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  • If Only In My Dreams by MollyMaryMarie

    Pairing: Sirius/Remus 

    Rating: g

    Word Count: 818

    It’s Christmas, Remus isn’t home, and Sirius is not having it.

    #sirius/remus#wolfstar#rating: g #less than 5k words #muggle au#modern au#christmas#pining#humor#fluff#romance#get together #friends to lovers #personal favorite #hp fic rec #wolfstar fic rec #hp christmas fic rec #wolfstar christmas fic rec #queue is for quibbler
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    Rating: E
    Chapters: 10/?
    Words: TBD

    Modern AU // Post-College // American // Bartending // Healing

    Healing is an incredibly messy process that Remus is just trying to trudge through, minding his own business and bartending at the local bar and grill. And it’s going as well as can be expected until Sirius shows up, suddenly the trudge is easier and easier until it isn’t. And he’s stumbling, falling, drowning caught up in the current that is Sirius.

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  • New Advent Post:

    Day 11: The Pretense of Civility [ AO3 ] | [ ff.net ]

    Gossip Girl here, back with a special holiday update. As of today, finals are at an end, which means your Manhattan elite are finally out to play—or are they? Climate change is no joke bbs, and this year’s snowfall means there’s no place like home for the holidays. Even the private jets of Columbia’s finest can’t take the chill, while the Brooklynites are bailing on their upstate meditation retreats to settle their angst with some cruelty-free vegan cocoa.

    With our reigning Park Avenue Princess cozying up to the Chosen One this December, will there finally be—dare I say it—peace? Not if D and H have anything to say about it. 

    As far as I’m concerned, this year’s snowpocalypse means the real winter games are about to begin.

    #dramione #draco x hermione #draco malfoy#hermione granger#harry potter#pansy parkinson #prompts: gossip girl au #muggle au#college au #the pretense of civility #amortentia #olivie advent 4.0 #olivie advent
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  • AO3 FFN


    Characters: Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley

    Summary: It is said that when you first meet your soulmate, both your chests glow red for a minute. Of course, Hermione has more important things to be worrying about than something as silly as her “other half”.

            Hermione liked to think of herself as a very logical person, and as such she could not grasp the silly concept of soulmates. Apparently, long ago, soulmates where more common, but with so many people existing in the world today it was incredibly rare to find your so called other half. The bushy haired woman did not like the notion of being “half” a person and as such pushed the idea to the very back of her head. Her parents weren’t soulmates, yet they got along just fine, and Hermione was inclined to believe that people just simply put too much pressure on the whole “one true love” thing. 

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  • Its the summer exam period so the library at the University is jammed with students. 

    Some students furiously type of laptop and computers

    Others scribble out notes and colour code mind maps

    A few search the shelves for particular textbooks

    And just one or two are fast asleep having been there since who knows when

    Blaise sits in the back corner casually flicking through the notes hes so carefully written out all semester. History is a subject of bullet pointed dates and key facts.

    The girl sharing the table with him is surrounded by notes and books. She draws out mind map after mind map and continually adds to her pile of flash cards.  She bites her bottom lip and twirls her hair and is extremely interesting to watch. 

    Its been four hours since she sat down across from him and she hasn’t paused since then. Another sound of her frustration makes him look up.

    “You need a break” he says, his eyes barely lifting from his notes in front of him.

    The dark haired girl barely registers that it is her he’s speaking to. 

    “It’ll help you know, taking a break” he tried again.

    The time the girl pauses and looks up to see him watching her. She checks behind her in case he is speaking to someone else. 

    “i’m speaking to you” he confrims

    “well thank you for the advice” she replies and turns back to her notes

    “Your mind needs time to register what you’re trying to learn” he says

    She sighs and looks across at him. “I know, it’s just i’ve got so much to do” 

    “I’m due a coffee break, why don’t you come? I’ll only be 20 minutes” he says.

    She considers it for a moment, gives him a suspicious look and then finally nods, obviously having decided he might give her some peace to work. “I’m Padma by the way” she offers as she rises from the chair.

