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    #sadie <3 #catgirl replies! #i have baby fever mphhhh🥺🥺
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    picrews of me n cam!!!!

    #catgirl meows! #mphhhh #s‘only from what he’s told me!
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    #cat girl gf anon
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    #cat girl gf anon
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    #catgirl replies! #cat <3 #xio loves cat! <3 #catgirl thirsts!
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    #catgirl meows! #I am huge. #my cute bunny! <333
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    #catgirl meows! #my cute bubba <333 #fluffy cows? 🥺
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    #xio loves anons <3 #anon <3 #catgirls little space! #catgirl replies!
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    #📮— letters ; #kure san!!
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    Meeting You Changed Me (7)

    Dad!bakugou x fem!redaer

    A series

    Summary: When Bakugou leaves an ugly divorce, leaving him as a single dad he never can imagine himself finding love again, not when he was never actually in love. People manipulate and lie and he can’t trust anyone but those close to him and now protect what he has left. But maybe...just maybe he can give her a chance.
    Warnings: fluff, very tiny angst? Some suggestive themes
    Series Masterlist

    (Y/n) point of view

    Mornings were difficult.

    The sun beamed through the curtains of (y/n)s apartment, making the woman groan and turn over. It couldn’t be time to get up yet, it just couldn’t.

    “Mphhhh” she grumbled into the sheets as her alarm rang “yeah yeah, I know.” Her hand hit the top and she swung her legs over the bed, almost hissing when her feet hit the cold tile. It should have been carpet...hers used to be carpet because she hated the cold floors. Her grummy mood didn’t last too long as a familiar feline came rubbing up against her leg. “Hey girl” she whispered, scratching the cats ears as she purred into it. Then the meowing began. Oh jeez. Aki sang as she left her humans warmth and began toward the kitchen.

    “I knew you could only be cute for so long”

    Walking out the room, (y/n) followed the calico out, who only continued to complain about her lack of food in the bowl. Until she opened the container and fed her did she calm. The old kitty was beginning to lack in weight and she could only eat so much seeing her age. Her nub of a tail waggled happily though and (y/n) was only glad she could provide a roof for the once street cat. At least she can do something right.

    Coffee finished, cat fed and hair up, it was time to start the day. She slipped on her uniform and opened the door to the stairs and made her way down stairs. She couldn’t be more fortunate she lived above her work. Though she wished some days she had a helper to open up instead every once and a while, but she chose to hire non because being alone was better. Even with that she couldn’t stand silence, maybe that’s why the loud ass cat running around her apartment still lived with her. But with him gone it just-

    Open sigh, go open the cafe up (y/n). Thinking about it does nothing.

    Grabbing a window marker and the keys, she opened up shop. The door stood pegged wide while she erased the calligraphy ‘closed’ to a beautiful ‘open’ with pinks and yellows she drew on the glass. Stuffing the markers back in her apron, she headed inside and went to work, setting up every pastry and steaming the machines to be hot for when someone came in. She set her phone to play some Lofi beats and headed toward the chalk board.

    She felt her chest ache as she stared at the green board. She chuckled and took out a Clorox wipe and began to wipe it down. Maybe today they would come in and That little boy would want to draw again. So she left it blank. It seemed weird being blank, she never left it blank. Gazing at it for a while she decided to grab a white piece of chalk and get to work. After an hour, with the additional customers coming in and having to attend too, she was now finished and satisfied. On it was just a simple sketch of a Spider-Man outline as the 2-D comical hero soar through the city on his web. She then took out red, blue and colors for the city to then on the board ledge.

    “Spider-Man?” A regular customer asked, the old man smiling and raising a brow “never knew you liked marvel”

    “As far as Marvels hero’s go, they are the only exception.” She smiled back, setting down the last chalk piece.

    “Not even Allmight?” Fuji asked

    “Hmmm, well he’s okay too” she shrugged, passing him and filling his cup with a pitcher

    She checked her watch. 7:08.

    It would be a while until then but at least the place didn’t feel empty.


    Heads turned and so did hers at the sudden muffled sound. Oh lord this cat. Shaking her head (y/n) made her way to the door to the stair case. She must have opened the door again using thee table by the door and walked down. Opening the door the small cat walked out “well hello” she hummed, picking her up gently “who would have thought you’d visit?” The woman sarcastically snarled at Aki, who only mewled back “uh huh, great response” it wouldn’t be the first time she’s gotten out and roamed the shop, so far non of her customers complained. So she let Aki down and she trotted happily to the small cat tree in the corner by the window of the shop. People began to coo and Aw at her.

    Well it seemed the shop settle this morning. Nothing to really do. It was just Wednesday after all. Maybe she should be productive instead of cleaning the shop for a sixth time since yesterday....

    Before she could even think, the bell to the door rang and a force so powerful ran into her legs that she almost tumbled over. “Oh-“ (y/n) caught herself and held onto who ran into her before they too fell. Tatsumi looked up with big eyes and just snuggled his face more into her leggings, as if he were a cat rubbing on her. God he’s so cute.

    “Tatsumi” a low voice called out, soft but in warning

    (Y/n) looked up to meet his piercing red gaze, eyes like rubies as they stared her down. The hero was tall and built, it was easy to tell with the skin tight tank top of his hero suit he wore that he worked out often. His steps fell heavy against the flooring as his hand left the glass door and let it shut. With the glare he had on his scared face it was difficult not to know what he was feeling. Was he angry? Never mind, Pro hero DynaMight was always angry. Though it was hard to accept him that way now since seeing him coming into the shop and how he acts with his son.

    Tatsumi tugged at her pant leg “Dada said I could come and- and say hi before I go to gradmas and grandpas!”

    (Y/n) glanced back up at the man and back at Tatsumi, giving him a smile “oh well that’s sweet, good morning Tatsumi”

    “Good morning!” He squeezed her tighter then backed up, giving the woman grabby hands.

    Hearing Bakugou grunt, (y/n) looked up, his eyes hadn’t faltered one bit since she began giving Tatsumi her attention. He just kept staring at her. Like she just cussed him out or offended him in some way. With some hesitation and a small confirming nod from him, she bent down and took Tatsumi in her arms. He giggled happily and went to wrap his arms around her neck, giving her a proper hug.

    “Ohhhh” she cooed. Gosh this boy was so sweet! “Big hug! Thank you!” (y/n) hugged him back best she could in the awkward position. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek sweetly, and oh did her heart melt. Though when he did she noticed how bakugous frame went from bored and annoyed from waiting to being as still as a tree. His brow slightly twitched and his eyes were wider than before.

