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    Moving abroad. Where do I even begin? Maybe I should scroll all the way back, to the beginning. Just after I make my decision to move abroad, I gear up in anticipation. Tell everyone you know your moving abroad. I ended up watching anything and EVERYTHING related to moving abroad. I thought that would be the best way to prepare me. People I knew that were abroad kept saying things like you’ll never look at life the same way again. Be ready. Make sure your mentally, physically and emotionally ready for what’s to come. I tried. I really did. To prepare. One of the movies I watched “Brooklyn” was about a girl that moves abroad. That movie really resonated with me in one quote. She said in the movie something along the lines of, “you’ll feel so homesick, you want to die. But there’s nothing you can do but endure it”. I thought, I’m ready. I’m already aware of what I may or may not feel. I know I’ll miss family and friends. Maybe I’ll even miss my city. But I’m not ignorant at what I’m getting into. Funny thing was, I still was and still am. That feeling that she described…I don’t know if it will ever fully go away.

    The first couple days in a new country feels like being put on one of those reality TV shows about surviving in some jungle/forest. Its super exciting, scary, sad, and SUPER overwhelming. But those aren’t even the hardest days. I think your so amped up at being in a new place it feels like your kind of on vacation but not really…when days turn to weeks. You start to settle into a more routine and survival changes somewhat. Now instead of supplies for survival your looking for a community. Well, I was anyway. Keep in mind this is MY experience so can’t speak for all. But meeting new people has always been quite exciting for me. However, suddenly it felt like life or death. I didn’t know anyone, and I had to meet everyone for the first time. Its really draining to get to know so many people at once. Its fun but can be exhausting at times. Its weird. Life forced me to get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I had no choice really. It made me become attached to people so much faster than I normally would have at home. I’d also open to people so much faster. I think the environment was right for meeting people very fast, especially as so many people were in the same position as me. That was all good and dandy. That first year. Meeting amazing individuals who I thank heavens came into my life. Can’t imagine my life without them. But the second year away was so much harder…

    I think everyone that goes abroad spoke about the positives a lot. They did highlight the negatives but just touched on them. Being abroad really takes a huge toll on you in a way that really can’t be described. I feel like I constantly have this weight on my shoulders and everything I do matters so much more. Especially when I realize visa restrictions, the financial aspect, and being away from home. It all is SO much scarier than any situation I’ve ever been in because it never goes away. Even on the days I’m out laughing with friends, the uncertainty of everything weighs us all down. Second year, suddenly things abroad suddenly felt like home and my heart is here. However, homesickness was very real. When the day didn’t go so well, I couldn’t reach out and hug a family member. I couldn’t just jump on a plane and fly back home. I had to deal with it. Talking about with others really helped, and knowing others were going through the same thing. Even on good days, no one back home knows my new life. No matter how much I explain it to them. It’s a new version of me. Second year was transformation year. The year I grieved losing the old me and accepting the new me. I don’t even remember who I was before I moved abroad, and that feels quite scary. I’ll hear about it from friends back home, when they say I speak a bit different. Or I find myself having inside jokes that I can’t share with them because they’ll never understand. Only my friends abroad would truly understand as they experienced it with me. I also miss out on so many events and miss things going on back home as well. Life just goes on without me, and in my head its still the same place I left. So, wrapping my head around that part is hard. I think the one thing that I did grasp that really saddens me is, I’ll always miss someone. Now no matter where I am in the world, someone I love and care about is far away from me. And that’s what moving abroad does to you. Broadens your horizons but breaks your heart in pieces. A piece of my heart will always be at home, but now a piece of me is in my new home. Will I ever be whole ever again?

    Now its my third and last year abroad. Maybe. I don’t know where to go from here or what challenges this year might bring. This year already feels like a rollercoaster, and I hope I can motivate myself to be up for the test.

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  • any Canadians on here want to help me move over there? lmao

    #canada#movingabroad#help#pls #tips or anything #marriage is an option too lol
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  • For those keeping track with us, we have arrived at our original deployment week. Unfortunately, our official passports still haven’t been issued and so unless something dramatic and sudden occurs in the next day or so, it’s very likely that we’ll still be state-side for at least another week. 

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  • Comments I got from Chinese people: 
    -But you can’t speak chinese…
    -But you can’t speak any chinese?
    -It will be fine, but you will be very hungry. :) 

    Comments from my teacher:
    -You have to have some balls, basically.
    Don’t expect to get any welcome really. “You’r on your own kid.”

    Comments from my parents:
    -We’ll pray for you when your in heaven ok </3 :S.
    -You have to think about (insert helpfull but long rant).
    -It will probably be fun. :)
    -*concerned look*

    Comments from my grandparents:
    -So fun! You’r doing the right thing. #yolo

    Comments from my friends:

    Comments from others:
    -So are you Chinese?
    -So you must be Chinese?
    -Can you speak any chinese?

