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  • “Okay, here are the rules,” Andy got everyone’s attention with a few sharp snaps of her fingers, “If you refuse to speak the Truth or do the Dare, you take a shot,” she wiggled a little shot glass and a bottle of vodka, both of which she was apparently master of. Then she spun the beer bottle, “Truth or Dare, Bella?”

    “Dare, Dare, diddly Dare!” her sister giggled tipsily.

    “I dare you not to swear for the entirety of the game.”

    “Oh, hell!” Bella complained before throwing her hands over her mouth in haste. The only thing she hated more than being told what to do was losing. “Remember who you’re playing with, Andy! I know all sorts of things about you! Things about your itty-bitty boy toy, here! He’s itty-bitty, isn’t he?”

    Before Ted could do anything to stop her, Andy lunged at her sister and easily tangled her long fingers in Bella’s curly black hair and pulled hard.

    Eyow!” Bella screamed like a cat and lashed out with her sharp, stick-on nails, but Andy hadn’t had more than two drinks the whole night and was able to back away just in time. Bella resorted to viciously spinning the bottle, which landed on Sirius. “I dare you to climb out the north window, up the roof and come down the south window.”

    Before his foolhardy and very drunk friend could stand, James said loudly, “Don’t you just love free shots, Sirius?”

    “That I do,” the long-haired boy received the glass from Andy and downed it in one gulp. Then he spun the bottle, “Truth or Dare, Cissy?”


    “Did you get a nose job over the summer?”

    Cissa Black’s beautiful features pinched into an offended expression. Andy offered her the shot glass, but she knocked it to the floor and said tersely, “No.”

    “Your lips are moving one way, but your face betrays -”

    I did not!” she growled, eyes flitting to her latest boyfriend, Lucius, who was looking at her nose curiously. “What are you looking at?” the blonde barked and spun the bottle, which landed on Lily, “You’ll answer Truth. Who did you lose your virginity to?”

    Read on Ao3 :)

    A/N: I KNOW THIS TOOK ME AGES, I’M THE WORST BUT IT’S HERE AND IT WORKS AND I’M FINALLY HAPPY WITH IT, SO THERE. Your gift is now complete @alrightginger​, I hope you like it :))  - J xx

    P.S. @raviolicadet​ drew jily and I’m in loooooveeee <3

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  • New Story! FFN and AO3

    This little story started with a prompt from the fabulous @thisismegz - thank you, darling! - and then ended up being combined with two other things I’ve wanted to try along with the title, which a friend of mine sent me a picture out of an old dictionary she had (because we are the weird friends who send each other obscure words and their definitions…) Now it’s a fluffy Hinny Muggle AU one-shot. Enjoy!


    marrer: (slang) Northern English or Scottish 1. a friend, companion, or workmate (often used as a form of address). 2. something that forms a pair with something else; a counterpart or twin

    Harry pulled Teddy from the pushchair and tried to figure out what had led him to be fine one moment and screaming the next. Harry pulled out everything he could think of, pacifier, blanket, bottle, cheerios, but Teddy continued screaming and Harry finally sat down on the pavement to try and think of what to do next.

    “Can I help?”

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    #Marrers#one-shot#hinny #harry x ginny #harry potter x ginny weasley #harry potter#ginny weasley#muggle au#teddy lupin#fluff#romance #harry potter fanfiction #prompt from thisismegz
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  • Bone Mortar - mightbewriting - M, 6 chapters - Draco clenched his teeth, forcing sharp, shallow breaths through his nose as he ripped open the door to his usual lecture hall only to find— someone at his desk. Well, he supposed it was technically less his desk and more the desk as he didn’t actually own this particular classroom. But since he’d taught in it for the last four semesters in a row he at least felt like he’d earned common law ownership of some sort. The girl— woman— entity presently possessed by what looked like a semi-sentient mass of curls atop her head, looked up, eyes widening before she graced the space between them with a kind smile that could cut through any density of grit or dust or grime. The sort of simple smile that could pulverize rocks: be them buried in the earth or caged behind ribs. He stared at her, belatedly and painfully aware that his mouth had curled into a sneer mostly without his consent.

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  • Regulus sat very still on his stool while James spun around repeatedly, first clockwise, then counter. 

    “This is a serious song,“ Regulus deadpanned to the camera.

