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  • cinemaronin
    16.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Bipolar (2021)

    只是一次偶然的旅行 Bipolar (2021)  directed by Queena Li cinematography by Yuming Ke

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  • jenderstudies
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #even if you had the last two spoiled there are still worth reading #YOU GOT 6 IN PRICE OF 5 #happy reading! #anonymous#a response #coach beard anon i'll try to see if i have the energy for a longer response later! #but it's not that it worked academically it worked on a storytelling level because that's what you get with a great script and a flawless #execution #the whole ep is a one big movie reference packed with other movie references #and i guess that maybe if you don't catch at least some #or weren't interested in the way coach beard's mysterious life had been hinted throughout all the show from the start prior to his ep #it simply won't work for you??? idk #but i simply couldn't disagree more with ppl calling it cringe #objectively it might be the best and most interesting ep of the whole show so far imo #WHICH IS JUST MY OPINION. you don't have to agree!!!!! #if you don't dig intertextuality i can understand why you wouldn't vibe with it #but YEAH #*hinted AT before #*THEY are worth reading
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  • dear-sophie
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Go and catch a falling star

    #my art #artists on tumblr #digital art#stars#fanart #howl's moving castle book #howl's moving castle #howls moving castle fanart #hmc #i know in the movie he caught calcifer when he still was a child or smth #but wasnt he 27 in the book #so he couod have caught it when he was like. 23 idk. #howell jenkins#howl pendragon
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  • alwaystigersgirl
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Why does Erik look so apprehensive? Worst case, just move the soldier dudes out of the way like bowling pins. Come on, metal man, you're not supposed to wussify until the end of dofp.

    For all the members of fandom living their personal truth that they are these liberated, open-minded, progressive figures of inclusivity and conquerors of oppression just like the cinematic version of Erik Lehnsherr- they don't make a shovel big enough to scoop up that ludicrous load of bs. No, there is nothing revolutionary about your worldview and even less so about Erik's. You're more than likely obsessive cherik fans scraping lower than the bottom of the barrel to give any justification to a pairing, deep down, you know is sick and wrong. That and/or you feel/have felt marginalized in life, so if the narrative tells you to project onto a suavely handsome, blue-eyed, six-foot lip-service Jew as your avatar to 'rise up against the man' then by dingy, you're gonna do it. If that same narrative tells you that the short, slightly pudgy but wealthy whitey who has so many untreated mental and emotional issues to the point that his only loved one is a creepy blue burglar, then by jelly-belly, you're gonna single him out as 'the man'.

    No, I didn't get a sudden yearn to mock cherik fans. I could do a full comedy club act- or twelve- worth of material on them, but no, that's not my intent. I bring all of this up because after First Class premiered, the crew along with fandom tried to push the notion that the events in Cuba were absolutely necessary. Charles Xavier simply 'had to' be paralyzed and abandoned bleeding by his sister and Shaw's surrogate son. Without these catastrophic tragedies heaped upon him, Charles never would have learned a thing about misery, respecting other people's experiences and ideas, and generally, how cruel the world can be. So, I respect freedom of expression. Now, respect mine as I declare that I would love nothing more than to beat anyone riding this incomprehensibly stupid train of thought with a great big bag of bricks.

    People, seriously, stop confusing 'intent' with 'coherent story structure'. The production team behind the X-movies are overflowing with the former but execute too little of the latter to compute. Yes, they had the intent to make Charles come off as a well-meaning but very naive young man with a privileged lifestyle that prevents him from being able to relate to anyone below his class station as well as people who are able to catch a tan without being burned alive. One problem. Their story structure was not only underdeveloped, it did the direct opposite of what they wanted to portray. It blows my mind how many lightyears they missed the mark on this.

    No, this isn't me being a diehard Charles fan. With Patrick Stewart and the animated versions, I cared about him as the team mentor. With James McAvoy, I cared about him as Charles Xavier. No, I don't have some obsessive crush on James, either. Never even heard of the guy- or any of these people- until FC. Believe it or not, it is possible to admire a man's talents without starring him in your own erotic headcanon.