    Getting the gist, (y/n) put Tatsumi down, but the boys grin left as fast at it had came. She couldn’t help but crouch down and boop his nose, making his furrowed brows soften “looks like it’s time for you to be going,” he frowned at her, not in a mean way, but sad “oh it’s alright!” She reassured “I’ll see you again, but I think your dad has places to be”

    Tatsumi turned around and gave his father pleading eyes. (Y/n) almost wanted to shrivel from embarrassment because this wasn’t her child and as far as she was aware she was irritating the hell out of the No.2 hero. She was not about to get caught up in gossip or make someone mad. Bakugous eyes shifted to his child....and the staring contest began. You could almost visibly see the tension in Bakugou crack as the seconds passed. Tatsumi wasn’t giving up, she didn’t think he would. After a good minute Bakugou sighed and took out his phone. He glanced at it once before huffing, going to sit on one of the sofas and cross his arms almost in a childish way.

    “Ya got 10 minutes” he gruffed

    Tatsumi ran up to him and planted his hands on his fathers knees “hour!” He shouted back

    A vain could be seen on the hero’s head as he leaned forward and became eye level with the smaller blond “15”

    “50!” he protested

    Bakugou growled slightly, still not threateningly but more to himself, like it was hard for him to say no to the kid “20”

    Tatsumi whined from the back of his throat and bounced up and down impatiently. “40!” At this point (y/n) just guessed that he had learned his numbers high enough for this argument, he was the age Ren had began counting high.

    Bakugou clenched his jaw, not blinking once as he stared down Tatsumi. Then he leaned back, legs spreading to get comfortable, making Tatsumi’s hands leave “30 minutes and that’s final” he said

    Tatsumi beamed and jumped up and down. She didn’t think he knew exactly how long that was but it was more that 20. He climbed on the couch to kiss his fathers cheek, just as he did (y/n)s. “Tank’ you!” And Bakugou grumbled a small ‘welcome’ under his breath, helping Tatsumi off the couch and ruffling his hair a bit before he took off.

    What just happened...?

    She didn’t have time to process until Tatsumi had grabbed her hand and led her to the chalk board. “This is what you want?” She asked. He nodded his head eagerly.

    “S-sp’ire man!” He pointed and squealed

    She chuckled and showed him the chalk already laid out, telling him to have fun. Just like that he began to color in the sketch, just as she had planned. She even went to get the stool so he could get higher and reach what he couldn’t. After a few minutes of watching she glanced at the blond across the room, who was watching Tatsumi until his eyes met hers. His face seemed to turn from it pale tan to a light pink, quickly turning his head away and lips tugging to a frown. Okay rude. All she did was look at him.

    As much as she was hesitant about him, she didn’t want it to be awkward like this if he was willing to bring Tatsumi by all the time. It had been a good 3 weeks, almost a month and still she hasn’t had a proper conversation with the hero. Seeing as tatsumi was busy and there were no new customers, (y/n) went over behind the counter. Unbeknownst to her, red eyes were watching.

    She moved around the back and set down two coffee cups, pouring in the espresso. Soon she followed in the cream and didn’t bother making a design for times sake. Grabbing the two mugs she went toward the couch. He didn’t dare look at her the whole time she walked over and set down the coffees.

    “Ya own this place?”

    (Y/n) hummed

    “Ya always let cats in your cafe?” He grumbled

    (Y/n) looked over at Aki, who slept in the sun by the window “only her, shes good though. The customers don’t mind her so I let her down.” She sat next to him on the other end of the sofa, crossing her legs and leaning against the arm rest. Silence. As much as she wasn’t too fond of him, she found herself getting annoyed he didn’t want to talk to her. “Uh...it’s nice of you to let Tatsumi come by.”

    He grunted

    “He’s really sweet, never met a boy so energetic and happy”

    He rose a brow, “yours not that way?” He asked, generally wondering.

    She shook her head. “No...he wa- he’s rather shy, doesn’t talk much.”

    “Tatsumi can’t stop talking” he looked over at his son “does this thing where he has to narrate everything he does when at home. Even though he’s potty trained, for a while now, he still has to scream ‘ima go pee!’ Then he runs to the bathroom.”

    (Y/n) broke into a fit of giggles at that, not noticing how the blonds eyes immediately left his son and snapped to her. When she looked back up though he instantly looked away. She fixed herself and sat back straight up, taking a sip of her coffee, he did the same.

    Bakugou was about to open his mouth for his own question before the door rang, a customer. An officer walked in and he shut his mouth, knowing she had to take it. The barista stared at the man for a couple seconds before actually getting up “be right back” she reassured.

    A million alarms were going off in her head as she went toward the counter, eyes never leaving the officers. He seemed pretty timid as well and it was obvious a tension was clouded around them. Bakugou went over to sit by Tatsumi, which was closer to the counter.

    “How may I help you” (y/n) nearly gritted out, tapping the screen

    “Miss (L/n)-“

    “I thought we were done with this, so either order something or leave.”

    No one would dare speak to a member of the police like this, they would be arrested. But this man was rather...familiar with the her.

    He lowered his voice and leaned in “We have a lead on Asher, it’s not a good one. In the course of a separate investigation with one of our undercover hero’s, your name was mentioned by him, as well as your late sons.”

    She felt her heart drop at his name, Asher. It had been so long since she heard that name and she was planning to keep it that way. A lump caught in her throat and she looked down, brows furrowing “I- I don’t know who your talking about. Please leave.”


    She gripped the counter and shut her eyes, whispering harshly “This is my cafe, and unless you have a warrant or something then Please leave.”

    “I really think you should just hear me out-“

    “Please” she looked up at him “not today”

    The man stood for a couple more seconds before nodding his head. He had nothing else, he already felt guilty enough. So he tipped his head and left.

    “Have a good day, miss (L/n)”

    “Have a good day” she responded, tone not so cherrie. She turned to go back to the the couch, but Bakugou wasn’t there. Instead he had moved to be by his son.

    “Sorry about that” she tried to smile as she crouched down by him and leaned slightly against the wall, Tatsumi still at it with the coloring. She shifted her attention to him, hoping to keep what just happen out of the way “it’s looking amazing, Tatsumi”

    His little head whipped around and he smiled wide “tank you!”

    Truly it was disastrous, the red and blue sneered outside of the lines and nothing was where it should have been. But it was his work and seeing him enjoy it was making her day ten times better. As she got lost in her thoughts Tatsumi’s hair began to turn a auburn brown and became a bit taller.

    Ren looked back at her and his bright blue eyes glowed brightly in the cafe light. He stood on his tippy toes and bunnie stuck in his other arm.

    “Mama” Ren smiled

    She blinked rapidly as his hair went back to ash-blond and his shirt turned into a dark purple. His eyes were ruby red and she was looking back at Tatsumi.

    “Miss (L/n)!” Tatsumi repeated

    (Y/n) blinked a couple times before smiling again, nodding her head to show he had her attention

    “Look!” And he pointed at the chalkboard

    She looked up and saw that he had successfully colored the whole thing. She smiled and went to ruffle his hair a bit, making the boy giggle.

