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  • :’D One thing I’ve grown to like and noticed about multimuse blogs and muns running them that you’d think that you’re gonna interact with all of them “non-selectively” but eventually you have the specific interactions where the muses are in sync and it just happens without you realizing that. This never stops new test runs happening and these phenomena coexisting is really great to see.

    Oh man, I just love these kind of moments: They remind me how this hobby is significant to me.

    #Mun's posts#mun's thoughts #sup people i'm here & ready to roll #multimuse blogs #this has happened every. goddamn time. like wow XD #psycheprincess#psychoticlcve #really tho multimuses are great #bless you all of my multimuse blog mutuals #our interactions are golden
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  • I hate blogs with 100+ different muses. You don’t need that many if you don’t even stay in character. And if you have that many, you don’t need to steal my friends mus, their face claim for said muse and one of their starters, word for word. How many other muses did you also steal?

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  • Can we let the stereotype that multimuse blogs are confusing die in 2017?

    Not all multimuses are confusing. I know for a fact that mine, along with many others I’m mutuals with, are well-organized and fairly easy to browse through. It’s not fair that this stereotype is a thing because of people who don’t have organized multimuse blogs, or no pages to read at all. 

    Many people who have put a lot of work into making their blogs as organized as possible don’t even get a chance from a lot of people in this community, and that makes it harder for them to reach out to others. It’s heart-breaking.

    Some people just can’t run a million blogs without at least one of them going inactive, because they just don’t have the time. I’ve been there before I finally decided to stick to binariicodice.

    #Aqua chatters#RP stuff#Multimuse blogs #Okay to reblog #ask to tag /
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  • I’m still seeing people on my dashboard who are getting shit for something as simple as owning a multimuse blog, and this has to stop.

    Some people don’t have time to run multiple blogs and be equally active on each one of them. Some people have many muses that they want to play, but they don’t want to end up making hundreds of new accounts/sideblogs for them.

    I’ve seen (multifandom) multimuse blogs that put a lot of work into their muses and have some really great ideas! They just don’t have the time to run multiple roleplay blogs at once or they just can’t focus on multiple. If you don’t like them for simply owning a multimuse blog, get out. Now.

    That they own a multimuse blog, does NOT make them less quality. 

    Is picking a muse really that annoying? I don’t think so.

    #Feroce's ramblings#PSA #multifandom multimuse blogs #multifandom blogs#multimuse blogs #Okay to reblog #swearing //
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  • I’m 100% fine with rping with multi-muse blog. But if you like my starter call and you’re a mutli-muse blog, at least tell me which muse you’d like the starter for. Don’t force me to guess and just hope I got it right.

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  • Heya! Mun speaking.

    I’ve got my revamp coming along faster than I thought it’d be. One of my muses is all finished and set up so please take a look at him! I needed a break though from coding so I’ll give a lil list real quick and offer a starter call or reverse one. (I’m getting used to terms so bare with me, I’ve been off tumblr for a long time) 

    I’m strongly open to discord for at least a faster chat, my handle is Henhens~#2111

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    #ooc#starter call #starter reverse call #krp#krp multimuse#multimuse blog #I don't bite
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  •           You know how you sometimes make a Harmony Kendall blog? I haven’t even finished Devon’s blog, yet. I don’t have time for my own antics.

    #outofatonement #I have too many blogs lol #I might need a multimuse
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  • hey y’all ! so as you’ve all probably noticed, i haven’t been here at all in awhile. life has been extremely hectic ( i just closed a show ) and i haven’t really had time to pay attention to the rpc. BUT ! this does NOT mean i want to stop writing. i’m just probably gonna move all of my stuff into discord/google drive until ( and if ) i decide to make my return.

    i’ve decided that i’m gonna post where / how to find me, a list of my muses, and then if you want to interact with anyone i write ( or just be friends ! ) then you’re totally welcome to add me, mutuals on here or not ! this makes writing more fun and way less stressful for me.

    muse list :