    I have no idea how he did it. I don't know how his production team, totally accidentally, did it but wow! James McAvoy took the normally stale, preachy 'do-gooder' of the group and made him not only the deepest character in the series but one of the best protagonists featured in 21st century cinema. And he did it while sharing the screen with standard strapping Hollywood hunks like Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, and Nicholas Hoult.

    It's odd how anyone could view Charles as some vapid spoiled kid when, as soon as we're introduced to him, we see that he's self-sufficent. He doesn't call a parent or butler to investigate a potential burglar but goes to defend his home by himself. When he sees the weird intruder's natural blue form, he's mesmerized and vows to take care of her on the spot. In doing so, he most certainly had to place a load of telepathic strain on himself to, essentially, rewrite all of Xavier family history to explain the presence of a sister without raising suspicions.

    It's a reasonable theory that meeting Raven solidified Charles' desire to become a professor. By the time we see them as young adults, both are more advanced in their powers than mutants they would later meet. Even though Raven pretends she can't help slipping sometimes- as a means to explain away her impish antics- it's shown that she can maintain a normal guise even during a crisis. Charles is able to control his telepathy after consuming large amounts of alcohol.

    Charles' integrity and aspirations for the future speak volumes. While he could very easily kick back and do the playboy bit, he not only wants to work but wishes to teach. Instead of making use of his fortune or mentally manipulating his way into a PhD, Charles undergoes as much exam stress as the next Oxford lad. This makes him come off as more human and relatable without shining a spotlight on himself about it.

    Compare this to how Raven spends her time. For whatever reason, instead of pursuing college herself, she becomes a waitress and makes that known very matter-of-factly. Ironically, adopted child Raven fits the part of a privileged youth trying to appear in touch with the common folk. As if she wants a medal for taking a job away from a starving scholarship student while she goes home to the cushy apartment she shares with her provider of a brother. It's strange because for all of Raven's later allegations of Charles being overbearing and controlling, she's free to date and work a menial position she doesn't need just to have her own money.

    Despite this freedom, Raven is constantly seeking out beauty validation from Charles, who makes it clear he sees her as his sister and is keeping his promise to care for her. Quite frankly, Charles seems to maintain total honesty with Raven. However, she allows resentment to build up instead of articulating to her brother her lack of personal fulfillment or fear that she'll never have a committed romantic relationship with a man like the pretty girls on campus do. She lets her self-esteem issues dominate her thinking to the point that Charles warning her about the need to keep their mutations- especially her highly visible one- anonymous as confirmation of him hating her natural form. The same natural form with which he's had cuddle sessions for years.

    This really illustrates why Charles sees their relationship as him raising her. She has petty gripes while he has logical concerns. Yes, they visit bars and have plenty of fun together, but Charles never completely puts his guard down. Also, if their many secrets are discovered, it falls entirely on Charles to rectify the disaster. To put it plainly, he treats Raven like a child because she forces him to be the adult. Even with that in mind, Charles keeps Raven as part of the process with the CIA and on their mutant team.

    When the events with Shaw take place, Charles is so able to hang up his college party boy days that anyone who walked in halfway through FC would NOT recognize Oxford Charles upon rewatch. He's significantly younger than the Patrick Stewart sage yet James McAvoy is the one who radiates the most natural mutant instructor and father figure. This little pretty-faced dude commands respect, swells the heart, and uplifts the spirit all within a few scenes. How the freak did he do that???!!

    While we see Erik pull off a number of bravado/vengeance fueled stunts, it's Charles who teaches us what real courage is. In the middle of the freezing cold ocean, when his cries for someone to save Erik go unheard, Charles dives in to save the taller, stronger, angrier man. One of many times to show not only Charles' self-sacrificing nature but that he grasps that which the film creators never do- respect for life. Raven wasn't some dirty abomination but a cherished life. Erik wasn't a deranged killer but a cherished life. The other mutants weren't coloreds, whores, prison trash, or anything but cherished lives. Even those who betrayed and tried to kill them were worthy of mercy in Charles' eyes. The most grueling psychological/physical torture could not sway him from that.

    During the holocaust, Erik saw men, women, and children stripped of their humanity, branded as things, and senselessly executed. Despite the values and faith from his parents and the redemption, love, cooperation, respect, purpose, and new family Charles tried to give him, a sadistic nazi was Erik's greatest influence. He never comprehended a tenth of what Charles did well before he earned the title of Professor. And this may shock you, people, but no amount of money can breed virtues. Those are learned and maintained only by practicing them day by day.

