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    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    did any of yall remember one! two! three! by morning musume?

    despite all the cringy mmds this song bops

    #and now i got a headache from dancing to it with stiff head movements like a game&watch character #morning musume #one two three
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    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    19.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
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    18.06.2021 - 20 hours ago


    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

    Hello! Project Spring "Kacho Fuugetsu" Team Wind

    Thank you very much for the live stream

    You can see everyone! Its important to check the streams features! it seems like it would be more fun to raise the volume! lol Don't bother the neighborhood

    That is, I'm writing this in the day time but,

    I didn't make it by 8!←

    Thank you very much, everyone who watches it

    we did our best with it~ after that #teamwind ......seems like that will work lol


    I finally saw the stream the first time

    those like that, you can come

    I'd be happy if you had a good time

    that is, really, Those that have been waiting, I'm happy it has been sent to you

    In the blink of an eye the wind will blow you away, thats how it is

    I remember feeling nervous even now, from the greetings from the first day

    As us as Team Wind within Kacho Fuugetsu

    Like the wind, refreshingly, cooly, I think we sent out that kind of concert

    Also sometimes,

    a strong wind may have blown so~

    Please follow us

    its like that, that thing, I've said, for sure

    Its just in the second like with Dondengaeshi or Oh my wish!, I think a strong wind blows......lol

    Saying something like that during an MC,

    I just about, didn't consult any of the members about it,

    Its like I let that out on the first day,

    Everyone gave a flowing wind gesture, They told me Ohohoh~, they got into it,

    It was encouraging from that moment--

    Thank you very much towards your support towards the stream

    If you missed it, there is an archive so by all means!

    Hello! Project 2021 Spring "Kacho Fuugetsu" Team Wind

    Until the 20th (Sun) at 12:00AM

    At the same time,

    I had a stage reading on Saturday and Sunday, "Uchi Gekijo Onstage"

    This is also being streamed,

    Until the 20th at 11:59PM

    With our relationships on Team Wind, by all means here, please check me doing things other than singing and dancing

    Uchi Gekijo Onstage

    Here are the interviews after the performance




    I wrote about my feelings after the performance on Tokyo Sports Series

    #19 Thinking about things through the role of a lawyer. I learned a lot in the 2 days of Stage Readings.

    For the Team Wind performance,

    6 of us, Kaga Kaede, Sasaki Rikako, Inaba Manaka, Akiyama Mao, Hirai Miyo, Ishida Ayumi have a dance club performance but,

    There is a moment the 6 of us make a circle,

    Ah, there, our eyes aren't grinning,

    it feels like our faces were going 'yeah'

    Thats the lasting impression

    They were cool, everyone

    and!!! I forgot to make an announcement yesterday!!!

    The program with the 6 of us,


    #5 aired for the first time yesterday Thank you to everyone who watched itttt

    This time it was the collab with s**t kingz-san, completing it little by little,

    It was superrrr cool,

    They were all very different from Hello songs,

    If you were someone who was thinking Kyaa during the wind performance, definitely,

    I want you to watch Hello Pro Dance Academy


    it will stream at a later date, and since there will be a lot of reruns, you'll be able to catch up in full so,

    Please definitely check it out

    #6 will first air on July 1st

    #7 (final) will first air on July 15th

    I was also blown away by the wind here fufu

    Up to Boy the 9th and 10th generation series releases on June 23rd

    Ikuta-san x Ishida fufufu

    Sendai Broadcast "Ara Ara Kashiko" I'll be appearing on June 26th (Sat)

    I learned about Ishinomori Shotaro!

    M-line Special 2021 ~Make a Wish!~ Next weekend, I'll be making a guest appearance on June 27th at their Sendai performance

    Hello! Project 2021 Summer Sapphire & Ruby Wait for us as we go around the 7 large cities from July 17th~

    The curry I ate at lunch, I posted it on Instagram but,

    I ate it in white clothing,

    ......I got them sufficiently dirty ←

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi #Morning Musume '21 #Morning Musume #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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  • hotarutranslations
    18.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    2018 Spring!

