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  • cryst4lwitch
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    y'all request hc's or just ask stuff I'm bored and don't want to study :) pretty please

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    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    no no cause I need a streamily print of just miranda so I can start my alcina/miranda shrine like my anon suggested 😌

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  • br0nzeserpent
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Send me an emoji! (Resident Evil edition)

    Part 2 because it was highly requested!

    💨Do you like to do speed runs?

    💎Do you like to complete the game 100%/platinum it or are you more of a casual player?

    🔪Is there a preferred type of weapon you like to use?

    🔮 What would you like to see happen in future games?

    📖Do you like learning about the lore? Is there a specific part you like learning the most?

    💍 Do you have a favourite ship?

    🦠Do you have a preferred virus/parasite?

    🌎If you were to wake up in the RE universe one day, what game would you like to be in and what role would you have?

    🎨Are you a creator for the fandom or a supporter?

    🤓Do you have any oddly specific headcanons?

    🪐Are you a fan of AUs? Do you have any favourites?

    🎶Do you have any songs that remind you of your favourite character(s)?

    🪄If you could change one thing in the games, what would it be?

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  • sylverstorms
    05.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Miranda x Abigail ----The Song of the Crow Ch.13


    The sky is nearly white with altostratus clouds, like a wedding veil cast over the village.

    As for its residents themselves, Miranda has warned them to remain indoors for the entirety of the day and night. Whatever they hear, whatever they think they see, whoever knocks on their doors, they are to remain in their homes with the windows barricaded and talk to nobody.

    The Lycans are already roaming the streets, eager to pounce upon the first misstep.

    Abigail awaits patiently in the silence of Miranda's stronghold, watching over Rosemary as she sleeps soundly in her golden crib.

    What feels like hours later, caws of multiple crows come. The ebony flock swirls and blends together on the balcony outside, until Miranda rises to her full height, cloaked in her wings.

    The sliding doors are pushed aside, letting a cold gust of air within that makes Rose stir. Red-brown and steely blue eyes meet.

    “It's time.” Miranda announces.

    Abigail gives a solemn nod.

    It all feels so... surreal. Picturing this moment, she always imagined that a billion thoughts would plague her mind, yet it is empty, completely blank. As for her gut, though...

    Miranda's taloned fingers come to rest on her shoulder. “It'll be fine, Abigail.”

    “Did Winters come searching for his daughter?” she asks, unable to shake the feeling of unease creeping up her spine.

    “Already directed him to Dimitrescu castle. He's probably dead by now.” Miranda replies easily.

    “What of Redfield?” Abigail asks.

    “No sign of him yet. And trust me, if he was within the village bounds I would know.”

    ...hm. His team knows a lot, but I guess it's too extreme for them to be aware of the exact time of the ceremony, something the Lords themselves can only speculate on. Then again, one can never be too safe.

    “I should go confirm that Winters is dead and then join you. It's merely a detour, anyway.” Abigail decides.

    “Though I don't see what trouble a mere human could cause... you may, if it will set your mind at ease.” Miranda permits, squeezes her shoulder once before letting go, in favor of picking Rose up.

    “And if Heisenberg or any of the others get in the way?”

    Miranda's answer is all too easily given; “Just kill them.”



    With her superhuman speed, the distance to the castle becomes insignificant. Abigail runs up the ancient, snow-covered steps, straight to the main doors, which she pushes open much easier than any human could ever hope to.

    The hall is quiet. Save for the dying flames of the fireplace and the dancing shadows they cast, there is no further movement nor sound.


    Abigail hears the distant buzzing of flies, the little giggles of the daughters, before three dark swarms appear from different entrances.

    Daniela materializes first, exclaiming in glee at the sight of Abigail. “We have a visitor!” she claps her gloved hands.

    “Wrong visitor.” Cassandra huffs, clearly both bored and disappointed.

    “No offense, Abigail. We just expected someone more...” Bela's far more sensible tone comes from the side. “...edible.”