    “That is amazing”

    Out of the corner of her eye, she swore another pair of red was piercing through at her.

    his hand began up her thigh, the other cupping her cheek “come on, (y/n)”

    (Y/n) held her hand over his over her cheek, tangling hers in his “ash i-“

    His other found her left cheek, blue eyes starring straight into hers as he kissed her hard. He pulled back “you’ll be fine babe~”

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    #bnha x reader #fanfic#bnha fanfiction #my hero academy fanfiction #bakugou x reader #bakugou fluff#bakugou imagine
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    Scout: I've done a lot of dumb things

    Spy: I've witness too much stupidity

    Demo: I've drukenly done too many stupid things

    Medic: I've accidently done something stupid

    Sniper: I stupidly missed something from 3 feet away

    Heavy: I've accidently broken engineers sentry

    Soldier: I've bravely done stupid things!!

    Pyro: Mphhh mphh mphhhh (set the kitchen on fire)

    Engineer: ...


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    Yandere Wammu x shy/smol reader

    All you had to do was stay inside today like Jojo and Caesar asked but no you heard whimpering outside and saw that it was a puppy that hurt  its paw so of course you went outside without hesitation to help the poor thing not knowing a certain pillar man was stalking you closely. He never seen anyone like you. So pure and small. 

     He saw you two weeks early with Jojo as he was scouting a place for his masters and him the rest. When he saw how Jojo teased you by holding things out of your reach it angered him. Why would anyone do something like that to you. After that he has watched you everyday. He notices how shy you are and short you are compared to most people you encounter. 

    This makes his obsession worsen. All he wants to do is protect you and give you everything you could ever wish for. He asked him masters if he could take you with him as his mate which they agreed because this was the first time Wammu ever asked them for something like this and they just want to see how it would plan out. Since you are always with Jojo or Caesar this is one of those rare times where he can get you and keep you to himself.

    “Aww you poor thing.” you cooed at the pup as it climb into your arms and buried it’s head into your breast whimpering. You picked up the hurt paw and examined it slowing. “There it is.” you said as you spotted the thorn in its paw and pulled it slowly pulled it out to not hurt the pup. Once you finally got it out, you put the pup on the ground. Surprisingly it didn’t go running to find it’s mom, it stayed right there with you. “Go on little guy. Your mom will be looking for you.” You tried coaxing it to leave but it just rubbed against you leg barking. You giggled picking it up.

    “Well...I just I could ask Jojo if I can keep you. Plus maybe I won’t get into to much trouble.” You said talking to the pup as it nuzzled  and licked your face.     You giggled but as you were about to walk back into the house, there was a snap of a twig. You stopped walking and looked around. “J-jojo?” You asked but there was no sound. You started walking backwards keeping an eye on the the other houses only to bump into someone. 

    You turned around quickly hoping to see Caesar but you saw an extremely tall good looking man that maybe in his mid-twenties or early thirties. “What’s are you doing out here all alone little one?” He asked in a deep voice as he put his hand on your shoulder. You look down in shyness and also because you were a little scared.

    “I was actually on my way back to my house. Bye sir.” you said quickly wanting to get far away from this man as possible but he didn’t let go of your shoulder. In fact he gripped it tighter to keep you in place.  “Oh no! This is just like the stories Jojo would tell me about women going out by themselves!” You thought to yourself . 

    The puppy noticing your panic started to growl at Wammu who was unfazed by the pup. “Si-sir please leave me alone... I don’t have any money or anything valuable. I was just saving a hurt d-og. P-lease don’t hurt me!” You said as tears fell on your cheeks as you held the growling dog closer to you.

    “I’m not here to hurt you little one. I would never hurt you.” Wammu said softening his hard gaze to look at your sad one. He never wanted to make you cry or make you scared. Just when you were about to say something you hear Jojo shouting as he was looking for you around the block. 

    “Jo-mphhhh!” Wammu put a hand over your mouth holding you close to him as a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere knocking you out and taking you both away. The last thing you before completely seeing Jojo running at full force in your direction. Wammu finally got what he wanted and he wasn’t about to let you go...not without a fight at least.

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    Today in another universe:

    Christina shakes her head at the same time she tries to not roll her eyes really hard while hearing a man talk about properties while Ruby follows him around the house they are over viewing

    “And with this wonderful kitchen you will have the best dinners for your family and invitees”

    “Oh no we don’t have family” Ruby slide a hand over the marble isle

    “Perphaps evenings with friends”

    Ruby click her tongue “Nope”

    The man adjust his tie “I guess you are married and not only good friends” he add awkward

    Christina now disgusted looking around the kitchen “Too small. My wife like better qualities”

    “I think this will work”

    “To sacrifice a virgin and drink its blood?” Christina full serious asked “Remember what happened the last time?”

    Ruby follow the cue “Mphhhh It won’t happen in here. The backyard is open”

    The seller start to laugh awkward “Always good to know a couple who likes to joke”

    Ruby gave a suggestive stare to Christina and both started laughing to but the platinum blonde’s laugh easily fade away to go all full serious again making the man sweat nervously

    “I think I will leave you now to check the surroundings by yourself. I’ll be waiting outside”

    Christina going next to a window turn her head “Don’t be too far”

    Ruby waiting and seeing the man do a speed walk going in the opposite direction they were “You don’t like it”

    “It doesn’t give me a good vibe. And here in Australia I am not going to use magic”

    “Oh you won’t?” Ruby approach to Christina “Our first home in Australia”

    “It has to be perfect. Like you”

    Ruby clicked her tongue “Do you want to check again the bedrooms”

    “Do you?”

    Ruby with a cheeky smile takes the hand of Christina “Let’s see how these fancy beds works”

    “Aye M’lady”

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    Funtime Freddy x reader chapter 2 - Danger

    Hello my peeps. FINALLY I finished my 2nd part of that fanfiction. Jesus. After nearly two years! But here it is. And this time my gf helped me once more. So please check her out @thefredricus ! Again, I hope I can finish off that fanfiction!First part-.> https://creeperchild.tumblr.com/post/177130218435/funtime-freddy-x-reader-chapter-1-the-encounter


                (y/n) = your name 

     _______________________________________________________________ You hold yourself tight and close to Freddy as he leads you through the dark establishment. Rustling of metal and the sound of steps echoe from all around you. Freddy turns to you, his sapphire eyes bright in the pure darkness.

    "Are you okay?" He asks, worried as his hand holds your hand a tad tighter. You could only answer with a short "yes" and you both continue to walk. Soon he stops and some sort of beeping noise can be heard. A door opens and a bright shine greets you. Funtime Freddy can only smile as he pulls you into the room with him. Apparently the bright light is a lamp that dangles from the ceiling, but it doesn’t illuminate much of the room. The bear lets go of your hand and starts to wave a bit while chuckling:

    "H~Hello friends! I have brought you somebody!" With that he steps aside, offering the darkness to glare at you. You stare back for a moment. A feminine voice echoes out of the darkness.

