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  • Helping Out a Friend


    “URRGH, fuck, Lee’s tight…” Tyrell said in a voice that was higher than his own but by no means shrill, his body still glistening with sweat from their recent fuck session. He kept flexing and unflexing and squeezing Lee’s right pec, trying to make it jiggle or budge or something, but it wouldn’t. “Seriously, must be 0% body fat. Like, dude, have a piece of cake.”

    “Well if he ate cake whenever he wanted wouldn’t he wouldn’t be one of the top players on the soccer team, would he?” clarified Rosa in a voice much much deeper than her normal voice, not taking her eyes off the laptop, hacked into Owen’s facebook timeline. Was it technically hacking if she was browsing the timeline using the owner’s body? She wasn’t prepared to think about the digital ethics of it all, nor did she care much about it either.

    She looked back at Owen’s ass and back at Tyrell with a smirk, “How did he measure up?”

    Tyrell cocked his head back and forth, as if weighing his response in his mind, “Well… an ass is an ass. Nice and tight, but, again, an ass.”

    Rosa raised Owen’s eyebrows and shrugged, getting back to her work on Owen’s facebook timeline.

    “JOKING, Rosa, I’m joking. That was one of the best rides I’ve gotten in my life. Nah, you were great,” Tyrell said cringing a little, feeling weird saying that to as close of a friend as Rosa. That’s a post-fuck complement, something friends don’t usually exchange. “What I’m most impressed with is Lee’s tool, I mean, just…”

    Still sitting on the bed, he swung his hips side to side, Lee’s still-hard dick slapping rhythmically against either thigh.

    “Dude’s massive. How can he run around the field with this thing?” he asked with genuine curiosity, admiring Lee’s lengthy, slightly curved dick.

    “Jockstrap,” answered Rosa matter-of-factly, not taking her eyes from the computer, typing away. Tyrell tipped his head back in understanding. Rosa thought about her next question a little bit, then figured why not just ask it: “Aren’t you like…. big too? Like aren’t y’all supposed to-”

    “Is that an ‘all black men have big dicks’ comment?” Tyrell snapped with some humor.

    “Well?! Answer the question!”

    “That’s a radicalized stereotype, Miss Junior Activist,” they both laughed a little at Rosa’s hypocrisy. “But to answer, no. I definitely have more girth than him, but this dude’s length is damn impressive. Like a fucking tripod. Anyways, how did I measure up?”

    “Dude, fucking incredible, you already know that.” Rosa looked back with a smile and Tyrell blushed in Lee’s body, dipping his head into his shoulders.

    Rosa typed Owen’s computer a few more keys and hit enter one final time, closing the laptop, her work completed. She turned and leaned onto her side (or Owen’s side), propping her head into her hand.

    “He said he’s on his way…” she said with a smile and a hint of self-satisfaction.

    “Icon of digital sleuthing. You’re a natural at this!”

    Bearing Owen’s pearly teeth in a wide grin, Rosa closed Owens eyes and shook her head, basking in an imaginary spotlight.

    Tyrell looked down at Owen’s flaccid cock and played with it a bit, feeling it begin to chub up. Rosa gasped and bit her lip in Owen’s body.

    “Want to give it a go? Try pounding ass with a thick dick for the first time?” Tyrell offered.

    Rosa gripped her cock as it rushed full of blood at the offer, tugged it slightly, and considered it for a moment… “Eeh, maybe later, thanks. Plus, we should save ourselves. We have like 10 minute max before the real fun begins.”


    Owen and Lee—the real Owen and Lee—had done something unforgivable. Rosa used to sorta date the two of them, but simultaneously. Like, each of them at the same time. Owen and Lee preferred it that way, not having to fight over chicks, just share one between them. It did provide some convenience for Rosa, having two meaty guys by her side at all times, giving double handies, getting into the university’s much-sought-after soccer games for free… but things turned sour really quickly. Rosa’s interests fell on another guy and she didn’t want to lead Owen and Lee along, so she called off their arrangement. The two did not handle it well, calling Rosa every name in the book and spouting ridiculous threats. “You’ll regret this,” Owen had last said, but she didn’t pay it a moment’s notice. It was just the next day that she starting receiving stares across campus, watching people giggle between each other as she passed. She soon discovered that Owen and Lee had published her nudes and images they had taken in their more intimate moments online, sharing it for the world to see.

