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  • mummer
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i could write the harrenhal tourney musical

    #we need to brainstorm this one guys. i have number ideas but how to fit the plot all in #and boldly sell hashara to normies #my ideas are 1. elia tragic belting song 2. diagetic rhaegar ballad of ice and fire #3. song where every verse a different person is pining for another and its kinda sad kinda funny #like joncon for rhaegar. robert for lyanna. ned or howland for ashara depending on how crazy i wanna get. ukno #i have no idea how the straight stageplay will stage the jousting. the only option is interpretive dance!!!!! #drinking song in the great hall that turns into everyone boasting their own little I Want moments and their own childish ambitions.... #thinking about him (small joncon) #IBVIOUDLY howland is the main character and his i want song should slap beyond slapping #guys i cant stop thinking about this i want to write this so bad but i dont know how to WRITE #MUSIC more complicated than three chirds on a guitar PLEASE #there are soooo many characters soooo much intrigue and stuff happening HELP GIRL #i need a rebellion era expert on my side i do not even know where to start
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  • the-ghostcrew
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hawkeye (2012) #20

    #hawkeye (2012)#hawkeye#kate bishop#matt fraction#annie wu#comic edit #?? idk man i had an idea for like this little card i could print out #one side would be this and the other side would be the last page of hawkeye (2012) issue 11 where kate drives to california #idk what they're called. i saw someone with these little music poster cards and i was on the fedex site #to print another thing as a poster and i thought i'd try to make a little card with kate stuff i like #so after struggling with photopea which is basically free photoshop i come up with this which i think would look dope on the backside of the #card. but when i get to the ordering page i need to buy a minimum of 50 bc that's how it works for their postcards. #but like the flyer setting i used let me just print one flyer so ???? #it's only 74 cents for one card which is frustrating bc i only want one but the minimum to order is 50 #maybe i'll buy some cardstock and shove it into my uni's printers. which we have to PAY for but that's a whole nother rant #or i'll buy the pack of 50 and girlboss my way into selling them on etsy
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  • dekcal1
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    not me taking pics of myself then going over it, marking everything i don’t like and making goals to fix myself. wtf is wrong w me bruh ;-;

    also have a free thinspo playlist lmao

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  • debdarkpetal
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The pointing finger ... 😏

    #brian may#queen#queen band #brian harold may #dr brian may #bri#christopher lloyd #back to the future #musical#premiere#present days#2021#2020s #credits to the rightful owners #my stuff
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  • fmdjeonghwa
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    jeonghwa vs. public image

    word count: 2735

    tldr; when u mix cool sis trope w cool girl trope, thats what gold star wants

    the image of jeonghwa gold star tries to get people to see is based on making her personality traits into tropes/stereotypes, rather than making her into someone else

    jeonghwa just,, doesn’t work that way. her biggest problem as an idol, aside from lack of idol skill, is that she’s ‘too much’ of herself. jeonghwa isn’t and hasn’t ever been the type in the public eye to hold herself back, to mince her words, to be particularly careful. what comes from her mouth is what she meant, and she’ll stick by it

    she’s not what the average person would consider a shitty person, so the truths that come out of her mouth arent awful, they’re just not the shining presentation of an idol that a company like bc would insist upon

    i mention this all the time but it’s bc it’s the perfect explanation of what the fuck is wrong with kim jeonghwa. omg seunghee answering what do you watch before you sleep by full on saying porn,,,,,, that’s my girl

    and jeonghwa doesn’t change, doesn’t often hold herself back from saying things like that, so gold star worked around it

    they want her to still be public friendly, later on decided super public friendly, so she was marketed as a ‘real’ idol. as a producer, host, or fan, asking a question, asking for advice, jeonghwa would be the one to give a direct and from the heart answer. like having a conversation with a friend from home, it was used to give her a favorable outlook rather than a rude one

    it helps in videos and variety that she can be quite funny, all while having a casual, open, and honest kind of feeling to her words, which makes it easier to spin that in a positive light

    the goal with her personality is to market it to suit the desires of many groups of people. ofc in their cishet framed world, their marketing is based around things like making her a cool older sister to young girls, a vibrant reminder of youth to older women and sorta older men but in a different way, the cool girl to men who want a not like other girls type, yet still nice and respectful for non-fans, especially elders and more traditional people

    as a soloist, she’s able to round into other demographics. the majority of her music releases, especially those most well known by the public, lean into a ‘sexy’ concept. while this does bring other subsections of fans, particularly men and western fans, utilizing her personality marketing is more important than it was before, especially within the domestic range

    gold star wants to avoid making her come off as ‘trashy sexy’ but around the latter half of the last year, they took it more seriously. everything to do with jeonghwa’s career was planned out to a tight t, and that includes music. the plan was to dip into new areas in small ways

