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    Mr. Write t-shirt>>>>>>>>>>

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  • PenStation - Trouble On My Mind (Freestyle) PenStation

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    Here’s some new heat for ya courtesy of Riddles and Mr. Write! More bars on the way!

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  • I’ve been playing Genshin impact for the past hour or so-
    Uh- Kaeya and Lisa? Shut up and take my hand in marriage

    #I LOVE THEM ??????????? #SO MUCH..... #KAEYA MORE THAN LISA BUT SHHHH-- #Mr. Steal yo Grill;; {OOC} #will I Write? .....maybe.
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  • the beast inside of me is gonna get you | vedran corluka/luka modric

    help me tear down my reason.

    1.8k words

    #type: writing on the wall #type o negative references for da homies #hbd mr incelhugochavez u rock
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  • @ mcyt fandom. allow me to introduce you to the pete wentz post

    #dream smp#dreamwastaken#dreamnotfound#mcyt#dnf#technodream#dreamnap#georgenap#schlattbur #sleepy bois inc #apologies to mr blade but if he does not enjoy my writing him with the smiley green man he can wipe away his tears with his hundred dollar #minecraft bills#rpf #sorry to any fob people who see this im trying to make a point
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  • gunmax & toudou drabble. please enjoy! i’ve had this in my head for a while.

    tw: descriptions of a motorcyle crash/death by car collision. 

    Gunmax had that lingering feeling that he shouldn’t be in Toudou’s deskspace. But, it was in the repair room, he just so happened to walk up to it. No big deal! He doesn’t think the engineer would really mind. It just drew his attention, due to the fact that some personal items were sitting on their desk. The Brave mech knelt down, optics scanning the chief engineer’s office space. Besides the computer in the middle, lay some die-cast car models, one being of the blue Austin-Healy Toudou proudly owns. Notebooks, files, pens, and blueprints laid sprawled over the desk, with some sketches of the combinations of the Braves.

    There were framed photos of the Brave team on the left side. Gunmax smiled to himself, as his optics drifted over each member of his team. Below at their feet was Commissioner Saejima, dawned with his aviator sunglasses and striking a pose alongside Yuuta, and a beaming Toudou. He then settled his gaze to the next framed photo, a younger Toudou posed next to a brand new Chevrolet Belair, sporting a wide goofy smile and a thumbs up. Judging by the oil stains on the engineer, this was probably another finished car project he’s done. “Huh, oh chief. You were a serious car junkie.” he chuckled to himself. There was one last smaller frame, partially hiding behind the other. Gunmax couldn’t help but pull it out to view it. 

    It pictured Toudou again. A bit older, smiling and arm over the shoulder of a handsome young man with biker clothes, dawning dark shades and sporting a wide smile. On one hand, he was saluting, while the other held his biker helmet. The two were next to a jet black 1984 Harley-Davidson Low Rider. Upon closer inspection, there was a written date in the lower-left corner. ‘September 23rd, 2000’ Gunmax studied the picture intently. He’s never seen the young man next to Toudou before. They seemed close, maybe they were a former colleague? Family member? Gunmax frowned to himself as he stared at the picture again. He wasn’t sure why, but there pooled a feeling in his A.I circuits. A feeling the Brave mech could only describe as ‘eerily familiar’. That feeling only increased as he flinched to the sound of Toudou’s voice behind him. Gunmax whirled around, peering down to see the chief engineer, looking back up at him.

    “Er, Chief…what’s up? I–just, I just decided to take a look around. You have neat pictures.” the Brave mech gave them an awkward toothy grin. Toudou didn’t respond right away, but he returned the smile at the detective. He then focused ahead to his desk, he raised his head motioning towards it.

    “Taken a good look at that one hm?” his voice, always sounding so gruff, a result of a hard-working man. But this time, was quietly smooth, sincere. He walked up to the desk, as Gunmax shifted himself to the side. 

    “Uh, yeah. Who’s that guy you’re with chief?” the mech just had to know. “It sorta…drew my attention.” he shrugged. Toudou picked up the photo frame, his expression softened as he looked at it, his smile faded away. “You’re looking at my only son.” he managed to pull out.