    Rosa was mortified. Owen and Lee had to pay. If there was one person in her life she could count on for anything, it would be her friend Tyrell. He’d help her pull this off.

    Tyrell was black and gay, which made life doubly difficult at their private southern university. But things went from bad to worse when Nate, one of the members of the university’s gymnastics team, dragged his name through the mud. Nate was closeted but he often called on Tyrell late at night for some, let’s say personal release. Tyrell didn’t mind, he knew why someone would want to stay closeted on a small campus like theirs, plus Nate was quite sweet once you got to know him. His thick but lithe gymnast’s bod was just an added benefit. Members of team began to suspect things, seeing Tyrell coming to the athlete’s dormitories on multiple occasions, and confronted Nate about it. Nate lied and told his teammates that Tyrell was “just some random queer” who was obsessed with him and wouldn’t stop knocking on his door late at night. The homophobic insults began, then the racist insults began, then the random drinks getting thrown out of cars at him began.

    Tyrell was crushed. Nate had to pay. Luckily for him, his friend Rosa had an idea up her sleeve.

    Rosa’s grandmother was into some weird shit—call it voodoo or whatever you want—but Rosa knew that her tricks worked and stole a page out of one of her scripts, something about an astral projection spell. Apparently you just had to concoct a mixture of oil and herbs, injest it, recite the chant, and go to sleep. Easy enough.

    Rosa and Tyrell first came up with a scheme that would fill both of their needs and agreed upon a strategy. They met in her dorm room and prepared their rites. Each downed their mixture with displeased gags, recited the chant, and layed down to sleep. As they were drifting off, Rosa reminded Tyrell to go straight to Owen’s room when he got to his destination. Then they’d put their plan to action by luring Nate to the room. Then, hijinks shall ensue.


    As soon as Tyrell drifted off, he felt his naked spirit body catapult out of his physical body. As he flung through the night sky towards the athlete dormitories, he attempted to scream but he had no body to do so. He involuntarily started a speedy descent and covered his head as he ran into a window. Nothing shattered, Tyrell just phased right through it. He sighed with relief, but his relief was short lived as his astral form discovered a body to inhabit at the opposite end of the room: Lee’s body. He was lying on his back, sprawled across the bed, the top sheet barely covering his nude body. Tyrell barely had time to admire it, as the lower half of his spectral form lifted up into the air, hovering high above the room. He panicked and tried to right himself and his body’s involuntary movements, but his spirit body had a mind of its own. His features in his lower half began to elongate and spiral near the ceiling, and Tyrell grasped for anything to hold onto so he wasn’t sucked into the vortex his lower body was making, but his hands phased through everything. With another silent scream, he felt the rest of him spiral into the spectral, swirling vortex. His entire body was elongated and was mixing quickly in a vicious cyclone, which started kicking up papers, making lights flash, and whipping up a strong wind in the small dorm room. Tyrell actually didn’t mind it, there was an oddly sexual feeling about having his body elongating a swirling around itself. As the vortex gained energy, Tyrell’s disembodied voice could distantly be heard moaning with an unexpected sensuality as his very being swirled in the air. Lee awakened from the chaos unfolding in his room and immediately made eye contact with this violent, moaning, swirling, white, cloudy vortex above his room.

    “What the fu—!” Lee started to scream, but as soon as he did, a cloudy white arm of the swirling vortex shot out and plunged immediately into his mouth, forcing Lee to thrash and scream in dull, muffled sounds.