    "You must be new... am I right?" You nod slowly. A huge shadow piles up in front of you. You step back in fear and stumble over a wire and you fall on your butt. The mysterious shadow walks closer and finally steps into the light. 

    It is a girl-like animatronic with orange hair, put in two pigtails. Her white face is beautiful with her rosy cheeks and the bright smile on her lips. But in this situation it is rather creepy. She is wearing a red dress and clown shoes, fitting to the rest of her looks. She kneels down and puts her hands on her knees, getting a bit closer to you. You crawl back and press against the wall as you watch her, breathing heavily. From the corner of your eye you notice two shadows coming out of the darkness as well. One is a fox, a rather female looking one because of its fingernails and lipstick. A big tail waves slowly from side to side behind it. The other shadow is a person you already met. It is the ballerina from yesterday. You cringe at the awkward memory of kicking her in the face. The animatronic in front of you leans closer and speaks in a calm and slightly threatening voice:

    "You will not scoop us...will you?" Her green eyes wander over you. She stares for a while at your hurt wrist. You stay quiet and try to calm down as much as you can. You don’t want to admit it, but you are really creeped out now. The girl moves a bit closer and asks the same question again and accentuate the "will you?" You realise you have to answer and shake your head. The girl closes her eyes and sighs.

    "Anyways...", she stands up "my name is Circus Baby, but just call me Baby."

    "My name is Funtime Foxy. Nice to meet you!", the fox bows down and smiles at you. You can tell by the old-timey and deep voice that the fox is indeed a male. The ballerina walks slowly to you, every step perfectly placed as if she is on stage.

    "And I'm Ballora and I think that belongs to you." She hands you the shoe that you lost. Guilt fills your eyes when you stand up. As you take the shoe you start to stutter an apology for yesterday. But before you complete the first words she interrupts you.

    "It is fine. Everybody makes mistakes." She gives you a warm smile.

    "So...what is your name?", Baby asks curiously. You hesitate before answering:

    "(y-y/n)." You put your lost shoe back on where it belongs. 

    Baby grabs you all of a sudden by the neck and presses you against the wall. You struggle for air, but the strong metallic hand keeps you in one place. Baby slowly leans down and speaks, still in her soft and calm voice.

    "And if you dare to betray us...(y/n).. then this will be your end...", she tightens her grip as she speaks. Her eyes pierce through your soul as she stares down on you. She slightly opens her hand to give you the chance to breathe. Choking for air you nod slightly. Then, we you least expect it, Freddy jumps into the situation by throwing confetti in the air and Bonbon blowing a party whistle.

    " We have a new friend!!" Freddy happily exclaims. Baby rolls her eyes and finally lets go of you. You drop down onto your knees and gasp for air. This time the fox speaks to Freddy:

    "Pardòn Freddy, but don't you need to take care of the power system?"

    "Oh god! I forgot! I’m gonna be right back!" With those words the bear runs out of the room. Baby grabs you once more, but this time your wrist. You wince in pain as the clown girl examines the bruise. "You must be lucky...", whispers Baby as she runs her thick metal thumb over the wrist. Looking at her confused, not knowing what to say, you decide to stay silent. The girl lets out a sigh.

    “You don't know what I mean, right? Let's just say.. .Funtime Freddy can be a bit... extreme. Every person that came into his room where dead or in the hospital for nearly 8 months, but only if you are lucky enough." Your eyes widen in shock as you gulp your saliva down.

    "It's 6 am. We need to go now.", Ballora said. All of the animatronics walks out of the room, but not Baby. She turns around one last time.

    "Be careful with Freddy... one wrong move and it could be your demise...". 

    Now you sit all alone in the empty room. Slowly but surely you go back to the main room after the lights got turned on again. Ballora's gallery is HUGE. It takes a while, but you find your oh so familiar vent and make your way through. You stand up, brush the dust off of you and press the red button for the elevator. It takes a while before the rusty thing even bothers to move for you. Something tugs gently on your shirt. You slowly turn around and jump by the sight of Freddy.

    "Oh! sorry if I scared you..!". He sounds rather nervous and shy as he continues:

    " I~I just wanted to tell you... you..."

    "We like you alot, (y/n)!", Bonbon bursts out. Funtime Freddy immediately turns his head away, to hide his blushing face. You stare at Freddy for a while as he slowly drops his head down, ashamed. Baby's words came back into your mind. 'Be careful with Freddy' was now stuck in your thoughts. You didn't want to anger him for sure. So you did what was best for you: forced a smile and hugged him!

    "I like you too," you lie to the bear and hide your fear for him as best as you can. He hugs you tight and relief washes over you. Suddenly you feel some small hits on the right side of your back. Apparently Freddy hugs you so tight that he presses Bonbon's face into your back who also now struggles to get air and flails his tiny arms against your back for the hope to live.


    Freddy quickly pulls away from you as he notices his friend is dying. Bonbon inhales deeply as he got the chance. Finally the elevator arrives and opens the doors for you to enter. "Y-you come bac~back tonight, right?"Hope glimmers in his eyes when he asks the question. You nod and the doors close quickly after you step into it, sending you back to the surface. Freddy watches until you disappear into the huge tubes of the lift. He bursts into a loud cackle and bounces up and down like an excited school kid, celebrating what he just achieved.

    "Bonbon, SHE LIKES US!", the white bear squeals in excitement. Bonbon can’t help himself and squeals with him.

    "I KNOW RIGHT!?"

    "I h~have an idea. We should give her a surp~prise when she comes back!"

    You open the door to your house just to find your curious mom waiting for your arrival.

    "Good morning, (y/n)! How was your first night shift?" Your mom smiles happily. A sigh escapes you before you plop down into a chair opposite of hers.

    "It was okay, I guess." You don’t say much and just watch your mom stir her coffee with a spoon. Finally daylight breaks through the windows and lights up the big, white and sparkly clean kitchen. It is quiet for awhile.

    "So..anything interesting happened?" Your mother doesn’t want to give up apparently. She triggers all the memories of the events that happened last night. Everything flashes through your mind. The blackout. The Animatronics. Especially Freddy comes to your mind. The head of yours lowers down as you see your bruised arm again. Holding back the burning need to cry you stutter out:" No, nothing happened. I'm just tired and want to go to bed." Before your mom can say anything you are already running upstairs to your room.

    You quickly slip into your room and lock the door behind you. Warm tears burn against your cold face. You feel weak and alone. You crawl under the blanket in your bed and close your eyes in the hope that everything was just a bad dream. 'Why do I have such bad luck? Why are there living animatronics?? Why is Freddy like that?? Will I die..?'

