, prioritized highly before anything else in their lives: she was a princess before a person no matter where she went, and that included eating lunch with her classmates.

    She only regretted that Fuyuhiko had to see it. At least she'd managed to talk him out of retaliating: considering his own lineage, Sonia wouldn't be surprised if he had some sort of weapon available for his personal use. She certainly did, but this was nothing that required the use of a firearm.

    "Those people...they're anti-monarchists," She explained, reaching into her school bag and retrieving a handkerchief: embroidered with red roses, green leaves, and her initials in gold silk thread. She began to wipe at the paint on her hair and face: her uniform, however, was probably beyond salvaging at this point. "They do not believe in the absolute rule of my family nor the aristocracy, based on the results of certain laws and policies. Ones that my father is looking to overturn and replace with something fairer, more reasonable for our people. My family was quite impressed by the security at Hope's Peak and we all felt quite certain such rioters would not find me here."

    It had taken all of a minute for her handkerchief to be entirely soaked in red, rendered beyond its usefulness. Sonia shook her head and dropped it into a wastebin near the teacher's desk before looking back at Fuyuhiko with a weary smile. "I suppose we were wrong, and they've organized a Japanese faction to coordinate their protests. Nevertheless, I'm very touched you wished to come to my aid. You didn't have to, you know, but I appreciate your friendship and loyalty all the same."

    #more-than-a-princess answered#bxbygxngstx #Non-Despair AU: Hope's Peak Academy verse #(On the Run prompts) #(Thanks for your ask! Sorry about the delay on this)
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    @trinitytalents​ said:  "So... we're going to need to kiss. I know what you're thinking but they're headed our way, and it's just for a few seconds, and then we're going to be in the clear afterwards we can stop and forget it ever happened. Deal? Okay. Come here." It wasn't the most professional way to solve this small issue, but she knew they didn't have much time to discuss another course of action to hide currently. (Atsuko at Sonia! it just makes sense uwu)

    On the Run prompts (Still accepting!)

    If anything would push her off the fluffy cloud she'd been floating on for the past two hours, that was it.

    Metaphorical of course, but as she came to a stop by Atsuko's side, the other girl's tone was enough for Sonia to realize that she was being entirely serious. The movie they'd seen, putting good use to some free passes she'd been given, had been nothing short of a dream. With a happy ending where the lovers, after many trials and hardships, finally triumphed with the kiss that sealed their joyous fate. Beside Atsuko, the Ultimate Princess, much too overdressed for a film in her silk taffeta dress and strappy heels, had smiled and sniffled right along with the rest of the audience. And Atsuko, she knew, was the one person who would understand. Who wouldn't chastise her for tearing up over the sweetest romantic drama she'd seen in the recent months.

    And now, she was suggesting reenacting the Hollywood Ending. But they were no heroines in a love story: instead, she was simply a girl who suffered from a long-standing, one-sided love that she'd been determined to bury months ago. Despite the fact that the object of her affections now suggested making that prospect very, very difficult.

    All due to the fact that the theater was quite a ways away from the Hope's Peak campus, they were out after curfew without permission, and now several members of the school staff now approached the theater they were exiting for their own showing. If they were caught, there would be no way the incident wouldn't be reported on their records: it wasn't an official event for either of them, for their talents. It was just...fun, two girls pondering the prospect of soulmates and reincarnation as they sat side-by-side, trying not to reach for the same kernels of butter-free popcorn.

    "Because of nearly half the governing staff of our school headed in this direction? While we're out after hours?" She half-whispered, half-squeaked to her, a meekness that Sonia didn't think she had in her. Gentleness and a sense of humility, yes, but meekness was not a trait she felt she commonly possessed: fortune favored the bold, if just for the Novosonian army mantra. Strike first, and strike hard. "Manaka-san, I-"

    But the words she wanted to say couldn't leave her lips: I don't think I'll be able to forget it, if you give me the chance to kiss you. Instead, Sonia gaped at her for a second before she realized several things all at once: she was going to kiss Atsuko Manaka, time was of the essence, and...