    Tyrell’s vortex quickly morphed into a twisting, thrashing tornado, it’s funnel pointed directly into Lee’s mouth, and began descending into his body. Tyrell laughed and moaned as his being siphoned into a violent whirlpool, pouring into Lee. Lee’s body convulsed and thrashed as Tyrell was involuntarily and forcefully sucked into his open mouth, his spectral body twisting, whipping, and twirling into Lee. Finally, the last of the tornado reached Lee’s lips. Lee bucked and thrashed as the storm continued in his body, Tyrell’s spectral extremities finding their way into Lee’s physical extremities. Lee stopped convulsing, bucking, and thrashing almost immediately and gripped the sides of his bed and inhaled a massive, noisy gasp.


    Tyrell shot up in Lee’s body, feeling the natural, lithe power in his movement. He exhaled panting breaths as he looked down and inspected himself. Holy shit, he was fucking Lee! One of the top players on the soccer team! He wiped his sweaty face and then looked at each of his arms, flexing a bit, and then threw the sheet off him.

    Damn. Lee was fucking packing. His cock was stiff with arousal and pointing straight up. His thighs and calves were to die for, all of that running around and kicking on the field. Tyrell tugged on Lee’s dick, just a teeny tiny bit, and gasped as it’s sensitivity. “You liked that a little bit, didn’t you?” Tyrell uttered one of Lee’s dumb chuckles. “Virile little fucker, huh?”


    Tyrell mused to himself in Lee’s unmistakable voice. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, feeling Lee’s strength. He reached for a towel to-… nah, fuck it. He wasn’t covering any of this up.


    With a raging boner swinging in front of him, Tyrell/Lee opened his door and started sauntering down the hall to Owen’s room, instinctually knowing which one it was. Two shirtless swimmers (Ryan and Todd, Tyrell knew from accessing Lee’s memories) turned the corner down the hall, chatting in deep voices about practice or whatever, and stopped mid-conversation as they approached Tyrell in Lee’s body, fully naked, his full-masted cock bobbing in front of him. 


    He passed in between them, uttering a confident, “Gentlemen…” and once behind them, he used both of his hands to swing behind him and give them each a playful slap on their sculpted asses. They turned their heads and watched him pass, mouthing ‘The fuck?’ to one another, as Lee rounded the same corner where they came from.

    “Keep those asses nice and firm for me!” he called behind him as they lost sight of one another.


    Tyrell knocked on Owen’s door, and heard someone groan sleepily and get out of bed to answer the door. ‘Wait, shit, has Rosa not done it yet? Oh fuck, oh shit, what do I-‘

    Owen answered the door, wrapped in a towel and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. ‘The fuck is it with these athletes sleeping in the nude?’ Tyrell thought. His eyes shot open when he saw the state Lee was in, fully naked and boned up. Tyrell started to panic but noticed a swirling white mass behind Owen.

    “Lee, dude, what the f—“ Owen couldn’t finish his sentence as the swirling mass fired up under Owen’s towel and into his fat ass. Owen’s eyes squinted in pleasure and pain as the swirling mass stretched out his hole. Owen’s knees buckled and he started to fall, still being filled up, but Tyrell/Lee caught him under his shoulders, and Owen’s towel fell to the floor, leaving him completely exposed. Tyrell ushered a few “Shhh”s into Owen’s ear as he groaned and twisted in Lee’s arms. He looked down and noticed Owen’s pendulous cock and balls, and he thought, ‘Fuck it,’ as he reached down and started tugging on him. Owen shot pained, shocked, confused eyes at Tyrell/Lee.

    “Lee-AARGGH!!-fuck, man, what th-MMMRRMPHH!!!-the fuck are you do-“

    “Just go with it man, you seem to like it,” Tyrell/Lee responded has he pumped harder, Owen’s dick now fully engorged in his yanking palms.

    Owen moaned in the strangest and most insense mixture of pleasure and pain he’d ever experienced in his life, when suddenly his eyes rolled back and his body convulsed as the swirling mass sucked into Owen’s hole with a deep *ssswommp!*

    He kept convulsing as Rosa filled him up and in his convulsions, Tyrell brought his body to climax as he shot a massive load all over Lee’s torso and the carpeted floor below them. Rosa finally gained control of Owen’s body and lifted himself up off Lee’s torso panting. Drenched in sweat, he surveyed his surroundings. He spotted the cum all over the floor and on Lee.