    “roll deep” and “lip & hip” were looser, in the sense that how much a release radiated fun versus sexy wasn’t taken fully into account

    by “birthday” it was used for the purpose of showing that jeonghwa can do fun without an in your face sexy, and rounded out a range of ‘fun’ from roll deep being the most serious, to birthday being the least. “red” brought it back to playful imagery and lyricism that aids in with the sexy element. then it came to branching out

    “get it?” flips marketing for the benefit of men and wants to show her strength with other women, and in this case, the additional demographic of older women. gold star wants to give the impression that she’s not someone who is only centered around men

    pajama friends overall was a big part of that, too. in a main cast of only women, with men used sparingly, the focus was on how she connects to women, now similarly aged, as well as the aforementioned older. it played into showing her as a real idol, since the set up of the majority of run time was hanging with the cast and just chatting about life. not only was she able to dole her own advice, she was able to receive wisdom from those who have been in the industry much longer than her

    pajama friends also had duri had a guest spot, and when he arrived, jeonghwa referred to him by the honorific ‘hyung’, an inside joke between the two that cemented the relationship as purely platonic. to gold star, that was an opportunity to solidify that jeonghwa has range in her relationships with men, to pull her away from being seen as only someone who is ~sexy~ around men, so their relationship was given the ‘okay’ by company and public as something pure hearted, rather than cause for scandalous concern

    smaller variety appearances on running man, knowing bros, or law of the jungle, highlighted the other side of what pajama friends showed, which was yet again the ‘fun’ side. jeonghwa herself is someone imaginative, with an idea always up her sleeve, and a carefree attitude that leaves her up to doing anything. gold star takes this and markets it that she’s fully willing to do anything no matter how silly, but whatever it is, she doesn’t lose her composure. she’s ‘cool’ for it, like deciding to truck on through law of the jungle despite being told the path would only get more difficult from the weather. it’s not marketed as her being reckless, it’s her being determined and brave

    the goal is to make her seem approachable, but untouchable. like she’s one step ahead of where everyone else is at, a centimeter away from brushing fingers. gold star wants people to want to be around her, to look up to her, to want to be her

    that’s where ‘chicness’ comes in. within ultraviolet, being chic is a main part of their marketing, so while it has always been there within group activities, or even in jeonghwa’s earlier marketing, gold star didn’t take planning out her individual image as seriously until jeonghwa’s first viral moment. it wasn’t planned, for a fancam of lip & hip to garner that much attention. from the attention focused on her as an individual, an image started to take form. part of it would be in her nickname “human cherry” something unintended to become so widespread. tho, these two events were what shaped gold star being picky about how they would market her image. it gave them direction, and made them want to lead the direction. the viral moment and nickname made her cool, fun, trendy, and so, chic would become her foundational trait in marketing

    with modelling, gold star wants to avoid making her seem haughty, like she’s looking down on the people viewing her, which can happen especially with large brands like she’s more recently taken on. instead, they want her to seem like she’s taking the viewer alongside with her, and combine that with the ‘fun’ jeonghwa attempts to put into her activities

    her first ever modelling job with polham was before gold star tightened the ship, but it blends into what they came to set out for her. take a shot every time i say fun except don’t because you’ll get alcohol poisoning BUT it was fun. and in a collaboration with marvel, it appealed to a geek demographic as well. coming ~three months after debut, it was mostly a given due to ultraviolet’s strong debut and the immediate fandom and attention that followed. her first few claims piggybacked off of ultraviolet’s fame and marketing, rather than finding its own niche for Jeonghwa

    there was overlap, though, as uv and jeonghwa have some similarities in marketing. the best example of this was her cf with tiktok. as a brand, it’s known to be most popular amongst teens and young adults, just as jeonghwa is, and originally thrived based on dance content, silliness, and trends, all of which fall under jeonghwa’s marketing