    It's a common belief among fandom that Raven is the perfect middle ground between the male mutant elders' different philosophies. Fandom, seriously, get off that cherik crack- it kills dreams. No, Raven is not their shared, well-rounded disciple or even close. Raven is an inconsistent, wishy-washy, indecisive, needlessly petty, emotionally stunted, unreliable, self-absorbed brat, who for all of her mary sue feats, never ever grew out of expecting her big brother to be the adult and take all the blame that she refuses to accept. Not to mention emulating cold, distant Sharon Xavier when she wasn't even her biological mother! Raven straight ditched Kurt and Rogue- no, I'm NOT letting that go! Even before Jennifer Lawrence took over the role, the studio was obsessed with featuring Mystique's family members. Those are her daggon kids!

    And 'no matter how bad the world gets, you don't want to be against it, do you'? What evidence does she have of how bad the world is getting? Seeing her fellow mutants viciously murder defenseless humans? Also, yeah, fandom, I don't know how to tell you this- except with much glee- but guess what? Raven is white also. No, it doesn't matter a pound of piss that she's blue and used to be homeless. Her ENTIRE life story got a monumental do-over thanks to Charles. By the time they're at Oxford, she's no semblance of a street vagrant but a poor little rich girl demanding attention. Her most dominant form is blonde Raven Xavier, even when she's halfway across the world. Charles is so grateful as things improve for mutants bit by bit, but Raven hates the world and wants everything nowwwwww 😭

    Erik has no daggon philosophy. That fool is Katie Kaboom from the 90s Animaniacs. 'His family knows that any time soon, the big megalomaniac goes kaboom!' All he does throughout the series is kill for kicks, make disingenuous speeches about brotherhood, bag baby mamas,  create bad press for his 'kind' with public destruction, hide out at his brother's house til the heat dies down, repeat until audience can recite the formula in their sleep. If that's your idea of an inspirational role model for 'real people', congratulations! All of you are easy prey for big city gang recruitment and trauma survivors are doomed to be evil, yay!

    Yeah, of the three, Charles rises above his shameful siblings- aww, middle children got their representation. He is the one able to be upbeat and merry then pull a complete 180 when stuff gets real. He's the one who would rather let himself die inside than use his powers to take his pain and fury out on the world. He's the one who goes into dangerous situations for urgent reasons over reckless impulses. He's the one who is able to calmly get things back on track when a plan takes an unexpected turn. He's the one educated on mutation and most in control of his powers without getting a god complex from it. He's the one who suffers insomnia so everyone else can sleep peacefully. He's the recent college grad better capable of leading a major field mission than the older, worldly guy. He's the one always willing to listen and compromise. He's the dude in the wheelchair who offers a greater air of safety and security than that able-bodied punk who fled to Poland!

    For those of you ready with that lame argument that he's only able to be empathetic is because of his telepathy. The ONLY proof you have of this is at the end of FC when Erik had the helmet on. Charles couldn't think of the perfect thing to say because he was shaken from feeling Shaw's death combined with every terrified mind around him in addition to his own. This is also the first time Charles has to publicly and boldly object to the actions of the older brother figure, who just mentally violated him, he still loved for some reason. As for Charles' communication problems in dofp, again he's in a state or wretched mental health. He has been living as a self-medicating angoraphobic then all at once he's tasked with saving a world he barely wants to live in anymore and confront the two people who crippled him physically and emotionally. The depression is messing with him, not the lack of telepathy. Erik and Raven had powers and there was no talking sense into either of them. Still, through all of this, Charles is able to have a short but sweet moment with Peter. It has a long-term impact on the otherwise unfocused boy and proves that the real Charles is still in there somewhere.

    Back to the point, there was no good reason for putting Charles in that wheelchair and striking him with alopecia. He already cared, shared, loved, valued, took risks when necessary, put himself last, kept his promises, and sought to heal scars in others he did not inflict. The implication that someone is only capable of real empathy and altruism if they go through horrific torment or have melanin in their skin is a more shallow, ignorant, and naive view of the world than Charles' haters claims he has. The producers execution of these themes and messages are as backwards as they are insulting. Did Erik need the holocaust to better himself? If so, that was a cataclysmic fail. His experience with suffering and in an oppressed group made him worse than his own tormentors.