    "False!” James proclaimed loudly, “Sirius had nothing to do with this except for, you know, the entire guitar solo before the bridge.”

    If life be short and this world be damned

    And to each bestowed a timer’s sand

    Then burn, I say, both ends, my candle

    Disturb my clock, knocked off my mantle

    “So, uh,” Reg licked his lips, “YOLO, basically.”

    “C'mon, mate,” James elbowed him gently.

    “No, that’s literally what it means. I just borrowed a bunch of overused phrases and said them in a weird way.”

    “He was contemplating the finality of life in light of the coronavirus,” the bespectacled boy spoke for him.

    “False!” Reg mimicked James’ tone from earlier, “I was actually thinking about -” he stopped himself quickly.


    “About how I should have stood by Sirius when he quit. Made their lives hell at the show. I had everything to lose, yes, but he’s my brother and if that’s not worth more than everything, I don’t know what is.”

    Read on Ao3 :)

    A/N: James is the mom-friend!!! Fantastic art by @lumorie <3 P.S. @blitheringmcgonagall​, this one’s for you because I know how much you love Reg ;)

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  • Lover - AnnaCifer - E, WIP - Hermione is fresh out of university and due to life circumstances she has to start working for Riddle, Malfoy and associates a firm of lawyering sharks that clearly clashes with her belief system. This only gets even worse her enemy from uni, the rich prat Draco Malfoy, is her new partner.

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  • Chapter 4 has been uploaded.  Hopefully, I can get on a regular posting schedule again, since I’m a few ahead now. Or not, lol, not sure anyone really cares. Links as usual:

    Fan Fiction Net  

    Archive of Our Own 

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  • “Ow!” Lily.

    “Sorry!” James.

    “Ooh! James almost takes Lily’s eye out with an eyeliner pencil!” Sirius commentated, “Meanwhile, Kingsley’s purrfecting Mary’s cat-eye -”

    “Rookie mistake!” Marlene called, “Rookie mistake!”

    “What?” James turned to the screen, where his friends were on live, “What did I do?”

    “Hey, no helping!” Mary chided.

    James put down the highlighter and picked up the blush, raising a questioning eyebrow at Marlene, who shook her head slightly. James picked up the bronzer and she nodded once.

    “Let’s go to the comments section to answer some questions, while the makeup artists do their thing,” said Dorcas, “allhailthekingsley asks: Why does HOUSE PARTY sound like a parody of every Electric Light Orchestra song ever?”

    “Wicked name,” said Kingsley.

    “Vibe check reasons, that’s why,” said Sirius.

    “What does that even mean?” Remus turned to his boyfriend.

    “I don’t know, I just read that off themaraudershoe’s reply.”

    “jily4everandeverandah asks - great username, by the way,” Dorcas couldn’t resist interjecting, “How are you guys - double question mark - how are your parents - double question mark - how is ALGERNON - all caps and double question mark.”

    “We’re good and our families are good, thank you so much for asking, love, how are you all?” James murmured, taking some remover to Lily’s liquid eyeliner yet again, “Algernon is ambivalent, as always.”

    “wolfstarsinthesky says: It’s so sweet that you’re doing what you can to help out and giving us all of this amazing content too!”

    Sirius and Remus awed in unison.

    “No, you’re sweet, wolfstarsinthesky,” the long-haired boy blew a kiss to the camera. 

    Remus rang a small tea bell that Sirius stole from his mother’s kitchen back in the day, “Kingsley’s finished in record time -”

    “Already?” James groaned, then addressing Lily, said, “Why do you even need makeup to go to a hypothetical brunch? You’re beautiful already.”

    “James, I love you, but that’s not going to get us a win,” Lily sighed through her smile.

    Read on Ao3 :)

    A/N: A related excerpt from @vivalski​​​’s hilarious comic 😂  

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  • Not what it seems

    Summary: semi- Ron Weasley x gender neutral!reader (it never really goes anywhere). When Ron goes to a muggle school to learn new things, he had no idea what to expect. He definitely didn’t expect y/n. A late entry for @can-youimagine ‘s Disney write-a-thon that I wrote instead of doing my drama assignment. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever written this many words for fun.

