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  • gayboyf
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    i want mom to make parmigiana di melanzane so bad. also that one stew with lamb and sweet potato. my mom is such a good cook you guys

    #txt#mother m #i wuv her #last night i thought about how one day she'll die and i cried so hard my head began to hurt
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  • cybilsbennett
    23.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i don't have a funny caption, heres re8 as textposts (and one tweet) fusnskam

    #the weakest son is moreau btw #(ALSO PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR NOT HAVING AN ID-- I SPENT LIKE 15 MINUTES WRITING ONE AND IMMEDIATELY LOST IT WHEN I FIRST POSTED THIS) #(if anyone wants to write an id for this id heavily appreciate it! #i swear ill try to add one later when my brain doesnt feel like a wasps nest :(( ) #re8#donna beneviento#bela dimitrescu#mother miranda#ethan winters#angie beneviento#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu
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  • giasesshoumaru
    23.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    “I have a big surprise!”

    “So do I!”

    “I bet my surprise is bigger!”

    “I seriously doubt it.” - Mother Gothel and Rapunzel (Tangled)

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  • oloreaa
    23.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    When you spend a lot of time around people who only speak one language well and you start to pick up on their speech patterns and vocabulary >>>>

    #lmao my boss has the HEAVIEST beijing accent and my coworker is from xian and the other is from near hong kong and all these accents!! #we are mixing everything together its so funny #my mother looked at me weirdly today and she told me i spoke one phrase like northern chinese people would do #and ITS SO COOL #all these diff vocabs. omg #dont mind me lmao #rea rambles
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  • incorrectgta
    23.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Trevor: Well, Mikey, I guess it’s just you and me here. Want to hang out?

    Narrator: And then Michael said something to Trevor that insulted every fiber of his being.

    Michael: Nah.

    #grand theft auto #Grand Theft Auto V #GTA V#incorrect gta#trevor philips #michael de santa #source: how i met your mother
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  • philsleftnut
    23.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Phil you are 34 you do not need to be going grey. Ik we joke about it, but you are not that old sir.

    #phil lester#phillip lester#amazingphil#seriously please#full granddad #my mother is older than you by 10 years and she looks younger than you
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  • synapse-retrogenesis
    23.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    me: mother 3 is my favorite game haha -doesn’t acknowledge the ending at all-

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  • mother-merlin
    23.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Images from the next short comic

    This one will be set in the 4 knights of apocalypse. Will see Nasiens🖤 (What a pity he's not King and Diane's son!), Percival... The fox 💜(I Love him and I think Merlin had sent him, what do you think about that? 🧐🧐)

    #merlin#merlin nnt #nanatsu no taizai #nnt#elizabeth#meliodas #seven deadly sins #the seven deadly sins #anime#boar sin#manga#comic#manga fanart#nnt fanart#fanart#merlin's son#mother merlin#7ds#sins#deadly sins #the four knights of the apocalypse #knights of apocalypse #percival#nasiens
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  • kureha-fujishima
    23.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago


    #imagine there's a blackboard #on that blackboard there's written 'days since i fought with my mother: (n>0)' #now imagine me #erasing that and writing 0 #such a good way to finish the day! love that for me :) /s #like it was for such a stupid thing but we really can't talk about anything anymore
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  • mbappefc
    23.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    thank u to the wind for scoring 2 goals for france this evening <3

    #mother earth is french!
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  • dreamslikehoney
    23.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    calm me down by mother mother

    #might make a chain of songs. bc sometimes it just. no words just calm me down by mother mother #anyways I'm in the car for a few hrs and i cant really type or read in the car #but i will answer asks when im home !
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  • the-broken-truth
    23.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago
    #resident evil 8 #mother miranda
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  • riotbrrrd
    23.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    upon the release of saltatio mortis’ cover of my mother told me I invite every other metal band to interrogate themselves, every time they feel the need to cover the latest trending folk song or sea shanty: are you doing it justice the way saltatio mortis is?

    #society has evolved past the need for metal heads covering folk songs and only adding a guitar line #be saltatio mortis. add bagpipes and old norse instead #I'm not even mad at the my mother told me covers I'm just STILL mad about all the shitty wellerman covers and it's jumping out
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  • bornbreathless
    23.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Me: buying a new fitness band to try and force myself to start being active because I basically haven't left the house for over a year and I actually want to try and get out and about 😊

    My mother: you have to actually move for that to be any use you know, it's pointless if you're just sitting around all day

    Me: 🙃🤬🙃🤬🙃🤬🙃🤬

    #*~ ooc #((have you considered. mother. that maybe. mother. i fUCKING KNOW THAT MOTHER.)) #((and she wonders why i don't share stuff with her smh)) #tw: negativity#*~ tbd
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  • acorncharm
    23.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    dont rb this but

    my mom: youre not feeling suicidal are you


    #the answer is yes mother. the answer is yes i an
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  • getreadytosmash
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    In honour of finally finishing Luca I can say without a doubt that its Coral and Samuel's film and yes Alberto as a whole makes them both cry

    #he swims in a sea of regret (samuel) #ride the green reef (coral) #headcanon #AHA i mean #sea lovers??? abandoned by their mothers?? #TELL me its not them
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  • mandatoryhappiness
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #laura jane grace #cher strauberry#ljg #against me! #against me #am! #laura jane grace and the devouring mothers #ljgatdm
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  • pulpsandcomics2
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Four Color Comic #10     December 1944   cover by Walt Kelly

    #four color comics #mother goose#walt kelly
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  • justafrenchlondoner
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #So I usually get past it but I stumbled on these posts way way too many times now #So many people bash women who are 90's kids for 'still' writing ff 'still' reading their favorite mangas (even though there's a lot of #seinen mangas) for 'still' being creative #that they should basically shut up once they reach a certain age especially if there are mothers because apparently they are not their own #person they are just mothers #but not only that's why so many people are ashamed to be creative on tumblr once they past 25 #because apparently once you read your 30's your life and your creativity has to to stop you can't belong to any anime fandom right? #guess what i am that 90's kid and i am never gonna stop #i am done with that awkard fake image that some people get #personal #to delete later? #my post
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