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    26.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Best Nursing Bras - Lovemere's Gift to New Moms

    Motherhood is the most delightful experience for a woman. She stands on the verge of beginning an all-new life with various responsibilities and duties. How can Lovemere keep from bestowing a mother’s journey! There we are, presenting an irresistible collection of nursing bras as gifts to the new moms. Our bras will simplify your breastfeeding concerns and make you fall in love with yourself yet again. Lovemere offers you the range of the most snuggly nursing bras in Singapore, allowing you to browse the best one for yourself.

    Love Juliet Nursing Bralette

    Love, Juliet Nursing bralette is the most divine clothing you can ever get. Inspired by the Juliet Rose, this bralette will drive you crazy with the delicate lace-work made all over the undergarment. Its multiway strap is a boon to new mothers. Apart from providing full support, the grasping straps allow changing the bra into a racerback one effortlessly.

    Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Bra

    A comprehensive bra, with the support of a maternity bra and the comfort of a nursing bra, is all you need during your maternity journey. Lovemere brings to you the same bra called the Emma Paris Racerback Sleep bra. The robust racerback style upholds your curves while snuggling on your body perfectly. Its easily-detachable clasps allow skin-to-skin contact with your newborn and facilitate breastfeeding. Besides, you can even engage in light exercises and workout sessions while wearing a sleep bra.

    Gigi Stripes Seamless Nursing Bra

    This one from our range will become your favorite, we guarantee you! The Gigi Stripes Seamless Nursing bra amalgamates fashion and pro-comfort. The beautifully striped undergarment entails seamlessly-light pads and offers medium coverage to your busts. Its no-sagging architecture works wonders under all clothing throughout the pregnancy and nursing phases.

    Lovemere Seamless Nursing Bra

    Take care of your inches by wearing the Lovemere Seamless Nursing Bra. Its seamless pads provide optimum support to your breasts with medium coverage. Also, our product allows customizing the undergarment according to yourself by removing the pads or replacing them with leak-proof ones. We have integrated wide bands and straps in the nursing bra to keep your bust in shape while you nurse your young one.

    All our exclusive maternity and nursing essentials reflect special design considerations to solve all your motherhood problems. Our bras provide the highest degree of comfort, support, ease, and style. Now, you can slay all outfits and sleep sound while feeding and caring for your baby.

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