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  • bilius-mcdumbass
    23.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Aha more Floyd and Janice

    #floyd and janice #floyd pepper #they look so cute in this photo 🥺 #janice muppets
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  • bilius-mcdumbass
    23.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    More of ✨them✨

    #literally one of my favourite screenshots off all time #couple goals #floyd x janice #flor pepper and Janice #floyd pepper#janice muppets
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  • bilius-mcdumbass
    23.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m sorry but ✨them✨

    #floyd and janice #sgt floyd pepper #idk why I just love Floyd’s outfit #I mean I dress like that so #janice muppets #they are so precious #✨them✨
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  • fraggled
    23.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks #I’ve been drawing muppet comics and had to give him something to do and he grew on me a little
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  • forgotn1
    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'll never understand why Disney is so focused on live-action remakes when they literally own the rights to the Muppets. I would take a Muppet remake of a Disney Animation classic over a live-action remake all day every day.

    You can't tell me Muppets Fantasia wouldn't be the greatest crossover event of our lifetimes. Muppets Black Cauldron would SLAP.

    #the muppets #the muppets studio #disney#walt disney #walt disney animation studios #disney animation #disney animated films #disney movies #live action remake #disney live action #the black cauldron #fantasia#fantasia 2000 #disney animation canon
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  • muppet-facts
    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Muppet Fact #59

    Rizzo the Rat's puppet design was inspired by rat puppets that Steve Whitmire crafted from bottles.


    "Surprising stories behind 20 Muppet characters." Stacy Conradt. CNN. February 10, 2009.

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  • filmrecordng
    23.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1983)
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  • fixyourwritinghabits
    23.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    On Fantasy Monarchies

    I've been trying to figure out how to frame this right every time I remember how irritated fictional monarchies make me. I think I’ve finally figured it out, so here goes:

    So we all know a monarchical system of government is... bad, right? Like, history has countless examples of 'hey maybe birthright rule is not the right way to run a country' AND YET many a fantasy will not blink twice at 'the good queen of the right blood replaced the bad king of the wrong blood and everyone was happy again' ending, despite the obvious solution of the bad king not being a thing if we just got rid of kings. So many fantasies about princes and princesses and like... man, there's got to be other interesting fantasy characters out there not so beheld to holding up the status quo. Like, c'mon.

    (Obligatory disclaimer, yes you are allowed to have monarchies in your fiction and no, you do not have to bend over backwards to point out that monarchies are bad or whatever, especially if your book is about something else. This is just my particular hill to die on.)

    Let's say we do want to point this out via a sympathetic villain character, because that's an interesting plot development. So say your bad guy's like 'hey, monarchies suck' and your hero's like 'yes good point Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O'Brien but the theme of this book is recovering from trauma and there's just no room for the chaotic upheaval changing our entire government would cause.'

    So what do you do? You can't change the system of government overnight in any realistic or satisfying manner. Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O'Brien might have a good point, but he's also not going to make that point by eating babies. Well, you could try:

    The Killmonger Method - The movie Black Panther did a pretty good job at having a villain with several good points about how Wakanda's society was wrong, but went about proving them the wrong way. However, at the end of the movie, T'Challa came to see the value of those points, and started taking steps to correct it. He didn't throw out Wakanda's entire system, but he did recognize it was time for change. Your characters could do the same.

    The 'Hey, Other People Have This Point Too' Method - How do we avoid the issue of having a valid point wrapped in the cloak of evil (therefore making that point seem bad)? By having more than the villain make it. Maybe there are several people, groups, or organizations seeking change. They don't all have to agree, and they might not get what they want at the end of the book (especially if you don't have the page count to overthrow a system of government), but your hero becoming aware of them and opening up to change is worth exploring.

    Progress Via Contact (not Colonization) - Your character's worldview expands as they discover other nations, other forms of governance, and other approaches to society. Forming alliances, relationships, and trading with these other nations could bring change on its own.

    The Nuclear Option - You could just break everything. I know this seems like a bad idea now, but what if? What happens if the world is shattered, and has to be rebuilt? Can you find hope in that narrative? A way to make things better the second go-around?

    Now I've made this very specifically about systems of government, but swap it out with systems of magic, societal structure, etc and it hopefully works the same. The main take away is that you don't have to change the world, but if the bad guy is actually right about change needing to happen, you at least need to leave the door open for that possibility. Even if the main character is the only one to realize that, even if that places a mountain in front of what seemed like a smooth path to a happy ending, it is worth exploring.

    (Obligatory disclaimer the second: BIPOC and other marginalized folks who are only recently getting more opportunities to tell their own stories absolutely get a pass on the whole monarchy thing. I'm very specifically talking about Generic Bland Fantasy that could take the opportunity to shake things up, but don't. Missed opportunities, is all I'm saying.)

    #fantasy#plotting #yes that is a Muppets Treasure Island reference #this post is a bit of an amalgamation of two posts but I wanted it to be helpful and not whiny
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  • warraigoe
    23.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

             ❝ i just can’t imagine that you’ve ev’a been gone. ❞ he grins, looking at her, taking her hands in his. he had missed her so much. anything in the past didn’t matter. his lonliness didn’t matter. he had his pals back -- he had her back, and that was all he needed.  ❝ it’s not startin’ ov’a -- it’s just going on ! ❞

                               @hoopsheartthrob​ for playlist meme. // accepting.

