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  • inkypriisms
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    gaslight: killer

    gatekeep: dust/murder

    girlboss: horror

    thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

    #gaslight gatekeep girlboss #murder time trio #dust sans#murder sans#horror sans#killer sans
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  • lord-shihan
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I did some drawing. TL!Killer/Dust/Horror belong to @nytethelad  Originals: Dust/Murder!Sans belongs to @ask-dusttale Killer!Sans belongs to @rahafwabas Horror!Sans belongs to Sour Apple Studios

    #murder time trio #murder sans #murder!sans #dust!Sans #dust sans#dusttale #TL!Dusttale #killer sans #killer!sans #killer_sans #TL!Dust #TL!Murder!Sans #killertale #TL!Killertale #TL!Killer!Sans #horrortale #TL!Horrortale #TL!horror!Sans #horror Sans #horror!sans #horror_sans#TimeLines#horror#knife#fire#alternate multiverse#multiverse#undertale#undertale fanart#whycanttheyallgangbangme
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  • kananni
    16.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    A Week-End project.

    I love that Idea that Nightmare takes care of his Minions, Killer, Horror, Dust and Error. And Cross is his friend and want to be his Boyfriend. But the four of them makes it not easy for him. 

    It is a Fanfiction from myself. XD

    The funny part is that I found today, as i finish the project, @best-nightmare-daddy and his blog is so sweet. I love it.

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  • hahanoiwont
    16.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    I have had Papyrus Thoughts. I have put them below the cut

    been lookin through all the early snowdin scenes bc we're going to be lifting some dialogue hardcore...and Sans has this one line about Papyrus, "don't worry, he's not dangerous. even if he tries to be." what does that MEAN, SIR. is it that Papyrus has a lot of traps and puzzles that could be dangerous, but wouldn't use them to kill anybody? is it that Papyrus's ability to knock people out without killing them isn't the product of great control but just that he's literally incapable of killing people? does Sans straight up not know about Papyrus's combat abilities?? (incidentally that last one would explain why he's not there for the Papyrus battle--if he figures "oh my bro can't fight like at all" then he'd have no reason to expect a battle to take place, and it would be congruent with how he frankly kind of babies Papyrus, but also how would he not know)

    anyway as interesting as any of those interpretations would be, i'm gonna say that Sans completely, hilariously underestimates his brother's capacity for violence. Papyrus has a couple of lines that imply that he's not necessarily a pacifist, or at least not opposed to enacting violence (even accounting for cultural differences, beating someone unconscious is in fact a violent act). And even without using all of his potential, he's obviously a strong fighter. but, according to Sans, "not dangerous." I mean he could be lying, but tbh it's way funnier if Sans '1 hit and he dies' 'will not fight come hell or high water' Undertale simply does not recognize that his extremely cool bro could possibly harm another person. Papyrus? Never!

    This could possibly be true by a mix of Sans's impression that Papyrus is more ignorant than he actually is, combined with Sans's own values and his assumption that Papyrus shares them. I will argue to my grave that Sans is a pacifist (if a real-life person refused to fight unless they were not only the next victim of an actual genocide but also facing down the end of the world, I think we would still count them as a pacifist, actually! also the geno confrontation is much more narratively interesting if Sans is setting aside his own ideals to totally, viciously oppose them--from 0 to 100 on the violence scale because he has been backed into a corner and he has exactly one way to fight back so he's damned well going to give it everything he has); and Sans so clearly admires and loves Papyrus that a few things might be assumed--such as Papyrus being totally harmless, because Sans is pretty much harmless, and why would he assume his brother is more dangerous than he is? Besides this, Sans's 1 HP comes into consideration--even if Papyrus sees no issue with making friends by inflicting massive damage on one another, Sans would be an obvious exception, because if he roughhoused with Papyrus like that he would die instantly. So the only attacks Sans has faced from Papyrus have absolutely no intent to hit, much less harm. So, yeah, I do think that Sans wouldn't really think of Papyrus as someone capable of causing harm, because Sans has never seen it from him, and he's left to assume that Papyrus is like that all of the time.

    so like. I am imagining that someone could tell Sans after a pacifist run, "hey your brother beat Frisk unconscious and put them in your garage to sleep it off." And Sans would straight up not believe them. like. "papyrus? nah, you're yanking my chain. what kind of guy do you think my brother is?"

    Anyway I forgot where I was going with this, except that I think that Papyrus is absolutely willing to do a hit, and Sans would not believe this fact if anyone, including Papyrus, tried to tell him. Which then has the potential to set up the fun and interesting dynamic of, "My brother has horrible stats and doesn't even try to defend himself! I have to protect him so that no one takes advantage of this."/"my brother is a little naive, and he'd never hurt anyone, no matter what. i have to protect him so that no one takes advantage of this." because Sans and Papyrus are each other's opposites in so many ways that they can both think they're covering for each other's glaring weak spots, and they can both be totally correct about this. and totally wrong.