    “Was that me?” he asked panting.

    Lee nodded his head with a grin, pleased with himself. He scooped a glob off his torso and brought it to his lips. “You taste pretty good, too, for your first time cumming,” Rosa/Owen let out breathless laughter and used Lee’s shoulders to pull himself fully to his feet. Owen stood bow-legged for a bit, unfamiliar with the hefty sack and rod between her legs. “Don’t think too much about them, they’ll find their way where they need to,” Lee reassured.

    As Owen lifted himself up, Owen and Lee’s boned up dicks grazed against one another, causing each of them shuddering at the same time.

    Owen slowly looked up with uncertainty, “… is that what they call crossing swords?”

    “Something like that,” Lee responded lustfully with a smirk, wrapping his hands around Owen’s neck and stepping in closer, letting his hard cock slide up against Owen’s lower abs.

    Rosa/Owen looked down, feeling the unfamiliar rush of blood engorge her new cock. She had seen Owen and Lee’s junk plenty of times, hell even handled both of them, but she was not familiar with having them hanging from a muscled, clean-shaven crotch.

    She stared lustfully in Tyrell/Lee’s eyes. This wasn’t part of the plan. Would this change things? Would this make their friendship weird?

    “Fuck it,” Owen said as he leaned in and tangled tongues with Lee. They wrapped around each other, each grinding their hips and letting their bodies intertwine, something they were certain Lee’s and Owen’s bodies had never done before.


    They turned and noticed Tate, the school quarterback, leaning against the wall outside of his room.


    “It’s almost 1 am, guys. Can’t be hanging around in the hallway yanking dicks. Get a goddamn room, you two.”

    Lee held onto Owen, still grinding his hips slightly against Owen, “How long you been standing there, Tate? Interested in joining, bud?”

    Tate remained emotionless. “Now.” he ordered simply.

    Owen and Lee returned glances, both chuckling slightly. Owen took the lead and reached down to grip Lee’s package, stepping back into the room and leading Lee inside by his hard cock. The door slammed behind them. “Maybe we should invite him,” could be heard muffled from the other side of the door followed by stifled giggling.

    “Fucking soccer players,” Tate mumbled as he went back into his own room, his petite blonde weekend lay sleeping peacefully in his bed.


    Lee and Owen didn’t waste any time. They remained locked making out, but Lee scooped Owen up so that he was straddling his torso and held him by his thick thighs, taking advantage of Lee’s deceiving amount strength. Owen ran his hands through Lee’s wavy locks as their tongues fought for dominance in each other’s mouths.

    Lee flung Owen down onto the bed and Owen slyly grinned, turning over, spreading his legs, and propping himself up on his knees. 

    “Not so fast,” Lee panted, “If you treat a bottom right, they’ll treat you right as well.”

    Owen looked back in furrowed brow confusion as Lee plunged his head between Owen’s juicy cheeks. He began rimming, sucking, and penetrating Owen’s eager asshole expertly with his tongue. Tyrell/Lee gave Rosa/Owen one of the best ass eatings he’d ever delivered in his life. He lapped and swirled his tongue in and around Owen’s hole, doing his best to prime Owen for his dick shortly after.

    Owen went crosseyed and writhed against the mattress in sheer ecstasy, moaning perhaps a bit louder than he had intended. Lee kneaded and worshipped Owen’s thighs and ass as he continued his, in a word, professional servicing on Owen’s hole. Every time Owen would buck his hips back, pressing Lee’s face further into his gaping ass, Lee would intensify his efforts on Owen.

    As Owen’s breathing became more and more rapid, Tyrell/Lee performed his trademark technique: he gave rapid fire tongue penetrations into Owen’s hole while he reached around to cup, massage, and tug Owen’s swinging balls.