    however, these traits weren’t officially listed down until her first viral moment, which is when love calls for Her came in most. gold star, being picky, took their time to select the right fit for her first solo brand deal. with ysl beauty, not only was it a strong ‘start’ for her, being a large brand, it piggybacked off of recurring comments of jeonghwa’s ~signature~ lipstick. that then played into the eventual release of “red” which was has been sprinkled throughout her modelling solidifying the image beforehand, and calling back to it afterwards

    and more minor, but ysl beauty did have her release two cfs within one contract period, same as the later kt deal, which to me signifies the companies’ belief in her selling power, since they’re willing to shell out for two releases versus the most common one

    but, makeup, especially high end makeup, has a specific niche of consumers, so they wanted to branch out

    sprite is both cheap, and widespread to most demographics. the cf from her brand deal utilized some sexy concept, as sprite often does, while also dipping into the fun side, considering jeonghwa literally livens up a train full of people. later on, she starred in another cf with the brand, which i like to think of as the company/staff liking her and what she brings to their sales, like a brand loyalty kind of thing. this cf bases more around the casual and fun ‘friend’ side of jeonghwa’s image

    prada brought it back to high end, a choice move because being on top of the trends when it comes to fashion means being where the trends originate, which is commonly thought of as with luxury designers. this also starts the trend of utilizing red more often to tie her to the color for eventual financial gain with the song “red”, and to tie back to her popular nickname “human cherry”

    and the prada spread is also the same issue where jeonghwa has her second advertisement with ysl beauty, which was accidental on my part but iconic and fitting, so definitely not accidental for gold star

    kt, like sprite, appeals to a wide demographic of the general public, which was taken into account for the marketing of the cfs. the first is fashion based, all chic, while the second takes a softer view of jeonghwa, from the perspective of the untouchable real idol image

    then jeonghwa had her first solo magazine cover. bc this is already so long, i’ll say she’s had 5 so far, and they all play into her image as well. elle gave chic, gave classy, gave ‘hang out with me’. vogue gave cool, gave untouchable, gave ‘star of the show’. cosmopolitan gave fresh, gave fun, gave body, which, while a smaller part of potential marketing for jeonghwa, does play its roles (like in sprite’s cf, or her second viral moment) and marie claire gave cute, gave silly, gave ‘moldable fantasy’. w mag doesn’t have a specific claim attached to it, though it would have followed the same marketing, and probably had a bit more of a concept to it, as w is known for

    worth note too is that all of her specific claim magazine covers are brand sponsored, three out of four by brands she was currently working with, continuing their belief in her selling power. too, these covers make up 5 out of 6 of the ‘major’ magazines, and gold star aims for all 6 for her

    back to brands, chumchureum is another brand that appeals to all demographics, and is one of the most popular soju brands, though it has a stronger marketing towards women, which balances out the catering to men through her sexy concepts. this brand also has an extension, which is a reflection of both selling power and good personality, and also fits in with the soju girls of years past. chumchureum plays off of her personality more in the cfs as well, bringing out the playful side of her marketing. after solidifying other parts of her marketing, dimensions wanted to make sure she wasn’t stuck into a box. the cfs are catchy, they’re easy to love, and by association, makes jeonghwa easier to love too

    hera was another brand with an extension that used her previous image to their advantage, while giving jeonghwa a push as well. their mission statement about being strong and bold gave jeonghwa the place to offer the real idol image in supporting others be that way. the cfs use what has been solidified in the past, the first cf honing in on the concept of red through chicness, and the second utilizing her summer appeal while being a little playful, a little cool, a little sensual

    shinsegae brings her luxury deals to the average consumer. the cf comes back to the red theme, and makes her look cool in a very silly setting. in this case, she’s literally untouchable

    and finally, there’s her last cf with the sims 4. she’s approachable, talking specifically to the viewer. playfulness is sprinkled about, without letting go of a cool and chic aura. the sims is also largely marketed to women, as their biggest demographic, which plays on the other side of claims like her dingo k-drama video

    in that, being with another man doesn’t need to be shown through a sexual eye, it can be pure and light hearted. she can be bold, she can show herself as a regular ‘real’ person

    so the two of those combine to round out gamer demographics, but a few other opportunities seek out other niches. her short stint as a radio show host sought approval from idol fans and radio fans at large, and her time on love playlist appeals to the core of who dimensions is always marketing to: teens and young adults