    Before you know it, you doze off.

    A loud knocking throws you out of your sleep.

    "(y/n)? Are you awake?" It was your small brother as much as you can tell in your state. "What do you want?" You groan. Your brother snaps at you: "Dinner is ready, you buttface!" Loud and uneven footsteps can be heard as he makes his way downstairs. You sit up and stretch a bit to get rid of the tiredness. A sigh escapes you as the surrounding clears up to you. Your pink and cutesy room was always a thorn in your eye. The walls are in a pastel pink with some old horse designs on them. You asked, even begged your mom for a wallpaper change. But she always refused. You will always be her little princess. Luckily you covered the embarrassment with posters of bands, movies and games you love. At least, most of it. You jump out of your bed and head downstairs. The family is already there, waiting for you. You sit down on the only free chair and grab some food. As your family has a funny conversation about their favorite Tv show you don’t say much and stare down at your plate.

    "All okay?" The dad of yours asks, worried. You said nothing, afraid to tell him the truth.

    "Nothing, it's all okay.", you finally reply. 

    The rest of the day you mindlessly watch Tv to get rid of those horrible thoughts.

    But before you know it, it is time again. You reluctantly get up and slowly but surely prepare yourself for the night shift. You grab some clothes and head to the shower. Fighting with your own thoughts, you decide to go back to your job, because you desperately need the money. The refreshing shower helps you clear your thoughts a litte. After you dress yourself you get your backpack and stuff it with various items you might need. A flashlight, some drinks and snacks, your telephone and a handy toolbox. In front of the mirror you put your hair in a ponytail. [If you have short hair then just ignore it.]

    "Sweetheart, it's already passed half twelve! You gotta go now or you will be late!!" Your mom yells from downstairs. You don't even know why she is still up so late, but you don't bother too much to ask. The door squeak as you exit your safe house. 

    After the long bike ride of 20 minutes you finally see the sketchy building. It is barely visible because of the lack of street lights close by. You close your eyes for a moment to take a deep breath before you enter it. With fast steps, you go to the lift and close the doors. This time, you have a plan to survive. Just block off the vents and you'll be fine, right? HandUnit is quiet today, too quiet for your taste. The lights flicker as the elevator reaches the bottom floor. You get out and lower yourself to crawl through the vent. The space is a bit tighter, since you have your backpack on. Finally, you slip out of that stupid vent. You throw your bag onto the table and search for the toolbox inside of it. Strangely enough you feel like being watched. So you turn around and you figure you aren't wrong. Your body freezes as you see blue eyes piercing through the window in the darkness of Ballora's gallery, staring directly at you. You feel how your heart beats faster and faster. Sweat runs down your face as you feel how your body gets weaker. The illuminating eyes goes down for some reason and the sound of something, or someone in the vents can be heard.

    "No no NO!" You cry out as your panic goes through the ceiling. Quickly, you examine the room for something to save you. The only hope would be if you pull the table in front of the vent to block it off. So you grab the side of the table tight and pull with all your might. It won't budge even if you try your best. A moment of silence passes before a voice speaks.

    "What are you doing?"

    You sharply gasp as you turn around to look who the voice belongs to. 

    The blue eyes peer out of the vent to Ballora's room.

    "O-Oh n-nothing", you mumble out as you press against the table. The creature's white arm shoots out of the vent to pull itself out of it. A pink snout can be seen and then a head. It's Funtime Freddy who forced himself into the metallic vent and ended up in the room with you. The bear stands up and brushes the dust off his also pink belly. Bonbon waves at you a bit before Freddy steps closer to you without saying anything. He stretches his arm out to grab you, but you avoid his grasp by dodging it. You crawl on top of the table and accidently kick your backpack down. Funtime's eyes are locked onto you as he gets dangerously close. You curl up on the desk and wait for your death. But when Freddy puts his foots down, he hears a crunching noise and stops dead in his tracks. He lifts it up to see what he stepped on. A bag of chips lays on the ground. He blinks.

    "What is..?" Freddy mutters to himself as he picks it up and studies it with his eyes.

    "Chips.", you say.

    "C~Chips... what are chips?" His faceplates shift as he ask. Totally overwhelmed that this robot never heard of chips you raise an eyebrow in question.

    " Well it’s something to eat!" The bear’s eyes light up like christmas lights. The bunny squeals in excitement.

    " We only have pizza down here!"

    "And cupcakes, ice cream and cake!", the bear adds. "Can we try them, plleeeeeeaaase?", Freddy pleads while making big eyes to convince you. "O-of course..!" Forcing a smile on your lips as you say it. 

    The animatronic hands you the bag of chips and sits down on the table, making it squeak. Surprisingly it doesn’t break down by his weight. The smell of the potato chips hits you as you open the bag. Freddy curiously tilts his head to the side like a puppy and you shake the bag to encourage him to grab some. The bear slightly peeks inside before he decides to grab a chip. He studies it closely, viewing it from every angle before taking a bite. The fresh chip crunches while he chews on it. Freddy's eyes grow big.

    "Oh my gosh...THAT I~IS AMAZING!!" He immediately takes a handful more and shoves the chips in his mouth.

    " I want some too!" Bonbon shouts in excitement, clapping his hands. You smile slightly as you lean the bag towards him. The small bunny slips inside the bag to get some of the new found salty goodness. He struggles a bit before he gets some of the chips and tries them too. It is kinda cute how that small bunny tries to shove a whole chip in his tiny mouth while Freddy stuffs his face with handful of chips. As well as Freddy, Bonbon enjoyed the taste of the junk food.

    "They are really good! I want more!" You decide to give them the whole bag and watch them eat. It doesn’t take them too long to finish it off.

    "You guys want to try more stuff?" You ask. Both of them nod quickly as Freddy licks his fingers. You jump off the table and grab your bag to pull out the goodies you got for them. A chocolate bar, some cheese balls, Oreos and other fat-making snacks. The animatronics get really excited as they see the new and colorful packages. It is weird how Freddy can be creepy in one moment and in the other a super sweet teddy bear. The bear grabs the chocolate bar.

    "What is that?"

    "Chocolate!" You answer. " Humans love to eat chocolate!" He hands you the bar which you open quickly. You want to see how they react to that so you give both of them a whole row of the chocolate bar. All three of you take a bite. You close your eyes and enjoy the taste of the chocolate that melts in your mouth. 

    All of a sudden you hear a strange sound. You open your eyes to see where its coming from. A slight blush creeps over your cheeks as you realize it is Freddy who started to purr.

    His eyes are closed while being completely relaxed. He is also swinging his legs back and forth in the air. You watch him quietly for a while. He looks so peaceful right now. Even a bit adorable. Bonbon chews quickly on his piece of chocolate like a real bunny and notices your stare. He immediately pokes Freddy's cheek to make him aware too. His cheeks turn bright red when he notices you.