    At the sound of that, a frown immediately creases Abigail's brow. That automatically implies Winters isn't here, has never even stepped here—

    “Not that you're not~” Daniela giggles with a little wink that Cassandra quickly ruins by pushing her shoulder. “Hey!”

    “Winters didn't come by the castle at all?” Abigail asks, the gears in her mind already spinning to motion...

    “Nobody did.” Bela says.

    “How slow do humans move in the snow, anyway? This has to be a new record.” Cassandra drawls, toying with the tip of her sickle.

    By Abigail's calculations, there is no way Winters would not have at least entered the castle by this point. If Miranda directed him towards it, that can only mean...

    Someone told him to avoid coming here afterwards. And who would possibly know enough about Miranda's plans to do such a thing? The answer to that is obvious.


    “Something wrong?” Bela asks, probably noticing the subtle shifts in her expression.

    “Stay close to your mother.”



    With a silent prayer that Donna, or even Moreau, haven't been harmed –surely they're alright, she muses, as Miranda is the only one Heisenberg wants— Abigail dashes to the ceremonial site.

    It doesn't fill her with confidence that the place is so close to Karl's factory.

    The snow begins to fall and the wind picks up. Abigail has to blink past the burn of the frost to make out a lone figure standing far in the distance.

    “Miranda...” she breathes in relief as she slows down.

    The blonde turns to face her. Rosemary is no longer in her arms, but what concerns Abigail more is the viscous crimson dripping onto the ground below. Upon a closer look, her hand is completely red, right down to the rings and talons. It's as if...


    “Don't worry, darling. I told you; he's only human.” Miranda speaks. “Annoying, yes, although he won't get up without his heart.”

    Abigail nods in understanding. “Shame, for Rose.” escapes her in a smoky whisper.

    “He could have his daughter back, as well as his wife, if he just waited. But the need to play hero cost them all.” Miranda replies. “Either that, or believing Heisenberg's lies.”

    “Once we're done with this, he's next.” Abigail's left arm flexes with the intent to cut.

    “We're almost to the end.” Miranda breathes, lifting a palm to her cheek, as though sealing a promise. “Once I go...”

    “I know. Nothing will follow you.” Abigail vows.

    She is keenly aware Miranda will need her full strength to command the Megamycete to do her bidding and even then there are chances she won't be able to assert her will over it. The thing in the cave was once worshipped as a God for a reason. And after taking control of one such being...

    She will be at her most vulnerable. A single bullet, a single knife, at that point could prove fatal.

    “Abigail... be careful.” With a last trail of metal claws down her chin, Miranda leaves. Her steps draw further and further away.

    Soon, writhing trees extend from the ground and block the passage to the priestess. The vines all merge together into one giant dome of thorns, as towering as it is impenetrable.

    Abigail wonders if they'll see each other again once the defenses fall.

    Then again, she chastises herself, that is not a good thought to take with her to battle.



    When not one, but two outlines approach, Abigail cannot help but laugh.

    “Hand in hand with the enemy, I see.” she comments. “I must say, as low as I thought of you, Karl, you continue to impress.”

    Heisenberg merely tightens his hold around his hammer. “The enemy of my enemy...” he trails off.

    Next to Karl, her eyes zero in on him. The killer of her brother, Chris Redfield, in the flesh. He is wearing an altered version of the B.S.A.A uniform as if he's any better than those dogs.

    “Finally, you stand before me.” Abigail addresses him. “Not that you will be standing for long.”

    “A Wesker down to the core, aren’t you. Don't expect me to feel bad cleaning the world of you monsters.”

    Abigail gives a chuckle, but the Cadou in her stirs and twists at his words. For once, she doesn't need to hold back its destructive aggression. They want the same thing: blood.

    “I'll consider those your last words.” Abigail's hand morphs into a blade and there is no further speaking.

    Redfield's rifle is semi-automatic. A barrage of bullets cuts through the air along with the deafening sound, homing straight for her vitals with the guidance of Heisenberg's magnetic powers. Abigail hardens her left side to metal, still firmly on her path, eyes set on Chris' neck until it comes into her maximum range...