    Charles valued life before the chair and after the chair, so what was the point? Don't try to tell me that Professor X's wheelchair and bald head are too symbolic not to be included. Ha! The source material argument doesn't fly with these movies, especially FC. Mystique is Charles' sister- his *little* sister. Charles is British. Hank becomes a Hulk-Beast with no backbone. The Summers brothers are twenty years apart in age. Wolverine is played by Huuuugh Jackman. Erik never develops the mutated white hair that his son somehow rocks. Charles and Erik never form a pen-pal pack, let alone an iconic friendship respectfully allegorical to two famous civil rights leaders.

    No, Charles' tragedies are portrayed as some sort of depraved and extremely bigoted attempt to stick it to any straight white male fortunate enough to inherit money. Too bad for the pitifully inept production team that they only succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot. Not only is Charles the best character regardless of hater protests, it's insinuated that peace and goodness can only be desired by the wealthy and white. Color people, trauma survivors, and women will always fight perceived oppression with violent force and a preferred backup plan of genocide.

    Brought to you by the

    Charles Xavier Institute of Individuality:

    Where it's better to think too much

    than not at all ☺

    #X-men movies #x-men first class #anti dofp#Charles Xavier#James McAvoy#Patrick Stewart #Charles Xavier protection squad #Charles' Angels #anti erik lehnsherr #anti mystique#anti magneto #Michael Fassbender deserved better #male abuse victim #racism against whites is still racism #classism against the rich is still classism #hate is NOT wisdom #cruelty is NOT strength #kindness is NOT weakness #you're not alone #Peter Maximoff deserved better #Charles Xavier Loyalist #Charles Xavier Institute of Individuality
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  • scars-on-my-hand
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    it feels like a perfect night to relive our traumas after watching something ✨triggering ✨

    #this is why u gotta stay away from violent content folks! #but anyway #my brain is doing the thing where it gets anxious whenever someone is being actually nice to me #like ik he's the one who asked me on the date & initiated everything the past week #but i'm still preparing for the disappointment of him realizing i suck last minute & bailing or sth #also at the same time i'm thinking abt my conversation w/ my therapist yesterday #when she asked me why i'm scared of my f*ther #and i realized i can't even visualize him b/c just the thought of his face brings me terror :) #also my conversation w/ my boss/professor this morning #when he asked me if i'm still interested in my major & i ended up explaining that my p*rents have been forcing me to do it lmao #he was very understanding but the topic just reminded me that i don't get to control my own life #so yeah this is why i don't watch movies or tv shows that are anything above family friendly!
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  • anderup
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Worst Person in the World / Verdens verste menneske Directed by Joachim Trier

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  • konakoro
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    At least in H20, Marion went out fighting like a BAMF and was actually smart...

    #Halloween kills#Halloween#horror movies#dumb stuff #guys i don't know if i can finish it #I'm halfway through and it's not good at all #i expected this but I'm still sad...
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  • razorfangz
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i havent started fma brotherhood yet but i feel like im not gonna vibe with whatever wrath is in it. i care abt 03 wrath too much

    #if i dont watch that one movie he is still alive and well <3 #echoed voice #im not sorry for the wrath spam at 3 am that is my little he/they
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  • slav-every-day
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #I refuse to stop gushing about my best friend #she legit wrote a full story in honor of our friendship #and it is many pages long #I’m not sure exactly how long yet because she is still working on it #but it’s so good and makes me cry and I love her #slav #slav every day #voltron #in other news #I’ve stayed in my room just hanging out for about 12 hours straight today #with the only exception going downstairs to eat #haven’t done hw #just sorta sat and watched tv and a movie #and you know what #I also refuse to feel guilty about that because I’ve had a weird week and I encourage us all to have a solid weekend or at least day #of pure and unadulterated relaxation that we don’t have to regret #viva la revolution lol
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  • cutewhittaker
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i know "to build a home" is a sad song to yearn to but it only ever reminds me of adult life skills and jodie whittaker running through the woods after a little boy

    #like that movie messed me up so it does still bring up like.. #sad ? emotions #but not in the same way it used to lmao #does that even make sense
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  • ghosty1111
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    huge spoilers for fight club. i just think its a bit funny lol. little humorous coincidence hehe.