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

    2018 Springs, "We are MORNING MUSUME"


    The concert DVD's, when I returned home my family was suddenly watching it,

    When I looking over at it,

    ♪Shouganai Yumeoibito

    that was on,

    Morning Musume

    is wonderful <3

    I was reallyyyyy taken in with it, I realized I was also silently watching it

    Sweating, singing painful songs, doing our utmost to make it excitement,

    I love these people

    That round stage is also nostalgic,

    ♪Hand made CITY I like the part at the hook~

    ♪Moonlight night ~Tsuki no Ban da yo~ I thought it was cool~ while watching it

    and then the next MC,

    What is this--!!! lol

    it was the MC where we danced to random songs, this was too funny fufufu

    Ikuta-san, Me, Oda, and Kaga,

    We did the skit!←

    It had been a while since I've seen such a high spirited MC~

    that was fun~

    Doing the MC so seriously, the second half was harder than normal

    I haven't been so out of breath from any MC

    that venue was also super pumped up~

    Also, after in the polka dot dress costumes, I really remember singing ♪Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU

    those costumes,

    I also missed what I was singing in ♪One Two Three

    The timinig in One Two Three! Ehh! thats what it felt like when watching it, for myself←


    since One Two Three's release, There haven't been any solo concerts where we haven't performed it, is the recording still going well now!?

    Its definitely a song on the setlist, right fufu

    Also, I had a mysterious stick, I had it, like that,

    Often during this time, we would had glow sticks and glowing gloves, We challenged various things, right

    The melody that flowed into the momentum of that,

    Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke

    That arrangement! it! I was excited the first time I got the soundtrack!

    Its super cool

    With Maa,

    the "Ai wa Motto..." matching the accented note, we talked about changing the movement, we did various things,

    If you watch the video again,

    I laughed because I wasn't really into it

    Now with that,

    I think I can do more

    These things are nostalgic!!!

    I like that space-- I ended up realizing that again

    the colorful light pens at 360°, its sparkling~

    Four our next concert,

    It'll be the Summer Hello on July 17th!

    I did at Stage Reading on Saturday and Sunday "Uchi Gekijo Onstage"

    I wrote about my feelings after the performance on Tokyo Sports Series

    #19 Thinking about things through the role of a lawyer. I learned a lot in the 2 days of Stage Readings.

    The interviews are here




    If you missed the performance, you can watch the archive streams until June 20th

    Uchi Gekijo Onstage

    Hello! Project 2021 Spring "Kacho Fuugetsu" Team Wind

    It'll finally stream tomorrow from 8:00PM~!

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi #Morning Musume '21 #Morning Musume #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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  • hotarutranslations
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Feeling Of A Roller Coaster

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

    #19 Thinking about things through the role of a lawyer. I learned a lot in the 2 days of Stage Readings.

    Tokyo Sports Series was updated

    Todays article, was filled with so many thoughts!

    What I learned, what I thought, Its more deep than what I wrote on the blog, since its a space to send that out, please take a peek at it whenever~

    Also my blog yesterday was pretty full of my thoughts as well but,

    immersing in things I like,

    Its a happy time~

    Within that, its ok if there is some pain, with the power of liking something is really, its amazing,

    Ah but thats sort of a lie,

    Within the things I like, if it ends up being like...I hate this,

    It'll certrainly be sad......

    if its something I like I'll be able to be patient with it no matter what right!!

    its, different,


    I don't impose my expectations? lol

    Nah, its kinda, kind of like that kind of thing I think

    You like this, right? Therefore I'll entrust it to you! If its you it'll be alright!

    like that,

    perhaps its like,

    that kind of thing?

    have you experienced that?

    I'm sorry for writing what I'm imagining--- lol

    The comic version of TRUMP is on sale,



    is that so!!

    I'm surprised!!

    Uwaa--, I want to see it

    Its a TRUMP comic from the TRUMP series!?

    With that, will there be a comic series in the future!?