    One of the shots suddenly twirls off its path, now directed to her human side. Abigail's sharper left eye catches the movement just in time. Her reflexes kick in, responding with a diving roll.

    Heisenberg seems prepared for it, as his hammer is already casting a shadow over her head—

    Abigail’s lean blade turns jagged in the same heartbeat it stabs into the ground. Then, with a sharp fling upwards, a plume of soil and dirt spring forth. It has the intended effect of getting in her opponent's eyes. His momentary stun is the only second she needs to drive her blade clean through his chest.

    A bloodied, chocked gasp is torn from Karl’s throat.

    No... something's off here. How could I have missed his heart? Through the enhanced eyesight her Cadou grants her, she cannot miss. She never has, before, even with the rapidly moving targets Miranda set for her.

    The click of a clip being slotted into place registers in her brain, then. She is forced to kick Heisenberg away and duck behind the nearest tree to avoid the next round of shots.

    Meanwhile, Abigail ponders on the extent of his healing abilities. Even for Alcina a wound like that would put her out of commission for a minute or two...

    Still... how did I miss?

    Zooming out of cover and towards her main enemy once more, Abigail scans Heisenberg's kneeling form for answers. His palm is pressed tightly to the wound oozing deep crimson at his chest, right where his heart should be.

    Ah. I see. The Cadou has altered the structure of his organs.

    Before the thought has even fully settled in her mind, Abigail's red eye zeroes in on Chris expertly swapping one clip for another. At this range, it will be harder to dodge, so she opts for not allowing him to shoot at all.

    Amping up her speed to its limit, she flashes in front of his face and knocks the weapon clean off his grip. The force of her hit immediately cracks something –there is no mistaking the sound— in his fingers or palm or wrist.

    So breakable. She thinks, staring into his narrowed eyes.

    “How could my brother lose to you?” Abigail's ebony hand closes around his throat like a beartrap.

    One hit and his head would fly clean off his body. One hit. Albert, I don't understand. But...

    I will finish what you started.

    “His arrogance was his undoing. Like your sister’s.” he chokes out. “And like yours.” Abigail is one flex away from crushing his windpipe…

    Three more shots are fired from behind her.

    Two of them pierce through her chest.

    The other… her head.



    Abigail has never quite felt this, before.

    Something inside her churns and screams at the fatal wound, her body goes into shock, her grip opens and releases Redfield, yet she’s still standing. But the damage to her brain is substantial, she knows it, even as the world spins and breaks. She cannot will herself to move and her thoughts fracture, all over the place—

    There should have been two. Only two. How. How?!

    “Well, I’ll be damned, Ethan.” Heisenberg says.

    It takes too long for Abigail to even make sense of what’s happening around her. He shouldn’t be alive. How can he be here without a heart? What is happening?!

    A shadow steps away from her and another takes its place. “Let’s make sure she doesn’t get back up, first.” Karl’s voice. There is a shift in the air currents; something heavy being lifted with the full intent of smashing her down.

    Abigail is still disoriented, but she has gathered enough of herself together to be aware she cannot sustain any more damage if she wants to come out of this alive. Heisenberg’s hammer will be amplified by his powers and it will break everything.

    Hyperaware of the situation and the means at her disposal, Abigail makes the split-second decision to pull all of her Cadou’s resources off of healing her and into her arm. She manages to harden her skin right on time for the blow—

    The hammer cracks against her ebony palm yet cannot push further downwards. For a moment, they are at a standstill. And then…

    Bladed tendrils break free from Abigail’s back and pierce Karl’s torso. This time, she does not miss.

    Like a broken doll, he drops his weapon and stumbles backwards, black veins spreading across his limbs akin to poison. Abigail uses another burst of speed to leap upwards into the trees and out of Ethan’s and Chris’ line of sight.

    I’m surrounded. This complicates things.

    And yet, once more, she realizes she was too quick to rule the other Lord out, when an animalistic roar replaces the sounds of him choking on his own blood. The earth itself shakes. Metal pieces and minerals all rise up and merge into one giant, solid form, complete with spinning saws and spikes protruding from its back.

