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  • yokainoyume
    17.06.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    #somehow the way I show love is always unacceptable huh #wish my mom understood that it’s a little triggering for her to act like I’m so cold #apparently she had a bad Mother’s Day because she didn’t like the pasta maker I bought her #(never directly asked so I didn’t buy the right brand I guess) #and then was sad because she didn’t feel appreciated #like man I went to target for something and when I came back you were isolating upstairs #I would have loved to have spent some time with you but you had already decided that I didn’t #not to mention it was literally finals week?? sorry if I phoned it in I was busy
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  • flameontheotherside
    17.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago
    #mothers#mothers day #not birthing people #stop changing shit #george carlin was right #political correctness is retarded #fuck political correctness #i cant#hilarious#please dont #fathers can bear children too
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  • takadasaiko
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He’s this world’s first and greatest hero, but I want you to know he’s an even better man.

    #Superman & Lois spoilers #Superman & Lois #Lois Lane#Lara Lor-Van#Clois #nothing like bonding with your mother-in-law while she possesses your husband's ex-girlfriend's body #all while trying to stop your (newly revealed) brother-in-law from destroying the human race #Just another day in Smallville
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  • scrawlingskribbles
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my god I have tan lines, like??? 😂😂 excuse me, what?? Who Am I??????

    #who do I look like; my mother??? xDDDD SHE’S the one that gets tan lines around here not me hdskbssns #I am the pasty nearly-translucent gremlin that burns under the full moon what is happening here shsjsj x’3c #like it’s just a Faint line but it’s THERE & I was Not expecting to find that today xD #anyways~ my tummy’s having a fussy day lol I actually took a Nap earlier which I never do unless I’m sick soooo Fun~ #hopefully tonight’s shower will help & I’ll feel better in the morning lol #shut up Wisp
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  • obliviousreid
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i deadass gave my mom rocks for mothers day #not cm#inbox
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  • haughttopics
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    didn’t think i’d be able to wake up in a cold sweat when my room is 27 degrees but turns out a ptsd related nightmare will do the trick

    #ended up dozing off this evening because i was exhausted and i had the first nightmare i've had in a lil while #and it's because of my birthday which is soon #one of the worst traumatic incidents i went through with my mother happened on my birthday as a kid #all because i couldn't decide on what i wanted to do that day #ever since then i've generally really struggled with my birthday and it makes me feel weird #it's good to replace bad memories with new good ones but i end up feeling guilty and scared to ask people to do things with me #which is also part of a separate issue i'm still working on in therapy #i end up feeling like i'm just wasting people's time and that they'd rather be anywhere else #i know that's just a projection of my own internal feelings about myself but it's hard to rewrite that after everything that happened #anyway this is what triggered the v surreal nightmare because it's a few days away #and i'm writing these tags because idk how to talk about this to someone directly who isn't my therapist #but i already had my appointment this morning lol #anyway now i'm very aware of the heat again and i hate it
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  • hihellogoodbyebruh
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Mother’s Day Drabbles

    Pairing: Angel Reyes x Black!Reader, Miguel Galindo x Black!Reader, EZ Reyes x Black!Reader, Obispo Losa x Black!Reader
    Summary: Four drabbles with my four favorite men from Mayans MC commemorating Mother’s Day with their loves.
    Warning(s): Grief, loss of a child in the last drabble (sorry to my bishop girls) but the other ones are all fluffy goodness
    Word count: 1,545
    AN: It’s almost Father’s Day so y’know what sounds good? Reading some EXTREMELY late Mother’s Day drabbles!! lol. I haven’t posted anything in so long and these were in the drafts so here we are. Enjoy these random ideas that popped into my head. Trying to force myself to get into shorter form writing like drabbles and headcanons. As always, questions, comments, and concerns are welcomed. Happy reading! xo
    Breakfast in bed - Angel (fluff)

    “Daddy shhh! You gots ta be quiet.”

    “Lo siento princesa.”

    You fought to keep your eyes shut and not smile as they tried and failed at surprising you. You wouldn’t ruin their efforts so you just listened as they came into the bedroom and something was set on your nightstand.