    “Blaise” he replies with a small smirk.

    They leave their things strewn across the table and head for the coffee shop on campus along from the library. 

    There twenty minutes break turns into an hour before eventually they make their way back to the library.

    "Will you let me study now?” She asks, raising an eyebrow.

    He smirks at her, “until you need another break” he slides into his own chair and goes back to his notes without another word.

    It goes on like this for the next few days, snippets of conversation, coffee breaks and snacks, until the night before her first exam. “I’m going to head home get some me time before the exam” she tells him. “Do you want to go for dinner with me?” He asks and something about the way he asks is different to their coffee runs. She hesitates for half a second and nods, “I’d really like that, now?” She questions almost looking hopeful. He grins and nods once as he gathers his things, his hand slipping into hers as they leave together

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  • @hogwartsonline | december quidditch event. literature student!remus.

    “loving you is both a pleasure and an adventure.” 

    muggle/modern au. remus lupin (wolfstar, marauders era)

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  • I was tagged by @warriorlid14 and @hillnerd. Thank you both for tagging me! 

    Since my current WIP is ‘Hoops and Hyacinths’ (albeit not for much longer now), the following is the first segment of the chapter I’ll be posting later on today. Consider it a sneak peak for all of the eight people who are still reading it. 


    With the buzz of the alarm, Ginny’s eyes fluttered open. As was common at that time of year, the sunlight was already streaming into her childhood bedroom, despite the early hour. Pushing her red hair away from her face, Ginny sat up in bed, and promptly lost all ability to think.

    Luna had just entered through the door on her way back from the bathroom. She was wearing nothing except a crisp white towel that was covering her torso and upper legs. Her dirty-blonde hair reflected the sunlight streaming through the dozy summer air.

    ‘Good morning, Ginny.’

    Unable to speak, Ginny’s mouth flapped open and shut like a frog, her heart hammering against her chest.

    Luna’s cheeks flushed, and she looked down at her feet, looking a little flustered.

    ‘I… I can’t get changed if you keep staring at me.’

    ‘S-sorry!’ Ginny stammered, hurriedly looking away. ‘You… you just look so beautiful, I.. I couldn’t…’

    ‘That’s okay.’ Luna’s voice floated across the room.. ‘As the young people say, you were simply overcome with… “Sapphic panic”. Is that correct?’


    Hope you liked that! Tagging @burgundydahlia @weasleyismyking540 @writergirl101 and @lytefoot

    #tag game #wip first line/paragraph challenge #'hoops and hyacinths' #linny #harry potter fanfiction #fanfiction#fanfic#muggle au
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  • Advent Fanfiction Frenzy 01.12.2019

    Christmas Truce by Nantai

    Chapters: 5/5
    Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
    Relationships: Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood
    Additional Tags: World War I, Alternate Universe - Muggle, Christmas Truce of 1914
    Summary: Two soldiers on different sides of the trench warfare. They meet during a Christmas truce and never expected to see each other again, but fate had different plans! Muggle AU, World War 1

    #Flintwood #marcus flint x oliver #harry potter fanfiction #wwi au#muggle au#christmas truce#*mine #advent fanfiction frenzy
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    thanksgiving with the american crew
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  • muggle/modern au where draco is soft boy and harry is smitten

    i just *clenches fist* love that trope where harry sees draco really laugh for the first time and at first harry’s shocked but then he feels all warm and fluttery inside and wants to see draco’s genuine smile again and again and again also i can’t help myself with the Shoujo Sparkles

    「 INSTA & KO-FI:  aceveria 」

    #drarry#drarry art#drarry fanart#soft drarry #draco x harry #harry x draco #draco malfoy#harry potter #draco malfoy fanart #harry potter fanart #hpdm#muggle au#my art #my style is changing again????? #but also i never can seem to draw them the same way twice anyway #i want undercut harry and fluffy draco ok!!
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  • I really like reincarnation Drarry so here’s a quick meeting-fic

    Draco Han is a British-Korean mix, and he goes to one of Japan high school in the middle of nowhere so there’s no way, absolutely no way he would ever meet-

    “Hey, Draco-chan, you should meet the new kid, Hoshikawa Harry! I heard he’s half Indian! Doesn’t that make you two, like, two halves? Tehee”

    Except of fucking course there is.