    Heisenberg’s voice comes crazed and distorted when he calls out “Guess you should thank that bitch, Miranda, for this!”

    Abigail barely jumps up in time to avoid a chainsaw taking her legs out from right under her. For a form so bulky, he is fast.

    High up in the air, Heisenberg’s assault only hastens. Spinning saws, pieces of metal that break off his body to shoot towards her like bullets, even his beastly jaws, loaded with high voltage, snap at her with the ferocity of a mad hound. Abigail’s extra appendages help her manoeuvre around like a spider, but there are certain things impossible to avoid.

    Damage piles up with every block. It chips away at her armor, eats at her resistance, until she feels that her left side is on fire and her right encased in ice. A jarring, agonizing mix, that speaks a clear warning; this is your limit.

    “Past this point, your body cannot take further punishment and you must stop using your arm immediately.” Miranda’s voice echoes in the back of her mind.

    She had explained it in great detail, how Abigail’s evolved, superior half will start eating away at the rest of her to remain active, to remain in the fight. Really, it is so ironic; her Cadou is what brought her back from the brink of death, what keeps her alive… and what will take her life, in the end.

    She can stop it, of course. She can retract her blades and run. Her chances of escape are high. But that means leaving Miranda defenceless…

    So, really, Abigail would rather die.

    Heisenberg lands a solid hit on her that finally breaks her guard. He grabs Abigail in his fist like a fly and smashes her into the ground.

    “Payback for earlier!” Karl howls, grabs a metallic spike from his back…

    And spears her through the chest with it.

    Abigail’s breath shatters in her lungs.

    Blood is all she can taste and all she can see. Try as she might to remove the spike, her body lacks the strength needed to assist her. Even if she somehow pulled a miracle, there is no way she can heal a wound this size at her current state. Fixing the damaged portion of her brain took too much already.

    “Ethan, plant the explosives.” Heisenberg’s raspy voice demands. “Time to finish this.”

    “What! My daughter is still in there!” Winters yells, voice hoarse from the exertion.

    “She is already dead by now. Quick, you asshole! Do you have any idea what Miranda will do if she is allowed to recover?!”

    Abigail’s ears are ringing. She cannot hear what the enemies are saying, though it looks like they are arguing amongst themselves. If only I could get up now… Yet the world blurs in and out of focus.

    Her ebony hand falls onto the cold ground.

    Then… not for the first time, she feels something reach out to her from beneath the earth.



    Abigail is adrift in a vast sea of darkness.

    The sensation is so alien; like she is both suspended in air and underwater at the same time. There is nothing and nobody else around, but it feels as though a vast consciousness is lingering around her. Watching. Cataloguing. Letting her know it is there.

    “Where are you?” Abigail asks, but the answer simply pops up in her head;


    Images of the village flash through her mind. The network she could always sense underneath it, spanning for miles across the forest. Then, there are images of the villagers and Miranda and herself.

    The consciousness knows all of them. It knows what they want, what they dream of and it shows Abigail all the knowledge at its disposal. It shows a lot of things… and finally, an image of Alex.

    ‘Alex Wesker. Do you want to know about her? To see?’ From B.S.A.A soldiers who died on its soil and were absorbed into the Megamycete, there is information about her sister that Abigail would never otherwise obtain.

    “Show me.”

    And it does. Abigail sees her sister’s laboratory like a distant memory, one that does not belong to her. She learns of the disease killing Alex and her desperation to find a cure through her research. From surveillance cameras, she sees her in a glass prison of her own making, before she turns a gun on herself.

    Tears run down Abigail’s cheeks. Why didn’t you tell me…?

    Much the same way, she learns of what Alex became when death did not grant her peace and escape. Abhorrent and deformed, her sister slashed at walls and personal belongings of what used to be her office. And then she stopped, staring at a picture on her desk.

    The Megamycete switches to a different source of information, someone who had seen what was within the frame; an image Abigail had sent her from Afghanistan.

    Alex picked up the phone to call her, then, perhaps let her know that she was alive… but ended up shattering the device in her hand.