    It was silent for a moment before a ball of energy landed firmly on top of you, knocking the wind out of you and fully waking you up.

    “Good morning mommy. I made you breakfast in bed.” Your beautiful little girl told you once she saw your eyes open.

    A throat cleared and your eyes connected with your husband’s.

    “Oh, Daddy helped too.” She added, getting comfortable in your lap as you sat up against your headboard and adjusted the bonnet on your head.

    “Oh he did? Well thanks for helping Daddy.” You teased, as he took a seat on the bed next to you.

    “Anything for you. Happy Mother’s Day.” Angel leaned in and kissed you on the lips once, twice, three times. The last peck lingered a little too long and the princess was not amused.

    “Let her eat! The food is gonna get cold.” She grumbled, and you broke down in giggles. That daughter of yours was a sass machine and she stayed on her daddy’s head. He loved every bit of it.

    “Okay, okay.” He relented, a grin on his face. Anything for his girls.

    Coming home to a spotless clean house - Miguel (fluff)

    As your driver pulled into the driveway of your large home, she sighed knowing your day had only just become. After a full day of work, she knew as soon as you stepped foot in the house you would need to pick up after the kids from their time running the nanny ragged. Then, you’d have to get dinner cooked before wrangling the kids to eat, bathe, and then sleep. No clue if you’d see your husband or if he was having a late night.

    You loved your life. You loved your family. Sometimes things could just be a little tiring. But you put that smile on your face and you made your way into the house.

    The quiet was the first thing to hit and surprise you. Your home was never this quiet at this time of day. You slowly walked further into the house, your nose guiding you to the kitchen where a delicious aroma caught your attention. As you rounded the corner, you were shocked to see your husband standing at the stove.

    “Miguel?” You asked, confused at his presence and the state of the house. Everything was clean and put away. He was at home at a decent time and not off somewhere handling business. Something was going on.

    “Hello mi amor.” He walked closer to you before grabbing your face and kissing your lips. You’d missed him today so you added a little pressure to the kiss, but it didn’t last long as there was a burning question on your mind.

    “What’s going on? Where are the kids?” You asked, head swiveling, as soon as you ended the kiss, to see if you could spot them. You didn’t even notice Miguel maneuvering you onto one of the kitchen stools.

    “The kids are in their rooms, dinner is cooking, the house is clean and you are going to enjoy this chardonnay I bought for you.” He handed you a glass and you took it without complaint. A sweet smile spread across your lips as you realized he did all of this for you.

    “You do so many wonderful things for this family. I want you to enjoy your night to yourself. I will handle putting the children to bed and you will relax for the night. Your dinner should be done by the time I get back downstairs but in the meantime, I know you’ve been wanting to catch up on the new season of A Black Lady Sketch Show. It’s queued up in the living room.”

    A kid wrangling free night? Your favorite tv show and wine? He already bought you everything you could ask for but this? This is so much better than any present he could have come up with. “How did I get so lucky?” You pondered, a dreamy smile on your face.

    “I ask myself the same question every day. Happy Mother’s Day.” He replied, kissing you again before going to fulfill his promise.

    Spa day for expectant mom - EZ (fluff)

    Knowing what comes with being pregnant and actually experiencing the symptoms are two very different things. You don’t wanna say you underestimated things, but you were in the middle of your third trimester and you weren’t handling things very well.

    “EZ!! EZEKIEL!” You hollered for him, from where you sat propped up on the couch. Your back was killing you, you couldn’t see your feet but you knew they were a hot mess, and you just generally felt uncomfortable. You knew it would all be worth it in the end, but the end was taking too damn long to get here.

    Your boyfriend had been incredibly understanding of your constant mood swings. When you first told him you were pregnant, he went out and bought a bunch of pregnancy books. He was always reading one that first trimester. Angel would tease him and say he could just google everything, but EZ had always preferred having physical copies of text. He wanted to know everything you’d go through so he could help you deal with it.