    Owen’s entire body tensed up as an earth-shattering orgasm rocked through him. He moaned/yelled in pleasure as his cock fired shot after shot onto his abs, chest, and sheets underneath. Anything in front of Owen’s junk was now positively soaked in jism. 

    Owen heaved several vocal breaths mixed with moans as his cock finalized its release, looking back at Lee as pushed himself up from Owen’s ass, “Oh fuck, Jesus fucking CHRIST, man, what was that?!”

    Lee, grinning widely and gave a comical bow, the lower half of his face covered in his own saliva. He wiped his mouth and chin and used his saliva-slick hand to tug on himself a bit.

    Owen continued panting, “I mean, fuck, holy fucking SHIT, Tyrell, that was unreal, that was ecstasy…”

    “Never had any complaints,” Tyrell chirped proudly, “Now, please call me Lee for this next part.”

    “Next pa—” Owen/Rosa began, but stopped upon feeling a spongy but massive cock head press against his hole.

    “I’ve heard that it feels a bit.. let’s say different than a cock penetrating a pussy, but just bear with me. I’ll be gentle.”

    Owen/Rosa took a deep breath and grabbed one of Owen’s pillows to hold onto. He steadied his breathing and relaxed his asshole as much as he could.

    Lee, feeling the tension ease on the hole, muttered “Atta boy,” and started sliding Lee’s impressive fuckstick into Owen’s ass.

    UU-OOOOOOOOooooohhh…” Owen groaned out, feeling the first inch of Lee’s dick poke in. Owen contributed groaning and Lee was behind him whispering, “That’s it, that’s it…” and spit down into Owen’s crack, lubing up for the next several inches. Owen’s eyes widened and teeth clenched and uttered a sharp inhale through his teeth as a quick three more inches slid in. “That’s it, that’s the thickest part, you’re doing great…” he could hear Lee sensuously uttering encouraging whispers behind him, feeling his own waves of pleasure. Owen moaned as the last four inches slid in almost painlessly, compared to the last several inches.

    “There we go,” Lee sighed, leaning forward and resting his upper body on Owen’s back, their bodies now one. “I’m all the way in. Excellent, excellent job…” He kissed the back of Owen’s neck, making a pleasing chill run down his spine. Lee then gripped onto both sides of Owen’s upper hips, “Now, just…” 

    Lee didn’t finish the thought as he slooooowly pulled out….. and back in.. out, then back in, out, then in, out, in, out, in, outinoutinoutinoutin…

    He established a rhythm and grunted in pleasure as he followed it, bucking his hips wetly against Owen’s ass. A slick, familiar, wet, rhythmic squelching sound and Owen’s thudding moans filled the room. Lee continued bucking, constantly staving off the urge to bust, his breathing becoming more labored. Sweat dripped off each of their foreheads and ran down their sculpted bodies as they pounded away.

    Owen/Rosa remembered Tyrell’s mantra: If you treat a bottom right, they’ll treat you right as well, and determined to follow through.

    “Wait, let me be on top,” Owen pleaded panting.

    Lee continued bucking, but asked between breaths, “You sure?”

    Owen nodded his head and Lee shrugged and dislodged, perhaps a bit too quickly, causing Owen to grunt in pain a little. They shifted their bodies, Lee quickly laying down with his back against the mattress and Owen straddling Lee’s naked body with his own. Sitting on his knees, Owen reached behind him and found Lee’s cock, slick with Owen’s juices and Lee’s own spit, and lined it up against his hole. His hole welcomed it easier than it did before, but not without any resistance. His breath shuddered and he grunted a little as he lowered onto Lee’s throbbing pole, Lee groaning in pleasure as his cock was hugged and squeezed within the walls of Owen’s hole. Owen/Rosa activated the muscle memory of something Rosa has done plenty of times, and began riding Lee’s dick like a pro. Lee responded extremely positively, his expression distorting to one of abject ecstasy. Lee brought his hands up and felt up Owen’s torso, running his hands along his cobblestone abs, bringing his hands up to squeeze Owen’s bouncing muscle tits. Owen grabbed onto Lee’s hands and encouraged more squeezing. Returning the favor, Owen bent over, panting with exerted breath, and started feeling up Lee’s musclebound bod, running his hands along his side and groping his sizable pecs. The two were locked in each other’s eyes, each feeling up the other with feral lust.