    ‘Albert’s and Alex’s were imperfect evolutions. But your body meets the conditions to incorporate all of their powers with none of the drawbacks.’

    Abigail already possesses the speed and sight of her brother, at least from her left eye. Her ebony arm was what he desired from Ouroboros for himself. The Megamycete isn't lying about gifting her their abilities, evolved and streamlined.

    ‘Remove the limitation you have subconsciously placed on yourself.’ comes the next thought. ‘Become what they aspired. Awaken to your true form.’

    Abigail stares down at her hand.

    “And slaughter our enemies.”



    Abigail’s red eye opens, shedding one final, crimson tear.

    Then, the dark side of her spreads to engulf all of her body, with tendon-like tendrils rising up from her arm to form layer after layer of armor around her. Two sets of bladed arms expand from her shoulders instead of one, along with spear-tipped vines that burst from her back. The exoskeleton covers her face and human eye, but enhances her left to new, beyond-superhuman levels.

    Heisenberg begins moving backwards as Abigail rises, now the same height as him.

    “I thought –I thought you couldn’t do that—” he breathes.

    Abigail merely brings one of her arms in front of her, which morphs into a sword-like blade. And then, with a power taken straight from Alex’s transformation… the weapon parts across its spine like a whip.

    All it takes is a thought. The speed at which her arm expands and retracts is frightening even to her. Heisenberg put his limbs up as if to block, yet his forearms slip and fall to the ground like slices of ham.

    Abigail snaps forward and grabs him by the neck. Every single attack against the exoskeleton barely registers in her brain as a tap. Bullets from Chris and Ethan do nothing, Heisenberg seems to hurt only himself by struggling against her.

    A sickening crack echoes through the forest; and Abigail has snapped his back, discarded Karl like a used toy. Her new form towers over him as he thrashes on the earth, screaming curses.

    “You… still lose.” he soon forces a laugh past the agony. “I have already… set the bomb to explode...”

    “No! No!” Winters screams, but Chris grabs his arm and attempts to run away.

    Abigail ponders cutting him into slices right there, but the thought of protecting Miranda weighs heavier than revenge. She turns around, pinpointing where Heisenberg threw the bomb in the massive dome of twisted trees and vines covering the ceremonial site. She zooms in onto the timer;

    Five seconds.

    Her whip-like arm shoots out, grabs the bomb and pulls it back towards herself. However high I throw it now won’t be high enough. The only way to contain the blast is…

    Abigail shoves the bomb into Heisenberg’s magnetic jaw and forces it closed. Then, in the last remaining second, she channels all of her armor mass to her front, over and around the bomb like a titanium shield, while the Megamycete softens the soil below as much as possible to absorb the pressure.

    Did Miranda succeed? Is Abigail’s last thought before she surrenders herself to the heat.





    She senses the explosion a second before it happens.

    Black wings wrap around Eva and baby Rose as the earth shakes. The Megamycete screeches loudly in her head, but Miranda bites down on her lip to stop a sound from escaping her. She needs to be strong through this. And if she is to go down after bringing her daughter back, at least this time they will die together.

    Eva is latched onto her front, shaking. Miranda’s head is tucked above hers, one arm pressing her daughter into her body and the other holding Rosemary. Shrapnel and several other metallic objects knock against her wings during the onslaught, the force considerable but not enough to damage her.

    When the storm passes, Miranda allows herself to breathe and slowly unfurls her wings.

    The wall of thorns that shielded them is burnt to cinders and far in the distance she sees—


    “No!” Miranda shouts, torn between dashing forward in search of Abigail and staying by her child’s side.

    The slow steps she has to take until she arrives to the scene are excruciating.

    “Abigail?!” she shouts. There is no reply.

    Frantic blue eyes look around, yet there is nothing living for a kilometre at least. The crystals are too widely spread to belong to one person alone but the Megamycete doesn’t respond when she asks what happened.

    Its silence is maddening. Deafening.

    Miranda touches the larger, cracked crystal, vaguely humanoid in shape, as though it will provide answers. It does not.