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  • So I have officially shelled out an exorbitant amount of money in order to pay my first month’s rent and the bond for my place in London. Just waiting on one item of clothing to be mended and then I can finalize my packing with a fun game of “re-pack tetris”. 

    It’s getting to the end folks and I am both super excited and terrified!
    But I seem to not feel as anxious as I thought I would at this stage, so there’s that :) 

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  • Finally getting around to packing all of my washed clothes into my suitcase and pack with my shoes. 

    Yeah, it doesn’t appear to fit. So I have enlisted the help of Mother to see if I have just packed really crappily. If this fails, I may have to revise my packing lists and start culling clothes…

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  • January 2018: Pre-Adventure; Already Missing My Friends (9 days to go).

    I love my friends!

    I was worried that having a going away thing would make me even more so, considering that I haven’t seen the majority of friends attending in the past 6 months (at least).

    Michael and Sarah - I just have to say that card is so lovely and I am still in awe of that drawing. I am gonna set it beside my bed to ensure that I “take risks and jump on all the exciting new opportunities that present themselves.” Gladys (the glider pin) has a permanent place on my floral jumpsuit and those koala socks are darn comfy! (They may even have usurped my foxsox as my favourite pair of socks)

    Also an update on housing: after spending weeks chasing up the rental agreement, I have finally received, signed and sent the agreement which is for 8 months. After these 8 months I can either renew and stay in the house or move to another area to start a new teaching year. All that is left is too pay my deposit and Jan’s rent. EXCITING!!!

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  • Ma külföldre költözöm. Milyen mondat ez?! / Today I move to abroad. What is this?!

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  • The Seine at Mussy-sur-Seine.

    April 25th - another day when I should be doing packing and find myself in front of the computer. I have been clearing out items which I had previously thought would be going to France but have now decided I do not need.

    Today is the day of the kitchen cupboards. Oh yes, I have cleared stuff out of those previously but will now cast a critical eye over them and make my final decision.

    I am wanting to get the cupboards washed out then that is another job off the list.

    Although I am still awaiting a completion date for the sale of my house I did hand my notice in at work last Wednesday and will finish work this Friday. This is so that I can go and say goodbye to friends and still get the packing done!!

    I am starting to get excited now about this move. It just cannot come soon enough for me. Life is looking rosier (or is it just the sunshine we have been having?) I am looking forward to a holiday too, which I hope to have with my friend who lives near La Rochelle, however she has other guests visiting, so the sooner I get moved the sooner I can have that holiday and not encroach on times when she has other guests.

    Well cupboards are not being washed and they will not wash themselves (unfortunately). So I must say “a bientot”.

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  • April 17th - Easter Monday and what a day. Busy trying to get some of the packing done ready for the “big move”. I am starting to get a little teeny bit excited but still so much to sort out, that is not just clearing out in the house but also needing to get organised so that when I arrive in France I can “hit the ground running”.

    Trying to sort out healthcare insurance, must telephone the overseas section of gov.uk for more information.

    I need to get my eyes tested before I go as well as go and see my GP, although I may give the latter a miss.

    I am busy putting lots of items onto memory sticks so that I don’t have to take piles of paperwork with me.

    Also got my car to sell before I go!!! Blimey will this list ever reduce? Probably only when I am on the aeroplane zooming over to Paris.

    Hoping you have had a great Easter. Hoping that you like my view of Nimes, above.

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  • NIMES: Well another few items sold/given to charity shop/ given to people in need, makes me feel good to help those in need. I have my “to do” list and I have begun to sort out lots of little things that would normally be forgotten. Easter will soon be with us and I am going to have a couple of days off thinking about the big move. My friend has set off on her journey to her home in France where she lives for 6 months of the year and guess what……. yes she will be having a guest again this year only this time I will be arriving from France and not the UK as previously. Trying to keep your feet firmly on the ground when you are just wanting to be sooo excited is rather difficult, but I can start to get excited when: 1. I finally have a moving date 2. I have packed all that I have to pack 3. I am on my way…. Packing to start in earnest tomorrow.

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  • So if I can get a job with decent prospects within the next year, I’ve decided…..I’m gonna move abroad somewhere. If I’m gonna have a shitty job, I’d rather have it somewhere nice!

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  • Sometimes you give up everything in your life and move to the opposite side of the Earth for the one you love. A small town girl in a big city, in love for the first time. Do you give it all up? Do you clench onto that small shimmer of hope?

    This is my story.

    Travel. Being an expat. Veganism. Italy. Wanderlust. Culture shock. The European lifestyle. Being in love. Marriage. Navigating what it means to be alive.

