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  • Contagion movie predicted Pamdemic like Covid-19.

    Am eagerly waiting for Zombie Apocalypse now.

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  • A girl is always a daddy’s girl no matter what. Watch this movie of Sonika Singh and Deepa Verma’s Daddy’s daughter by Abhimanyu Chauhan to know more about it. Stay tuned to know what happens only on @simsimcinema.


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  • Enjoying the weather 🥰🥰🥰
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  • Dropping 🎬 9pm tonight movie by @flexgoddaps entitled “Hallelujah To My Striker” 🎬⠀

    CC: @realtarm1 & @ivoriandoll
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  • 🍿Movies to watch🍿


    - Scent of a Woman: I had a few laughs with it, it had great acting, great dialogues and thrill in some parts.

    - Interstellar: the movie is a bit slow at first, but I promise it’s worth it. McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are both brilliant in this movie, the visuals are amazing and it’s a very touching film. One of Christopher Nolan’s best movies for sure. The man makes art out of everything he touches.

    - Intouchables: I used to watch this movie every year in my french class. It’s one of my favorite movies even though I’ve watched it enough times to get tired of it. It’s hilarious at the same that it’s heartbreaking and beautiful. I honestly think everyone should watch this movie at least once.

    - American Gangster: I love movies about gangsters and mafiosos, and this one is probably one of my favorites. Denzel Washington is just- wow, such a talented actor. It has you with your eyes glued to the screen the whole time.

    - Fight Club: a classic and also one of my favorites lol. The dialogues are just mind blowing, very cynical yet very intelligent and accurate. Also, the twist of the plot is fucking crazy like I’m so glad nobody ever spoiled me the end because holy shit. The acting in this movie is flawless.

    - Memento: one of my faves from the great Christopher Nolan. I don’t even know how to explain this movie, I will just say that if you are a weird person like me and like getting mind-fucked this is your thing.

    - Colombiana: Zoe Saldana bitch I love you. About an assassin. Great action scenes, great plot and great character backstory.

    - Red and Red 2: more movies about assassins, but these ones are old junks. It will crack you up and it has great action scenes. And the couple Bruce Willis’ character and Mary-Louise Parker’s one make is fire.

    - Warrior: two brothers in a fighting championship, one battles for love the other battles for glory. It has some nice fighting scenes and is very moving with the family drama thing. Also, Tom Hardy.

    - Se7en: about a serial killer with a moralistic speech. It’s very graphic with the bodies and shit so if your are sensitive don’t watch it while you are eating. The movie gives confidence and makes you feel safe at some part during the middle but watch out. Great acting from everyone.

    - Nightmare before Christmas: dude if you haven’t watched it yet what are you doing with your life? Go watch it it’s short, with great animation and songs (and I hate musicals so these are big words).

    - American History X: it’s a very harsh movie. If you are sensitive be careful. When I watched it for the first time I stayed staring at the black screen once it finished for a good time of 20min. It’s a harsh movie but I would really encourage you to watch it if you are +18. Basically, it’s about a man that’s a nazi in today’s world.

    - 12 years a slave: it’s kind of obvious to say but, if you are sensitive be careful. But if you are mature enough, this movie it’s a must. It really leaves you thinking about how fucked up the world used to be and how fucked up it still is.

    - Love Actually: classic Christmas rom-com. Great for a bit of fun and distracting yourself.

    - Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol.2: my personal favorites from Tarantino. Uma Thurman is a true queen in this movie. It has drama, action, vengeance and my personal favorite: resilience.

    - Gone in 60 seconds: nice movie, it’s not a masterpiece but watching Oscar movies all the time is so boring, you ought to give it some spice. Nick Cage and Angelina Jolie. Enough said. Oh, and cars.

    - Scarface: I love gangster movies and Al Pacino. What an awesome, badass and crazy character is Tony Montana. A true classic.

    - Friends with benefits: I’m not a rom-com kind of girl but once in a while you just gotta. I actually liked this one a lot, fun and lighthearted.

    - The Godfather (the three parts): Fucking masterpieces. That’s it. Michael Corleone will forever be my crush like the mind of that man, wow. Also props to Vito hehe.

    - The Hungover (all): hilarious and with action. Great to watch with friends.

    - Shutter Island: another mind-fuck. Great acting. A little creepy but not scary. Amazing plot twists and the whole eerie and mysterious aura of the movie really gets you into context, completely forgetting about the outside world.

    - Knives out: it’s about a murder. It’s a very dynamic movie and different from the usual solving a murder movie type. It also has some fun twists and a whole lot of family drama and I just love the tea.


    Pd: As you can see there are no horror movies here, that would be because I’ve had my fair share of weird experiences even though I’m a woman of science and an atheist, so, I prefer to just not watch that shit and become paranoid at night, I like my sleep. I will probably be updating this post in the future, since only a few movies are on the list.

