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    2020 quarantine studyblr challenge

    Where is your favourite place in your house to study?

    I like my bedroom. I do a lot of studying sitting on the floor, propped up against my bed, with stationery and books scattered around me. When I’m writing, I usually sit at my desk, though, and I confess I do a lot of flash cards in bed, even though it’s bad for your sleep hygiene.

    (Please enjoy this picture of my cat, because I mostly just cleaned and painted today, and finding a patch of sun is pretty productive in his books.)

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  • Objective #4 is done and I’ve completed the discussion summary. I also feel a bit more secure in my chosen topic, thank the Lord – it’s shifted to a place where I’m like, “oh, yeah, this makes sense!”

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #music theory #jmu school of music #music major #my research is on billy joel by the way #my discussion has shifted A LOT and i'm really happy with the direction it's taking #i hope my professor is too #crossing my fingers
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  • There was an event at UNT where you could make a little box and put your resolutions for the year in it. I found this box when I was unpacking and decided to open it, figuring the resolutions would be something I would scoff at now, something that would be rendered impossible in our current state. But this is what I found:


    I can still do this. We can still do this.

    #personal #handwriting reveal? #(that is decent handwriting for me smh) #2020#resolutions#music major#quarantine
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    2020 quarantine studyblr challenge

    How are you staying active?

    I’ve replaced my usual elliptical runs with runs outside and my dance classes with at-home classes, mostly barre, because it takes up the least space. I’m in eating disorder recovery, and I confess it’s hard not to overdo the exercise with nothing else to do, but I’m trying not to let it become compulsive.

    What is your favourite subject/class to study right now?

    I’ve been researching the connection between the broader phenomenon of “hustle culture” and how it reinforces and exacerbates the already-less-than-healthy culture of classical music. Last semester, I did my thesis on classical music and eating disorders, so this is an extension of that, even though it’s a personal project now.

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  • Objective #8 is done and the assignment has been sent to my student’s mother.

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #pedagogy #jmu school of music #music major #it's nice to cross things off my list #no matter how small they are
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  • Objective #9 is done, but my reflection went waaaaaay over 150 words. Whoops.

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #pedagogy #jmu school of music #music major #hey don't knock me #i was just giving a thorough explanation
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  • Objective #6 is done – I picked Albeniz, Turina, and a presentation date of April 21.

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #piano literature #jmu school of music #music major #this is my time to shine now #i looooooooove spanish music #so this research is gonna be FUN
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  • Pls ignore poor iPhone sound quality but I love how Nox listens to me when I practice!

    Prelude from suite no. 2 in d minor for solo cello by JS Bach

    ig: @c.m.guse

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  • wagner writing the prelude to das rheingold be like

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  • Second week and counting…

    I’m still going, cause the grind doesn’t stop for a global pandemic.


    1. Assignment for Monday. (And peer review another poor soul’s assignment.)

    2. Assignment for Wednesday. (We’re supposed to compose something original, so I’m going to find a way to make an April Fool’s joke out of mine!)


    3. Nothing’s been posted yet, but I’m sure there’ll be something. (If I’m lucky, it’ll be due on Thursday.)


    4. Do some freaking paper research. (I feel a little more solid in my topic now – yay!)

    Piano Literature

    5. Listen to the listening list. (Seriously!)

    6. Pick two contemporary composers to present on. (I went Spanish!)


    7. Create a lesson plan. (My student really enjoyed his lesson last Tuesday, so let’s see if I can come up with some more great online activities!)

    8. Send the student’s mom my notes from last lesson. (The message has been sent.)

    9. Write a reflection on the last lesson. (I hope my professor likes to read.)


    10. Program notes for brass quintet. (It's  *done* – I’m not sure about the ending, but I want to get feedback before I go messing with it.)

    11. Start my next piece. (I will have about a month to complete it – my friends, that is not a substantial amount of time.)

    12. Comment on the scores of next week’s presenters. (And hope they don’t compel me to write another 400-word essay.)


    13. Haydn sonata. (Time for some serious four-note stroke practice.)

    14. Listen to some stuff. (Dr. Piitz and I came up with a lot of Debussy pieces I could start work on – I’m supposed to listen and pick some I would like to work on.)

    Other Stuff

    15. Fill the queue. (Okay, I got some tunes ready for the week!)

    16. Record myself performing “Piano Man.” (So I can submit it as part of an application to work at Kings Dominion this summer.)

    I’m trying really hard to be cheerful, you guys, but I’m afraid you’re not getting any wit from me tonight. (Was I ever witty?) I could really use an Aziraphale in my world right about now. (Or the Doctor. I could see Aziraphale being an incarnation of the Doctor.)

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #counterpoint#orchestration#music theory#piano literature#pedagogy#composition #jmu school of music #music major #i'm sorry y'all #i'm really trying #but i guess it's just one of those times trying isn't good enough
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  • quarantine update

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  • 26 March 2020

    Another dead end

    Another lost future to grieve

    Another lost self to mourn

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  • Objective #3 is done and now it’s sleepy time for me!

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #orchestration #jmu school of music #music major #i'm so mad that i forgot about that #because i would've been in bed by now if i hadn't #urrrrrrrgh #well i won't make that mistake again i'm sure
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  • Enjoy a badly cropped excerpt of my recital, featuring the squeaky baby E-flat clarinet who’s pitch I’m still figuring out (this is my teacher’s instrument that I picked up a week or two out from the recital)

    #clarinet#music#music major#eb clarinet #life in the desert #personal #two estate gardens
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  • So y’all know I was learning double bass in string methods this semester. I wanted to see how it transferred. Here’s some OLUTU.

    #i think it went ok? #personal#music major#hadestown #pls don’t roast me #i am a beginner
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  • Objective #2 is done, too. This also took a million years because I had a looooooot of comments for one of the people I had to peer review.

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #counterpoint #jmu school of music #music major #let's just say my comments weren't necessarily praise and leave it at that
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  • Objective #10 is finally done. That took an enormous amount of time because if you give me a score and I find some stuff I really like in your recording, I’m going to look through the entire score to tell you exactly what I liked.

    #amy rambles #amy's to do list #composition #jmu school of music #music major #well i hope the guy who wrote the score is happy #i hope my professor's happy #i'm probably raising my professor's expectations for next semester oh my gosh
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