    “I-fuck-I’m gonna, gonna..” Lee groaned as his breathing quickened.

    “Then you better do it in me, Lee,” Owen panted, remembering Tyrell’s request.

    Lee began thrusting his hips with Owen’s pumping. Then all of the muscles in Lee’s body tensed up and his head knocked back, as Owen felt Lee’s mushroom tip swell and vibrate inside his body, and felt the warm, gushing rush of cum flooding his guts. Lee moaned loudly and continued thrusting, making sure to pump out every last bit of spunk inside him, and Owen kept riding, tensing his anal muscles to coax every drop out of Lee. Overflows of cum squirted out of Owen’s ass as Lee thrusted, until he finally collapsed in panting, sweating release.

    Owen took an exhausted sigh and brought one powerful leg up to stand, and then the other. He stood up on the bed, still straddling Lee, as Lee’s spooge continued to slowly dripped out of him and onto Lee’s torso. Owen stood over Lee panting, his hands on his hips, wiping the sweat off his brow with his forearm.

    “Rosa, that was—”

    “It’s Owen,” Owen corrected with a cheeky grin. “At least for a while after you emptied your batter into me. When we’re fucking like that, it’s Owen.”

    “Owen, then… That was… that was life changing. Holy shit.” Lee said, finally starting to catch his breath.

    Owen returned the message with a similar comical bow as Lee’s. The two laughed as Owen dismounted from the bed and Lee sat up, becoming aware of the mess covering nearly all of his crotch in white.

    “I need a rag,” Lee said. “Where does Owen keep them?”

    Owen reached over Lee’s naked lap and pulled a draw on his nightstand, grabbing a handful of rags, “Shit, man, I’ll grab us several.”

    They stared at each other, grinning slightly in their post-coital glow, wiping their juices off each other, wondering what comes next.

    Owen, as if knowing the next question, answered, “It’s time to contact Nate. Get me Owen’s laptop.”


    Owen and Lee had wrapped themselves in towels, hurrying to set everything up in anticipation of Nate’s arrival. Nate had said he was on his way and would he there in 10 minutes, and that was 8 minutes ago.

    “Just be as seductive as possible,” Rosa/Owen reminded Tyrell/Lee, quickly replacing the soiled sheets and tossing them to Lee. “We can’t risk this not working and only getting it half right.”

    Lee caught the bundle, “Have you forgotten the last several hours?” he wadded it up and threw it into a hamper in the corner of a room. “That won’t be an issue at all, bro.”

    “Yeah, keep up the ‘bro talk,’ too, that should really get him going…”

    “Don’t forget that this night is part of my revenge, too, I care about the outcome as much as you do!”

    Owen looked sympathetically at Lee, “… You know what, you’re right. Sorry, just jittery.”

    “Just go with it, dude, make it as feel natural as possible,” Lee put his hands on Owen’s shoulders, squeezing reassuringly, and Owen nodded in understanding. Lee kept his hands hands on Owen’s shoulders, then brought them down to Owen’s arms and squeezed. Owen flexed his arms under Lee’s grip with a grin, and Lee grinned and started stepping in, the towel around his waist beginning to tent in front of him. Owen giggled and pushed him away.

    “Dude, we don’t have time for th—!”

    A sharp series of knocks hit the door. Owen and Lee quickly separated and made sure everything was ready to go. Owen clicked to get Lee’s attention and then threw him Owen’s phone. ‘Quick, set it up!’ he mouthed, and Lee opened the camera, turned on the video, flipped to the front facing camera, and hit record, lowering the screen brightness as his last step. He carefully propped the phone against the window, partially obscured by the curtains, but exposed enough to capture the events in the room. He turned around and gave Owen a quick thumbs up at the door. Owen grinned back, nodding.