    Son. Gunmax was taken back. Toudou had a son? Since when?! Why the hell was the Brave mech not informed about it? Much less, why Toudou never mention anything about him having one, to anyone in HQ in that matter? Gunmax shook his head in disbelief. He couldn’t be upset with Toudou. Despite the man sharing almost anything with the detective, there were things to be kept private. Toudou gave the photo one last look before he set it aside. He leaned back against his desk, crossing his arms. He kept his gaze at the floor. “Yep. Naoki was his name. That picture was taken a day before…before I lost him.” clenching his jaw, Toudou flicked his eyes up to the mech. 

    Gunmax felt immediately sorry for the engineer. He was hesitant to push this further, but he just had to know more. “How–how did he die chief?”

    Toudou shook his head, silent holding back the tears, his face tight with the oncoming emotional response to the thought of it. “Collision. A freight truck collided with him at full speed, with little time to divert it. He—“ Toudou squeezed his eyes shut. “—he was crushed beneath the wreckage of his bike and the trailer. He died upon impact.”

    Shit…Gunmax furrowed his optics. That was heavy. This was unbelievably tragic. The Brave mech couldn’t even imagine how hard it was to accept the reality of it. To even think it he was the only kid Toudou ever had…it was heartbreaking. It then impressed the mech to see how in the past Toudou was always such a dedicated, passionate engineer. He was always at work and always determined to get the job done- no matter what. Little did he know such a tragedy existed within the engineer’s personal life. Gunmax kept his attention at Toudou, who was now puffy-eyed, blinking back tears as his fingers gripped slightly at the fabric of his sleeves. He was fighting back the pain. The old memories, the trauma resurfacing. Gunmax felt the stinging sensation of guilt in his oil tanks. His A.I chip sparked strong waves of sympathy. God, what a blessing and a curse it was to feel real human emotional pain.

    “Chief, I—I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I’m asked—“ Toudou raised a hand, shaking his head.

    “No, you’re fine. I knew this day would come. Gunmax, I have to tell you something.” Toudou raised his head at the mech.

    “After—after my son died, I felt like everything came to a screeching halt. My life goals were no longer important. My motivation diminished completely. I struggled to even decide whether I’d keep my job as an engineer. The days after he passed away, I couldn’t function as a human being. I had to accept the reality of it during his funeral. It took too many years to mourn him, but with the help of Guv, I was able to move on. So then- came the Brave project. At that point in my life, I have nested myself in new surroundings, a new goal in life: Building a more secure, more capable police force of robots.” He looked down to his spread of notes and blueprints.

    “Then, the decision of a highway patrol came to. In that time, I started my work with Guv in designing you, Gunmax.” He glanced over to pick up the small framed photo.

    “If I were, to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever truly let go. I’ve learned to accept that he was gone, but it still hurts. That’s when I came to, I was assured that the others didn’t notice….”

    Gunmax leaned in, lowering his voice. “Didn’t notice…what?” 

    Toudou looked up, smiling sadly at the Brave. “I modeled you after my late son, Gunmax.”

    There was a cutting edge silence in the air between the two. Gunmax stood frozen where he was. He could’ve sworn his A.I chip ‘skipped a heartbeat’.

    “Chief…” he barely managed to utter out. His whole body grew stiff. It could be the closest thing to what a human would describe as ‘heart-stopping’. Was this the feeling of complete shock? Letting out a shaky breath, his chest plate heaved with receiving such information. “You didn’t…” a hand flew over his mouth. He felt his optics sting with tears. Tears? Jeez, he didn’t even think that was possible.

    “When installing your databanks, I had programmed it to have your personality based off of him. I thought to myself, this was madness. Pure madness. A selfish act on my behalf. Yet–yet I continued. The face design you have was based on his features. This is why—you were so drawn to this photo in the first place. Gunmax, you became the closest thing to having a son again. This is why you’re so damn special to me. This is why—why you’re my baby.” He croaked, gave the Brave mech a wide sincere smile, his face now smeared with streaming tears. 

    Gunmax bit his bottom lip, chuckling in between his sobs.

    “Dammit Pops, you—you son of a—“ The Brave started, realizing he always has seen the man as like his own, his dearest friend, his father.

    Gunmax felt himself embracing a tidal wave of emotions, his body wanting nothing but to overload and shut off from such a strong surge of emotion. Yet, he wanted to hug the man. He wanted to burst out crying like a toddler. The mech tried as best as he could to have the engineer hug him. For the first time in his life online, Gunmax felt a genuine warmth brew inside him. A type of warm feeling one would get in between human interactions, between father…and son.