    Deep down, however… she knows who these remains belong to. None of her other Lords look remotely like this in their transformed states. She has seen them, or studied what they might turn into.

    Tears prickle the corners of her eyes.

    This is her grandest victory –victory against death itself— but Miranda feels she has won just as much as she has lost.

    Eva tentatively reaches a hand out to the crystal. Miranda isn’t sure of what she’s so focused on while she sets Rose down and rapidly blinks the blur away from her eyes.

    “Mom?” Eva turns to her. “I can pull her out of there.”

    Miranda thinks she heard wrong. She fights to swallow down her misery as she turns to her daughter, pulling her into her arms to assure herself that she is real, that this isn’t some kind of dream her mind made up because it’s unable to handle the truth.

    “I said I can pull her out?” Eva repeats, tugging on her arm.


    “Here. Look.” Eva does something when she touches the crystal again, something Miranda has no idea can even be done.

    The substance begins to crack and melt at the same time, until all of it has dissipated to shimmering water spread across the burnt, scarred earth. There are pieces of metal melded together by the pressurized heat, held in place by a large, humanoid shape on its knees, head tilted forward, four arms forming a giant shield in front of itself.

    Eva fearlessly walks to the collapsed being, once again touching it with that same hyper-focused expression on her face. Its spine parts, liquefies…

    Miranda springs forward and grabs Abigail from within, pulling with all her might to disentangle her from the threads blending her form into the exoskeleton. Even for her, it is a struggle. Abigail’s left arm is one with the suit and impossible to free without severing it, but that is a sacrifice the blonde takes, to save her life.

    When the brunette’s unconscious form falls into her arms, she hastily checks for a pulse. It is weak, stuttering, barely there, but it is something.

    “Oh, thank you. Thank you.” Miranda hugs her close, not sure who or what she’s thanking, but surely thankful to everything that kept the woman alive.



    Rose is returned to Mia, safe and sound.

    Miranda offers her the opportunity to stay within the village and be granted a life of luxury, but her former colleague adamantly refuses. The priestess lets her go and arranges for a large sum of money to be transferred anonymously to her account, instead.

    Rosemary is the only reason Eva was able to return to life. Miranda wants her raised with the finest things available, just like her own daughter. It is sad Winters had to get in the way. He would be with his family now if he hadn’t tried to ruin her plans. Rose would not have to grow up without a father.

    But, well. Miranda cannot be bothered with ‘what if’s anymore. She has everything she could have ever wanted: Eva by her side again.

    Perfectly healthy, perfectly herself, like not a single day has passed since they were separated. Although she instinctively knows far more than any simple ten-year-old would and has a bond with the mold Miranda can hardly grasp, Eva is Eva.

    She distantly remembers her former life, she remembers the flu, the pain, the fear… but nothing after that. Like a deep slumber, she said, in the presence of something she cannot name.

    Eva gets scared, especially at night, of being alone. Of going to that empty place again without Miranda. The blonde holds her tight and doesn’t let her go until it passes. She whispers promises to her –‘we will have everything’ and ‘I will never let anything harm you again’— long after.

    The only thing missing from her now is Abigail. But it is only a matter of time before Miranda has her, too.

    Her girl is recovering well. She needs rest, but her body already looks healthier and stronger, her left arm gradually regenerating. She has been unconscious for a week, vitals steady for less than that. Miranda spends as much time as she can by her bedside, but she cannot stay too long away from her daughter, nor does she want to bring Eva anywhere near a hospital again.

    Until… she asks. “Can I go see Abigail with you?”

    “Are you sure you want to? I won’t be gone long.” Miranda assures.

    “I’m sure.”

    When Abigail slowly blinks her pretty eyes open that day, Miranda wonders if Eva knew.

    She wants to pull the other woman into a long embrace and kiss her and tell her that they made it, but her daughter is right there and she doesn’t really know the nature of their relationship yet. So, Miranda sits at the edge of the mattress awkwardly, her hand over the brunette’s, over the covers.

    “My God…” Abigail croaks out. “…is this a dream…?”