    Word count: 1357

    Warnings: kinda a rushed ending, nothing else I can think of

    Prompt: And you’re watching Disney channel - something inspired by your favourite Disney channel show/movie (wizards of waverley place)


    On Ronald Weasley’s first day at a muggle school, he was extremely uncomfortable. He was the new kid, he didn’t know anybody, he had gotten lost three times within the first hour, and most importantly, Ronald Weasley was not allowed to use magic. The thought of not being able to do any magic for fear of exposing the wizarding world was almost impossible to face after seeing people use magic every day of his life so far.

    His one saving grace was being allowed, after much argument with his mother, to bring his wand with him on the condition that he hid it in his clothes.

    Actually, scratch that, he had two saving graces. The other, though he would not know until just before lunch, was another student from one of his classes, something called ‘kalkulas’.

    Y/n was undoubtedly the most notable student in the class, with an outlandish and eccentric style of clothing, jewellery that would practically blind anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the reflection of the harsh classroom lights, and a tendency to say whatever thought came to them no matter the audience or potential consequences.

    The first instance of this barely registered to Ron. He was too consumed in trying to grasp any concepts more complex than simple multiplication and division (Hermione had helped him with the basics of math). Nevertheless, the professor - no, they’re just teachers in the muggle world- had made a mistake, and y/n had taken it upon themself to point it out and give the correct answer. No big deal, right? Right.

    The real trouble came with the third instance of y/n’s tendency to disregard any boundaries of their peers (the second instance was y/n telling a girl in their class named Alex to stop gossiping with her friend). Ron definitely noticed this one. In fact, he wasn’t entirely sure that it was possible for anyone to not notice the moment that y/n pointed out (quite loudly mind you) his ineptitude for maths.

    “How on earth did you manage to get that so wrong? I mean, I understand that it’s the first day back, but surely you haven’t forgotten your times’ tables!?” The seemingly shocked questions rang out through the quiet din of chatter that had filled the room, closely followed by muffled snickers from various students as they turned to look at Ron.

    As he felt the heat creeping up past his shirt collar, Ron attempted to cover his work from view before turning to y/n and mumbling out an excuse. “I used to go to a school where math was an elective… I only know the basics.” Technically, he hadn’t told a lie. Arithmancy had always sounded boring compared to Care of Magical Creatures and the easy pass of Divination.

    Quickly realising Ron’s embarrassment at being called out in front of the class, y/n moved their seat closer to his before replying in a hushed whisper.

    “Really? That sounds so cool! But if you didn’t learn maths, what were you learning?”

    “Umm, history… cooking,” brewing potions is kind of like cooking, right? “We learnt about caring for animals once we were old enough.” Finding muggle equivalents to Hogwarts classes wasn’t as hard as Ron had thought it would be.

    “Oh wow, your old school sounds either really traditional or really modern and I can’t decide which. Either way, I wish I could do classes like that without having to do dumb stuff like calculus. Like, really when am I going to use this?!” Apologising to the surrounding classmates who were quite surprised at the sudden increase of volume, y/n continued questioning Ron. But this question didn’t have such an easy answer. “Which school did you go to?”

    What to do, what to do. Ron had three options: lie completely and come up with a random school name (which could easily be disproven), tell the truth that he went to a school for wizards with a boy who saved the world (absolutely not), or give some vague answer that, while it may raise suspicion, would not break the Statute of Secrecy. Ron went with the latter.

    “I went to a boarding school in Scotland. And, yeah, I guess you could say that we weren’t the most ‘normal’ school, but it’s pretty fun living with all your mates for seven years, so I think that makes up for it.”

    “Woah.” Y/n didn’t say anything for a few moments, just sat there contemplating something completely unknown to Ron. He was about to try and fill the silence before they piped up again. “I honestly don’t know how you survived bunking with a bunch of boys all going through puberty at the same time. That sounds like a nightmare.” Ron might have felt offended (hey, he was one of those pubescent boys) if it weren’t for the playful half-grin that y/n was giving him.

    “I mean, yeah it was a little bit weird sometimes. I’ve never really thought about it that much before though.”

    “Oh god, I have so many questions now. I sincerely hope you’re ready for this.” The grin had grown across y/n’s face, quickly spreading their excitement to Ron as well.

    By the time calculus was over, the two were chatting like old friends. They had formed a new friendship, and neither could be happier to have someone else to spend their time with.