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  • I’m only 25, and yes I do feel 25 can still count as only, but I feel that I can say I have travelled a fair bit for my age. There will always be those who have travelled more than you and trying to compete always seemed silly to me. I like travelling, not to be able to tick countries off a list but because I enjoy it and the experiences it has given me. Yes lots of people have travelled more extensively, more adventurously and to far more places than myself. But they have their own stories to tell. These are 25 of my stories from my travels so far, some I have told many times, some only to a few and some are only know by the people that were there, but it seemed time to start collecting them together, for myself if nothing else.

    Arrival in Bangkok - Thailand 2008

    My arrival in Thailand is possibly one of my most vivid memories from my entire year there. Which makes sense in many ways, while I had left the UK on various family holidays as a child, my first trip outside Europe had only happened earlier that year, so flying half way round the world was a fairly novel experience to me.

    I had said goodbye to my family and for the first time in my life was off on my own, luckily I was with seventeen other 18 year olds all embarking on this adventure together. We had survived the 14 hour trip and landed safely in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The flight itself is fairly blurred memory wise as long haul flights tend to be - staying completely alert for the amount of time spent in the air is impractical even on such a momentous flight as this was for me. But arrival I remember clearly, disembarking, gathering bags, being grateful all our bags arrived, rushing through customs and meeting our representative on the other side. Our Rep’s name was Peter and he was what is know in Project Trust parlance as a Returned Volunteer. Literally in his case, as he had returned to the country he volunteered in and now helped to shepherd new volunteers through the very beginning of their year.

    That’s why I was in Thailand by the way, I had applied to and been accepted by a charity organisation called Project Trust, who send 17-19 year olds away for a full 12 months as volunteers. Mostly commonly to teach English, which is what I would be doing. In order to get here, I had spent my final year of school trooping back and forwards to the Isle of Coll, for Selection (basically a week long interview process - where Project Trust is always watching!) and then Training ( a week to get us ready for what we are about to commit to). And in-between these two milestones I had had to fundraise four and a half grand! With the help of my amazing family and friends a goal I had managed to reach. All this while also siting my A-levels! But that was behind me now and Thailand was ahead. Just outside the doors of the airport.

    One of the things that had stuck with me from training was a story of a volunteer who made it all the way to their country (South Africa I think) and then couldn’t make themselves leave the airport. They physically couldn’t make themselves take that step out of the doors, it had all suddenly become too much and they ended up just flying straight back home. This, for reasons unknown to me, became my benchmark. On the plane I wasn’t thinking about the year I was about to spend in a country vastly different to my own, I wasn’t thinking about the fact I had committed to spend a year of my life teaching English, or living away from home for the first time, all that concerned me was being able to leave the airport. As long as I made it out those doors everything would be okay, that was my thought process. Looking back it’s obvious I was freaking out over all the things I ‘wasn’t’ thinking about and this one little thing was what I was hanging all my hopes for the year on!

    Well turns out, I didn’t get any time to considered not leaving the airport. Because as soon as we met Pete, we were ushered straight outside as a cluster of exhausted British teenagers all carrying stupidly big rucksacks, there was no time to have an emotional breakdown before we were all in mini buses heading away from the airport. That bit is less vivid to be honest, it kind of felt like I blinked and was suddenly in a moving vehicle leaving my only chance for a last minute freak out behind and heading towards what was one of the best years of my life.

    Seeing Bangkok for the first time at night, pressed against the window of a mini bus, was an experience and a half. There was no mistaking that I definitely wasn’t in the UK anymore. The lights that whizzed past and the heat even at night were a wake up call. We arrived at the little guesthouse we were staying in, dumped our bags and were immediately whisked off to experience all that Bangkok night life has to offer. Which meant that as an 18 year old, away from home for the first time, out of Europe for the first time I found myself in, first a Ping Pong show and then a Lady Boy bar…both stalwarts of the Bangkok Tourist Night Scene, I feel like there may also have been Karaoke in a Gay Bar at some point but I may have imagined that…For those who have not had the experience of this side of Bangkok’s night life, I can sum it up like this: loud, disorientating and colourful. I remember most of that night as flashes of colour, from the night market stands, the bar’s lights, even the food seemed more colourful than back home. (Apart from the Ping Pong show that was dark, dingy and disturbing, the less said the better!)

    It was a night that set the tone for the year, a lot of times during my time in Thailand, I was overwhelmed by colours and sensations, but the vividness of them that first night stayed with me the strongest. I had so many incredible experiences in Thailand and even in Bangkok itself. But I think the strength of memory when I think about arriving is why I spent the whole year feeling both that I had been there forever and that I had only arrived yesterday.

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  • Some nice live music at bar El Asesino. Band: Sr. Collegiado.
    #live music #art #livemusic #movingabroad #travel #instalove #instagood #instalike #video #iphoneonly #cool #iphonesia #instacool #awesome #wanderlust #instatravel #travelgram #out #friends #night (bij El Asesino)

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