    “It’s not a dream, Abigail.” Miranda greets her with a warm smile.

    “Hi.” Eva peeks at her from around the blonde.

    Abigail tenses, eyes flying wide open. She doesn’t say anything for several seconds… until her lips break into a smile, so sunnily fond it’s surely the first of its kind.

    “Hi. Are you …Eva?”

    “Mhm.” the ten-year-old nods, stepping a little closer to her.

    “Wow.” Abigail breathes, gaze flying from her to Miranda in awe, in absolute wonder. “It’s—it’s so great to meet you. I’m Abigail, your mom’s… friend.” She gently offers her human hand.

    It sounds so strange to be introduced as a ‘friend’, Miranda actually fails to suppress a grimace.

    Eva accepts the handshake with a devilish little smile. “I thought you were her girlfriend…?”

    Abigail looks to the blonde, eyes screaming ‘help’.

    Miranda swoops forward and pulls Eva up and into her arms. “Alright, that’s enough for now, Abigail needs rest, we should go.”

    “Was waking up from my coma a bad idea…?” Abigail whispers, dropping her face into her hand.

    “But, mom—”

    “No ‘moms’. We’ll talk about this later.” Miranda distracts her with flying so she stops asking questions. Although, knowing her daughter, that is only temporary.

    "How much later are you planning to talk to me about her?"

    "Several years later."

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    Here is a thought:

    The tri-rose necklace Miranda wears was a gift from Alcina, commissioned alongside her corsage back when she had just been given the daughters.

    It was an unspoken wish, perhaps, that she would hold their her daughters close to her heart, same as Alcina had already begun to do.

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    Mother Miranda x OC comm closeup

    Commissioned by @/risenemmeryn on twitter

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    (Y/n): If I punch myself and it hurts….am I strong or weak?

    Angie: Strong

    Alcina: Weak

    Miranda: An dumbass is what you are

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    Resident Evil Village set #29

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    Alcina: *Sitting on her chair*

    Karl: Wassup

    Alcina: *Silence*

    Karl: Eyy what happened?

    Alcina: Ethan lost his fly swatter


    Karl: For gods sake woman we are dead!

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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • rabbit-in-a-headlight
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    mommy miranda velocity edit cuz i just finished the game 🥳🥳🥳

    #re8 #resident evil village #mother miranda
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  • br0nzeserpent
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Send me an emoji! (Resident Evil edition)

    I’m self isolating and I’m bored so I made this! Have fun~

    💕Who’s your favourite female character?

    ❤️Who’s your favourite male character?

    👀When did you first get into resident evil?

    🏆What was your first game?

    🎮What’s favourite main game? (0-8 and Code Veronica)

    🕹What’s your favourite side game? (Eg: Revelations, Operation Raccoon city)

    💥What’s your worst game?

    😈Who’s your favourite villain?

    👹Favourite B.O.W?

    😱Scariest moment?

    👑Who’s your favourite of the four lords?

    😇A character you wish didn’t die?

    🚨Do you have an opinion that is deemed unpopular?

    📺Do you enjoy the CGI movies?

    ⭐️Favourite member of STARS?

    ✏️Do you have a favourite line/quote?

    🦝Have you seen Welcome to Raccoon city and did you enjoy it?

    ⏰Are there any characters you wish had more screen time?

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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    every time reader/oc tries to avoid mother miranda when she comes to the castle cause alcina don't want nothing to happen to them, miranda ends up being more gravitated towards them, I guess?? and every time y'all write it like that, I eat it right on up! y'all keep on keepin' on cause this some good stuff!

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  • midnightmoon2005
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ƈ ͡ (ुŏ̥̥̥̥ ‸ ŏ̥̥̥̥) ु

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  • midnightmoon2005
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ଘ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒)੭* ̀ˋ

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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    y'all be acting like mother miranda is really that bad. she just wants her daughter back so she's doing everything she can to make that happen. I don't see the problem. like point to the damn problem but show it to somebody who cares cause it's not me. good night.

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  • spacehumanwrites
    03.12.2021 - 3 days ago
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