    Ronald Weasley hadn’t meant for this to happen, it just did. Well, he hadn’t meant to be caught. But hopefully, it would be okay and y/n wouldn’t hate him. In fact, it might make their friendship even stronger.

    Ronald Weasley had just broken the Statute of Secrecy by performing unnecessary magic in front of a muggle.

    It was stupid, really. He was only trying to make y/n laugh. His plan was to make Mrs Moss drop the pile of papers she was holding - relashio is a relatively simple spell - without being noticed. Obviously, that last part hadn’t quite gone as planned. And now, Ron had to deal with the fallout.

    Taking advantage of the laughing class and the shock that had taken over y/n, Ron quickly whispered that they could talk at the end of the lesson before turning back to his work and ignoring the feeling y/n’s stare burning into his face. The wait was excruciating. The two both spent the entire lesson with scenarios ranging from good to catastrophic racing through their minds.

    Y/n was sure that they’d gone crazy. There was no way that plain, funny, awkward Ronald Weasley had made Mrs Moss drop those papers. Because magic didn’t - no, couldn’t - exist as far as y/n was aware. But then why had Ron been waving that stick around? And why had the papers only dropped after he said something? The only reasonable solution was that y/n had officially lost their mind.

    But no, that’s not what happened at all according to Ron. But what he said didn’t really sound any more plausible than madness in the beginning.

    When the conversation finally came, it was brief and full of disbelief. Ron had pulled y/n over to an empty hallway where he would risk his, and the entire magical world’s, safety with a single interaction; “I’m a wizard. The school I used to go to is a school for wizards, and I can do magic.” He wasn’t entirely sure why he spilt his biggest secret to a muggle he’d only known for a few weeks, but it felt safe. He trusted y/n.

    “No. That- that can’t be true.” The shock and confusion across y/n’s face was as plain as day. There had to be another explanation. But what if there wasn’t.

    Ron couldn’t bear the look he was being given, y/n had to believe him. “I swear, it is. Let me prove it.” His soft tone dropped to a whisper as a glowing silver Jack Russell Terrier burst forth from his wand, lighting up y/n’s now smiling and awestruck face.

    “I believe you Ron. I have so many questions”

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  • Private Whatsapp Chat: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin

    Sirius Black: Thanks for the lasagna.

    Remus Lupin: This isn’t Sirius-ism #3 is it?

    [live location: Oxford, England]

    Sirius Black: No, it’s not a coded cry for help. I genuinely feel better after eating some lasagna and a little red bird told me you had something to do with it.

    Remus Lupin is typing…

    Remus Lupin is typing…

    Remus Lupin: Oh?

    Sirius Black: It really shouldn’t have taken you that long to type ‘Oh?’

    Remus Lupin is typing…

    Remus Lupin: Oh?

    Sirius Black: Remus-ism #5.

    Remus Lupin: I’m not familiar with that one.

    Sirius Black: Pretending to be stupid. Badly.

    Remus Lupin: Oh?

    Sirius Black: That’s not funny.

    Ok, it kinda was.

    But what did you do?

    Remus Lupin: The more pertinent question is what alternate universe are we in and how do we leave?

    Sirius Black: I’m afraid there’s no getting out of this one, old boy.

    Remus Lupin: You’re older than me.

    Sirius Black: And don’t you forget it, now spill. We’ll mop it up later like we always do.

    Remus Lupin sent an attachment.

    Sirius Black: Remus, you monster.

    I love you.

    You did that for me??

    I love you.

    You, Mr. Nice-Pants, went apeshit on my behalf. 

    It was misguided, I’ll grant, but it’s like that meme.

    “Boi’s confused but he’s got the right idea.”

    Let me find it for you.

    Have I mentioned that I love you?

    Remus Lupin: You’re not mad?

    Sirius Black: Like I said, we’ll mop it up later.

    Read on Ao3 :)

    A/N: Thanks as always to my awesome beta, @xomarauders​ 😘 Also feast your eyes on wolfstar facetiming by the wonderful @lumosinlove <3

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  • #tomione#tom riddle#Hermione Granger #Tom Riddle/Hermione Granger #tom riddle x hermione granger #abraxas malfoy#chapter update#rewrite#muggle au #ugly!tom
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  • A rush of blood - persephx - T, WIP - Hermione is a surgeon. She doesn’t have a lot of time. She doesn’t have many friends. That changes when she meets a certain blond man who will be in charge of turning her life around.