    If that is so,

    I wonder if they'll draw the story of LILIUM into a comic~!? that is, I'm really looking forward to it, I wonder what it'll be like~

    a play thats become a comic, thats the first time I've heard of that


    Today I talked alot and I'm tired

    It was enjoyable though!


    I don't have any photos so this is the same as what I posted on Insta

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi #Morning Musume '21 #Morning Musume #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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  • hotarutranslations
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I Really Like It

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi





    The interpretation of this,


    I watched yesterdays Furuba

    Yesterday was no good, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind,


    Eh, about halfway through I cried,

    Am I? Alright? am I hydrated ok? while it was like that, I was devouring it with my eyes,

    Perhaps I had already half devoured it......(?)

    This, sparkling--- Uuu......

    This time its the final season,

    Man really,

    its a story that will grab you whole heart,

    it tugs at you,

    on the contrary its painful,

    But, your heart that was tightly wrapped up will warm up at the end,

    its realy a wonderful work,

    I'm happy I met it <3

    The first season, introduced the characters one by one,

    Also in the second season, the human relations get deeply entangled,

    Now with the final season, things are unraveling a bit,

    Through watching the anime, selfishly, since it feels like I'm closely watching their growth, my tears are excessively overflowing

    I'll do my best...

    I'll be alright...


    Everyone is wonderful,

    I really don't want the last episode to come, I don't want to end,

    but!! I want to watch over them!!

    Mannn really, its the best, I like it

    (Thank you for reading this and taking in the excitement) lol

    I did a stage reading last Saturday and Sunday "Uchi Gekijo Onstage"

    Interviews I was in after the performance have been published




    thank you for checking them

    If you missed the performance, you can go to the archive broadcast till June 20th

    Uchi Gekijo Onstage

    by all means

    Fukumura-san suddenly took that!! lol

    Really, you know, I want to meet Fukumura-san~

    The story made me happy~

    Hello!Project STREAM

    The stream is weekend on Friday!!!!!! Look forward to it ok!!!!!!!

    We've decided to hold a summer concert too

    July 17th~!!!!! (my first performance date will be on the 18th)


    lets do our best,

    towards various things!!!

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi #Morning Musume '21 #Morning Musume #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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  • hotarutranslations
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day And Night Reversed

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

    I'm surprised about it myself but,


    I couldn't sleep at all, I was tired but I wasn't able to sleep,

    Realizing that,

    I could hear the birds chirping......

    Like, huh? its light outside? after that, I fell asleep as expected fufu

    Hmm, last night, well I mean its already today but,

    I was thinking about things, but I wasn't thinking,

    but it was like it was spinning around in my head,

    that's how I spent the time

    the afterglow......

    To not let day and night reverse, I woke up early but, now its a problem as I'm already tired

    Just barely, I haven't reversed day and night

    But tonight "Fruits Basket The Final" airs...


    Fruits Basket is, watching the anime, its a fantasy story but, the human patterns that are depicted are deep after all, it sticks in my chest...like it stings, there is a lot like that,

    I like what is conveyed and sent out! and, I also wrote this yesterday but,

    I'd like to become a person who can receive things in abundance

    I'll think like that,


    I'll also watch it tonight lol

    Uchi Gekijo Onstage

    The stage reading on Saturday, Sunday check out the archive until June 20th

    By all means, please watch it

    thank you

    I played Aragaki Yuu on Sunday, I wondered what kind of person their dad was...

    emotions of...wanting to meet them, also sprouted

    Wani Book-san gave me flowers!

    I can't believe, I received a flower stand...

    I'm happy

    "Up To Boy" the next 9th and 10th generation series released on June 23rd!

    Ikuta-san x Ishida <3 <3

    Look forward~~~

    S Cawaii! Live Photos

    Ehh! These photos are! its on sale

    Umbrella Marker

    I drew it

    Hello! Project 2021 Spring "Kacho Fuugetsu" Team Wind

    The stream is this weekend on Friday! Look forward to it ok

    see you ayumin <3


    #Ishida Ayumi #Morning Musume '21 #Morning Musume #Hello! Project #Translation#Blog
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