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  • writerpennart
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    I think it would be fun to so the Murderdolls as cats! I think it would be fun, let's see what crazy breeds of domestic cat i come up with for them.

    Yeah, i think that would be great...

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  • writerpennart
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The Plagued Mind.

    Joey Jordison X Reader.

    Summary : (Y/n) is plagued by night terrors, Joey figures out and helps them heal after he catches them having a panic attack.

    Requested by : Anonymous.


    It feels like the darkness of the night is looming over them, mocking their weakness. (Y/n) pants, the feeling won't leave them alone. Every night, there is something in their mind preying on their psyche. (Y/n) curls in on themselves, nearly swimming in their own sweat. The loose blankets kicked back when they shot up in fear from the dream. (Y/n) pulls at their own hair, replacing the mental pain with a psychical one. They will never go too far, they know how dangerous it can be. They're not like that.

    The dreams are so vivid, so unsettling. They can't bear it anymore. This is the last straw, (Y/n) will do anything to stay awake from now on...


    All of the band members have noticed. The behavior of their friend changed rapidly the last few days. And they're all worried, especially Joey.

    (Y/n) has been a good friend of the guitarist since childhood. Growing up together, going to school together, making names for themselves together.

    Joey's leg bounces nervously as he's thinking. What could be wrong with his dear friend. Is it nightmares again, (Y/n) is prone to those.

    Wednesday looks on at his band-mate as he rubs his hands together. "Why don't you just ask?" The singer wonders out-loud, causing Joey to look up from his hands, "I tried but, (Y/n) won't acknowledge me at all! Aw..." Joey whines. Wednesday can tell that Joey is really worried about (Y/n), and he is worried as well. Hell, even Acey, Eric and Ben are worried. Of course the whole band knows all too well about burning out and over-working, but watching your good friend slowly wither away makes you feel powerless.

    (Y/n) enters the kitchen area, moving over like a zombie to the coffee machine to make a cup of the morning energy drink. Even though they've heard that coffee makes you depressed.

    The two men look at their exhausted and troubled friend, Wednesday turns to Joey and nods towards (Y/n). Telling the guitarist to go and talk to them! Or at least say something to them.

    Joey takes the singer's advice, turning to the hollow shell of a person that is (Y/n) right now.

    "Uh, (Y/n)?" Joey, speaks up. (Y/n) slowly turns their head, looking over their shoulder at the two other people in the room.

    The two musicians almost cower under (Y/n)'s cold and unfriendly stare, there's bloodshot eyes surrounded by undeniable bags, pale skin makes them look sick and their hair is an utter mess. they're very, very agitated. Due to the lack of sleep and rest, they don't have the energy to care for anything at all. They shuffle through the day with no purpose, like a walking corpse ready to crumble into dust. They feel sick, they could throw up at any given moment!

    "What... Happened to you?" Joey asks after swallowing the lump of nervousness in his throat away.

    (Y/n) stares at the guitarist, not turning their body to face him. "no sleep..." is all (Y/n) grunts out, their attention turned back to the coffee machine as it brewed their drink for them.

    Joey looks at Wednesday, silently begging for help. The singer shrugs in return, also unsure of what to do or say.

    "m-maybe you shouldn't drink coffee no-" Joey is cut off by (Y/n) hitting their fist on the counter with a rough thud, effectively shutting him up. "Not now..." (Y/n) replies threateningly, taking their hot beverage and moving back to their cave of a bedroom.

    The two musicians watch as (Y/n) disappears again. Just as (Y/n) leaves the room, Acey enters. He must have seen (Y/n) . He looks surprised, "You guys saw (Y/n) there, right? They look awful..." Acey says and points into the direction that their troubled friend went.

    The three men share a look of extreme worry.

    ~~Later that night~~

    (Y/n) squeezes their eyes shut, in hope to stop the tears from flowing. They hold back a sob, it's only getting worse and worse! They pull at their own hair again. God, they really need help.

    They know how worried their friends are about them, and they feel like an ass for being so rude to them.

    They sniffle, their head pounds in pain. They're too scared to be alone now.

    Maybe Joey is still nice enough to be able to help them? There's only one way to know...

    (Y/n) sits up on their bed, slowly sliding off the sweat stained mattress and blankets and stands up.

    Exiting their room, they shuffle over the carpeted floor and towards Joey's room.

    They don't knock, instead they slowly open the door, walking in and closing it behind them again. Joey seems to have fallen asleep at some point, he's in a shirt and shorts, a notebook on his lap and the lamp on the nightstand is still on.

    (Y/n) almost feels bad for wanting to wake him up, but they really can't deal with this alone right now. He'd understand... right?

    "Joey?" (Y/n) whispers, reaching over and shaking the man's shoulder to wake him up.

    "Hmm." He hums and squirms awake. His eyes squinted open. It takes a moment for him to gain his consciousness again.

