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  • thezombiespeaks
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    inuyasha/yashahime nesoberi family photo ♥️💚

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  • halfdemonsinyourarea
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    No one talks about episode 97, “Kirara Come Home” WHY????

    This episode is pure gold!!! It’s definitely a filler episode, but it’s so fucking funny and I hate that no one talks about it!

    We get to see a young Sango playing with little Kirara when her father brings her home, we see how the whole gang interacts with Kirara one-on-one, there’s a whole miscommunication all because of Shippo and by the end of the episode, Kagome gives Inuyasha permission to beat the shit outta Shippo for being an idiot!!!

    #inuyasha#yashahime #inuyasha x kagome #kagome#moroha #kagome and inuyasha #sesshomaru #miroku x sango #miroku#sango#Kirara#shippo #these idiots are my favorite
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  • iceeeyez
    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    *Long, But Entertaining and Thoughtful Post Alert on Yashahime*

    I have an honest question and don't fight me in the comments cause I know how you girls like to tussle lol, but do people still watch Yashahime? If you do what do you like? If not what don't you like (I already know one of the main issues Sessrin *cough cough*) and do you still watch it or have you given up on the show (being that it's in the second season)?

    I personally gave up on it after season 1 cause it was just too bad to watch. Inuyasha is my favorite anime, my comfort anime and was the first show that got me into anime and when I heard there was a "sequel" I was excited 😁. But as the show went on there were sooo many issues.

    The plot and it's pacing

    OGs being ooc

    New characters being boring (besides Moroha. Towa being Mary Sue got on my nerves 🙄) and overly powerful with no real challenges (How do you almost defeat a Beast King, your father's equal, on the first go round with no training)

    Weak villains dying within 5 seconds and Zero and Kirinmaru's motives

    Shiori changing skin color

    Moroha being comedic relief, the background and in debt to someone who wasn't responsible for her in the first place (like Koga who's the real mutt here lol)

    Retconning (now you know Moroha wasn't in that room with Sota and Towa 😆)

    Rin being between life and death AGAIN! with her only personality and existence is being with Sesshomaru

    Sesshomaru taking orders from Jaken

    Inukag being trapped (are they even trying to get out) by Sesshomaru who has had no solution for them, his kids, or his wife in 10 years (but Fluffy tracked down Naraku religiously and helped defeat him within a year and some change. And being that Kagome is a powerful priestess, Tessaiga having multiple forms and Sess previously worked with them to defeat Naraku, the guy who also put Rin's life in jeopardy MULTIPLE times but still fought him, they could've helped him a shit ton. But hey just seel them away I mean it's not like they didn't help protect and care for your wife when she was a child but when she was captured or died she was in your care Sess 🙃)

    Mirsan not concerned for their friends or their daughter

    Sesshomaru knowing he needs Akura's pinwheel, for reasons still unknown, but when he sees him he's like "Nah."

    The damn point and significance of the rainbow pearls (Yeah it was great GPS tracking for Towa and Setsuna to find each other but Kirinmaru said the girls didn't even need them so why give it to them in the first place dad lol?)

    The jewel giving prophecies and Treekyo giving riddles

    And Sessrin and how they have a relationship with no romance (shorty gave birth, Sess came in, said nothing to her, spoke 6 words to the rest of the room, and yeeted the kids in a forest that he later on oversaw being burnt down lol) and Sunrise trying to use Inuyasha as the source as the beginning of their romance (recontextualizing the basis of their relationship).

    Also coupled with the fact that Sunrise, Rumiko, voice actors, and Takashi are all on different pages when it comes to the Yashahime plot and the characters. I've heard that it's tanking and views are low but I saw "Setsuna" trending on Twitter. I also seen that people don't comment on the Yashahime Twitter page like they did the first season. And the Inuyasha/Yashahime fandom is in SHAMBLES honey 🥴

    This is an open, safe, and peaceful space and I don't want no arguing in the comments cause you will be BLOCKED! This is an honest and open discussion. Oh and have a great day y'all 😉

    *** P.S. Where's my mans Shippo!? 🤣 Look at little dude he's adorable 🤗. How/why is he not shown yet 😒

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  • alforall
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Inukag family wishes you a happy holidays.