    "...We have to make it look convincing," She finished quickly. "It'll never work otherwise."

    Public displays of affection tended to make most people feel rather uncomfortable, especially in Japan. As if they were made privy to a secret they hadn't the right to know. But they needed to look in love and successfully camouflage their most distinctive features. With her back closest to the wall, that took care of her blonde hair, but their faces. They needed to hide their faces.

    "I...I'm sorry, Manaka-san. Here I come," She murmured. They were in a hurry to be sure, but some things, some people, with the most beautiful golden brown eyes she'd ever seen, could not be rushed. Golden brown eyes her blue ones now looked into, holding a gaze full of apologies and affection mixed together into longing. To keep her face hidden away from the incoming crowd, Sonia lifted her hand to Atsuko's cheek, stroking the soft skin there until she reached her lower lip, her thumb tracing the outline of where it met one of the corners of her mouth and down and center, where her pout ended and complexion began. Her gaze too moved from eyes to lips, as she saw exactly where her own would travel, how the space between them would close.

    It was only a fleeting moment before it did. Sonia's eyes slid shut as she leaned forward, setting her lips on Atsuko's in a soft kiss. Not gentle and hesitant nor frenzied and desperate, neither of them were particularly believable for a couple so enamored with one another in every way possible. It needed to look honest, true, real.

    Something Sonia had no trouble feeling. Or acting, on those precise feelings that had lingered in her mind and in her heart since that night in Kyoto, where work had finally given way to pleasure and they'd spent the evening at dinner before indulging in the Jean Cocteau La Belle et La Bete before exploring Mount Kurama the next morning. Through it all, Sonia had found, and relished in, the company of a strong yet tender person who thought before speaking and favored romance over logic (in fiction, anyway). They favored the same teas, the same rose scents, the latter now mingling with the taste of salt and popcorn on their lips.

    It was delicious. Delicious and likely horribly fleeting: Atsuko wanted to forget, she would forget, if her proposal was anything to go by. But Sonia would linger as long as she could, as long as it was polite, to take her into her embrace and fit what felt like a lifetime of love into a single kiss.

    It had to be convincing, after all.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#trinitytalents #Non-Despair AU: Hope's Peak Academy verse #(On the Run prompts) #(So uh...I present this) #(A lot of Sonia's feels overcoming her all at once)
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    When Sonia realizes she’s going to finally kiss that girl she’s in love with:

    When Sonia realizes it’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

    When Sonia realizes that, due to the fact it’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it will likely mean very little to the girl in question and everything to her:

    #more-than-a-princess draftcomm#trinitytalents #(Hi this answer to this ask is taking some time to write because Sonia is simultaneously overjoyed and in a lot of pain.) #(Or rather: I'm sitting here cackling behind my keyboard)
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    @cadcnce​ said:  "Do you have any games on your phone? Serious question." His may be dead and he may be bored waiting for the plane.

    Unprompted IC Asks (that embarrass Sonia by way of otome games) - Accepting from mutuals!

    Settled into a firm, uncomfortable seat near the airport gate, Sonia had busied herself with browsing through Instagram. It was a risk, one she'd have to soon shut off on her personal mobile: it would be too simple a thing for her security to track her and that was the last thing the royal runaway wanted. To be found, after she'd made it this far away from her rigid schedule, her rules, her morning green juice and the requisite shell pink nail polish that she'd worn most of her life since she'd turned thirteen. That had come off right before Wylan had come to collect her, when the coast was clear, and left in the hotel suite's wastebin in a pile of damp cotton balls. To her, the alcohol was the sweet scent of freedom and she wasn't even drinking it.