    love playlist being one of the most popular webdramas certainly helps, being a college centered storyline helps, being love based helps. but so too does the character of han jaein. she’s ‘one of the boys’ while also being someone who can be girly and fall into what the cishet community might consider ‘feminine problems’. everything about han jaein can appeal to someone dimensions wants in jeonghwa’s corner. she’s cool, she’s a little weird, she’s a hard worker, she knows how to have fun, she’s a good friend, she’s funny, she’s someone with a crush, she’s someone rejected, she’s someone loved

    every single one of jeonghwa’s cfs, shoots, appearances, all of the marketing tactics, while they may lean into one niche or another, they are all in the aim of appealing young people who could potentially see jeonghwa as an ideal. whether they want to see her as the cool girlfriend who will be into their own interests as well, or if they see her as someone who can be your best friend and make your feel better when you’re down, or if they see her as someone who is a role model, a cool person they want to become at some point, everything she does plays into the fantasy

    all of this marketing culminates in her most recent viral moment. jeonghwa’s outfit wasn’t orchestrated, nor the photos taken of her in said outfit, but the second someone online mentioned it as trendy, gold star pushed the moment to viral proportions. her outfit is gaudy, in your face, and not like that which the average person might wear. but it’s deemed that she makes it work. her body proportions make her look tall, elegant. the clothing is fun and different. the styling of said clothing is, too. she’s confident in it, and that makes the outfit cool. the outfit being cool means people, especially younger people, want to wear it themselves. so, her selling power is acknowledged in this bright, glow in the dark dress selling out. it hits every tactic in one swooping moment

    overall, dimensions tries to not let jeonghwa become too much of anything, not too out of the box, not too friendly, not too sexy, not too silly, not too butch, not too femme. they want her to sit in that space where a lot of different people can apply their desires onto her, and it be easy for them to do so. and reworking her into the ‘real’ idol is the way they try to make that feel ‘right’ to every person

    #.・˚✧ ⊱get you wild make you leave⊰ ✧˚・.( •̩̩͙ self para •̩̩͙ ) #every time i update this it gets longer lol #the changes are pretty minor #updated her companies name and group name #updated a lil bit on group image #changed stuff abt her music releases #added a cf that didnt exist at the time and talked about most of her ecc #this isn't for extra points #and when i've got my kids' pasts locked in i hope to make little posts about the changes #but ya revamp stuff #her image hasn't changed at all btw lol #if u read this b4 i dont think it's worth it to read again unless u rly wanna
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  • in-superbloom
    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #like if we're talking artists in general then there's a few that i think of when i think of you. mostly all time low lmao #but idk any song of theirs (i think) so we're going with the pop girlies #loved doing this tho <3 love stuff that makes my dumb memory work a little 😌 #thank you for sending it <3 #music games#bella <3#mail 💌
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  • bisluthq
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #nat talks music stuff idk
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  • bisluthq
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #nat indulges a thought experiment #nat talks music stuff idk
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  • thetinsoldier1992
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    how do i explain that i’m looking for showtunes but specifically showtunes that sound like when love live does showtunes

    #sorry i was. listening to that 30 second clip of the mysterious song kanon sings in the first ep of ll superstar again #i dunno how im gonna act when i finally get that full song...its gonna be like a NOBODY BREATH IN MY DIRECTION. THIS IS IT kind of situation #havent watched the newest ep yet but im almost certain based off how theyre releasing the insert songs we'll have two more in the next 4 eps #and HOPEFULLY one of them will be that mysterious tune... HOPEFULLy i mean ll does some weird stuff with insert songs sometimes #but they HAVE TO there is NO WAY they would lead in with two little hints of the song and just never give us the rest..theres no way..right? #ANYWAY but for real like its so hard to find musical soundtracks that i like #weirdly ive found consistently that i like the numbers of every single animated musical ive ever heard no matter how low budget #i dont think its because of the visual associations because i like animated musical songs from shows and movies ive never seen #so i think its something to do with how animation music is composed and mixed compared to broadway #since its not usually gonna be performed live you dont have to take that in account when composing #so i guess you can get pretty crazy production wise like musical transitions that wouldnt work on stage and stuff #i do like plenty of stage show songs tho dont get me wrong. its just its mysterious which ones i will like.... #i know i prefer stuff with studio versions (i like heavy post production what can i say) #and the instrumentals are equally or maybe even more important to me as vocals are #i like stuff thats earnest like i dont mind jokey stuff too much but i get bored with things that lean too heavily on irony #my suspension of disbelief is insane you dont need to justify yourself to me. i can and will take every ridiculous plotline seriously #if you let me. please let me jhddjsfkdlsf #i also like stuff that like....is super stereotypical slightly pop-y musical stuff...like the type of music that people who arent into #musicals think musicals sound like...like audio knockoffs of 90s disney movie osts...love that shit #which is probably why i like love lives more theatrical songs so much like the production is MASTERFUL like all ll music #even tho technically the musical ideas in the songs are probably pretty standard jdkjsfkds sorry ive been talking about musicals so much #lately its just i know a lot of musical fans and im like. not into musicals enough to count as a fan and too into musicals to be not a fan #shrodingers musical fan..... probably closer to a musical fan tho i think im just picky sjkdlfjvfkds
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  • ranvwoop
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    oh also I'm being incredibly normal about indie folk punk and dsmp characters today.