    #my writing#drabble#one shot#gunmax#shunsuke toudou#toudou #mr. toudou #brave police j decker #bpjd#short story #did i just drop a headcanon i've had for so long? yes. yes i have.
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    “She had the oddest sense of being herself; invisible; unseen; unknown…”

    - Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

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  • Victorian Series

    This is the prologue to a collection of reader inserts of all the Jojos set in the Victorian era.

    Premise: Mr. Joestar’s eight children are acting quite out of character. Unbeknownst to him are the love troubles each Jojo was experiencing

    Warnings: A very worried and confused father


    It is a truth universally acknowldged that all of Mr. Joestar’s children doesn’t quite fit in too much with the Victorian crowd. And as a father of 8, he has learned to accept that fact. He was used to judging stares (both agreeable and distasteful ones, depending on which child they were looking at really). But he loved his children dearly, more than what societal standards might say. They’re all very good people in their own way;

    First there is his kind, and admittedly quite clumsy, Jonathan who is always first at the dining table. Most times he failed to wait for his other siblings to come. The behemoth is always quite hungry! Goodness knows which side of the family he got that from.

    Second is his very cheeky rule breaker, Joseph. His actions are more questionable to him than most of his other children. He found it hard to lecture Joseph. This boy only seemed to listen to his fisticuff trainer, Lisa Lisa. And how many times did he tell Joseph not to fight in the underground arenas in town? He couldn’t count anymore.

    Third, (Mr. Joestar had to heave a sigh) his utterly rude but well-meaning Jotaro. This boy was born in a ship while he travelled with his beloved wife. And the name was kindly suggested by his Japanese crewmate and friend. He said it was supposed to signify a person with a pure heart, depending on how it is written in the complex characters of the Japanese. But, my oh my, how Mr. Joestar wished he’d lower his voice sometimes especially towards his siblings.

    Fourth is his bubbly and spirited Josuke (his wife became quite fond of Japanese for a time). This boy is his ultimate mediator, together with the occassional Giorno who may or may not mediate, helping resolve sibling fights. He’d do anything to help his loved ones just don’t mention his peculiar hairdo. Even he has to keep quite about his opinions of it.

    Fifth is his ambitious and enigmatic Giorno. He seemed to be doing really fine in law school. The boy has a dream, a political one. And it excited Mr. Joestar to see it unfold. Hopefully, the Lord could spare him a life a little longer than his beloved just to see not only Giorno, but all his children succeed.

    Sixth is his only flower, Jolyne. Blast! How in the world did Joseph manage to pull Jolyne into the fisticuff world?! But if he thought about it, his daughter never really was the embroidery or baking type. She always rode horses with Johnny or play chess with him when he had time. Still, this girl never failed to greet him everytime he came home tired.

    Seventh is the Joestar’s resident jockey, Johnny. It seems that he’s been doing well and is able to ride horses again after meeting their new Italian neighboor, Gyro Zeppeli. Mr. Joestar’s happiness at the sight of him riding again instead of brooding gave the father in him joy. He always tried to please the boy before to no avail. He only had Gyro to thank.

    Last is his quiet and curious Gappy. This boy disliked public gatherings, even intimate ones! And that he shared with Jotaro. Gappy’s lack in social skills he poured in his passion, taxidermy. Entering his room is always a marvel to Mr. Joestar. It was full of cabinets lined with animals he neatly worked on. And he thought it uncannily awesome!

    But as of the moment, Mr. Joestar found himself in a predicament. All his children aren’t acting like they used to.

    As the usual first person sitting down for breakfast, the most uncanny sight befell him; Gappy, who always arrived late for any arrangement, was the earliest, even before him nor Jonathan at that! Where was Jonathan? And what was the occassion?

    “Ah, what is this peculiar sight?” Mr. Joestar noted as he sat down.

    “Father.” Gappy offered him a tight smile before focusing his gaze on his lap again. His usual bright purple eyes was splashed with what could Mr. Joestar assume to be loneliness.

    “Is everything okay?” A worried father had to ask.

    “Yes.” Gappy answered with a heavy sigh.

    What a very convincing answer. Mr. Joestar thought. Before he can inquire more upon the subject, Joseph stomped his way towards the dining table, pulled a chair, and slammed his bottom on it to join this very happy morning they currently have. He rested his elbow on the table while his cheek pressed to his palm. Mr. Joestar would scold him for his rude behavior if not for the unusual visible frustration on his visage.

    “It’s rare to see a pout on your face, Joseph. What’s the matter?” He asked.