    • leia organa ( star wars ) - primary
    • dana scully ( txf ) - primary
    • villanelle ( killing eve ) - primary
    • thirteen ( doctor who ) - primary
    • harry potter ( hp ) - secondary
    • fox mulder ( txf ) - secondary
    • han solo ( star wars ) - secondary
    • anakin skywalker ( star wars ) - secondary
    • zelda ( loz ) - tertiary / by request
    • derek shepherd ( grey’s anatomy ) - tertiary / by request
    • lando calrissian ( star wars ) - tertiary / by request
    • luke skywalker ( star wars ) - tertiary / by request
    • tom riddle / voldemort ( hp ) - tertiary / by request
    • sally reed ( barry ) - want to try !
    • tybalt ( r&j ) - want to try !
    • ocs !
    • literally i’ll try anything !

    now that that’s out of the way, you can find me on discord @ mulder, it’s me.#0460, and on my personal tumblr @ jediorgana. i’ll also be reaching out to some people on here to keep in contact or people i’m personally interested in interacting with, so if you get a message from me no stress, no chill ! i just wanna be pals. thanks for all of you guys for sticking with me, and i hope all of you are having some happy holidays ! <3

    #i have no idea if anyone will even want to interact with me but i Miss Writing. #not enough to like... get a multimuse blog running #but enough to toss my shit out into the universe and hope something comes back my way SFKJGDSF #*   i   :   gillian   anderson   said   lesbian   rights.   (   ooc.   )
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  • Hello, heyo! Yet another cookie run mun blog has opened!

    Hey there! Shagirma here, also known as maki, your friendly neighbourhood artist! Welcome to my page!

    Just as any normal roleplayer I have decided to open a roleplay based ask blog just for my ocs and favourite charachter

    On this blog I will mostly be roleplaying as my cookie run muses, so that people around the world are able to interact with my charachters! Pretty neat huh?

    But here are some basic rules, may add more in the future!

    -no nsfw content

    -no drama

    -do not interact if you’re a pro-shipper, homo/transphobe, a pretty nasty person

    Welp I think that can be a good start… I’ll post more updates in the future!!

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    [ How do you guys do that????]

    #//having a multimuse blog I mean #//bc I honestly admire anyone who is able to have a multimuse blog #//whenever I try I just end up abandoning them very fast #//bc then there is this one muse that I have more muse for and I ignore the other muses #//and just in general??? #//all of you multimuse blogs are amazing for that #//bc of my inability to keep multimuse blogs I made a shitton of blogs instead #//bc turns out it's easier for me that way #└ 「❆ ░ ┊My life is a circus and I’m the clown 」▷ Alice Talks
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  • my newest mistakes aka people encouraging me to do blogs for them ( this and bc I can’t run multimuse blogs bc I’m bad in these. ) 

    #//I can't keep multimuse blogs #//so I do this instead #//I will instantly follow back with these! #└ 「❆ ░ ┊My life is a circus and I’m the clown 」▷ Alice Talks
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    New followers are free to vibe check me

    #;ooc {ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴀʏ ᴡᴀɴᴛs ᴛᴏ sᴘᴇᴀᴋ} #;tbd #V I B E  C H E C K #also wow hello so many new followers #Hi I'm guzma and this is my mess of a multimuse blog
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    Like for a starter from this raven mage.

    #y- the mage #multifandom rp#multimuse rp#multimuse #multi muse rp #multimuse blog#open starter#open RP#rp open#role play#roleplay#rp#indie#Independent Rp#indie rp #like for a starter #rp starter #independent rp starter #starter call#the witcher #the witcher role play #the witcher roleplay #the witcher rp #yennefer#yen
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    General Information

    Full Name: Yennefer of Vengerberg

    Nickname: Yen, Yenna, Jenny

    Age: Unknown

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Physical Attributes

    Face Claim: Anya Chalotra

    Height: 5'6"

    Hair Colour: Black

    Eye Colour: Violet


    • Magic


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    { working on acrylic charms for a few hours, but if you’d like a starter give this really cool hat a like~! }

    #◺ᴘᴏᴜʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡɪɴᴇ◹ ┅ sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇʀ ᴄᴀʟʟ #☈ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴡɪɴᴇ #{ will DM multimuse blogs to discuess which muse you'd like to interact with }
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  • rouletteofmuses started following you


    [Did… did they mind if he was following? Honestly, he was just lost, that’s all. And he needed directions. Of all times, why did he HAVE to be lost now?]