    Now, she'd waited him to return from wandering off, something about his mobile and its inefficiency, and peeked into the lives of her friends as she prepared to bunk off: Chiaki was in Seoul at a gaming tournament, Celeste had uploaded a video of a castle with a lilting tone in the background, Teruteru had opened another restaurant, Ibuki had taken a blurry, brightly colored photo from the stage at a recent concert. She'd chuckled and posted a new story, a simple text post: Did you know that before you board a commercial airplane, you're subject to x-ray scans? It's something out of science fiction!, complete with several shocked emoji faces and an alien head. A few friends responded, some apologizing that they were too busy to talk and others lovingly lamenting how sheltered she was. Even Byakuya had chimed in, asking her bluntly why she was having such fun being herded like cattle into a stock car, which was how commoners traveled by air. She was about to respond that there was no need to be rude when Wylan had interjected.

    "Games? On my mobile? Like video games?" She repeated, now well and truly distracted from social media as she stared at him. It wasn't the gaming inquiry that gave her pause: it was the fact that Wylan had asked her a serious question. It was so far removed from the ordinary, but then again, she was taking a commercial flight for the first time. Her entire life had stepped through the metaphorical looking glass since she'd entrusted herself to his plans. His care, even. Everything, to her at least, seemed to be a joke to him. Lighthearted, silly, teasing: life seemed to be game for him, until it delivered the result he wanted. She was briefly reminded of the sliced open hand incident and the stitches she'd forced on him: an instance where something clearly hadn't gone his way.

    Beneath the veneer of her smile and her surprise, her chest tightened.

    "I suppose I have some, but I'm not sure what you're expecting," She continued. If the silence had persisted much longer, it would be more awkward than where her thoughts had wandered off to. "I could never keep up with the popular mobile games in Japan, the sort with the daily logins and the fighting tournaments. Most of what I have are visual novels, I'm afraid. Or things I play with family."

    Closing out of Instagram, Sonia handed her phone to him. Even covered in application icons, her background of human skulls formed into a heart embedded in a wall of bones still stood out: she'd taken it herself in the catacombs, a favorite memory. There were her Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram icons, several streaming services, a manga reading app, Spotify (for her podcasts), various shopping apps, and finally at the end of the long scroll, her games. Virtual chess, logic puzzles, scrabble, icons of various foreboding imagery like bats and fangs, and then...

    "Oh dear god," She whispered.

    Though if she were to be accurate, she should've spoken Satan's name in vain instead. Sonia had forgotten, in her giddiness to explore part of the United States as Sonia Nevermind, not the Princess of Novoselic, with Wylan as her guide, about those games.

    The ones where she could romance vampires. And demons. And unfortunately, not in the same game. But both otome offerings were distinctly dark in nature, particularly in the domineering sado-masochistic tendencies of the love interests. Warm and fluffy love confessions were the exception, not the norm, in her choice of dating sims.

    "Ah...um, perhaps ignore those!" She pleaded, her cheeks having turned from a pale rose to deep magenta quickly as she prayed he didn't know what those games entailed. Heaven help her if he asked her about them and her favorite routes.

    #more-than-a-princess answered#cadcnce #Non-Despair AU: The Princess of Novoselic #(For someone with such a busy schedule she has to prioritize) #(And vampire and demon boys take precedence.)
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    @rcguna​ said:  "Well... at least we were able to put the fire out before anything got too damaged. But I don't think there's anything edible I can save from this."

    Unprompted IC asks (that show off Sonia’s embarrassing cooking “skills”) - Accepting from mutuals!

    It was one thing to ruin her own kitchen, or at least a kitchen in one of her family's many homes. Everything was insured and there was protocol when it came to replacing everything (including the kitchen door locks).

    It was quite another to make a mess out of Raguna's, a new friend and a kind, earnest soul at that.

    With a pale blue apron tied around her waist, Sonia frowned, guilt setting in deeper than, thankfully, the hot oil splatters had. She'd expressed an interest in learning to cook better, or cook at all, and Raguna, with his generous and helpful nature, volunteered. And as meat dishes were best, they'd decided on katsu over rice with a cold cucumber salad. Alongside her favorite karaage and yakitori skewers, it was a popular choice for the princess to order from an izakaya and convenience store alike. And how hard could it be? Take the pork or chicken from the package, drop it in the pot of oil, and the meal would be ready?