    Fortunately for Mr. Joestar, Joseph was chatty enough. “Bloody hell!” Joseph began, and Mr. Joestar had to stop himself from spitting his morning tea. “How the hell should I have known she liked daisies more than roses?!” Joseph yapped.

    “D-daisies?” Mr. Joestar was at a loss. And to his dismay, Joseph went back to sulking which didn’t really help him understand what was happening.

    Mr. Joestar was still in the process of understanding his two sons when another arrived;

    “Good morning.” Jotaro greeted as he sat down. Even Gappy and Joseph were surprised upon hearing this. Jotaro never greets anyone. That is just a fact they’ve all silently agreed upon. “Jonathan’s not eating today. He told me to tell you.”

    Wait…not….Jonathan is not eating? What in God’s holy name is happening to his sons?! Yes, part of him is glad that Jotaro decided to finally be polite for once. But he’s not even done processing his other sons’ situations yet!

    “What’s for breakfast?” Johnny, who just got out of his downstairs room, joined the party with a wide smile spread across his face.

    Mr. Joestar gaped at the sight of his lanky blonde son actually sitting with them for breakfast. Usually, Johnny would be in a hurry to go riding with Gyro!

    Mr. Joestar sat there wondering if these were really his sons. Perhaps he was still dreaming? Maybe the Lord Almighty answered some of his prayers that his sons be polite for once? Well, he couldn’t say so with Joseph, but still. Oh if only his wife was still with them. What would she do?

    The head of the family wasn’t spared still when he saw his only girl walking down the stairs. “Jo-Jolyne?” He was wide-eyed in utter surprise. His flower was wearing a dress, a contrast to her usual boyish trousers and blouse.

    “You look okay.” Jotaro complimented. Mr. Joestar had to clean his ears. Did Jotaro really just say that?

    “Thanks.” Jolyne mumbled, face coloring a little at the sudden remark from the most unexpected person. “I didn’t want to wear it.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest after sitting down with them. “My valet insisted.” Her faced colored more at the mention of her valet.

    Following Jolyne was a disheveled Josuke, wearing the same trousers from yesterday, his crumpled undershirt half tucked under it. And most shockingly, his hair was undone!

    “Apple Charlotte anyone?” A familar voice asked. And when Mr. Joestar found the owner of the voice, he was greeted with the sight of Giorno. He wore a white apron, apple pie carried by hands clothed with mittens. Did Giorno…bake?! Since when does he bake?

    And Josuke too. Where is his usual crisp clothing? Of all his sons, Josuke was the only one who didn’t need a valet. Just what was happening?!

    Mr. Joestar closed his eyes, massaging his forehead in a circular motion. The Apple Charlottes smelled divine, but his mind was somewhere else. This was it for Mr. Joestar. His mind couldn’t fathom whatever phantom turned his children into this. He pondered on their change in routines; What happened in the past few months before this? He paused for thought.

    Jonathan frequented the Viscount’s home recently. He always brought gifts to that specific household after the summer gathering. Who was he visiting there?

    And Joseph? He still trained under Lisa Lisa but is somehow more enthusiastic than ever when he’s up for training. And he always complained that training was hard, but recently all Mr. Joestar hears from his son was how exciting it was. What was altered in their training module? Maybe he could ask Lisa Lisa about it?

    Jotaro had two recent voyages on the same ship, The Arbella, to collect some samples of marine life for his studies. And he’s about to set out on another on the very same. What sets this ship apart from the others, he wonders. He knew Jotaro had the affinity for golden pins, so maybe he has a budding interest in ships?

    Josuke visited London a lot recently. And when Mr. Joestar asks about it, the boy would only give a vague answer. What worried him was his exploits and the people he surrounded himself with. At least Joseph was being blunt about his excursions. He just hoped Josuke was not in any kind of danger.

    Giorno came home for a break, and he only reads books for a time. But where did the baking come from? When he thought hard enough, he remembered Giorno being quite happier than usual when his break started which was odd. For he was against taking a break from law school, wanting to be done with it as soon as possible. What triggered the change then?

    Jolyne recently changed valets. None of her valets ever last long because of her excursions with Joseph. But that goes the same for the latter which is why Mr. Joestar gave up giving the brute a valet at all. But Jolyne was a woman, and a woman had to look her very best when attending social functions. But maybe her current valet is doing well then?

    Johnny started hanging out with Gyro which brought about good change. But why have breakfast with them all of a sudden when he was always excited to meet his best friend?