    The two took a deep breath and Owen opened the door.

    “Nate, bro, thanks for coming! Just the guy I wanna see.” Owen stepped aside and welcomed Nate in.

    Nate stood outside the doorway smiling nervously, wearing only his gym shorts and a headband, appearing as though he just came back from a late night workout. He stood there looking like a superhero drawing; gymnasts always had ridiculously toned upper bodies, all of the swinging themselves around and hoisting themselves up that they do.

    He sniffed, “Owen, what’s that smell? It smells like—“

    “Took you long enough to get you here!” Owen interrupted, wrapping his toned arms around Nate and slapping his exposed back. “We didn’t think you’d come!”

    “Yeah, it’s no problem, bro… but bro seriously, it smells like ji—“

    “Nice, bro, late night gym sesh? Us too, we just got back. Needed to shower though, we were rank” Lee spoke up from inside the room, trying to explain away the towels and the smell.

    “U-Uh, yeah, man, gotta keep up the gains,” Nate chuckled nervously. He sniffed again and then leaned into Owen, “Hey, sorry, I thought it was just you, I didn’t expe—“

    “Nah, nah, it’s okay dude! I could use your expertise, too, to be honest. Coach’s training regimen doesn’t seem to be cutting it,” Lee interjected. “Looks like whatever you’re doing looks like it’s working though, so come on, fill a brother in!” Tyrell/Lee sat down on the bed at the opposite end of the room, intentionally spreading his legs in a dominating yet welcoming way.

    Nate grinned blushing and opened his mouth to say something, sputtering and stuttering.

    Owen interrupted, “Seriously, come in, dude, we don’t want to waste too much of your time.” He put a hand behind Nate and guided him into the room. Nate obliged with blushing reluctance.

    Owen sat on the bed next to Lee and, taking Lee’s lead, also spread his legs out wide, their towels only barely covering them now. “Start wherever you want. What’s your routine, what’s your diet?”


    “Ok, uh…. already, well you gotta start with stretching,” Nate started with nervous energy, trying to fill as much space with as many words as he could. “Alright, that’s always been key for me, it… uh, it uh.. Hey guys, do you want to get dressed or something before I continue?”

    “Nah! No, it’s fine, we don’t mind,” Owen said dismissively. “Besides, we’re all men here.” Owen gave only a half second glance at Lee and grinned ever so slightly, aware of the irony of that statement. Lee looked down at himself and smiled, appreciating the joke between the two of them.

    “… Uh, ah alright, um, so… wait, where was I?”

    “Can’t remember,” Lee said rubbing his chest, squeezing his pec, and flashing some quick bounces of his tits, not enough to draw attention but enough to make Nate notice. Tyrell knew that Nate always loved it when he would do that in the bedroom, so he couldn’t imagine what kind of effect it would have seeing it on someone with a bod like Lee.

    There was definite movement inside Nate’s shorts, both Lee and Owen could tell. They could see a pretty detailed outline of the chubbing pecker, indicating that Nate had come over going commando. Bold.

    Silence lingered over them for a second. “Hey, why don’t you tell us about your diet,” Lee suddenly suggested, leaving back and propping himself on his elbows. “You look like you must be only like 5% body fat!”

    Nate blushed again and chuckled. He continued in his nervous rambling.


    “Yeah, it’s actually only 2% body fat now, I measured yesterday and—“

    “3%? Wow…” Lee interrupted, and started scratching lightly on Owen’s lower back.

    “Y-Yeah, I can really attribute it to cutting carbs almost entirely—“

    “No carbs? Damn, that’s commitment,” Owen interrupted, rubbing his hands on Lee’s upper thigh.

    “…… Uh, yeah, and uh,…. g-greens, lots of.. greens—“

    “Gotta eat your greens,” Lee agreed, squeezing Owen’s arm, which Owen flexed in response.

    “And……… uh and, uh you need,” Nate swallowed deeply, his breath growing heavier. “You n-need lean.. uh, really lean meats—“

    “Only the leanest meat,” Owen finally pushed aside Lee’s towel and started pumping his fattening cock, Lee grunting in agreement.