    Draco’s path didn’t cross Hoshikawa’s for a week, meaning he succeeded to avoid the new kid.

    Well, until now, anyways.

    They meet at the school’s Sport Festival. Honestly, Draco didn’t see it coming, but then, of fucking course Hoshikawa would be playing soccer for his class.

    Standing face to face as captains, Draco sees Hoshikawa Harry-no-he sees the exact copy of Harry Potter after so many nights dreaming of those bright green eyes and messy black hair for the first time.

    Hoshikawa runs his fingers through his curls, revealing a lightning bolt scar right where Draco knows it would be, and he succumbs to falling in love with his arch-rival for the second time.

    Thank God there’s no snake obsessed noseless serial killer this time. Just soccer, summer, and science. Oh, and Hoshikawa Harry, because they are the two halves of the story.

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  • #harry potter fanficiton #muggledom#muggle au #flower shop au #luna x rolf
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  • Chapter One: A girl with braided hair

    Draco sat at the desk of his classroom, silently taking notes for the chemistry test in three days. He sighed and looked out the window, today was the day for him, he would not be going home and he would no longer have to be the disappointment his father always tells him he is when he drinks too much at night. He won’t have to deal with the mess his father put him in. When the bell rang he left the classroom and made his way to the rooftop, he often had lunch there or he went there to think a bit before going home, today though he had a new task ahead of himself. He was about to remove his shoes when he froze seeing someone else about to climb onto the railing. He just stared in disbelief and before he could stop himself he shouted. “Hey, don’t do it please!” The girl turned around, her braided hair barely moving in the strong wind blowing past them.

    Whoa wait a minute what was he thinking? Did he really just tell this girl to stop? What reason did he have to stop her, he couldn’t care less what she had going on. The girl turned away again and sighed. “There’s nothing left for me,” She said. “You’ve probably heard it all before. I thought I’d finally met the one after years of heartache but he told me he was done” She was ready to jump again and Draco couldn’t help the anger bubbling in his gut.

    “Merlin’s sake are you serious?! How did you get here before me” He hissed suddenly before sighing as he quickly calmed himself. “Are you seriously upset just because he broke up with you? There’s plenty of fish in the sea and at least you weren’t robbed of your one true love” He said softly as he watched the girl. He was fully prepared to jump before she got down and turned smiling.

    “I’m feeling better thank you for listening” She said softly as she then walked past him. He sighed and he turned away following the girl out not wanting to seem suspicious and he went to the front of the school where his mother waited to pick him up. He heard in the distance those same voices that plagued his dreams. He understood why it happened but it still hurt to know that Weasley had won his heart over all and he would never have that chance. He got in the car and leaned against the door his mother asking how school was.

    “….I stopped a girl from jumping off the roof. She wanted to jump because her boyfriend broke up with her like so many others did. I just reminded her that there were plenty of fish in the sea and how that would affect her family” He said leaving out any other details of his day. When he got home his father was on the phone again trying to get everything settled. After the mess his father had gotten into and then imprisoned for they had a lot of money to pay off and their fortune was quickly falling. Draco’s parents were both working and trying to get back to the fortune they once had but Draco knew it was not enough. Draco himself, being 19 years old, had taken to desperate measures to earn money to help his parents. He was tired of doing gross things to earn money to help his parents and he just wanted to stop, to ease the stress on them but he couldn’t. If he was going to be there, he had to help them but he couldn’t help them fast enough. He brought in all the money he earned from his disgusting job at the local club home and gave it to his parents. He sighed and closed his eyes slowly falling asleep. When he awoke he was in his bed and his parents were arguing downstairs. They argued frequently, especially about Draco’s work and Lucius’s drinking habit. Draco just covered his head with the pillow trying to ignore the arguing and wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow he would do it.

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