    You call him now and he doesn’t respond. You grow annoyed, but also slightly concerned because he never doesn’t answer you.

    It took several tries but you manage to get yourself off the couch and head back towards your bedroom. When you push the door open, a wide smile breaks out on your face. The lights in the room were dimmed and your favorite candles were lit, bathing the room in a soothing scent. Songs from your ‘self care day’ playlist filled the otherwise silent air. On the bed was the biggest, fluffiest robe you’d ever seen in your life. There was also a basket filled with goodies including face masks, different color nail polish, massage oil, and your favorite snacks.

    “What is all of this?” You asked your boyfriend who had almost as big a smile on his face as you did.

    “You didn’t seriously think I’d just let your first Mother's Day go by with no acknowledgment, did you?”

    You blinked somewhat in surprise. “I...I mean yeah I guess. My first Mother’s Day is next year. Baby Reyes isn’t even here yet.”

    “So? You’re carrying our child. You gonna let me spoil you or you gonna keep making excuses why I can’t?” He asked, his eyebrow raised and a sly smirk on his face.

    “Spoil away then.” You grinned, holding out a hand for him to take before pampering you for the rest of the night.

    Cuddles - Bishop (angst, heed the tw up top please)

    The ray from the television was the only light source illuminating the living room. You were laying on your side on the couch, eyes on the tv but not truly paying attention to it. The light from the tv reflected off the tear stains left in her cheeks.

    Bishop came back from dealing with club stuff and leaned on the doorway just watching you. He knew it was a rough day for you. Everyday was hard, but today was especially hurtful. He’d be feeling the same way just next month.

    He placed his kutte onto the armchair and slipped off his shoes before climbing over you. You jumped a little at his presence but he just gently nudged you up so he could squeeze between you and the back of the couch.

    One arm slid under your head and the other rested on your waist as he settled in. The hand on your waist reached out and gently ran a thumb over the little face in the picture frame you held tightly in your hands.

    “Our sweet boy.” He whispered, a sad smile on his face.

    Your breath hitched and your shoulders began to shake as you silently cried. You missed him so much. The whole day you stayed inside hoping to avoid all the mother celebrations, but that didn’t help. The hurt ran deep and no amount of avoidance could stop it. This day was a special slap in the face and every year the last three years have been spent like this.

    Bishop curled the arm under your head until his elbow laid on your clavicle. He wrapped his other arm around your waist and pulled you tight against him.

    “You’ll always be his mother. That love is forever.” He softly but firmly stated before pecking your shoulder over and over.

    You released a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in at the feel of him squeezing you tightly. It was comforting. He was always holding you together. He understood your pain and even though it hurt worse some days than others, you knew you had to continue on.

    But for right now, you would cry in your man’s arms and hope next year went better.

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  • mlle-julies-letter-opener
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    How do I tell someone that I can't go to their party

    #idk of anyone else i know that has been invited #and i have to travel quite a distance to get there #and i will probably have to stay overnight which I'm not massively vibing with #and I'm just not comfortable going when i haven't been vaccinated yet and there's a new variant in his area so... #but i said i would go ages ago but i was hoping to get vaxxed in time but it hasn't happened #and the party is for a friend who is turning 21 so i feel i have to go... :/ #also bc I'm stuck living at home my mother is practically forcing me to go?? #maybe i should go but just leave the house and have a day out elsewhere and come back late or stay with closer friends in a diff city #idk what to do
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  • airsignz
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i’ve been having such a good day so far! i had to get up early to get my car that was being fixed over the weekend but then i went to the farmers market with my mom and now we’re eating fruit outside :)

    #amazing what happens when you wake up early #can’t believe ppl do this on their days off #mother mention#🍓
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  • misuser-of-the-speaking-weight
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    so is don’t ever let your children grow up by maddie poppe a will byers/byler song or no?