    #vwoop.noises #im trying to do homework so my brain is egg #scramble time #but um. yknow. #c!t*mmy. #however it feels particularly insensitive to yoink Very Underground Very Personal Songs for mc//r//p but. uhhhh #death of the author i can intepret it how i like i gues? #me: idk Anything abt c!t*mmy i dont want to touch him in fics and stuff cause i wont do him justice #also me whenever im listening to music: feeling like an inn*ter today boys
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  • supercantaloupe
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    does anyone have a PC or PV score to the bands visit they'd be willing to send my way?

    #sasha speaks #or just like a keyboard part #i really wanna play it and look at it and stuff... #i'm willing to trade also ive got lots of sheet music and a few audios too #tbv #the band's visit #the bands visit
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  • tempoaryblogformightyjensblog
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I made this last night if anyone was interested, a cover of the song from over the garden wall

    It made me kinda want to play the devil or something like him one day

    #over the garden wall #cover#personal stuff#music
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  • gummydotcom
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    this is just a good vibe

    #james txt #the music and stuff is so good and its so.. #oh hi#deltarune spoilers
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  • formaldehyde-frogs
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i finally got a screenshot of what i was looking for too and it was in the 10th video i clicked on o<-<

    #original nonsense #now my recomendations on yt are a bunch of memey gameplay stuff. oh and some ls/dde music for some reason [clicks it] #ohhhh when the pit and temple electro pattern d hits. #okay circling back to dltarune> #violence district human pattern b REALLY sounds like [redacted]'s talk dialogue like for real. #a sound in it does. #also i think [redacted 2] would really like this music
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  • jihopes
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    guys i am trying so hard not to lose my shit right now but lord i am not strong enough i am so mad i don’t even know what to do with myself

    #neg / #like even if it was all ‘innocent fan stuff’ and even if none of this put them at risk of contracting a deadly virus #not only are they bee fucking tee ess one of the biggest musical acts in the world which is already a risk factor #they are NATIONAL ENVOYS SPEAKING AT THE UN like i don’t know how else to stress that this is DANGEROUS #even IF fans mean no harm and even need i remind you how many celebrities were killed by fans #they are a big fucking deal and consequently big fucking targets this is a SECURITY RISK THIS PUTS THEM IN DANGER #all because ppl want to act like stalking is normal like not to be dramatic but it IS a slippery slope #dl
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  • ijustdontlikepeople
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #Bella’s music asks #mili#httpsgfg#🖤#Annie responds #the lyrics questions was so hard #but tw for sara it deals with some dark stuff
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  • the-hawks-rye
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i love it when i'm watching or reading something and it does something like the whole "once upon a time" routine. "there was once-" "one day-" "this is the story of-" "a thousand years ago on a now submerged island-" like fuck yeah it's story time!!

    #i think maybe this is why i like a lot of like. cartoons and anime and stuff? the ops and theme songs and whatever #some kind of visual and musical equivalent of your parent going to the bookself or your teacher telling you sit on the carpet #oh yeah there's the first few notes time to buckle in! #and stories that open with in universe storytelling? chefs kiss #i love opening narration. stories that know they are stories... #and i like knowing what to expect im general so like even if its going to subvert some norms i know it's about a prince and dragon or w/e #and then i can go. well yes i do love some dragons! and tune in #or i could be like. well im not really in the mood for fantasy rn so i think i'll set this one down. bc right away its telling u whats up! #ty for your consideration narration or opening sequence #mitch rambles#swearing
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  • clumsyclifford
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    music asks

    hi i’m making one of these so i can steal everyone’s answers and add them to my playlists. and also because i really love music and i love talking about it and giving people the chance to talk about it. so! send some numbers and i’ll give you some songs!!