    12 y/o me was like ‘im gonna connect this song to the weird thing im experiencing ^^’ unbeknownst to them……. it already was 😏

    #i didnt have amnesia based DID tho #still kinda similar #yes it fit into the stereotype of ooooo did alters evillll but it was still an interesting movie #ghost talk.txt
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  • conejxs
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    hehe devil number

    #it still hurts but not as badly as before #i slept all afternoon after surgery so i'll probably stay up all night #any good movies? #preferably horror ones #s.txt
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  • somebodycallixii
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    your self esteem really begins to turn around when you stop looking at romantic media through the lens of "no one will ever love me like that" and change it to "i am going to love someone else like that." once you start externalizing the love in your heart for your friends and family you feel a lot less lonely

    #NOT STRANGERS FROM HELL RELATED #before you all come for me ajdsjfdksk #text #idk who this might be relevant to but #i used to not be able to watch romantic movies and stuff because it made me rly self conscious #but now i see it as a tutorial for loving the ppl around me and it makes me really happy #isnt it great how many ways humans get to love each other???? #self esteem is so complicated and i still have a long way to go but realizing this helped me a lot
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  • spookihyuns
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    that fact that halloween ('18) and halloween kills are what halloween ii and halloween iii should have been baffles me ... why they played into the whole laurie being his sister confused me 🤦🏻‍♀️

    #kass.txt #halloween #ill still watch all the old movies #but like diejdjejd
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  • punkghxst
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    If I had a nickel for every time an actor had voiced Batman only to then play Jim Gordon in a live action adaptation, I’d have Two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird It’s happened twice right?

    #okay maybe this one doesn’t count tho considering he was cast as Gordon before voicing Bruce #But this thing came out before the movie did so it still counts. I think.
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  • shiningstages
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    *whispers* NoNo.................... (Hey, um, guess who hasn’t written anything because her brain decided to bum her out and sap all her energy away? I’m very sorry; this suddenly downspike honestly happened out of the blue with no precursor to it, but I’m feeling a bit better so I’m gonna try my best with those starters again!! I’ll queue them up like I usually do things, so you won’t see them until tomorrow anyways if I get anything done, but still.)
    #;big bubble blowing baby! ( ooc ) #( literally i was just vibing in my room after my last ooc post; and then my brain was like #'haha whoa isn't it crazy how you'll probably never actually succeed in the ways you want to?' #'like isn't it wild how you'll probably never actually fulfill your dreams; either just through the way of the world or since you're just #so so lazy that you haven't even tried or attempted anything since you know deep down this'll never lead to that dream life you want?' #and then the brain thought of fake scenarios and ummmmmmm #let's just say i've crying on again / off again hoping to both give myself that release i've probably needed #and to hopefully get all that negativity out of my system for now #i've had some really good cries honestly; i'm one to think that crying is really good for your health even if it hurts a little? #today i did it through playing SUNNY DAY SONG like five or seven times straight on my way to the post office #i want all the lovelive girls to sing it at the joint live concert..........i may legit buy an online ticket for it and stay up for it #i know they won't sing that but god wouldn't it be rad to carry u's torch like that too??? #plus that song in the movie just..........makes me really emotional #but my head has felt on/off foggy like it did.......i wanna say last year?? late fall/early winter 2020 #maybe it's seasonal............but i live in florida and it's still really hot so hmmmmmmm #hopefully i feel more better soon; but for now we're living with it!!!!! hopefully gonna fight through it too!!!!! )
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  • starfister
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    hi i’m officially a lord of the rings nerd

    #just finished the movies and mmm good stuff #still working on the books though
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  • clavierao
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #i am still going through my backlog ahAHa... #hi february art #pov you and the homies watch the given movie on valentine's day #given#村田 雨月#ugetsu murata#akihiko kaji#梶 秋彦#ギヴン
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  • trash-b0at
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    vampire in brooklyn (1995) dir. wes craven

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