    #rouletteofmuses #;; Indepth Psync(ic) #;; Unknown Detective #(( HI FRIEND ;v; thank you for the follow! )) #(( feel free to choose whatever muse you wanna use Vu V )) #(( also off topic BUT I LOVE??? ONESHOT???????? )) #(( I used to own a multimuse blog myself and rp'd as Niko ;v; ))
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    you know how it goes !  repost, don’t reblog / bold whatever applies / tag however many people you want / feel free to add stuff in any category, too !


    gothic horror.          

    gas lights. corsets. ballrooms. candlelight. mist. starless nights. full moons. cobbled streets. horse-drawn carriages. mysterious strangers. bogs. moors. forests. mountains. castles. velvet. silver. brass. gold. jewels. domino masks. the opera. dangerous romances. tragic romances. violins. roses. lilies. empty graves. crosses. cemeteries. snow. ice. the gallows. crows. milk-white skin. ambiguous illness. fangs. pointed nails. something howling in the night. capes. gloves. top hats. straight razors. lightning. pipe organs. underground caverns. bats. mice. rats. ravens. cats. pearls. attics. talismans. axes. wood. isolation in a room full of people. vampires. werewolves. ghosts. coffins. western europe. eastern europe. bones. churches. catacombs. mausoleums. books.

    classic horror.    

    black and white. powder puffs. red lipstick. winged eyeliner. white kitten heels. black lace lingerie. icy blue eyes. rain. abandoned cars. skeletons. acid. poison. voyeurism. switchblades. strangling. overcoats. looking over your shoulder. trans-atlantic accents. private detectives. dinner parties. haunted mansions. alcohol in glass decanters. cobwebs. perfect blonde curls. kitchen knives. shock. cellars. dust. dark alleys. empty streets. driving at night. horn-rimmed glasses. radiation. zombies. serial murder. suspicion. paranoia. the city. witches. the devil. cannibalism. conspiracies. amulets. abject terror. the american south. the american northeast. england. analog cameras.


    bloodbaths. massacres. wanton nudity. newspapers. leather jackets. letterman jackets. converse sneakers. obscured faces. social unrest. bonfires. lakes. babysitters. suburbia. high school. lockers. dead leaves in the fall. jack-o’-lanterns. outdated television sets. nightmares. psychiatrists. hospitals. unstoppable forces. gunfire. police. landline telephones. household objects turned into improvised weapons. halloween. secrets. revelations. character masks. scrunchies. queerness. wild curls. jeering children. parties. fire. swearing. revulsion. california. the american midwest. ambulances.

    paranormal horror.        

    malevolent spirits. seances. spells. missing bodies. hidden graves. white noise. static. flickering lights. rings of salt. demons. poltergeists. dark histories. old buildings. cold air. mausoleums. wells. urban exploration. a dog barking at something you can’t see. black ooze. old photographs. faces you can swear you’ve seen before but can’t for the life of you figure out where. dark bodies of water. crucifixes. priests. possession. exorcisms. dolls.

    cryptid & urban legend horror.

    aliens. blinding light. dark woods. claw-marks. bite-marks. men in black. memory loss. dismembered bodies. sewers. flashlights. cell phones. video cameras. cars with tinted windows. unlabeled cassette tapes. bugs. big cities. urban crimes. clowns. something rustling outside your window. glowing light. unsolved mysteries. suburbia. mirrors. the american pacific northwest. the american midwest. hiking / backpacking.


    daylight. fluorescent lighting. morgues. asylums. unwavering eye contact. tension. lit rooms with no one inside them. a dog digging in the newly-planted flower bed. steely gazes. paperwork. anagrams. codes. convicted killers. missing persons. law enforcement. federal agents. small towns. suspicion. paranoia. subdued terror. dimly-lit parking lots.

    tagged by: @heartfulmind​ (Thank you for tagging me~!  )

    tagging: @geisteffect / @flightrole / @kobunrole​ || @adamantiii || @posscssion || @tiiianshi || @tornu || @xominous || @soulofgenocide || @viciousbite / @beastyhound || @reysonsmanymuses || @sunbitten​ || Anyone else who wants to do this spoopy aesthetic smeme~ ❤❤❤

    #DASH GAMES » Playing With Rules n’ Ranges « #// multimuse blogs feel free to do this more than once and pick whichever muse you want! #tagged all the spoopy ppls #but like stated above tho anyone could do this
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