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  • jess-oui
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Moroha, the best girl 💖

    A little warmup sketch of Moroha after a little hiatus (work's been intense!) I'm hoping to draw more of these babies soon 🥰

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  • knightsandjedis
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    All these new shows’ seasons and movies popping up this year and for the most part 2021 has given good content. (Thank you Clyde Phillips for returning to revive Dexter New Blood after such a crappy series finale for the original show.) Just saw the latest Yashahime episode and was excited to see the original IY group before realizing Shippo wasn’t there. I’ll be honest I’ve always been indifferent to the little fox so his absence hasn’t bothered me that much. Then it dawned on me that the recent episodes are focusing on the girls individually as they’re all gaining some character development as they pursue their own agendas; and the twins’ supposed “love interests” have assisted them during their training. Except for Moroha, who is on a mission with a friend of her parents and a colleague.

    Moroha hasn’t shown any romantic interest in anyone (kinda ironic since even the first season of Inuyasha was developing the love triangle already), and she has mostly just been seen interacting with family and platonic individuals. How ironic would it be if either Shippo or Koga/Ayame’s kid finally makes an appearance and that’s her love interest bwahaha. I’m going to crack up to be honest when Inuyasha/Kagome return (I don’t think Kagome will have as strong a reaction) and his daughter is showing interest to either: one of the group members he called a “brat” or the kid of the “rotten wolf.” Think Moroha will stay single? Or which do you think will become her love interest?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind single Moroha because in the original show I loved Kikyo but was tired of the love triangle. Kikyo, there was more to you than the love triangle, best girl.

    #hanyo no yashahime #moroha#shippo
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  • thxlassophile
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #yes good kiss your girlfriend hisui #smother her in affection #it is the only kind of smothering she allows :') #[it might be your wound but they’re my sutures] MOROHA & HISUI
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  • myravenspirit
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • the-iron-fjord
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Alright kids, enjoy your stinky Blade Runner marathon, I’ll see you next week for Triple Yashahime night!

    #toonami #Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon #inuyasha#moroha #FJORD OUT!
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  • a-moment-an-eternity
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Yashahime season 2 episode 10 ( ep 34) thoughts and opinions:

    doing this a lil more generally this time!

    I haven't done any recently, because I honestly didn't have much to say...

    the shows every Back-and-forth with episode quality. I do think this season Is better than the last. but plot moves really slow and there's a lot of retcons or rather things said that don't match up with Inuyasha lore.

    A few eps were really good so I'm still enjoying it, just trying not to think to hard about it haha!

    but I have alot to say here....so

    Some weird things that I didn't like/sit right with me:

    Kagome and Sangos dancing...seemed ooc. but I guess if it was for an act that's ok...but still seemed odd

    Miroku calling Kagome -Kagome sama...thought yinz were closer than that but whatever.

    perfect opertunity for Moroha to meet Miroku and Sango comes up and...oh have a bird do it.


    whys Setsuna so tired?

    why would Towa having one similar moment to Zero...involving normal emotions...mean she will go down zeros path?

    That said Towa is so over dramatic...but maybe I just don't like her?

    Why does everyone know who Sesshomaru's daughters are? very rarely if ever did a demon smell inuyasha qnd go "oh the great dog demons child ...easy prey". this actually really annoys me. Is sesshomaru somehow now more notable? like stfu...

    does Setsuna speek kirara?

    Things I liked:

    Sango and Miroku's bit ...I actually chuckled lol reminded me of good times.

    Zero using the pearls to know Towa is human.

    Setsuna actually transforming during the new moon.

    Kagome actually getting credit for her own power. Instead of kikyo getting all the fucking credit...

    So yeah, I'm mixed on this episode...It definitely wasn't a favorite, and alot of little things annoyed me. Hopefully next week will be better! preview seems pretty ok!