    "Well, (y/n), we have something for you too!" The bunny chuckles.

    "Y-Yeah we have…” Freddy adds while mumbling under his breath. He extends his shaky hand to you and accepts the fact that he is still blushing like crazy. His embarrassed face makes you smile slightly as you take the offer and put your hand in his. His fingers gently close around your hand as he stands up. He leads you to the vent where he came from.

    You crawl in first and Freddy directly after you. You wonder how Freddy can even fit through the vent if you already have problems with it. Finally, you enter Ballora's gallery and stretch out your body. The bear struggles out of the vent and quickly stands up. You feel how his hand grabs yours gently and pulls you behind him as he enters the abyssal room. 

    The only thing you can see are some dim lights far away. The familiar tune from yesterday. Funtime Freddy stopped.

    "Oh h~hello Ballora!" The music stops as the female animatronic speaks up.

    "Oh, hello Freddy. I didn't hear you coming..." Two eyes light up in front of Freddy.

     "[y/n], it's nice to see you too today. I am glad you came back...!" You can’t say much but wave slightly at her. You are still creeped out by this place. Alot. 

    "I have to go now Ballora! I need to show [y/n] a surprise!", mentions the bear before he walks past Ballora, with you behind him. You both finally reach the breaker room. With the creaking of the door, he drags you into the room. The, oh, so familiar place with the wires where you first met the crazy bear. But there is something different this time. You immediately notice a big, white box on the floor in front of you, adorned with a red ribbon. It’s a present! 

    "TADAAA~!", Bonbon squeals out. Freddy finally leaves your hand alone and smiles wider than before. With excitement, nearly singing, he exclaims: "C~Come on, ooooopen it~!!"

     You slowly step forward. Something is really off. A present in the middle of an empty room screams like a trap. Oh gosh, you wish you could run now, but as you look back for a second you realise that he stands directly in front of the door. He would catch you like a goalkeeper would with a ball. Only one option left. You kneel down and slowly remove the carefully wrapped paper around the mysterious box. You hold your breath when the bear steps closer. 

    He is right behind you now! 

    You begin to shake when the last pieces of paper are removed by your hands. 'Oh god ,what could be in there,' you think. Probably a severed head as far as you could tell! You grab both of the tabs of the box and finally bend them to the side and you find-

    "SURPRISE!!", screams the bear right in your ear, which makes you flinch hard and you fall to the side. How could he be so close to your head already? You lay on the floor as you realise you hold something soft against your chest. So you decide to look at your gift. It’s a small white and pink bear with a blue bunny as his right paw. It looks really goofy. 

    "Is that you?" You ask in a bit of disbelief. The bear nods proudly.

    "They made plushies of the w~whole gang! But they stopped producing them, since the shutdown!" 

    "We had to search for a while for the stuffed friend here!" Bonbon adds. You can’t help but smile. At least a bit. You slowly stand up and hug the huge metallic bear.

    "Thank you, Freddy and Bonbon! This is so nice from you two!" Freddy has no answer but to hug you as gentle as he can, as well with Bonbon. It is quiet. It feels even peaceful, but something got stuck in your brain that would haunt your mind. 

    'What shutdown?' 

    Combined with what Baby said yesterday, it made a poisonous mixture of distrust in the back of your head. You break quickly and abruptly from the hug, which confuses the robots. 

    "What's wrong?" questions the bunny. You decide that the tiles on the ground are more interesting to look at than Bonbon.

    "Nothing." You rub your arm, still focused at the floor. Freddy slowly takes a step towards you, but you reply by turning your whole body away. Freddy sighs and speaks up, more softer, quieter and with a bit of a quiver in his voice.

    "You are afraid o~of me. A~Aren't you, [y/n]...?" You can't answer, like your mouth is sewn shut or dried out. But that is a clear answer for Freddy anyway. You turn around to see the bear stumble away from you. His face is hidden in his paw and his back is turned against you. Even Bonbon looks away, but sometimes glances at you with a face of sadness and betrayal. Motivated by guilt, you cautiously make your way to Freddy.

    "I-I am s-"

     "G~Go away...", mumbles Freddy with a kinda sobbing voice. Ignoring what he said you get even closer, wanting to comfort him and Bonbon. All of a sudden Freddy swings his arm at you and screams.

    "I SAID GO AWAY!!" Barely dodging the fist of doom, you fall to the ground once again. The bear steps over you and looks down at you in your fragile position. The lack of light in the room coats his face in darkness. He looks even more scary from this angle. He speaks up, more energetic and angry.

    “WE THOUGHT WE COULD TRUST YOU! I~I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU! BUT YOU DON'T EVEN TRUST ME!" You can’t make out any details in his face, but you know he is really upset. The atmosphere is tense. It pinches your throat as if it doesn’t want you to inhale the cold and dry air. Suddenly you feel something wet and warm on your knee, like a warm raindrop. Yet another one and another. Is Freddy... crying? The tall shadow starts to break down onto the ground with a big thud. He arches his back, crying out loud and tries to hide his tear filled face, curling up in a ball while he sits on his legs. You can't help but to tear up too. But if you don’t go now, he might do something horrible to you, even though you feel bad for him. Therefore, you get up quickly, run to the door and slip through the crack that is still open.

     As you run through the darkness, you hear the bear cry out a scream of pain. The whole facility could hear the agony. It just made you run faster, getting away from a possible killer bear and the guilt you carry around with you now. With one go you slip through the vent and start to close off every connection that might involve a room with an animatronic. His screams and cries don't stop in the meantime, they become more died down and spaced out, but still consistent. You pack your bag as quick as you can and swing it onto your back, when a slam on the glas scared the hell out of you. On the left side you see Foxy slamming against the window.

    "What did you do to our friend?!", speaks the pissed off fox and hits even harder against the glass with his manicured hand. Ballora joins him on the other side and speaks with a soft, yet threatening voice.

    "Why did you hurt him? We aren't what you think!" You finally get out of the shock and bolt to the elevator. You spam the button, hoping that it will get there faster, even if that means you break your finger by doing so. Finally the elevator comes down and opens its two rusty doors for you. You take your chance and get in just in the right time. Some glass shatters before the doors close completely and send you upwards. You try to calm down now. The cold sweat drips down your nose and it even covers your back.

    The HandUnit snaps up on your way up to freedom. 

    "You’ve finally done it...", a calm female voice exclaims.