    Little did she know that the pot was too small and she'd poured in too much oil. Little did she know that as Raguna prepared the panko crumbs, spices, and some sort of mallet that she didn't know was for human or culinary use, she was supposed to set the meat aside. And little did she know that when she put in the raw meat, the oil would slosh over the side of the pot and right into the open flames, causing a fire over the stovetop.

    A small fire. They'd only needed one extinguisher. Nevertheless, Sonia clutched the front of her oil and char-stained apron in a tight, anxious grip as she groaned in defeat. It wasn't a noble trait, defeat: but that was precisely how she felt. Every time she made a sincere effort, it blew up in her face. Quite literally, in this case.

    "Oh, Raguna-san, I'm so sorry!" She cried. Even if the fire had stayed mostly contained, she had made a mess of their meal. "I thought the crumbs were added after the meat was cooked and I forgot that oil would catch if close to the flame. And we haven't got any more ingredients, do we? I feel awful!"

    With a shake of her head, Sonia reached into the pocket of her dress and produced her mobile phone. It was, as always, her last resort. But today, it was one she particularly didn't want to resort to. Disappointing Raguna felt far worse than the usual string of disappointments when it came to her domestic skills. Mostly as it seemed he truly believed she had a chance.

    "Might I phone for takeaway instead? Anywhere you wish and you should order anything you wish. My treat."

    #more-than-a-princess answered#rcguna #Non-Despair AU: The Princess of Novoselic #(Ah I see it's rite of passage time) #(She feels really bad this time though) #(Raguna-san has been kind to her and didn't doubt her!) #(And I figured I'd save electric stove tappenyaki for Wylan. Eventually. One day.)
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    @trondopeacekeeper​ said:  ☕


    To be honest, Sonia wasn’t quite sure what she held in her hands. It was warm and liquid to be sure, but in the aluminum army cup she’d nicked from her training kit was something unlike her usual beverages. Berries and leaves, likely gathered from the trees and bushes deep in the forest, floated on top of the tinted water as it became infused with the foliage.

    But perhaps more curious than the beverage Mr. Dragon had offered was the fire that burned close by: it had been arranged as if a human had put it together, sticks and twigs surrounded by a stone circle to keep it contained and, for both their sakes, far away from the tall spruce and fir trees. And yet, she saw no trace of matches or a lighter: unless sticks had been rubbed together just so in order the light it, she could’ve sworn that it materialized out of nowhere.

    Her attention now far away from the steaming cup before her, Sonia squinted, stared, at the flames deep in thought. She believed in a lot of things, but she stopped short at the work of Gods presenting fire to the humans of Earth in order to keep warm, to cook, to survive. And that in turn made her wonder: if this was what he chose to drink, just how long, and how difficult had it been, for Mr. Dragon to survive in the woods all on his own? His stance and gruff method of speaking certainly made him seem formidable, but he’d already proclaimed he wouldn’t eat her. And thus Sonia held more concern and curiosity than fear, bringing the mug up to her nose for a hesitant sniff.

    Earthy. Hot. Comfort, perhaps, when there was little to be found.

    She took a sip: it tasted precisely how it smelled. He was trying to be kind and so she smiled back, encouragingly, taking another sip. As far as she knew, the berries in season weren’t poisonous but if she was wrong, they’d both be in for an unpleasant surprise.

    “Excuse me...I don’t mean to be forward or off-putting,” She asked, the question that had been sitting on the tip of her tongue unable to remain there, unspoken, any longer. “But did you...make that fire? Or rather, how exactly did you start it?”

    There were a lot of conclusions she could jump to: however, all of them resulted in what, as far as Sonia knew, were fictional portrayals of dragons. And for as much as she felt discontent and resentment towards most fictional portrayals of princesses, she wouldn’t dare assume that dragons too were a carbon copy of their counterparts that lived in print and on screen. No, she’d prefer to have Mr. Dragon explain: it was the polite thing to do.

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