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    Our superheroes right now.

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    😳those legs 😍

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  • Roll Out!!! I believe optimus prime said it best but he wasn’t foam rolling, scrub!!! but if you aren’t a machine you should really give this a shot! Its good for warming up! you know what you should do before warming up??? dm me about this 90 day challenge! you know why??? dm me and find out lol
    #gymtimes (at Denver, Colorado)

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  • So when I first started running I babied my calves like newborns(I would use heat on them before running and ice them after) for about 6 months until I decided they were fine just doing their thing.
    They never hurt when running or not running so I just assumed they were taking care of themselves…NOT THE CASE!
    DO NOT make the same mistake I did by thinking stretching post-run and using foam rollers and the like are not necessary unless my muscles are actively hurting!
    I realized my mistake about 2 months ago when I got a massage and she massaged my calves and I was damn near in tears, I had NO idea my calves needed some love. I made a mental note to be better to them and carried on, until 2 days ago when I was getting my calves massaged again and it was excruciating pain I couldn’t take it anymore.
    Unfortunately I think it will take a some extra TLC sessions to get to the point where I won’t be in tears getting them massaged BUT I do know that I won’t let them get to this point again.
    Moral of this post-Just because your muscles don’t actively cause you pain doesn’t mean they should be ignored. I highly recommend getting a foam roller or a sports stick(order one with yellow foam from Dick’s Sporting Goods online ;) )

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  • Lifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders and hormone hyped teenage boys. It’s a fantastic way to create invigorating blood flow and flush out toxins and fat cells. High levels of exertion are correlated with large amounts of oxygen exposure to your muscles, heart, brain, and connective tissues. Lifting promotes heart health, it strengthens muscles, and gradually over time increases muscle mass which acts as a metabolic engine. The more muscle mass you have, the harder your metabolism must work to maintain those muscles. What that means is basically, more of the food you eat is being used to maintain your muscles rather than used elsewhere. Lifting weights is also energy boosting, because large bursts of powerful exertion actually increases energy levels.

    Lift on!

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