    a song with a good strings section

    a song with a good horns section

    a song that just throws rapid-fire lyrics at you

    a song that is objectively terrible but that you love so much

    a song with sick drums

    a song whose bridge takes you out

    a song you love in a time signature that isn’t 4/4

    a song with a killer bass line

    a song with a key change that just hits

    a song with a tasty acoustic guitar part

    a song with a tasty guitar solo

    a song with a feature that takes it to the next level

    a song you love that combines artists from different genres

    a song whose lyrics knock you unconscious

    a song from the 80s

    a song with a really satisfying "fuck”

    a song about new york

    a song about los angeles

    a song about a city of your choice

    a song about family

    a song about friends

    a song that tells a story

    a song about sex

    a song about growing up

    a song about being young

    a song to overthrow the government to

    a song that makes you feel like you’re watching it as a movie

    a song that references another artist/band in the lyrics

    a song for summer

    a song for when you hate men

    a song for hyping yourself up

    a song to remind you that everything will be okay

    a song that makes you believe in love

    a song to fall asleep to

    a song that makes you happy

    a song to crank while driving 80 down a highway

    a song that legitimately makes you cry

    a song you wish your past self could have heard

    a song you recommend to the person asking this

    a song you just really wanna talk about

    #ask games#ask game#music #music ask game #i would say........i fudged a couple #and there are a couple that are obviously things that are specific to me #but generally speaking the majority of these criteria are for existing playlists i have #and im being serious when i say i will be stealing your answers if i can see them #also i would like to answer some of these they will be a lot easier considering i have all categories neatly organized by playlist #so! #i know there's that other three-song ask game going around that's what made me think to make this one #shoudl i have made this? right now? instead of doing the reading i have to do for my psych class? #no but i did it and it is what it is #stuff #i hope it's implied i only want songs you LOVE #dont be wishy washy say it w your chest
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  • raguna-blade
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Ok and before I forget and i Likely will and I don’t have the attention span to actually try and take this anywhere right at this precise moment but there’s one musical thing that’s likely as not a just a musical ref cause haha I can do it it’s my soundtrack, my game you can’t stop me but-

    There’s this song I ran across ages ago that toby fox did also compose. 74, Sung by Itoki Hana, and I Honestly have to wonder how much of it is also supposed to link in thematically. Like this wouldn’t be the first time Toby’s done this, what with Megalovania being from 1 and then 2 different stories and each pulling a generally similar vibe and intent behind them near as I can tell (there was an essay that explained this way better but I cannot for the life of me tell you where I actually read it save the greater seas of Tumblr so you know, that’s probably lost forever)

    And I’m sitting here looking at the lyrics of this song, and Where I at least hear the music parts, it is in Welcome to the City, which is the bit where it’s just Kris, The Soul and Noelle, and given the whole song and all i have to wonder if there’s any intended link.

    Cause man, looking at the picture used, and then the lyrics it certainly feels like it.

    Now purposes of this here analysis I suggest you go listen to the song. 74, Itoki Hana, Toby Fox should get you where you need to be. If nothing else it’s a good song.

    Now probably not, but it does at least put me in the mind to look at it like it does even if it’s only more a thing i vaguely heard that sorta sounds like this sparked an idea and honestly there’s worse places to grow your thoughts.

    So, in 74, the song more or less comes from the pov of the Princess in a tower, watching a brave knight ascend to rescue her, through the various traps and trials that are within the tower...That she set and put there. And she is not (or she is in addition to being) actually a princess. She’s a dragon, pretending to be a princess to lure in knights to feel a degree of validation, to feel well...Important. Valuable. Special you know?

    And I guess it’s not hard to see some potential parallels going on given that we find that Kris is opening the Fountains. Or is ALSO opening the Fountains. We’ve seen one for sure, and the implication SUGGESTS that they’re the one doing it in general, but we won’t know for sure til the game’s completely out. But for now, let’s assume they’re doing them all.

    With that, We have Kris the Hero fighting through a land of trial and tribulation that he made himself to do...Something. Like in the song, the Knight in question looks gallant cool and really shows their stuff, even though in the end they bit it.

