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    If you know you know

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    mother demonstrating her nurturing skills to campion

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  • Confession time:

    One time I lightly bad-mouthed my mother in a (private) Facebook chat to a friend (I just said she was a little smothering at times, taking the punny route that the word ‘mother’ is engrained in it) and she grounded me for a month, taking away all my electronics and changing my Facebook password (to ‘donotpissoffmom’) while I was at school.

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  • Not #helping with money to start a company is a deliberate and deliberate #action just so that their smart plan never comes out (selling children through lies about the mother) because then your plan will be completely smashed like a “Berlin wall” - a #mother who will have money to run a company that will bring profits - he will be independent from #Camden and move to his own and you do not want it for your #mother because your financial and #financial power and your plan will #fall, because now you feel like the #Big - that’s why you are afraid that it will get out of hand and you are afraid of this and you are #scared of it, you are still trying to make #mothers sick and dependent - by your expert - because this is still some chance for you that your #plan will be #successful … (at England’s Lane, Primrose Hill)

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  • I draw an axis through the afternoon

    to see her, sixty, courting a foreign language—

    young, not young—my mother

    gallops a pony on the seventh floor.

    She becomes a stranger and acts herself, opens

    what is shut, shuts what is open.

    “My Mother’s Tango” in Dancing in Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky

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  • Tumblr, yesterday L was upset. He told me his mom had to be put into a home. He wasn’t too upset, so i was easily able to dostract him. He went out for most of the night and we had a small fight while he was gone, but he brought me back food so it was okay. Then this morning, he got a phone call. It sounded pretty urgent and all he said was that he had to go see his mom. He practically ran out the door. I woke up a few hours later and had a message from him. He said he lost his mom this morning.

    Now, i grew up alternately hating and loving my mother. She treated me horribly but if i don’t live with her it’s okay. L, on the other hand, grew up having a mother who loved him and would do anything for him. He’s had so much anxiety thinking any day could be the day and wondering how he could do it. He told me yesterday he didn’t want to live in a world without his mom. And now today…

    I’m going to try and do everything i can to help. I know nothing can truly take away his pain except time, but i’ll do my best to make his life easier and to make him feel less alone about it. I’ve never lost immediate family, so i can’t truly relate, but i just want to help him be okay.


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