    "(Y/n)? Is that you?" He questions as he fully opens his eyes. Through the dim light of the lamp, he can see (Y/n)'s quivering form. Their red face were stained with tears. He assumes that (Y/n) still has night terrors. They have always been prone to nightmares.

    "What's the matter?" He asks, opening the blankets for (Y/n) to join him in the bed.

    The two have always had sleep-overs when they were little together.

    It's not uncommon for them to share a bed together if they had to, or one of them wanted to.

    (Y/n) gets comfortable right next to their friend, easing and relaxing while in the close proximity of him. It calms them to be around someone they trust.


    Joey has stopped reading and gone to sleep at some point. The room where the two are resting now in the dark.

    It's eerie, but peaceful. Both Joey and (Y/n) are protected from the darkness of the night by the blanket covering them.

    The guitarist suddenly awakens by something making contact with his chest. The impact was hard enough to wake him up instantly, he looked around for the source of the hit, only being met by darkness of the room.

    A noise coming from beside him, from (Y/n). A whimper and grunt, (Y/n) is in the middle of a nightmare.

    Joey can't stand to see his friend suffer like this. without second thought, Joey grabs (Y/n) shoulder and shakes (Y/n) roughly to wake them up. "(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Wake up!" he calls, continuing to shake them.

    (Y/n) screams out as they shoot up from the bed, gasping and panting as they awaken from their horrible dark dream.

    They lean forward, taking in gasps of air. Their mind is reeling, those flashing images of their dream were so... unsettling. (Y/n)'s vision is blurry with tears, their heart pounding like a metal bass drum.

    They can't breathe well... their chest feels tight. What if they suffocate??

    "(Y/n)! Calm down, you're safe (Y/n). I'm here." Joey panics as he watches (Y/n) struggle. He places one hand on their back, and the other on their sternum. He can feel their rapid heart-beat thumb against their hot skin.

    (Y/n) grabs onto Joey's arm to stabilize themselves. "Deep breaths." He instructs, rubbing his hand on the spot just below their neck. (Y/n) tries to calm down, taking deep shaky breaths as Joey advised.

    Joey is unsure of what to do next. So, he does the only thing that he knows that comforts (Y/n). He wraps his arms around them and embraces them firmly, still giving them enough space to breathe.

    (Y/n)'s breathing stabilizes as they relax in his hold. Joey squeezes them firmly. They press their face into his shoulder.

    He smells so nice, a mix of fake leather, vanilla and liqueur. They're not even bothered by the faint smell of sweat due to the warmth of the bed, mixed with their own sheen of sweat caused by the panic.

    (Y/n) squeezes the musician tightly, grateful for his aid in clearing their panic.

    "Joey..." (Y/n) whimpers his name into his neck, tears soaking his messy hair.

    "shh...shh... I'm here, it's okay..." Joey assures, stoking their hair.

    Joey pulls (Y/n) down back on the bed, the two now laying down on the bed once again in each other's arms.

    He can barely believe that it helped, it came naturally. This isn't the first time he had to help (Y/n) with their panic, though they manage perfectly fine on their own now that they're older... Sometimes there are those moments where you're better off with the help of someone else.

    (Y/n) lets out a deep sight as they ease up in his arms, feeling as safe as ever...

    _______________________________________ Here it is! I hope you like it. Thanks for reading. - Pennart.

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  • writerpennart
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (Y/n) *grabbing Joey by the shoulders*: "i would die for you."

    Joey *tearing up*: "please don't..."

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    15.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Requests are OPEN!!!

    Hey, hi.

    This is the primary tagged post of the blog so you van see if the requests for fics are open or not.

    Requests for fics are OPEN now. (I’m really busy with all the imagines i have in mind, but whatever.)

    I have some rules though.

    Absolutely No SMUT or NSFW. I'm not comfortable enough to do that!

    I hate depression and anxiety so I'm not writing about that. However angst is in the green.

    The supposed 'readers' height will never be specified in my writing.

    Size will also not be specified. Or any characteristics for that matter.

    The 'reader' is always genderless, just so that I don't get people nagging at me.

    I only write X Reader things. No person X Person!

    I need you to give me plenty of information for me to work with. 

    if i’m not to busy, a part 2 of your requested fic can be arranged!

    i’m not a hardcore fan of anything. i don’t know everything. 

    I can write, imagines, and head-canons. Tell me which one you want.

    I currently Only write for: 


    Metalocalypse / Dethklok.


     Thanks for you attention. And hope to hear what you got.

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    #imagine joey with teased out pigtails #i think itd be cute idk abt you #joey jordison#murderdolls#mall goth#2000s#00s#horror punk#glam#glam rock#upload
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    #ask #next time send messages to my spam blog pls
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    #sorry i talk so much in these asks i go off a little bit OOPS #gloss.asks
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    imagine you follow me for murderdolls/eric content and them bam 40 posts about dragqueens and gossip girl

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