    Score : 3/10

    also ...they really said fuck shippo ey ?😭🤣

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  • aclaemix
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    One thing that bothers me about yashahime is that it had the potential to be so GOOD. I LOVE Moroha and her design but the show just kinda shrugs and kicks her aside. Towa and Setsuna could be up to all kinds of shenanigans with the rest of the main gangs kids. This show could have been so FUN and nostalgic, they could’ve spent more than 2 seconds planning births and had Moroha be the silly big sis figure to the twins instead of all of them being the same age-ish. Honestly,( fan drama aside) was there anyone who wanted to see all of the original cast split up for YEARS??? I hope one day it becomes a dragon ball gt/super situation where there’s a multiverse and things pan out differently.

    #yashahime#inuyasha #where the fuck is shippo #why couldn’t Sanyo and miroku take Moroha? #sesshomaru couldn’t take care of his children because???? #god forbid we see inuyasha or kagome
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  • setsunasknife
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Towa is so much like Rin, almost exclusively so, her kindhearted (and a little naive, I say in the most loving of ways) demeanor and overall spitfire-ness is representative of her mother.

    There have been a few moments where she’s proved she’s Sesshomaru’s daughter, but it this moment above, she truly looks the part. The determined look her eyes and the way she looks like she can take on anything, is her father.

    Now Setsuna is experiencing the opposite of her sister. Setsuna is TOO MUCH like her father (even though he’s also improved in the empathy department) where empathy does not come easily. The wall she has built prevents her from forming strong bonds with those that just want to love her.

    Setsuna needs her mother, she needs that unconditional love and eternal kindness of her mother and to see how those traits are GOOD. Are they weakness? Maybe. Life is not meaningful without weaknesses. You can only be truly strong when there is someone you have to protect, when there’s someone else to live for. Setsuna’s been, essentially, alone most of her life. She’s formed friendships, but her empathy is lacking.

    I think when these sisters return to each other, they’ll understand the other more. I think this “training” arc has shown the sisters why their siblings’ traits are just as important as their own. Towa needs to understand Setsuna’s determination and guardedness. Setsuna needs to understand Towa’s heart and desire to see the good in people.

    Sesshomaru and Rin’s daughters are such a perfect mix of their parents. And I think as sisters, they truly do need each other. In my opinion, they are stronger together and need each other.

    #anyway that’s my rant from this episode #I miss the twins being together but they needed this time apart #seeing them work individually has been reallly interesting #Towa’s learning to be more independent #Setsuna’s learning that it’s okay to trust and rely on others #god I love this show so much I know it isn’t perfect but I love them #I love Moroha too but the twins have a special place in my heart right next to their parents #sessrin#sessrin positivity #sessrinners please interact #sessrin family#mama rin#papa sesshomaru #i love them so much
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  • halfdemonsinyourarea
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Trying to explain the plot of Yashahime is a different kind of headache holy fucking shit

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  • dog-forest-spirit
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    "Those feelings are dangerous"

    worrying abt her sister? the entire reason she's even in this situation in the first place?

    #i hate everyone #bring moroha back #i want to see her sceam abt raccoon dog demons #and how they don't pay their bills #at least that had some logic #that eye bs...lost me but we were brought back #yashahime
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  • meidozangetsuha
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    While I was initially extremely skeptical of the decision amd worried it would also result in an incredibly long story slowdown like I felt S1 suffered from, it ended up being an extraordinarily good way to tackle character growth this season. Each of the Yashahime still have issues unrelated to pure fighting power they had to deal with, and dividing them up while also making sure some episodes focus on them (while also careful to not make sure the focus isn't entirely on one character).

    While they didn't use the exact words, Towa's focus episodes in the split up revolved around her trauma and PTSD, and how they play into her motivations and how she acts. How her clinginess with Setsuna and not giving her space to breath wasn't a good thing. That it's OK to let go of somebody's hand. That this trauma resulted in a 14 year-old middle schooler thinking her life doesn't have value beyond protecting somebody. And now she has let go of that hand. And traveling with two others who were kind to her, she seems to be doing... better, although we won't know till later the full extent of all this.