    Pd.2: This is a variated list of movies that I think everyone could enjoy, I’m not saying all these movies are masterpieces or that all my favorite. Only some of them are, and well that’s based on my judgement.

    🎞Happy watching!🎞

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  • Het aftellen kan beginnen, want er komen een hoop nieuwe films naar de bioscoop. Op de blog Thismademyday.nl, lees je welke titels erbij december worden gelanceerd.
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  • This was suppose to be a joke between me and my friend but it got out of hand-

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  • I have thoughts on this movie and Id like to share. Read if you want or don’t. This is a rant, so if you don’t want to hear any negative thoughts on this movie, this is your warning! 

    You may or may not agree what I have to say, and thats okay. Im just sharing personal thoughts


    After We Collided, in my opinion, was a fucking dumpster fire, I honestly wonder how and why this franchise can still produce movies. I know I’m going to get some heat from this, but in all seriousness, I have no hope for the other films. I think I lost all hope for the franchise after watching this movie.

    I read After in conjunction with the first movie. I was interested in how a fanfiction on Wattpad turned into a best selling book and eventually became a major motion picture. That’s what sparked my interest in the franchise. Because I in my “teenage youth” read fanfiction and had heard of this particular fanfiction a few times, I wanted to finally see what it was all about. Not surprisingly, it was exactly what I thought it was, a fanfiction.

    I did not like the books personally. There were many problems in content/ subject matter and execution of that content that I felt was poorly handled and sent out the wrong message to people at times, but that’s for another post.

    So going into After we collided, I didn’t know what to expect, id watched After, id read the book, and seen promo and trailers and interviews; I knew that the rating had changed. After was rated pg-13 and After we collided is rated R. I knew, along with that, that there were talks about bringing in more book character elements like making movie Hardin more like book Hardin. I was skeptical about that because:

    1. That specific change seemed really hard to pull off, especially when you’ve already introduced the character with different behaviors. I think the transition would have been better if they were more developmental and progressed over time instead of just happening.


    2. I didn’t like book Hardin, I much rather preferred 1st movie Hardin, and his character in the books is a lot, and I was skeptical of the actor to be able to step into that role; after having watched the first movie, which was a watered-down, version of Hardin

    In my opinion, it wasn’t his acting ability that was lacking in character presence. It was the way his character was written in the script. Book to movie adaptations are really hard, but they’re even harder when you have to go back and undo and exchange parts/ feelings/ emotions of a character. The actor who played Hardin (who I’m not naming on purpose) seemed like he was not vibing with this version of his character whatsoever, making the movie so hard to watch. This extends to Tessa as well. Her character development changed, ill say, drastically, and I would have liked to see a smoother transition to that character that we started the movie off with. As an audience member, I was so disconnected from her character and anything that she did because I just didn’t believe her character would do that. Being late and cussing in the lobby of her new job, and acting frantic, especially coming off of the first movie where her character acted completely different. I would have never expected her character to do any of that. What’s worse about it is that it just happens. There is no explanation as to why it happens and why she does these things, or why she’s become more aggressive, she just is, and that bothered me.

    Another thing that bothered me to no end was this movie’s lack of plot. The book series is very episodic and goes around in circles. I can accept that about the series because knowing the series’s backstory that made sense to me. However, a movie should never be like that. There was no overall arching storyline. It was just a bunch of scenes from the book put together to get to the end, which is the “big” but not so big reveal. I felt like there was really no purpose to drive the movie; the goal was just to get from start to finish. This was really sad as a viewer

    because there were moments where I felt like the writers could have capitalized on the storyline and made some more diverse and complex scenes that could have given the movie some color. The scenes really do go from one to the other with little to no connection, and they make absolutely no sense.

    I think the worst thing for me in the movie is when Tessa goes home. Noah accidentally tells her that her Dad is looking for her. Tessa has this very curt conversation with her mother, and then it’s never really talked about after that. Tessa’s Dad becomes a vital part of Tessa’s story. And I ask, why was that not capitalized on more in this movie? They kind of waited to put back in at the end of the film, which I felt was such a mistake. Like, I know they’re saving it for the next movie. Still, I saw no reason not to capitalize on it while they were already setting up for the storyline in this movie.

    The writers were trying to capitalize on it being sexier and more like the book that they forget to add a plot. There was so much material to work with. The writers could have easily written and rewritten the scenes to fit the movie’s storyline. In return, I felt like that would help push the story along instead of it feeling like this needless pack of scenes.

    In addition to that, as the audience, we are missing crucial information that would have helped make sense of the movie. Like we’re missing the aftermath of the bet. Like they just scathe over that. The info on Tessa’s father, which I see what they were trying to do, but I felt like no one really took the bait.