    #cause like #When you're five years old and don't have nowhere else to run Except into your mother's arms where she held you so tight #and #You didn't know how cold and cruel this world would one day be #We hate ourselves and have a nightly cry And then we act like we're fine #That we'd be independent on our own and lose more friends while traveling down the road #And some relationships they end real fast And though you want you might never get it back #The doors close just like that It's depression and it's broken love don't ever let your children grow up #And although at times it gets so rough you have got to let your children grow up #i mean i just feel like this applies correct me if i’m wrong #stranger things#will byers#byler#maddie poppe#mine
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  • contestscoop
    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #mothers day giveaways
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  • jessica-marie-albaxo
    16.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    @jessicaalba: ♥️♥️

    #instagram #i think this is from mother's day not sure lol #I'll be on later
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  • mrsaturneveryday
    16.06.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #mr saturn#earthbound#mother#mother 2#mother 3 #the same picture of mr saturn every day
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  • universalstudent
    16.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Everyone got a spirit but not a soul

    #a soul connects you to the great mother the primeordeal source of creation #its very clear who is who now days
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  • void-tiger
    16.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I am terrible at remembering holidays. why can’t they just be stuck onto calendars anymore. (do people even celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, anyway? Not having Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on calendars when they float around yet the norm is to get cards and a gift just feels like a setup…)

    #tiger’s roar #I haven’t even finished that watercolor because I couldn’t find a mother’s day gift #and NOW you’re telling me it’s Father’s Day this sunday??
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  • batz
    16.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    have to go to fuckn port moody to pick up my mom after her surgery later on today and im just.

    #frank.txt #thats so FARRR im DYING #i dont . want to but like i will obviously but. AGH #surgery m#mother m #i just hate travelling im.not rlly good at dealing w ppl today im having a like. hermit kind of day today
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  • liamslarents
    16.06.2021 - 12 hours ago


    #and i thought my parents finding out i was gay wouldn’t make me the gray goose of the family #KSJSKSJSJSKS #good god. #my mom understands NOTHING #i told her a story about in high school how i wore a shirt one day and it said ‘l’amour est l’amour’ or ‘love est l’amour’ not sure its been #a long time #but either way… it was a very ambiguous way of me wearing something pride to my very catholic school KSJSJS #and my french teacher and i were very close <3 and i remember when i wore that. the look on his fucking face was like 😏😌 because he #definitely could sense my queerness and also the fact i loved my best friend 🤪 #and i told my mom that story. #and she was like. ‘wait. what does love is love mean?’ #i’m- 🤩 #i said ‘have u not payed attention to anything gay rights in the last 6 yrs mother…’ #DUUUUDE it’s so hard. i can’t. 😭 #i’m not talking about this shit with her anymore. #i’m just trying to tell her some stories. and educate her on some things. but i can’t #and she’s being so cishet and inserting her opinion way too much and its just KSJSJSHSJ #i’m going to have to rant about some of our other conversations specifically the one last night bc its bothering me sm 😭😭 #gabrielle gabs on
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  • thescottishcomrade
    16.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Scots Word of the Day: square go

    Meaning: a proposition to fight

    Let’s use it in a sentence: Mon then, square goes ya bam!

    Translation: come here and fight me, you simpleton.

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  • one-abuse-survivor
    16.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #gaslighting tw#detransition mention#Ask#Abuse#Abuse tw#Transphobia tw#Suicide tw#Suicide mention#dysphoria tw #Panic attack tw #Transphobic parents #What I'll say now is a little bit more personal so don't read past this point if you don't want to know about my own experiences but— #My mother isn't transphobic (and in fact I wasn't even out to her when this happened) #But for my graduation she bought me feminine clothes after I asked her for a tuxedo and told me I'd “look horrible in boys clothes” #I had to wear the clothes she bought me and I just. I was so miserable. It was horrible. #And that was just *one* day. After that I've mostly been wearing whatever I want to wear #And even if dysphoria still feels horrible some days... being able to dress how I want to has made it SO much better #Being forced to let your hair grow out and constantly pressured and expected to wear clothes that make you dysphoric sounds... Suffocating #No one should have to be put through that #I understand cis people don't get what being trans feels like #But that doesn't excuse this level of cruelty toward their own kid
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