    Nate was fully tented in his gym shorts now, his long and girthy tool making an impressive protrusion in front of him. He held his breath for a moment then asked, “Guys, what’s happening here.”

    “A seduction,” answered Lee as he stood up without his towel, now completely naked. “Just between us bros. Sweaty and steamy.” He slowly strutted over to a petrified Nate, who stood stiff as a board, and stood behind him. He leaned in and spoke softly into Nate’s ear, “Is it working?”

    “It’s n—… I’m not—“

    “Labels, man! What do they even mean?” Owen spoke up, standing up and ditching his towel behind him, leaving both he and Lee completely nude. He strutted over to Nate and stood inches in front of him. Just for the hell of it, Owen threw up a double bicep pose. Still holding the pose, he smiled wide and leaned in, locking lips with Nate. Owen put his hands behind Nate’s head and held him in as they made out. Lee slid his hands under Nate’s waistband and started squeezing Nate’s ass cheeks and teasing his crack. Nate welcomed his kiss and the ass worships but his eyes shot open when Owen starting snaking his tongue into his mouth and Lee slipped a finger in and swirled it around Nate’s hole. Owen released Nate, who panted deeply, his cock rock hard and straining against his shorts. Owen looked down and playfully whipped his own erect cock against Owen’s bulge, making Nate gasp slightly, and then grinded his hard meat against Nate’s front hip, inches away from Nate’s meat.

    It took a bit for Nate to regain composure, “I-I thought you two were… uh, weren’t…”

    “Nah, bro, gay as hell.” Lee responded, still kneading Nate’s ass.

    “As hell.” Owen echoed.

    Nate smiled nervously, “Tight, dudes, me uh… me, too.”

    The three stood there, each of their cocks becoming more and more erect by the second, Nate exchanging anticipated glances at Lee and Owen, who grinned and winked in return.

    “So…. what are we gonna d—HHHOOOOoooo!”

    In one movements Lee pulled Nate’s shorts to the ground and Owen/Rosa bent down on his knees in front of him. Nate’s thick 8 incher sprung out and bobbed in front of Owen’s face, and Owen opened his mouth wide and started bobbing his head up and down, no gag reflexes activated at all.

    Nate let our loud, shuddering moans, still completely taken aback by the turn his night had taken. Tyrell/Lee, eager for an opportunity to finally top Nate, reached around and squeezed Nate’s huge tits, and said hoarsely into his ear, “So listen, big boy, Owen is gonna swallow your rod, you’re gonna stand there looking jacked as shit, and since I’ve got a good inch and a half on you, I’m gonna claim this cake,” he slapped and squeezed Nate’s ass for emphasis. “Form ourselves a happy little train. Sound good?”

    Nate nodded vigorously, his hands on the ack of Owen’s head, guiding him on and off his cock, breathlessly insisting, “Yes, yes, please, oh fuck, please, this is amazing.”

    “Alright then, open that ass for me, cowboy.” Lee used both of his legs to manually spread Nate’s legs apart, spat into his hand and coated his dick, then spat again into his hand and fingered it in and around Nate’s hole, Nate moaning at the sensation. Lee lined up his cock against Nate’s moistened hole.

    “Ready for me, big guy?”

    Fuck, DO IT!”

    Lee bit his lips and pushed, sliding all 9 inches in at once until Nate’s ass met Lee’s pelvis. Nate yelled out in intense pain and unbelievable pleasure and moaned out several breaths once Lee was in.

    Lee reached underneath Nate’s arms and grabbed onto Nate’s pecs as he started thrusting rhythmically, buried in another man’s asshole for a second time that night.

    While thrusting, Lee/Tyrell looked directly at the camera and bobbed his chin up and winked, then grinned like a madman as Owen/Rosa worked Nate’s dick in his mouth like he was getting paid for it.

    Tyrell and Rosa would have some excellent footage to publish the next day, but this would be far from the last time they used Owen and Lee to their advantage.

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