    Gappy always hung out with his childhood best friend, and they did taxidermy together. Nothing really changed. As far as he knew, Gappy’s friend was now out on the marriage market. So is that it then?

    Mr. Joestar had a lot to think about.


    That’s it for the prologue! Hope you enjoyed it.

    Some notes:

    • I know it’s very Regency, but I just had to make a Jane Austen reference for that first paragraph.😋
    • Taxidermy is a very normal hobby in Victorian England.
    • Valets are people who help their lord/lady dress themselves and accompanies them to events.
    • Fisticuffs = Boxing
    • And in case you’re wondering, Apple Charlotte looks like this:

    Picture from bbc.co.uk

    Up next is Jonathan’s story! What is up in the Viscount’s home?

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    Mr. Kuhahaha…..

    #;dash comment#dash comment #reduced to... mr. kuhahaha.... #IM CRYING #in case someone doesnt get it; in the game dantes lit laughs like 'kuhahaha!' its too funny i love you sir---- #pov: you poke him on the shoulder and he bites off your finger--- i mean what? #one day im going to feel all emo and finally write seriously; that day is not today tho aJNANKG
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  • i’m convinced that daniel’s love langauge is gift giving, so I just wanted a post-divorce, post conciliation fic where daniel keeps giving johnny things. and at first johnny is wary- sid soured him on gifts a long time ago- but eventually he decides that as long as it improves his dojo, he’s fine with it. daniel obviously has money to just throw away, so might as well put it to some good use. 

    meanwhile daniel is desperately trying to make a statement here and not realizing that he’s literally speaking the wrong language. johnny’s love language is probably quality time and eventually someone with more than one brain cell (that isn’t dedicated to karate) decides to translate and things start to finally click and oh that’s why larusso keeps throwing cars at him. 

    #lawrusso #listen daniel literally gave mr miyagi a store and his kids want for nothing #there is no way that dude doesn't show love by giving shit away #when i finish binging the show i might write this but i just wanted to ramble lol #call this an evp
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  • […]

    Sokka’s paranoia was very soon assuaged by good food and excellent beer. Katara had expected Sokka to be the most cautious of the three of them, but with all the familiarity that surrounded them, her brother was very quickly drawn into conversation. She anticipated no different from Aang, he loved to entertain, but it still galled her how quickly the pair of them dropped their guard at the sight of a seemingly friendly face.

    The liveliness of the crowd didn’t so easily mollify Katara, as a matter of fact it completely unsettled her.

    The shrieks the black riders played continuously over in her mind, and she strained to listen for them over all the hubbub and chatter, expecting them to burst through the door at any moment.

    She was very much aware they were surrounded by strangers, even if they were of the familiar sort. Sokka seemed to act as though the Bree folk were the same as their people in the Shire, but they weren’t. The quieter strangers around the edges of the Inn made Katara feel exposed and ostentatious.

    She was so on edge she could barely eat.

    It wasn’t long before Aang and Sokka had a group gathered around them, listening to Sokka’s story of Old Man Yorak’s missing prize pumpkin. Aang being the leading audience member.

    That was when the cloaked stranger sitting in the shadows by the fire caught her eye…


    #avatar the last airbender #avatar X lotr #lotr #the avatar a waterbender and mr boomerang walk into a bar #bree#bree-folk #the inn of the prancing pony #atla#writings #lord of the rings #fellowship of the ring #avatar the last airbender X lord of the rings #atla X lotr #katara#sokka#aang#the avatar #the one ring #cloaked stranger#no ragrets
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  • I need a break from the angst writing. So, while I dry my tears, I’ve been brainstorming about what to do for the Christmas season, and I’ve decided to open up requests, based on the prompt list below. 

    A few ground rules: 

    I may or may not write all submitted requests. I reserve the right to write the ones that I feel inspired by. This doesn’t mean that I won’t write them all, but it all depends on time, personal preference, etc.

    Fandoms I’ll write for: Mystic Messenger and Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. Any characters; yes, I’ll write ships (there are some that I’m strongly opposed to, and I will notify you if you request one that I can’t write for). 

    When you submit your request, please specify fandom, pairing, and whether or not you want NSFW. If you don’t specify, I’ll assume you want it innocent/fluffy. 

    If you have any questions, let me know! I’ll keep these open through the first week or so of December. 