    So that’s something, but then, we’re still asking why is Kris doing this? It’s shown that basically any Lightner can open a Dark Fountain whenever they want (Berdly got slapped out of it like 3 times in a row, and he seemed to be doing it pretty trivially as far as difficulty was concerned. Now that was in the Dark World, so perhaps it was easier there, but the Queen didn’t even really consider Berdly Strong enough to do it, though part of that likely as not had to do with her concern for Noelle.

    But like...I dunno, I go back to the Knight in all this, and that’s a position of special import in the game. It’s very actively called attention to it, and the Knight is positioned as an apocalyptic force that’s...Creating Worlds, giving life and value back to the Darkners, who were cut off from the Lightners, which has seemingly left both sides lesser. The Darkners seeming to be doomed to fade into the dark, while the Lightners are unable to interact with this world that seems to have the ability to massively improve their wellbeing.

    Like, Knights are typically heroes in stories with princes and heroes and kings and queens you know? When the story takes place in a kingdom, it’s the loyal knight who, while perhaps not the main hero, is a steadfast compatriot. Well that’s the general idea right?

    But the Knight is positioned as a terrible force of ruin and destruction...Except in chapter 2 here, we get the notion that creating the Dark Worlds really can be an improvement life. Indeed, the game doesn’t even seem to suggest that creating more Dark Worlds is inherently a bad thing, but there’s the critical issue of the balance between the two being off and that’s a critical problem that at least as of now doesn’t seem to be able to be addressed.

    Still, if this game is keeping on with Parallels to Undertale, The Knight isn’t all bad. Hell even the Spade King wasn’t all bad and he’s pretty objectively the most evil character in the normal route of the game.

    And the game really does seem to posit that the interaction between the dark world and the light world is inherently good for both of them. The Town looks Way healthier and lively in Chapter 2 than it did in 1. Susie’s Rude Stat has been dropping since go, and Even Kris, while we don’t get to see their thoughts, seems to be becoming considerably more expressive. Now admittedly pretty much every expression we do get to see from them that isn’t prompted from The Soul seems to be negative and frustrated and angry and all that, but then, I think that’s probably a better place to be than shoving everything down and being completely unresponsive and not acknowledging anything that they’re feeling, which seems to be the case whenever you start to touch on anything remotely intimate.

    I mean The Soul seems to be a part of them as well as apart from them, which is confusing at the moment, but they’re capable of scarfing down a whole entire pie, slash their moms tires, and open up portals to parallel realites without it so it doesn’t seem to be something that they particularly NEED to survive or do anything.

    Going back to the song though, and i suppose the most basic barebones aspect I wanna look at, is that Someone who’s Apparently In Trouble is actually the Threat, or more generally, that the Appearances Are Opposite to the Actual Reality of the situation I’m wondering.

    Because last thing before I cut this off, is that We have the Queen going all in on her plan and being unaware that going through with it would lead to the end of all things, I have to wonder if the Knight is Similarly Ignorant as to what they’re actually doing.

    I’m also wondering if Perhaps Asriel is perhaps actually the antagonist. Because while the game’s claim of your choices having no meaning is inherently unquestionably suspect, the game also makes it extremely clear, doubly so as of the point of chapter 2, That there are people you’re simply going to have to fight, and perhaps you’re going to have to fight them with the full intent of killing them, and that that is an option that you genuinely may need to consider. Or at least, that you may well need to destroy that relationship and cut them out of your life. Not everyone should be recruited, so to speak.

    Which is advice that shows up, if my memory isn’t failing me this quickly, in the manual that Ralsei provides...And advice that, if taken to extremes as shown in the Corruption route, can cause genuine problems.

    Or I suppose I guess to put this in another context, the first words of advice you’re given, that are a full on lie, in Undertale is that this is a world of kill or be killed. Asriel tells us this is a world where you do not have to kill anyone, and while the game has yet to have you actually bring the axe down on anyone in the Normal Route, it’s also extremely explicitly stated that it’s not so simple as spare everyone or fight everyone. There’s shades of grey here and you shouldn’t just ignore them. There are people you can’t just spare, you have to fight it out (and interestingly, those people do not include the secret bosses, who seem to have a greater level of understanding of the world, if also are borderline incoherent in both cases.)

    I dunno. There’s more to percolate on here i think, though obviously some of this isn’t gonna be answered until we get the rest of the game.

    And as a last note, there’s 7 showing up again as a recurring number so that’s...Interesting.

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