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  • #two shots of whiskey #jeannie bean writes #jeannie bean gets asked #BONUS CHAPTER#jily fanfiction#marauders fanfiction#muggle AU#western au #wild west au
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  • Author: katehathaway

    Rating: M

    Genre: muggle AU, sport AU, smut, oneshot

    The Wimbledon Experiment (prequel)

    Summary: Hermione Granger, new to the professional level of tennis, must prove her worth to the world; however, her archnemesis, Draco Malfoy, isn’t about to make her debut year very easy. The tension on the court is palpable, but it is even more intense off the court.


    The Malfoy Theory

    Summary: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger have been at each other’s throats for the entirety of their professional career. This is to be expected – They are rivals in mixed doubles. Yet, what the rest of the world doesn’t know, is that their argumentativeness extended to the bedroom as well.


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  • “First assumption,” Regulus read off his phone, “I assume Sirius Black’s coming out party was a stunt for the show - Are you lot really still on that? Is it that outlandish to think that, oh, I don’t know, he might actually just be gay?” 

    Sirius snorted.

    “That assumption is false, @mulciber60! Next: I assume Regulus Black’s first name is fake,” the boy deadpanned at the camera, “Listen, @amysgotbones, if I wanted a fake name -”

    “He would’ve picked Robert.”

    “Or Henry.”



    Sirius finished his outline and got ready to start on the actual tattoo, “Literally anything -”

    “- but Regulus,” he finished, “Holy shit, that’s a big needle.”

    “Having second thoughts?” 

    “I’m onto my twentieth thoughts at this point.”

    “It doesn’t actually go in that deep. Just focus on reading the assumptions. Don’t even look. I’ll be done before you know it.”

    Regulus took a deep breath, turned away dramatically, and held up his phone once more, “Assuming Sirius sleeps naked.”

    Read on Ao3 :)

    A/N: @koelsong​ drew the Black brothers and I can’t even!!! This is what they look like to me now. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. 

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  • #marauders fanfiction#band au#sirius black#regulus black#muggle au #jeannie bean writes #i solemnly swear i am up to no good #mischief managed#mutual love #jeannie bean gets asked #THANK YOU MIAAAA
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  • A Fan of the Classics - midnight5776 - T, one-shot - It all started like this: “Does your mother really let you leave the house with hair like that?” the small, blond boy chided. He shook his head, a mean smirk on his thin lips. He knew his words hurt others and he knew this girl would shrink in on herself. It’d make him feel happy, at least for a little while. The girl with the wild hair turned to look at him quickly, golden brown eyes assessing him quickly. “Yes, she does. It’s quite a shame your mother lets you out like that, though. I’ve seen unwashed dogs with less grease in their hair.” Her words were sharp, to the point, like needles in a seamstress’s hand. She knew how to fight back. Draco didn’t get his temporary high; he got a puzzle piece—a gift, really.

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  • It’s graduation day! We are VERY EXCITED to share this chapter with you! Let us know what you think. <3

    Read Chapter 21, Speak Now, on ao3 & ffn

    Start from the beginning on ao3 & ffn

    Picking up his cap and fluffing out his gown, James goes to stand back at his mirror. He’s still the same as he was before. Unruly hair and a now slightly wrinkled gown he’s likely to catch an earful for later from his mother. 

    But this time he’s not alone. 

    Across the space between their bedroom windows, Lily is getting ready for the same event. Through her open curtains, he catches Lily out of the corner of his eye, doing the same thing as him in her own mirror. His head jerks towards her. 

    She notices him immediately, like she always does. She looks away from her mirror to smile and wave at him, her cap already perched on her head, before crossing her eyes in mock annoyance. 

    He laughs. He can’t help himself. 

    Someone must call to her, because she glances over her shoulder and back to the mirror for a final look. He watches as she scribbles a note, hastily placing it on her window before waving goodbye to him. He returns her wave before reading her note. 

    Make sure you don’t miss my speech!

    #marieka writes with sam #jily#james potter#lily evans #high school au #fake dating#graduation#modern au#muggle au#everything stays#prom fic #potter and evans for president
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