    Prompt List:

    1. Snowball Fight
    2. First Christmas Together
    3. Mistletoe
    4. Christmas Baking
    5. Getting Sick
    6. Christmas Shopping
    7. Decorating the House
    8. Building Snowmen
    9. Cold Nights
    10. Sled Riding
    11. Getting Snowed In
    12. Baby’s First Christmas
    13. Going Ice Skating
    14. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
    15. Holiday Traditions
    16. Coming home for Christmas
    17. Holiday movies
    18. Shopping for gifts
    19. Heating/power has gone out
    20. Christmas songs
    21. School play
    22. Visiting Family
    23. First Snow
    24. Alone for Christmas
    25. Christmas Day

    *Update, 11/24: I’ve received multiple asks for the prompts indicated above with a strikethrough (14 and 19), so while I’m happy that everyone is so enthusiastic, I’m going to take those off the list! It still leaves a lot of wonderful prompts to be written, though! Thanks to all who have sent in requests so far. 

    #mlqc #mr love queen's choice #holiday writing prompts
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  • #the mrs bradley mysteries #Mrs. Bradley Mysteries #Adela Bradley#George Moody#Diana Rigg#Neil Dudgeon#Maddie writes #look!!! #I did it!
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    Hmm… Lou and Lenni as Adrien’s and Marinette’s voice. 😮

    #this make me questions things #like does mr zag announced things way too ahead from the writing #building the anticipation for a project that still yet to be written #or the brazil and Africa special isnt written my mr Astruc #we'll wait and see i suppose #but i like it when mr Astruc explain how it works there #its interesting #four writers and that's really a lot or is it not? #Miraculous Ladybug #mr astruc fact #ask mr astruc #thomas astruc#Lou#Lenni Kim#miraculous awakening
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  • why am I in a writer’s craft class u may ask? well it’s because the amount of serotonin I get whenever I get feedback from my teacher telling me I did a writing good is unmeasurable

    #it is very fun knowing that I'm a good storyteller and having this skill b measured #like dont get me wrong validation from my family and especially my gf fuels me #but when mrs fee tells me I did good writing i know that shit is Professional #9 lizards in a trench coat
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  • Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

    Chapter 17 A Daunting Challenge! The Psychic Gym! (Cont.)

    “Did something happen?”, Aichi asked.

    “I just…she’s a bit angry at me.”, Mark replied, rubbing the back of his head as Aichi sweat dropped.


    Mark was talking to a woman with long orange hair and green eyes. He was telling her all about what had happened so far before asking her something.

    “So, Chrono is 10 now you think he should become a-“, Mark was cut off as the woman hit him upside the head.

    “No! Never!”, Mikuru replied angrily.

    Flashback end…

    “I guess I’ll be going back to Sanctuary town. After all, your fellow students have been stuck with a sub for two days.”, Mark said.

    “Okay, I don’t know if I should find somewhere to rest first though. Kagero town and Sanctuary town are so far away.”, Aichi replied.

    “Never fear I have this.”, Mark said as he clicked some sort of wrist thing on his arm and a riding Pokémon appeared, a Charizard.

    Aichi gasped in surprise seeing the riding Pokémon.

    “I didn’t get a chance to use it earlier because the Pokémon can only carry so many people. Two should be fine for it.”, Mark explained.

    Aichi put his egg case in his bag looking a bit nervous.

    “I’ve never flown before.”, Aichi admitted.

    “Don’t worry it’s not that scary besides I know what I’m doing.”, Mark assured as Aichi nervously got onto the back of the riding Pokémon with him.

    They took off as Aichi screamed, clinging onto Charizard for dear life. Extremely scared of heights especially after the Drifblum incident.

    “It won’t be too long now.”, Mark said as they flew to Kagero town.

    To be continued…

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  • “May your Paths be safe, your Floors unbroken, and may the House fill your eyes with Beauty.”

    Ever since I read Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to draw a little something for it. This is obviously not as magnificent and grandiose as I imagine the House to be, but I think it still manages to convey a hint of the atmosphere the book encased me in.

    #dravensart#Piranesi#Susanna Clarke#Piranesi book #Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell #Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell #the House#architecture#digital art #I included the lineart too because of course 80% of the details got lost in the coloured version #I hoped it would look better but oh well #ANYWAY please do yourselves a favour and read Piranesi; it's a beautiful book #I may be biased because of my obsession with Strange&Norrell (I mean I did write my thesis about it after all) #but still; read it please!
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