    #hoopsheartthrob #— ❛❛ // bugs b. ¦ what's up doc ? ・ 「 in ! 」 #look -- i KNOW I JUST POSTED A MUPPETS SONG #but this song came up and i just COULDN'T #sj2 spoilers //
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  • tooiedraws
    23.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Here is my final Inktober picture from 2020. My theme was monster Muppets! I'm still trying to figure out how to get some prints made of this, and I also need to figure out where the original went because I packed it up in the move and I have no idea where it ended up...

    - - - - www.tooiebird.com | https://tooiebird.carrd.co | www.patreon.com/tooiebird

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  • warraigoe
    23.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

              ❝ yakko, we KNOW YOU DID THE CRIME ! ❞ she’s pointing an accusatory finger towards the eldest sibling. what did yakko do ? he should know his crime and that justice will prevail in the courthouse of the warner water tower.

                                @yakattacked​ for playlist meme. // accepting.

    #yakattacked #— ❛❛ // dot w. ¦ call me dottie and you die. ・ 「 in ! 」 #animaniacs // #what a surprise it's a fucking MUPPETS SONG
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  • bipolarings
    23.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Kermit the Frog from The Muppets is Bipolar! 

    #kermit the frog #kermit#the muppets #the muppet show #bipolar headcanons #bipolar headcanon friday #requested by:#moominings#(thats me)
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  • devilsrecreation
    23.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    You know, if I could go change anything in the muppets, I’d make Link and Piggy siblings

    I mean sure, Link’s tried to get with her in the past, but it was mostly just teasing, quips, and overall, it was always really a sibling-like relationship; especially nowadays.

    I mean, think about it: They’re both the same species, both blonde, attractive to people, have high opinions of themselves, are often paired up with one another outside Pigs in Space...not to mention they WERE nice to each other at times.

    If I saw how they acted with each other for the first time without watching the original muppet show, I would have assumed they were brother and sister.

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  • eightmuppetynotes
    23.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Muppet Song of the Day: "Just Because"

    Music: Joe Raposo and Matt Robinson
    Lyrics: Matt Robinson

    Requested by @sesamepinwheel24

    #muppet song of the day #sesame street #the year of roosevelt franklin #my name is roosevelt franklin #roosevelt franklin#matt robinson#joe raposo
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  • muppetred
    23.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Gesunder Erwachsener: Du tanzt den Harlem Shake. Ich den Harlem Globetrotter. Wie du tanzt, wie du zappelst, sehe ich Du bist ein Drogenopfer. Morgens eine Whisky, Abends zwei drei große Klopfer und am nächsten Tag wiederholt sich der Ablauf nochmal!

    Vermeintliches Drogenopfer: Du vertrittst Deinen Lebensstil und sagst die Zeit heilt alle Wunden. Aber davon stimmt nicht viel sonst hätten Dealer keine Kunden. 10€ brauchst Du wenigstens für Seelenheil und wo das herkommt ist Dein Grab nicht weit. Zu einer Therapie sag ich nicht "Nein!", Bruder was ist schon dabei? Aber ob ich es schaffe ist natürlich eine andere Sache!


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  • someone-here-is-smart
    23.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I'm bored so I'm assigning some of my friends/friendships muppets songs

    @oh-were-califormia you and I are movin' right along (side note we are so going on a roadtrip)

    @awigglycultist we're cabin fever (just the causal descent into madness has us vibes)

    @starkidding-around we're im number one (ignoring the actual lyrics the funky music has us vibes. you also have muppet show theme song energy)

    @thelongtetheredknight we're the interrogation song (just vibes. I wish I could better explain this)

    @itsybitsybookworm we are life's a happy song (we're just vibing)

    @wlw-rarepair we're the big house (sweet but vaguely threatening)

    @im-a-boss-not-an-idea-guy-paul @annleigh you are both can you picture that (it's the chaotic good energy)

    @pamesjatterson we are hey a movie (the way kermit, fozzie, and gonzo are not paying attention to the town falling apart behind them. yeah)

    @sorrynotsorryboutwhatshesaid you are marley and marley (imma be honest. you just have villain song energy)

    @starship-ranger-bug you are happiness hotel (you just have very welcoming energy and we both have doing our best energy. bonus you get one of the few times the muppets say hell)

    @iamnotdoinganythingillegal you are we're doing a sequel (this is another one where it's less of the lyrics and more the vibes of the music)

    @faery-market you are rainbow connection (you're chill and sweet on the surface but actually super deep if you take a closer look)

    #mel is dumb #sorry if you got left out #its really hard to find muppet songs that fit everyone's vibes
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  • toyboxcomix
    23.07.2021 - 11 hours ago


    NEW COMIC: Holo-Depravity

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  • siaanme
    23.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    My most recent shinies. Fun fact: I went to catch a Porygon in a Beast Ball for future shiny breeding, and by pure happenstance the one I caught ended up being shiny.

    #Michael's Shinies #That Braviary is nicknamed Sam after the Muppet of the same name
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  • teddybearcowgirl
    23.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    michael from roswell down bad

    #*bounces like a muppet to go look at michael roswell*
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