    "You are not better than the others. We thought we could trust you. You were the one. The one that saves us. And yet, you betrayed us and broke our hearts. Please, never come back to this place or we will make sure that you will not get out again..." With that the doors open to the outside world. Quickly, you run outside and inhale the fresh and cold air. The urge to cry is getting stronger, so you give in to it and let it all out. You sprint to your bike and unlock it with shaking hands. You don't know if they can get out and chase you down. You don't want to risk it. The face of yours is covered in snot and tears as you finally sit on your bike and pedal your way home. It is 2:54 o'clock in the morning as you finally get into your room. You jump onto your bed and cry your eyes out until you can't stay awake anymore.

     The next day you wake up harshly by the ringtone of your phone. You wonder who is calling? You look at the time first: 7 am sharp.

    "Hello...?" you ask with a raspy and dying voice.

     "WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE LOCATION?!" Oh snap! It is your boss! The screaming wakes you even further up.

     "What happened..?" You ask, kinda scared. 


    You have no words. Did Freddy get into a rampage? 

    "THEREFORE I WILL FIRE YOU AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PAYCHECK EITHER! BE HAPPY I WILL NOT SUE YOU!" With that the manager called off. You are too exhausted to be upset about it. Closing your eyes, you think about those two nights. The encounter and what happened afterwards. You think about the animatronics. Foxy. Ballora. Circus Baby... Freddy... 

    "Oh gosh, I am such an idiot..." You speak to yourself as you slap your forehead with your bare palm. 

    After two hours of self loathing, you decide to go downstairs and eat breakfast. Your slow and heavy steps alert the other family members.

    "Good morning, sweetheart!", chirps your mum as she notices your being. Her face turns worried as she realise your red and puffy face. It kinda looks like it got attacked by a swarm of bees, so much did you cry yesterday. Your hair made it even look worse! You notice her concern and reply immediately.

    "I am okay...!"

    "What's the truth, sweety?" She doesn’t believe a word you stammer out. You guess it’s a mom intuition. But you don't want to tell her the whole story that happened. You would probably sound crazy. 

    "I got fired yesterday," you mutter. Your mom gasps a bit.

    "Oh I am sorry to hear..." It gets quiet around the table as the both of you said nothing. 

    From this day on you are looking for jobs. Everyday from now you always get declined, it was like a curse! Days and weeks pass...but ...you can't stop thinking about him. 

    Funtime Freddy. 

    At evening you lay in your bed, frowning after you got a message saying that you got declined once again. Putting your phone aside, you stare at the ceiling and your mind goes everywhere. It stops by a certain point, once more, on Freddy. Your cheeks warm up by the thought of the robot. Oh, how you wish he would be there for you. 

    'What am I thinking??' You snap at yourself.

    ‘Have I gone insane and have Stockholm syndrome on top of that?' But you can't deny that you caught some feelings for him. 

    You wonder if he is okay.

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  • wangxianpatriarch
    24.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Butterfly — TGCF 天官赐福

    Tian Guan Ci Fu | HuaLian

    Summary: Hua Cheng gets an idea to perform his artistic skills on Gege’s beautiful bare upper body. Xie Lian? Well, he gets a pretty drawing. And he’s ticklish. 

    Notes: Guess who’s a lot at home and wrote another one of these! Meeee. I am craving so much HuaLian tickle fluff that I get overwhelmed every single time when I want to write one, so I’m glad I got this one finished in one sit. Just some domestic lovers being a couple of dorks! (Also on Ao3)

    Word Count: 1K+

    On rainy days, Hua Cheng and Xie Lian usually wouldn’t mind going out. Hua Cheng would carry his umbrella and the two would make romantic tours through landscapes of nature, climb mountains effortlessly, and enjoy the scent and sound of the rain.

    Not today, though. Today they stayed in. Hua Cheng sat at his table, forced there by Xie Lian to practice his handwriting.

    “This is no fun, Gege. We should just go out and enjoy the rain,” Hua Cheng said as he continued to produce ugly works of writings. Xie Lian disagreed.

    “No no no, this is a good moment to practice. An excuse to stay inside and improve your skills, San Lang. You always want to go outside.” Xie Lian was positioned on the floor. His upper body bare. His legs hung on top of their bed, and he worked out by doing simple crunches.

    Hua Cheng’s eye continued to flutter up, totally distracted by this torturous way Xie Lian had chosen to spend his time.

    “No fair...” Hua Cheng muttered. Admiring Xie Lian’s half naked body doing crunches resulted in even uglier handwritings, and he just sighed.

    “I still can’t believe it. You draw so well, but write so bad...” Xie Lian commented as he continued doing his crunches; from his position he had a good view on his own portrait that hung above their bed. Hua Cheng had drawn a new one recently, and Hua Cheng even had to admit himself it was truly stunning.

    “Hm... You know what? I know a better way to spend our time here.” Hua Cheng took the brush and ink and strode over to where Xie Lian was working out. 

    “Wha- hey!” Xie Lian whined when he grabbed his arms and tugged them under his legs, sitting down on them and pinning them effectively to the floor.

    “Can you get off?” Xie Lian asked cutely, looking up at him with his cute face that had gotten slightly rosy from working out.

    “No. You speaking of my artistic skills reminded me that I could use this, to do something else,” Hua Cheng said, twirling the brush before Xie Lian’s eyes which blinked in confusion.

    “You have a beautiful body, Gege, but surely you might wonder what it will look like if I draw something on it?” Hua Cheng said, caressing Xie Lian’s bare chest with his flat hand. Xie Lian squirmed.

    “Sure, but... Hmh!” Xie Lian’s eyes widened when one of Hua Cheng’s silver butterflies slowly landed on his lips. 

    “....?” Xie Lian looked so cute that it made Hua Cheng chuckle. 

    “A butterfly, I will draw a butterfly, right here. Alright?” Even if it wasn’t alright, Xie Lian couldn’t really talk. Well, of course he could, but he chose not to, not wanting to scare the butterfly away. He simply rolled his eyes playfully, but his lips were carefully stretching lightly into a sweet smile, admitting defeat.

    “Hmph hmhmhm,” Xie Lian said, wiggling his trapped arms. Hua Cheng of course understood him and glanced down at them.

    “Oh this? This is to make sure you won’t mess up my drawing before it dries up. Besides,” Hua Cheng said, dipping the brush in the ink he had placed next to him. He then bent over Xie Lian again and brought the brush down to his bare torso.

    “It might tickle,” he added. Xie Lian’s eyes widened again, but the tip of the cold brush already made contact with his stomach and started to move. Xie Lian twitched slightly and sucked in his stomach, but soon again breathed out and allowed Hua Cheng to make the first few moves. Not that Xie Lian had much of a choice.

    “Hmphph!” Xie Lian whined. The butterfly on his lips moved its wings a little but stayed right where it was. Hua Cheng smiled and looked down at it. 

    “Good good, my little model. Just stay like that.” Xie Lian looked up at him with that adorable blush, probably because it almost seemed as if Hua Cheng had talked to Xie Lian instead of the butterfly, calling him his little model. 