    Towa is learning she doesn't have to carry guilt over a traumatizing event that was four, that Setsuna will be OK and that she can protect everyone, not just one person.

    Setsuna is fully understanding the bonds of love, of trust, what her power signifies. "The power to sever connections." Its more than just an ability to sever curses and the like. It is to understand these bonds of love, connections, anymore than just "something supernatural to cut." As someone who lost her memories and became a stoic figure, who has spent her entire life killing as a job, Setsuna just began to understand what it means to protect others in the desire to save her mother.

    Setsuna is understanding empathy and love through what she witnessed in the snowy regions, and how they relate to her power.

    While Moroha seemingly had the least important quest, it is all the same a direct tie to her parents. Like how Kagome and Inuyasha once defeated a monster that Kikyo could only seal, now, during her final mission as a bounty hunter, is learning more about her parents directly. This one is harder bc the two-parter goes on until next week, but for the first time, Moroha is having an opportunity to learn more about her parents directly followed by more freedom to move about once this job ends.

    Moroha, who also struggled in isolation until she met her cousins will likely soon gain her mew motivation once this mission ends: to truly seek out her parents, the likely guiding motivation that will come with her debt paid.

    I did not like this decision at first. With how much of an improvement Second Act was, I was afraid like S1 it would lose momentum doing this.

    But; each episode of the split up has only developed the three characters and fully flesh out what it is they believe in. It was ultimately a great decision, well done!

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  • thxlassophile
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    PSA: always check moroha for a tail when you talk to her, especially if it’s about something important or god forbid emotional - you never know when it might be her BROTHER impersonating her.

    #i am SO excited #for her to finally have the big brother she deserves :') #chaos thy name is shippo & mo #[the greatest gift they gave me was you] MOROHA && SHIPPO
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  • jose92gt
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Cosas interesantes en esta semana en Yashahime

    Zero elaborando su plan en contra de Towa el cual final logra tener éxito llevándola a donde está ella separándola de Riku y Rion

    Setsuna elaboró un plan el cual le entrega a Hisui para Lidiar con los demonios se acercaran por la zona ella no puede hacer mucho no tiene sus poderes demoníacos al igual de Towa por la Luna nueva

    Moroha junto a Hachi tener Takechiyo elaboran un plan para recuperar su arco y además de derrotar al perro mapache que, tiene control sobre el hermano de Takechiyo, además se ve un poco de los sucesos del pasado en ese lugar ya habían Lidiado el grupo de Inuyasha solucionando la situación en aquel entonces

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  • thxlassophile
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    ... i don’t even know what i just watched, tbh. 

    i guess i’m grateful mo now has hope her parents aren’t dead ??? that she knows more about them and what amazing fighters and people they were ??? and once again her using modern tools to help her fight in the feudal era is hilarious and 100% on brand. 

    seeing the original inugang together made my heart SING, especially with kagome getting the focus as the big ‘hero’ of that story. it was chaotic and funny and badass, just like the good ole days. but shit like miroku just oh so casually being like ‘well now that inuyasha and kagome are gone’ without being out there DESPERATELY looking for them ??? yeah that ain’t it, fam. that ain’t it.

    not to mention like, that weird bird demon thingy we’re apparently using to get information from mirsan on how to defeat our big baddie ??? like is this sunrise STILL trying to keep them from seeing moroha with their own eyes ??? why are they so determined to keep inukag’s feral baby girl away from her parents’ best friends in this “plot” of theirs ??? 

    and just overall like  ... what are we even doing anymore? the girls have been separated for 5 STRAIGHT EPISODES. the original series never did that and it was for a good reason. the beauty of the story is supposed to be their TEAM WORK, that they grow and succeed together. trying to keep up with these 3 completely disconnected storylines means they’re all too short and choppy as a result so like ... what’s the point of doing it ???

    unsurprising verdict: i hate trashahime but i love moroha 👍

    #shaye watches trashahime #why i still watch? don't ask i don't know #tbh just for moroha at this point this plot is so fractured #[i gotta go lay down] OOC SHIT
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