    From a viewer’s pov, assuming id never read the books, you start to wonder how this even came to be starting with the first shot.

    1.Why is Hardin just asleep in his car?

    2. How long has it been since the reveal of the bet?

    3. Why and how is Vance able to whisk Tessa away to Seattle to a business deal that we only hear about after she’s there?

    That last one might be reaching, but still…..

    And that’s only within the first 15 minutes of the movie.

    I also had pacing issues; this was a lot to unpack in such a short amount of time. Yeah, so……

    Something I did like!

    1. The exchanges between Trevor and Tessa seemed genuine. I liked the chemistry and how they’re written together.

    And that’s pretty much it.

    Despite my dislike of the movie, I can appreciate it for what it is a cringe romance fanfiction movie.

    I will say overall, some stories should just not be made into movies. In my opinion, I believe the book lost a lot of value when you start adding real-life elements to it. Of course, everyone will have a preconceived idea of what the movie is going to look like. Still, I think expectations fall short when you can’t execute the idea properly, which is what I believe happened with After we collided.

    So that’s my opinion. Just thoughts, like I said you can disagree with me and thats okay, but this this is just my opinion.


    someone with thoughts

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  • Blair witch? More like:

    Blair bitch

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  • me loving lil my mom loving

    henstridge hallmark movies


    us watching “Christmas at the Plaza” together without her criticising my taste in movies and me complaining about the romance for once

    #lil has a great american accent #lil henstridge#elizabeth henstridge#hallmark #christmas at the plaza #movienight #jess and nick #holiday family time
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  • Having rested and rehydrated after the long drive home, your genial host will be spending the evening viewing Johnny Mnemonic, loosely based on William Gibson’s cyberpunk short story of the same name. Just because I’ve been away doesn’t mean there is any slackening of the rules around here! To wit, there will be A TOTAL ABSENCE OF THE FOLLOWING!!!




    GLITTER, of any and all kinds



    Sassy pants, regardless of how revealing they are






    FELLATING BALLOON ANIMALS (I don’t carry insurance to cover that shit, so knock it off! Although balloon-fellators of exceptional skills are encourage to submit their CV to my HR department. Note: I am my HR department.)

    Hankie pankie


    Naughty tricks

    army of zombie Barbies led by a skeleton riding a rooster

    Risky business



    IMPISHNESS!!! (Ha!)






    Blatant quacksalvery



    Knife play (not the kinky kind, the “shit we need to go to the ER” kind)

    Popcorn or similar high fructose corn syrup snacks

    ICE CREAM or other such confectionaries, unless you hook up your genial host with a generous helping (preferably Dairy Queen)

    S’MORES! No. Right out. That’s just inviting trouble.

    Cheap hootch, unless slugged properly from a paper bag

    Tomfoolery (HA! THOUGHT I’D FORGET!)

    Duck stampedes or associated waterfowl tsunamis

    ANARCHY, unless intended to topple The Man

    Saucy saunters

    riding bicycle without hands and with friend on the handlebars

    Intemperate consumption of any and all adult beverages containing umbrellas and/or pieces of colorful fruit

    Rampant vandalism




    Jape-ish behavior, which may not even be a word but just DON’T




    High jinks

    Any and all Witchy doings, last time I allowed that one of you monsters turned Missy into a newt! (update: she got better)


    Plain Old Trouble

    aaaaaaaaand HORSEPLAY!!!

    Unicorns are free to graze on the lush fescue grasses to be found on the front lawn. Only properly licensed Emotional Support Unicorns are allowed inside the premises! Certification papers WILL be checked. Note: certification papers in crayon will be considered proper and in order.

    Dragons? I’ll invite @itsshinycollectordestinyworld to cue “Ride of The Valkyries” and lead y’all’s pet dragons off for a bit of …. fun.

    Right. That should cover everything and maintain strict, proper order. Carry on with your evening/night/morning, as appropriate. 

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  • Movie recommendations (Part II):

    • Good Will Hunting, 1997 (Drama/Romance)
    • Persuasion, 1995 ‧ (Romance/Drama)
    • Persuasion, 2007 (Drama/Drama)
    • Crimson Peak, 2015 (Horror/Mystery)
    • The Aeronauts, 2019 (Adventure/Drama)
    • Pride & Prejudice, 2005 (Romance/Drama)
    • Boy Erased, 2018 (Drama/Teen)
    • Inception, 2010 (Action/Sci-fi)
    • Ophelia, 2018 (Romance/Drama)
    • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, 2013 (Fantasy/Action)
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  • Een aantal jaar na de release van de eerste film, komt in 2021 ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ uit. De trailer is uitgekomen en te zien op de blog Thismademyday.nl.
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