    “Hmmm a beautiful butterfly, right around your belly button Gege. How does that sound? Here, one of its wings....” Hua Cheng dragged the brush over his sensitive skin, causing him to let out soft muffled noises. Lifting his head carefully, Xie Lian looked at what he was doing. 

    “Na-ah, it will be a surprise,” Hua Cheng said, gently placing his hand on Xie Lian’s head and pushing him back down.

    “Hmmmmmm~~~!” Xie Lian let out another long dramatic whine and his body reacted especially when Hua Cheng started to draw on his lower abdomen.

    “Tickles, right? Ah, this is so much more fun than practicing my handwriting. You’re right Gege. My artistic skills are good, and it’s sad to let them go wasted on a rainy day like this.” 

    “Pfhmhmhm!” Glancing down, Hua Cheng could see Xie Lian had his eyes squeezed shut. He was just too sensitive for this. Smirking, he couldn’t help himself and placed the brush down for a moment so he could flex his fingers all over Xie Lian’s bare tummy.

    “Ah, I should prepare your skin better before I draw on it, one moment,” he said casually, fluttering his fingers over the bare skin and tickling him lightly. Muffled squeaks came from beneath the silver butterfly.

    “Hmmmmmh!” Xie Lian was just too pure, too careful with the butterfly to actually just let all that held back laughter loose. Hua Cheng could feel him squirm and tug at his trapped arms, and he bent further forward so he could also tickle his lower sides, scribbling all over them teasingly with his ten fingers. Xie Lian squirmed and danced adorably.

    “Mphhhh!” The butterfly wasn’t the least bit disturbed by all those weird noises coming from those lips it was sitting on. It even flapped its wings and shifted its position, but did not leave.

    “Right. We’re good. Let’s continue,” Hua Cheng said after a good amount of that.

    Xie Lian’s eyes rolled back hopelessly as Hua Cheng continued his artwork. Goosebumps were rising everywhere Hua Cheng could see from the feeling of the cold ink brush returning to the warm bare skin. Sometimes Hua Cheng sneakily tickled his side with his other hand, then complained about him moving too much and ruining the masterpiece.

    “There, almost finished,” Hua Cheng said after a significant amount of minutes of ticklish torture for Xie Lian.

    “Final touch~” Hua Cheng added, and with a snap of his fingers the butterfly finally left Xie Lian’s lips and he gasped for air.

    “San Lang! You! Wha- Aaaaahahahah!” Setting the brush aside, Hua Cheng now finally decided to tickle Xie Lian a little bit more while being able to hear his pure bright laughter. That was the final touch, since the drawing was already finished. He just needed to indulge.

    With almost all of Xie Lian’s bare torso covered with a huge fine and detailed butterfly, its wings filled with beautifully drawn patterns, Hua Cheng had little choice but to go after both unprotected armpits so he wouldn’t mess up the ink that was now drying. 

    “S-San Laaaahahaaaang!” The cutest whiniest laugh came out of Xie Lian, followed by several more adorable squeaks and giggles.

    “Stohohop! Enaahaha-enough! Not faahahair!” Kicking his legs that were still on top of the bed all this time, Xie Lian struggled and squirmed, but Hua Cheng was pretty much in control and decided those underarms were going to be tickled until he was satisfied.

    “Mehehercy! No mohohore eyaaaahaha!” Xie Lian’s melodious laughter filled the room, and lasted until the painting had dried and Hua Cheng finally thought he had given him a hard enough time. Ceasing his attack, he leaned down, planted a kiss on Xie Lian’s lips and then finally got up from his arms. 

    Right after he did, he massaged those arms fondly since they must have gotten a little bit sore. Xie Lian immediately sat up and caught his breath.

    “Woah! That was - Ahh! Come on! Did you really have to?” He was totally flustered, yet still, with the sweetest smile he got on his feet and hopped towards the mirror to admire the butterfly. 

    “It’s very beautiful,” Xie Lian said, admiring his reflection. Hua Cheng stood behind him and wrapped his arms around his neck.

    “Right?” He kissed Xie Lian’s neck and cheek, making him giggle again.

    “But San Lang, really, was this your revenge on me for forcing you to practice your writing on a rainy day?” Xie Lian asked as he turned around in his embrace, wrapping his arms around him as well and standing on his tiptoes to kiss his lips. 

    “While showing off in front of me and seducing me with this here-” Hua Cheng finished for him after a soft kiss, poking at Xie Lian’s tummy and making him squeak.

    “Of course it wasn’t. I just wanted to draw!” he said very innocently. Xie Lian gave him a look through the mirror.

    “Alright then. That’s right. My revenges come in style, don’t they? Look how pretty it is,” Hua Cheng admitted, tracing his fingertips over the butterfly on Xie Lian’s body. Xie Lian squirmed a little, giggling at the ticklish sensation.

    “You’re right, they do come in style.” They kissed each other tenderly again. The sound of the rain outside was as soothing as ever, especially now that they were having such an intimate moment right after their little incident of random creativity and ticklish playfulness.

    “But,” Xie Lian finally said, interrupting their kiss, and his hands wandered down and circled around Hua Cheng’s middle. 

    “I think you should get one too. If I draw one on you, we will have matching art on our bodies for the day. How is that?” Xie Lian asked cheekily. Hua Cheng blinked at him in surprise. 

    “Really? Well, that’s...” he said, not having his positive answer ready within the next few seconds as he smiled awkwardly. 

    “What, you don’t happen to be ticklish here San Lang?” Xie Lian teased, running his fingers over his stomach through his clothes, Hua Cheng flinched just slightly.

    “Of course not, Gege. If you want to give me a butterfly as well, San Lang is all yours,” he offered sweetly with the warmest smile. Xie Lian giggled again and kissed his lips. He then gently shoved him backwards so he could lie down, comfortably on bed, but besides that with a very similar fate.

    “Well then, why don’t we get started? Where is that pretty little model?” The butterfly came fluttering back and landed on Hua Cheng’s lips just as he had done to Xie Lian, making the Crown Prince smile. 

    Hua Cheng knew that the fact he was voluntarily going through with this brought his sweet lover so much joy, but of course he also knew Xie Lian hoped to give him a little bit of a hard time. 

    Xie Lian took away the clothing that covered his torso, and hovered the brush above his now bare body.

    “Ready?” he asked. Hua Cheng smiled.

    Since he also decided not to talk while a butterfly sat on his lips, he answered in their communication array, “Ready when you are.” 

    Let’s just say that Xie Lian’s muffled pleas and laughter weren’t the only sounds that had joined the rain that day in creating beautiful soothing music, for the Ghost King too had quite the sensitive reactions to that damned paintbrush on his body. Still, those matching butterflies were definitely going to be a thing. 

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