    #undertale#writing tag #anyway ppl recognize that paps doesn't kill anyone regardless of playthrough #and that is a neat fact #but murder is not the end all be all of violence #like. if u look at the text you get when monsters are reduced to low health but not killed #it's not like they're cool and fine with it #they react much like a human beaten half to death would #papyrus is legit cool with just. beating someone up #he will begin to feel bad after he has beaten them unconscious twice #whereas sans will not make even a token attack if a single monster is spared #like even if he hates their guts he will let frisk/chara pass #idk i also think it's just funnier if sans if a pacifist and could literally witness papyrus kill a man like #eh i'm sure it was a misunderstanding. now excuse me #i need to go tell papyrus a painfully obvious lie so that he doesn't realize this misunderstanding has happened #how sad that that guy accidentally ran into a suspiciously bone shaped knife several times #i will do absolutely no further investigation of this
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  • fruttela
    15.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    It's just a colorized sketch heh_:)

    But they're so cute 👉 👈

    (Role-playing universe)

    #undertale#sans#frans #sans x frisk #frisk #murder x frisk
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  • ivyprism
    14.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Error: I could kill you if I wanted.

    Prism: Yeah? So could any other human being. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You aren't special.

    #Error makes an appearance! #Error Sans #Prism is smug about stopping his murder attempts #Error is shocked by how calm she is about being killed #she doesn't care Error #you can try though #villainsona#ocs#villain ocs #villain!sona #Villain!sona oc #murderous oc #not afraid of death prism #incorrect quotes? #correct quotes? #i dunno#incorrect quotes #Error sans au #undertale au#villain oc#villain character#villain sans
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  • glaucus22
    13.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #txt#jadefell#jf sans#viper #this is an attempted murder
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  • rolyan2008
    13.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Wip comic

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  • zenodreemurr
    11.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Why I think Murder!Sans would not join Nightmare

    So, one of the thoughts I had for a long time is that Murder!Sans (aka Dust!Sans) should not be a member of the Bad Sanses. Looking through the ask-dusttale Tumblr, I am even more conforted in this idea. I have multiple reasons to think he should not join Nightmare. First of all, the most simple someone, is that he basically has the same abilities as Classic!Sans, adding the the fact that he can destroy save points. He is in fact weak, so he would not be very useful to Nightmare. Though Nightmare could try to recruit a maximum of people, the next points would make trying to recruit Murder!Sans a waste of time for Nightmare. Eventually, there is only one thing that would be on Nightmare’s side, and this is the fact that if he brings Dust outside of his AU, Dust would try to return to Dusttale. However, I don’t think doing a deal would be the way he would want to get back there, especially when Ink who would most likely try to bring him back to his AU to protect the original script of Dusttale. If it really was the last way (besides helping someone even worse than Nightmare) to get back to Dusttale, he could perhaps do it. The possibility of Ink and Dream bringing him back to Dusttale is even encouraged here. This post states that Murder!Sans would not join voluntarily Nightmare, and the one who asks says other things, Though I can’t say anything for the looks, but for the power, it is confirmed in this post that he wouldn’t accept power right away and in this post that Murder!Sans wouldn’t accept outside intervention, even if it’s helpful, though in this post (both posts were answered the same day), it is stated he could accept help for everyone, but probably only if there’s no hidden thought behind it. Plus, in this post, it is stated that if Murder!Sans was to kill the human forever, he would reject Nightmare’s offer. What if Nightmare threatened him of death? As stated here, Murder!Sans considers himself to be like the human, and Murder!Sans wants to kill the human. Knowing that, I don’t think there is any way a death threat would have any effect on him. Thank you for reading this post. It explains why I think Murder!Sans would never join Nightmare in any case.

    #dusttale #murder!sans #dust!sans #bad sanses
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  • nobodyherebusy
    11.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    4am drawings bc i couldnt sleep


    Dust by Calvateyla

    Killer by @rahafwabas

    Horror by @sour-apple-studios

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  • hanakoxx
    10.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    ⚠️ Reference art ⚠️

    ( B$ood warning )

    Happy birthday, Killer! 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    #art#sketch#digital art#sans au#killer sans #murder time trio #happy birthday killer sans #undertale
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  • llocally
    10.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dust: *mentally slaps himself*

    Blue: Don't do that!

    Dust: Okay *physically slaps himself*

    Blue: N- Doesn't that hurt?

    Dust: Nope B)

    *five minutes later*

    Dust: OW-

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  • laxidrxws
    10.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Made some birthday art for Killer's Birthday ! Happy Birthday killer !!

    May / 10 / 2021 !

    Characters owned by : Killer is owned by Rahafwabas , Cross made by Jakei , Dust made by Calvateyla ,

    #killer sans#dust sans#horror sans #murder time trio #Little MTT Au #cross sans
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  • inkypriisms
    09.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    nightmare is a skeleton who owns five ovens

    this is what they actually do, instead of evilly plotting

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  • septic-skele
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    I dreamt last night that the Murder Time Trio was running some sort of stage show + meet-and-greet thing, where you stood on various lines of tape while you waited. The line of tape you stood on had an act written on it for them to perform for the attendees. One of them might have been “Kill someone from the audience” and others were completely mundane like “Change a lightbulb together” XD 

    #undertale#dream#killertale#dusttale#horrortale#sans#sans undertale#killer sans#dust sans#ht sans #murder time trio #it was a lot of fun #i remember i was trying desperately to get to the front of the line because the act i wanted was on another piece of tape #but i can't remember what it was #:/
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